“That Just Fu***d Up My Whole Vibe For The Whole Year To Be Completely Honest”

January 3rd, 2019

Brent Grimes has opened up about the 2018 Buccaneers, and it’s ugly.

Speaking on his wife Miko’s latest podcast, iHeartMiko, the Grimes couple went game by game breaking down the cornerback’s performance this season.

The point was to show Grimes played a lot better than people think he did. Brent Grimes was very candid about good plays and bad as a pass defender.

He also talked about his run support and how defensive backs coach Jon Hoke and he were at odds for years on how to play the run. It was a lot of Xs-and-Os chatter about how Hoke’s way of playing the run clashed with what Grimes had been taught previously. Grimes said he often got bad run grades from coaches even when he made a play.

But what really was interesting was Grimes talking about how he felt he was disrespected by the Bucs during contract negotiations last offseason.

In March, he signed for $7 million plus incentives on a one-year deal. It was ok, Grimes said, even though lesser NFL corners were earning more.

After being injured and missing the first two games, Grimes returned against Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football. The Bucs were 2-0. He said he got upset before that game because Bucs coaches asked him to shadow Antonio Brown all game.

“We get to the Steelers and then they start asking me to follow people,” Grimes said, explaining that corners “that follow receivers all the time”  … “earn $13 to $15 million.”

Grimes said the Bucs wanted him to shadow all No. 1 receivers and he felt it was a slap in the face because they weren’t paying him for that.

“That just fu**ed up my whole vibe for the whole year to be completely honest,” Grimes said.

It was unclear whether Grimes refused to comply.

Joe is in full head-shake mode. So Grimes signed a one-year deal as the Bucs’ No. 1 corner and he didn’t want to cover top receivers?

Congratulations, Jason Licht. You screwed up on another free agent.

Grimes also explained on the podcast that he told Bucs coaches he wanted to sit out the season finale last Sunday because he was so frustrated by Hoke. Coach Hoke apologized, Grimes said, and Grimes eventually played.

Miko Grimes said she helped convince her husband to play in the game because she knew it might be the last of his career. Miko added that she’d like Brent Grimes to play one more season for any price, as long as he’s having fun and has a shot at the postseason.

144 Responses to ““That Just Fu***d Up My Whole Vibe For The Whole Year To Be Completely Honest””

  1. buddy Says:

    That guy and his wife are a complete joke.

  2. bucfanforever Says:


  3. PhillyBucsFan Says:

    What a waste! Frickin Cry Baby. Good Bye Good Ridence!

  4. Knucknbuc Says:

    So he still got paid right brent??? Check still cleared right? F that guy you didnt have to sign for 8 mil.

  5. JP_09 Says:

    Doesn’t matter if he made 30 mil a year, he still wouldn’t be able to cover the no 1 wr

  6. JabooBuc Says:

    Don’t let the door hit ya dude.

  7. Gary Says:

    I’m grateful for the good years we did get out of Grimes, but I can’t help but be disappointed at this. I’m going to listen to the whole podcast, but how are you gonna say you felt disrespected by the offer you signed?

    As far as the coaches, I get it, the coaching staff was incompetent. But he signed to return to this team. Now he’s gonna bitch and complain? Not right.

  8. Buc50 Says:

    I remember having a job where I was paid less than the guys I was training. That messed up my whole vibe too so I quit. It’s easy for us sitting on the sideline but this is business.

  9. buccluck Says:

    Things are all starting to be cleared up about this team over the past three years.

  10. HotShotSly Says:

    Classic example of a player hanging on a year too long. Duces ✌🏾

  11. Warren Brown Says:

    Guess we know another guy who wasn’t keeping it real.

  12. Danglin71 Says:

    You signed the deal got the money! Doesn’t matter what they ask you to do!!
    Glad your gone!

  13. Knucknbuc Says:

    Jason licht is just as pathetic to of signed him. Funny how our d was noticeably better when he didnt play. And it’s even more pathetic the bucs didnt bench his ass after the Steelers game and played the younger corners harris and ryan smith all year. What a $hitshow of an organization. #clownshoes #bucswillbethebucsuntiltheyarentanymore #suck.

  14. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    You stole enough money A-Hole

  15. johnnybuc Says:

    wow most pathetic sh*t i’ve ever heard dudes got built in excuses for every situation in life. any one who knows a lick about football knows he was terrible against the run and at times uninterested. all in all just a load of BS from a washed over payed player who was part of the problem in tampa

  16. BG Says:

    What’s the issue here? If they wanted him to play #1 CB they should have payed him like one.. this is the problem with journalism you post excerpts of what he actually said and paint a picture to these dumb commentators on here. They said he would play left corner not shadow.. they lied to him period.
    So what if they did? Or if they changed their defensive approach? That’s football. You’re either on the team or you’re not. Plenty of people have jobs and then get saddled with responsibilities that aren’t in their job descriptions. –Joe
    Just like anyone would be mad if you were hired for one job with specific duties only to be hired and given more duties/responsibilities without the pay. A lot of fans don’t know football y’all dont understand the zones and the responsibilities of certain positions on certain play calls.

