Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Redskins

November 11th, 2018


Let’s not kid ourselves — it’s over.

The breathtaking promise of the opening two weeks has turned into harsh reality. This will be an 11th consecutive Buc season without a playoff berth, followed by a regime change.

This was the game that could have prompted a turnaround, facing a battered Redskin team at home. This was the game to stop the bleeding and trigger a winning streak against bottom feeders like the Giants and 49ers.

But, alas, it was not to be, and Buc fans are left sifting through the rubble of a season gone sour. On a day the defense showed marked improvement, Tampa Bay was undermined by four giveaways.

Such generous hosts.

At 3-6, it’s all over but the pink slips. The first one should come this week as Chandler Catanzaro is escorted off the premises. The Redskins won ugly, but the standings show they are 6-3 and sit atop the NFC East. The Bucs lost even uglier as they remain in the NFC South basement.

Here’s how Washington put Tampa Bay out of its misery on a beautiful fall day:

* For the first time this season, Dirk Koetter reassumed play-calling duties from Todd Monken. The best decision he made all day was asking for the ball after winning the coin toss, a move I’ve been pining for much of the season. And for the fourth time this year, the Bucs rolled up at least 500 yards. Somehow, someway, they are 1-3 in those games.

* Even at full strength, Washington’s offense doesn’t scare anyone. On Sunday, injuries forced the Redskins to use three new starters up front, yet the Bucs failed to capitalize. After Catanzaro’s second missed field goal, the Redskins faced 3rd-and-9 from midfield. Given a perfect pocket, Alex Smith fired a 20-yard completion to Maurice Harris. A few minutes later, on 3rd-and-5, Smith bought extra time before finding Josh Doctson for a 6-yard score. In both cases, not a Buc in Smith’s grill.

* The Glazers have had worse days as sports owners, but not many. Before the Bucs squandered their opportunity with a mistake-prone performance, Manchester United dropped a 3-1 decision against bitter rival Manchester City in the Premier League. Don’t look now, but these guys may end up firing two head coaches.

* Guess who led all players with 10 tackles Sunday? That’s right, ex-Buc middle linebacker Mason Foster.

* Jason Pierre-Paul, easily Tampa Bay’s best defensive player this season, may have hit the motivational wall. He didn’t make an impact at Carolina last week and JPP was credited with one tackle and zero QB hits against the Redskins. Perhaps he will regain his mojo when he gets to the familiar Meadowlands surroundings next week.

* There were plenty of culprits Sunday, but you can’t overestimate the impact of Catanzaro’s two missed field goals. That’s six points off the scoreboard, but those errant kicks also take an emotional toll on the other 45 players. He should have been toast three weeks ago.  “I’m just not performing well enough for this team,” Catanzaro said. Sad but true.

* The Bucs average 53 more yards per game than their opponents. The Redskins average 24 yards per game fewer than their opponents, yet these teams have inverse records. Why? Tampa Bay is minus-19 on the turnover table while Washington is plus-11. That’s a difference of more than three possessions every week.

* There’s no shortage of statistics to explain Tampa Bay’s startling plunge into obscurity, but this one is as good as any. Opponents have ventured into the red zone 32 times and come away with 28 touchdowns. That’s just sick.

* While the Redskins featured offensive balance, the Bucs ran only 24 times in 67 offensive snaps. That’s a problem because this franchise is 3-18 in the past five seasons when throwing more than 40 passes.

* Ryan Fitzpatrick has given this team all he has, but it’s time to return Jameis Winston under center and let him finish out the final 7 weeks. If Fitzpatrick starts against the Giants, that will be a strong indication the Bucs have turned the page on No. 3.


44 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Redskins”

  1. Clarence Says:

    Swap the coaching staffs of the Bucs and Manchester United and see what happens.

    It could be no worse.

  2. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Freddie Kitchens > Dirk Koetter
    John Dorsey > Jason Licht
    Baker GX Mayfield > Jameis Crablegs Winston

  3. JimmyJack Says:

    I hate my own team and I hate my own self.

  4. NPRSageBoy Says:

    As always, nicely stated Ira.

  5. LakeLand Says:

    Let the search begin

  6. Guzzie Says:

    Hey Bucs fans, if there are any left, at least we don’t have Gruden lol

  7. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    This team sucks out loud!!! Koetter needs to go, Licht needs to go, Jay Miss needs to go. McCoy needs to go and many others as well. Time to blow it up yet again!

