Galling Beau Allen Numbers

February 17th, 2019

“Beau, that is shameful!”

Bucs defensive tackle Beau Allen is living large these days.

Per his Instagram account, Allen is having one helluva time at a Four Seasons resort in Hawaii this weekend. Joe’s jealous. Perfect weather, a hotel on the beach that pampers to every need but one which is left, in a manner of speaking, to the island women.

In so many words, follically-challenged stat nerd Billy Barnwell of BSPN, is suggesting Allen should live it up this weekend like there is no tomorrow because his days with the Bucs should be over.

In a list of moves Barnwell believes the Bucs should make between now and the free agency dinner bell ringing on March 13, Allen should be given his walking papers along with malcontent wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

And Barnwell, to his credit, came up with the best reason why Allen should be released: the draft is loaded with defensive linemen.

The Bucs already cut Vinny Curry, and Allen might follow him out the door, thanks to a $5 million cap hit in a year where the draft is full of defensive linemen. The Bucs allowed 4.9 yards per carry and first downs on 31.8 percent of run attempts with Allen on the field, numbers that fell to 4.5 yards per rush and 25.8 percent, respectively, with Allen sidelined. Jackson’s release seems to be little more than a formality.

Just due to those numbers alone Allen should not be on the field and no longer with the Bucs.

That is beyond outrageous to Joe that when Allen played, a third of opponents’ runs went for first downs — a third! Honestly, that just blows Joe’s mind. Yeah, Joe knows the Bucs were on pace to have the worst defense in NFL history through the first half of the season, but when a defensive tackle is getting torn up like that, how did he even last the season wearing an NFL uniform?

Joe was sort of OK with keeping Allen if for no other reason than depth. But after reading those numbers, nah man, he should already be released.

Those kind of results from an NFL defensive tackle are simply unacceptable.

53 Responses to “Galling Beau Allen Numbers”

  1. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Adrain Clayborn is a depth piece on a Super Bowl team….is Jason Licht gonna sign him too?

  2. firethecannons Says:

    I go along with releasing Allen asap, many dt in draft that can be picked up in later rounds, Khalen Saunders in later rounds–dude has a high motor and won’t cost 5 million

  3. Jarod Says:

    I personally saw nothing special at all between allen & curry . The fact that Jason paid these guys a pretty penny strictly for a Superbowl game under their belts and supposed run stopping abilities baffles me. Who in the hell watches the tapes of free agents joe ? Its not the scouts for the draft so is it strictly our gm ? Because we really need to start spending wise in order to get really good role players ! We can get rid of Allen , gmc , and a few others and take that money and get good role players and draft well..gotta hope BA has his hand in everything we do now to ensure there are no excuses coming from that part of the roster.draft linebacker white after moving back a few spots while picking up a pick or 2 in the second so we can get a luxury pick with an extra 2nd rd pick and grab Henderson from Memphis ! Knock out linebacker problem and running back problem with first pick and a luxury extra 2nd rd pick..and be sure to draft a big stud to play next to VV…better hope these boys know how to coach up all these secondary guys we have that are just waiting to be told what to do and how to do it because that’s something they missed with the last Yahoo’s that just got shown the door…go bucs

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Clinton McDonald was better – and cheaper….

    Bucs first four picks should be OLine and Dline this year!

  5. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Perfect reason we need to trade down at #5 and accumulate more draft picks. We should be able to pickup a few good DL in the 2-4 round draft.

  6. Jason S. Mclaurin Says:

    He will be gone trust me. I can see Gholston surviving the cut right now though because he isn’t slated to make a lot of money this season. Then there’s Kwon and McCoy I think both of them will end up staying but changing positions. It’s apparent they are going to draft D. White at #5 right now because they plan to either move Alexander to the outside or let him go. Arians said from the gate that LVD will be moved to middle and by it being a 3-4 JPP instantly moves to outside linebacker as well. Noah Spence will be a special teams star imo too but his move to outside linebacker will be for depth. Nassib is interesting though because when he was in Cleveland he couldn’t get on the field running a 3-4 defense but came to Tampa and flourished as 4-3 end. Arians is bent on getting linebackers right now too. I feel Hargreaves and Davis will be healthy but they need quality depth behind them in case of injury. Stewart will move to safety full time to as well as R. Smith to be depth behind Evans and Whitehead who looked good last year as safety. VV will be the DT as well. There not sure on McCoy and Djax returning because of salary but I think they will keep them both at the end of the day and instead shed a lot of other contracts like Nassib, E. Smith, P. Barber. I’m also thinking if they get AB to replace Hump because he’s done with Tampa trust me on that one Hump will 100% be with a new next year and McCoy is not leaving unless it’s by trade he will not be released or cut him or Djax.

