Your Full 2019 Buccaneers Coaching Staff

January 16th, 2019

No Koetter holdovers

Hey, you never know if Bucco Bruce Arians will text Team Glazer and say he needs another coach on the payroll, which seems likely considering the size of his staff.

But late this afternoon the Bucs put out an official release naming the 2019 Tampa Bay coaching team.

Of course, Byron Leftwich is offensive coordinator and Todd Bowles will command the defense, with Keith Armstrong as special teams coordinator. Harold Goodwin owns the title of assistant head coach/run game coordinator.

This is who will work under them:

Chris Boniol                 Kicking specialists
Mike Caldwell              Inside Linebackers
Clyde Christensen      Quarterbacks
Rick Christophel          Tight Ends
Larry Foote                  Outside Linebackers
Kevin Garver              Wide Receivers
Joe Gilbert                  Offensive Line
Todd McNair               Running Backs
Nick Rapone               Safeties
Kacy Rodgers             Defensive Line
Kevin Ross                  Cornerbacks
Antwaan Randle El     Offensive Assistant
Cody Grimm               Defensive/Special Teams Assistant
Amos Jones                Assistant Special Teams
John Van Dam            Offensive Quality Control
Tim Atkins                   Defensive Quality Control
Mike Chiurco               Assistant to the Head Coach

That makes a clean sweep. No Dirk Koetter holdovers to be found.

62 Responses to “Your Full 2019 Buccaneers Coaching Staff”

  1. Taylor Says:


  2. King C Says:

    Good luck to T. Monken and and B. Buckner. Maybe we’ll see you again in Tampa someday

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Two different inside and outside LB coaches? Does that seem like of a 3-4 defense?

  4. cmurda Says:

    LMAO @ Antonio Brown’s response to BA. That has to be the dumbest comeback I have ever read. I wish the 49ers or whatever team is dumb enough to trade for AB the best of luck. Let’s see how long it is before he quits on that team.

  5. cmurda Says:

    Back on topic here. The best news of our new coaching staff is that we have new special teams coaches and George Warhop is not on the staff.

  6. TexBuc Says:

    Yup SOEbuc it sure does seem that way.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t see the single most important coach here, the one that always dooms the softy Bucs: Strength & Conditioning
    Maybe a Yoga coach might help as well. JS

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Where are all the rest of them?

  9. kyle Says:

    love the large staff! its about time that we have a proper organization here. anyone bitching and counting the glasers pockets because of the size of the staff can stfu. BA is building a franchise. Tony built it, and its been destroyed by a bunch of yayhoos. very proud of the glasers for the hie…go bucs

  10. Dave Pear Says:

    The way it’s going, the players are going to have their own personal coach.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Unbelievable. You people act like a large coaching staff is a solution to our problems. It isn’t the first time we’ve had a lot of coaches. Didn’t work before.

    Here’s the issue I have so far with Arians. Out of the gate, the first thing he mentioned was wanting to keep Desean Jackson. That’s an instant mistake.

    I have to wonder if Jason Licht even has any authority any longer. If he cannot keep Arians from keeping Jackson, then we know he doesn’t. That means if Arians fails, Licht cannot be held accountable for it.

    I’m not down on Arians. I’m just not going to wear blinders.

  12. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Looks like a solid staff to me…Licht may not want to be rid of D-Jax…he signed him to the lucrative deal. Arians keeping all options open…most players not named Antonio Brown love Arians. It’s always those receivers with the petty dustups…

  13. EA Says:

    John Claude Van Dam the O line quality control coach sounds familiar.

  14. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    EA….100% Im with you, this team is going to throat punch teams and pull their hearts out…..15 yd personal foul penalties no fly zone this is awesome

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    “IF Desean Jackson stays, Kobe Faker goes”

    Kobe Faker

  16. Dave Pear Says:

    Kobe Faker Says:
    January 16th, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    “IF Desean Jackson stays, Kobe Faker goes”

    Kobe Faker
    Nobody believes you anymore.

  17. 911bucs Says:

    How about the strength and conditioning personnel? Seems this team is littered with injuries all the time.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Knowing that Clyde Christensen was so awful he got Dungy fired, it makes me cringe when seeing that name – it would be like seeing Mike Shula’s name again…

    But at least it’s just a QB coach, and not an OC job. In any case strange that Buckner was let go considering he was an Arizona guy and seemed to do a good job last year, but oh well.

  19. AleteredEgo Says:

    LOL….post game film study….”but so and so coach told me to do it that way”…or too many cooks spoil the stew

  20. AleteredEgo Says:

    Munch…Clyde didn’t get Dungy fired…Clyde was Dungy’s Mike Smith

  21. EARL BEDFORD Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai: Desean Jackson is still under contract for one more year. Arians wants to see what was the problem with the previous coaching staff and gauge his interest to play in his system. If Jackson still wants out you either try to trade him (with a $10 million price tag) or release him (which Jackson may not want) because if he hits the open market, he’ll be hard press to get that type of money at his age and penchant for locker room upheaval! Hard to see Arians letting him go for nothing. Don’t be surprised if he’s on the team come training camp!

