Jameis Lauds Dirk Koetter, Says Bucs Control Their Destiny

December 13th, 2018

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, waved a flag for Dirk Koetter this afternoon at One Buc Palace.

Joe asked Jameis whether he personally (as well as the team) feels like he’s fighting for their head coach, given where the team is.

“Yeah, I’m always fighting for my head coach,” Jameis said. “Every week I think we all are. We got a lot of respect for that man. He holds us to high standards, and we got to hold ourselves to those standards.”

Asked about the loss to the Saints devastating the Bucs’ playoff chances, Jameis said, “we still control our destiny” and all players should want to be upbeat and ready to play.

“We have to win and that’s all,” Jameis said.

For those wondering, at 5-8 the Bucs do not control their playoff destiny. But they are alive mathematically, which ex-Bucs GM Mark Dominik says is important to Team Glazer’s evaluation process.

70 Responses to “Jameis Lauds Dirk Koetter, Says Bucs Control Their Destiny”

  1. asdf Says:

    “we still control our destiny”………..yeah……….right………

  2. Robert Says:

    he’s like maxine waters, just spouting jibberish you want to hear while there’s rocks between the ears.

    #clueless #crabman

  3. deminion Says:

    JW still classy even when koetter crapped on him all yr

  4. cgmaster Says:

    Robert, the irony of your post is not lost on some of us.

  5. Jaywill Says:

    Robert shut your bigotry up. Is he supposed to be like Arod and throw his coach under the bus

  6. JP Says:

    Jaywill. How was Roberts statement “bigotry”? I assume your talking about race?

  7. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    hahahaha, good one cgmaster

  8. JP Says:

    Jaywill, how was his statement “bigotry”? Are you pulling the race card?

  9. AlteredEgo Says:

    Kisses of death all about

  10. Mikey Says:

    Taking the high road is wise. Good move, JW

  11. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jamyth is going to try of out do Lamar…..and step in his own do do….play it again sham

  12. JIMMY T Says:

    Hey Robert
    slightly racist much?
    One thing I know for SURE is Jameis got into STANFORD because of BRAINS not athletics & he would blow u away in the classroom & in LIFE AS WELL!!
    Since u seem to need a little help when Jameis said they control their destiny the BUCS could be 0-12 & they would still control their destiny. It’s about playing hard & not giving up! That’s what he meant WIT!!!

  13. Lamarcus Says:

    What the hell is he supposed to say?

  14. zzbuc Says:

    Deminion…..respectfully…when you turn the ball over 4 times in 3 quarters of a game you will be benched 9 out of 10 times…… You can like Koetter as a head coach or you can not…..But Mr Koetter has been the classiest guy on the Bucs ever had….. PLease remember when JW did BIG stupid things inside and outside the field Coach Koetter show big time class behaviour…….

  15. JIMMY T Says:

    This site for whatever reason attracts ASSHOLES LIKE ROBERT! This site panders to LOSERS like that !! PATHETIC

  16. WyldKat Says:

    At least this makes more sense than the “Let’s Eat a W” thing. So HooYaY!

  17. westernbuc Says:

    No doubt this will cause confusion among the Fire Koetter crowd. Fact is this team likes Koetter. That should matter

  18. JIMMY T Says:

    HEy Zz BUC
    Jameis had ONE BAD GAME THIS YEAR, ONE!! He played great against Falcons, they won and he dropped back 62 times w a 14 point lead vs Browns & he was trashed for NO REASON! He deserved to be benched after Cincy game but NOT FOR 3 FREAKING GAMES. That is where KOETTER LOST ME! FITZ SPIT THE BED IN those games and as HC he should have known there was NO MAGIC LEFT IN THE TANK! Jameis showed class by supporting DIRK but we have really hateful people in this town. To HATE someone is bad enough but these Jameis haters r over the top! I wish Jameis could play for the Giants, or the Broncos, they would benefit and have a star QB, RB & WR for 10 years plus!! The BUCS r smart enough NOT TO LET THAT HAPPEN but I’m sure Jameis has had enough of the BIAS media & fans in this hillbilly town

  19. RJCHRIS Says:

    Jimmy T…. How is Robert being a racist ? I have seen enough of JW IMHO its time to move on. Can you honestly tell me JW is worth 21M….

  20. mixxx31 Says:

    Robert, did JW kick you a$$ in high school or something?

