Anger, Angst, Respect And A Deal In Tampa; This Morning’s Bruce Arians Chatter On Arizona Sports Radio

January 7th, 2019

It’s been a quality education for Joe on Arizona Sports Radio this morning and over the weekend.

(Before Joe gets rolling, before the Buccaneers played the Cardinals early in the 2016 season, Joe was in Phoenix before the game listening to local sports radio. It was absolutely stunning how much dislike there was for Dirk Koetter flowing from various hosts. The media clearly had significant issues with Koetter from his days at Arizona State.)

Bruce Arians was getting a lot of love this morning, but there are many uneasy feelings surrounding his possible return to the NFL in Tampa.

A little summary:

Yeah, there was chatter about how Arians might have been nudged out the door by Cardinals officials because his health had become too inconsistent, along with his team. And there was talk about how Arians might have gotten too stubborn in his approach and had lost his edge and influence over all phases of the club.

But overall, those factors were attributed to health. It was understood and forgiven and Arians was celebrated as he left town for a life of grandkids and family and the broadcast booth.

For some, though, those loving Arians feelings changed late last year when he said he was interested in the open Browns head coach job. That prompted many Phoenix locals to get excited that Arians would return to the Cardinals and replace recently-fired head coach Steve Wilks.

But when the Bucs emerged as a likely landing spot for Arians, that left a lot of fans and analysts in disbelief. And now there’s some anger at the Cardinals for letting Arians go, along with new pressure on the Cardinals to make their next hire as good as Arians if he’s really taking over the Bucs.

Yes, there will be a lot of jealously for the Bucs if Arians comes to Tampa with defensive coordinator Todd Bowles in tow.

Speaking of Arians and the Bucs, see Joe’s Tweet below. Arizona institution Dan Bickley, a longtime newspaper columnist and radio host there, says he was told over the weekend that Arians to the Bucs is as good as done.

53 Responses to “Anger, Angst, Respect And A Deal In Tampa; This Morning’s Bruce Arians Chatter On Arizona Sports Radio”

  1. voiceofreason Says:

    joe, this isn’t fair, but i am going to be mad at you if this falls through 🙂

  2. pepsi Says:

    well hopefully we hear about it being done officially as soon as today. Im sure JBF likes it.. but im tired of refreshing JBF and twitter while at work.

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    I’ve been cruising the Cleveland newspapers and there are not nearly the BA stories and hype as in Tampa town….

  4. Robert Says:

    sounds like it’s done!

    just hope he talks to crabman, different than he did with luck because seems like luck gets it

    maybe carry bacon treats in his pocket or somethin’ for jamyth

  5. BucFan3 Says:

    Looking forward to a balanced team and a wealth of leadership. Make it official, Bruce-AIR!

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    Gee… there a coincidence that the GBoyz “said” Tuesday announcement…..ya know the day after the NCAFF Championship Game ?

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    A dream hire

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Hopefully Bowles is better DC than HC. THe Jets D has sucked under him the last few years and it’s not like they are completely missing talent.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Even the negative about Arians is good. So AZ fans are upset that Arians decided to either go to the Browns or to us instead of returning to the Cardinals in their time of need.

    I get and understand that but think about it’s actually great news for us that they’re upset. They must believe Arians is a very good coach if they want him back and are peoed at us.

    How upset would we be in two years if we have yet another opening and Dirk Koetter decides to coach the Browns. Most fans here wouldn’t care one bit because Koetter shredded his rep when he was here.

  10. Pete I Says:

    Not all the Zona fans are so enamored as Joe suggests, on many fan blogs some remeber his cranky, negative, throw players under the bus, final 2 years. And a team going in the wrong direction. And the comment, predictable playcalling was used more than once.

    That said he is the best coach in Zona has win wise…and they feel used by him. Lets hope we don’t feel the same in a year.

    A retread with health issues who walked away and has 1 playoff win in his HC career, is that what you are selling?

    And who else was buying?

  11. Robert Says:

    this defense is 1 very good CB and a DE and LB on their way up…. to having the talent to be in the top of the league.

    with a good coach that is. A lot of young guys got battle tested last year and will ball with some confidence.

  12. BucEmUp Says:

    I agree unfiar to post this. I am afraid a catostrophic let down is around the corner…

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    There could be worse things. 813 could have gotten his way.

    If the hire of Arians happens, I will support him 100%, as I have all other coaches. My primary concerns with him are lack of defense and that he is not a long term solution.

    I think Mike McCarthy would be a better hire, and would have lasted a decade.

  14. Dewey Selmon Says:

    BA and his wife have their retirement home in GA. be thankful the Falcons didn’t fire Dan Quinn. All this might have turned out differently.

  15. BucEmUp Says:

    Hooefukky they trade djax and mccoy for patrick peterson

  16. BucEmUp Says:

    Mccarthy? He would do nothing for us….im betting he doesnt get hired by anyone

  17. Saskbuco Says:


    Is there a link to give it a listen?


