Brent Grimes Confirms Joe’s Belief

January 4th, 2019

Bucs DB coach Jon Hoke.

It seems Joe was right after all.

Joe remembers well last winter and the days after leading up to the draft writing that if the cornerback-needy Bucs drafted a cornerback in the first round, Joe promised to make a special Thursday night trip to the Cathedral of St. Jude, the home of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, to light candles.

Had, for example, the Bucs drafted Denzel Ward, Joe would have lit candles in an effort to save Ward’s soul (for those unaware, St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes). Why?

Well, in particular, Joe was convinced the Bucs would have ruined Ward’s promising career. Ward, of course, has turned out to be a fine player.

Joe had nothing against Ward or the other potential first-round pick cornerbacks. What Joe was dead set against was wasting a first round pick on a corner with the Bucs defensive coaches. Many Bucs fans absolutely howled in protest. But there was a reason for Joe’s madness.

Joe was positively convinced the Bucs defensive coaches would destroy a rookie corner. There was zero evidence the defensive coaches knew what they were doing with young corners. But there was overwhelming evidence young Bucs corners actually regressed in their years under Mike Smith and Jon Hoke.

Therefore, Joe surely didn’t want the Bucs to ruin a corner (again?) or worse, burn a valuable first-round draft pick.

Well, the words Brent Grimes had for Hoke in the latest podcast of Grimes’ wife’s, Miko Grimes, just reinforces Joe’s belief that a rookie corner would have been butchered. Grimes, who was one of the NFL’s best corners before he came to the Bucs, said he was told by Hoke what he had learned through the years defending the run was bogus and that he actually received bad grades from Hoke for making plays.

Yes, yes, Joe knows the Bucs drafted corners in the second round last year. Carlton Davis, when he’s healthy and not getting into hassles with referees, may be a serviceable corner. We shall see. But did any of the rookie corners make you think the Bucs have that position fully locked and loaded for years to come?

To be fair, in his third season, Ryan Smith (finally) made some strides. Still, do you feel comfortable with him starting in 2019? Vernon Hargreaves sure did regress. Javien Elliott sure did regress.

Grimes just confirmed Joe’s analysis. That crop of defensive coaches were blind dogs when it came to working with young corners.

73 Responses to “Brent Grimes Confirms Joe’s Belief”

  1. diggler Says:

    So, not in my pay grade Brent? Get this dood away from my team ASAP.

  2. AlteredEgo Says:

    Still need elite help (Top Pick) @ Safety or Corner in this draft….and there are some very good prospects….we have SO many needs however no telling what the new staff will think…..OL…DL…DB…in no particular order…..of course the trade down twofer is always a wise move

  3. bucfanforever Says:

    They schemed and schemed and schemed, but the failed to put points on the board on offense, and failed to keep points off the board on defense.

  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    So what does Joe do if he hires a new writer but they don’t want to do the job Joe’s way because they were taught different? It’s called insubordination.

  5. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    Grimes was benched for being on his cell phone during halftime during the season. Grimes also said 70% of the players do the same. Sounds like Antonio Brown level entitlement here. Hard for the players/team to make second half adjustments when their faces are stuck on their phones. Sorry, but little empathy for Grimes here.

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    Grimes on his cell phone @ 1/2 time….good thing McCoy didn’t see him or all hell would have broken loose…

  7. Wausa Says:

    Grimes and Hoke both are awful.

  8. Joe Says:

    So what does Joe do if he hires a new writer but they don’t want to do the job Joe’s way because they were taught different? It’s called insubordination.

    Joe’s pretty sure if there is a successful writer who has matched what Joe has done he wouldn’t need to work for Joe.

  9. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    Dewey is SPOT ON.

  10. Not there yet Says:

    Nope I don’t think so Carlton Davis is more than serviceable, that’s a title for Javien Elliott and Ryan Smith. He’s the starter for next year and playing 15 yards off doesn’t lend anything to developing because they aren’t actually covering anyone. First round, second round wouldn’t make a difference either way those should be starters, rookies can’t tell any nfl coach this isn’t the right way cuz they don’t know

    This is all about Koetter and mike Smith, dude sucks and they would not change or upgrade their staff and it’s why they both deserved to be fired after each of the Atlanta games.

