Want Grimes? Meet Miko’s Demands

January 17th, 2019

Brent Grimes available, per Miko.

Joe thought surely cornerback Brent Grimes was done with the Bucs.

Once the season was finished, Grimes, the talented Bucs cornerback and wily veteran, was brave enough to jump on his wife’s Miko’s podcast and explain what was wrong with the Bucs defense.

Grimes was mulling retirement (again) when he admitted he was peeved that the Bucs asked him to cover Antonio Brown in September because he was not paid enough to cover opponents’ No. 1 receivers all over the field. And that “just f**cked up my whole vibe for the whole year,” he added.

Apparently, the 2019 Bucs have not been crossed off Grimes’ list yet. Grimes’ wife and confidante took to Instagram this week and noted the only teams her husband will refuse to play for next season are teams that do not meet his current demands.

Those are:

1. Teams that have Ryan Tannehill on their roster.
2. Teams that employ former Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith.
3. Teams that hire former Bucs cornerbacks coach Jon Hoke to work with their defensive backs.

Joe thinks it is safe to suggest the Bucs will meet all of Miko’s demands. Joe doesn’t think the Bucs want Tannehill; Smith has said he’s retired and Hoke was launched with the rest of Koetter’s staff.

The question is, do the Bucs want Grimes back?

81 Responses to “Want Grimes? Meet Miko’s Demands”

  1. Architek Says:

    Brent and Miko are washed up! She was washed up after the birthday cake stunt and he was washed after last season! We don’t want the Grimes family in Tampa!

  2. Angry Bucs Fan Says:

    Don’t want this slow old guy. Sorry he was great once. That day has passed.

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Ah Phaaaa.

    No. The D needs gutting. Grimes is one of them.

    Good to see Mike Smith retired. For good I hope.
    No fan of any team should have to be punished with that fool.
    Realist loves the guy…I know. 813 has told us so….lol

    Bonzai…you’re the biggest homer on this site….so your blinders are always on. On full blast. Let’s see how the old man plays out. At the least we can put to bed whether Winston IS or isn’t going to be anything. You picked the Bucs to be 11-5 this past season… or something like that. Adamant about it. “Click my name” and all. lol Your blinders are always on…and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  4. Lamarcus Says:

    Slip and sliding everywhere roller skating on grass turf Grimes can get shook out of ankles elsewhere. We have hargarves and now Davis who should be taken his spot.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    Serial loafer and has been since he been here. Never wanted the truck stick…..Grimes.

  6. Buc15 Says:

    The chicas….they for fun mane

  7. '79Defense Says:

    I’m so glad that we meet all the criteria on her list! If he ends up playing for the Bucs I sure hope the coaches check with him on who he feels comfortable covering. The last thing I want is to see Brent put in a situation where he feels disrespected or where Miko is unhappy in any way.

  8. DayOnePaul Says:

    Miko could hang with me, but girl, Brent’s gotta go.

  9. westernbuc Says:

    No team wants Grimes. Miko is lucky that she squeezed out the last check from Licht.

    Seriously she’s disgusting and Brent is a PW’ed b*tch.

    Mike Smith gave Brent another chance when everyone thought his career ended. Miko is trash and if Brent had any sense he’d divorce her

  10. Rob Says:

    Give us a refund on your sorry excuse for a 2018 season where you felt disrespected by a mere 7 million. What a joke. See ya you big overpaid baby. Go Bucs!

  11. THETRUTH Says:

    PASS!!!!! Don’t need any teammate that wont worj when getting paid and doesnt care to let 52 other men down..

    With Grimes you have to not only game plan against offense, you have to see how much WR earn on the other team to make sure you dont match him against a higher earning WR.

    I supported Grimes till I heard what a pu$$ he is.. A competitor competes cause you love the game. He is there not to work hard just to earn

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Didn’t the Grimes non-stop praise Smith and say he’s the only reason that Grimes signed with the Bucs?

    Anywho Grimes played OK down the stretch, but at this point he’s an old vet who is fragile and injury plagued and you have no idea what you’re getting. It’s possible he goes to a good team and has a good year, then again it’s possible he signs a deal and plays 3 games before he’s out for the year with an injuries.

