Jameis Scolded For Not Stepping Up

December 15th, 2018

Hold up on the check.

Big time quarterbacks come through in big games.

And for that reason alone, a national sports radio voice would be hesitant if he was Team Glazer to cut a fat check to America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

In a delayed weekly appearance on “Mad Dog Unleashed,” hosted by the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo heard exclusively on SiriusXM Radio, internationally popular JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman was talking Bucs.

Ira mentioned how out of sorts the Bucs offense was trying to stretch their 14-3 lead over New Orleans last Sunday. This launched Russo into a loud take; he doesn’t fully trust Jameis. Yet.

“See, that’s where, if you are to give the guy $25 million [actual figure is $21 million] in March, that is where I am going to judge him more on [the second half against the Saints] than anything else,” Russo said. “His team was sluggish offensively, the Saints are coming. You have a chance for a big win. And he goes out there and they only had 81 yards of offense [in the second half] and a lot of that was in garbage time.

“If you are Winston and you want to be a good NFL quarterback, you have to win that game for your team and he did not. If you want to blame it on [Dirk] Koetter, go ahead, kill the coach. You know what? Winston, do a better job in the second half of that game. That game is slipping away and that quarterback has to keep the game moving. He did not do that.”

Joe cannot argue with this whatsoever. One reason Jameis was the top overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft was because time and again, he put Florida State on his back and absolutely carried that team. His 80-yard national championship-winning drive against Auburn in the final minute of the 2013 BCS title game in the Rose Bowl is Exhibit-A.

Sunday was the perfect time for Jameis to do just that. Put the Bucs on his back and carry them to a win over the Saints. It was all set up like a cheesy Hollywood movie script.

Instead, Jameis laid an egg when it counted the most.

Last year, Jameis gave the Bucs a lead in the fourth quarter in four separate games only to watch from the sidelines as that disgrace of a defense vomited all over itself.

If the Bucs win those game, Koetter’s current hot seat is significantly cooler.

This year, Jameis seems like a different quarterback. Some are lauding Jameis’ more laid back, mellow style. Joe doesn’t think that’s the same Jameis.

Whether Jameis’ passion and devil-may-care attitude and gamesmanship have been squeezed out of him by the constant drumbeat of “Don’t turn the ball over… Don’t turn the ball over… Don’t turn the ball over… Don’t turn the ball over… Don’t turn the ball over… ,” Joe isn’t sure whether that has neutered Jameis,

Since Jameis rightly got his starting job back, it almost appears Jameis is playing scared. He now looks a helluva lot more like Alex Smith than Brett Favre.

92 Responses to “Jameis Scolded For Not Stepping Up”

  1. Deminion Says:

    Agreed he has played better but he has played with the confidence that we are used to.

  2. Kobe Faker Says:

    “When the great Drew Brees is blitzed and the recievers downfield is covered, he dumps the ball to Kamara for a huge gain…

    When the great Drew Brees is blitzed and the recievers downfield is covered, he dumps the ball to Mark Ingram for a huge gain…

    When JW is blitzed and the recievers downfield is covered, he waits for Klueless the busdriver to run him over

    The top offenses/OCs in the NFL use the runningbacks in the pass game to create explosive plays on 1st downs and while they are blitzed (Charles sims was not great but competent enough)

    *During the 1st half JW used his legs to loosen and open up passing lanes even without a threat of a running game. After he hurt his legs right before the half, JWs legs stiffened and he was a sitting duck while Koetter put him in 3rd and long situations thruout the whole 2nd half”

    Kobe Faker

  3. BucEmUp Says:

    I can argue with it. The oline was letting pressure through at the free will of the opposition and the playcalling never adjusted. Even Cameron Brats said it in his interview most recently that this time of year defenses have started to dial in on what you are doing. The Saints made adjustments in the second half and the Bucs did not.

    BAD COACHING!!!!!!

  4. Dapostman Says:

    These talking heads are a joke. Jameis Winston played the HOF QB Drew Brees to a draw. How many times do we have to say it’s a team sport. Is it Winston’s fault after the Bucs recovered the Brees fumble that they ran twice then Winston’s arm was hit on 3rd and 5 because the right tackle failed to hold his block. Incomplete. Oh 4th down. Missed FG! Is it Winston’s fault that Humphries and/or Godwin ran the wrong route when a 3rd down pass would have moved the chains? Winston is one piece of a 53 piece puzzle and right now he’s playing just fine. 8 TD’s and 2 Hail Mary picks without losing a fumble in last 3+ games. These idiots just show that they don’t watch Buc football they just look at the highlights after and make their opinions. This clown should have said, Winston needs to win this game all the while under siege by the Saints and no running game. This is why I never tune this clown in because he’s nothing more than the loud mouth New Yawker.

