Fifth Or Sixth Pick In The NFL Draft In Play?

December 23rd, 2018

“Time to call in Ryan Griffin.”

UPDATED 7:15 p.m. – As it stands right now, since the Rams held their 21-9 halftime lead on the Cardinals, your Buccaneers will have a heck of an opportunity in front of them next Sunday.

The potential tiebreakers are very complex, and they’ll certainly be flushed out by tonight or tomorrow.

But after Monday Night Football, the Raiders will be sitting with three or four wins, and the Jets and 49ers will own four wins while the Cardinals will have three.

After that, the Bucs, with a loss to Atlanta next Sunday, could be one of many teams finishing the season with five victories.

Tiebreakers for the draft involve strength of schedule, which is based on the final won-loss records of each team you have played. The tougher your schedule, the worse your draft pick. The Bucs have played a reasonably tough schedule, but again, those numbers are always changing.

It sure feels like the Bucs could have a shot at picking, No. 5 or No. 6 overall in April.

Joe was all in favor of shutting down Jameis Winston in the season finale before today’s loss in Dallas. Now it seems like a no-brainer.

Aside from the draft considerations, an injury next week to Jameis could complicate the Bucs’ chances of landing their desired new head coach.

95 Responses to “Fifth Or Sixth Pick In The NFL Draft In Play?”

  1. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Like last year, they will MUCK it UP and win next week.

  2. MadMax Says:

    QB Haskins!!! Or DT Oliver if there!!!!

  3. MadMax Says:

    Wouldnt mind DT Wilkins also…

  4. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    The Week 17 win last year cost them Bradley Chubb and helped retain The Licht’s Out/Koetter Combo. Let’s see what Ryan Griffin can do in front of thousands of fans.

  5. AlteredEgo Says:

    IF…before next Sunday and a loss is more valuable to the future of the franchise than a win I say take the higher pick…looks like Jameis and his $ 20,000,000 will ride the pine……however PR wants to shake and bake it so be it…this season is a wrap

  6. Kobe Faker Says:


    Why in the world would you shut down JW?

    JW needs to play to develop. Every snap is a play to get better

    Wtf again”

    Kobe Faker

  7. Buc believer Says:

    @Jonathanlipnicki…. THOUSANDS of fans???? LMFAO!!!! Don’t you mean Hundreds????

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here we go with the losing culture fans wanting to lose for a better draft position…..we need to beat the Falcons at home…..if you can’t play every game to win….what are you there for?
    I hope we beat Atlanta 73-0. Then find a GM that can make good picks.

    There have been many teams picking later than we do that come up with great players…..

    Cue the losers.

  9. Troy Says:

    Again, you don’t play to lose. And we wonder why the building has a stench of f*cking failure. You always play your best players and you play to win PERIOD. Anybody see Rodgers playing for the Packers today? Enough said.

  10. BucEmUp Says:

    Without a good head coach I.dont give a crap who they pick

  11. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Why does draft position matter when our GM CANT EVEN DRAFT THE RIGHT PLAYERS?!?!!

  12. LakeLand Says:


    You play to win the game

    Herman Edwards

  13. Greg Says:

    Atlanta will shut down their guys, and will give us the win to ensure we get a lower draft pick.

  14. Wausa Says:

    A big part of me hopes the fools that want to get rid of Jamies get their wish.

    He would excel in Denver, Washington Jacksonville or New York.

    Take a look at Brady’s stats today. If Jamies had a stat line like that the Bucs would’ve lost by 40. The Pats won comfortably.

  15. Ndog Says:

    Really who cares anymore cause as long as we have this coaching staff we have zero chance.

  16. Season Is Over Says:

    We need the last six games to see what we have in Winston.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To prove my point that it’s who you pick not where you pick.

    How about the hundreds of posts complaining about good players being picked after our mediocre ones……these posts are numerous.

    If you think a couple of draft positions make a difference you are quite wrong.

  18. AlteredEgo Says:

    So…are you saying Koetter is so bad he can’t even lose and the Bucs will win with Dirk trying to lose… 🙂

  19. rrsrq Says:

    Play JW and ME in the first quarter, let ME get the 5 yards he needs to become the Bucs all time leading receiver, then let the buffalo chips fall where they may

  20. BucsBandit Says:

    Enough of you casual fans claiming draft pick position doesn’t matter. It DOES and matters GREATLY.