  22. stpetebucsfan Says:

    As an aside…the pic of BA made me do it!

    I am now the coolest dude on the blog. Yesterday went to purchase some shoes at the big warehouse I shop and lo and behold on the wall…a peg board with Kangol hats.

    Had to have one and my wife thinks mine looks good!!!

    When I was young…a LONG time ago nobody I knew would ever wear one. We called them “cat hats”…meaning cool cat…we expected them on jazz musicians and other “cool” dudes we never wore them. Now that I look back though the crowd I ran with was far from cool. LOL

    Now I’m the coolest dude on the blog!

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    I might be the only one that wants to give Leidtke a shot at LT instead of getting Jonah. We run a 3-4, Devin white might have just moved up to my #5 spot.

  24. jmarkbuc Says:

    Who is ST coordinator?

  25. tmaxcon Says:


    You wont wear blinders lol… really…

    So you assume, rewrite history and are 100% blind to the failures of dungy the clown yet BA doesn’t get same free pass. Is it because he is evil old white guy or maybe he doesn’t go to the same cult ooops, i mean church you do. Seems hypocritical doesn’t?? clearly you have blinders on when attempting justifying dungy the clowns miserable 2 playoff wins as sucess. I’m an unquestioned A-HOLE and never wrong but very consistent. you sir are delusional and a hypocrite.

  26. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    You typed your name too fast again. (AleteredEgo)

    Just playin, brother. GoBucs.

  27. AleteredEgo Says:

    jmarkbuc Says:
    January 16th, 2019 at 7:03 pm
    Who is ST coordinator?
    you’ll have to asked one of the 2 assistant special team coaches

  28. DBS Says:

    Nobody listens to anymore of your lies Kobe liar.

  29. Joeypoppems Says:

    lmao “Kicking Specialist”. We sure as hell need it but damn that’s funny

  30. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I was hoping that Brent Grimes would have a seamless transition from player to the “Do Whatever The Coach Asks Of You” Coach. He’s not on the list, though.

  31. cmurda Says:

    Bonzai, I’m chalking up BA talking up D Jax strictly to build value so hopefully we get something for him. I severely doubt D Jax is on the Bucs in 2019

  32. SOEbuc Says:

    Outside= LVD and Kwon. Inside= D. White and Beckwith. That’s a f#cking GIGANTIC leap in the defense.

  33. Bird Says:

    Thank god we signed jean Claude van dam

    He will knock some slackers into shape.
    Take a play off. And get ready for a roundhouse kick to the head

  34. Bird Says:

    Soe buc

    That would be pretty filthy.

    I just wish I knew if Beckwith and Kwon are gonna be healthy /some version of their former selves. . Pretty bad injuries and you just never know. Cause if you are a speed ball player like Kwon going at 110 mph with your hair on fire and you loose your speed /burst … what are you?

  35. Bird Says:

    Look at actual article

    Keith Armstrong is special teams coordinator

  36. down in the dirt Doug Says:

    WE HIRED”THE MAN”TO COACH AND MAKE BIG TIME CHOICES AS TO WHO STAYS AND WHO GOES.Let’s not second guess his every motive and football move.IN BA WE TRUST ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  37. YucsFan Says:

    It’s a shame the coaching staff doesn’t include the GM or the owners ? This upcoming offseason will show us a lot, but the only players I would call untouchable are OJ, Beckwith, Godwin, and Evans. ( if someone offered a 1st rounder I would think about it because he’s been solid, but always comes off the field after making a catch ) Sadly though we have Jason Licht as the draft analysts and that guy sucks and still don’t understand how he has a job with this team, but I hope BA overseas and overrides any decision the guy who drafted a PK in the second. We are stacked at WR and if this organization would have just been honest and not fed us this playoff crap we would already have a 3rd rounder for DJax, but not so much. Until the Glazers sell this team we will be bottom feeders again and again, but BA will realize the mess he got into and fake an illness !!! I don’t trust JAMISS to lead a franchise and wouldn’t it be great if Vinik or a passionate owner who not only cares about the product on the field, but the fans as well. Wow get chills just thinking about !!!!

  38. Arian Nation Says:

    No hair stylist?

    Fashion coordinator?

  39. K2 Says:

    We need a bigger bus and a bigger jet. When are they going to expand ONE BUC PALACE!

  40. K2 Says:

    Where is the FAN COACH?

  41. Nate Says:

    No stylist or fashion coordinator in this regime or ping pong championships in the background during interviews

  42. macabee Says:


    Head Coach – Bruce Arians
    Asst. Coach and run game coordinator – Harold Goodwin
    Asst. to the Head Coach – Mike Chiurco


    Offensive Coordinator/Passing game coordinator – Byron Leftwich
    Offensive Assistant – Atwaan Randle EL
    Wide Receivers Coach – Kevin Garver
    Quarterbacks – Clyde Christensen
    Offensive Line – Joe Gilbert
    Running Backs – Todd McNair
    Tight Ends – Rick Christophel
    Offensive Quality Control – John Van Dam


    Defensive Coordinator – Todd Bowles
    Defensive Line – Kacy Rodgers
    Inside Linebackers – Mike Caldwell
    Outside Linebackers – Larry Foote
    Cornerbacks – Kevin Ross
    Safeties – Nick Rapone
    Defensive Quality Control – Tim Atkins


    Special Teams Coordinator – Keith Armstrong
    Assistant Special Teams – Amos Jones
    Assistant Special Teams/Kicking –Chris Boniol
    Assistant Special Teams/Defensive Backs – Cody Grimm
    Head Strength and Conditioning – vacant
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning – vacant
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning – vacant

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    Go reread the titles.

