Warren Sapp, Lavonte David And Kwon Alexander

November 8th, 2018

Sparks firestorm with Bucs linebackers.

Joe wasn’t going to touch this but then so many others in #BucsMedia highlighted it that it forced Joe’s hand.

Earlier this week, former Bucs great Warren Sapp decided to break down a run by Stinking Panthers Christian McCaffrey on Sapp’s Instagram account. The play came Sunday when the Stinking Panthers hosted the Bucs.

Sapp was appalled at how the play developed defensively for the Bucs. He even diagrammed what he believed was supposed to be the proper defense.

This apparently got the attention of both Bucs linebackers Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David. Though the comments have since been deleted by Sapp (Eduardo Encina of the Tampa Bay Times has the relevant comments), both David and Alexander replied to Sapp that he was wrong. Alexander dropped an “MF” (Joe’s pretty sure we all know what that acronym stands for).

Alexander and Sapp even had a back-and-forth.

Now Joe isn’t going to take sides in this one. Sapp claimed — and it makes all the sense in the world because it is what Joe has learned about playing defense since he first started playing in grade school — the defense is to contain inside (meaning towards the hashmarks if not the middle of the field). Why? Naturally, there are more defenders inside which means a better chance to bring a ballcarrier down and prevent him from turning the corner for yards.

That’s like fundamental first-day Defensive Football 101.

But Joe has no idea if, on that play, the Bucs had a special coverage to push McCaffrey outside and (in a John Wooden basketball-like move) use the sideline as a 12th defender.

But Alexander and David swore Sapp was wrong and that he was instead inciting the masses to turn on the Bucs defense.

You could tell they did not like being called out by Sapp.

What irked Joe about this whole thing isn’t who was right or wrong, but damn, man. The Bucs are on pace to set the NFL 99-year record for worst defense in history. Worst in points allowed, most touchdown passes allowed and passing yards. For the latter two, the Bucs are on pace to shatter the current marks!

Why are Bucs defenders worried what Sapp says? As internationally popular JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman said yesterday, those two going up against a guy who wears a gold jacket (Hall of Fame), a Tampa icon who has his number retired, a guy with a Bucs Super Bowl ring and his name affixed to the upper deck of the Den of Depression is a battle Alexander and David cannot win in the Court of Public Opinion.

The way Joe sees it, these guys have bigger fish to fry than Sapp calling them out of social media.

If the Bucs defenders aren’t careful, they will go down in NFL history as being the worst of the worst. Their names will forever be etched in the record books, forever accessed in various NFL reference books and on websites long after they take their last breath.

Sapp on Instagram ain’t sh!t compared to making history.

The wrong kind of history.

Some people need their focus readjusted if you ask Joe.


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66 Responses to “Warren Sapp, Lavonte David And Kwon Alexander”

  1. Larry Says:

    Doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. The Bucs defense is not very good right now and EVERYONE agrees on that. Enough about turn overs!! If the Bucs don’t turn the ball over themselves, then they are tied for turn overs. 0 to 0!! You can’t score points without the ball. Just hold on to the darn thing. If the Bucs block, catch, run, pass, don’t turn the ball over, and TACKLE better than their opponents, they win. Problem solved.

  2. destinjohnny Says:

    99 was an A Hole but he was our A Hole.
    We miss you 99!!!!
    He was dead right on this too

  3. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I agree with Sapp, it’s always about forcing the play inside. David and Kwon need to have some respect for the history of this town and it’s players who actually knew how to play defense.
    That defense won games, our defense now basically tries not to lose us games. Y’all are getting over 40 points a road game dropped on you and you are spending time correcting and mocking a HOFer? GTFOH.
    David and Kwon are two of my favorites but this is a bad look.
    Overall no big deal but still stupid.

  4. Lamarcus Says:

    waving a finger at Sapp or anyone on Twitter?

    Well Lvd did say his greatest strength was his “smartness” Sapp just give him a break man

  5. ElioT Says:

    Sapp may not be an expert with $$ & Hoes…

    But there is not a person on this planet that can claim he doesn’t know a thing or two about…

    X’s and O’s.

    Hey “Elite LBs” – Deez MFs DO no whut dey b tallken bawt bruh!

    We ALL know what we’re looking at!


    You bunch of POSERS!!!!