  5. Bird Says:

    Agree 1000%

    I prefer “Visor Jameis” Over rollercoaster “good vs bad jameis” . He has been great about not turning the ball over (which have cost the Bucs numerous games over the years )

    However , he seems to have lost some swag. Like he is playing with his nuts in a sling or better yet ,tucked up behind (picture the end scene from Ace Ventura pet detective )

  6. Buc believer Says:

    Jameis is in an absolute cant win… either he takes chances to win and is labeled reckless and a gun slinger who will never mature and when he is careful with the ball he is called too conservative and not able to make plays. All you people, media, fans etc who do that are F….ing morons who need to just shut the F…up and let Jameis be who he is! And that is a National Championship winning QB and a future multiple Super Bowl winner!

  7. Bird Says:

    Played drew brees to a draw?

    Cmon man. That makes zero sense . The quarterback touches the ball every offensive play. He has the most impact on a game win or lose as any player on the field. That’s why they get the max pay of 35 mil or whatever it is these days and are expected to be first in building and last to leave.

  8. BucEmUp Says:

    Jameisndoeamsnt have the freedom yo do whatever he wants doesn’t everyone remember when he caught crap from coaching for not running the play that was called in. So naturally with him already being on thin ice he is following orders now. It’s Koetter. Koetter doesn’t trust Jameis and now that the d efemse is actually performing better this is the ideal time to hand the keys to the offense over and let Jameis be a true field.general and THEN draw up whatever conclusion you’d like.

    This team is constantly having breakdowns in different areas every week. Until I see consistency in all phases I have to.put the blame on the coaching it’s pretty clear where the problem is

  9. Bucsfan77 Says:

    Kobe you nailed it right on the kneecap err I mean head, while yes great QB’s will put a team on their backs and carry a team to victory, for QB’s that don’t have the option of calling their own plays it also requires a good HC that understands his team and players and knows when they need help and adjust the play calling to help them. Knowing that Jameis leg was hurt and his mobility was hindered he should of called more RB short pass options, anyone that thinks Kotter should be saved is delusional. He may be a good OC, but as a HC he’s clueless.

  10. VaTom Says:

    He better be playing scared. How many turnovers was it this season in three appearances? He’s not a good QB. He can’t gracefully give up on a play. His decision making is downright horrible. I respect the Joe’s for sticking by him but it’s a fool’s errand. He’s not going to be a great QB in this league. But he may be the best the Bucs have going forward til they pull a 2-14 season out of their hat. And that shouldn’t take too many more coaching staffs to accomplish.

  11. DBS Says:

    I have never been a Winston excuse maker and never will be. But anybody who watched this game saw what happend. The line sucked. Godwin was not only covered but thought the ball was a flaming bag of sh!t and wanted nothing to do with it. Rudy himself said they confused him with the coverage. And Evans spent time on the side lines. When he was on the field he was blanketed most of the time. We have no Running Back. Other teams have a back that can it a small hole and get yards. we have none. So get real . The game was not on Winston.

  12. Geno Says:

    Joe knew he would get the Jameis apologists going with this article. I disagree Kobe. Yes Drew Brees has better running back options in the passing game. He has not had any decent TE options in years and only 1 WR option this year.

    Brees is clearly in a different category than Winston. Not that Winston cannot be a viable and even in some years good quarterback in this league. I think range of Eli Manning, Carson Palmer or Matthew Stafford.

    I get tired of the comparisons to Brees or Rodgers or Farve.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Watching the game live, and then going back and watching a lot of it on the all-22, I don’t think Jameis had much of an opportunity to be successful. Receivers were simply not open, and he was under incredible duress the entire second half. And of course as always, no running game whatsoever. There was one play where he was flushed from the pocket, and literally tackled by 4 Saints, without one Buc player even in site. The Saints were not allowing anything short and in the middle of the field, and he didn’t have the time for the routes to develop on the outside. I’m not sure there are many QB’s that could have done anything under those circumstances.

  14. D1 Says:


    Not sure if you watched the game, The bucs did run a bulk of the plays short. 10 pass attempts of 5yds or less, very few deep balls, almost all the passing was 15yds or less.
    You can see the exact breakdown , I posted it because I thought I was delusional, because what I saw was exactly opposite of what the majority of the jw nation were saying. I’m not ruling out delusional behavior but in this instance. ..I am.

    As far as Winston’s leg being hurt, pure speculation as he didn’t say anything about it and the team didnt report it, so the injury is an excuse from the fans not the player or team.

