Why Exactly Did Mike Smith Survive This Long?

October 28th, 2018

Solid job in a pinch.

The Bucs defense didn’t have a great game today. But it played its heart out.

The Bucs were down quite a few players. No Gerald McCoy. No Kwon Alexander. No Chris Conte. No Vinny Curry. No Vernon Hargreaves. Yet the defense was not remotely the reason why the Bucs lost today. Yup, that’s on Bucs coach Dirk Koetter.

That’s two solid games the Bucs defense has played since Koetter fired (Joe believes but is not entirely sure) his good friend Mike Smith. This demands two questions.

1. Why was Smith not fired weeks ago?

2. Why was Smith even brought back for the 2018 season?

That decision alone may very well cost a lot of folks their jobs at One Buc Palace come January.

Inquiring minds who write checks and have offices upstairs at One Buc Palace might like to know.

26 Responses to “Why Exactly Did Mike Smith Survive This Long?”

  1. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Friendships will work wonders…

  2. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    its jason licht and his crappy personnel, this guy did nothing different joe mixon went for 100 yds in first half and the bucs could not cover a wr all game and that final drive was text book bucs defense in the licht era

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The defense bears NO responsibility for this loss.

    Yeah it’s on Koetter for playing the wrong QB…if he doesn’t start Fameis we probably win.

    But ONE guy lost this game and we all know it. The defense was the ONLY reason we had a chance to enjoy the Fitzmagic…with all due credit to Fitz if the D hadn’t forced all those second half 3 and outs the game would have not remained in reach!!!

    The running game…could be better…the OL…our pass rush..we can improve and we all get that…but as long as Forrest Winston just keeps GIVING games away those guys got no chance and it’s sad to me that the defense played well enough to win this one but we’re going to lay blame on them. Does Jameis play defense? Perhaps for the Bengals today!

  4. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Joe you like to say the Bucs still haven’t replaced Simeon Rice and I have agreed with you on that sentiment.

    However I think we finally found our guy in JPP, what a baller. Now if only we could get a good DT like Sapp..

  5. Greg Says:

    There are many instances of HC’s being loyal to a fault…

  6. Spicoli Says:

    Pass Def want lights out but I wouldn’t say they didn’t cover anyone all game. They made some good plays in secondary from time to time. The pass rush was non existent for the first half

  7. Season Is Over Says:

    This defense has stopped no one all year. Not any phase of any game or attack. Everyone knows this. The forced fumble is a lost art. Interception? Lmao. JPP is the only one excelling while the others are below average. Duffner just gave up 37 minus Mr. Magoo’s pick six. In no way does 30 points remotely qualify as a “solid job”. Why is the bar set so low? This was an all out defensive failure. They did not stop anyone when they needed to. They gave up the game winning drive like they were invisible? How is this missed in the equation?

  8. CHIbucfan Says:

    If I’m not mistaken the belief is that the Glazers gave Smith HC money. Just as likely that they did not want to pay the man that much money to golf as it is that Dirk wouldn’t fire him cause they are friends. There are alot of decisions made this season that I question whether Dirk had any say at all.

  9. LakeLand Says:

    We went from “Scapegoat” Lovie Smith to ” Scapegoat” Mike Smith

  10. Marlow Says:

    Is this article a red herring?

  11. Greg Says:

    There are many instances where the HC is loyal to a fault…

  12. John B Says:

    It’s clear what was going on – the frat boy story from Marvin should be all the connection needed – he took care of Mike as long as possible

    Stewart is horrible, put him at LB already, he is way too slow to play the slot or DB in the NFL

    Grimes can’t play man worth a damn and is a sissy at tackling

    We are so thin at CB, are we gonna do anything about this or RG before the deadline???????? Smith and Benenoch both suck bad….DSmith is lazy a lot…Dot is about done

    How many offsides on the DLine today? 11 ish penalties? No discipline again today

    If we don’t make some moves at these positions it just proves this whole staff needs to go GM down

  13. Philly Bucs Fan Says:

    Again pick on the defense when jameis keeps putting them on the field! Enough Joe! He’s either 3 and out or turns it over.