  17. WVBucfan Says:

    Grimes was here how many years? Can you really say Licht screwed up by signing him to a 1 year deal…. JoeBuc was a site asking for Grimes to be … So there’s no confusion. Joe does not run the Buccaneers. Yes, Licht screwed up. And yes, Joe was happy Grimes was re-signed back in March. The two things are not connected. –Joe

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Just because you did it that way before? 2-0 and you don’t want to cover Pitt’s #1 WR because you feel disrespected. I’d be more worried about getting to 3-0, but I don’t make $7 mil per year.

  19. westernbuc Says:

    A lot of corners cover guys for a lot less. Our backfield was completely altered to comply with Grimes and his inability to play the line of scrimmage. Can’t wait for him and his trash wife to get out of town

  20. Ryan Says:

    I’ll be so happy when Doug Christie isn’t in Tampa next season.

  21. GMen Says:

    Those damn slave master NFL owners making him follow AB. He should sue.

  22. Clarence Says:

    Lmao imagine if any normal person tried this at their job.

  23. JesusHChrist Says:

    We need more guys that “Give it they all, no matter what.”
    Truer words were never spoken. Bye bye BG, thanks for ONE good year.

  24. Bobby M. Says:

    I’ve heard similar remarks from players and their families that live in my building….The Glazers are so cheap they wont even give the players family’s tickets for game days….the players have to pay for them. I can tell you that’s not the norm around the league and some insight of how they likely operate in all areas of the business. I keep telling folks the Glazer boys are about the bottom line first…winning is merely a selling point for keeping hope alive.

    People can have their opinions of Brent’s wife…I get that but ultimately Brent was a pro, very effective at this job, never a problem in the locker room. Good solid player and this how they and others get treated. He could be unloading on all the nonsense that existed with this team but he just focuses on his role. The Bucs will only be a destination for free agents if we pay the most and even when we do, we’ve seen what we get. The whole Culverhouse era was before my time, I don’t think we are near as bad as that, but the Glazer boys are cheap. If we hire a big splash coach, its going to be offset with unloading contracts elsewhere. I don’t know what their “net” number is, but they arent taking a cut in their lifestyle to produce a contender. Consider this, the Bucs are at an all time high in value and we’ve sucked for a decade….Why would they change their ways, its only making them wealthier.

  25. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This is just disgusting. Talk about the inmates running the asylum!!!! So we know DJAX and Grimes should have simply been released LONG ago.

    I suspect there are few other bad seeds who contributed to this dysfunction and I’m open for nominations for the worst teammate on the Bucs.

    When dudes are in their 30’s…have earned over 50 million dollars and are working on a current annual salary of 8 million…
    ANY griping over money just DISGUSTS ME.

    Yeah it’s America and you are “entitled” to earn every last penny you can. It’s America where we are free to observe and note greedy arseholes. They can be as greedy as they wish but they can then suffer the judgment of decent folks everywhere.

    8 million this year…50 over his career and yet he wants to whine over money and beotch about coaches? What a huge disappointment personally for me because I had thought more of Brent. DJAX was NO surprise in fact many of us suspected that problem when we signed him.

  26. SteveK Says:

    This is why we suck!

    So, Dirk’s downfall is that he wouldn’t fire his buddy. But, Jason Licht strikes out more than Adam Dunn and he still has a job? Jameis lied to the team and was suspended, and Jason picks up the 5th year option.

    I’m all for another year to see Jameis in a new system, but what about Licht’s FA choices have been inspiring? Truth be told; there could be a war room of JBFers, and we could collectively make better choices than our G.M. and his scouting team.

    I want a number one CB; a running game; and a consistent kicking game in year 6 for Licht.

    Less than 8 wins, and bye bye Licht.

    I can’t comprehend how he has a worse record than Dominick, and he didn’t get fired. It makes a Buc fan wonder had Freeman not gone mental, would Don have been retained?

  27. RyJo Says:

    This really clashes with my prior view of Grimes as the consummate professional. His take on the season makes him come across as a petty, insufferable prima donna. It sure seems like that the Bucs had a few too many toxic personalities on their roster this past year (D-Jax, now Grimes).

  28. Lamarcus Says:


    Just take it from me…… So far I was right about djx and damn right about Grimes. Both should of not been on this team. Period

  29. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Class act huh Joe? I wanted that clown gone after last season… f outta here!!

  30. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    So he’s going to go to another team and tell them pay me 14 million and I’ll shadow number one receivers? Ha. Grimes does realize he’s a small dude and his shadow doesn’t stretch ten yards right?

  31. Jameis Dahmer Says:

    What a pain in the rear. Good riddance. Bucs won’t be employing him next year.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    If it makes Grimes feel any better about his pay he didn’t play at all like a $13-14m dollar corner. He wasn’t awful, but he certainly wasn’t what I’d deem as being good – plus think of all that money he saved by not paying a state sales tax.

    Anywho he’s certainly done here, and based on the way he’s talking I really wonder who would want him when he’s talking about not wanting to cover guys who make more money than he does.

  33. Brett Says:

    He got paid 7-million and was asked to follow the number-1 receiver and he has a problem with that? Wow. My non-profit that helps the needy can’t afford for me to have decent health insurance.