  15. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    You guys are clowns. When Jameis tries to step up and carry the team he’s “irresponsible and immature” but now all of a sudden he’s too conservative? Make up your minds.

    There 100% cannot be a double standard. Either he tries to carry the team and throw a few risky passes that may lead to turnovers, or he gets conservative and our offense goes nowhere. You cannot have it both ways. Personally, I’d much rather have the former.

  16. Bob in Valrico Says:

    There absolutely should be pressure on our QB to limit turnovers. By my count Jameis is 4-16 when he has two or more turnovers in the last four years.
    some other things also contributed to the Saints loss. Godwin dropped an uncharacteristic number of passes.there were two overthrows to him also .
    Jameis needs to bring the ball down some for Hump. He is not tall enough enough to field these high passes. The missed field hurt.
    When things are clicking ,we need to take advantage of every posession.
    We missed opportunities to put New Orleans away early in the game.

  17. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit: missed field goal

  18. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Tampa bay fans know. Everybody is weak and soft

  19. R.O. Says:

    I think JW3 is told to run the play that is called. Whether he thinks it’s a bad call or not once they line up. Especially in the run game. You here stories of QBs changing in the fly.. Rivers was a good example from Thurs night. I don’t see JW3 putting players in motion and changing how we line up. Or bringing players in to protect or moving the RB from one side of the formation to the other etc.. I don’t see where we adjust at the LoS.

  20. TOM Says:

    Russo is nothing more than a annoying loud mouth jerk.

  21. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    My girlfriend and I was in Tampa for thanksgiving with my family, and we attended the Bucs v. 49ers game. Tampa is nothing like it was when I left many years ago. I was there on a three week vacation. The experience was wonderful, which brings me to my point. I did not meet anyone like the people who post on this site (i.e. Atrain, alterego). My experience at Raymond James Stadium was wonderful. The fans supported Jameis and the team. There is no way Jameis could win the Saints game. The turnover, penalties, and missed field goal made winning the game impossible. If Drew Brees was as great as everyone says he is, he would have won the game against the Cowboys. When biasness is not a part of the equation, you can see how stupid you are.

  22. D1 Says:

    First down,

    You have a point. I think that’s where winston is right now , mentally. However, finding the balance between aggressive and safe or being aggressive whIle protecting the ball isn’t something a 4Yr veteran should be grappling with at this stage of his career.

    Winston has been playing QB at a very high level for years and if he is struggling to find the best mix then honestly I have to believe that he has bigger issues. I don’t say that lightly or as a put down. Rather, it’s something that a coach has to recognize and work with the player to correct it.

  23. Joe Says:

    I think JW3 is told to run the play that is called. Whether he thinks it’s a bad call or not once they line up.

    You are on the right track.

    Not sure if it is the same since he got his job back, but previously, people in the Bucs organization — including Koetter — said they wanted Jameis to audible more. Jameis is so confident in his ability he chooses to run whatever Koetter calls thinking “I can make this play work.” It’s not uncommon for Koetter to call a play and the defense comes out in the worst formation for that play yet Jameis won’t audible out of it thinking he can make it work.

  24. D1 Says:


    – 11 pass attps 5yds or less.
    – 5 pass attps 5-10yds
    – 10 pass attps 10-15yds.
    – vs
    -10 attps 15+ yds

    Looking at the number of short passes it’s hard to fault playcalling or suggest playcalling was all long deep routes that took time to develop. It’s just not true.

  25. THETRUTH Says:

    I was yelling for screen passes to RB, TE or WR against saints with the way their rush was not giving Jamies time to sit in pocket. Just rewatched Chiefs v Chargers game and amazing how chiefs were throwing screens and killing the rush.

    Hello kotter !!!!

  26. Kobe Faker Says:


    Its ironic you said Brees and the Saints never had a TE option

    Brees and the Saints cut Cam Brate because he couldnt get open by himself. Brees (Fritz)likes the recievers to create separation and will only target them if they are open

    Brate is successful with JW because JW is a spot thrower and willing to target Brate on the seam routes thou he is covered

    Please, Please bring in Father Dungy and Justin Hebert to Tampa and trade JW away from the Den of depression”

    Kobe Faker

  27. Hodad Says:

    Last week Mariota had a very average game. The difference was Henry ran for over 200 yards, and scored four touchdowns. The Titans also play solid defense. It’s hard to win when your Q.B. is running for his life most of the day, and you can’t get relief by handing the ball off, and watching your O line, and backs go to work.