  7. Bruce Blahak Says:

    You can’t replace everyone in one off season and further deplete a team with no depth…

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Wait a minute Joe, there’s something very fishy here. First we’re told that our defense is very talented but was very poorly coached, thus our horrible defensive ranking. Now we’re being told that certain players on the defense (like new additions Curry & Allen?) really weren’t THAT talented after all and need to be replaced. And other releases seem to be very possible (Gholston? GMC?).

    So now … with all this supposed TALENT … we’re getting ready to blow up the DLine, AFTER our LB position group has already been gutted. And since I doubt many would call our Secondary a true STRENGTH of the new Bucs’ defense at this point, I’m left with just one question: Why is the architect of this mess still here?

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    C’Mon DR – you are better than that.

    Your whole post was just a set up for taking yet another shot at the GM.

    Curry, Allen and Unrein were all basically 1 year stop gap signings. If any had played well – that player would have been retained this year (like Nassib).

    How has the LB group been “gutted”? 2 of our 3 best LBers (Kwon and Beckwith) were injured last year – as was 6th rd pick Cichy who showed promise on ST… All should be back and ready to play in 2019.

    The secondary is still very young… Davis, J.Evans and Whitehead (3/4ths of our starting secondary) look like promising young players. If Hargreaves can stay healthy – the Bucs secondary should be in decent shape moving forward.

    Quite a few of the players that are retained on defense are likely to look better under Todd Bowles guidance….

    There IS talent on the defensive side of the ball – just need some additions. Better coaching and a better scheme should make a world of difference for the Bucs defense in 2019.

  10. Not there yet Says:

    6 draft picks and many needs honestly do people really think that 5 mil hurts our cap that much because it doesn’t. Everyone wants all these players cut with no way of realistically replacing them with experience and talent not based on madden or fantasy.

    So weird he came here as a known run stuffer which he did pretty well for the eagles and now supposed to get rid of everyone who played in a garbage scheme but hey by that logic Noah Spence couldn’t get on the field at all so he’s a goner lol

  11. Bob in Valrico Says:

    As a unit there may be some promising players but they also have to be able to stay on the field to become a cohesive unit. Licht was forced to go out and get Andrew Adams during the season, whose play should earn him a chance to compete on this team. As the season wore on other players were pressed into action whose play was not outstanding.

  12. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    @Not there yet “6 draft picks and many needs honestly do people really think that 5 mil hurts our cap that much because it doesn’t.”

    Yes when your cap is sitting at 12mil free. And Lycht is also looking at almost 30 mil to sign Jameis next year.

  13. Bird Says:

    Agree. You add up 5 mil here and 5 mil there. It makes a difference. Coaches will watch tape. I trust Bowles to keep right guys. Unrein after a year on concussion should be let go. That’s scary. I hope he retires himself. Dangerous stuff. Gholston probably fits more in 3-4 Dline man cause he cants get to qb. Think he is only 3.75. Could be wrong. Not sure on him. I’ve seen enough to k ow he is not really good.

    And to sign some guys they want In free agency. They need to sign at least 2. Plus drafting players will take up 8 or 9 mil out of cap.

    Unless they take less money , it’s looking like McCoy and DJax are gone. McCoy May take less . DJax won’t. Hopefully they can get something in trade.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    Pickgrin … I’m thinking that the one with the blinders on here is you. Where have you ever read that Curry, Allen & Unrein were “all basically 1 year stop gap signings”? And in terms of our LB corps being ‘gutted’ I stand by that. Everything we read last year had the LB group as being the strength of the defense, based on anticipated starters being LVD, Kwon & Beckwith. AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME we have LVD under contract (and playing quite well IMO), Kwon injured AND he’s a FA, Beckwith is still injured it appears & none of us have any idea IF he’ll even play in 2019. Taylor is a FA (and a decent backup IMO), Lynch never really saw the field (but is decent at S/Ts apparently), Cichy is hurt (yet again), Minter is a FA (and also injured), and Bulloughs & Bond have, shall we say been ‘underwhelming’ thus far.