  11. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Joe sides with the guy who whines because he’s asked to play like a #1 CB but is paid like a 2. A real man would work it out with the coach not cry to his wife about it and get her approval to speak about it. Go sign somewhere else and let JW torch you next year you has been and then watch Miko make excuses.

  12. Says:

    Our team has not improved in the draft in years. Mike Evans falls into your lap every now and again, but where are any ballers that we drafted? Whitehead looks good. Godwin looks like he could be a WR2 on a couple of teams in the NFL. Where are the rest of them from the last 5 years? Espn has a list up of the top 10 rookies, plus a whole basketful of honorable mentions. Not a single Buc. Looking at the stats from the rest of the guys on the list, 100+ tackles, 5+ sacks, 8+ TDs, etc., are very pedestrian numbers for rookies on other teams. Where are our guys?

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    been saying for years its scheme and coaching not talent and players!!!!!…..why draft a man press CB and force him to play zone?…..

    the bucs got better just by canning dirk, smitty and both their outdated schemes….

    Kris Richard would develop our DB’s and create an aggressive attacking style defense which would eventually help winston and the offense….


  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Joe was positively convinced the Bucs defensive coaches would destroy a rookie corner.” – Joe

    And you were wrong, as Davis shows.

    Even if they had coached poorly (they did), it was one year. If a rookie can be ‘ruined’ by one year of coaching, then he was never good to begin with.

  15. Troy Says:

    Just goes to show you that this organization is a hot mess. The players playing ping pong and on their cell phones. Coaches who can’t coach and don’t enforce any standards. I’m thinking that talent on this team may be much better than we think considering we won 5 games with this kind of nonsense going on.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    813bucboi Says
    “…been saying for years its scheme and coaching not talent and players!”

    It was both.

    Fans tend to always say it is one thing or the other, when the truth is that it is usually a combination of things.

    So far as the CBs, it was mostly coaching, but we also did not have great players to coach.

    In regard to the Offensive Line, you would be right. I believe Warhop is doing a horrible job, and the players we have for depth are much better than people think.

    In regard to the Defensive Line, the only talent we had for years was McCoy…but coaching wasn’t stellar either.

  17. basementbucs Says:

    Its not enough that you only defend 3 passes the whole year BG…. Its not enough you cant even intercept a ball the whole year…. Its not enough you suck up 7 mil in cap space for a year…. Its not enough you religiously give Julio Jones 15 yards of padding time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time…..
    Now you want to B!tch and complain about being asked to do your job…. GTFO out of here and dont let the door hit you on the @ss on the way out.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In regard to Grimes…he was considered a leader on this team. His whole reason (he claimed) to come back last year was because he wanted to mentor the young cornerbacks.

    Him not playing hard and spending time on his phone while coaches were trying to make adjustments at halftime, and openly saying that he wasn’t being paid enough to play harder? In the locker room, on the sidelines?????

    It’s a crying shame.

  19. K_Bassuka Says:

    What a sorry bunch of coaches. I can’t believe we didn’t have 1 coach to put a stop to all the nonsense that was taking place, including Licht. On the bright side, maybe the young players will blossom under the new regime.

  20. Iron Wombat Says:

    This was a bad coaching staff. There’s folks on this staff that shouldn’t work again, but lets get distracted by Grimes complaining about not making enough money to cover AB. Monken did a decent job and i’m interested to see how productive his offense is once he’s freed from Koetter’s offensive schemes. Duffner’s job was essentially polishing a turd and he exceeded all expectations there.

  21. BUCS BAGIJ Says: Says:
    January 4th, 2019 at 9:26 am
    Our team has not improved in the draft in years. Mike Evans falls into your lap every now and again, but where are any ballers that we drafted?

    The players are there the coaching is not. These young players need to be coached up. But it seems that not only were these younguns not coached up, they seem to have been given bad technique.

  22. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Why can’t they have a phones off policy an hour before game? Pretty simple solution. Football players don’t need phones till game is over.

  23. SteelStudBuc Says:

    If there’s an emergency a coach can receive call or text from management.

  24. D-Rome Says:

    Great article, Joe!

  25. R.O. Says:

    Do I agree that obviously there was an issue with coaching on the D, YES!! I also will not take the word of Grimes as gospel either. Based on his obvious admission that his level of effort on the field was based on his compensation!! He should have been released midseason… And everyone including the Joe’s wanted them to resign BG for this year. So to say he was a horrible FA signing is a rediculous statement. As a coach if a player said to me he’s not paid enough to do what it takes to win.. I would have suspended him.