  34. lokog Says:

    did he or his wife say anything about how brent was allergic to tackling or the times he would get trucked cuz of how much of a weakling he is when he had to man up and couldnt. mesean jacskon and this grimey were never buccaneers and never will be. well this is the past now we are still fans of this team so we will be there until we die. IS TY LAW REALLY BETTER THAN RONDE BARBER? I DONT THINK SO

  35. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Basically he’s openly admitting that he wouldn’t even be able to cover Brown on every play any way.

    Shouldn’t have been on the roster to begin with. But no. Licht was totally fine having his starting Corners be a 35 year old, Vernon Hargreaves, and Slow Poke Stewart.

    Why the hell is this man still our GM?

  36. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Licht better draft that QB from ohio state to repent for Winston

  37. Howard Cosell Says:

    Grimes was trying to say that the assignment to shadow Brown made unrealistic demands of him.

  38. Bucoholic Says:

    Bobby M. Says, Did you think about the words you wrote before you did it? Your actually defending a player that got paid $7 MILLION dollars to play cornerback in the NFL and when asked to do his job he said you didn’t pay him enough to do THAT job. So let me see if I get this right. You go to McDonald’s and ask the person in front of you taking orders for a number 1 with large fries and a drink and ask if the fries can be well done and when I was in the bathroom, I noticed you were out of paper towels. Does he look at you and say, I don’t get paid enough to restock the paper towels!? If he did, I would loss my Sh!@ just like I am now to hear someone actually try to justify not getting paid enough to do a job. How about this, do the job asked of you and IF you do it well enough to be asked to do it again this means you did a god job and you will get compensated at some point.

  39. Destinjohnny Says:

    This is why you have to draft well and develope.
    Jason is the worst gm in the league

  40. Howard Cosell Says:

    Bucs roster is always mostly trash so……Brent….you’re all we’ve got!
    Go gettem tiger!

  41. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Wow…. so another mark on jason licht w this clown, basically has sucked at drafting and has not signed any FAs and let 4 legit players walk out the door, what a shipstorm the bucs are and they need a complete reboot ASAP starting with firing licht

  42. Waterboy Says:

    He shouldn’t have taken the 7 million if he felt he was worth more. He should have hit free agency and let someone else pay him 13-15 mil. In fact try it this season and see what his value is. Grimes wanted no parts of Antonio Brown, lol.

  43. Buc believer Says:

    Shows how mentally weak Grimes really is! His wife very obviously wears the pants in his family! I wonder what Debilah (claims to be Grimes mommy) has to say.

  44. Howard Cosell Says:

    Guys….guys….I’ve been reading this same broken record for 10 years.
    Bucs fail because they lack any kind of leadership at the very top. Period. End of story

  45. BucLover727 Says:

    What a big child.

    No embarrassment or self awareness being an “I” guy in a team sport.


    Good riddance, Baby-Grimes.

    Attitude is everything!

  46. Howard Cosell Says:

    He’s right.
    And it sucks that he was our best option to cover a guy like Brown.
    It was a suicide mission

  47. IndyBucsFan Says:


    Joe how do you not pick up on this stuff after spending years with grimes?

  48. Nano Says:

    This is the same guy who was benched for using his cell
    He couldn’t cover me this year
    Father Time is undefeated
    Joe there is no excuse for him to blame coaches
    I call bull
    You’re a professional do your job
    He just physically couldn’t keep up
    Thank the Bucs for 7 million for nothing

  49. Howard Cosell Says:

    Nano Says:
    January 3rd, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    He just physically couldn’t keep up

    Exactly…and he was our best….our BEST….cornerback on the roster

    It all goes back to the leadership vacuum at owner

  50. Whatinthebuchappend Says:

    Wow just wow ! What a trash way for a number 1 corner on a team that signed his contract to think ! Dude are you effing kidding me ? The faster our team can lose bums like you and get more jpp’s the better ! I hope your trash wife burns up your money quick like & your broke in no time.that way the money you robbed from our team for the chit show you put out there you can not truly enjoy it ! Good riddance to you , I never liked you as the fan that I am & I hope we never have to hear or see you again ! You will be nothing more than a forgotten bum player we once had !!!!??

  51. lambchop Says:

    Lost all respect for Brent. Good riddance for a lil bi!ch boy who doesn’t understand that defensive schemes change and to help your team the best you can. Nobody forced you to sign the contract.

    We need a huge culture change. One thing is obvious, the coaches from top to bottom didn’t have a control over their ship and that’s never a good thing. Today’s players seem so entitled. Play for the name on your back if you have a pair.

    I miss Schiano’s style and now wish Brian Kelly gets the job to get the b!tch out of these players.

  52. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Believe it or not, POS Grimes would still be our #1 corner if he came back next year….

    But the Gump Sheep scream we are loaded with talent!

    The crap secondary that Gump drafted last year are all backup!


    Kobe Faker

    “Derwin James wouldnt look good in our secondary”

    Lord C

  53. Brad Says:

    What a F’n baby!! And here we thought That’s mcCoy was the baby of the team. No wonder JPP said what he did.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    I want to hear the podcast before I trust Joe’s narrative..

  55. Richard Says:

    I want to hear iheartmiko’s podcast first before I trust Joe’s narrative!

  56. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    If you’re listed as the teams number one cornerback on the depth chart, then you should expect to be covering the opponents best wide receiver every single week. Especially when this roster is full of young and inexperienced defensive backs. It doesn’t matter what you’re getting paid. As a competitor, you should always want to go up against the best of the best.