    And I also stand by my viewpoint that “I doubt many would call our Secondary a true STRENGTH of the new Bucs’ defense AT THIS POINT”. I agree with you that we have several promising players back there, and I’m hoping that this new coaching staff can coach them up to be a STRENGTH of the defense. But would you really feel good about going into the season with what we have on the roster in the Secondary right now? Move beyond Davis, Evans & Whitehead (all youngsters) who you mentioned and you find names on the current roster like Elliott, Shaw, Rivers, Harris, Johnson & Stewart in addition to VHIII, Ryan Smith, Adams. Then take a look at last year’s injury report ( and check how many missed multiple games because of injuries.

    Also agree with you Pickgrin that “There IS talent on the defensive side of the ball – just need some additions”. I personally think we’ll see quite an infusion of new talent this year and next now that BA’s in charge. It seems strange though that you have no problem holding the coaches responsible for the defense’s poor play these past few years, but not the architect of that defense. It’s not JUST the coaches who need to be held ACCOUNTABLE, it’s the players also. Either everyone’s ACCOUNTABLE or no one’s accountable.

  15. Bruce Blahak Says:

    @AlabamaBucsFan…sign Jameis? Career backup, No thanks…the QB whisperer needs a new protege ASAP…

  16. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Beau Allen put up similar numbers in 2018 that he had in Philly previously.
    The difference , in Philadelphia,he was used strictly for depth, not as a starter.

    Overpaying for 7th round picks in free agency and then relying on them as starters is what happens when you don’t
    draft trench talent in early rounds

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    But, Joe…..Joe….Beau Allen has a ring!!!……Curry had a ring!!! What happened……they were supposed to be great……so disappointed.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    • DE Vinny Curry. SAVED: $8,000,000
    • DE William Gholston. SAVED: $3,750,000
    • DE Mitch Unrein. SAVED: $3,750,000
    • DE Noah Spence. SAVED: $1,273,132

    • DT Beau Allen. SAVED: $5,000,000
    • DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu. SAVED: $735,000
    • RT Demar Dotson. SAVED: $4,803,125
    • WR DeSean Jackson (Trade to worse team possible). SAVED: $10,000,000
    • DT Gerald McCoy. (Trade or Restructure or both) SAVED: $13,000,000
    • OLB Lavonte David. (Trade or Restructure) SAVED: $9,750,000

    Total Saved: $60,061,257

    Free Agents to Resign:

    • Adam Humphries
    • Kwon Alexander
    • Peyton Barber
    • Donovan Smith
    • Leonard Wester
    • Michael Liedtke

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    • DE Vinny Curry. SAVED: $8,000,000
    • DE William Gholston. SAVED: $3,750,000
    • DE Mitch Unrein. SAVED: $3,750,000
    • DE Noah Spence. SAVED: $1,273,132

    • DT Beau Allen. SAVED: $5,000,000
    • DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu. SAVED: $735,000
    • RT Demar Dotson. SAVED: $4,803,125
    • WR DeSean Jackson (Trade to worse team possible). SAVED: $10,000,000
    • DT Gerald McCoy. (Trade or Restructure or both) SAVED: $13,000,000
    • OLB Lavonte David. (Trade or Restructure) SAVED: $9,750,000

    Total Saved: $60,061,257

    Free Agents to Resign:

    • Adam Humphries
    • Kwon Alexander
    • Peyton Barber
    • Donovan Smith
    • Leonard Wester
    • Michael Liedtke

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t know why the fans do not get it. Jason Licht’s philosophy is to build through the draft…and use free agency to fill holes until he can draft the players he wants.

    Because we only get so many picks, he has to settle for iffy free agents…and all free agents are iffy. The only sure thing on a free agent is that you will know how he works out after the fact.

    Players will lie through their teeth to get a contract. Period.

    But Jason Licht covers his butt by making sure he can release them a year or so later.

    Let’s say, for example, that Curry had worked out fairly well, but Nassib still exploded. Curry would be out the door even if he were a good player…and really, he wasn’t as bad as the haters are pretending.

    Clear the space. draft the players.

    Let’s see if Bruce Arians can balance the free agency.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not there yet Says
    “Everyone wants all these players cut with no way of realistically replacing them…”

    Except more free agency and a new staff, including a head coach, who might scout free agents better.

  22. Jonzey Says:

    Keep David and GM, D. Smith, and Kwon, resign Hump

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sorry, Pickrin, but Defense Rules has a point.

