Jackson Doesn’t Appear Hurt

December 20th, 2018

Ready to rock Sunday?

As we know, Bucs speedy if not disgruntled wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been dealing with a mangled thumb in recent weeks. It has kept him out of the lineup since the Bucs’ win over San Francisco in November.

Jackson has practiced this week and it seems as though he will be ready to play Sunday if Jackson doesn’t re-injure his thumb or have another ailment of some sort.

In practice today, Buccaneers.com reporter Carmen Vitali captured Jackson in action. Fielding a pass from journeyman backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jackson hauled in the pass one-handed using his right hand which has the injured thumb.

If Jackson can make smooth catches like that with his bad hand, Joe assumes he can do the same in a game at Jerry’s World.

39 Responses to “Jackson Doesn’t Appear Hurt”

  1. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

    We’re gonna miss DJax’s ability to spread the field next year.

  2. LakeLand Says:

    The next coaching staff might not want to spread the field,not as much as Koetter. DJax was needed in Koetter high-octane vertical offense. The next staff might go a different route.

  3. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    That’s a good point. Koetter’s offense does not work without a guy who can spread the field, as we’ve seen in the games without OJ and DJax. However, I think our personnel limits what we can do for a scheme, because it’s no secret that we really don’t have any speedy YAC guys, so it’s almost like we have to run a verticles offense to get us down the field.


    Doesn’t matter, this team vs. Dallas is a talent mis-match, Dallas has talent, the Bucs, well, not enough, so yes, limited talent.

  5. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Since it took a really long time to post to the site I want to put this back out there for the 11 game Winston road losing streak stat:

    Here’s some “excuses” / context:

    -In those 11 games the D has given up an average of 32 points per game

    -The worst D in the entire league in 2018 gives up 29.9 points per game

    -In those 11 games the D held the other team under 30 points 3 times:

    1. Last week. Offense sh** the bed against #1 D in the league (Ravens).
    2. 2017 @ Panthers. Winston put us ahead in the 4th quarter only for D to give up a game winning TD drive with only enough time for a gadget play.
    3. 2017 @ Packers. Winston put us ahead in the 4th quarter only to never see the field again as the D gave up a game tying drive late to Brett Hundley and then a game winning TD drive 1st possession in OT.

    There was also a 30 point loss to Buffalo in these games in which Winston put the team ahead in the 4th only to watch the D choke it away to Tyrod Taylor.

    So basically in this sample size we have had the worst defense in the entire NFL. Most QBs go 0-11 in that scenario. Regardless Winston had 3 potential game winning drives in this period of time; 2 of which came in the only 3 games we held a team under 30 points.

    But yeah QB has been our problem. Not an awful defense for the last 5-10 years… Let’s keep talking about the 24 YO QB who has turned this great franchise to sh**.

    Oh wait this franchise was sh** when he got here nevermind

  6. Buc believer Says:

    LMAO!!! Mangled thumb!!! You wanna see mangled??? Look at Jpps hand or lack of it THAT is mangled!!! Djax is a P…Y!!!

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    players don’t quit on organizations that have leadership. bucs organization understands how to cater to career losers like cancer93, lvd and dotston however, when it comes to nfl talent bucs are lost. what a circus. no leadership no hope.

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    First Down Tampa Bay

    Stretch the field? Jameis can rarely connect with a guy that’s 5’10” no matter how fast they are. Guy was bitching about wanting to be traded. That’s not good leadership. He’s a whiner b!tch boy that only cares about his stats. We gonna pay a good coach we need as much money as possible. Not pay baby d!ck $10 million.

  9. Boogie Nightz Says:

    @Buc Believer

    I agree

    Me-Jax will be gone next year so I really don’t care about anything he does.

  10. Tbbucs3 Says:

    First Down Tampa Bay

    Forcing the ball to Desean Jackson and rarely connecting will not be missed. He’s also a bad locker room influence as he’s promoting a “cool” guy culture in a time when we need less cool guys and more hard effort players. Don’t try to force what’s not working, I’m sure there’s a team out there for Desean Jackson cause he’s still an NFL talent, it’s just not the Bucs.

  11. Doctor_berto Says:

    Who gives a sh**

  12. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Never say never. The new coach might want Jackson. His cap hit isn’t to bad considering Grimes contract will be gone. McCoy might be gone/restructured. What coach wouldn’t want him and who cares if the fans don’t like him. The last 2 games could be an audition for another contract from another team. he has a lot to play for right now.

  13. LakeLand Says:

    Most teams don’t have their QB waiting for a WR to get open 40 yards up field. We can complain about the Buc O-Line all day and night. But the offensive scheme is bad, not them.