  28. Lamarcus Says:

    Aaaannnnddd what big games are we talking about? I don’t remember any big games in last x amount of years……

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    @DBS … “So get real . The game was not on Winston.” Uhhh sorry, but that wasn’t Koetter playing QB, nor was it Fitz or anyone else … it was Jameis. Pro QBs put on their big-boy pants when the game’s on the line and keep their team in the game, one way or another. Yes the OLine sucked (in the 2nd half especially). Yes Barber’s 42 yds on 14 carries sucked. Yes Godwin’s 1 reception out of TEN targets (YGBSM) really sucked. Yes blocked punts & missed FGs really suck (make that REALLY suck).

    But ya know what else REALLY sucks DBS? Leading 14-3 at the half and losing 28-14. And oh ya, having the ball 6 times in the 2nd half … and showing up with a missed FG, a blocked punt, 3 punts in a row, and topped off with an INT. But more than even those is when folks wail that poor Jameis was playing hurt so he should get a pass. Horsepuckey! IF you’re hurt & your performance is hurting your team, it’s time to put on your big-boy pants yet again and share that with your coach. Fitz has come off the bench before & done fairly well in several games. He MIGHT have performed well enough for us to get back in the game … we’ll never know now. But one thing I do know: Jameis played like poop in the 2nd half … 6 for 19 when the game’s on the line is hardly anything to crow about.

    The weirdest thing to me BTW is that a number of these guys are playing for their NFL future, right now. You’d think that they’d be so motivated that the Saints couldn’t have contained them. This is their FUTURE on the line. Instead, they pee the bed. Time to change the sheets.

  30. D1 Says:


    You bring up an interesting detail about Winston’s mentality. How many times can experience provide a negative feedback and be unable to alter his thinking. Or maybe it’s a positive feedback is the only thing that registering with him.
    At some point a coach is going to really have to dig deep with winston and figure out how to collapse his learning curve. I’m afraid if not then Winston’s potential will never be reached and everyone will be looking for reasons to point the finger at whatever they’re predisposed to meanwhile a player with the sky the limit potential is out of league with a unfulfilled resume.

  31. Dapostman Says:


    “played Drew Brees to a draw”. That means Winston had the same game as Brees had.

    Brees’s running game had a better game than Winston’s running game. Do you disagree?

    Brees’s place kicker had a better game than Winston’s place kicker. Do you disagree?

    Brees’s special teams had a better game than Winston’s special teams. Do you disagree?

    Makes perfect sense to me to see that Winston can not over come a bad team just like Brees did not over come a bad Saints team when he won 7 games three years in a row.

  32. Larry Says:

    Winston was VERY GOOD college QB but he is only an AVERAGE NFL QB. Hopefully a new HC will help him but I wouldn’t count on it.

  33. Not there yet Says:

    Can’t think of any qb who thrives in any game when facing constant pressure and they can’t block up front. There’s a reason you need a qb then a left tackle and center. Quarterbacks are good when they have a line to protect. 20 mil is middle of the pack qb money so that’s about where Winston will be paid

  34. tickrdr Says:

    Brett Favre in his 4th season starting, had 38 TDs and 13 INTs. The comparison of JW3 to him is LUDICROUS.

    Jameis has not had even one season in four years where his TD/INT ratio was at least 2:1, and that is not even counting the numerous fumbles which led to takeaways for the opponents.

    Unfortunately, Winston = Fitzpatrick = Bortles.


  35. Andrew Says:

    He hasn’t stepped on throats or attempted to really do so since his return. NO kill shots.

  36. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    I know Jameis hasn’t played to the level we’d thought he would in Year 4, there’s no way you can say you’d rather have Blake Bortles as your Quarterback. The Jags, in by far their best year in franchise history, won despite Bortles, and ultimately, Bortles is the reason they didnt play in the Superbowl. Give Jameis that kinda defense and running game and he’d start getting some wins. Saying Bortles = Jameis is just absurd.

  37. D1 Says:

    ” Whether it’s a mechanical issue, an arm talent issue, a natural inability to throw with precision, or a combination of all three, it doesn’t matter. Winston’s inaccuracy is what’s preventing him from being anything more than an average quarterback at this point. If he corrects his accuracy he can become an above-average starter, at which point he can start working on becoming a great quarterback over time”

    Yr 1

  38. DBS Says:

    So exactly what did you expect him to do.? Fitz worked himself out of the job and only a few people are. Blaming an injury. Sorry there was nothing he himself could have done. And the odds are good Fitz would had been picked. And I was behind Fitz.