    When you’re a BAD TEAM like the Bucs, those high draft picks can make a huge difference. The mathematical odds in talent begins to drop the worst you pick. Us having the #5 pick in next year’s draft compared to the #12 if we win next week is a BIG difference in getting a playmaker.

    There will always be great players drafted later than busts, but the facts remain, the league’s top talent is consistently drafted EARLY.

    There is ZERO to gain by the Bucs winning next week. ZERO.

  21. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    Sure sign of a loser mentalaity. Host and creators of a Buccaneer fan site lobbying and figuring out every scenario known to man for the team to tank a game for draft positions. Pathetic that’s what it’s come to

  22. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Keep preachin it brother. It’s who we take in the draft not where we take them. Admittedly the higher we pick the better the odds of success…but not THAT much better. Not worth becoming losers!

  23. Jean Lafitte Says:

    you shut down Jameis and we might win!

  24. Not there yet Says:

    Hey glazers forgetbthe draft because it doesn’t matter. You pick high every freaking year. How about you use common sense and realize you’ve silicons for over a decade, stop hiring amateurs to run this team and front office and go out and get somebody in here who knows what to do

  25. AlteredEgo Says:

    “If you think a couple of draft positions make a difference you are quite wrong.”
    depends on who is there…a local paper this weekend had an article about back in the day in this very situation…Bucs were playing the Lions in a game where draft position was the only meaningful consideration…Bucs beat Lions…..Lions drafted Barry…Bucs drafted Broderick…. now it is not always that dramatic but in general I’d rather be picking ahead of the Foulcoons next April

  26. Patrick Says:

    Who cares about draft position? WE SUCK at drafting anyway!

  27. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    No matter where they draft or who they draft you and the negative fans on this site will complain about how the Bucs got it wrong it again

  28. firethecannons Says:

    I would like to see ryan griffin play a whole game, shut jameis down give the bucs more options

  29. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Who cares?

    Jason Licht will screw it up anyways.

  30. Bird Says:

    I’ve seen enough. Shut it down.

    Another meaningless win at the end of the season so we can’t draft the better player would suck. We did it last year. Hopefully, they learned from that mistake.

    It will be very telling what they do with Jameis next week

  31. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Yeah kobe because the last 4 years hasn’t been enough of a test for Winston #masputo

  32. TB22 Says:

    We had a chance to get Quenton Nelson if it were not for a worthless win in the last weekend last year.

    Ask Indy how many wins they would have this year if they drafted V Vea instead of Nelson. He changed the entire culture on that OL—something the Bucs needed.

    Nelson or Chubb would have been there for the Bucs. As it was—they had a chance to get D James from FSU, and blew that too. Typical Bucs muckin’ up the draft.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    Start Ryan Griffin.

    We already know what Winston has in the tank.

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    Only a spineless fan would want to take a dive at home vs a division opponent. Joe honestly I lose a lot of respect reading this trash article.

  35. PSLBob Says:

    TBBucfan, couldn’t agree more. Forget where we pick. Having a high pick doesn’t always get you what you want. Go beat the Falcons and then sort things out when the season’s over.

  36. TB22 Says:

    Ask Indy how many games they would have won this year with V Vea as their pick instead of Q Nelson. Nelson changed the culture of their OL—something the Bucs badly needed too.

    But the Bucs won a worthless last game last season and it cost them Nelson or Chubb.

    As it was—-they still could have had D James from FSU and blew that too. Typical Bucs muckin’ up the draft….

  37. Pick6 Says:

    in hindsight, Vita Vea is not looking like a cosolation prize. he is looking like a building block. where you pick matters less than the scouting job you do. licht has botched plenty of picks but the trade down and snagging Vea looks like good leveraging of their draft position

  38. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Best QB available in Round 1.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen meet the next warren Sapp
    Bama 92!

  40. Destinjohnny Says:

    Ladies and gents meet the next warren Sapp

    Bama 92!

  41. Joe Says:

    Only a spineless fan would want to take a dive at home vs a division opponent. Joe honestly I lose a lot of respect reading this trash article.

    You think any fans of the Cubs are Astros is sick to his stomach and wants to give back their World Series titles because they tanked for two or three years in order to stock up their minor leagues with young talent which in turn was the core of their championship teams?

    If you have no shot at the playoffs, teams win in the long run by losing.