    As for his relationship with Jon Hoke, I fully understand why Hoke would be upset with Grimes’ run support. There’s times when Brent simply bails on stopping the run, or conveniently decides to slip onto the ground.

  57. catcard202 Says:

    Grimes pretty much confirms 2 things…1) The Bucs need another CB for 2019 & 2) Koetter/Smith’s DEF staff is/was just as clueless as we have imagined!

    Grimes isn’t the 1st player to speak poorly of Bucs DEF philosophies not aligning with sound football teachings, nor is he the 1st player to confirm that coaches have refused player feedback on more than a few occasions.

    JMO, but any coach worth his salt understands that when an experienced player is offering situational feedback & believe there are doing so with open lines of communication…It’s a player taking ownership of their role – not being disrespectful of the coaches…Conversely, to not offer open lines of communication only makes the players feel like square pegs getting hammered into round holes…Then they ply like it. (Which is exactly what this Bucs DEF looked like this season.)

  58. Carrollwood Bucs Fan Says:

    $15 million Corners shut down the opposing teams #1 WR. $7 million Corners shadow. There is a difference.

  59. WillieG Says:

    This is an example of why I don’t have the same degree of respect for McCoy and David that I did for Sapp and Brooks. Can you imagine any cornerback on their defense acting like that? Hell no!

  60. Old School Athlete Says:

    When I read about these prima donna snowflakes, I think about the coaches I had back in the day. They would have eaten these guys alive. These self-serving children could never handle the discipline. They would have gone running home to their mommas, grape sodas and video games. If the coach told us to do something, we did it. I love football and I am a Bucs fan, but man, this is frustrating. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but the more I hear about the state of our organization, depression is creeping in.

  61. mickman Says:

    Are they for real? you can pay be 7 million and you want me to do a specific job ? let’s see highest paid dback on the team should cover the highest paid Wr if needed! i hope no one wants him next year. i would have benched him. I wonder if players on the pats use their cellphones at halftime…Not! Need to stay off the phone for 3 hours and can’t! they all should be cut!

  62. Ndog Says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow this team had some real selfish aholes. Between him and Djax I’m surprised we won one game. And people want to criticize the likes of Jameis, Barber, Evans, Godwin, LVD. Dirk Koetter is so weak and more comes out daily how truly useless he was as a coach. But anyone with eyes knew this before he was fired. This coaching job looks better every day.

  63. Deborah Hall Says:

    Buc believer you obviously don’t know my son (yes I am Brent’s mommy). Brent is his own man and believe me when I say he does what he wants to do and not even his wife can make him do something he doesn’t want to. Now to all the So-called Buc fans, Brent is not there so find someone else to talk about. To not like someone the people on here sure keep his name in their comments. I don’t play FB, but I can sure tell you some things that you would have a field day on here talking about. Our time is over, let it go unless you don’t have a life. BYE

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Congratulations, Jason Licht. You screwed up on another free agent.”

    Thank you Joe for calling it like it is. JPP’s interview comments (not everyone being on the same page) starts to make more sense. Grimes’ whining (about $7 mil not being enough to cover top WRs) probably had a very negative impact on our young corners I’m guessing. Someone should’ve told him last year that he didn’t have to sign the contract.

  65. Iron Wombat Says:

    Grimes probably should never have been plan A for our corner situation but is anyone shocked that the coaching staff had some strange ideas that flew counter to what veteran players had been taught elsewhere? Remember that D was on pace for half the season to be the worst defense in the history of the league.

  66. Ndog Says:

    This is what they need to fix, this crap never wins.

  67. tnew Says:

    Reading this, its amazing the Bucs won 5 this season. If he could’ve made a dollar more somewhere else, he would’ve. This kind of attitude from the leaders is why I wasn’t down with Koetter. Players coaches just don’t work here. Don’t want to cover the number 1 receiver, thats ok. Don’t want to return punts or run out your routes, no problem. Maybe the Bucs need Sapp to be the quality control coach. He at least wouldn’t put up with this.

    My big #1 issue with this is why was this guy retained??

    We always complain about the lack of halftime adjustments… That was clearly time to be on the cell phone. My bad.

  68. Neo Says:

    What the actual f***!! this piece of SH**! felt he wasn’t paid to cover number 1 receivers? Are you kidding me? WOW!! If the rest of us could only tell our employers, screw you….I am not doing all that extra work. You don’t pay me enough for that. Come on, this is BS!!!!

  69. jay adams Says:

    His play has certainly dropped off this year. Was it all mental, physical or both? Who knows but we need help at DB.

  70. Deborah Hall Says:

    One more thing, try asking all the players how they really feel, most won’t even respond or tell you how they feel. And to lambchop, Brent could care less about you losing respect and call him a lil b!tch to his face, move on.

  71. SteveK Says:

    Deborah Hall,

    Thanks for keeping it real AF and putting the truth out there.

    I was fortunate enough to watch Brent and John Kuhn (Shippensburg U.) crush my Shepherd University (Howard Jones) Rams.

    Your son’s athletic ability, specifically those hops are off the charts. I am sorry we didn’t win more games during Brent’s time here.

    It’s not Grimes’ fault VHIII (11th overall pick) didn’t develop as an outside CB over the past couple of years.