  39. BrianBucs Says:

    Not a big fan of Russo, but he is exactly right.
    Winston has found out that playing QB in the NFL is much different than playing QB in the Pudd-Filled ACC.
    Glazers would be silly to pay him that kind of money or extend him

  40. Loyaltotheend Says:

    It’s why he’s not a franchise qb he can rarely put the team on his back and win until he does that he’s just an average qb

  41. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    You don’t think Winston is still pissed off that he got benched after a horrible Bengal game for Fitzmagic… why should he bust his a$$ for a coach that don’t give a $hit about him? Dirk proved that when he stuck with Ryan as long as he did. That’s besides the fact that most elite College football teams have a better oline than the Bucs and a hell of a lot better running game! The kid hasn’t had much to compliment his game since he was drafted number one overall. Oh he had a little bit of a running game in 15 but no receivers. Now he has one hell of a receiving core but zero help on the line and y’all no Barber,Rodgers and Jones probably wouldn’t make any of the 31 others rosters in the NFL.

  42. tickrdr Says:

    Please note: I did NOT say that I would rather have Blake Bortles as my QB.
    To me, they are the same QB, and neither is a very good one.


    BTW: For the 2018 season:

    Fitz: 164 of 246 = 66.7% JW3: 175 of 270 =64.8%
    Fitz: QB rating = 100.4 (10th in league) JW3: QB rating = 88.1(25th)
    Fitz: 17 TDs (6.9% of passes) JW3: 14 TDs (5.2% of passes)
    Fitz: 12 INTs (4.9% of passes) JW3: 12 INTs (4.4% of passes)
    Note that neither one has a TD/INT ratio of at least 2:1.

  43. Grt1 Says:

    Internet idiots circling again. How many wins has the great Aaron Rodgers carried his team to this year. It’s a team sport idiots!!! No pass blocking, no run game, and long developing plays. Our backs and TE had to help on the saints last game because our Oline sucks. That’s why the check down was rarely there. I bet most of you internet idiots never even played ball.

  44. Waterboy Says:

    Got to eliminate those 1st down and 20’s and 1st down and 25’s.

  45. Waterboy Says:

    Bucs had 6 drives in the 2nd half:

    1. Ended in a missed 46 yd field goal
    2. Bucs moved the ball, D. Smith Penalty on 1st and 10 pushed the ball back to 1st and 20 killed drive. Blocked Punt on 4th and 3

    3. 3 plays (4yd sack and 13 yd sack), Punt.
    4. 3 plays (penalty on 3rd and 6 pushed the drive to 3rd and 11), Punt
    5. 5 plays (12 yd sack on 3rd and 10), Punt
    6. Final drive ended with last minute INT on hailmary

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    Waterboy nice summary. Third & Long was the story of that half. Let’s all be honest the Winston does have enough ability to overcome bad circumstances like those but let’s also understand that being in long yardage situations that often is a recipe for failure.

    Was a total team loss and anybody not admitting that is wrong.

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    @Kobe … “*During the 1st half JW used his legs to loosen and open up passing lanes even without a threat of a running game. After he hurt his legs right before the half, JWs legs stiffened and he was a sitting duck while Koetter put him in 3rd and long situations thruout the whole 2nd half.”

    DBS, several others besides Kobe have mentioned Jameis hurting his leg in the first half. Several other articles noted that also. My point was that if a player’s hurt to the point where it’s affecting his performance, he doesn’t help the team by staying in. His backup may not either, but going 6 for 19 in the 2nd half is not a good look.

    JimmyJack hit the nail on the head when he penned that Sunday “was a total team loss”. Mediocre play by one position group always snowballs … if the OLine sucks, the running game gets stuffed and the QB gets pressured constantly. The 2nd half of Sunday’s game was a monumental failure of several position groups. It was a total team loss. Yes that’s largely on coaching for not adjusting to the opponents’ adjustments. But it’s also on the players … unless you think that coaches never taught them how to catch the ball or how to block or forgot to tell them ‘don’t commit penalties’. The only thing consistent about our Bucs is that they’re inconsistent.

  48. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    Speaking of talking heads, Stephen A. Smith had some great input on the keys to the game for the Bucs vs the Ravens. He talked about the how the Bucs offense will have to be weary of Ray Lewis’ presence, especially on 3rd downs. He also talked about how the Ravens CB’s are going need have to be ready to deal with the Dunkaneers (Vjax, ASJ, and Evans).

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    To be fair, that is when the offensive line stopped blocking for him. The Saints made great halftime adjustments, and the Bucs OL was not ready for it.

    It shows in the QB Hits and sacks.