    In any case if he stands by thinking he’s not paid enough to cover a #1 WR, then I don’t know what team in the NFL will want him. I assume he’ll have to explain that before anyone gives the guy a deal.

  13. Jerry Jones Says:

    Please be gone with those two.

  14. Mike10 Says:

    Maybe he can play nickel. We don’t have any of those lol

  15. Elita Vita Says:

    Was a big Grimes fan but hardly noticed his play until the last game of the season. Can’t know for sure but there’s the feeling he didn’t want to cover a number one receiver because it would expose the fact that he was not as sharp as he once was. If he was as sharp but he refused to cover a number one receiver because he was only paid 7 million dollars that’s even worse. In either case let them find out what another team will pay him. Miko will try to go to the Bucs money well one more time…the Glazers are not fools. Let’s see if we can bring in the Honey Badger and witness a younger more talented corner.

  16. Hp Says:

    Very inaccurate article. ??? Feel free to point out anything here that’s inaccurate and Joe will fix it. –Joe Brent stated on the Podcast that 4 days before the Steelers game the DC told him to start shadowing (following) the #1 WRs. Brent’s argument was if the team felt he was talented enough to shadow Brown, OBJ, AJ Green, Julio x2, M. Thomas x2 & any other #1’s this season, they should have paid him like it. Then he further elaborated on Mike Smith’s poor game planning.

  17. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Richard Sherman was highest paid corner back and he just played one side of the field like grimes. Richard Sherman did not follow and cover the #1 receiver all game

    Grimes is confusing the word “cover” for “lockdown”. Grimes is paid enough to cover whoever the coaches tell him, but he’s not paid enough to be expected to lock down every #1 wide receiver because grimes isn’t that good

    #7423 thinks grimes is a b#ch p#$y that has no heart and scared to do a mans job

  18. TampaTown Says:

    Talk all the $hit you want but the fact remains that opposing QB’s, coaches and coordinators chose not to throw at Brent. If they thought he was washed up he would be targeted constantly. I also remember someone named Deion Sanders didn’t like to tackle either. If they get another payday, good for them! Leave the cellphone, take the bag 💰

  19. lambchop Says:

    Ryan Tannehill probably turned Miko down for some extra curriculars.

    I mean Tannehill can’t even stay healthy long enough for them to worry about him. Why isn’t Matt Moore on her sh!t list?

    Note to Miko – your husband and you don’t get to dictate terms when nobody’s listening.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Grimes had a superb 2016 season (16 games; 24 PD; 4 INT; 57 tackles), but his performance fell off noticeably in 2017 (13 games; 11 PD; 3 INT; 44 tackles). He should never have been brought back for 2018, but Licht took the lazy way out & overpaid him rather than sign one of the many younger outside corners who were available when FA started last year. He got his $7 mil for 2018 & we got what we should’ve expected to get (13 games; 6 PD; 0 INT; 48 tackles). Brent had a very good career, but time catches up to all of us. He stayed a year too long (at least) and didn’t close out his career in the classiest of ways. BUT … he’s old news. It’s a new day in Tampa Bay … time for all to move on.

  21. Ray Rice Says:

    I’m peeved that Myron Lewis #2 has the balls to even have demands. MF thinks he’s Mike Washington but he played more like Elbert Mack.

  22. adam from ny Says:

    they’re thinking they could pull 5 mil more then be audi…

    dissing the bucs prolly sealed his fate – he just might have gotten the 5 mil if they played it cool like abdul

  23. Lunchbox Says:

    Bye Felicia

  24. Jean Lafitte Says:

    After Joe’s scathing articles on the pair I think the court of public opinion has shifted to a big fat resounding “NO”.

    Of course I’m a big independent thinker and will say that if He wants to make the team he would have to show me in camp that he’s worthy. No-one should be safe from fair and unbiased competition (including Jameis). From the immortal words of Raheem Morris “I will tolerate you until I can replace you.”. Chances are Grimes won’t make it through camp on talent alone.

  25. JabooBuc Says:

    This is truly comical and the weed has clearly impacted her/their self awareness. Nobody is looking for a small, 35 year old CB who won’t tackle and claims you need to pay him by specific line item to perform the aspects of his job. Oh, you want play man, that’s extra. You want me to blitz, that’s extra. Play nickel, cha ching.

    This guy and his wife are done in this league.