  21. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Once again Jamies’s actions on the field (especially 2nd half) don’t match his words

  22. teacherman777 Says:

    We are not out of it by any means!

    A few years ago, a 7-9 Seahawks team won the NFC West! They beat the Saints that year while Marshawn Lynch made a name for himself.

    8-8 could still get us through.

    The Glazers should definitely keep Koetter if we go 8-8.

    We have the #1 offense in the freakin NFL!!

    1st time in Bucs History!

    1. Extend Humphries and of course cut or trade D-Jax
    2. Extend Demar Dotson for 2-3 more
    2. Extend Kwon Alexander at median starting MLB salary, not top 10
    3. Extend Donovan Smith at median starting LT salary or TAG him not top 10 talent
    4. Draft one of the best guards in the country in the 2nd round
    5. Draft the best DE or DT available in the 1st round (always D-line in the 1st)
    6. Draft the best RB available in the 3rd round

    4-7- who knows!? more depth at LB, C/OG, FB, CB,

  23. unbelievable Says:

    Robert is just a bitter old racist who spouts nothing but nonsense and hate. Luckily his generation is dying out.

  24. deminion Says:

    he had that bad game against cincy so what notice fitz never won another game this yr that should tell us something. fitz gave them the worst chance to lose lol

  25. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Aparently joe allows racist comments about blacks on his site but censors anyone calling out someone for being a racist bigot

  26. Robert Says:

    what I said is not racist. I can think of no one dumber than her. If I wanted an example of someone who likes to sound smart but is a twit I would say dennis miller.

    jaboo got in on brains…. AR YOU F-NG serious. His actions speak for themselves. If not for sports he would have been kicked out. Notice I didn’t say skin color.

    carry on.

  27. Robert Says:

    funny how people who follow the NFL are always calling everyone racist.

    pot, meet kettle

  28. 813bucboi Says:


    lol….thats what i said….lol….

    what else is he suppose to say….the truth?….lol….

    nawl, folks cant handle the truth…..if winston wouldve said, “we knew this season was over after the WAS lost….we’re just listening to a dead man walking”…folks would be flipping out….

    KRIS RICHARD 4 HC!!!!!


  29. jmarkbuc Says:

    “No doubt this will cause confusion among the Fire Koetter crowd. Fact is this team likes Koetter. That should matter”

    Nice guys finish last.

  30. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^ Our very own Lee Roy Selmon disproved that one, @jmarkbuc.

    Just sayin 😉

  31. jmarkbuc Says:

    Really Demon?

    You gonna split hairs with me on that? Apples and Oranges.

    This team likes Koetter the way High School kids like a substitute teacher.

    Free Day!!! Let’s watch movies!!

  32. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    jmark, definitely not splitting hairs with ya, man, just sharing some light-heartedness. — We disagree sometimes, but your thoughts are always respected. Cheers & Go Bucs.

  33. jmarkbuc Says:

    I appreciate that Demon..

    On a side note, I was extremely fortunate to entertain Lee Roy and Claybra several times. Fantastic people.

    My most prized sports possessions are the Jersey and Original Bucs helmet he signed for me on one of those occasions…wish Joe would let us post pics.

    There is not a finer man than Lee Roy Selmon.

  34. Jean Lafitte Says:

    this season should always be referred to as

    “The season Jameis killed Coach Koetter”

  35. teacherman777 Says:

    If we win, and

    1. Green Bay loses to Chicago
    2. The Redskins lose to Jacksonville
    3. Minnesota loses to Miami
    4. Philadelphia loses to the Rams

    we are all tied at 6-8.

    Chicago is way better than the Packers.
    The Redskins have Mark Sanchez
    Minnesota is crumbling
    Philadephia is starting Nick Foles against the RAMS!

    We are still in it!!

    Go Bucs!
    Comment of the day. Love the optimism!!–Joe

  36. 813bucboi Says:


    if we all end up 8-8, i believe the deciding factor would be point differential (i could be wrong)….

    with as many points the defense has given up, i think we still get left out in the cold(again)…..


  37. jmarkbuc Says:


    I love the optimism as well…I just think that everybody we needed to lose last week did. Don’t know if there is enough luck in the world to make it happen again

  38. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Awesome stuff man, thanks so much for sharing those memories about the great Lee Roy Selmon. So incredibly proud to be associated with him as a Tampa Bay resident and Bucs fan.