  42. Destinjohnny Says:

    Joe we are going to lose anyway stop worrying

  43. Pick6 Says:

    AlteredEgo: “Bucs beat Lions…..Lions drafted Barry…Bucs drafted Broderick….”

    and both teams accomplished the same amount: nada

    it’s an endless cycle of what ifs…if the bucs get Barry, do they get Sapp and Brooks? In the end you just need a good organization – with enough underlying stability the right group of players will come together. with weak or constantly changing leadership, talented players come and go but success never arrives

  44. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It is certainly ok to root for teams to win who are ahead of us or tied with us in the draft……but to root against your team…….naah.

    I was at the Saints game when we tanked to get the #1 pick……rested Evans & Vjax……sat next to a “fan” rooting for us to throw interceptions and to fumble….it was sickening.


  45. Tbbucs3 Says:


    If we are starting to tank in order to jump to a 5th overall pick instead of a 6th then we are truely a pathetic franchise. NFL teams do not do that. ZERO. There are certain circumstances to warrant tanking. Ex. In 2014 to get the 1st overall Pick for a quarterback.

    If the Bucs are tanking to jump 1 spot to a 5th overall pick then that is as sad as it gets. I like to think the Bucs have a little more pride than that. A winning culture gets built when you don’t need to rely on motivation to win, you just try to win at whatever you do. Whoever lines up in front of you you try to beat their a**……… That is truely a pathetic and sad opinion Joe.

  46. martinii Says:

    For many years as the draft draws closer I post the probabilities of the top guys like Kiper, Mc Shay, Walter’s, Charlie Campbell, Mike Mayock and the other 50 we all follow. Every year several pick players from the first 6 or 7 prospects fairly consistently. But after about 10 or 11 consistency falls by the wayside. teams will pick 2nd RD prospects and we are all blown away. That is because Scouts match players to their team chemistry and with few exception they very from their boards. Case in point O J Howard. So whether we pick 5th or 9th or 13th doesn’t determine if we had a good draft. If ya don’t believe me watch Belicheck.

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Root for SF, Jets, Giants, Lions Buffalo, Jax

    And…..the Bucs

  48. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    You say wanting a better draft pick is a losers mentality but what about your pointless win.
    I say your “moral victory” is just as much of a losers mentality.
    We are a 5-10 team, and you are worried about being losers?
    News flash we are freaking losers whether we win this last game or not.
    Can’t wait for next year.

  49. BrianBucs Says:

    Bucs should start Ryan Griffin next week. They already know that Winston stinks and Fitz is hot or cold. Plus, you don’t want to take a chance of Winston getting hurt and then owing him all of that money.
    Start Griffin and let possible new Head coaching candidates know if they have something to work with as having Winston may drive some away

  50. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Did anyone see what Aaron Rodgers did today? The Packers are not going to be in the playoffs but He played his heart out. It’s his competitive nature that makes him so elite. I guarantee he could care less about the Packers draft position. That’s is a winning culture. There’s a reason he’s the best QB on earth.

    Let me as you this Joe, do the Bucs have to go over their position in the NFL playoff picture and decide whether they should try to win in the locker room before every game?

  51. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe what those baseball teams did is entirely different then what you are asking this team to do. You are asking this team to lose on purpose. You are asking them to allow a division opponent to come into our stadium and sweep us.

    Worse then that is your not even asking them to do it for a specific player. You’re asking them to do it for a extra draft slot.

    I would love to say you should be held to a higher standard being a media voice but I’ve heard more then a few goons on the radio bending over and begging for more losing/BS football.

    I’m sick of the losing. And please wake up and smell the news because losing has never gotten this team anywhere. We’ve had more then enough top ten picks to proove it. Heck, our geatest draft selection of all time was not a top ten.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m sure that a lot of these fans that want to lose are big time college football fans. Florida is a huge college state and I’m positive that’s where a lot if this talk comes from.

    Nobody overvalues the draft like a college guy. If you want a dose of reality listen to StPeteBuc fan next time he posts the stats on what the d aft really is.

    Here is a stat that StPete may have missed. Most HOF players that were taken in the first round we’re NOT top ten picks. And that’s a fact Jack.

  53. Pitt of misery Says:

    worst coaching I have seen since leman Bennet

  54. Ndog Says:

    79 TDs 53 INTs 12,127 yards, 4 fumbles lost for Drew Brees first four years of playing. And if course his running back was LaDainian Tomlinson.

    84 TDs 58 INTs 14,283 yards, 15 fumbles lost for Jameis Winston first four years of playing. And of course Jameis had Peyton Barber playing running back.

