“Let’s Roll Together”

January 20th, 2019

Fixing Jameis.

New Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians has been on a massive sell job since being named as the 12th Bucs coach telling anyone and everyone America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is his horse to lead the Bucs. No ifs, ands or buts.

There seems to be a method to his hard sell. In an interview Arians did the day he was named Bucs coach with BSPN, he strongly hinted that journeyman backup Ryan Fitzpatrick got in Jameis’ head and that’s why he played some sloppy football last year.

In his last six games, Jameis was much more settled and threw 11 touchdowns to three picks. Arians all but said that Jameis was rattled by the early success Fitz had when Jameis was serving his three-game suspension handed down by NFL strongman Roger Goodell. Instead of playing his opponents, Jameis was playing against Fitz, and maybe vice-versa.

Sage Steele: His talent is undeniable. He is so much fun to watch. That decision-making has come into question. I mean, last season was a perfect example when he did play kind of a roller coaster season. You mentioned getting him in the right situation. How do you get him in the right place mentally, football-wise?

Bruce Arians: I think one thing is — you’re the guy. Last year it was back and forth with Fitz and guys were trying to out-do each other sometimes. You try to make a throw sometimes to wow somebody rather than making a checkdown or something and it ends up as interceptions. So knowing you are the guy, it’s your franchise. I am the coach. Let’s roll together.

Arians isn’t wrong. Jameis, later in the season, admitted he may have been trying to do too much as he felt it was his responsibility to match the numbers Fitz put up.

Now, Jameis doesn’t have to look over his shoulder. He doesn’t have to worry about someone panicking and benching him. He’s the man.

Based on Arians’ words in the video, it would surprise Joe if Fitz, a free agent, is brought back.

You can view the full video below.

33 Responses to ““Let’s Roll Together””

  1. Snookman Says:

    The perfect hire. If it does not work out with arians then Jameis is a bust. Right now lets see what a proven coach who has a history of making qb great can do

  2. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Fitz couldn’t have played any better Weeks 1 & 2. Offensive Player of the Week both times. Conte suffered a likely career ending emasulating stiff arm against the Steelers…and Fitz began to wobble. Winston was truly in a no-win situation as well as limbo. Bucs should have traded Fitz at the deadline if he would have brought a decent draft pick. Winston will come out strong in 2019…what a difference a year and a new coach will make.

  3. Elita Vita Says:

    That 3 game suspension was the catalyst that started the QB controversy. Jameis needs to smarten up both on and off the field. I can only imagine how his off field “antics” has cost him several possible endorsements so far. That being said….Jameis is one of the most talented QBs we have ever had. At 25 he now has the opportunity to work with the beloved “quarterback whisperer” It’s a wonderful opportunity for both of them to write a memorable chapter in NFL history.

  4. Not there yet Says:

    The stars have aligned for Winston and everything he lost trust and credibility off the field can all be regained which will be much easier with BA as coach. If he’s matured as a person he’ll get to the next level. If he’s the franchise I think we’ll find out pretty quick because as they said he has the smarts so why would it take long to learn the scheme

  5. DB55 Says:

    I think 2 of those 3 ints where Hail Marys or prayer passes at the end of the half.

  6. YoungBucs Says:

    Well Jameis did bring it on himself no suspension no controversy I think with MeJax hopefully walking the plank soon seeing as he is a selfish showman first before the team Jameis will be fine just keep his head down grab the lunch pale and go to work NO MORE GOLD DIGGING UBER HOES and he can work on his craft but I have said it before this team needs a run game time to build the O line wall and the D line wall and make the BUCS Great Again!!! As far as Fitz goes what a line of crap his high level of play should have lit a fire under Jameis’s rear end to do a mistake free job you know take the check down on key downs not make excuses for his bone head INT’s and it makes me wonder if he will ever be able grab the reigns without a daddy figure holding his hand all of the greats can Brady Brees ect.. all read defenses and audible accordingly

  7. snookman Says:

    I am excited to see what this team can be with Bucco. Im a little scared though because if BA cannot turn this franchise around then we are pretty much screwed. If one franchise can screw up a soup sandwich it is the Bucs.

  8. Trench War Says:

    I love all the Jameis fluff and hope he can prove why he was drafted #one but let’s not lose sight of why there even was this controversy. This pitting Fitz vs. Winston scenario was caused by Jameis. Do I feel sorry for JW? Heck No. I feel sorry for the fanbase that had to endure this crap for another season. What is it now 11 -12 losing seasons, IDK I’ve lost count .