    Sh*tty IQ
    Sh*tty pursuit
    Sh*tty tackling
    Sh*tty effort
    Sh*tty discipline
    Sh*tty leadership
    Sh*tty accountability
    Sh*tty scheme
    Sh*tty attitude
    Sh*tty sh*t all over!!!!

    Say what you will about Sapp as a person, karma comes knocking for most; but Lavonte and Kwon have shown their true colors on the field.

    They “isn’t” the type of players that will ever force this franchise back to respectability.

    How much worse could this defense be without David, Alexander, McCoy? They’ve proven they can’t be any BETTER!!!

    I’m one of the first people to laugh at trying to compare any current players to dudes like Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Quarles, Barber, etc. But most of those men even on their worst day, would refuse to be embarrassed like most of this current roster is totally indoctrinated to. Dudes just bend over every week and still try to posture like bad-a**es!!???

    There might not be but three or four players on this entire roster with a mindset even close to what the old Bucs had.

    It’s a damn shame.


    Go cash the checks your dumba**es will probably squander, get some more tatts and take a few thousand more selfies…


  6. D1 Says:

    Both sides could be right. Which is something no one is considering. I know what Sapp said is correct in most schemes. The fact that both Kwon and Lavontae agree with each other is evidence that their assignments were to slow play the runner laterally.

    Question isn’t which side is correct rather which scheme is.

  7. Lamarcus Says:

    I just rewatched the play and Sapp is perhaps wrong. Lvd seems to clear the blocker for Curry and/or Whitehead to close the play and they just ran into each other which McCaffrey breaks free. Actually 3 of our guys gets up off the ground right after what lvd did.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    @D1 … “Question isn’t which side is correct rather which scheme is.” I agree with you D1. After watching that clip several times, the REAL issue isn’t whether you use the sidelines OR force him inside (either scheme could’ve worked IMO). Problem on that play was #31 … Jordan Whitehead. He penetrated too far inside just prior to TRYING to make the tackle. As the safety, it was his play (he was that free tackler Sapp was referring to) & quite simply he blew it. Rookie mistake and it cost us. But he wasn’t the only one who screwed up on that play … 2 or 3 others had the opportunity to seal off the corner by just keeping the flow going that way, but committed prematurely.

    Still, that’s nothing more than an example of plays NOT MADE by this defense. Sapp could’ve picked at dozen others at least. Not sure it’s as much an issue of SCHEME as it is an issue of guys not functioning well as a TEAM. One or two players not getting off blocks, or taking bad angles, or missing tackles can mean the difference between stopping a play for no gain versus allowing an explosive play. I suspect that LVD and Kwon were just reacting to criticism of THEIR TEAM from a well-known former Buc (why Kwon even has a voice in the discussion since he wasn’t even on the field is still a mystery to me).

  9. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    D1 that is a scary thought if in fact our defense is backwards to basic fundamentals.
    If Sapp is wrong then that Safety is way out of position. You can see he is waiting for it to be forced back in but Lavonte goes inside instead of forcing it to the safety. The safety then has to scramble outside late and can’t get to McCaffrey.
    It appears the center pulling is trying to keep LVD inside by going to his outside shoulder and LVD gives it to him which opened up the edge.
    Either way this team is not speaking softly and is currently carrying a wet noodle.

  10. adam from ny Says:

    just a thought:

    if a defense has no problem getting this embarrassed on the field week in and week out, shouldn’t they have no problem getting embarrassed off the field as well ?


  11. Bobby B Says:

    One was an Pro Bowler who never got overlooked

    The other side often get overlooked year after year

    One made this team a feared defense

    The other two are on a defense that has become the laughingstock

    Need more examples?

  12. Greg Says:

    Regardless of what the scheme was or wasn’t, there’s no escaping the fact that this defense is trending to be the worst in the history of the NFL. Say what you want about Sapp, but you can’t accuse him of being on the worst defense in the history of the league…. Ever?

    The bucs got scorched all day and just about every game going back how long?

  13. Brad Says:

    If only we could bring in Sapp to be the next D-line coach. He needs a job and knows his stuff and isn’t soft.

  14. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    The saddest part is definitely Kwon and Lavonte are trying to tell this man he is wrong. Hello, set outside contain and force the ballcarrier back into the pursuit, this is basic, easy, simple, football 101 type crap. And they are telling him he’s wrong.