  14. tmaxcon Says:


    make no mistake about it the oline is horrendous has been for a while regardless of joe’s propaganda to the contrary. bucs would be 10-6 if they were just bad.

  15. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    SOEbuc and tbbucs3

    No matter what DJax did on the stat sheet or how many times Winston overthrew him, teams always had to respect the speed. And with that respect, came open underneath routes for everyone else. That’s why our offense has been humming this year, even without a run game. We’ve seen how bad this offense has been without DJax and OJ (I.E. Speed)

  16. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’ve seen some arguments on here defending our scheme using primarily yardage/scoring stats… defending Koetter in general…

    Here’s all you need to know about Koetter’s scheme:

    He NEVER produces points that match up with the yards.

    Go look at his Falcons offenses and all his Bucs offenses.

    He typically is in the top 10 in yards but he’s very rarely in the top 10 in scoring.

    That is consistent across tons of different offenses he’s run. Whether he had Michael Turner / Matt Ryan / Doug Martin / James Winston / etc. Same story every time.

    Low YAC
    Low completion %
    Low scoring output relative to yardage output
    Typically one sided on the run or pass emphasis

    All symptoms of the Dirk Koetter offensive scheme & philosophy.

  17. Dewey Selmon Says:

    You’re correct Lord C. Dirk and Jameis will be all over the Buccaneer record books except the playoff stats.

  18. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree…..


  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Keep Jackson and ditch Winston. We can get a better QB.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Yeah, sure…Desean Jackson’s thumb was injured…

    @Lord Cornelius
    That was an excellent post, buddy!

  21. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    No one will miss DJax next season

  22. GhostofSchiano Says:

    DK: Hey D-jax, I need you to go out there and return some punts

    DJ: I want to be traded

  23. BucsBandit Says:

    @Lord Cornelius,

    That was a really cute little write-up you made to tried to defend Jameis Winston’s pathetic 11-game road losing streak. There’s only ONE major problem with it…

    A Defense’s performance in football does not occur inside a VACUUM. You can’t just isolate points that a Defense gave up in a game and then evaluate it independently.

    It’s 100% FACT that a Poor Offense leads more to Poor Defensive performance in games (especially scoring) than vice versa.

    Winston’s HORRIBLE turnovers often gave opposing teams a short field — directly contributing to the opposition having a higher Scoring Average. That’s not just on the Defense, that’s on Winston. You can’t give ANY NFL team a short field and not expect them to put up more points.

    Winston was also horrible at times on the road at getting 1st downs and prolonging drives — which is directly responsible for the Defense getting right back on the field on short rest, which contributes to better performance by the opposing team’s Offense.

    If you can’t truly grasp these INDISPUTABLE FACTS that you don’t understand the game of football. Winston’s Poor Play HAS HURT our Defense and DOES allow other Teams a higher than average mathematical opportunity to put up more points.

    Winston *IS* at fault for many of those losses. Don’t try and sugar-coat his crappy play and lack of wins as if he’s Brett Favre but is merely hampered by a terrible D.

    Good QBs in the NFL *win* games. Jameis Winston is NOT a good NFL QB. That’s a 100% FACT.

  24. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    BigMac Attack

    And where do suppose we get that “better QB”?

  25. T REX Says:

    This should bring out all the Winston lovers. They hate DJAX. I cannot waity until we purge ourselves of Winston and his flock of sheeple.

  26. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Any QB would struggle throwing to Desean “Dinosaur arms” Jackson at this point in his career. No longer an elite talent combined with piss poor effort = bad results.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If we trade GMC to the Broncos, for example, will we lose Tmax to Joe Broncos Fan?……I mean, why would he stay here with nothing to post.

  28. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Just facts / context. No where did I say defensive stats exist in a vacuum. Just like a QB going 0-11 on the road doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You can’t have it both ways.

    Even if you factor in offensive turnovers, I’m charting only 1-2 total Winston turnovers per game in 6 of the first 7 games I looked at. The only game with a total implosion I see in this initial group is the Bengals game. That one is definitely on Winston.

    But the majority of these games in which we are giving up 30+ PPG are not due to offensive turnovers or pick 6 / fumble 6 or something or the offense not moving the ball at all.

    For example – Winston had 1 turnover against the Bills while throwing for 400 yards and we still gave up 30 to them and they were a sh1tty offense at the time.

    We can go game by game and only a handful of games were true offensive implosions. Most were simply games our defense was getting shredded all day.

    And yes good QBs win games but how many QBs win games in which their team gave up 32+ points lol??

    Just look at this year – even in this high scoring modern NFL – and Patrick Mahommes – the best QB.

    His record when his team gives up 32+ points?


    So even the equivalent God of football QB play this year; would only be breaking even at best when his team gives up a lot of points.