    You know what the sorriest part was? Because of Jameis I felt like we lost the season before the season began. Then Fitz happened. Then …damn that was a crappy season. End of rant

  9. DB55 Says:

    Im a little scared though because if BA cannot turn this franchise around
    I give the “real buc fans” until the first half of the first preseason game before they turn on Leftwich and Winston. Of course they’ll say nothing about the defense giving up 50 points in the second qrt to Nathan Peterman.

    Heck the real buc fans in all their wonder and brilliance may just want to trade Winston for Peterman.

  10. Jean Lafitte Says:


    I feel your pain

  11. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    No more excuses for Jamies Joe

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Now, Jameis doesn’t have to look over his shoulder. He doesn’t have to worry about someone panicking and benching him. He’s the man.”

    Let me get this straight Joe. Competition is good for everyone on the team EXCEPT for Jameis. Isn’t that what Coach Arians (and you) are REALLY saying? I still remember almost everyone applauding Raheem for his “I’ll tolerate you until I can replace you.” Apparently that still holds for everyone … EXCEPT for Jameis?

    So if Jameis screws the pooch again this year … on the field or off … no problem; he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder? We’re good with another 5-11 year? He’d deserve a long-term, big-money contract?

    Coach Arians is like the Wise Old Gull in the Richard Bach’s book ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ IMO. He’s using a proven technique to motivate Jameis & rebuild his self-confidence (something that most franchise QBs seem to have in abundance BTW). But there’s no question in my mind that in return Coach expects RESULTS. And IF those results aren’t there, for whatever reason, Jameis won’t be THE MAN for long.

    Jameis better be looking over his shoulder right now. He’s on a 1-year ‘Try Before Buy’ contract. Tons of POTENTIAL, but he’s gotta turn that potential into CONSISTENT RESULTS if he expects to be THE MAN for Coach Arians & this team. I’m rooting for him because I love the Bucs and we NEED him to succeed. But getting those RESULTS is solely on Jameis’ shoulders … he’s THE MAN making the decisions on the field & throwing the football. I think they call it something like being ACCOUNTABLE for what YOU do.

  13. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Joe has run out of chess moves for making excuses for Jamies

  14. Kobe Faker Says:

    “These statements and opinions from JBF is complete nonesense and misleading

    Jameis agreed how well Fitz was playing and supported Fitzmagic continuously playing as a teammate that wants to win

    JW knows he has to play better and admits the losses solely on him and his turnovers. He is an unselfish accountable player and teammate

    Fitz vs JW? This is a huge over reach and misleading

    BA stance in having 1 QB and giving him slack when he is playing bad is commendable. You need to build the confidence and support of a emotional young QB but you also cant go to the other extreme and be an enabler

    JW wants to be coached hard. He wants to be accountable and have the brunt of the burden and players to follow him as leader

    JW views these statements from this thread as childish girlish misconstrued gossip.”

    Kobe “man of reason” Faker

  15. Bird Says:

    Trench war and defense rules

    Nailed it .

    I mean this is getting out of control but not surprising.

    With that said …no question AB was the right hire to see if he can take the number #1 overall pick to the next level. I think Jameis will regain his confidence. No question. Fitz is gone.

    But …the excuses need to go. I don’t want to hear the “it’s a new system” excuse next year cause it is very similar to Koetter vertical passing system.

    I wish we could fast forward to the draft

  16. Bucfan118 Says:

    I cannot believe how much of a snowflake Joe paints Jamis to be. He can only be great if he has no competition! I wish in my job I could get everyone canned so I could be great, I hate looking over my shoulder at the next burger flipper. I think if we let him play by himself he could truly be a pro bowler, all the other guys on the team just get in his way he is so goooood. As a Buc fan all we ever get is how great next year will be, well I’m still waiting. Don’t forget The last coach had all of these stories about him just 3 short years ago.

  17. down in the dirt Doug Says:

    OK—Jameis is set.The more interesting question may be ,who backs him up?Fitz,another vet,or a draft pick.I feel we should do both of the last choices.Love Fitz,but we don’t need Jameis looking over his shoulder again.

  18. Bucfan118 Says:

    I’m confused “let’s roll together”, after we get rid of everyone who may out shine Or cause Jamis any mental anguish?

  19. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Everybody confident? Team is all in on the guy causing turmoil and turnovers….hard to be positive….we’re risking it, hope there’s biscuits

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    @Doug … “The more interesting question may be ,who backs him up?” You’re exactly right Doug, right now we don’t have a proven backup QB who could lead this team if Jameis gets hurt again (this is the NFL & injuries do seem to happen for some reason).

    Personally in favor of re-signing Ryan Griffin. Granted, he doesn’t know Coach Arians system, but neither does Jameis. BUT … BOTH know the Bucs players on offense & that’s a good starting point. Ryan only made $1.1 mil last year (wish that I ONLY made that much) but I’d suspect he’ll be more in demand … as a backup … this year. Another good possibility is Teddy Bridgewater, IF we’re convinced he’s fully healed up (he’s a FA & made $6 mil last year, although the Saints may well re-sign him since Drew Brees is getting older).