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    Before the AB comments, I had more respect for Brent. Since then,I put him in the same vane as DJax. He’s a selfish player.
    We need to be done with these types.
    Besides, we can find another corner to watch other defenders tackle, if that’s what we want!

  27. Skywalker0028 Says:

    I think everyone is thinking about this situation only from a football aspect and not including the business part of the nfl.

    Everyone said last year before the season how much Brent was needed on our roster and we didn’t have the cb depth. Then it’s time for him to get a contact and they say during the negotiations that we don’t think your a shutdown corner, your a left cb and we will only pay you as such. Ok fine he takes that contract and agreed to those terms. Soooo now that it’s convenient for the Bucs he is all of a sudden good enough to be used as a shutdown cb? What happened to him not being good enough for that during the contact talks? When money was involved they downplayed his ability but when it’s time to play it was a different story. That’s why he got upset and I would feel the same way. I would feel like they are taking advantage of me.

    Soooo I fail to believe that last years preformace had anything to do with ability and everything to do with how he felt disrespected.

    Just for example. If I was to build someone a piece of furniture (cause I do that as a side job) and we agree to terms on a contact I’m not gonna turn around and build a hole furniture set unless your going to pay for the set.

  28. Skywalker0028 Says:

    We are all speaking as fans and yes I was also upset with his play this year but I can at least see where he is coming from and definitely understand after listening to Miko’s podcast and hearing him discribe how it happened.

  29. THETRUTH Says:

    Tampatown : what were you watching they torched him game after game till the final week he showed up

    He was covering the weaker WR anyway cause scared to cover the best , most OC throw to best WR , you know the ones Carlton Davis didn’t back down to

  30. BucEmUp Says:

    By Felicia!!!!!!! Thanks for showing your true character on your podcast

  31. Jonzey Says:

    Grimes need to retire he is washed up and I cant stand his wife she talks to much, no other NFL player wife don’t intervene with their husband job. Grimes needs to pack his bags and grow so nuts.

  32. Buc believer Says:

    Oh isn’t that just WONDERFUL Miko… and we are all supposed to forget how your little man beatch of a husband was SO dissed by the Bucs for actually being asked to DO HIS JOB FOR THE MONEY HE AGREED TO!!! No thanks take your big arse mouth and your supposed mother in law “DEBILAH” and go run your scam on some other team.

  33. “That guy” Says:

    Naw I’m good, apparently he didn’t make enough money to get smoked by AB every play.

  34. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Fool me once shame on you

    Fool me twice shame on Gump

    Fool me 3x shame on Gump

    Fool me 4x shame on Gump

    Fool me 5x shame on Gump


  35. firethecannons Says:

    Last season he was awful–go away miko and brent grimes, Bucs are better off without you–Buc believer is right. Honestly Brent Grimes is weak in many ways and this team deserves better.

  36. Pugs&Bucs Says:

    The guy tipped his hand. He’s quitter. I wouldn’t want a quitter on my team.

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    Nope, hard pass.

  38. AlteredEgo Says:

    I hope Miko has invested Brents money well…..even if she has none a BRILLIANT job….they’ll never be living as high on the hog as they have been accustomed to living on NFL paychecks…good luck and maybe we’ll cross shopping carts at Winn-Dixie sometime

  39. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but maybe we should go get Ryan Tannehill

  40. Big Marlon B Says:

    I used to respect him. But after all of the nonsense he spewed after this season, he’s an even bigger c*nt than his wife….and that’s saying A LOT. He will retire, and then blow his brains out 3 weeks into the season when he has to listen to her constant yapping.

  41. doolnutts Says:

    Grimes committed career suicide with his BS comments about how he was paid “only 7 million” so he didn’t think he was going to cover #1 WR’s. I honestly have never heard of anything like this in my life. Imagine what Bill Belichick would say to this guy? hahaha

  42. Not there yet Says:

    Joe I’m not sure why you think that is a question that hasn’t been answered but ok I guess. Dude was sorry before he played last year. Don’t know why was stupid enough to have a guy on this roster making that kind of money then let Julio Jones go off for over 200 yards and the d coordinator tries everything except letting grimes cover him. Dude was trash and I thought everyone was really stupid for saying the reason he needed to come back was we had no one else. Can’t be married to a woman like that and her issues not rub off on the husband. Where do you think she gets her content for a podcast? Grimes was always trash just don’t understand why the bucs have to be the last one in the league to learn the obvious lessons