  8. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Any possible HC candidates to be on the lookout for?

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk went all in with Fitz, and Fitz responded with 3 points.

    Dirk needs to be fired today, no reason to wait until tomorrow.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When the coach get penalized for throwing a challenge flag knowing he has no timeouts left…’s time to go.

  11. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    what makes any of you think for one second the glazers who have failed miserably on the last 4 hires are going to get right this time.

  12. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Relax Bucs fans. Beautiful weather is upon us. Quit wasting time watching this team and go do something fun with the family.☺️

  13. jerseybuc Says:

    A franchise whose only two glory runs to the playoffs were defined by DEFENSE has thrown 19 INT’s and only gotten ONE in nine weeks?
    Dirk looked defeated in his presser. McCoy looked happy as usual as he congratulated AP after the game. Where is the pride of these men?
    Fans seem more upset than the players, maybe cuz we aren’t getting a paycheck.

    I would be shocked if at least one and maybe a few guys are sent packing within the next 24 hours. This team needs a slap in the face.

  14. DBS Says:

    Well at least there were those that did not get excited because of the suspension. Then some just because of Buccaneers history. So next year the rest may learn Don’t get excited until they prove themselves. Which would be about week 8.

  15. jerseybuc Says:

    Are not sent packing.

  16. Pryda Says:

    Just so freaking disappointed!!!!! Sooooo bad 🙁 please Jameis come back and win us some games 🙂

  17. Tom S. Says:

    Weren’t some posters asking everyone critical of this regime to eat crow after week 2?

    It’s a shame it’s not a two week season. I guess we can pull down the Mission Accomplished banner. Such a shame that a team without talent on the line or in the defensive backfield with abysmal kickers and up and down QB play can’t just will it’s way to victory each week. Funny how that works.

  18. DI Says:

    I think this season would’ve been a lot easier to swallow if we didn’t win the first two games of the season. At least I wouldn’t have had hope.

  19. LakeLand Says:

    It’s a sad day in Tampa

    Lovie and the Fighting Illini has more wins

  20. Season Is Over Says:

    How many more times are we going to hear we need to see what we have in Winston? These last seven games that no one will be trying is going to tell you what you have in Winston? That will just be the next lame ass excuse to pander to this guy who has earned nothing whatsoever on this team. The team was quitting and we don’t really know. No one is seeing that bs excuse coming. Lmao. Tampa fans are hardened. You sound like talking parrots spewing out media talking points. Think for yourselves for a change. What is Winston going to do to change minds? He already failed this year. Great, he can fix his screw up by taking us out of total loser draft position to prove he isn’t a total failure. Screw that. \o/ for the fans having to wait that out all these team decisions chasing their own tail. Winstopologists have imaginary Marino/Manning stats. Real fans have eyeballs.

  21. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    It kind of stinks in this area the media including joes ira stickcarriers did not objectively look at this team the past few years ans realize the poor personnel decisions of licht never were gonna have this team competitive. that bs win last game of the year was a huge loss for the franchise and its future but then you have licht picking crap and not addressing the same major holes this team has always had….. blow it all up

  22. Darin Says:

    Lol. I like it. All u can do is laugh at this point. When your 16 year old self, 30 years ago, knows more rules and knows time management better than the HC does now its simply laughable. Should have listened to Dirk amd fired him after the Bears game Glazers! He asked for it! No idea why i watch this Dirk led klueless bunch. Been watching from day one and this is the first time I’m giving up watching. Cant have the HC dooming the team from the before the kickoff every week.

  23. Mike30#1Bucfan Says:

    Great read Sage, can’t believe it’s gotten this bad so fast this year. I was really hoping for great things from this talented team but I guess it’s just a Bucs life!!

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    @Ira … “Let’s not kid ourselves — it’s over.” But Ira, just a few days ago I could’ve sworn I heard you taking the opposite stand; that all we had to do was win 3 in a row against these next weak teams and voila … we’d be 6-5 and right back in it. Now all of a sudden we’re dogmeat? Nah, we’ve been dogmeat all along.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    Oh and BTW Ira, I’m having trouble understanding how an offense can put up 48 points against the Saints in Week 1 and then put up 3 points against the Redskins 2 months later with virtually the SAME EXACT OFFENSIVE PERSONNEL. The guy calling the plays was different admittedly, but something much bigger than that had to change. My gut feel is that this team has totally lost its swagger. They don’t believe in the coaching; they don’t believe in each other; heck, it doesn’t even look like they believe in themselves.