    Tell me again how its not the coaching and scheme again Realist, I dare you.

  15. westernbuc Says:

    99 has too much time on his hands. I don’t care if he’s right or wrong, he’s piling on for no reason. Go back to fishing Sapp.

  16. Dr.J Says:

    Warren is exactly right about this one.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    @SchwiftyBuc … “Tell me again how it’s not the coaching and scheme again Realist, I dare you.” Schwifty, the way it was flowing & based on McCaffrey’s proximity to the line, it looks like EITHER scheme would’ve worked IF #31 (Whitehead) hadn’t penetrated so deep prematurely. He ended up taking himself out of the play IMO. Of course, had they successfully turned it back inside, he MIGHT have been able to make the play (no guarantees whatsoever with these Bucs).

  18. richbucsfan Says:

    I would say Kwon and David picked the wrong alley fight. They need to spend less time on social media and much more on film study and preparation (David that is, Kwon needs to get healed). The Tampa sports community will drown them out with thousands of posts. Bad idea for them to take on Hall of Famer Sapp. It reveals their level of intelligence…

  19. Noles Says:


    Thanks for the laugh in the am always a good way to start your day. It’s sad but true we have a bunch of players more concerned with the periphery & all that comes with this job as opposed to their ACTUAL JOB which is playing good hard nosed football. Hope they don’t resign Kwon, GMC, Grimes, LVD ( unless he has a yr left on deal) & start over on D, these guys play with ZERO heart. How many times do we have to hear we came out Flat today. Don’t know about the rest of the Joe’s but if I come out flat time after time at my job I would promptly be shown the door… It’s time to do the same to these jokers…

  20. FairMinded Says:

    Hey Kwon and LD y’all wrong MF’s! And don’t mess with the baddest man to EVER wear Buc colours damn it!! We don’t have a lot of icons around here. On the field that man wrecked offenses like he had a sixth sense so listen and LEARN MF’s

  21. Buc believer Says:

    To think they will be worse than even the Buc teams of old… Damn that is a stink that will NEVER leave!

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    Ive said it before and I’ll continue saying it because I am clearly still right. Getting rid of Smitty only to replace him with an understudy running the same outdated scheme will not improve anything. We might as well of just held on to Smitty until the end of the season when everyone will be fired. The life of a Bucs fan…. smh.

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    My favorite part of this play is watching McCoy. There isnt an easier player on this defense to block in the run game than him.

    Beau Allen, the Nose Tackle, is busting his ass down the field to try and make the play. Where’s McCoys effort to work back against the pressure? He slants, standing straight up, and gives up all leverage, realizes the play isnt in his gap, and he’s just done for that play.

    Outstanding player, isnt he?

  24. Doctor Stroud Says:

    I didn’t click on the video because it is simply too depressing to watch the Bucs defense become a shadow of what it once was. It’s not just one play but an entire body of work. What made the Bucs defense great during the Sapp era was that they played team defense very well. For example, Brooks or Lynch made their fair share of tackles on run plays, but they also weren’t afraid to take on the lead blocker (or two) so that their teammates could make the tackle. I miss that about the Bucs defense.

  25. BucEmUp Says:

    This team.is pathetic

  26. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Not gonna guess how the defense was drawn up. But I will say that I saw another example where whitehead had a bead on the ball carrier and he some how completely missed the ball carrier in the backfield. As defense says, he is a rookie and he will make mistakes. This defenses problems have been partially caused by the insertion of too many rookies. It causes a lot of confusion. IMO
    Carlton Davis looks like he will be a pretty good player.
    I will say this about Kwon and LVD, there is huge dropoff in talent after these two linebackers. Missing Beckwith is adding to the confusion. In a previous week I watched a linebacker play a run and hang out in the backfield when it was a pass to the area he just vacated. Then M J Stewart bit on something and also vacated the area creating mass confusion and a touchdown.
    This defense will not improve until all eleven players know their responsibility
    and execute properly.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Isn’t David leading the team in tackles? He must be doing something right.

    However, I saw several instances in the Panthers game when the safeties left their assignments to pursue where they thought the ball was. That’s why the trick plays worked against them. The Panthers kept luring them out of position.

    The real culprit is inexperience and situational awareness. They are so busy trying to get to the ball quickly that they end up leaving themselves open.

    I gotta hand it to the Panthers. They played an excellent game.