  26. jeffbuc Says:

    we will get lots of help in the draft this year. Because im calling it now. the Jaguars will trade ramsey there 1st and a 3rd round pick to move up two spots to get there quarterback. or they will trade us fournette there 1st and a 2nd to move up. Either way we will get an extra draft pick and a premium player of need. And we might give them mj stewart to make sure the deal goes through. he might actually be decent with them when his speed wont be exposed because they get to quarterback a lot quicker than us.

  27. SteveK Says:

    The result is all that matters: did Grimes make the tackle?

    A coach can get on a player for “how” they are doing it when their way is ineffective.

    This narrow minded approach by Hoke echoes the sentiment of putting scheme above skill set.

    Dumb. This is why we suck, because of narrow minded/dumbarse coaching.

    And we suck becaise Jason Licht needs to man up and fix this mess.

  28. 813bucboi Says:


    how can you say it was both but then say when it came to o-line cb it was coaching….lol…c’mon man…

    this staff failed at developing players and had them in an predictable outdated offensive and defensive scheme…..

    look at QB(winston)….thats lack of coaching and development….
    look at RB(rojo a 2nd round pick)….thats lack of coaching and development…
    look at DE (spence another 2nd round pick)….lack of coaching and development…

    the talent is there….current/former players have said it….current/former coaches have said it….its been lack of coaching and scheme for years…..


  29. doolnutts Says:

    I can’t believe what Grimes is saying… Once I read he was mad he got just 7 mill and was expected to cover AB all game I have seen enough. Grimes is a joke. For me this confirms what I have been saying. Sure we can fire Koetter get rid of this joke of a defensive coaching staff BUT that is not enough. Grimes and anyone like him needs to be traded or released ASAP. We need people that come to work trying to be the best they can be and make this team better. Grimes makes me sick.

  30. DooshLaRue Says:

    I seem to remember Joe getting scared when it looked like we weren’t gonna get old man Grimes to sign for 2018.
    Yet another player endorsement that failed.

    Pretty sure Miko uses a big strap on her man.
    Dude is soft.

  31. jeffbuc Says:

    Are first corner drafted last year will either be cut or moved to safety by the new staff. MJ Stewart is just to slow to play corner in this league. If he is cut he will bounce around the league for a year or two and then be done with nfl,. and will go play in either of the two new leagues. to think we passed on the corner that the panthers got. who was the fastest corner in the draft. when we were drafting stewart to be a nickel. I don’t understand why licht was retained. He is worse than whoever does the draft profile on go read the draft profile of every player we drafted that isn’t living up to there draft status. and there profile says there weaknesses and that is exactly what they are struggling at in the nfl. Out of are first 4 draft picks last year we got two serviceable players. not one immediate impact player. Or you can pretty much say the whole draft was a bust. Cappa couldn’t beat out the worse right guard in the nfl. Cinchy was injury riddled and what do you know he got injured again. And Watson is the 5th wide receiver stuck behind a bunch of receivers that are locked up or on cheap rookie deals. the only way he becomes relevant is if we don’t resign Humphries. which I don’t see us not locking him up.

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    Coaching was obviously an issue. I will never fully understand how a DC and his staff are retained after regressing in consecutive years from bad to THEE worst.

    That said, I don’t care too much for how Grimes is now bad-mouthing his coach after admitting to not being a team-player, a.k.a. “they don’t pay me enough!” Talk about team culture issues?!

    The house-cleaning can’t come soon enough!

  33. Iron Wombat Says:

    So from Grimes perspective he’s got an a-hole boss that expects him to take over a position that normally pays much more than he makes. Like getting a promotion at work but then being told “congratulations you now have all this added responsibility but we’re not paying you as much as the prior employee or even giving you a raise.” Most of us would turn that job down, we’d feel disrespected and underpaid. That’s where Grimes is at. Now to us working stiffs we see him say that and think: Dude you get paid millions of dollars to play a child’s game you entitled prick. So some of us will blame Grimes, some of us will blame the coaches, some people will blame Licht, and a few of you will blame Jameis because… reasons.

  34. Jmarkbuc Says:


    The depth of how bad this coaching staff is/was is just incredible.

    How JLicht managed to fenagle another year here, is crazy…if only he were as good at building a roster.