  21. K_Bassuka Says:

    Fitz always destroys the teams he plays for and that’s a fact, let his sorry @ss go to ATL with Koetter so they can sink that ship as well.

  22. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Defense,agree with you 100%.With Koeter so many things were confusing.We should have turned Griffin loose.

  23. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    MAQBGA someone had to say it😂🤷‍♂️

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I support Jameis and I support what Arians is doing with him….but let’s face it…..it’s not all about Jameis…..we need to fix the run game and we need a much stronger defense or we will still lose even with a “good” Jameis.

    I think there is far too much focus on Jameis and Djax……how about let’s concentrate on who some of the good FAs are to improve the rest of the team.

  25. Bob in Valrico Says:

    One thing that will help Jameis is getting his confidence back. Arians seems
    determined to do that. He still needs to play safer and smarter at times.. Agree
    with Kobe that Jameis will take the blame and add that there are also plenty of mistakes by other players to aid the losses. But in his fifth year ,its time to eliminate the excuses. No more of Jameis explaining bad play by saying he was trying to do too much or trying to get the ball to a certain receiver etc. That said our entire team would do well to to limit mistakes and excuses. Defense rules hit the nail on the head it all about accountability and it extends to the entire team . At this point the coaching staff has a clean slate.

    Jason licht has to be accountable for the roster and he gets no pass, he has
    often missed badly in free agency and swung and missed of the draft. Five years should have been enough time to build a roster with depth on both sides of the ball.

  26. BringBucsBack Says:

    If #3 ever excels and sees his potential, he will thank Fitz!

    “…they were trying to out-do each other.” Jameis still hasn’t!

    Fitz is the perfect back-up but, we’ll move him so as not to stress our man-child!?

    “Jameis has no more excuses.” -Circa 2016
    “Jameis has no more excuses.” -Circa 2017
    “Jameis has no more excuses.” -Circa 2018
    “Jameis has no more excuses.” -Circa 2019

  27. The Buc Realist Says:

    The only fact that matters is that this coaching regime has 1 year to “fix” jw3!!!!!!!!!!!! they can say anything they want in the media!!!! They can say that JW3 can fly to the moon!!!!! It will only matter on the field!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when/if it does not, The “real” fans most likely won’t want this regime choosing the supposive franchise QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not surprising that the sheep have bought in to the “talk” and “hype” before seeing one damn thing on the field!!!!!!!!!!!! The only surprise is the sheep not calling for another round of Hard Knocks to show off the offseason champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. TexBuc Says:

    If I was Fitz next two seasons presents a golden opportunity to get one big payday and who could blame him for that. Hopefully Ryan Griffin gets a chance to at tryout for this roster.

  29. RustyRhinos Says:

    MO over here, Show Me!
    Don’t talk about it, do it!
    At this time next year we all will know the truth. If BA and Leftwich and Winston can all Jedi mind meld and we see results that are Wins. If we do not see Wins a ton we might need to check the pulse of our non-threatening back-up QB. Just to see if he can fill these mighty Winston loafers.
    I understand the idea of A Non-Threatening Back-up QB, but what happens if “The anointed one” gets injured? Will the non-threatening back-up QB then step into the nearest phone both for a quick change? To come in and save the day.

    All of this sure sounds like putting all of your hopes and plans on one player. How has that player done in similar situations, how many games has he took over and dominated from start to finish, regardless of his own defense contributions, or lack there of. I can recall a few that could be claimed as dominant games for all 4 quarters. How many games has this not happened in? A few too many to be able to drink the confused angry feelings and bad taste out of our bucs fans souls?
    Call me unimpressed. Show me! Don’t talk about it, Do IT!
    Go Bucs!

  30. Pryda..sec147 Says:

    I was so pissed with Dirk should have went straight back to Jameis for game 4 Fitz had lost to Steelers that decision to ride with Fitz lost every once of confidence I had in dirk see ya bozo

  31. Dapostman Says:

    Dirk Koetter did Jameis Winston a favor by benching him. Winston NEEDED to be benched. After the benching Winston played very well with 13/4 TD/int. 2 of those interceptions were last play Hail Mary’s. Winston had also played very well in the preseason. No question Winston has turned the page on his individual game. Question remains will the other Bucs turn the page on their games? The running game and defense in particular.

  32. smallaxe Says:


  33. TOM Says:

    This is definitely a do or die year for JW. I also don’t believe Fitz will be back & maybe not Griffin.