Nassib Leads Disappearing Act

October 28th, 2018

Minutes before the Bucs-Bengals kickoff, general manager Jason Licht hopped on the Buccaneers Radio Network for his weekly state of the franchise chat with Gene Deckerhoff.

First, Licht made it clear that he has a great relationship with DeSean Jackson and is more interested in seeing him thrive all season than trading him.

Licht also was asked about defensive end Carl Nassib, who had a strong multi-sack game against Cleveland, his breakout game as a Buccaneers.

The GM said Nassib was very focused on showing the world that game was no fluke. Well, perhaps it was.

Nassib and friends managed just two quarterback hits all game. TWO! That’s an incredibly low number by NFL standards.

Consider they Bucs hit Drew Brees five times on opening day. And they hit Mitch Trubisky three times during the Windy City Wipeout.

Both official QB hits today came on sacks by Jason Pierre-Paul, who now has eight sacks this season.

Nassib and his linemates not named JPP were downright invisible. Did Licht jinx Nassib? No. The Bucs just can’t find any hint of a consistent pass rush.

Dirk Koetter was adamant that Vita Vea can rush the passer after he was drafted No. 12 overall. So far, that’s not showing up.

37 Responses to “Nassib Leads Disappearing Act”

  1. Season Is Over Says:

    Why did no one question why he finally decided to show up in Cleveland? It is week 8 after all.

  2. aj Says:

    Nassib is not the problem. The fact he is starting after being picked up after final cuts might be a problem.

    Also, looked like he played almost every snap today.

    The fact that Spence still can’t hit the field is the problem.

  3. The Real Malloy Says:

    This is garbage Joe. Nassib was getting pressure. Dalton gets the ball out of his hands incredibly fast, 2nd only to Brady some day. Defense was NOT the problem. It was “America’s QB”. Time to admit you are wrong about Winston Joe.

  4. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Licht needs to jump on the next bus out of Tampa…not the radio network.

  5. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    If only we had a top three DT on our team… oh wait.

    GMC haters awful quiet today…

  6. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    GMC had a typical stat line for him today. Nothing, even though he didn’t play. He has a great smile though, I”ll give him that.

  7. Troy Says:

    Yeah. It was the defense’s fault. LMAO.

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    yeah………no GMC haters cause GMC took his disappearing act on the sidelines instead of the field

    Lets just be honest here, if Nassib was really awesome…the browns wouldnt have let him walk……he was a 3rd rd pick for a reason

    Joe, why blame one DLineman when the other DTs were just as ineffective??????????

    The on DLINEMAN worth his salt is JPP………thank god for him

  9. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Derwin James the nfl rookie of the year and top 100 player in his rookie year had a bye week just saying, looks like vea had bye week too

  10. JabooBuc Says:

    Joe, can you just stop with this narrative? Bucs D has played well enough to win the past 2 games. In fact, they downright won the game last week. This game was lost by one man and one man only and you know it and he said it.

  11. I like my crab legs with OJ Says:

    I’ve been behind Jameis since day one, but something about having fitz as the gunslinger just gives you confidence he’s not going to do something stupid every game…I’m officially on the fitzmagic train

  12. jjbucfan Says:

    I’m a Jameis guy, this one is on him. It happens, to everyone, even Brady. Fitz deserves to start because he came in and lit a fire and didn’t let us quit- something Koetters teams have been known to do. The defense did have 5 offsides penalties, 3 of which kept scoring drives alive. We are just an undisciplined team. We need a dominant RG which was available in this years draft and in FA. Instead, we pick Vea (which I am willing to give more time) and RoJo (who will be placed on IR for the year, IMO). Let’s see what the Bucs do at the deadline…Buyers or Sellers, should be interesting.

  13. Aaron Says:

    We won’t win many games giving up 400 yards and getting zero turnovers either.

    I can’t defend JW. I can see JW turning his career around with a better coach. Our current coaching staff isn’t exactly the Rams coaching staff

    Good Coaches and GMs don’t want to come here…the top FAs don’t want to come here…Bucs Fan Life!

    We are in weird situation

    1) Can you really measure Koetter as a Coach if you make him start JW?

    2) If you decided you are done with JW and don’t have any intentions of picking up his 5th yr option…You have to trade him by Tuesday or cut him right?

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    Criticizing a last minute pickup on defense is like criticizing my kids for leaving dirty clothes on the floor. If you expect more you expect too much! Nice player to have on your team but if this is the best you have you might be in trouble.

  15. Bucnjim Says:

    Aaron that is complete BS and you know it! You know why the Bengals had all that offense? Yep 4 turnovers one for a TD one in the end zone. Take your argument to those who might not have watched the game!

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    The rules are apparently a bit fuzzy, but last time I looked it’s the TEAM that loses, not just the offense or just the defense. The Bucs offense put up 34 points today … but it ALSO gave up 7 points with that Pick-6. The Bucs defense gave up 30 points today … but will get tagged with that Pick-6 also.

    The offense did ‘some’ good things. They held the ball for 36 mins TOP to only 24 mins TOP for the Bengals. Impressive. They had 576 total yds of offense, including 471 yds passing & over 100 yds rushing. Impressive. BUT … they turned the ball over FOUR times (to 0 for Cincy) and gave up SIX sacks. Not impressive. Even less impressive was that they had 11 penalties (accepted) for 75 yds, many of them at critical times.