  14. sandwichman Says:


    Ditto not sure why the Joes are posting this crap. Hold JW accountable PLEASE! HE is the reason we lost. Yes Dirk has to take some of the blame but its not all on him. Dirk didnt throw 4 of worst INTs I HAD EVER SEEN. The Bucs should release JW tomorrow. Dude is a bust! Cut your losses ASAP! Fitzmagic the rest of the way. Really disappointed in the Joes for trying to spin this!

  15. Troy Says:


  16. sandwichman Says:

    and STOP calling him Americas QB! He just sucks!

  17. Vincente Says:

    Just want to say. Did you see Fitz blowing more wind into the sky to make it worse for that kicker? Gotta love the humor and excitement this guy brings to the team.

  18. Mike Johnson Says:

    This is a great comedy Sunday here. LMAO again. Why did Smitty last so long? You all know why. I got a better question..WHY..were Koetter and Smitty hired by the Glazers when they did not get the job done in Atlanta? They were dumped by Arthur Blanks, ATl owner. Kpetter will soon be joining his mentor and road dog..pressbox Smitty at the ex Buc coaches fishing hole over in St Pete after this losing season. Watch and see. can’t stop LMAO here.

  19. LakeLand Says:


    If we go back to the 2015 season
    The Bucs were 6-6 and fighting for a playoff berth
    The offense turned the ball over 8 times in 3 games
    They scored 71 points in 4 games
    Which the Bucs went 0-4

    And the “Scapegoat” was Lovie Smith and the defense
    But no one was talking about the 8 turnovers
    And lack of offensive scoring

    This franchise and local media will go to great length
    To protect the reputation of their “FRANCHISE” QB

  20. sandwichman Says:


    Amen sir. Joes clearly have an agenda here.

  21. Trench War Says:

    When your franchise QB keeps his defense on the field to protect 6 points for 2 quarters how is that exactly the defenses fault. What was our defenses time of possession? …oh wait …how does that work again? smdh

  22. Firrrreee Licht Says:

    Enough with the Blame Jameis. The Jameis Haters got what they wanted and are pouncing all over him. Jameis will be fine. Koetter and Licht are the issues.. Bash those guys just as much as you Jameis Haters bash Jameis and it’ll become a part time unpaid job. IF Fitz starts Go Panthers! Please start Fitz so he can get crunched by Carolina and shut all you Fitz lovers up.

  23. uckinator Says:

    My goodness ! He has the best receivers in the NFL and still throws 4 picks !

  24. FireMikeSmith_orDie Says:

    Lovie Smith was the superior DC and the numbers back that up. He had much less to work with and produced FAR BETTER results than Mike Smith, as bad as those results were…. but thank-you, Joe, for finally asking the questions I asked them a year and a half ago.

    Firing Lovie Smith was the wrong move. He was an average HC, and now we have a slightly below average one.

  25. Jean Lafitte Says:

    No PLEASE start JW against Carolina PLEASE

    DON”T give Firrrreee Licht his wish to start Fitz

    Let’s lose another game with more turnovers so Firrrreee Licht can come up with more excuses. But NO ..he’d rather start Fitz for all of the wrong hateful reasons.

  26. FortMyersDave Says:

    Koetter has made some horrible decisions but it is notvlike Lovie was Vince Lombardi. Lovie took 24 to 3 leads in DC and goesvturtle for an L. The current coach seems to start his games on the road down 21 on average. I remember the 2015 season opener where Lovie had all summer to prepare for the Titans and the Bucs got embarrassed. Now the Bucs seem unprepared for each and every road game. Both cases are classic signs of no discipline and poor coaching. So, yeah Koetter has made horrible decisions but Lovie is way below average as well. His Illini are an embarrassment in the Big 10, only better than 1AA Rutgers in that mediocre conference.