    What he’s saying is this: Fans and local media blamed Dirk Koetter for not getting the best out of good defensive talent. This was the justification in firing them.

    But if the defensive talent they had to work with was so good, why do we want them gone now?

    Could it be that it was not all on the previous coaches after all?

    People need to make up their minds.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m still of the opinion that Dirk Koetter was a good head coach, and Todd Monken was a good OC. They did not have the right mixture of staff AND players.

    If a good team ever gives Koetter another chance to head coach, I’ll be happy for him…so long as it isn’t with a division rival (or conference).

  25. Buc believer Says:

    Love Love Love how the weakest link on the Dline “Mr.Softserve aka Batman oh gee wilikers Ben did I hit you too hard the big p…y” #93 GMC gets a pass.

  26. Destinjohnny Says:

    How does Jason keep his job?

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    Bonzai – Koetter is a good offensive coach.

    He made a # of mistakes as a HC however – the biggest of which was bringing in his buddy Mike Smith to run the defense.

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … I love the $60 mil saved, BUT … you cut TEN players to get there and used much of the savings to re-sign players who were already on the 2018 roster. IOW, where is the money coming from to sign the TEN experienced players who were cut? That’s 4 DTs (2 were starters), 3 DEs (2 were rotational players & 1 was a bench-warmer IMO), 1 LB (starter), 1 RT (starter) & 1 WR (starter).

    Granted that it’d probably ONLY take $35 mil or so to re-sign those 6 players you mentioned, but that still only leaves $25 mil to sign our rookie class AND the replacements for those 10 who you cut. And that doesn’t include the cost of signing replacements for other veterans like Grimes & Conte & Rodgers.

    Obviously restructuring this team won’t be an easy task, especially given limited $$$ to work with. Major kudos for being ‘solutions-oriented’ but I seriously doubt this is a 1-year ‘restructuring’ (heaven forbid we should call it a ‘rebuild’). I’m a huge proponent for building through the draft, but IMO Bucs should’ve started with building the trenches. We’re paying for that lack of foresight now. Buying the 2nd most-expensive DLine in 2018 ate up a ton of CAP space & will necessitate ‘restructuring’ again this year as you noted by cutting 7 DLinemen in your proposal. And I wouldn’t exactly call our OLine a ‘strength’ at this point (we’ve got at least 2 & probably 3 starters to replace there).

  29. The Buc Realist Says:

    So much for the “licht did his job”!!!!!! and the “roster is so full with talent”!!!!!!!!!


    2019 season will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Pickgrin Says:

    DR – I see only ONE DL starter to replace – McCoy. And if he’s willing to restructure – then our front 4 starting line-up is already set.

    JPP – GMC – Vea – Nassib

    Of course we need more depth and youth up front – but I have no problem with those players starting in 2019…

  31. Tbbucs3 Says:


    I could care less what Jason Lichts “philosophy” is if it doesn’t win games. The reality of the situation is he has had 5 years to build a football team and the only thing he has to show for it is a 5 game stretch in 2016. I’m sure his philosophy looks great on paper but this continues to mess up Year after year after year.

    And yes, Jason Licht does admit his mistakes on players but how is that a positive when all he does is make mistakes? Amazing how this guy still has a job after 5 years, all I know that the pressure is on for Licht in 2019, if he doesn’t have an absolute home run year, then it will be a bust.

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    Pickgrin … Joe put my comments back to you in the cooler, but I stand by my comments. I don’t pretend that Jason Licht is my favorite executive by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m convinced that the Glazers have made Bruce Arians the ‘ad hoc GM’ and given him sufficient power to ‘fix this mess’. And FIX IT he will. Most likely it’ll take 2-3 years though to ‘fix’ this roster, but in the meantime we’ll see some much better football than we’ve been seeing.

    And I agree that Dirk Koetter was a good offensive coach. But the biggest mistake was dual-hatting him as both the OC AND HC, given that he’d never been a HC before. Not a well-thought-out plan to say the least.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    @Pickgrin … “I see only ONE DL starter to replace – McCoy. And if he’s willing to restructure – then our front 4 starting line-up is already set.”

    You’re right Pickgrin. I was considering Allen a starter but he became a rotational player once Vea got healed up & his defensive snaps picked up. Like you, I’m hoping that Licht can restructure GMC’s contract so that our predominant DLine becomes JPP – GMC – Vea – Nassib. Add in some quality DT & DE draft picks this year … AND stay healthy … and we should be OK on the DLine.