    So yes Drew Brees is better with the fumbles but I think we are just fine at QB folks. Nothing to see here let’s focus on the horrible coaching first and foremost.

  55. MadMax Says:


    Lol, yall mofos kill me with that pisssssing contest, e v e r y f k n year!!!!

    Just lose baby,….get that top 5 pick…..maybe DT Oliver to replace GMC yall dumarses love to hate so much…..yeah draft position matters WALDO!!!!!!

  56. MadMax Says:

    @Destin, he’s a beast too….LOVE Voch’s breakdowns….thanks for that!

  57. TheNorm Says:

    Listen to all you holier than thou idiot fans that believe in moral victories.
    There is nothing to be gained by winning next week.
    You have better odds at drafting a better player higher in the draft than lower.
    Yes the Bucs May screw it up but the chances are better the higher you go.

    I bet you morons didn’t object to losing when your golden child messiah QB was gonna be the pick.
    All of a sudden it matters now? Hypocrites.

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    MadMax you are a disgrace as a fan. You and the media heads who promote this nonsense are a stain to our franchise.

    Good news is we win. Those of us who have an ounce of pride left for our team will get our way……This team is pathetic but at least not as pathetic as you want them to be. No friggen way they lay down in front of their own fans next Sunday. They would never do that for one draft slot. Dumbest idea ever

  59. TheNorm Says:

    The Winston lovers sure didn’t mind tanking when their boy was in the cross hairs.
    They were all for it. Now the same idiots that were pinning for Winston and begging for that first pick are all about winning every game now?

    My god you people are complete hypocrites. And stupid on top of it.

  60. TheNorm Says:


    Hahahaha Hahahahaha lmao now that is some funny sh it.
    Winston is nowhere close to being at the level of brees.
    I don’t care what your stats say Winston is not even on the same planet as brees.
    Brees can drop it in a trash can from 60 yards away. Winston? Yea we k ow that answer.

    Wow Ndog just when I thought you couldn’t get any more stupid you go and raise the bar


  61. AleteredEgo Says:

    I hope the G’Boyz are watching the Seahawks vsChiefs game tonight…those 2 QB’s are the prototypical NFL QB’s for how the rules dictate the QB position is played…quick feet…quick release…accurate and decisive…

  62. JimmyJack Says:

    Norm you are the one begging for losses. You wanna bend over for our division opponent at home.

    They have all been drafting better and higher then us for the last decade.

    Your opinion we are better off losing for the long run has been disproven year after year after year after year ect. Yet you still beg for more losing. You are the actual idiot.

  63. TheNorm Says:

    Lmao ok jimmyjack lmao ok.

    Again you Winston xock suckers sure didn’t mind losing when your boy was up for the first pick did you?

    Just stfu you sound like a moron. All of you do.
    A win is pointless.

    Bunch of dam hypocrites

  64. MadMax Says:

    @jimmy, oh no, im a disgrace to YOU!!! Stop the world from turning….

    hahaha, yeah, think what you want of me dumarse, your opinion of me doesnt matter….glad you wasted the thought it did though haha

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Norm you can’t just make stuff up and act like it’s true. I was against tanking back then and am now.

    You may look up my comments from back then if you wish. My name back then was “Buccaneers” before Joe banned me.

  66. tbbucs3 Says:

    “A win is pointless” – Norm

  67. Jeagan1999 Says:

    There’s no other way to look at this now…We need an insurance policy! Time to draft another QB. Let Winston and the rookie battle it out in training camp and preseason. There’s just no solid evidence that Winston is ever going to be anything more than what he is now…a mid-level QB with turnover issues on the field, and character issues off it! It’s too risky to put all your eggs in that basket.

  68. MadMax Says:

    ^exactly Jeagan….Haskins please!

  69. P’cola Buc Says:

    I for one would like to see Griffin play some ball in the regular season. Also, let’s face it if we didn’t win that final game last season I would have enjoyed seeing Q. Nelson in Pewter and Red this past year.

  70. BucsBandit Says:

    LOL at you homers trying to state the better draft picks don’t mean anything.

    If it’s so proven that a #5 overall pick isn’t that much greater than the #10 overall pick, why would team demand many additional picks from a team wanting to move up just 5 spots?

    There is a PREMIUM placed on the talent in the Top 10 of every draft, and the higher up you draft the more likely you are to draft a game-changing player.

    I can’t believe some of you claim to even watch the NFL sometimes.

