Ex-Buc: Donovan Smith Is Not A Starter

December 23rd, 2018


The Buccaneers pay 10-year NFL tight end John Gilmore to study film and analyze the team for the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Gilmore does just that and he is finished with Donovan Smith, ready to move on from the left tackle who doesn’t miss a game but misses too many blocks.

Gilmore was horrified today as he saw Smith standing and calling for an offsides flag as the Cowboys defensive end who blew past him crushed America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. The flag was called on Dallas negating the sack, but it was an unthinkable sin by Smith as far as Gilmore is concerned.

Smith should have been playing to the whistle and protecting his QB, Gilmore said. And Joe can’t disagree.

In total, Joe and Bucs fans watched Smith have what might have been one of his worst games as a Buccaneer — in the run game and pass game.

No, Smith isn’t all bad whatsoever. However, Gilmore was adamant after the game that the Bucs only have two starters on their offensive line.

Ali Marpet is a good left guard, Gilmore said, while Ryan Jensen has been disappointing this year as a big-money free agent but is a solid player. Gilmore then added Demar Dotson to his list of legitimate starters on the Bucs’ offensive line, noting he is at the sunset of his career and could be replaced.

Smith, per Gilmore, is not a starter.

The new Buccaneers head coach, and possibly a new general manager, will have a decision to make on Smith in a matter of weeks. He’ll be a free agent if the Bucs don’t franchise tag him or re-sign him.

What’s most disappointing to Joe is that in his fourth season Smith does not appear to be improving. And he certainly doesn’t appear to be giving the effort usually associated with a guy fighting for a gargantuan contract. It’s even more disappointing because Marpet is playing well next to him, so Smith doesn’t have to worry about covering for Marpet.

Perhaps Smith just needs a new offensive line coach, a hard-ass head coach, or a change of scenery? Or maybe two out of three?

If Smith is offered a contract to return, will he insist Gilmore be taken off the air?

45 Responses to “Ex-Buc: Donovan Smith Is Not A Starter”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    Gillmore’s voice sounds like Ronde’s voice on the radio…I like his insights

  2. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Smith is a lazy fat ass

  3. JabooBuc Says:

    Fact is he really isn’t a Tackle. He should move to RG or given his walking papers. We know he won’t accept that so my guess is he’s playing somewhere else next year.

  4. Greg Says:

    I listened to Gilmore’s comment on the radio and my thought was he is not holding back to appease anyone and calling it like he sees it! Refreshing as he has been in the trenches and articulatly stated it as he saw it! Not a good look for Smith.

  5. LakeLand Says:

    I did say that they should draft Laremy Tunsil

    But they drafted VH3 instead

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:

    But what do we, and the Gilmore’s of the world know, when Joe knows everything!?
    Joe has been railing about Donovan Smith not playing to the whistle for months. There are archives here, you know. Smith will be an NFL starter next season. –Joe

  7. brooks55hof Says:

    Transition Smith move him to LG, Marpet back to RG and draft 2 OT. Fire Licht and Koetter and Warhop. Get a real Defensive co-ordinator. And please draft a stud RB. That’s a good start

  8. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Donovan Smith is a fat slug

  9. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard.
    “When talent won’t work hard” represents D Smith to me. Has the physical traits and he loves the lifestyle football affords him but he doesn’t seem to love the game.

  10. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Probably best he showed his true colors prior to an extension…

  11. Jimmy Says:

    He may not like to play to the whistle but he can sure sing on Instagram!

  12. Bobby M. Says:

    Dominick must love the crap job Licht has done….He’ll no longer be disgust of Bucs fans.

  13. Ndog Says:

    Do we really believe every player we have is trash or could it be that the coaching is trash?

  14. Not there yet Says:

    Everyone except Dirk Koetter knows he’s not a starter.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    @bucsfan7433. Donovan Smith is a SLOW fat slug. Fixed it for you. LOL.

    Its painful to watch his footwork……pathetic.

  16. DB55 Says:

    It only took them 34 weeks to figure out Caleb and Dotson suck, interesting

  17. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Smith needs a new O-line coach, a new work ethic, a new set of feet, and needs to stop skipping leg day. Then he MIGHT be decent.

  18. Boo Says:

    His now from PSU was that he was lazy. He isn’t going to get better.