  72. The Coroner Says:

    Yep. All about him.
    That type of attitude kills teams.

  73. Elita Vita Says:

    So if the coach asks you to cover the number one receiver, you react by either refusing to play or worse yet, play but not well? Desean Jackson doesn’t think he’ll bother returning punts today? Something wrong it seems with the culture at One Buc Place. Coaches are your bosses, they need to be in command and earn the respect of their players. I commend Koetter and his efforts but we need a coach that commands that kind of positive respect.

  74. Nprbuc Says:

    I need more money if they want me to cover the good players. I don’t like my coach because he wants me to play the run differently. I am a prima donna and the team should kneel in my presence or give me more money. What an asshat! A real corner would love to be matched up against the best receiver. That’s why you play. To be the best and prove it. Dollar signs follow that kind of player. He doesn’t have to go looking for it. What the hell kind of attitude is that for a “ professional” player? You do what your team asks of you. No different than any other job in that respect. You do what you asked to do for the benefit of the team/job. Remember Jackson can return punts anytime he wants to”. Inmates were running the asylum. Good bye Brent. Not going to miss ya.

  75. BeeBucs Says:

    If it was a slap in the face… then why did you sign the damn DEAL!!! Oh, I know why cause we were the only team willing to pay him the 7mil… PERIOD!!! I’m glad he is done cause he is WASHED!

  76. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I get it why fans would be upset, but I also totally get it from Grimes perspective. I have known several professional athletes, so I think I have a better understanding of how it is a business.

    If you are a paid to be a fry cook but asked to do the job of the manager, you would have a problem with that. Just because they make millions it’s no different. They are paid millions because they make billions for their organizations. Him being upset doesn’t bother me one bit, even though you’d like to hope his competitiveness would win out and he would just do it.

  77. BushidoEvans Says:

    Wow…wow. I thought Brent was more of a pro than that. That’s crazy.

  78. Denny Says:

    He and his wife have a podcast that the people listen to – their agent, and each one’s parents. Come on. These Jack a##’s need to get a grip. Grimes was a waste of a roster spot all season long. I’d rather see a rookie stumb around than this fool shy away from takes and “find” away to get get blocked.

  79. Not there yet Says:

    Joes get to say Licht screwed up but they along with a bunch of their followers talking about how grimes was a priority signing to a one year deal while a few of us sensible people were saying he was washed up and finished. I think Licht is kind weak minded as a gm and just as delusional as Koetter was and that is a bad mix if the new coach falls for it

  80. Dapostman Says:

    When you sign Brent Grimes you also sign Miko. Let that be a lesson to the next wave of FA’s. Some will have baggage.

  81. gotbbucs Says:

    Licht’s job is to sign the players that the coaching staff want for their team. I have no doubt that Mike Smith wanted Grimes back for another year and Licht paid fair market value for a player at that position at that age.
    The fact that Grimes didn’t have enough pride to go out and compete is on him.
    I’m struggling to understand how this particular situation is on the GM and not the coaching staff? Everybody and their dog could see that Grimes was a liability out there, so dont put him out there. The team played better without him, all of us could see that, how could the coaches not?

  82. I Believe in Jameis Says:

    Him & DJax – boy that must’ve been a great locker room to be around. Another egotistical pain in the ass crybaby. Very glad they will both be former Bucs next season.

  83. gotbbucs Says:

    Did Grimes think they were giving him $7 million a year to run scout team defense during the week and wear a baseball cap on game day? He played this year like a washed up old player, which he is. He played like a $3.5 million a year corner, he can go right ahead and give half his game checks back.

  84. jerseybuc Says:

    I feel disrespected as a 40 year Buc fan who has to listen to this nonsense.

  85. Bob in Valrico Says:

    since it took grimes till the sixth game to get a pass defense,I’d say his vibe was effed before during and after the Chicago.

  86. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Grimes said the Bucs wanted him to shadow all No. 1 receivers and he felt it was a slap in the face because they weren’t paying him for that.”

    Wow. Brent is a good guy, but he is the one who signed the contract. At the time he signed it, did he think he would not play his regular spot?

    I think this is more Miko whispering in his ear.

  87. BucLover727 Says:

    Great comments lol.

    One more, maybe the simplest: Competitor’s want to be and play the best.

    It’s evident that Grimes love of the game is long gone.

  88. BucLover727 Says:

    Attitude should be a major focus of this team.

  89. Bosch Says:

    WOW! I never would have guessed Grimes was such a self centered cancer. Well he might as well retire now because no one will touch him. What a shame for him he let his mouth ruin his legacy.

  90. lambchop Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc,

    This is real life. Happens in every job where you’re a good to great employee. No one expects anything from the employees just dragging their feet. It’s unfair but it’s life. The difference is, when you’re a professional athlete, you gotta play for yourself and your teammates before even thinking about the owners or gm or coaches. Play with some pride and get you some real money in the offseason. Playin like crap the whole season isn’t going to help his cause. He actually made an effort in the last game. Selfish.

  91. firethecannons Says:

    No ifs ands or buts, he signed to play-he did not show up in games. He signed for 7 million-his fking fault. Go away brent grimes–yeah buddy–I do not put your name in capital as you are a nobody–bout as good as Ryan Smith.