  26. LakeLand Says:

    Defense Rules

    No team is weak against the Bucs
    The Bucs self -destruct
    Hence 25 turnovers in 8 games

  27. Spicoli Says:

    Maybe the fix is in and the Glazer’s told dirk and licht to start fitzy for the rest of the season. I can see them taking the season to get the highest possible draft pick next season.

  28. Easy Says:

    Might as well just start Ryan Griffin and see what he has. Why he’s held a roster spot and had ZERO playing time is baffling.

  29. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I’m sure a player from Manchester United could kick a field goal, at least better than any kicker we’ve had the last few years

  30. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    While your escorting Chandler out the door make sure he’s following behind the whole damn offense. 4 or 5 times in the red zone Lost count in between naps! Evans dropped a td in the end zone. Take away 11&12 if your searching for $hit to pile on top of the other $hit you wrote

  31. garbs65 Says:

    It’s just a shame that we seemed to have all this talent coming into this season and now we are already faced with a complete rebuild, again. And the talent we have will be mostly gone by the time a new regime can change things for the better, if ever. I can’t believe we will be starting at ground zero in the qb arena. What a waste of 4 years with JW. And I have been a JW fan. But he’s not the answer. He’s Fitzpatrick…he’ll be a great journeyman qb and will live on his hotstreaks with several other teams. Probably win a Super Bowl. Deja vu. Same shxt different day for the Bucs and us life time Buc fans.

  32. JimmyJack Says:

    Come on…..This thing was over when we laid an egg in Carolina. The Corilo a game would not have been such a critical game but it was because we laid an egg in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati game would not have been as critical but we laid two eggs before that one.

  33. JimmyJack Says:

    Was anybody surprised that we desperately needed a win today and we laid an egg?

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    Garbage if you believe we have talent then we don’t have to face an entire rebuild.

  35. Ed Says:

    I hate to say it but our Tampa Bay media has been sugar coating all the problems within the Bucs. When I listen to the broadcast coverage or the different national shows they tell it like it is how The coaching sucks and how the players don’t know fundamentals.

    Our media doesn’t need to take personal shots at players or coaches but they do need to report players making poor plays, being unmotivated, not prepared for another teams strategy and personnel.

    I really don’t want reporters writing on who should be fired but tell it like it is, there are too many players not performing according to their contracts who are being coached by men that are not making changes necessary to get better results.

    The team continues to regress as the season rolls on with the same results and not enough change, they just keep doing what they do best, give games away.

  36. LakeLand Says:

    They did set another NFL record today

    Against the Redskins, the Buccaneers produced 501 yards but scored just three points. According to Elias Sports Bureau data, the Bucs became the first team in NFL history with 450-plus total yards and three or fewer points.

  37. Marvelous Mayem Says:

    Sucks, just sucks. I feel like me and my fellow Bucs fans are all alone on an island. Kinda like hopless nerds. Sad, hopeless feeling.

  38. Flatout71 Says:

    Found more pleasure washing the boat yesterday. The Glazers get no more of my money this season. Potentially next season too.

  39. Alanbucsfan Says:

    My favorite play was Barber lining up as receiver, shifting back to the eye, then taking handoff for no gain.
    My second favorite play was Fitz throwing interception on 1st drive towards goal line when intended receiver was 3rd string rb.

  40. Oliver Says:

    The Glazers’ soccer acumen is even worse than their NFL knowledge, so based on what we’ve seen so far, they won’t be firing Mourinho

  41. AncientBuc Says:

    Jameis should be left on bench to distance himself from this regime if Glazers are smart. Let him be reclaimed and earn back trust from teammates and fans with new coach and GM>

  42. Joe Says:

    Found more pleasure washing the boat yesterday.

    That’s a new one. And a damning one. Dang.

  43. Reach87 Says:

    Love you Ira, but it’s not over. I am going to watch every game I can and root for the Bucs. Probably 50 different important story lines to be played out yet. So nothing is really over except the games in the past. Can’t fault anyone who believes that way, but have to wonder…”if you believe that, why are you still here?” Bye. Go Bucs!

  44. Fire Light Says:

    It’s not surprising the Bucs are bad. Fitz Sucks. Jameis needs to be playing.