  39. AlteredEgo Says:

    Best I can tell….the only ones labeling others as racists…are the racists…

  40. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Robert you’re a Trump supporter? I am so shocked!

  41. miken Says:

    @teacherman777, Im with you and hope those things happen… unfortunatly, we play on Sunday too

  42. teacherman777 Says:

    And oh yea, New Orleans must beat Carolina too.

    And it would be good if the Giants lost also.

  43. Dooshlarue Says:

    I believe everything that Jameis says.
    He’s never lied before……. right?

    And what is the sh!t about Stanford and racism?

  44. ben Says:

    Goodbye Winston ..wishing good luck as a 2nd string qb somewhere .

  45. Bucsfanman Says:

    JIMMY T- “One bad game”?! You seriously said that?!!
    I was going to let it go but, you can’t possibly believe that?! Really dude?!
    The FACT is that Jameis is NOT the QB that almost EVERYBODY thought he’d be at this point.
    ONE! Bad……..game?! AND, Benenoch is an elite RG! SMH!

  46. JIMMY T Says:

    Hey BUCS fan man
    Name the games! He started what 6 games and had ONE BAD GAME unless u r seeking perfection. U can’t count Chicago game so do the research I did and I am right! Your brain is so filled w HATE u can’t even remember the games this year. How this
    Falcons – 1st start awesome game
    Browns – won in OT w a kicker we win in REG . Jameis ran 10 for 55 w A TD & 1 pick in REG. Dropped back 62 f ING times w a 2 TD LEAD yet 1 pick in REG & 1 in OT & we win so to me that’s a great game!
    CINCY – BAD GAME 4 picks benched
    Giants – came off the bench led them to 4 straight TD drives
    49ers- great game & a win
    PANTHERS- great game and a win
    Saints- great 1st half! 14-3 lead should have been 20-3 . Saints outcoached. BUCS STAFF!
    So smartguy u tell me what I am missing???? I BAD GAME! If u can’t see that then u # 1 don’t know football & #2 it’s not about football to you it’s about HATE 100%

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    JIMMY T- You’re funny dude! Your passion for Jameis is unparalleled! And by “unparalleled”, I mean on the verge of stalker-ism. You’re right. You showed me.
    Kindly pull your ENTIRE head out of Jameis behind before you make yourself look even more ridiculous. For your own sake.

  48. BrianBucs Says:

    Nobody cares what America’s Crotchgrabber And Liar has to say..
    Maybe he, Licht and Koetter can move onto their next team together and ruin it like they have the Bucs

  49. Ndog Says:

    Bucsfanman please tell us all how he is wrong with actual facts! See those things seem to allude the Jameis haters.

  50. Ndog Says:

    There you go Brainbucs more hard core facts to support your hate. Nice job

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    @teacherman777 … “8-8 could still get us through.
    The Glazers should definitely keep Koetter if we go 8-8.
    We have the #1 offense in the freakin NFL!!”

    Oh WOW teacherman. You have definitely been drinking that funning water that Joe’s been serving. IF we win our last 3 games and get all the way to 8-8, how far do you REALLY think this team would go in the playoffs? And if the Glazers fired Tony Dungy (9-7 last year) and Jon Gruden (9-7 last year), why would they keep Dirk Koetter when he goes 8-8?

    And Bucs being the #1 NFL offense is laughable. TOTAL YARDAGE means absolutely zip, zero, nada (and we’re now #2 there BTW after last Sunday’s debacle). Bucs have 332 POINTS SCORED (25.5 YPG average) on the season ranking us #10 (largely because we also happen to lead the league in turnovers). The team that ranks ahead of us (#1) in TOTAL YARDAGE is Kansas City, and they also happen to be #1 with 471 POINTS SCORED on the season (36.2 YPG average … OVER 10 PPG MORE than our Bucs have scored with almost exactly the same TOTAL YARDAGE).

    Oh, and forgot to mention that the chiefs are sporting a 11-2 record right now, despite having a defense that’s as bad as ours for all practical purposes. Ya, we’re #1 all-right.

  52. BrianBucs Says:


    Do you actually ever watch real football or do you just play Madden?
    Leave the real football discussions to the adults

  53. Ndog Says:

    Again BrianBucs providing more tremendous insight with his factless based opinion. That for playing sir.