  43. Blind Melon Says:


  44. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    never heard of shim and another nail in the coffin of the horrible GM job that dunderbox licht does

  45. rob Says:

    Lots of blame on all sides. We should not have a 35 year old vet on his 4th contract and borrowed time as our #1 corner. That falls squarely on management. Grimes is a really bad teammate, griping about a role. If covering Brown would lead to a win you just do it. Grimes is a very talented player, but not worth more than 10 mil per year, and probably not worth keeping with his bad attitude.

  46. Jameis “Will” Win-A-Ton Says:

    This is really just a dramatic way of letting the world know that they are no longer cool with Mike Smith. We already knew John Hoke was a bad coach. Kick the senseless drama to the curb in 2019 (and that goes for more than just sports)!

  47. Doctor_berto Says:


  48. tmaxcon Says:

    You guys are just pissed of that Miko has more balls and football acumen than cancer93 the face of the basement years

  49. 813bucboi Says:

    stop hiding behind your wifes skirt you soft a$$ chump!!!!!!!!…..tell her to go out and hit the field since she thinks she knows so damn much and wants the $$$$$…..


  50. OldBucFan Says:

    Dude quit on his team. No thanks.

  51. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Uhhh. count that as a huge F#CK NO!

    That POS quit on the team. Sorry CB1, regardless of pay, does CB1 duties. He signed the contract. GTFO and I hope the door hits you in the ass on the way out.

    Good. Effing. Riddance.

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I had nothing but respect for Grimes…until I read that he took plays off and git mad that Smith wanted him to do his job and Grimes did not feel he was paid enough to do it.

    That ruined him for me.

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Brent Grimes is heading for retirement this year. No team will want him after hearing his quotes.

  54. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Bowles doesn’t like bitches on his D

    Grimes is not wanted here

  55. BUC IT Says:

    Grimes fails to see that he killed his name and legacy with those comments essentially saying to everyone that he quit on the Buccaneers. Regardless if this washed up 35 year old CB got paid like a #1. They asked him to cover the #1 when VH3 went down. I mean this means you get to do more running and prove you are the man. Instead you whined about it and got burnt. No respect for this guy anymore. None.

  56. Tbbucs3 Says:

    No team will want him after seeing his lack of talent. CFL level player.

  57. Buccingator Says:

    List of demands from teams:
    1. Wife shuts her pie hole
    2. You have to cover people who make more than you
    3. You have to tackle, your not Dion
    4. Lock up your cell until game is over
    5. Stop letting your wife speak for you like a little b@&ch

  58. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “You guys are just pissed of that Miko has more balls and football acumen than cancer93 the face of the basement years”

    Maybe Brent should ask Miko to give his back…..

  59. Season Is Over Says:

    One of the worst FA signings in team history.

  60. Maze Says:

    She’s nasty

  61. Eric S Says:

    As a fan who also likes the Phins, this pair has ruined two franchises for me. I honestly never want to hear from them again. Enough. Be gone.

  62. Issaic haggins Says:

    No , No and No , a Great Player that totally tarnished his legacy with what he put on tape ( effort) last year !!! And of Coarse his mouth , brain washed by Ma Ma Miko Comments !!!

  63. Joeypoppems Says:

    They can kick rocks

  64. Issaic haggins Says:

    Licht you were the FOOL that brought this on !!!

    Btw RoJo can’t catch double sided tape !!! Oh ya the NFL hashes are closer together and Roberto can’t kick a straight ball , watch the tape , seriously how can you f this stuff up when it’s your full time job and me and many others figure it out in 1/2 of one percent of your time !!!

    Licht!!! Bruce is the only reason you are here , the min you were retained it (Arians )was clearly already a done deal.

    For the first time ever in your career Jason make protecting your qb the number one priority, which btw way means a run game . Call the colts they figured it out !!! There really really is some not so bright people running football teams !!!

  65. Cgmaster27v Says:

    I really hope at some point as a man, Brent gets his balls back from his wife.