  50. AlteredEgo Says:

    We have preety much seen everything in Jamyth’s bag of tricks……play his 5 year contract out and even ndog et al…will know if he deserves and new long term Buc contract….I wish it will be different but I am not counting on anymore than what we have seen…sad for all

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tickrdr Says
    “Brett Favre in his 4th season starting, had 38 TDs and 13 INTs.”

    This is wrong. That is Favre’s fifth year…although his forth year was not far off from that: 33 TDS 14 INTs

    The biggest difference is that Favre was only sacked 96 times in that span, whereas Winston has been sacked 117 times.

    Also, Winston’s season is not over yet.

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    When people say Winston is like Favre, it is not stat-wise, it is playing style. Both take or took high risks, both believed they could make any throw, and both made boneheaded attempts at plays they should not have.

  53. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe is going to make this nice and simple….

    Are the Rams fans happy they fired their Head Coach and moved on?

    Are the Bears fans happy they fired their Head Coach and moved on?

    Change is good”

    Kobe Faker

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m looking at this the way I assume the owners are. I’m not giving Winston a pass for this year, but I am giving him another year to prove himself because of all the issues this year, whether some of those issues were Winston’s fault or not.

    There are not going to be any better QBs available in the draft, free agency or, heaven forbid, the CFL. Not this year. So really, we have no choice but to give Winston another year.

  55. Billyjs3 Says:

    Mlb network host talking football??? Hmmm stay in your lane and stop spitting all over the microphone

  56. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Unless we want to tank next year. Which means yet another head coach afterward.

  57. D1QB Says:


    Favre had a much stronger arm than Winston and He legitimately had reason to believe He could make a high risk throw.

    Murray is a tremendous talent and He wouldn’t be a downgrade.

  58. tickrdr Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    December 15th, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    tickrdr Says
    “Brett Favre in his 4th season starting, had 38 TDs and 13 INTs.”

    This is wrong. That is Favre’s fifth year…although his forth year was not far off from that: 33 TDS 14 INTs

    The biggest difference is that Favre was only sacked 96 times in that span, whereas Winston has been sacked 117 times.

    Also, Winston’s season is not over yet.
    I see you are counting the FOUR passing attempts during Favre’s rookie season.
    I also mentioned his 4th year “starting”, so there’s that. So you are saying that Favre had 33 TDs and 14 INTs during his THIRD year starting. OK, now I see the comparison?????

    While Favre getting sacked less often than Winston may reflect better OL play, it could just as likely reflect better athleticism than Winston, and certainly QUICKER and BETTER decision making overall.

    As far as Winston’s season not being over, he only needs 8 TDs per game to make up the deficit (38 vs 14 so far for Winston).


    BTW#2: Winston does only need 3 more TDs vs. the Ravens to match the 17 TDs by Fitzpatrick with 24 FEWER passes so far this year., so there’s that.

  59. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Winners win and losers lose. Enough said

  60. tnew Says:

    Challenge any of you to go back and re-watch the second half of last weeks game and count the number of throws Winston missed vs the opportunities he truly had.

    When Koetter is gone, we will see if Winston is the issue. I judge coaches based on how good of a situation they get their players in. I judge the the player on the execution and decision based on what is available. Watch the film and do the same.

  61. DB55 Says:

    [There’s no injury. — Joe]

  62. Lamarcus Says:

    I’m still confused about what “big game” we have played?

    Or this is a reach as to why not to keep him?

  63. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man I’m so tired of the racism in the NFL. They anterlize black quarterbacks harder than white quarterbacks . They don’t give white running backs a chance to be a starter. They tell white coner backs that have been playing the position all there life to change their position to wr . They tell black quarterbacks that they are not smart enough. They will never say a black quarterback is the best in the league regardless how good he plays his hold time in the league. He will never be better than all the white quarterbacks . Why is it every time they say best quarterback in the NFL is all ways white. I think Russell Wilson is the best quarterback in the NFL right now. But the national media will never say that about him and you can look at his hold time in the NFL he never had a bad year. Now I know football is a team game but look at what he has to work with and he still wins now his coaching is good just like big Ben and Brady, Brees as well but they don’t talk about how good the coaching is for those guys. That’s why I say we need to stand behind Jamies and support him as a fan . He will be ok . I’m ready to see white coner backs and white running backs as well a complete diverse game at all positions and than judged them all the same way without looking at his race first . Cause people do that all the time rather they want to amid it or not . Let’s stand behind Jamies and really root for him and I think he will be all right . Go bucs…..

  64. Lamarcus Says:

    Yeah also want to add that I can guess there like 7-10 highest Qb paid players in the league hasn’t won big games…. But JW is a no?