  92. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If you actually listen to the podcast, Grimes is actually complaining about the same thing the majority of you complained about all year. But when he says it, you have a problem? The coaching staff was trash. There was so much stuff going on behind the scenes that made this team a joke, but you expect the players to just deal with it. If you are at your job and some BS is happening all around you, are you going to be happy? Are you going to give 100%? If you say yes, you’re a liar, because human nature wouldn’t allow it. Be mad at Brent all you want, but the disfunction of this organization is the reason for the 5-11 record – not Grimes, D-Jax, McCoy, or any other player you want to blame it on #FACTS.

  93. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit: Chicago Game. He missed the first two games but grimes or miko are foolingt hemself if he thinks the phone was the only reason he was benched. I thought he was injured but his play was so bad. When he wasn’t falling down he was usually trailing the play, not shadowing.

  94. Ed Says:

    Bad blood out there from these ex-Bucs.

  95. Chris stryk Says:

    As I can recall Andrew Adams had 3 interceptions in one game he makes way less then you Brent Grimes quit crying grow up

  96. Ndog Says:

    The only question that needs to be asked is why did the coaches still allow him to be on the field. Straight trash coaching staff.

  97. BucLover727 Says:

    Hawaiian, Grimes didn’t have the competitiveness and he did not have the care for his teammates.

    Grimes signed the best market deal, period. There was not bigger $ available for him. He agreed to a deal paying him millions.

    The difference between winning and losing in terms of job security is huge, especially for less established players. Grimes actions may end careers.

    It’s overtly careless and selfish, and shouldn’t be coddled in a team game. Supporting this behavior is the antithesis of team sport, they can’t exist together. Lol

  98. BucLover727 Says:

    Sorry teammates, I’d help but my pockets’ too light bc the *best market deal I was offered and signed* has my pockets too light to care about losing and the implications it brings for all of you.
    I’m already paid and don’t really need it, so I’m good! 💩

  99. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Clearly you didn’t listen to the podcast. He had teams offering him the same or more money – playoff teams. He also had teams trying to trade for him during the season. It’s very frustrating for veteran players to make suggestions to the coaching staff and have the staff not listen, and then continue to put them in situations where they can’t win. That would get old real quick, and Grimes is far from the only player to make that accusation. That tells me there is a lot of truth to what they are saying, and a huge reason why the staff got fired.

  100. Bradley Clement Says:

    This guy is a grimey asshole. How about GOOD CBS in their 20s get paid 15 mil to shadow people.
    Maybe if he plays that one last year he won’t make the playoffs because he’s also a cancer in a locker room obviously.
    Fire licht already. What a disaster

  101. Jean Lafitte Says:

    That should be breach of contract. Shame on Grimes …geesh

    Leave Licht alone and let him find us a coach.

  102. WeAreLost Says:

    Wow what a di*k

  103. WeAreLost Says:

    @BG really fing really?

  104. Dave Says:

    Does he honestly think this whining makes him look good?

  105. FireMikeSmith_orDie Says:

    Who is the amateur that signed this guy? What do you call your vetting process, “nonexistent”?

  106. Jerry Jones Says:

    “The Grimes That Stole Christmas”

  107. Defense Rules Says:

    @gotbbucs … “Licht’s job is to sign the players that the coaching staff want for their team. The fact that Grimes didn’t have enough pride to go out and compete is on him. I’m struggling to understand how this particular situation is on the GM and not the coaching staff? ”

    Half of me agrees with you gotbbucs; the other half can’t. It’s a question of ‘Who runs the farm?’ SOMEONE has to see the BIG PICTURE when you’re TEAM-BUILDING and compiling a roster. Is that the owners? The GM? The HC? To me, the answer is ‘YES’ to all three.

    If SOMEONE had stood up to Lovie when he castrated this roster then stocked it with players like Collins & Johnson we would’ve been much, much better off as a TEAM. Instead, Lapdog dutifully went along … and we paid the price. Quality GMs aren’t RUBBER STAMPS for coaches. They’re VISIONARIES and TEAM-BUILDERS in their own right.

    Reality is that Lapdog should’ve known BEFORE the 2018 season started that Brent Grimes was through & that he needed to sign a younger starting replacement to start at outside CB because WE NEEDED AT LEAST ONE EXPERIENCED CB in the SECONDARY. Instead Licht passed on CB after CB who could’ve helped us, not just in 2018 but for years beyond that.

    So yes gotbbucs … Licht ‘screwed up on another free agent’ just like Joe wrote. The real CAUSE of our problems is still employed here. This guy doesn’t know how to build a TEAM.

  108. Mord Says:

    Stupid deficit mentality.

    Once you agreed to play the #1 CB role for $7M, you play that role, regardless of what anyone else is getting paid.

    This is such a multi-level mess

  109. BucEmUp Says:

    So Jason licht is supposed to know that Brent Grimes would.turn into a cry baby who wants more money to shadow recievers? Wow didnt know gms were supposed to be mind readers, leanrned something new today

  110. “That guy” Says:

    So your complaining about playing a sport, because they are only paying you 7m? Get over yourself dude.

  111. Razor Ramone Says:

    A pair of jerks.

  112. John B Says:

    Bye Felicia’s!