  35. gotbbucs Says:

    Disgruntled player says stuff, joebucsfan laps it all up drooling for more.

    TO had a problem with every coach he ever played for, most of those coaches are still coaching. The list goes on and on….

    This wasnt a strong coaching staff, obviously, but this is just evidence that a guy that the Bucs paid alot of money to and were counting on to be a leader in the locker room was ignoring the coaching he was recieving and doing his own thing. Hard to imagine why things didn’t work out.

    Luckily JPP, a guy that seems to have taken a strong leadership role on this team, claims to know the players that arent “keeping it real” and I really hope they take his advice to heart and clean the locker room up for the new staff.

    We’ll never know the whole truth behind any of this, but taking Grimes and his skank at their word is foolish.

  36. Tbbucs3 Says:


    ROJO was sucks, give it up. Why blame everything on coaches? Some players just can’t play in the NFL. It’s as simple as that.

  37. 813bucboi Says:

    all of this BS just proves dirk was the worst coach in buc history…..and im only talking about the mess inside the locker room….

    tj ward blasting the coaches…
    baker doing what he wants…
    player on player altercations….
    djax drama…
    player on coaches altercations….
    QB drama….
    firing coaches…
    giving up play calling, taking it back then giving it up again….

    then you take a look at the field and its an even bigger mess…

    predictable schemes
    lack of adjustments
    lack of coaching
    lack of discipline
    lack of player development
    mentally weak players and coaches

    and thats not to mention back to back 5-11 seasons…..


  38. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    @ #5 Bucs need to draft 6’3″ Greedy Williams!

  39. 813bucboi Says:


    how can you say that when this staff hasnt develop several players offensively and defensively… i guess spence sucks too….he got 5.5sacks as a rookie and forgot how to play…..

    and you cant determine if rojo can play or not based off his limited action in pre season or the regular season in his rookie year…..

    thats laughable……the player hasnt had time to …hint hint…DEVELOP


  40. DooshLaRue Says:

    Dirk is looking bad but still far from being the worst H.C. we’ve had.
    Lovie takes the cake.

  41. AlteredEgo Says:

    AlabamaBucsFan Says:
    January 4th, 2019 at 10:40 am
    @ #5 Bucs need to draft 6’3″ Greedy Williams!

    LOL…Greedy is 6’4″….212…4.42 40
    and growing until the combine…
    maybe I’ll see him at IMG if he is training there

  42. Waterboy Says:

    Joe so let me understand this, you’re saying Hoke was a bad coach because he felt Grimes didn’t defend the run properly? Just based on watching Grimes the past couple of years I’d say he was correct unless he was guiding Grimes to avoid contact which I doubt.

  43. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I have to admit that after watching the NFL for about the last 35 years, I’ve never heard a player say that they wouldn’t do something because they didn’t get paid enough. I hope he didn’t rub that attitude off on other players. Maybe he got it from watching DJax refuse to return punts! This is why we’re not competitive. Our players don’t like competition. What NFL CB wouldn’t want the challenge of shutting down AB all day? The coaches are also to blame. They should have set an example and cut DJax and Grimes before the locker room was infected. I’d rather have MRSA.

  44. BucEmUp Says:

    ill never forget seeing an unterview with that clown. He said playing tighy man coverage ay the line reqired no skill and was yhe equivelant to playing flag football. I knew from that moment yhe season was over before it began. Thats Mike Smiths hamd picked assistant. What a frieking idiiot

  45. westernbuc Says:

    I like how the GM overpays for a mercenary and somehow it’s the coaches fault.

    You know what happens when your GM does that? You tie your coaches hands.

    “Hey Mr Glazer, I’d love to play the most talented corner on our team, and I know you cut him a $7 million check, but he’s a cancer so I can’t play him”

    Yeah, can’t have that conversation.

  46. Issaic haggins Says:

    Grimes should have been cut immediately if he did in fact make those comments and I lean towards he did as his play reflected it !!!

    He would have been cut immediately in New England and Pittsburgh. Both playoff teams .

    To be fair , He would have never been signed for 7 mil and prob not 3 mil . Great player in his day !!! Contract Thief Now !!!

  47. I Believe in Jameis Says:

    One is a whiny malcontent and the other seems to be a clueless NFL coach. Eliminating both from the organization seems like addition by subtraction.