  19. LakeLand Says:

    The O-Line play makes a world of difference

    Carolina cut CJ Anderson because he was trash for him
    The Raiders signed him and cut him 5 days later
    The Rams signed him on December 18th
    Today on December 23rd, he ran for 167 yards on 20 carries

    Some teams and their coaching, system are better than others

  20. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Agreed its not the runningback its 99% the offensive line. Elliot, Gurly, kamara couldnt do nothing with this pathetic line

    *however we need a 3 down back that can catch on ANY down and not just predictable 3rd down…

    Amazingly we miss Charles sims pass catching from the rb position”

    Kobe Faker

  21. Maze Says:


  22. LakeLand Says:


    I been begging for a 3 down RB for a few years now
    But the O-Line need to be fixed first

  23. Frank Pillow Says:

    He’s a serial loader and giant soft TURD.

  24. Zwak Says:

    When the defense moves just before the snap it’s a free play, he just stopped playing and stood up twice today..

  25. 37Champs Says:

    Everyone on this roster can play at a high level, 77 being an exception. All the physical and psychological testing these guys go through before they are drafted proves they can freaking play the game at a high level. To be successful, not just in FB but successful period it takes leadership and organization from the owners to the janitors.(janitors proved how important a few years back when mersa was in the locker room). This team is and has been un organized from the top for years and THAT is the problem w this franchise. IMO there is little to no communication throughout the organization and no one head guy? Tell me if I’m wrong. It’s like the Glazers were handed the keys to a Indy car and have no clue how to drive it. This will be the first year I have not gone to a Buc game in 13 years. I’m from Indiana and have been to games from Green Bay to Tennessee over the years and I am damn tired of the season being over by week 6. I will always be a fan but refuse to spend any more money until I see some effort from the top. Just tired of researching what coaches are out there and who is coming up in the draft, it’s really getting old

  26. Destinjohnny Says:

    This isn’t a news flash

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    The whole organization is a train wreck. Donovan Smith is a symptom of a much deeper problem, just like the other mediocre players. Mediocrity won’t cut it in the NFL. Sure Koetter isn’t great but this is all Licht. Licht’s decision to pass on big money free agents like Mack, Campbell and others that can wreck a game is showing up big time. He always tries to get off cheap and then overpays for the middle tier guys he does sign.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    And I don’t want to hear anymore of this BS that you have to pay D.Smith because there is no replacement avialable.

    This guy has been inconsistent his entire career. He is a bad football player. You’re doing this team a disservice if you don’t try to replace this guy. If you need to franchise him to make sure you can develope his replacement that’s fine. That’s a good plan. That gives you two year(more then enough time) to replace this guy.

    Bottom line is he needs to be replaced & that’s a large reason why Dirk needs to go. He keeps defending the guy and he is guaranteed to keep his as LT next year with no plans whatsoever to replace him.

  29. dmatt Says:

    DSmith is a big soft wussie. He gets beast mode by a different DE each week. Instead of spending time on his Ali n Donavan show he needs to be on the field running extra reps on protecting his QB. He’s the reason Randy Gregory stripped Jameis for a td fumble. He pushed Gregory as if he was afraid to get physical n Gregory brushed that off n ran right around him. Our offensive line is horrible. DSmith is a big “D”…a Dud.

  30. SOEbuc Says:

    They need to draft a large lengthy LG in the 2nd round. Trade back into the second for a RG. Ali and Jensen are the only ones worthy of being on this oline. Dot is not. Scout a good RT in FA. Sign Kareem Hunt. Oline and running game are going to prove what Jameis’ future is going to look like if he is going to remain with this team and become a better QB. And did I mention an entire new offensive coaching staff?

  31. TBTemojin Says:

    This guy is not a football player. He has no passion no heart!!! reminds me of Jay Cutler looking like he would much rather be anywhere else in the world on Sundays.

  32. John B Says:

    It is clear he is bad, very bad – lazy, bad feet, quits on plays often, no awareness, slow out his stance, only throws his weight around on smaller players, loafs a lot

    Did I mention he is bad? If he and Caleb are on the roster next year, it doesn’t matter who the coach is – it will be the same 💩

  33. SOEbuc Says:

    I see him getting so much fatter and lazier and no good after he were to get a nice raise.