  113. Bobby M. Says:

    @Bucoholic…..I rarely respond but here you go. Your analogy and general response is terrible on several levels. First…did you read the article? Grimes is complaining he was ASKED to play a different role, there’s no mention that he refused to do so. A McDonalds employee in no way matches up to the dynamics of an NFL career….but in this case if a McDonalds employee was hired to make fries and burgers for $9 per hour….and then forced to run the drive thru every work day, a position that generally pays lets say $11, that employee would be disgruntled to. That’s the scenario in play with Grimes….He negotiated his pay with understanding of a consistent role he’s played throughout his career….If they wanted a #1 cover guy, then he should have been compensated like one.

    Second….my point is based on how the organization treats its players, their reputation is terrible. They play games with peoples careers…..Its sleezy to sell a guy on being one role to low ball him, then suddenly switching his role. They’ve been doing this for a decade. I know this to be a fact because I’ve worked as an advisor for NFL and Bucs players….I’ve worked with their agents….Their PR teams. I even live next to a few of the prominent players on offense and talk weekly with them. I get people look at players and say they should be grateful, they make millions, etc….But in their world there’s a level of expectations that far exceeds scenarios like ordering form McDonalds.

  114. Hodad Says:

    Some players will run through a wall for their team. Grimes will line up 15 yards from it!

  115. Patrick in VA Says:

    Honestly, I don’t fault him at all. I know that everyone on here is a bigger fan of the team than they are the players so they feel like the players should have the same passion, but I can understand his gripe. If you’re a stock person at a walmart and they want you to start doing management functions but don’t want to pay you accordingly there isn’t one person that’s thumping their chest in here that wouldn’t be upset about that. They knew how they were going to play him but they insisted on paying him at a rate that wasn’t commensurate with that. It’s a legitimate complaint.

  116. Fire Light Says:

    Another feather in the hat for the Fireee Licht Crew! Fireee Licht!

  117. Tampamotormouth Says:

    So why wasn’t Licht fired again?

  118. Jason Says:

    Will somebody please show this clown the door? And push his skanky wife out with him. Good riddance.

  119. Bucbeard Says:

    That’s really sad. I thought Grimes was a solid guy. I hope our next coach isn’t a push over.

  120. tbbucs3 Says:

    Sorry this is no excuse Grimes…..

    How bout let’s grow up and act like a pro

    What fd up your whole year is that your washed

    And Brent Grimes doesn’t know 2 things about stopping the run, he just wants to get hit less.


  121. tbbucs3 Says:

    And who does this fall back on???

    Jason Licht.

    Just terrible

  122. Buc1987 Says:

    Jason Licht is still horrible.

    I hope Grimes blows through all his millions, winds up penniless, and Miko leaves him for another man with money….

  123. Anthony Dickson Says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Grimes, if I remember correctly his contract was for a base of $7 million with another $3 million in incentives, I can’t speak to the issues he had with coaches since I wasn’t there but to imply he wasn’t paid his worth and to imply his pay dictated the level of his play is just plain wrong. He was after all a free agent last year and the Bucs did let him test the market, so why did he choose to sign with the Bucs and not another team for more money, because there wasn’t a more lucrative offer, that’s why! He “chose” to re-sign with the Bucs. My Grandmother used to say “you made your own bed, now sleep in it”.

  124. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Grimes didn’t just want a: #PaidFloridaVacation, he wanted a: #PAIDFloridaVacation

  125. Buccfan37 Says:

    My disgust plate is full after reading the comments. Good luck Grimes family.

  126. Bucsfan951 Says:

    When he signed with the dolphins, he was making an average of 8 million per year. When he signed with the Bucs the first time, he was averaging 6.75 million per year. He signs a 1 year contract with the Bucs for 7 million and doesn’t want to shadow the oppositions #1 receiver… am I missing something? So what do the Bucs get for 7 million? Are they allowed to do a corner blitz with grimes for that 7 million? If there’s an int, is he not gonna block because it’s not included in that 7 million?

    This team has a ton of prima donna boys on this team. Now we know what JPP was talking about in the locker room at the end of the season. I hope more of these stories come out so these types of players are exposed. I’m sure Donovan Smith is one of these characters as well. Time to eradicate these little boys!

  127. lambchop Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc,

    This wasn’t Grimes’s first year under Mike Smith and John Hoke. You’re telling me he didn’t know this was how it was going to be? The difference is, Grimes did this at the end of his career. We’re not talking about employees in the start or prime of their careers being unhappy with work. You can change jobs if yu really hate it that much. Honestly, are you going to take Brent Grimes word that there was such a huge market for him last off season? He would have taken the highest bidder or settled for less with a contender. He can say whatever he wants, but there was not a HUGE demand for his services. I’m not saying that how Hoke handled the situation was fun or pleasant, but if you’re a lesser player or younger, this is a sure way to get a one-way ticket out of town. He could have at least played with some pride for himself. Instead we all thought he just sucked, which I do think is what happened to some extent. But, his last game proved he had more left than what he let on the whole season. The guy is a d-bag.

    The defense, particularly the secondary, was decimated with injuries and he chose not to step up and take on a more veteran leadership role. Great work ethic.

  128. lambchop Says:

    There is plenty of game day footage where you see clear as day how Grimes was playing more like Deion and avoiding tackles.