    The Bucs defense did some good things too … just not enough of them at critical times in the game. That last Cincinnati drive after Fitz had tied it up late in the game was the heart-breaker. Had the defense been able to hold, no doubt in my mind that we could’ve won that game. BUT … that’s just another COULDA – WOULDA – SHOULDA. Fact is that BOTH the offense & the defense contributed to the loss. But in any event, A LOSS IS A LOSS IS A LOSS.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Yea, Nassib was the problem today….


  18. Bucnjim Says:

    No actually with a -4 turnover ratio you have about a 3% chance of winning (97% chance of losing) That is on Winston! I was a fan of Winston but after seeing how the team responded when he left the field it may be over.

  19. Season Is Over Says:

    The season is crumbling partly because they are getting zero out of the first two picks Vea and Jones. You take these positions for a reason. The Bucs were seriously weak at these positions and needed immediate contributions.

  20. Season Is Over Says:

    It isn’t like Peterson was available cheap. How did Martin do today?

  21. Trench War Says:

    ..and to be perfectly fair, (because it is the right thing to do), the Bungles ran the ball often. Kind of hard to pressure a QB when they are running down your throat.

  22. Aaron Says:

    Bucnjim – I watched the game Fck! face

    If you actually read my post – I didn’t give JW a pass…we’ve seen this over and over…when Fitz takes over you’ll see our D give up the win over and over…oh wait – we just did

  23. donuts Says:

    I thought Bo Allen’s performance was a lot worse than Nassib. He was a the ghost and missed Cincy Mixon many times. Vea was invisible too but is a rookie so he needs time; NFL is not PAC 10.

    This DEF needs Kwon. They are lost with no edge without him. Its going to be a long second half of season. Sadly, my preseason prediction of 5 wins may be reality. I was hoping not after the 2-1 start.

  24. LakeLand Says:

    LOL Dusthty

    That was funny

    Derwin James and Vita Vea both had a bye week

  25. stpetebucsfan Says:

    You Derwin James jock sniffers need to give it a rest…or you might turn some of we neutral fans into FSU haters who want to spend the rest of the year rubbing your faces in this season.

    It’s clear Derwin James was the greatest player…the greatest NOLE ever because look how badly the Noles suck without him!!!

    He’s not a Buc. We do not give shat about a Charger…and second guessing draft picks is always a FOOLS ERRAND but doing it seven or eight games into their rookie years is just absurd.

  26. LakeLand Says:

    Doug Martin

    13 carries 72 Yards
    2 receptions 17 yards

  27. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Lost in JW’s amazing performance and subsequent criticism are other parts of the game.

    One spot that is still stuck in my crawl…PENALTIES…lots of dead ball neutral ball infractions…at one point we had 9 flags to the Bengals 4…we can whine about home cooking but might as well add some cheese to it.

    Here’s the biggest disappointment. Was this the first time we’ve ever seen Dalton work the hard count so well. How many times did our DL jump offsides because of the Red Rifle?

    So JPP who I love jumped at least twice or was it three times?
    Like Duff but he did not have his DL prepared properly. When a QB can predictably and regularly draw your DL offsides that is not a small deal!!!! It’s not just that a team has the automatic five yards in their back pocket when they need it…good QB’s like Brees and Dalton…guys who are good at this are experienced enough to look at it as more than five automatic yards…it’s a FREE PLAY…bombs away.

  28. gambelero Says:

    Nassib had a near sack on a play where Dalton threw it away right as his knee hit. That play was one of many negated by an offside penalty. He also had a tackle for a loss on a running play. Whenever I saw a replay, he was playing hard. And he contributed to forcing the step up on one of JPP’s sacks.

  29. Bob in Valrico Says:

    No excuse for Jameis setting up the opposing offense with four extra posessions.
    Defense has a tough enough job playing without key starters without having to
    work twice as hard to recover from Jameis miscues.

  30. Jean Lafitte Says:


    agreed about the penalties, …but to the Bucs credit none of those encroachment penalties resulted into any big plays.

  31. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    One person lost this game! Winston if y’all can’t see that you should stop watching football are you fu@cking kidding me ! I never seen such a tard who has a web site

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    In all fairness to the D line, the Bengals were holding them constantly and the refs turned a blind eye. JPP got held twice on his sack with no flags. Funny how the refs didn’t miss a single hold on the Bucs though. 5 offside penalties though, that’s a problem

  33. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Well that’s a positive way to look at it. We only lost the five yards and Dalton didn’t hit anybody deep. I can’t honestly remember if they helped sustain any drives. Thank God Dalton is not Brees.

    Speaking of Brees…he threw his FIRST pick tonight. ONE pick all season so far…that would be a good game for JW…for a 7 games in…that ain’t never gonna happen withe the king of ints.

  34. Bucanole Says:

    Joke squad top to bottom

  35. Ed Kerber Says:

    if Jameis is America’s QB, if Jameis=America, then we rally have hit rock bottom as a country.

  36. THETRUTH Says:

    For those who hate McCoy and blind to see what his presence brings ,
    You should be yelling to get rid of the entire line except JPP since they didn’t do a damn thing just like you cry when McCoy doesn’t t make every tackle of the game

  37. adam from ny Says:

    even jpp wasn’t doing too much until he racked up 2 sacks in close proximity…

    dalton unloads super quick tho