  18. Maze Says:

    Lol McCarthy is overrated who rode a HOF quarterback with a unimaginative offensive scheme

  19. Not there yet Says:

    Robert says
    maybe carry bacon treats in his pocket or somethin’ for jamyth

    Just the type of talk I’ve come to expect from inbred trash fans in this town and it’s pathetic, even the Winston haters don’t go that far. Inbreeded racist trash, you idiots just go to far talking about wealthy young athletes. You want to take shots at his character ok well he brought that on himself and same goes for the on field play but that comment basically shows you have no business judging anyone’s character. Stay off this site your cutting into you and your little sisters special playtime

  20. Noel Says:

    Too much chatter, with the Glazers, mum has always been the word. Having some doubts on Arians.

  21. rrsrq Says:

    If it’s done and if Todd Bowles come with, I am pretty sure Greedy will be the first pick if available, Bowles has a speedy shut down corner in Patrick Peterson to make that aggressive defense work, another LSU corner would be a great idea. We passed on one last year for MJ Stewart.

  22. DB55 Says:

    DB55 Says:
    December 30th, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Licht’s plan is working perfectly. Todd Bowles just got fired. It’s time to bring the band back together. Licht, Arians and Bowles. Reunited and it feels so good!

    Now they just need to go get a mlb, a safety, a cb, and 2 DTs to anchor the line. Oh and 2 RBs, RT, RG, maybe even a LT too.
    A ST coach, a oline coach, a RBs coach, a secondary coach and a QB coach.
    Easy peezy!

    If Arains don’t come …. #RunJameisRun

    DB55 Says:
    January 6th, 2019 at 6:59 pm
    Wish list:
    Kareem Hunt

    Rueben Foster

    Grady Jarrett

    David Irving

    The Honey Badger

    Ron Darby

    Aaron Lynch

    Larry Fitzgerald (to replace hump )

    Never had a chance: CJ Mosley, DeMarcus Lawrence/Trey Flowers

  23. zzbuc Says:

    If Arians is the one, mores than welcome, if he comes with Bowles even better……The only thing I beg is I don´t want to see Grimes with a Bucs uniform never again in my life……Bucs make him richer, he just played well just one season, the rest he sucked or wan injured. He singed a 7mm american dolars contracts and he said he was mad because he was underpayed because he had to guard elite WR!!!!!!! To make it worst he said this on his wife podcast!!!!! What a crying baby, soft, wife´s benriloquist, underchiever!!!! On every single franchise he played he left complaining!!!! Such a pu**y!!!

  24. RustyRhinos Says:

    Well if coach Arians comes to Tampa and repeats his last two seasons in Arizona he will be without a job after a 7-9 & 8-8 seasons. Time will tell if coach Arians is the answer. Let us all hope he has a clear bill of health to be coaching and all the pressure that entails on a head coaches shoulders. It would be tragic if he fell over dead on the sidelines.

  25. Pete I Says:

    So the reports say they haven’t even entered into contract negotiations?

    Odd for a done deal or some other issues?

  26. tmaxcon Says:

    RustyRhinos Says:
    January 7th, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    Well if coach Arians comes to Tampa and repeats his last two seasons in Arizona he will be without a job after a 7-9 & 8-8 seasons.

    if he wins 7 and 8 games back to back he qualifies for the bucs all-time wins list…. laughable franchise…

  27. Robert Says:

    @not there yet

    triggered much 🙂

    psst. its inbred, not inbreeded

  28. Troy Says:

    Love watching other outlets come after the Joes. If I only had popcorn. The suspense of it all.

  29. 813bucboi Says:


    dont believe the hype….

    i remember last year folks were saying gruden to tampa was basically a “done deal”…..

    their are worse options but kris aint one of them…..he’s the pick….

    and you still havent said anything about richard as DC in 2015 or 2016…….


  30. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Nothing personal to the 2NotJoes, But Kobe will believe it when the news comes out of Jenna Laines lips”

    Kobe Faker

  31. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Kobe I remember you reading that you’d leave this blog if the Bucs didn’t cut Winston after his suspension.

    “Even Kobe Faker doesn’t believe what Kobe Faker says”

  32. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Don’t get too high or too low.

    Remember, we are experts at an empty altar.

  33. Clodhopper Says:

    This is what makes JBF the best out there!!! Listening to enemy talk radio for potential information isn’t something lazy writers do.

  34. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Since Publix is an advertiser with the Bucs maybe they could donate a fleet of their electric motorized scooters for BA to use on the Sidelines.

    I do not like this pick, this is Lovie 2.0, and if we stumble coming out of the gate in 2019 wait for a “health Issue” to arise. Bad choice.