  129. lambchop Says:

    Ronde Barber played on some real sh!t teams, especially at the beginning and tail end of his Bucs career. He didn’t half-ash the effort. That’s the difference between a HOFer and a diva.

    I actually have more respect for D-Jax because he wanted to contribute more with the long ball – the reason we went out and got him. We didn’t sign him to play the slot or return punts.

  130. Jonzey Says:

    Grimes suck he didn’t want to guard Brown because he couldn’t. Grime is sorry as hell his wife has more heart then him. I loss so much respect for his sorry ass.

  131. Montego Says:

    Hahahahaha… This guy is as nuts as his wife:) Disrespected because they asked him to cover teams # 1 receiver?! Ahhhhhhhh, wouldn’t it be a SIGN of respect for a team to think you are the best guy to cover a team’s best receiver… Oh wait, in today’s NFL, with these babies, the only thing that says respect is what you are getting paid… Moron, your bus is leaving…

  132. Dlavid Says:

    Obviously this team is in shambles ! Hey Brent , don’t take the money pal if you can’t follow instructions . Now that you are retired you can find out what your really are worth ! Damned Primadona players ! Just another indictment on Koetter and Licht !

  133. diggler Says:

    lambchop Says:
    January 4th, 2019 at 11:20 am
    There is plenty of game day footage where you see clear as day how Grimes was playing more like Deion and avoiding tackles.

    ^^^True. He was in the head of the DC too. You could see the other corner playing man and Grimes is 8 yards off, Brown dehumanized him hahaha You could bet on teams running underneath routes his way on 3rd downs cause you’ll have space on his side, if you make him miss (pretty easy) you’re heading to the house or getting an easy first down. When the rooks were in you had better results. Shows you how unyielding Mike Smith was, he played Davis off like Grimes. We all know Davis is a man player. Shows you how unyielding Smith was to the players. I can understand Grimes issue but you have to do what’s best for the team, the organization and not yourself or pride.

  134. Pete Says:

    I’d rather have a team member try and fail than refuse to try.
    I feel worse about blaming the coordinator now that I realize players were refusing to execute his plans!

  135. jmarkbuc Says:

    “They knew how they were going to play him but they insisted on paying him at a rate that wasn’t commensurate with that. It’s a legitimate complaint”

    He was a 35 year old washed up FA that NOBODY tried to sign..Lucky to get an offer from the Bucs.

    Legitimate complaint my A$$… Millions of dollars to play a game and you will only do certain things because of your salary? A windfall salary that you don’t really deserve. Complete BS. No true professional athlete would perform that way… and then admit to it.

    Pay an UDFA, who loves football 250K and he would do whatever you ask him, but old man Brent pulls this sh!t?

    Pro sports won’t exist, if this trend goes on.

  136. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I see a certain irony in this specifics of the story.

    One prima donna does not wish to cover another prima donna.

    I just read an article today that claimed Antonio Brown lasted until sixth round not because of his small school or less than spectacular measurables but that the word on Brown’s personality had reached the NFL. Most teams were afraid to gamble and have what happened this year with the Steelers because of Browns rep.

    Is there anyway the Bucs could actually do some due diligence on players off the field as well as on. I’m well aware that all NFL teams investigate…I just wonder why the Bucs keep failing.

    It’s like their docs…why do we seem to sign more than our share of injured FA’s.

  137. NewTampaChris Says:

    If NFL fans were looking for a reason to become NHL fans, I give you Antonio Brown and Brent Grimes. When I listen to the humility of NHL players, then I hear these two clowns, it sickens me.

  138. Mike Says:

    Sure were wanting licht to sign him earlier this year. You guys are such a joke. Start signing your names to this kind of dribble so they can be held accountable

  139. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    F’d up your year? Really, Brent? Fricking loser.

    Now it is clear why Miko wears the pants in the Grimes household. Brent comes across as a total and complete little b**ch, with his whining and crying about how he was disrespected. Why the hell did you sign the fricking deal than, Brent? Nobody put a gun to your head. What, you just wanted some easy money, right? Joke.

  140. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Bosch Says:
    “WOW! I never would have guessed Grimes was such a self centered cancer. Well he might as well retire now because no one will touch him.”


    VERY well said, Bosch. Ditto.

  141. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Bobby M. Says:
    “Grimes is complaining he was ASKED to play a different role, there’s no mention that he refused to do so.”


    All due respect, Bobby, but we all WATCHED him quit this year. Now we know why. He is a whining little loser who has lost all respect.

  142. Crockett69 Says:

    It’s always someone elses fault isn’t it Mr. & Mrs. Grimes. For once take accountability and earn your salary. It doesn’t matter if the coaches wanted you to play footsies with the other teams #1 receiver.

  143. old time buc Says:

    Carrollwood Bucs fan: You are right in your statement about the money, but if you paid Grimes 15 you still get the 7 performance. We need better players not more overpaid ones.

  144. KyBucsFan Says:

    Wow!!! Completely opposite of what i thought of Grimes!!! So disappointed to hear this! I played football and it was about a brotherhood… A group of guys with the same goal in mind… Guys that would go to battle with you on and off the field… Should be ashamed to say he was a pro cause i pro doesn’t act like that, especially when younger impressionable players are trying to leave from the vets how you must conduct yourself in the NFL verses the college ranks… SMDH!!!