  66. unbelievable Says:


    She should have just said, pay him #1 corner money (despite the fact that father time has clearly caught up), or else he will pout and cry when asked to cover a #1 WR.

    Sorry but real ballers want to go against the best competition every time. It’s in their blood.

    I will thank Brent for his time here, he played hard for a while. But crying about being asked to cover a #1 WR because you’re only making 6 – 8 million a year, instead of 10 million or whatever?

    Boo fkn hoo! GTFO here with that weak chit.

    The Bucs have moved on. Miko is still cool in my book though. She’s a freak and takes care of her man the way a wife should.

  67. BigMacAttack Says:

    Grimes sucked and that attitude he had sucks. You get paid to do a job, do it. He’s a pos like Djax. I hope they both get canned.

  68. #1bucfan Says:

    Get him outa here we need team players not me players just cause he wasn’t paid like a top cb to cover the best wr is a very selfish move. This is a team game that kind of attitude will keep this team in the basement.

  69. NewTampaChris Says:

    Elite teams do not tolerate sideshows like this.

  70. Destinjohnny Says:

    Send yoko home

  71. Mike Says:

    Go away you ignorant clown i dont want anyone
    Here thats not man enough to speak for himself,he is mikos whipped puppet, they cant pack up and leave fast enough for me!!

  72. JDR Says:

    He played like a has been. Never made tackles on running backs, got burnt in man coverage.. on 3rd and 7 he plays 8 yards of the line of scrimmage.. kick this guy to the curb, th secondary was better while he was out.

  73. Lokog Says:

    Nobodys gonna want this p#$&y kuz he showed the whole world hes a b!*$h and a coward who has mommy standing up for him. where i come from you turn your back you get your ass kicked

  74. Wesley Says:

    Keep these crazy m.f. away from my team!

  75. Nano Says:

    Joe stop giving these 2 importance
    He blamed coaches for his performance
    Good players make plays is that simple
    He made few
    Father Time is undefeated
    He needs to ride into the sunset

  76. Fire Light Says:

    Hmm.. sign Tannehill to league minimum and bring him in for camp.

  77. Miko Grimes Says:

    “No one will sign him after telling everyone he was pissed at the team for asking him to shadow…” LMAO!!! I heard the same thing when he ruptured his achilles in 2012. Then I heard it again when I did what any REAL WIFE would do in Miami. And here it is again! What u idiots fail to realize is FOOTBALL IS A BUSINESS! I know u spend your hard earned money on it and think what u feel matters but it doesn’t. These billionaires are gonna do whatever they wanna do and if they wanna win and need a corner, they will attempt to hire my man. For those of u thinking he was washed after 2017 and the Bucs gave him another chance.. THINK AGAIN! We had 5 offers on the table for $6M minimum! Thats where the negotiations started. We would even entertain a team that offered less. The Bucs out-bit EVERYONE to sign him! So who really gave who another chance? In negotiations they said he was old but they needed his veteran leadership and security on the left side since the team was young and inexperienced. He was offended but loved the young guys and wanted to help them develop so he came back… only to get slapped in the face and told.. “yes, we think ur the BEST CORNER IN THE NFL and need you to shadow all the #1s this year” So why didn’t they have that same energy in negotiations? Its like working at mcdonalds on the grill making $15hr and then the boss says “hey i know u applied for the manager job and we told u ur not qualified but now that ur here on the grill, we need u to manage the entire restaurant for that same $15hr.” We even asked for a restructure week 3 since they suddenly forgot they didn’t think he was worthy of top cornerback money in march. But I get it… u guys are FANS! U go with whatever your master aka the front office says. Cool! Just know the entire season whoever was on the other side of him got TORCHED because NO QB WANTED SMOKE WITH BRENT GRIMES! All that “he played bad all year” madness is pure LIES! Not on one of u can send me film of him getting a pass caught on him for more than 25yds MORE THAN TWICE THE ENTIRE SEASON! And u also can’t find more than TWO touchdown passes caught on him THE ENTIRE SEASON! He has TWO GAMES WHERE THE QB DIDNT THROW A SINGLE BALL IN HIS DIRECTION THE ENTIRE GAME! (GIANTS/49ERS) TWO WHOLE GAMES WITH ZERO LOOKS HIS WAY! LOOK IT UP! And he had SEVERAL with ONE and TWO passes in his direction the entire game! All at the age of 35! U guys are a JOKE! LMAO!!! Grown men in here crying like a little bitches about a guy that stood up for himself for a change! And u have the nerve to say I have his balls! The Bucs have ALL OF YALLS BALLS if you can’t see how dope he played despite being furious with the coaching staff! One minute people say don’t let your wife speak for u, then as soon as he says how he feels u STILL don’t like it! LOL! Bottom line.. u don’t have a corner on the roster that will EVER be better in their ENTIRE CAREER than Brent was in 2018! Thats a fact! That entire team is in AWE of his every movement every single day he has been on that team. It was the same in Atlanta and it was the same in Miami. Ask any player and they will tell u he is the best corner they have ever seen play the position. But if u ask the media and the fans… he’s washed! Funny! Real funny Tampa fans! U better hope he doesn’t play you in 2019 bc I PROMISE Arians will avoid him! He’s been trying to sign Brent for YEARS! He tried to trade for him after the 2015 season but the offer was too low so we came to Tampa. Funny how things change! Don’t be surprised if you see him back in the pewter and red in 2019! (hey JoeBuc! ill always have love and respect for you.)