  28. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucs released Minter (MLB) right after the game. I suspect Beckwith is close. I just wish he’d get on the injury report.

  29. Solinor Says:

    See this is the reason why our team sucks! We’ve got players like Kwon who flex his muscles after every tackle he makes. Nevermind the 5+ he missed that day and the TD he gave up on the prior pass play. I’m done with him honestly, he’s part of the problem here. The growing cancer in the locker room. When we clean house next year he should not be resigned. What has he done since his first 2 years? Nothing! He was good his first 2 years then his head became huge and he developed an ego. A lot of our guys have this. They have no right to have an ego! They suck! They are on pace to be the absolute worst defense in NFL history!!!! STOP showboating every single time you make a play and just make plays and be quiet!!! This is ultimately on Koetter because he created this whole toxic stupid culture in the first place. Blow it all up next year Glazers please!!!!

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I love how haters create multiple user names just to have someone agree with them…

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a time here when multiple usernames were forbidden? I wish they still were.


    Because the comments have mostly become a hate fest. There is almost no accountability. By that, I mean users create new names just to say stupid stuff so no one knows who said it.

    I get creating a new username with the intent to switch. But doing it so that no one knows who you are? Cowardly.

  31. TonyC Says:

    LIcht is to share responsibility for this mess as well drafting three (untested) db’s, not(!) signing a veteran db this year, getting rid of veterans (like Tandy and MacDougal) who seemed to gasp Smith’s scheme. So what do you expect?

  32. TonyC Says:

    Oh and McClain as well who was decent

  33. Buc4life24 Says:

    They don’t have s(p)it to say when their D is on pace to be historically bad! Listen to the HOF and cog in one of the most formidable defenses the NFL has ever seen! Take notes and less Instagram posts!!

  34. Bobby M. Says:

    Alexander is grossly overrated….He plays with great heart/hustle but he pursues at terrible angles…misses tons of tackles…and as pointed out, he’s the best on an historic worst defense….that’s not saying much.

    I think David is good enough to be traded….still a very sound player but he’s not what he used to be for a variety of reasons. I would have sent McCoy, David, and Grimes to the highest bidder before the trade deadline. When you have the historically worst defense, I don’t get the rationale of hanging on to guys that are clearly not making a difference. Get what you can, free up cap space and prepare to rebuild the defense next year. Sending guys packing might have actually got the attention of the rest of the team.

  35. Nick Says:

    This is why we suck, you got a punk like KA who talks to someone like Sapp like this. KA is not even a good NFL middle linebacker, but on this D he is elite.

    Time for Dirk, Jason and half this football team to go! McCoy, DJAX and Kwon are on the top of my list.

  36. GhostofSchiano Says:

    What the Bucs need now…MORE SAPP

  37. 911bucs Says:

    The defense just needs to go break bread and everything will be all good!!

  38. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Both sapp and lvd & kwon could be right because based on a coverage or a front it could be the safetys play if say they were in cover 4 the safety supposed to come down hill on run up the alley, but the main thing is that probably those 2 should have texted sapp or direct message sapp and said “hey man we were in this front,call, coverage and this is what we are told to do” But those 2 nimwits get angry on instagram and they are already the worst defense in NFL history, licht in my opinion is 100% responsible for this catastrophe of a team

  39. doolnutts Says:

    I have been saying this to anyone that is listening.. Yes, the defensive coach’s STINK. There is no doubt in my mind that at the very least every single defensive coach will be gone next year if not everyone. The problem is I think that falls short of what else needs to be done. This “core group” of players has gone through multiple coaching staffs. LVD’s best days were with Schiano(surprisingly) Kwon is one of my favorite players on the defense but he hand LVD both have been very average. McCoy has been here for a lifetime with the key arguments that he has had no help.. Well JPP has changed that and still no consistency. Has anyone looked up what we are paying our defense.. These guys are overpaid and as joe points out we are close to being the WORST TEAM DEFENSE EVER. Mind as well get picks for these guys and just play a bunch of young rooks for a cheaper price. If the coaching staff is canned I say many of the core players should go as well. We need a culture change.

  40. TampaTown Says:

    Both LVD and KA have shown emotional immaturity, total disrespect and ignorance of Buc history. Pathetic. If this is how they react to being told they are wrong by Sapp, are they even listening to the coaches since they know it all? And these are the defensive captains? SMH. Miss you Warren.