  34. ATrain Says:

    I would like to see GMC stats
    The same as the stat monster went after Allen

  35. ATrain Says:

    Also GMC had his second best year in 2017

    We got JPP and GMCs production tanked in numbers
    What the ….. I thoughted the reason he wasn’t better was he needed help

  36. ATrain Says:

    GMC second Best Year was 2017 in tackles

    2018 he dropped off

    So GMC got major help JPP and his play drops ????

    This is a sign of an ELITE PLAYER??????

  37. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    DR…. everything u stated is right on, not a mike smith fan here but did he stink or is it the horrible talent assembled by the gm. And yes BA is now the GM

  38. Pickgrin Says:

    Tbbucs3 Says:
    “Jason Licht does admit his mistakes on players but how is that a positive when all he does is make mistakes?”

    Mike Evans was a “mistake”?? Winston? Marpet? Kwon in the 4th rd? OJ Howard? Godwin in the 3rd? Beckwith(3rd)? Vea? Davis? UDFA Brate? UDFA Humphries? JPP for a 3rd rd pick? Nassib for free? – Re-signed LVD – Re-signed GMC….

    C’mon now….

    There’s 15 out of 22 starters that are all good players….

    Jensen is pretty good. Justin Evans shows a lot of promise. Hargreaves should be OK if he can stay healthy. D. Smith is decent even though he wants and expects to be over paid.

    There’s 19 good or better starters….

    Dom drafted exactly 3 good players in 5 years!

  39. JustaBucfan Says:

    Those are some telling rotten numbers for sure.

  40. Tbbucs3 Says:


    My point exactly, It’s been 5 years and this guy has only drafted 1 elite player. Elite players win Super Bowls. Mike Evans was the obvious pick. Still hoping Winston can get there but he has not yet.

    Sure there are some good players on the team but everybody has good players in the NFL. It’s building a complete football team that is what he has failed to do time and time again. And btw that is his job.

    Comparing this roster to other NFL teams, it does not stack up very well.

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    Another move if they don’t want Devin White at #5 is trade back in the first and hope for Christian Wilkins to still be there. ILB Germaine Pratt (NC State) in the second. Dude’s a beast. Use the rest of early round picks on o-line.

  42. Defense Rules Says:

    Pickgrin, I love the way you defend Jason Licht, but can’t ‘cherry-pick’; you have to look at his entire ‘body of work’. I’m with you in terms of ME13, Vea, OJ & Jameis … all 1st Rnd picks (so was VIIII). And yes, also with ya on Marpet, Donovan, Davis & Evans … all 2nd Rnd picks. Same with Godwin, Beckwith & Kwon (3rd & 4th Rnd picks) plus Brate & Hump (UFAs). No issues with JPP, Nassib, LVD, GMC, or Jensen.

    You’re right … 19 good or better starters, the majority of them high draft picks (let’s say the Top 3 Rnds). Teams that advocate a philosophy of ‘building through the draft’ simply can’t afford to miss on the high picks. Starting in 2014 (when Jason came here), we’ve had FIVE 1st Rnd picks, NINE 2nd Rnd picks and FOUR 3rd Rnd picks (18 total picks in the Top 3). 15 are still on our roster and 1 (Donovan) is a UFA at present (but will hopefully be re-signed).

    Included in those Top 3 Rnd picks: VHIII (IR), RoJo (barely used last year), Stewart (out 5 games), Cappa (dressed but didn’t play all that much), Beckwith (IR), VHIII (IR), Spence (barely used last year), Aguayo (gone), ASJ (gone), Sims (gone). Not holding my breath that any of those will make All-Pro this year, or probably ever.

    The ‘body of work’ includes such things as manning Special Teams with suitable talent. Our S/Ts rank pretty close to the bottom (not a good look). Bucs have the 4th highest paid punter (Anger) but ranks #21 in terms of Net & was tied for last in terms of punts inside the 20 last year. I gave up trying to keep track of how many different kickers we’ve gone through since 2014 (it’s at least 7 and probably 8 now).