  35. Slugglife Says:

    Somebody called somebody a racist. So edgy and innovative. Oh, and inbred. Then insinuated a sexual realtionship between a brother and a little sister.

    But yeah, don’t say anything negative about Jameis , you racist inbred! What a joke.

  36. MadMax Says:

    Get it done! Welcome aboard Coach Arians!

  37. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    ………this is Lovie 2.0,……………
    I have been saying this since the beginning. It shows not only the front office is without fantasy, and dry in knowledge, so want to play it safe for 2-3 years, but the majority of fans are …. well typical Florida fans. Grab what is left from others… left overs…. pathetic.
    Someone here was exited not only with BA but him bringing Bowles…..really did you guys forgot the excitement when DK brought Smith??!!!
    Are we ever going to learn?

  38. SenileSenior Says:

    The idea that a critic of Jameis Winston is automatically to be characterized as a racist is the same fundamentally flawed kind of logic as that used by the racists themselves. Those people are infantile and primitive in their thinking.

    Whether your comments are pro or anti Winston you don’t deserve the kinds of remarks some of the trolls on this site are making.

    Football is a sport and a form of entertainment. Rousing debate should be fun but it should never degenerate into such personal nastiness.

    Oh,well I think I will go back to not responding and try to skip over the uglier posts!
    Go Bucs!!!!!!!

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Lovie 2.0”?! Man, not even close. Is he old? Yes, but so is Pete Carrol. Is he a “re-tread”? Yes, but so was Belichek when he went to the Pats.
    What’s the point, you ask? Look at the coaches I named. What is it that makes them so successful? Players WANT to play for them. When Arians was a coach, players WANTED to play for him.
    Tyrann Mathieu was interviewed on NFL Network last week and asked about Arians, he couldn’t contain his emotions. When a guy like THAT has that kind of respect for a coach, you should sit up and listen.
    If you think Arians is the same as Lovie, you don’t watch much football.

  40. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Nick Saban to the bucs and will be known right after his next Natty which ties the Bear and then he will come to tampa and flip the roster and have this team in the playoffs in 2020 and let jameis be the qb in 2019

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Some interesting tidbits on Arians:

    • Bruce Arians was named AP Coach of the Year twice in three seasons.
    First for the Colts (only interim head coach to get it), then for the Cardinals.

    • Arians an overall record of 49-30-1 while in Arizona.

    • Arians has worked with Peyton Manning (his first QB Coach for 3 years), Ben Roethlisberger (from 2007 to 2011 as DC), Andrew Luck (OC), Carson Palmer (HC 2013-2017)

    • Arians is a cancer survivor. When he retired, it was because he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and needed to undergo treatment. The process prevented him from working.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Ben Roethlisberger (from 2007 to 2011 as DC)”

    Meant: “Ben Roethlisberger (from 2007 to 2011 as OC)”

  43. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Well said ,its exactly what I’ve been doing ,thank you SenileSenior

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai- It is my opinion that of all the coaches out there, Arians would have the greatest effect on Jameis.
    Your list showcases his credentials.

  45. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    new guy, on his early 40s, coordinator in first 16 teams (which make them (48), with desire to ONLY win, and do this job for 15-20 years. JL go and find this guy……it is your JOB.
    Go Bucs!

  46. 813bucboi Says:


    looks like his greatest achievements in the nfl were as a QB coach or OC….

    COY award is meh…i mean damn smitty won the award….lol….and he’s on his couch with dirk right now….


  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    I’m warming up to the idea. But I still have some reservations…the strongest of which is how long he can do the job. If he turns this team around, the last thing I want is to see him have to retire again because the Cancer resurfaces.

    The second concern is defense. In Arizona, they ran the 3-4 for years. He started moving away from it, inserting primarily Dime Packages. He also started using three pass rushers and one defensive Tackle.

    He was met with limited success.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    He did make it to a conference championship game as a head coach. Only two playoff trips. No Superbowls.

    But he also was not a head coach for very long…12 games as interim for the Colts, 5 years with the Cards. Total record of 58-33-1.

    He averages about 10 wins per year.

  49. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai- Yea, it’s not a perfect resume. I have reservations as well. I do know that he’ll bring in top-talent coordinators and that puts my mind at ease.
    But, like I said, I will support whoever the next coach is, regardless.

  50. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    the latest:
    ***as of early Monday afternoon, the team had not yet entered into contract negotiations with Arians***
    I hope they have come to the senses. He is too OLD, unless they want to justified keeping JW.

  51. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Thank you for the provided tidbits on Bruce Arians. I really have come to feel that he has a great chance to make the biggest difference with our franchise and rescue us from the ashes.

    I could obviously be wrong (and have many been many times before lol), but I am excited about the possibility.

    Thanks again for the notes.

  52. Crazed Bucs Fan Says:

    Haskins in Tampa Bay!!!!!!!!

  53. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Cool, So we can expect a winning season next year!!!