  54. Ndog Says:

    Jean Lafitte Says:
    December 13th, 2018 at 4:11 pm
    this season should always be referred to as

    “The season Jameis killed Coach Koetter”

    That’s funny I didn’t know Jameis decided to keep Mike Smith, play Beneoch, not play Ronald Jones and decide we don’t need to run the ball. Thanks for filling us all in on all the power Jameis has Jean.

  55. Mort Says:

    Listen, it’s mid December and we are talking about playoff chances. If that’s not arrow up then I don’t know what is. It may not be the season we wanted, but it IS progress compared to what we had with Schiano and Lovie, that’s for sure. Oh, and certainly compared to Jon Gruden – who almost all of you suggested we hire to replace Koetter.

    Keep Koetter and give Duff a chance to make the defense great this offseason. Offense is already in a pretty decent spot. Imagine if we actually had a right guard and right tackle.

  56. Ndog Says:

    This ^^^^guy. SMH

  57. ATLBuc Says:

    Jean Lafitte
    Koetter did it to himself by bringing Smitty back.

  58. Bucsfan3 Says:

    Robert – Take your racist rear elsewhere. There is no room for bigots on the Bucs bandwagon. #GetOff

  59. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    On a lighter note… Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms

  60. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ndog- your assertion is that Jameis has had ONE bad game?! Do you actually watch the games? I’m not trying to be funny.
    If the above is your assertion, there is no point in conversation.
    On a separate note, Jameis was walking on water in Tampa Bay while dolphins, in formation, ran routes for him.
    True story!

  61. Tval Says:

    Keep dreaming, Ben. He’s a starter on 20+ teams in the league. Don’t be upset the bucs have a trash supporting cast.

  62. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    @Bucsfanman & JIMMY T

    It’s amazing how much vitriol is in our arguments these days on JBF. — I think where it comes to you guys and the topic (Jameis Winston),, just like most things in life…. the truth is neither of those extremes… the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    I do share the belief that Jameis has huge seasons ahead of him, and I truly hope that they are here in Tampa Bay.

  63. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Ndog Says:
    “That’s funny I didn’t know Jameis decided to keep Mike Smith, play Benenoch, not play Ronald Jones and decide we don’t need to run the ball.”


    Very true, Ndog. — Man, the Benenoch thing frustrates me more and more all of the time. How in the HELL do we not have SOMEONE who could have stepped in for him at ANY point? Wasn’t Kevin Pamphile a lot more serviceable than this guy?

  64. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Bucsfanman Says:
    “Jameis was walking on water in Tampa Bay while dolphins, in formation, ran routes for him.”


    You have to admit, man, that this would be PRETTY fricking cool. — That would DEFINITELY make Sports Center.

  65. Oneilbucs Says:

    The people on this site that want Jamies gone is stupid and don’t know football. We need defense and a running back not quarterback. Jamies has prove that he can help a team win but if you play with a 32 rank defense and a 30 rank running game when your quarterback is the lead rusher and the game with 47 yards and your running back has 15 carries for 40 yards you are going to lose. Look at the saints they couldn’t win nothing without a running game and Brees put up all those numbers and still went 5 n 11 6 n 10 and 7 n 9 . They started running the ball last year and they made the playoffs. And this year the running game is why the saints are doing good and the defense is playing good, but yall hate for Jamies is blinding yall . Ain’t no rookie quarterback is going to help us win are change the way the defense is playing or making the running game better. The coaching is the real problem and the GM not Jamies.

  66. Bucsfanman Says:

    Demon- It’s a microcosm of our society today. I had an opposing view and it devolved into name-calling.
    My stance on the subject is that Jameis is not the QB we expected him to be by this point. I think that’s a fair assessment.
    Could he get better? Sure, and I’d very much like to see that as a Bucs fan. I don’t hate anyone, nor do I have blind faith. I’m just a fan who wants to see his team win.
    I thought the dolphins were a nice touch too! LOL!

  67. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Haha, Cheers @Bucsfanman! — Go Bucs and have a great weekend!

  68. Bucsfanman Says:

    Cheers! You too!
    Go Bucs!

  69. TOM Says:

    All I can say is JW you are so full of it you stink. But I do think you bought yourself one more year.

  70. JIMMY T Says:

    Hey Brian
    It’s not about FOOTBALL ITS ALL ABOUT HATE! Do u call Ben Rothlesberger a Creep or Crouch grabber? No I’m sure u woukd if he was here! Probably would have defended him! Got suspended for it too! Jameis will be here for many years and with a real coaching staff he will succeed here! Total fools u all are