  71. Joel Says:

    Why would we sit Winston? We need a loss next week. So play him. Captain Turnover.

  72. PSLBob Says:

    Joe, your advocation for losing to get a higher pick in the draft is obviously a punk on Bucs fans. We have been drafting in the high first round for years and where has it gotten us? Good teams drafting later always seem to find keepers and producers. Difference between a 5th and 10th pick means nothing, unless perhaps you’re going for a QB. There are lots of good players at both picks. But you’ve got to have good management and coaching to bring the talent to its potential. Losing games for draft purposes is for losers.

  73. JimmyJack Says:

    Mad Max like I say…..I win you lose. You will not get your way. This team will come to play football on Sunday.

    They will not be losing on purpose so you can get one extra draft slot. I will hope to enjoy a win on Sunday and see us get to 3-3 for our division. Not much of a accomplishment. But I’ll take it as it spares further embarassment.

    I’m just glad that I get my way and you don’t. I win and you lose. The Bucs aren’t quitting and I will be enjoying my football next Sunday.

  74. Todd Says:

    Steve yzerman for the Lightning never needed high draft picks to find good players! If you got good scouts and a good GM you can find them

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    Yes Bandit we are homers. We are fans of our home team. You no longer are since your rooting for the Falcons next week. Your a bandwagon fan that’s jumping off over a draft slot.

    Deny it all you like and call it what you will. You’re rooting for us to lose and youre giving up on your fanhood for a game.

  76. JimmyJack Says:

    Textbook definition

  77. MadMax Says:

    Oh Jimmy “i win u lose”….so thoughtful of you for allowing me in your head that much lol…..sad and pointless life you must live giving lil ol me so much power. Hopefully you figure a way to grow away from that loser logic….im pulling for ya buddy 🙂

  78. PSLBob Says:

    BucsBandit, that’s BS. Teams will pay to move up if there’s a player that they think will fill a particular need. But look at the times the Bucs have done that. How often has it paid off? It’s a crap shoot. Look at how we lucked out last year and picked up OJ at 19th by moving down. And to say that others that disagree with you don’t know squat about football reflects arrogance. Not attractive!

  79. JimmyJack Says:

    You are begging for losses. You want the team to bend over for a division opponent. You stand no ground to utter the phrase “loser logic” towards anybody.

    I don’t try to gloat when Im right about something but when it’s about winning a football game I do take a nice deal of gratification about being right this time. Feels good to rub it in you face since your wanted to see my team quit.

    And yes you are in my head because I will be thinking about you spinless fans if we win. I will take joy in your misery. You guys begging for losses have given meaning to this game for me. Thanks.

  80. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    Holier than thou? You freaking idiot. It’s not about being holier than thou. It’s about doing what they get paid to do. In the companies we own between Tampa and Cincinnati if I ever was to find out and it was factual that anyone tanked a day they are gone, no matter who they are. You people are ignorant and Steve I listen to all your podcast and you hinted last week about tanking a game. Pathetic my friend. Any of you wanna justify tanking a game are just as pathetic and pretty ignorant. Joe you have a loser mentality and it’s rubbing off on many of your readers. Ask #55 if he’d support tanking a game?

  81. JimmyJack Says:

    Good point about O.J. PSL Bob.

    Might be Lichts best selection and wasn’t even a top ten.

    The gripe about last year is pure fanatsy too. We actually wound up with one of the best spots and was able to trade for several picks. We could have completely turned this franchise around if we picked the right players.

  82. Biggun Says:

    Ryan Finley we got a shot at this QB from NC STATE he should be on the board around 4-8… want a Drew Brees accurate QB a little taller and extremely smart can scramble but usually gets it out fast enough to stay the pocket, I for one would love to get this guy! If not we’ll deal with him sometime soon on another team.

  83. PSLBob Says:

    How many of the “fans” posting here and advocating for losing next week to secure a higher draft pick are Jameis Bashers? You do recall where we took him in the draft, #1. So it’s not where you pick, but how you pick – a refection of talent evaluation. Speaking of talent evaluation, how’d we do with Rojo? Aguayo? I could go on and on.

  84. Todd Says:

    What’s the point Derwin James fell to us and we passed on him

  85. Swanee22 Says:

    Kobe,,,,,,,Jw is done in Tampa. Why would the coach waste his time. He has had four years to develop. Are you kidding… Play Griffin, he deserves an opportunity…

  86. SOEbuc Says:

    Griffin was spot on in pre season. id love to see what he looks like being a starter next week.