  41. Not there yet Says:

    Man stop reading comments, out of all of them there always has to be one idiot who agrees with what is clearly wrong. This isn’t the first d coordinator David had so they can’t use Smitty as an excuse. It just highlights the problem with the team and coaches.

    I suspect it would be a huge problem if the defense all agree with David but just as big a problem if many don’t. Either way that’s not a fight you pick and gives someone all the excuse to dump you and your salary. Make a probowl and become a household name somewhere besides Tampa first oh wait to late your old and on the decline

  42. BringBucsBack Says:

    This may be another attempt to gain attention by Sapp (why else post on Instagram?) but, how and why would any player respond? Since Kwon & David have gone publicly with a response, did/can they tell us what was correct about this play? Calling Sapp a name and telling him he doesn’t know what he is talking about is beyond petty and childish.

    Kwon & David had two other options that would have yielded better results:
    1. Say nothing (which I’d demand of ALL of my players)
    2. Admit guilt (possibly creating a little in-house dialogue, growth)

    Sorry to those trying to defend or justify David’s decision here. As noted above, Whitehead was late getting outside because he hesitated, expecting the RB to be forced back inside, to a 9-man front, no less.

    Under what circumstances would a runner, coming out of the backfield, ever be forced outside, away from help? Indefensible! (Pun intended)

  43. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Its funny to see the sheep finally start to recognize that their is a lack of talent on defense, and what they thought of some of the best players in the league, are actually injury prone and average, and definitely better days were in the past!!!!!!!!!!! But the “real” would not be surprised at all, if the sheep want to build around the players one more time!!!!!! To get the help!!!!!!! to duct tape and patch up the defense that basically has been tried to patch since the talk show Dominik and rah days!!!!!!!!!!

    To bad that while some value could have been had this past offseason from trading the obvious pieces that do not work, could have started the “real” rebuild!!!!!!! and actually run a totally different scheme that the “real” fans wanted and some coaches!!!!!!!!!!

    But no, some higher ups are determine to jam some old, overrated players intot the stupid ring of honor!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. D-Rome Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a time here when multiple usernames were forbidden? I wish they still were.

    It should be easy for the Joe’s to determine this if different user names are coming from the same IP address. I really doubt people are wasting time creating, in essence, sock puppet accounts to express opinions on a fan site. No, these people are likely unique individuals that need a place to vent. I’m not sure why you are surprised comments are overly negative.

    You talk about accountability, but have you admitted to the absurdity of your 11-5 prediction for this team? I suppose you think this team has it in them to go 8-0 in the second half of the season.

    Fans are down on this team, and rightfully so. It may be fun and enjoyable for you to be the optimist with this team but there are many people who pay a lot of money to watch this trash. The fans deserve better. Jason Licht has had five years to build a winner and he’s failed. It should not take this long to put together a team that can stay out of the basement in the division.

  45. Dubcity06 Says:

    After giving up and quiting and loafing all Sunday, the captains of the defense have nothing better to do than to insult a Legend? Go learn to play defense like yall defend yourselves on social media

  46. James Walker Says:

    It is funny to see peeps defending Sapp. You know your in the wrong when the football fans back Sapp over you.

  47. stvcl Says:

    Warren calling out a defense that is indefensible. I cringe when the defense takes the field. We have some good players on D and I feel bad for them but damn, can everyone else just do your job? Warren took a couple of shots from Kwon in retaliation but brother…don’t shoot the messenger. 99 calls ’em as he sees ’em.

  48. Buc4evr Says:

    Geez I hate admit it but I have to agree with Warren. It really doesn’t matter much on a outside sweep play like that, the LBs should have closed it off at the line of scrimmage. Both lvd and ka are sub standard LB’s, have been saying it all season. Doesn’t really matter how much they scream and holler, they are always getting pushed around and sealed off, or over persue. At this point they need to keep their damn mouths shut.

  49. Not Americas QB Says:

    Lavontes salty because it was his ass that took the wrong path.

  50. Mike Johnson Says:

    Kinda Sad Guy..Our Defense. When 0ur D takes the field my wife goes, Ohh God honey, here they come. We just know, bad things are gonna happen. Thats ..every subday. So here come the Redskins..A very beatable team with mega injuries everywhere. And I bet..most of you don’t have faith we will win.I don’t.
    We will be there in front of the tube prayin, wishin, and hopin..as usual. I woder what its like to be a fan of the Pats Knowing you got about a 95% chance of winning against any team? Must be a hellava feeling huh?