  48. tnew Says:

    Same poor coaching going on regarding RB’s and Offensive Lines. This sort of thing is why Koetter was relieved of duties. This oversight is needed by the HC. Being said, Grimes saying he isn’t paid to shadow elite receivers is a BAD look. Dysfunction.

  49. Frank Pillow Says:

    After taking a moment to listen to Brent’s comments in detail and reflect a little bit, I think he actually deserves some credit for outing the complete and total ineptitude of the HC, DC and down to his position coach. This really shouldn’t be about whether he was on his phone or whether he wanted to cover Brown.

    Yeah, in print, his comments were a bad look for Brent- especially when none of us could ever hope to earn what Brent earned over the course of 16 paychecks. Yeah, there’s no question his play slipped this year. Sure, there’s the issue of value- did the Bucs get what the paid for? There’s also the much, much bigger issue of his coaches’ inability to maximize the strengths of their players and/or otherwise positively motivate peak performance.

    Instead, from Smitty and Dirk we got ping-pong, cell phones, and a whole bunch of bad coaching and terrible leadership. Was Brent the victim or one of the perpetrators? Maybe he was equal parts both.

  50. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Ahhh yes the coaching purge feels so much sweeter 🙂

  51. tnew Says:

    Philosophy from the top. Everything is about stopping the “big play” and making one offensively. Why give up a 10 yard cushion on 3rd and 4… Stop the big play. Yeh the other team gets the first 80% of the time but the big play was stopped. In the last win of the season, what does Koetter highlight? Lack of explosive plays. This was the philosophy.

  52. SOEbuc Says:

    “That just fu**ed up my whole vibe for the whole year to be completely honest,”-BG

    Get off your vibrating phone and pay attention to looks and listen to coaches at half time. I would sit every player on his phone at half time with this team. How badly you sucked this year BG, didn’t have anything close to do with your vibe unless that means you were being lazy crying about money. Thought you were more humble and less a cry baby than your crazy b!tch wife. Get the f#ck out and go apply for an AARP card Brent.

  53. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I dislike any player and there are many in all the sports who starts renegotiating his contract after he signed it. If Grimes was that unhappy he should have done the manly thing and simply quit or better still just don’t sign the deal if you think it’s unfair.

    I’m just getting tired of all of this so I going to bring up a different player altogether.

    Did everybody see the New Year’s celebration with Warrick Dunn giving away yet another home? Warrick Dunn is a MAN!!!

    I so prefer rooting for the Warrick Dunns and Derrick Brooks of the world than the Sapps and Suhs. And unless you’re ready to say Dunn and an HOFer suck or are not good then save the mind dead manure about needing to be a thug or miscreant to be a good football player. It does not hold up to investigation.

    Yeah plenty of stars were jerks…but plenty are also class acts.
    Give me the class acts because that’s who I relate to…I do not aspire to be a jerk and there is NOTHING I admire about a jerk even if they can play football.

  54. 813bucboi Says:

    imagine if JPP said….i dont get paid to sack elite QB’s….or if he said, i dont get paid enough to tackle elite RB’s…..

    what if winston said, i dont get paid enough to throw 1st downs…..

    grimes should be ashamed of himself and dirk too!!!!…allowing this type of BS to go on for 2years is embarrassing…..

    dirk can kiss any NFL HC opportunity good bye!!!!….he may not even get a college HC chance….those young boys would run right thru dirk…..


  55. SOEbuc Says:

    I thought half times were coaches going over ways to correct things on the big board??? He says 70 percent of players are on their phones at halftime. GOOD COACHES WOULD NOT PUT UP WITH PHONE BS AT HALFTIME WITH A TEAM THIS BAD. I know it’s a new crazy social media world, but all these guys need to check their Facebook for updates at halftime? And Ryan Smith had a wonderful week two if I recall. This could have nothing to do with what he’s saying and he got benched because he was missing tackles and no where near the ball.

  56. Darin Says:

    I felt the same about drafting corner in first round. I didnt want them to draft any dbs. Hard to do anything in that sit back defense. But i hope the 2nd round picks will pay off when we get some real coaching in here.

  57. SOEbuc Says:


    “he may not even get a college HC chance”

    He can go be OC for Lovie at Illinois. Glazer kids know how to pick em.