  65. Joe Says:

    Not a big fan of Russo, but he is exactly right.
    Winston has found out that playing QB in the NFL is much different than playing QB in the Pudd-Filled ACC.

    Or against an SEC champion? 🙂

  66. adam from ny Says:

    it’ll be a new day in tampa bay when dirk shaves off the egg filled muskrat beard…if he shaves it winning shall occur…switch it up dirk

  67. adam from ny Says:

    playing baltimore is like playing pittsburgh…they are a hard hitting tough team…and have been for many years…ever watch when pitt plays balt???…tough games…i wonder if the bucs will crumble to the toughness like they did to pittsburgh…harbaugh is gonna use the pitt game on monday night as a blueprint to attack the bucs in some ways, and see if they buckle to hard play…remember conte was freight trained…then mccoy gave multiple apologies to ben…get ready, the ravens are gonna bring the hammer down if they can…and it will be kinda chilly too…

    by half time i could be playing pocket pool at the local watering hole if the bucs are pussyfooting around

  68. D1QB Says:


    Jameis Winston is part of arguably the most frustrating groups of quarterbacks. His talent is undeniable; he’s not where everything is terrible. He’s also not an Alex Smith-type, a steady, unspectacular game manager. Winston’s highs are so high; he can do fantastic things … but his lows are among the lowest in the league. And at this point, I don’t know there’s much you can do to fix that.

    If the team has plans to modernize the Offense then they need to get a modern QB. Murray is the best option if the team is moving forward.

  69. unbelievable Says:

    So is a 2-score lead now considered garbage time?

    Does that mean the entire Saints comeback was in garbage time? Or is it only garbage time if you don’t come back and get the win?

    I’m so confused

  70. Bucko40 Says:

    Winston knee stiffned and he couldn’t play effectively. What a load of crap. Aaron Rodgers injury against the Bears in week one was far worse. The guy was barely able to stand. What did he do? He led the Packers to a come from behind win. He’s played with that injury all season. Great QB find ways to win games. Even when their OL and Running game aren’t there to help

  71. unbelievable Says:


    Rodgers is one of, if not the most talented QB to ever play the game.

    No one compares to him based on individual skill and ability.

  72. AlteredEgo Says:

    OneilBucs…wishing you a white Christmas…..SMH…

  73. Dapostman Says:


    Then why is Aaron Rodgers 5-7-1. If it’s all about the QB shouldn’t he be 10-3 or 9-4? You guys who constantly harp on the QB are clueless since it takes a village to win in the NFL not just a HOF QB.

  74. Grt1 Says:

    Bucko is Rodgers finding a way to win this season, no he’s not. Dude is possibly the most talented QB in NFL history but only has 1, repeat 1 super bowl. It’s a team sport internet idiot.

  75. Ndog Says:

    So when you are getting hit every play, receivers aren’t getting open and the other team knows you are going to throw cause you can’t run the ball you’re supposed to win anyways got it. This expectation is very reasonable as this happens all the time right? I mean look at Drew Brees and how when he did when getting hit all the time and they couldn’t run at all vs Dallas he still tore it up and they beat Dallas. Oh wait a minute…..

  76. Ndog Says:

    Dapostman Says:
    December 15th, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    “played Drew Brees to a draw”. That means Winston had the same game as Brees had.

    Brees’s running game had a better game than Winston’s running game. Do you disagree?

    Brees’s place kicker had a better game than Winston’s place kicker. Do you disagree?

    Brees’s special teams had a better game than Winston’s special teams. Do you disagree?

    Makes perfect sense to me to see that Winston can not over come a bad team just like Brees did not over come a bad Saints team when he won 7 games three years in a row.

    I actually disagree that Jameis played Brees to a draw, as Jameis had a better day than Brees. He didn’t turn the ball over and was under much, much more pressure all day. The facts are Jameis was asked to do much more, like always, and couldn’t beat a very good team alone, that is really all we watched last Sunday.

  77. Ed Says:

    I’m starting to believe that NFL players, especially quarterbacks are their best as they age. The 5 best quarterbacks in the NFL right now as far as leadership and bringing their teams back are in no particular order:

    Drew Brees
    Tom Brady
    Aaron Rogers
    Philip Rivers
    Big Ben

    Everyone of these guys are the oldest QB’s starting in the NFL. I’m convinced that no quarterback is worth paying the bucks for unless they’ve proven their greatness for more than their rookie contracts.

    Why would you throw big money at Winston, he’s a decent quarterback from game to game but no way is he consistent or ever won an NFL game that had playoff implications. He is a real up and down QB, too young to throw big money at.

    Brad Johnson and Jeff Garcia were the last decent QB’s on the Bucs.