  34. Owlykat Says:

    I have been complaining about D. Smith being played at LT from when Warhop stupidly put him there and he has defended him fiercely ever since including calling him publicly one of the top three OTs in the NFL. LOL! Of course inept Koetter buys every lie Warhop tells him about his choice of who he plays where. That is why Koetter also defends Benenoch starting and refuses to put anyone else in his place. That is why Koetter and Warhop both have to be fired. D. Smith should be offered a one year prove it contract to be tried at Guard next year on the left side. Draft Alabama’s LT in the first round. With a new capable OLC and intense development of Cappa for RT I believe that he will emerge as a capable replacement for Dotson. Stupid Warhop hired a trainer to teach Cappa to play OC instead of OT knowing that Dotson would soon need to be replaced.

  35. WVBuc Says:

    “They need to draft a large lengthy LG in the 2nd round. Trade back into the second for a RG. Ali and Jensen are the only ones worthy of being on this oline.” – SOEbuc

    I think this is meant to say LT??? If Marpet and Jensen are legit, drafting a LG and RG would net at least one guaranteed bench warmer.

    Smith is an awful LT and has been. Penalties and look out blocks define his style. The penalties make considering him on the right side, either guard or tackle, an untenable proposition.

    Whoever the new people are in the front office, QB and LT are dire positions needing TLC. Maybe Winston can be recycled, maybe, but we may be in store for another “franchise” QB in the 2019 draft.

  36. DaPostman Says:

    Never mistake activity for achievement.

    John Wooden

  37. Owlykat Says:

    When the Bucs were first starting as a franchise they also had a bad LT. But there the Coach was honest and vocal about it and criticized the LT for his “lookout blocks” when he got beat often by DEs. Unlike that inept LT D. Smith got beat today and never yelled “lookout” to Jameis who then got strip sacked from behind and we lost seven points because of it which was the same margin we lost by. Now Warhop should have taught D. Smith to yell “watch out” when he gets beat but he failed to and is just as responsible for that failure as D. Smith! Now what is not the OLs fault is Jameis getting too nervous when he enters the red zone and once again had terrible production there. Of course Koetter could have fixed that easily by pulling Jameis to relax every red zone and put in Fritz to score there with his accurate lazer passes. Fritz is fearless and relaxed in the red zone. That is another reason to can clueless Koetter!

  38. Owlykat Says:

    With a fixed OL and knowledgeable OL Coach next year and a top RB and a new Coach who pulls Jameis from his nervous red zone duty, you will see Jameis vault up the standings to elite status. It would be a huge error to let him go!

  39. WVBuc Says:

    “new Coach who pulls Jameis from his nervous red zone duty, you will see Jameis vault up the standings to elite status” – Owlykat

    No QB, ever, was elite that needed pulled from red zone duty. Winston hasn’t proven he’s worth the heavy dollars needed to have him next season. The Buds should offer him a reduced, partially guaranteed 1 year contract with a 2nd year team option that has a 10-20% buyout provision if the 2nd year is declined.

  40. WVBuc Says:

    I hate spell check

  41. lambchop Says:

    D. Smith is not a starter, Joe. Let it sink in that if your LT doesn’t play till the whistle and gets the face of your franchise killed, he ain’t no starter on ANY team. Believe it that other teams will look at his tape and realize he is way more of a liability to their star QB than the talent warrants.

    D. Smith is a bench warmer. If you can’t find a LT that at least plays to the whistle and does his best to protect the QB’s blindside, then your scouting is grossly over paid. Nobody is asking for Tyron Smith and D. Smith isn’t even an ounce of Tyron Smith, so why exactly are we willing to gamble our starting QBs life on a loafing LT when you could have an average LT that doesn’t take plays off?


  42. Max Says:

    I hope we dump him, constantly loafing around. No Effort, no heart.

  43. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I literally could not believe it when Donovan just stood there calling for an offsides flag, as his guy ran through unabated and destroyed Jameis.

    Or how about the play where Jameis is throwing his body into a block (and getting a flag unfortunately)….. as Donovan is WALKING in the background?!!!

    Fricking Donovan… I am so SICK of you and your laziness.

  44. rrsrq Says:

    I said the same exact thing, you let your QB get crushed looking for a flag, in the words of Charles Barkley, that’s just turrible

  45. jerseybuc Says:

    Gonna be somebody else’s problem next year. Guy doesn’t have the feet or athleticism for LT. He is a RT or a guard. Let someone else deal with it. Sick of seeming him standing around looking like a guy who just had his pocket picked.