  58. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Joe (Lee)I have got to say that you were right about the staff.
    I tried saying your take was ridiculous numerous times, but after listening to that podcast and how Brent described the way the coaches yelled and were counter productive for the young corners, I’ve got to say these coaches had no chance to develop young talent.
    He also talked about how the coaches just taught the players to be in this spot instead of why and what to look for.
    Brent just revealed the ineptitude of the coaching staff.
    He also mentioned that offenses would tease them and call out their defense pre snap because it was so predictable.

  59. Michael Wright Says:

    That last line of yours there Joe bout says it all.

  60. SOEbuc Says:

    I feel CB is a dangerous pick in the first round these days. And they have to be big. Especially for a team that gets F’d over like the Bucs. You watch film on Deandre Baker who’s considered round one CB, but he is smaller and plays very tight press coverage. That’s allowed in college because they let them play real football, but not if you’re trying to cover someone in the NFL. Getta PI flag every play. Greedy Williams is different. Big, long CB that can maintain good coverage without having to make a penalty or look like (plenty of that) he made a penalty.

  61. Maze Says:

    Wow can’t believe Joe is defending this loser

  62. SOEbuc Says:


    “@ #5 Bucs need to draft 6’3″ Greedy Williams!”

    If Ed Oliver and Quinnen Williams are both off the board. I’m assuming SoftServe93 will be somewhere else next year whether he gets traded or cut. Don’t get me wrong, Greedy is awesome and would love to get him but one of those guys makes this dline elite.

  63. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    how many of the people freaking out have heard the podcast?
    For real he was asked how many other players (on all teams) use their phones and he says like 50, 60, no shoot like 70 percent
    I wanted to freak out on Grimes reading the quotes in these articles but I wanted to listen to the whole story first. After listening I cant even really be mad at him for what he said and in fact im glad he said it along with everything else. It provided great insight into this defense.
    I think from what Grimes said, we have a lot more talent on the defense then it showed and our coaches were not doing their jobs well at all.

  64. Quehl Says:

    People forget that Grimes gave us a solution: pay everyone $16 million. Grimes obviously would’ve been a lockdown cornerback if we paid him like one. Should have paid him more to be off his phone too.

  65. Joe Says:


    A good coach always (should be) thorough in explaining why a player should be doing X-maneuver, not just bark orders.

  66. tnew Says:

    My biggest question… Why Koetter wasn’t relieved way earlier in the season.

  67. BucEmUp Says:

    I would love to hear what the number of players are in hockey leagues that are on their phones during each period end. Football players are a bunch of pussies now. Am.I aloud to say that? I heard it on the radio today so assuming its.good but ???

  68. Brandon Says:

    Only Hargreaves didn’t progress. Considering he was too slow and small to even be considered a potential 1st rounder, I would say the Bucs young CBs progressed at a normal rate.

  69. PhillyBucsFan Says:

    Then why did he sign up to play for them?

  70. Nano Says:

    Joe please Grimes was not elite
    Talib was but you were on the bandwagon we he got traded
    Now you accuse the coaches of ruining him
    This guy got beat by Father Time that simple
    Injury prone couldn’t keep up
    Football players get paid to make plays
    That’s their job he didn’t got abused
    I’m calling he retires that simple
    Bye Felicia cause his heart wasn’t there
    Now you bring Ward into this Jesus you’re dramatic

  71. Fire Light Says:

    Fireeeee Licht!

  72. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Being that Hoke was previously on Lovie’s staff on the with Bears ,he may be
    have been a bad choice for DB coach.
    That said Brent Grimes has now left two teams on bad terms. His statements about staying to the outside and turning runners to the inside and letting somebody else make the tackle and he gets the assist is just nonsense.
    Brent “Let Somebody Else Do It” Grimes was playing badly when he was benched. One thing I respected about VH3 in his first year was that if somebody came into his area he made the tackle.
    IMO, its a bad signing if you have a corner that says Let somebody else make the tackle or cover the No. 1 receiver. Its laughable that he would help teach this style of play to our young corners.
    Another bad mark for Jason Licht and Smitty for resigning GRimes.

  73. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Now it is clear why Miko wears the pants in the Grimes household. Brent comes across as a total and complete little b**ch, with his whining and crying about how he was disrespected. Why the hell did you sign the fricking deal than, Brent? Nobody put a gun to your head. What, you just wanted some easy money, right? Joke.