    Oliver if available no doubt. How strong and fast will that DL be with Nassib, Oliver, and JPP with Vea taking double teams in the middle.

  87. Dave Says:

    Why does it matter? The Bucs can’t draft no matter where they pick.

  88. lambchop Says:

    Just make sure to call all deep routes next week and watch the meltdown. Either D. Smith will loaf cuz he’s not bothered to sustain blocks for more than 2 seconds or Winston will be spraying the ball all over the place like a 4 year old trying to pee in a bowl.

  89. MHBuc25 Says:

    Dave Says:
    December 23rd, 2018 at 11:42 pm
    Why does it matter? The Bucs can’t draft no matter where they pick.

    Dave is the winning poster of the day.

  90. MHBuc25 Says:

    TheNorm Says:
    December 23rd, 2018 at 8:16 pm
    The Winston lovers sure didn’t mind tanking when their boy was in the cross hairs.
    They were all for it. Now the same idiots that were pinning for Winston and begging for that first pick are all about winning every game now?

    My god you people are complete hypocrites. And stupid on top of it.


    Let me try to explain for you. I was told “You simply insert Winston and send Glennon to the zoo and you win 11 games with this roster.” –this was 2014.
    Now Glennon may be doing well at the zoo, I dunno, but the Bucs are lucky to win 5 games now. And yes, these Stick Carriers (many are the same hatchlings) wanted to tank for Winston. Their tweets never go away.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Joe you made that article sound like a hype commercial for a sort of Draft Pick Super Bowl for Losing Teams. Sad when we have to year after year have to focus on the draft.

  92. FortMyersDave Says:

    Benching Winston for Griffen could be a guarantee for a no turnover game and a Buc win over the ATL who may only start their 3rd stringers next week as they are also looking at the draft board.

  93. Ed Says:

    You know what you have with Winston. A meaningless game for both teams. A Loser Bowl where the loser is the winner. As many have said before, when you draft a QB and get them on a 4 year rookie contract you have more flexibility to sign better players and depth. The Bucs are one of those teams that needs to replace half of their starters so this is the most important draft for them for their new coach and GM. Trading Winston for draft picks would be good move if Buffalo or Jacksonville would trade for him. How can the Glazers trust Licht? His personel moves with the exception of JPP and finding Brate, Nassib and Humphries off the street have been a disaster. His instincts are poor, Grimes is half the player he was. Barber has been ok but there is no power back in the lineup and no fast back to make big plays on the dump offs. His decision to bring in Ryan Jensen to make the line “nasty” has had the opposite effect, they can’t run the ball. How much did Beau Allen and Vinny Curry and Mitch Unrein help this team? . Vea will turn out to become a good player. Resigning Ghoulston, Conte, Grimes. McCoy’s high contract was ridiculous. He isn’t even a top 10 interior lineman any more. Enough has been said about Winston, he is what he is, a player that can’t perform at a high level through an entire game, let alone an entire season. He is very replaceable, just find a QB that makes less mistakes and can read defenses better. Yesterday Troy Aikman was critical of his inability to see open receivers, we’ve heard that before. We’ve seen him make some amazing plays only to fail to make the routine throws to open receivers or choose to throw to covered receivers. Its over.

  94. Oneilbucs Says:

    When are yall going to learn? If you can’t run the ball you are going to be easy to game plan for . Ain’t no rookie quarterback is going to come in here and win with no running game and 7 steps drop backs on every pass play and not to mention with no o line. A veteran quarterback wouldn’t win here . Why do yall think all you need is a quarterback. Look at Rogers tell me his problem . Tell me what’s wrong with his team? But now it’s the team for him . What’s wrong with the Steelers is it big Ben fault? No cause when you can’t run the ball you are not going to be a good team . I thought all you need is a quarterback. Bell is gone and now look at them now . The Packers can’t run the ball just like the Bucs we can’t run the ball and they are losing now and we have been losing cause that’s the real problem with our team and you can say defense as well.

  95. MadMax Says:

    Again lil jimmy, loser logic is hoping for a lower draft pick by winning a meaningless last game….especially knowing we will have new coaches. Its not like last year against the aints. And i dont care about how you feel about this entire situation. You do you. You came after me and others for us wanting to “WIN” a higher draft position!! Thats a win for the team that many fans want! So stop being so gdmmn triggered you little sensitive snowflake, acting like we all hate the team and want us to lose from here on out. Good God you’re stupid!