  78. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Unfortunately there breakdowns in the first half that prevented us from pulling away from the Saints. There were a few overthrows and high passes. Godwin dropped passes on key plays. missed Kick. IMO, the team should have made the most of drives in the first half. But few expected the meltdown in the second half.
    A lot more people than just the QB contributed their share of problems for the offense.

  79. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    This is why talking heads suck. So the offense being stifled by the Saints in the 2nd half had nothing to do with the Offensive line turning into a sieve huh Russo? Puh-lease.

  80. D1QB Says:


    Excellent point.

    I’d suggest that had the two FG attps been successful and the punt not blocked,
    this would be a different discussion. Which is why I’m surprised this week has been about half time adjustments, outcoached, and somehow Jamies Winston.
    Only Buc activists will protest against everything possible except the 3 negitative results that cost points and turned the momentum of the game around.

  81. Owlykat Says:

    Grt1 you are right. What irritates me is if Brees or any other top QBs in the NFL were as pressured and sacked as many times as Jameis was in the second half not to mention have as many penalties and bad kicks and terrible special teams play and an injury to their plant foot they would have lost too. Yet the media and some of the nay sayers here blame Jameis for the loss. Just look how poorly the Saints did in the first half when our D. just throttled their running game and sacked and pressured Brees—he had zero touchdowns in the first half just like Jameis had zero TDs in our second half. Yet Brees is a great QB but Jameis failed to put his team on his back! Rediculous! If you want to see the Bucs win they will have to fire Koetter just so they can fire Useless Warhop and build a competent OL.

  82. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Lazy journalism, searching for stories in box scores causes idiotic ideas like this to feed the idiotic fans that believe them.

  83. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Oh and I’ll also add that it wasn’t just the second half the Oline sucked, that just happened to be when Jameis wasn’t able to use his legs to cover up his Olines mistakes. I’ve watched the game a few times and they started breaking down by the second quarter. Jameis Winston was keeping this offense afloat almost single handedly in the first half.

  84. TBTemojin Says:

    People wanting to boot Jameis for a Rookie QB need to watch Sam Darnold play….. No thanks these rookies are QBs are trash!!!

  85. AleteredEgo Says:

    TBTemojin Says:
    December 15th, 2018 at 7:35 pm
    People wanting to boot Jameis for a Rookie QB need to watch Sam Darnold play….. No thanks these rookies are QBs are trash!!!
    Watch Lamar tomorrow…he’s the black QB

  86. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    Lamar Jackson has started 4 games this season. He has 687 passing yards, passing 4 TD’s, 3 INT’s, and a passer rating of 79.9. He also has 8 fumbles. I’ll definitely be watching him tomorrow.

  87. SOEbuc Says:

    Definitly not all on Jameis. That entire team took an Isaiah Johnson blast into the wall after that blocked punt.

  88. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    Alterego showing your true colors. White QB’s have the best results because they have had the most opportunities. They also have the most failures. Mad Dog is using different criterias to measure Jameis’ performance as a QB than what he uses for white QB’s.

    The offensive line is terrible, but Jameis uses his talent so the offensive line does not present as terrible as it actually performs. Jameis is punished for his performance. Plain and simple, you are a racist liar.

  89. Oneilbucs Says:

    Ed have you looked at their teams? Look who is coaching them and look at their hold team and their defense and running game. Jamies have never had a team like that. They wouldn’t win with this team eather. And they wouldn’t get blame for the losses eather. Look how they gave Andrew Luck passes cause of the same kind of team and coaching that Jamies have now .

  90. D1QB Says:


    Sam Darnold’ s play today is comparable with Winston. The ones where He is playing at his best.

    But if Darnolds trash, JW shouldn’t be in the league.
    Nice job……

  91. AlteredEgo Says:

    Thisisagarbageblog Says:
    December 15th, 2018 at 10:40 pm
    Alterego showing your true colors. White QB’s have the best results because they have had the most opportunities

    I’ve been cheering black QB’s probably before you were born…and played HS football with black teammates 1964 Virginia…

  92. C. Alaka Says:

    What’s up Joe! Game Day Sunday & I’m still not recovered from last week. W/ that being said I’m a HUGE Jameis fan. I agree q/ you tho.

    I think Dirk has made it publicly known that QB turnovers (Jameis turnovers) are the reason they were losing. Forget about his BFF giving up 500+ yds & 30+ points a game

    So now Jameis has made it his business to show that even turnover free that’s not gonna solve the issue. He’s taking the aggressive nature of Jameis outta him. More reason why Dirk has to go, I think he’s ruining Jameis.