    There is an “assistant head coach” and an “assistant to the head coach”

    Another thing I spotted was two separate coach’s for the LBs.

    Todd Bowles is going to wash this team of the long outdated Tampa 2 system. It’s imperative to give me a Passrushers with our Top Five pick. It’s the easiest pick in this franchises history.

  44. mike10 Says:

    Really excited about Offensive Quality Control Coach.
    -He was great in Double Team with Dennis Rodman
    -When all Donovan Smith takes plays off, resulting in Jameis getting hit.. D smith catches a round house kick
    -Can he kick field goals?

  45. Marine Buc Says:

    Clyde Christensen making a comeback! It’s been about 20 years since he was Dungy’s OC…

  46. SOEbuc Says:

    Clyde Christenson has long history of being QB coaches and OC. Plenty of QB coaching jobs helped to get plenty of OC jobs. I’m not sweatin it too hard at the moment.

  47. Zwak Says:

    Any scouting Dept changes Joes?

  48. donuts Says:

    Clyde is responsible for Andrew Luck, his QB coach. He was there from 2002-2015 in different roles, which is amazing considering the NFL and turnover. I think he has learned a thing or 2 since his days as a Bucs TE coach. He is much better than Bajankian who I think has held Winston back. He stunk IMHO. Koetter loyalty was blind.

  49. donuts Says:


    No. Rob MCartney is still Director of Pro Scouting (started 2015).

  50. SOEbuc Says:

    Bowels and Arians should gut this defense. We need to trade JPP and Lavonte immediatly. We’d get back $27.2 million for JPP and $19 million for LVD in cap space and these guys are both coming off great years but are both 30 and going to be FA in two years. Trade/Cut GMC and DB!tch and we got dough to resign Humphries, Patrick Peterson, and a solid vet RG. Move back a smidge and get Devin White in the first. Cut everyone that’s not a starter and VH3 on defense Keep deonte Adams. Add a bunch of average/above average vet depth that have played on winning teams. BOOM!

  51. Tbbucs3 Says:


    “Clyde is responsible for Andrew Luck”

    Pretty sure Andrew Luck would still be the same great player with or without Clyde Christensen.

  52. lambchop Says:

    Is anyone else wondering how all these coaches are supposed to be organized, not have roles that overlap, and how the Glazers are getting raked over to pay all these people because we suck so bad?

    We complained that Koetter was too loyal to a fault and here we have BA doing the same thing. I mean, the one hire I am most peeved about is Amos Jones. He has been a horrible ST coach forever wherever. WTH, I am seriously going into this next season with a grain of salt because too many cooks ruin the broth.

    This is like BA’s farewell thank you to all his assistants EVER! Hey boys, Imma get you paid, pad your resume, and even promote you to further your careers along. I might be over reacting, but this is nepotism at its best. Do you really need your guys for every single coaching position? Aren’t there proven guys outside of your coaching tree that are worth a look?

    Until I see the new offense, I’m worried that Byron Leftwich is the best option at OC that BA could think of.

  53. ARGH_M8E Says:

    John Van Dam!!! Yaaaassssss!!!! Teach em’ the “Dim Mak” lmfao! It’s on now, we got Lionheart, frank dux, the universal solider, timecop! Shhhheeeeeeeeeit… Y’all bout to get Van Damned!!!!!!!

  54. D-Rome Says:

    Clyde Christensen Quarterbacks

    Hahaha, Joe. Very funny. April Fool’s isn’t for another few months.

  55. buddy Says:

    Now he needs to start with all of KLUELESSKOETTERS boys in the equipment room who will snitch on the players and then the Strength and Training staff leftovers.

  56. Buccernutter Says:


    What a ridiculous rant. Shut up dude.

  57. 813bucboi Says:


    many of us want to give leidtke and wester a shot at both tackle positions….


  58. mike10 Says:

    Arian Nation — haha, thank u

  59. Cobraboy Says:

    @Bonzai: Why would you expect any new coach to say anything different about DeSean Jackson? Jackson is under contract.

    Besides, if you understood Arians history, he is big on giving players a second chance.

    A motivated DeSean Jackson is a serious weapon.

  60. Sirclicksalot Says:

    Cody Grimm returns to Tampa! Always seemed like a “heady” player.
    I think the new coaching staff looks great on paper. Better mix of experience and young talent than I’m used to seeing.

  61. lambchop Says:


    Don’t nut all over yourself. I’m entitled to my “rant”.

  62. Smashsquatch Says:

    Nice to see BA came in with a rock solid plan and ready to roll. All the other new head coaches seem to be assembling their staff on the fly. Can’t wait for free agency & the draft!