    Still, it’s all water under the bridge IMO because … BA’s in charge. He’s right in that this Bucs team has some decent talent to build from. Lots of holes though in terms of starters, key rotational players & especially DEPTH. Injuries have absolutely decimated the Bucs roster these past several years, and we really haven’t had the depth to compensate for those injuries. Our tendency is to blame the coaching staff for not ‘coaching the replacements up better’ but it’s really not THAT simple. OJT can be an effective way to learn, but it can also lead to plenty of mistakes while that learning is occurring.

  43. Bird Says:


    No way you cut Lavonte and sign Kwon

  44. Pickgrin Says:

    No GM is perfect – or even close.

    The average “bust” rate for 1st rd picks is above 45% – 55% for 2nd rd picks and 60+% for 3rd rd picks.

    Licht is drafting well above average through 5 years in rounds 1,3 and 4 and about average in Rd 2.

    The roster Jason inherited from Dom was an absolute mess.

    GM Licht has done a pretty damn good job of bringing in talented players (mostly young) and completely rebuilding this roster in 5 years.

    This team is WAY more talented than 5-11 the last 2 years would indicate. Injuries did play a part in that – but every team has injuries and young depth players MUST be coached up to succeed. You see good teams with good coaches do it every year.

    BA need only do his thing with the players already on the roster plus whatever additions we get this year whom BA certainly will have input on obtaining. . The talented coordinators and position coaches he’s brought in will teach these young, talented players how to ball out – aggressively.

    BA will set the right tone and rule with an iron fist – while throwing in plenty of attaboys along the way.

    The coaches will COACH – and the players will ALL improve and the Buccaneers will be winning a LOT of football games in the very near future.

    And then it will be quite obvious that Jason Licht is a good GM and that the Glazers were smart to keep him despite all the losing during his tenure.

    This team has NOT been “losing” because of Jason Licht – nor has it been losing because of Jameis Winston.

    BA is stepping into a good situation here – and we (the Buccaneers) are lucky to have him and his entire hand picked staff as well.

    Navigating the monetary situation (salary cap) will be tricky from here on out now that Winston is off his rookie deal – but as long as Licht can keep drafting fairly well – and assuming BA can install a winning mentality/expectation in these players minds – this Buccaneers team should quickly be in great shape to compete for Super Bowls – and will be built to last as well….

    I see the Bucs going 11-5 in 2019. 9-7 at worst. With many of the same players Dirk and staff failed with playing big roles and having “career” years…

  45. TOM Says:

    I totally agree with Bird. Also I would resign some of the less expensive players at least for now. Unrein, Wester, Liedtke, Barber, Spence & possibly Dotson. Also I would sign Hump before any of the other high price players especially Mr. Lazy Ass Smith.

  46. Stanglassman Says:

    I’ll believe Licht was secretly demoted and is not really the GM and the owners have given that power to BA when I read that reported by a credible source. You keep repeating this for months now like it’s a fact when it’s only a reality in your mind.

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    Who knew signing a bunch of 3rd tier defensive lineman with no recent production wasn’t going to work out for the Bucs.

    Oh right, me.

  48. Rod Munch Says:

    Beau Allen, Mitch Unrein, William Gholston – to cut all three costs you $2.5m, but you save $10million.

    Would you rather have 3 garbage depth players, or one bigger FA DE bust?

    You decide!

  49. Stanglassman Says:

    It’s true the washout rate for draft picks (and FAs) is high. Even day one, two and high dollar FAs. I’ve been reading some comment boards from The Jets and Az Cards from a few years back to see what the fans thought of Bowles & BA. Both of those are filled with complaints about their respective GMs and how they missed on draft picks and FAs. The Jet fans were livid on all the misses at drafting and Fa Qb misses. They tried for 10 years to get a decent starting Qb. You’d think the Bucs fans would be one fan base that would understand the difficulty of finding a good Qb.

  50. Season Is Over Says:

    Funny how all these team issues can be traced right back to Jason Licht.

  51. Gambelero Says:

    I tend to agree with Pickgrin on the *great debate.*

    Expect to see a lot of weird restructuring this year because everyone is expecting a strike in 21. Even if you get a whole or partial season in, it’ll be under a totally different set of rules and calculations.

  52. Stanglassman Says:

    A strike is doubtful. A Lockout is likely in ‘21.

  53. Dave Says:

    Here come all the Licht haters.
    Most everyone you liked Allen and Curry as offseason depth signings.
    Not every signing pans out. And when you need a starter and depth, it’s just more glaring.
    They should both be cut and I’m guessing they will draft one and sign one in replace of them