    Here’s some other QB’s records in 2018 when giving up a lot of points:

    Brady: 1-3
    Rodgers: 0-2
    Big Ben: 0-2
    Matt Ryan: 0-4

    Considering we know of at least 3-4 games in which Winston gave the team the lead at the end in this 11 game sample, it’s really not that crazy of a stat.

    That’s my point. If your D gives up 32+ points per game across 11 games, good luck winning with any QB.

  29. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    We need u djax! Take the glazers cash!!!

  30. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    T REX,

    I get your frustrations. In spite of how things appear here in our “Bucs home” on JBF… with a few exceptions, I don’t believe there are “Jameis haters” and “Jameis lovers”.

    For ALL of us… it is BUCS first.

    For the Jameis detractors, there is no doubt in my mind that they would prefer to see him succeed. If he finally put it all together into everything he can be, and the Bucs started winning (and good lord) finally into the playoffs…. they would be thrilled.

    For the Jameis believers (like myself), the BUCS will ALWAYS come before any individual player. If the dream is over of him making this happen….. then it’s over. Good bye JW.

    I believe he can do this, and believe he can be everything we need him to be. We will find out.

    Either way, your thoughts are always respected.
    Take care, man.

  31. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Combined 1-11 this year when their team gives up 32+ points.

    But f*ck it guys let’s keep talking about our QB as the problem lol.

  32. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ outstanding post above, @Lord Cornelius.
    Extremely well done, and cheers

  33. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    The 4:36 post, LC, is NAILS.

  34. pick6 Says:

    a pass from ryan fitzpatrick, you say? shocking

  35. BucsBandit Says:

    Lord Cornelius,

    Of course a Defense surrendering a lot of points contributes to losses. That goes without saying. But there is MORE to the “Bucs Story” than you’re leading people to believe.

    How many leads has Winston led the Bucs to in the FIRST HALF of games? Whether at home or on the road in his 4-year career so far?

    SPOILER ALERT: Not many.

    Winston’s yards are a bit misleading as many were racked up when the Bucs were already losing by 2+ possessions and Defenses began to soften coverage knowing the Bucs were more desperate to come from behind with bigger passing plays.

    No doubt, the Bucs Defense has SUCKED. I don’t think anyone is questioning that statistic — even, though, in recent games they’ve played some decent games and WINSTON STILL COULDN’T WIN. But you certainly don’t want to highlight those Winston performances.

    KEY STATS: Even with Defenses often playing softer coverage (due to big leads) against the Bucs, Winston’s OVERALL AVG. PERFORMANCE (for entire games) indicates…

    – Terrible Turnover %
    – Poor Completion %
    – Poor Possession Time

    You definitely can’t overlook the poor POSSESSION time. That has nothing to do with our Defense. That’s strictly Winston VS. the other Team’s Defense.

    You have absolutely ZERO STATS that you can use, in any context, that would lead anyone to believe that on average, Jameis Winston is a “good” NFL QB.

    So you can continue to make all the excuses you want for Winston… his age… our Defense… bad luck… tough schedule… poor coaches… weak teammates, etc..

    But the bottom line remains the same… Winston just isn’t very good. He certainly his moments where he has played GREAT, but overall he just isn’t very good. To have success in the NFL you have to be good… ON AVERAGE. Good, consistent play overall. Moments of greatness happen, and moments of just ‘bad games’ happen to everyone… but GOOD AVERAGE PERFORMANCE is what makes a solid NFL QB…

    …And Jameis Winston has not shown ANY statistics that prove that he’s a Good Avg. Performance NFL QB.

  36. unbelievable Says:

    Lord Corn dropping the hammer!

    Great stuff man. These delusional fans (just see above) want to blame Winston for having the worst defense in the league for multiple years. They want to blame Winston for having the worst running game in the league since 2015 ended.

    Is Winston perfect? Or event a top-5 QB? Absolutely not! That cincinatti game was one of the worst performances I’ve seen in my life. But he is hardly our biggest problem right now.

    The fact that Brady, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers and Matty Ice are a combined 1-11 when their defense gives up as many points as ours does, is all you need to know.

    At the very least, we need to keep him in 2019 while we beef up the o-line and defensive backfield. You can make the big decision on Jameis after that.

  37. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Perfectly done, unbelievable, and correct.

  38. Issaic haggins Says:

    Great post Lord

  39. teacherman777 Says:

    @Lord Cornelius

    Well said!

    Jim Harbaugh is THE greatest coach alive.

    What he did in San Fran was unbelievable!

    San Fran should have made him the highest paid coach in the NFL.

    I want to keep Koetter, but Jim Harbaugh would be anazing!