  51. TonyD Says:

    Amen ElioT, Amen!

  52. Destinjohnny Says:

    We just don’t have the talent and on top of that the mindsets not there

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    “The FANS deserve better!!!” Amen D-Rome!

    Secondly, just shut up and play. Every time a defender opens their mouth it puts the spotlight square on their incompetent play. Both Kwon and LVD have been waaaaaay over-touted. LVD has moments, Kwon has “‘tude”. Unfortunately, neither one of them is playing at a “high” level.
    Now, it begs pointing out that since Conte was injured the safety play has been utterly atrocious. Coincidence? I don’t think so. He may be a tackling dummy for 270 lb TEs but I guarantee you he is far and away the better safety on this roster.

  54. Duke Silver Says:

    I cannot see where Sapp is wrong here. This is very fundamental. The linebacker did not set the edge and force the ball carrier back to the inside where his “help” is.

  55. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Just goes to show you how far down the rabbit hole these players are.

    Like Sapp or not, Dork should have those two in his office, explaining that at the very least you don’t say anything..and you damn sure don’t disparage one of the greatest Buc defenders of all time, just on principle.

    What would Tomlin do if one of his LB’s did that to Jack Lambert or Ham?

    Kwon’s an under performing idiot, and LVD and his “smartness” ain’t far behind….

  56. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    “inciting the masses to turn on the Bucs defense”


    Believe me, we do not need ANY inciting at this point to turn on the D.

  57. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    westernbuc Says:
    “99 has too much time on his hands. I don’t care if he’s right or wrong, he’s piling on for no reason. Go back to fishing Sapp”


    You are entitled to your opinion, @westernbuc, but I could not disagree more. These guys NEED to be embarrassed by a guy like Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp, who DOES know what he is talking about.

    The problem is the guys weren’t embarrassed apparently. They actually argued. (eyes roll)

  58. Noles Says:

    I feel bad for the season ticket holders bc I can just turn the channel. They have to sit in the heat and endure this embarrassment. I am a Tampa native and watched every game since 1980 and would look for some glimmer of hope to watch like one of our many QB’s or first round picks we had to see them develop. However this season is honestly the first time I am considering not watching full game and turn it off this weekend if we are down by 20 or more in first half it’s just down right depressing. I sure hope someone else can turn around this team next year. Koetter & Licht need to go…,

  59. Kansas95Buc Says:

    man im at a loss of words on this one. a gold jacket offers constructive criticism and they essentially get butt hurt. do anybody on this team wanna win?!?!

  60. From the north Says:

    Dammit play better defense! It’s your tape your putting out there. Fix it!

  61. Rod Munch Says:

    I love David, but I’ll always side with Sapp.

    Kwon meanwhile has always been disrespectful towards those great Bucs defenses, and it’s pretty clear no one has ever sat him down and gave him a history. I like Kwon and think it’s a good player, but he’s not David, he’s not a $9m/year LB and I’m guessing if he still thinks he is, that he’ll be gone.

  62. ModHairKen Says:

    Hmmm. Do I value a HOFer and SB winner and Defensive POY or 2 clowns who get a lot of hype but have no accomplishments? Unless 2/11 of worst defense EVER is an accomplishment.

  63. JRUSS Says:

    KA and LVD are average at best. Just some millennials dying their hair for IG photos. The bucs problem is Licht, he doesn’t draft men (Dogs, real football players). The way I see it none of them care about being the best; they’re content with showing up for work going through the motions for 60 minutes and collecting the check. They should all be in skirts bc they give up the booty every week.

  64. Tim Says:

    I have played and coached on a lot of defenses and the goal is always edge containment. Never heard of a Def trying to force a player out of bounds, what I see is a lack of gap control. (which is what Sapp is pointing out)

  65. Armand Says:

    Never played a down of pro football or college but even I know you contain to pursuit, which is always inside. Sapp Daddy is right.

  66. unbelievable Says:

    It shows where their priorities are…

    Get blown out every week on the worst defense in NFL history… no big deal.

    Get called out on social media… but come run in and defend yourselves.

    How about trying defending against a touchdown instead????