  78. unbelievable Says:

    GTFO Miko, that’s some BS and you know it.

    Poor guy was only making 8 million last year so he had to cry about being asked to the #1 WR? (and it wasn’t even for every game)

    Good luck getting signed for nearly that much in 2019…

  79. Miko Grimes Says:

    @Unbelievable yeah he made $8M the other two years and shadowed WRs both years when they asked him to and did a damn good job, not that I expect your ignorant ass to notice it. So when he signed for the 3rd year and ask for more money if thats the game plan they should’ve said OK! But they didn’t. So thats on THEM! U wanna cry about it like a little girl, blame the FO and coaches!

  80. unbelievable Says:

    I’m ignorant for pointing out the facts? LOL. I know he did a good job in 2016 and 2017, I never said otherwise. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. Heck he was the only guy in the backfield that could even make a play during a lot of those years.

    But let me ask you this- was he still the highest paid corner on the team in 2018?

    Well then he was being paid to be the #1 guy. Simple as that in my book.

    And honestly, I appreciate you coming on here and talking with the rest of us fans in the comment section. But talking chit about the very fanbase who supports the team your husband plays for is just a bad look. You do realize that without the fans, there is no team, right? No millions of dollars every year that give you and Brent the lavish lifestyle you enjoy, right?

    Most of the fans during their entire life will never even make a fraction of the money you guys do. But they still spend their hard earned money to support a team which pays your man well. If you’ve got beef with owners making way more than players, take that up with them. Don’t chit all over the fans about it.

  81. Miko Grimes Says:

    @umbelievable why would I have a beef with the front office? The didn’t do anything to us. Jason and the Grimes family are just fine. Im talking sh*t about the fanbase bc u guys are in here talking the same sh*t about US! So if u can’t handle it, don’t dish it out. And NO I don’t GAF that you spend your hard earned money to a BILLIONAIRE that doesn’t care about you! U don’t pay our bills, THEY DO! If u have a problem with how I defend or define our experience OH WELL!!! There isn’t a single thing u can do about it just like there isn’t anything I can do about how innaccurate and completely stupid most of u sound in here. Its a two way street! So if u don’t like that a player TOLD THE TEAM HE WASNT DOING WHAT THEY ASKED HIM TO DO then don’t buy tickets, it’s as simple as that! What u should be asking your team is why they didn’t CUT HIM when he said no? U don’t wanna ask that question bc your natural, ignorant reaction is to blame the athlete. So again… don’t like what he did, OH WELL! This is HIS CAREER and HIS LIFE! He risked his paycheck so why are u acting like it was YOUR MONEY he was risking? As far as him making the most on team DUH!!! No one is better than him! Its a secondary full of babies and he’s a grandpa but just like he said: if u thought I was capable of shadowing, why did they LIE and say he wouldn’t be and then offer him money that matches that. He said he’d retire before he shadowed #1 receivers for low pay and then they turn around and ask him to do it and u blame the athlete instead of the lying ass coaches. FUNNY!!! Your loyalty is clearly with the SHIELD so stop b*tching about #24 and focus on THE SHIELD!