Month Of Torture

December 15th, 2018

Decembers have become horrible for Bucs fans.

December is supposed to be a festive time of the year. You know, holiday parties, Santa and good will toward all men?

When it comes to watching the Bucs in December, fans just want to throw a bucket of Treasure Island beach sand in someone’s face and then pour warm Miller Lites all over them before calling the cops.

In the post-Chucky era, when the team went from respectable and contending for division titles to being the NFL’s version of used toilet paper, December has been positively brutal for the Bucs.

Joe broke down the December record since Chucky was jettisoned on that dark Friday afternoon in January 2009, and it is simply revolting. (This is only December; the Bucs had some January games — obviously not meaningful January games as in playoffs.)

Behold the December numbers. Not one winning record. Not one.

2009: 2-2
2010: 2-2
2011: 0-4
2012: 1-4
2013: 1-4
2014: 0-4
2015: 1-3
2016: 2-2
2017: 1-4
2018: 1-1*

Total: 11-30

* — Three games remaining.

That is just outrageous and enough to make every season ticket holder demand answers from Team Glazer. Why tolerate this crap? It is pathetic.

If the Bucs lose one more game this season, they’ll have a decade of non-winning Decembers. (And we all remember Chucky’s 0-4 December collapse of 2008.)

Want to know one reason why the Bucs have become Cleveland South? Right here is your answer.

How can a team ever make the playoffs when they shat the bed down the stretch each and every year?

Mentally soft? Probably. Bad coaching? Probably. Not enough good players? Probably. Dudes checking out thinking of holidays with their families and hanging in the Bahamas in January with warm island women and cold tropical umbrella drinks? Likely.

There really is only one word for a team that has an ugly habit of folding its tent each year in December.


19 Responses to “Month Of Torture”

  1. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Solid research and reporting here, Joe. I can’t recall even one clutch performance in the past decade plus. Two years ago…beat a downtrodden Saints squad and you’re in the playoffs? Nope. Time and again a letdown/lay down. No wonder I’ve become a bitter Bucs fan. Much like my 3 pack a day cig/heater addiction…I just can’t quit, however. 🙂

  2. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    The Bucs have become “The Grinch” of the NFL for all of us Buccaneer Fans! Santa new GM,COACH, and Coaching staff please. Throw in a featured tailback and 3 or 4 olinemen please and a respectable defense for 2019. And Bad Santa take McCoy & Djax back with you

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Who wanted Koetter and Jason licht back this year?

    JBF and 99% of the posters here”

    Kobe Faker

  4. VFL98 Says:

    All on the the owners!! I blame it on them. They hire the wrong people time and time again. There are 31 other owners who run there team with the same rules and salary cap as the Bucs. No Excuse to be this bad for this long except for the OWNERS have no idea how to run a football team. Until they sell the team don’t expect anything more than this. SAD!!

  5. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Tampa bay!!!!!

  6. Loyaltotheend Says:


    Only one of the new coaching hires is in the playoffs currently. Can’t fire a head coach after 1 losing season. It would’ve been borderline moronic to fire Dirk after 2 years.

    Now if you wanna say he should’ve made staff changes u have a point

  7. Kobe Faker Says:


    Tampa fired Lovie after 2 years

    Lovie @ HC, Klueless @OC and Gump contained from picking a kicker was trending up

    Kobe would have liked to see those 3 together for a few years

    More accountability and separation of powers with 3”

    Kobe Faker

  8. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Your above scenario would have just delayed the inevitable for 3 years. Lovie would have lost 10 games a year, but Dirk’s offense would have been pretty good. So we would have ended up with 3 years of each. 6 years of losing.

    At least at this point we have a chance to try and start fresh again.

  9. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Actually the offense was best with Lovie as HC and koetter beside him forced to run the ball

    Lovie always knew the importance of builing the o line

    He made sure koetter called running plays and use the running back position in the passing game

    Koetter is a better coach with bounderies. Too many options and forced to make desicions hurts his potatoe head”

    Kobe Faker

  10. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Kobe says
    “Koetter is a better coach with boundaries.”


    Interesting thought there, man. Well expressed.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    The last 16 years without a single meaningful win has been torture for fans with any standards… Optimism is one thing but blindly being stupid is a completely different issue right Bonzi!!!!!

    It’s really very simple Joe and you know this…. Glazers have no intentions of fielding a quality product and even if they did they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt they don’t know how to field a respectable product. Simply no leadership, accountability or standards at one buc circus tent. you can not be this bad for this long without trying to be this bad…. bucs are 100% incompetent from the owners to the janitors. with apologies to the janitors

  12. OldBucFan Says:

    The last 3 years have been Koetter’s fault 100%. He insisted on keeping Mike Smith in the DC position. That’s entirely on him. Smith submarined this team. Smith is a buffoon. And Koetter insisted on keeping him due to loyalty.

    The Glazers should have insisted on cutting Smith last year.

  13. Howard Cosell Says:

    Scheme Glazer
    Bucs Life!

  14. Howard Cosell Says:

    It’s sad, so sad (so sad)
    It’s a sad, sad situation
    And it’s getting more and more absurd

  15. Bosch Says:

    Why tolerate this crap? There is NO reason to tolerate it. The pathetic Glazer have indeed answered their season ticket holders’ questions. And the answer is “not only do we suck, but there is no hope of righting the ship because no self respecting front office, GM, or head coach would consider working for any organization we lead.” There is only one solution. Turn in your season tickets and BOYCOTT THE GLAZERS, in order to force them to SELL THE TEAM!!!!

  16. Season Is Over Says:

    I’m glad it took the media a decade to figure this out. This website is always a year behind the reality of the situation. The average fan figured this out long ago and you called them “haters” among other things. People never forget.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say Joe, that Pic of Snata use to ne me prior to evey Bucs game..we talkin years here. Now though, I already know what to expect so I..proudly pour about 8 shots of what I’m drinkin, I line them up and have 4 before the game starts with a Moosehead to..ease the coming..agony of Defeat. By games end, its like Ohh well, we lost another one huh?

  18. unbelievable Says:

    Let’s not pretend it was great when Chucky was here either:

    2008: 0-4
    2007: 1-4
    2006: 1-4
    2005: 3-1
    2004: 0-4
    2003: 2-2

    In fact you could almost argue it was worse, or at the very least, it was the same. Only once did get above .500 after the SuperBowl season.

    Sad times Buc fans.

  19. orlbucfan Says: