Jameis And Picks

October 24th, 2018

Bad Jameis.

Did the suspension screw him up?

Joe isn’t sure what Bucs coach Dirk Koetter can do about it now in the middle of a season in a year where many believe if America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, doesn’t take another step forward or the Bucs don’t win games, he’s a goner.

Jameis is playing Santa Claus at an alarming rate.

Jameis is on pace to shatter his personal record of 18 interceptions in 2016. Through 10 quarters, Jameis already has six interceptions. There are 10 games left in the regular season.

Initially, Joe thought one reason for the high number of interceptions was the amount of passes Jameis is attempting. But research shows that doesn’t hold water.

Last year Jameis averaged a pick every 26 attempts. This year it is an interception every 18 passes. Just for argument’s sake, Joe pulled the stats from three other random quarterbacks. Andrew Luck has an interception every 25 passes (about the same as Jameis last year). Tom Brady has a pick every 35 passes. Ben Roethlisberger has an interception every 43 attempts.

Yeah, yeah. Joe knows not all of Jameis’ picks are on him. The interception in Atlanta where the ball bounced in the air off the helmet of Chris Godwin’s defender was a fluke. On Sunday’s pick in overtime, Koetter said another receiver ran a wrong route and the defender covering him just happened to be in the right place at the right time. OK, fine.

Joe is confident other quarterbacks have interceptions that aren’t their fault as well. So Joe cannot fully swallow that excuse.

Look, Joe is a Jameis guy and thinks folks screaming for his head need to be institutionalized given this team’s sorry history both post-Chucky and pre-Father Dungy. That doesn’t mean Joe’s going to bury his head in the sand. Jameis needs to cut these picks down and now or the Bucs (and Koetter?) are likely doomed.

Joe isn’t sure what Koetter can do in late-October other than to go to a ground-and-pound Tony Dungy offense where the quarterback has minimal passes. Major problem there is the Bucs are not built for that and don’t have any sort of a running game, and they don’t have the defense to win slugfests.

Besides, if Koetter were to do that with one of the most prolific set of receivers and tight ends in the NFL (who are getting paid a nice piece of change), that would certainly get the interest of those who sit up on high watching Bucs games at the Den of Depression witnessing their investments being wasted.

Joe is all but convinced Jameis’ suspension really screwed him up.

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  1. Fartman Says:

    There is another qb on the roster who had a pretty good couple of games


    Joe is the ultimate Jameis apologist

  3. Onetrickpony Says:

    The suspension didn’t screw Jameis up.
    James screwed Jameis up.

  4. Joe Says:

    Joe is the ultimate Jameis apologist

    Might help to re-read the story.

  5. Dooshlarue Says:

    Dear Jameis,

    Please seek professional mental heath care.
    It’s between his ears.

  6. DB55 Says:

    Taken from Steve Beck on Twitter. Thought provoking indeed.

    -Can’t have turnovers” in this scheme is simply not realistic. From 2007 – 2017 Dirks’s offenses have averaged 14.5 INT’s a year. From 2012 – 2017 in the passing era? That rate goes up to 15.5 a year. Jameis is going to throw INT’s. Same as Matt Ryan did in his 3 years with Dirk.-


  7. Joe Says:

    Steve Beck

    We’re taking football tips from a movie director now?

  8. Dr. Lob Says:

    Put in Fitz, that’s what he can do.

  9. Casey Morgan Says:

    “Joe isn’t sure what Koetter can do in late-October” What he can do is start the QB who has better stats and more wins…

  10. Joe Says:

    Please seek professional mental heath care.
    It’s between his ears.

    This is so, so, so, so very accurate.

  11. DB55 Says:

    Is the data accurate though?

  12. Joe Says:

    What he can do is start the QB who has better stats and more wins

    LOL you guys pining for Fitz… Joe doesn’t know whether this is high comedy or to be frightened that someone is actually serious and that they can also legally vote in two weeks.

  13. Joe Says:

    Is the data accurate though?

    Feel free to do the research yourself.

    You can start here.

  14. WalkdaPlank Says:

    No. 1 overall pick in his 4th year, and we’re still waiting for him to “officially” and magically bloom into a franchise QB.

    This is who Jameis is. Who he will always be. A guy who had a great college career and can still flash some of that stuff in the pros but then comes back down to earth by killing drives with careless picks and ball security whether it be with dumb interceptions or butterfingers on fumbles. One of the very best group of guys in the league to throw to and he still misses them for picks, or almost gets them killed by setting them up to get clotheslined half a second after catching the ball (Godwin, Brate). Jameis isn’t a bad quarterback. But he is not and never will be one of the great ones.

  15. BucThis Says:

    If this here site was around when Steve Young was QB these same people calling for JW to be benched would’ve benched Steve Young too. Our fan base is ridiculous. JW is THE BEST OPTION at QB. Fitz is a journeyman for a REASON. Did you ever think that perhaps it’s the COACHING or the person in JW EAR that needs to be changed?! 🤦‍♂️ Instead of calling for JW head call for a new head and QB coach

  16. D the Bucs fan Says:

    Run the football. Instead of dropping back 66 times. U know help your qb out.

  17. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    That ball that went off the Falcons helmet was thrown 3 feet behind Godwin. That’s on Jameis. He’s just flat innaccurate.

  18. AlteredEgo Says:

    Remember the vibe when Fitz was running the show…..just saying…
    Move On . Bucs

  19. BucTown Says:

    Joe Says:
    October 24th, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Joe is the ultimate Jameis apologist

    Might help to re-read the story.

    Might help more to read Joe’s full body of work.

  20. lambchop Says:


    What are your expectations from Jameis Winston long-term since we’re not winning a SB this year? I think most people who *really* don’t have their heads in the sand have expectations beyond personal stats.

    It would be healthy if everyone frames their praise or criticism of Jameis along with their expectations because the reason people have differing opinions of Jameis is because of their expectations and not their passive aggressive need to say that people who have a different POV need to be “institutionalized”.

    For the record, the throw to Godwin in the endzone that bounced off the back of the defender’s helmet – that was a throw into a blanketed Chris Godwin. The throw should not have been made. So that INT is entirely on Jameis and not a “fluke” as you call it. If anything, the throw should have been higher to avoid Godwin having to reach around the defender’s helmet. So, you can blame accuracy on that one. Either way, the throw was putrid.

    This site is only interesting because of the banter. It’s odd and counter-productive for the person who owns JBF to ridicule part of their readers. Doesn’t bode well for bidness, in my humble institutionalized opinion. Glad you’re not running the business. Joe’s not going to sit around and worry about feelings, primarily because whatever Joe writes annoys somebody regardless. Lastly, the vast, vast majority of people don’t ready any comments. –Joe

  21. Resurrection of Duff Says:

    Jameis “I got to get better” Winston

  22. Fartman Says:

    Joe says: LOL you guys pining for Fitz… Joe doesn’t know whether this is high comedy or to be frightened that someone is actually serious and that they can also legally vote in two weeks.

    I think we are pinning more for a QB who can go toe to toe with Drew Brees and the super bowl champion Eagles… not one that can’t beat the 1-4 Falcons or who looked like crap against the Browns.

  23. 813bucboi Says:

    I blame the lousy 4vert scheme and the poor coaching Winston is receiving…..and he’s not the only player getting poor coaching….the oline, and DB’s are n that boat too…..


  24. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Jason Licht has not done a job at all in helping out a young QB, he let the bucs best OL walk out the door in Donald Penn, he has not drafted a quality OL that could have protected jameis, and then the best offense for a young qb would be a good solid defense and licht neglected that and finally, the bucs have ZERO run game another thing that could help a young qb. Jameis is definitely no where near elite and still makes way too many mental errors and not sure how dirk could start him if he is waving off coach’s plays called in multiple times, unless dirk is told to play jameis by licht

  25. Fartman Says:

    This thing feels like its going no where fast… looks like we will be going coach and gm hunting and the end of the year… you can throw QB in there too, I don’t see Jameis being worth 100 million.

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    The whole team is poorly coached. Week in and week out.

    How about JW was dog crap tired towards the end and it was obvious.

  27. lambchop Says:


    You still didn’t answer my question. What are your expectations of Jameis? Where is his ceiling?

    Btw, thanks for the snarky reply though. People don’t get annoyed by what you write, it’s how you write.

  28. Not there yet Says:

    Come on with the stat nonsense basically what happened is the joes compared 10 quarters of interceptions to the careers of luck and Big Ben. I don’t believe he’ll break his own int record based off 2.5 games, it’s alarming that’s he’s not playing like a first overall pick but not as alarming as the over reactors. Chicago and Pittsburgh were the worst losses of the season and uh who was the quarterback?

  29. 813bucboi Says:

    BucThis Says:
    October 24th, 2018 at 9:26 am
    If this here site was around when Steve Young was QB these same people calling for JW to be benched would’ve benched Steve Young too. Our fan base is ridiculous. JW is THE BEST OPTION at QB. Fitz is a journeyman for a REASON. Did you ever think that perhaps it’s the COACHING or the person in JW EAR that needs to be changed?! Instead of calling for JW head call for a new head and QB coach

    100% agree!!!!!!!!!…….its the coaching!!!!!


  30. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Winston doesn’t have to be worth 100 mil. 20 mil next year, franchise, franchise. That is 3 years with another coaching staff if he lasts that long.

  31. The Real Malloy Says:

    I gotta say, Fartman hit the nail on the head.

  32. Lionel Says:

    Ok I wouldn’t have benched fitz after playing the demonic bears defense with a sloppy o line..fitz should’ve came back..but since we switched back to jw; we have to do what we have to do

  33. Fartman Says:

    The offense looked like the greatest show on grass for 2 weeks, arguable 3 minus one quarter against the Steelers…. walked in to a buzz saw against Chicago… but since Jameis has come back we look like the same old Bucs…. move the ball well between the 20s, can’t punch it in and count on 3 turn overs from Jameis. If Koetter wants to ride Jameis to the end fine, but he’s going to ride him right to the unemployment line.

  34. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree….

    not making excuses for Winston but when a player gets tired, they make mistakes…..


  35. From76 Says:

    Winston throws the ball late and off target 7 of 10 throws. Rarely hits the receiver in stride. So no yards after catch. He is and will be What your seeing. I really don’t see him improving through the years so far. He still locks onto his receiver and doesn’t go through reads unless pressured into a different throw. Frustrating for me to watch. But I want him to win! Go bucs!

  36. Ray Rice Says:

    How about on plays where DJax is the primary option the YUCS put in Fitz to hit the deep ball. And plays where he isn’t then JW stays in. Gota try something.

  37. Fartman Says:

    Dewey Selmon Says:
    October 24th, 2018 at 9:56 am
    Winston doesn’t have to be worth 100 mil. 20 mil next year, franchise, franchise. That is 3 years with another coaching staff if he lasts that long.
    That would be giving Jameis like 30 mil a year… pass. Redskins did that with Cousins (a much better quarterback) and I don’t think it did anything for them other than make Cousins rich.

  38. Joe Blahak Says:

    Ridiculous excuses for a bad QB…HE DOES NOT HAVE THE POCKET AWARENESS OR QUICK DECISION MAKING to be a top QB…End of story….

  39. Loyaltotheend Says:

    The suspension is on Jameis so if it has impacted his play negatively then it’s on Jameis.

    No more excuses 47 starts and after every turnover game he sits up on the podium saying he’s “gotta protect the ball” but what changes? Nothing. If after 57 starts (end of the year) we still have these questions about Jameis you let him play his 5th year and draft a QB in the top 3 rounds

  40. rob Says:

    Like this is so hard to figure out? Why is Winston not better than he is, a bottom 12 NFL starter:

    Holds the ball too long
    Does not take check downs
    Forces to covered receivers

  41. Fartman Says:

    I’d rather pay Fitz a reasonable contract for the next 3 years and take that 100 million dollars saved on jameis and rebuild the defense.

  42. Joe Blahak Says:

    @Fartman….my sentiments exactly…trade the soft ice cream man too…

  43. Buccernutter Says:

    The thing that’s making this tougher to judge Jameis than ever is the fact that he does enough to play elite and he also has made tons of mistakes to make him seem like he isn’t very good. There is something for everyone and pretty much everyone has a legit argument no matter which side u take.

    However, the Winston haters are far dumber than the ones that see what he can be and most likely will be. His completion percentage has gone up. He’s looking far better with protecting the football in regards to fumbles. He’s excellent in relation to pocket awareness. The dude has made some throws that look nearly impossible to make.

    Yes they seem like excuses but the dude is still young. He missed 5 weeks when the rest of the league has been rolling. He’s 1-1 regardless of the butterfly effect and has not been blown out at any point like Fitz has twice.

    It’s incredibly stupid to have such a strong opinion that he is going to struggle the rest of his career and weigh more on the browns game than the falcons game. He’s played 6 great quarters and had 2 rough ones with a bad overtime that still had an excellent pass to set us up to win.

    Same people that say QBs are judged by wins are the same ones complaining he sucks just after a win! Let’s let the season play out before half of you have panic attacks. Jameis will be fine. But you guys may not when he’s our QB for the next 6+ years.

  44. DB55 Says:

    Please realize that you guys lose all credibility when you run people out of town and they go own to win rings and or revitalize their careers away from Tampa. It’s not them it’s you.

  45. shane247 Says:

    Until, someone gets through to Jameis, I expect more of the same. Maybe he should be benched after the bone head plays he continues to make.

  46. Syl Says:

    Jameis always started his season off throwing interceptions. I’m more concerned about the fumbling.

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    There’s a lot of folks over-reacting to Sunday’s game including me. We gave Cleveland every opportunity to claw a win from what should’ve been a going-away-victory. The culprits? For a change, NOT the defense.
    For one, I am sick and tired of people parading this “passing league” garbage around as gospel. 62 attempts and a near-loss says so! Jameis is not a Big Ben or Tom Brady. He does NOT have the play-calling nor coaching those guys have. As such, we will lose more than we win if he attempts 35+ passes. With 62 attempts SOMETHING is bound to go wrong, that’s just fact for ANY QB.
    Second, and once again, we are talking about DJax and Jameis’ um, chemistry. Why do we need to throw the long ball in order to get DJax rolling? It’s clear that they are NOT on the same page, other than one well-defended drop in the end-zone. It’s not JUST DJax either. There are few intermediate throws and most of them are behind the WR. Don’t even get me started on short passes! Note to Koetter: They are called “3-step drops”! Instead of long-developing plays, I don’t know, use this as an option.
    Finally, and I know I’ll get some flack for this, find a BLOCKING FB. Our scheme is not cutting it. AND, since we’re so hell-bent on running up the middle ALL the time, it might be worth looking into.

  48. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    @fartman I have an even better idea for us that love fitz why do the Bucs trade wait for it …………. fitz and we go root for that team see great idea also Cause I give my season ticket away to other fans anyway hahahahahaha. Seriously leave cause u just talk so stupid with the stats it’s Hillrious I got a friend who’s a jets fan he said I saw the same thing with fitz he’s when he’s up for 3 games he’s good but when he’s terrible he’s terrible also throwing 50-40 with no running game u try doing that ur arm will be tired

  49. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Fartman, you would pay Winston 100 mil over 5 years instead of three 1 year prove it contracts?

  50. WalkdaPlank Says:


    Name one Bucs QB that has been run off and then won a ring in the last 20 years.

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    “I wanna ask you one question: If I had some nuts, hanging on the wall, what did I have honey?” I said, “Darling you’d have some walnuts”

    She said, “Well, daddy if I had some nuts on my chest, would those be chestnuts?” I said, “Hell yeah”

    She said, “Well daddy if I had nuts under my chin, would those be chin-nuts?” I said, “Hell no biatch you’d have a d*ck in your mouth!”

  52. Stevbobucfan Says:

    Talking about Jamis being in Tampa 4 years and not being a franchise QB. Hell Tampa ain’t no franchise 4 coaches over the past 8 years yet we still a losing team so is it Jameis along or is it a just this franchise. As I said before the QB with the Rams had been labeled a bust at one time now he is one of the best in the league so think about it is it just Jameis or this entire organization I love my bucs been watching them since 76 but fact are facts

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    LUV- LMAO!!! How ’bout “deez”?!

  54. DB55 Says:

    Trent Dilfer although I confess his def won the SB but still relevant. I can name countless non-QBs if you prefer. Talib and Blount come to mind.

    Classic! 😂

  55. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    you freaking anti jameis clowns are hilarious…. just because he will easily end his Tampa career with every record and be the most important buccaneer of all time surpassing those underachieving has-beens under dungy who could not win in the postseason. rendering you low standard choir boy loving hypocrites heartbroken and without failures to worship. someone needs to post the definition of a legend. only 2 legends in tampa history selmon and sapp the rest are nothing but postseason choke artists like their hero dungy the clown.

    you get cancer93 off this roster, a real defensive staff and jameis will own every postseason record in Bucs history including the only one that matters and the one dungy the clown could not master and that is postseason wins.

  56. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Think about it…

    Doug Williams

    Hall of Fame Coaches: (Joe Gibbs) – Joe Bugel?
    • WR Gary Clark (HOF)
    • WR Art Monk (HOF)?
    • WR Ricky Sanders
    • The Hogs
    • Beastly Defense

    Steve Young

    Hall of Fame Coaches: (Bill Walsh) George Seifert/Mike Holmgren?
    • Jerry Rice
    • John Taylor
    • Beastly Offensive Line
    • Beastly Defense

    Note: Steve Young (87-90) was an understudy to The Greatest QB of All–Time Joe Montana. Before he got any significant playing time.

    Trent Dilfer
    • Jamal Lewis
    • Shannon Sharpe (HOF)?
    • Beastly Offensive Line
    • Out of This World Defense

    Sometimes a swift kick in the rear (wake-up call?) – and moving to a better situation – is all that you need.

  57. Dapostman Says:

    Winston has averaged 1 pick per game for his career coming into this season. I expect him to be around that mark by seasons end. 13/14 picks. What will be needed is the TD’s around 30 especially since this running game is awful. If you get into the end zone more the picks aren’t as toxic but if you are kicking FG’s which Tampa has done in the past then that will be a problem.

  58. D-Rome Says:

    By the time the elite QBs in the NFL entered their 4th year, we all knew what they would become. We’re still asking the same questions about Jay-Miss four years later.

    Four years later we’re still hearing “I gotta keep getting better…”

    Being the best QB in Bucs history is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not you believe he’s good enough to win a team a Super Bowl. If you are being honest with yourself, you know he isn’t. He’s not going to “keep getting better”. He’s not going to “learn from his mistakes”. After four years, this is who he is and he is not good enough to take this team to the next level.

  59. LUVMYBUCS Says:



  60. Joe Says:

    What are your expectations from Jameis Winston long-term since we’re not winning a SB this year?

    Stability. Consistentcy. Hope he can match last year’s numbers.

  61. WalkdaPlank Says:


    Doug Williams was a good quarterback who got railroaded by the Buccaneers because of his ethnicity.

    Steve Young, cam give you that one but he only played like two seasons and that was over 30 years ago

    Trent Dilfer has to be one of the worst quarterbacks to ever win a Super Bowl. Jameis is way better than Dilfer. Good for Dilfer, but he was not good.

  62. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Broncos moved on from Jay Cutler – We should move on from his 2.0v

  63. Jamesrunningwilder Says:

    So, Winston’s pick in the Endzone that was deflected was a “Fluke”, Not because he tried to Force a pass to a Well-Covered Receiver when Winston had a WIDE OPEN Humphries in the flat for an easy TD? But then we poo poo on Fitz because of the Pittsburgh game where he threw 3 Picks. One of those picks was a pass to an Open Receiver near the Endzone But was deflected by a Blitzing Defender who jumped up to deflect the pass AFTER Fitz released it and the 2nd pick of the 3 was a result of Mike Evans running the Wrong Route. The pick 6 was definitely on Fitz though. Even after All of that Fitz led them back on a Furious Rally to be within One Score of winning the game but the defense couldn’t get One More stop. Somehow those things get overlooked… Fitz does not have the Natural Talent Winston has but I believe Fitz understands the game better because of his Experience and playing within himself and not trying to do more than he is able. Much of Fitz’s Career has been spent with teams that had no more than 1 Real Receiving Threat at a time, he hadn’t had this Many Weapons to work with in his Entire Career and when he Finally did, BOTH his Starting Wideouts were breaking 100 Yards in Receiving and scoring TD’s.
    When We played the Steelers, I told a friend that the game would come down to the O-Line. If the Bucs O-Line could keep Fitz upright and give him some time, the Bucs would be able to easily move the ball and score, if not, Fitz and the Bucs would struggle…. and they did.
    As for the Bears game? The Bucs came out Really Flat and And with no intensity or emotion. My theory on that? The Team was told during the prep week for the Bears that Winston be getting his job back after the Bye and it appeared to really affect their level of intensity, because up to that point, the Bucs O was playing loose and with confidence. Let’s not forget that those first 4 games were against really good defenses.
    Simply put, the Offense has not looked the same since Winston took back over.
    Of course, this is just an opinion which everyone is welcomed to, but this is what I have noticed.

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:


    I would prefer you do not mention the non-QB’s lol wouldn’t want to shame Mark Dominik on this site

  65. pelbuc Says:

    Fartman is spot on! When you have to create all these excuses for a no. 1 pick in his 4th year, that pretty much sums it up. We all saw with our own eyes what Fitz did with the exact same offense. And now we’re supposed to somehow drink the cool aid that the JW picks are the result of his suspension. Please!!! This offense is being wasted, not sole due to the dfense, but also on a bad turnover machine QB. JW singlehandedly almost lost us the game.

  66. LUVMYBUCS Says:



  67. Bucsfanman Says:

    D-Rome- How dare you sir! It was Jameis’ breath, like an Alps wind, that WILLED Catanzaro’s kick between the uprights. He is beyond reproach from ordinary man. You are treading on thin ice sir!

  68. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Joe, I am a little disappointed that there is not more, “America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston” inserts in your article.

  69. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jamies need to leave this poor franchise and this poor fan base. Just like Steve Young, Doug Williams, even Trent Dillfer won when he left this team. This team suck this fan base suck this franchise sucks. But I love my bucs and that’s crazy. All I here is that guy or this guy is a bad person cause he talk to much trash we need football players with a killa mind set on the field. But that’s why Bennett, Talib, Blunt, Penn left every body here want choir boys and that’s why this team have been bad for so long . So watch Jamies go win somewhere else just like the rest. And we will still be hoping for a playoff birth.

  70. Fartman Says:

    Steve Young was on an awful Bucs team… Trent Dilfer rode the best defense in football to a Superbowl. Winston is playing mediocre in the best offense we ever had.. I can see wanting to put a pattern together but these situations are not the same.

  71. Bucsfanman Says:

    Oneil- No, we don’t want choir boys, we want WINNERS. And if that isn’t Jameis, well, don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good lord split ya’! We owe NOTHING to ANYONE. I watch and root for the Bucs to WIN. Whatever they’ve been doing ain’t working, that includes the 3+ years Jameis has been here.
    Here’s a newsflash: We’re not the only team to lose players who go on to win Super Bowls. Are we “snake-bitten?” Seems like it, but we’re not the only franchise to have players go on to better careers.
    Do you think that Atlanta might regret trading Brett Favre?!
    I don’t feel the least bit of sympathy for Jameis. I just want him to win. Is that too much to ask of a franchise QB?!

  72. DB55 Says:


    I think it is too much to ask when everyone around him sucks. Run game, def, special teams, coaching, gm, owners, fans, media. But wtfdik

  73. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    1st half Jameis was $25 mil. We need more 1st half Jameis

  74. ATrain Says:

    So INT benched Fitz along with the thought Jamies is the future, young man with a strong arm.

    But INT and his inaccurate psses are showing he is not

    I think he has regressed Damn it did someone let Freeman in the building

    Fitz can win with the offense if they stop the blitz

    The offense on the field is Number 1. But we can’t put the ball in their hands

    Or do we play out take a top pick
    Trade Jamies at the end

  75. small axe Says:

    nice try joe

  76. stpetebucsfan Says:


    We were not the only ones to quit on Talib or Blount. Bill Belichek didn’t hesitate to unload both of them and guess what…they both played well at their next stops.

    I’ve never really discussed team chemistry with you but IMHO I find it very important and frequently overlooked.

    One thing that gives me hope for the remainder of THIS season is that I do not believe our team chemistry is out of wack especially now that Smittys gone.

    Jameis is not the only “Jameis” on this team. ME13 is a great receiver but he has his share of the drops at critical times as well. We have some OL in that boat…and lots on the D side.

    I don’t honestly believe anybody knows what we really have yet.
    We have ten more games to find out about ALL of these guys…it’s not just Jameis who has to step up!!!

  77. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Suspension screwed him up? Whose fault was the suspension? He’s not nationally hniwn as America’s Turnover Machine for nothing.
    Jason Licht – Admit that Jameis is a bust, wash your hands of him and walk away. Didn’t Belicheck teach you anything? Blame Lovie Smith for his misguided father figure fetish.

  78. Dapostman Says:

    DB55 is correct.

    Winston has his warts but he also has done a lot of good. Why isn’t anyone talking about the 14 yard TD run? The Bucs had 479 yards of offense and Winston accounted for 420 of those yards. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? The time will come when it all clicks for Winston. Unfortunately we don’t know exactly when that will happen but if it’s somewhere else I’ll be done with this sh*t show of a franchise. Other teams saw the talent in Williams and Young. Bucs need to keep Winston.

    #Get After It!

  79. Joe Says:

    I think he has regressed

    Based on four passes?

    By any reasonable standard Jameis had two nice starts if not very good starts. Sure, he had a couple of bad passes. People act like the picks are the only passes he’s threw.

  80. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Classic! 😂

    Lol, Yes Sirrr

  81. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    People act like the picks are the only passes he’s thrown.

    Yep, they forgot about his *35 fumbles over the past 47 starts.

  82. DB55 Says:


    What’s up buddy hope all is well. Talib was on a one year deal and had two injuries knee and hip, no surprise bellicheat didn’t keep him. He doesn’t pay FAs much less those with injuries who miss games but wtfdik

    Here it was about character and his off field issues.

    Same thing with Blount, contract ended and he left. Never was there any issues about attitude, performance or off field stuff at least none that I’m aware of.

    Idk about team chemistry what I do know is that some if not most of our fans are not football smart. Neither are the local radio hosts or most of the newspaper guys with the exception of Joe and Jenna.

    The environment the fans create is toxic. And my question is if Winston is so bad why does Koetter lean on him soooo much? Who throws the ball 60 times in a game? We depend on Winston bc he’s the only one on the team who can play. If not, Koetter would have run the ball in OT or in the 4th with a 14 point lead but you can’t run and your defense can’t hold a lead so it all falls on Winston and then idiots want to complain.

  83. gambelero Says:

    Gambelero is in complete agreement with Joe, an infrequent, but not super unrare occurrence. He thinks Jameis is headed for the hall of fame, but he absolutely needs to stop the stupid, head shaking, inexcusable mistakes. Gambelero doesn’t care if a running back ran the wrong route; Winston has to see the linebacker standing right where he’s throwing it.

    Gambelero also thinks everyone should follow the spirit of Joe Bucs Fan by referring to themselves in the third person like Joe does. Maybe Joe could set the auto-block to reject posts where people use first person singular?

  84. DB55 Says:


    Try blocking and maybe possibly the fumbles and ints will go down. Dude should have gone to play baseball.


  85. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    He should’ve there’s a bunch of bump-ass pitchers getting paid millions lol

  86. Bucsfanman Says:

    DB55- Well, everybody keeps telling me this is a “passing League” and supposedly, we don’t need to run because we have all these great weapons and should be out-scoring teams anyway. I guess someone forgot to tell the offense, eh?!
    Don’t exclude Jameis and give him a free pass DB55. Don’t put your head in the sand and say that none of it is Jameis’ fault, that is unequivocally false. Each part depends on the other.
    The defense needs work.
    The run-game needs work.
    The kicker needs work.
    The coaches need work.
    The GM needs work.
    And yes DB55, Jameis needs work. It’s just that simple.
    It’s not a knock, it’s a criticism. In his 4th year he HAS to make better decisions.

  87. BigMacAttack Says:

    I still think Jameis has a problem with his vision. Get his eyes checked now. Prove me wrong please. If he can’t get it together quickly, he’ll likely cost everyone their jobs. Hopefully not though. I still like Fitz.

  88. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    He should’ve there’s a bunch of bumb a*s pitcher getting millions

  89. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  90. DB55 Says:

    Lol EXACTLY!!!! And 90% of his success would be solely on him.

    Agreed, it’s obvious the man can’t see. Homie needs those Horace Grant goggles.

  91. Dapostman Says:

    Miles Garrett sack/fumble sums up this inept team. 2nd and 6 we are in shotgun with NO ONE in the backfield. What do you think Cleveland is thinking? Pass or run? Since NO ONE is in the backfield NO ONE is in position to help on Garrett. The play calling was great the first couple weeks but has fallen off since then. Coaches need to get back to balanced offense. 2nd and 6 should be a 50/50 prop run/pass. The coaches turned it into 100/0 PASS and that’s why you get a sack fumble. It ain’t rocket science.

  92. motherBUCer Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: “…Joe is a Jameis guy…” Most shocking revelation since Kevin Spacey came out of the closet!

    How many more interceptions/overthrows/poor passes before TAMPA…BAY chants turn to FITZ…MAGIC

  93. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    We discussed this sh** at nausea before the draft.


  94. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “Dude should have gone to play baseball.”

    Yup..he still throws like he is….

  95. Oneilbucs Says:

    Mother bucs fizpatrick is trash. This is why I say race is the reason why a lot of people on this site wants him gone. When you screaming for fizpatrick look at the bears game and y’all want him to start now and next year. I’ve seen people say sing fizpatrick to a deal. Man y’all crazy on this site.

  96. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Oneilbucs, racism really? cmon man, I was 100% behind jameis despite his transgressions at FSU, which i chalked up to college stuff some of which is funny, probably not some stuff a leader of a franchise should do but whatever even the he said she said incident at fsu ibelieved jameis and seemed it was buyers remorse……..then that new orleans game and the eating the crab legs and pointing at lattimore, wtf was that and then the groping incident and the fact he cannot throw a deep ball to anyone on a consistent basis and WILL turn the ball over or make the dumbest mistakes 2-3x a game guaranteed, how is that a franchise guy? racism is such a weak argument and bs and part of the reason america is in the condition it is today

  97. motherBUCer Says:

    Oneilbucs…if he is trash then so is Winston, all of the Jameis apologists were saying how their stats were the same this season. Difference is that Fitzpatrick has veteran leadership that Winston will never have, dependable availability that Jameis has not had, and his ball placement is better. He doesn’t consistently put the ball in places where WRs are set up to stop and turn or take big hits. Plus he has connected with Jackson in stride more times in three and a half games than Winston has E-V-E-R. You can actually see the difference in body language of the WRs when Winston is in (spoiler alert: it isn’t good). You say look at the Bears game, I did, and Jameis stunk up the joint that game too.

    I never said to sign Fitzpatrick to a big deal, he is not the future. However the sad thing that a lot do not realize yet is that neither is Winston.

  98. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe: “The interception in Atlanta where the ball bounced in the air off the helmet of Chris Godwin’s defender was a fluke.”

    No it wasn’t, it was an under thrown ball that should never have been thrown in the first place because Godwin was well covered! That one was totally on Jameis.

  99. Fartman Says:

    Winston was no better than Fitz during the Bears game. I don’t expect for a player to never have a bad game… This offense was humming for the first 2 games… Jameis has never and most likely will never be able to do that…. and I’m guessing we could get Fitz for a lot cheaper than Jameis and most likely better results.

  100. Tom Edrington Says:

    @Joe: Read two more times and we’ll stand by our statement……

    Joe is all but convinced Jameis’ suspension really screwed him up.

    This is peoples exhibit No. 1…….is “all but convinced” the same as being almost convinced?

  101. Dapostman Says:

    Coaches are asking Winston to do things Fitz could only dream of. It’s a total joke. Coaches are holding Winston back from reaching his full potential. I was on board with the coaches when Lovie got canned but are starting to change my tune. It’s like being the boss and you have two workers and you know one worker can get it done because they are more physically gifted and other well isn’t. So who gets the tougher job? The gifted one. Fitz gets to throw to DJax against the Eagles when there was virtually no one in the secondary. Haven’t seen that play the last two weeks. I could go on and on how the Bucs offense is so dependent on Winston that’s it’s a joke.

  102. Fartman Says:

    wouldn’t matter how open DJax is… Jameis can’t get him the ball.

  103. IsrBuc Says:

    When you know it’s decamper, you can’t get upset.

  104. Dapostman Says:


    1) DJAX dropped a TD from Winston

    2) Winston was hit on one long pass to DJAX where Benenoch missed his block. Roughing the passer was called on DLman.

    Keep trying though.

  105. Bucsfanman Says:

    Dapostman- “Fitz gets to throw to DJax against the Eagles when there was virtually no one in the secondary. Haven’t seen that play the last two weeks.”

    Is that a joke?! Jameis missed DJax on at least two long balls where he had a step on the defender just in Sunday’s game alone. That pass you say he “dropped”, the defender ripped the ball out from his hands. It was a GREAT defensive play, it wasn’t like it was uncontested or something.
    If the Bucs are indeed “holding him back” as you suggest, that’s more of an indictment of Jameis than anything else.
    I agree about the balance though. Having ANY QB drop back 62 times is not going to end well usually, especially one who takes chances. They need more balance.

  106. DB55 Says:


    If that’s you’re position then can the same not be said about the strip fumble or the ints? Good plays by the defenders right? Lol, dude got punked by a rookie! You simply can not drop passes when you’re making 11-13 mil per year. Sorry bruh

  107. Fartman Says:

    Dapostman – I don’t have to keep trying… Jameis does… Fitz showed what a weapon DJax actually is… and how that weapon is wasted with Jameis behind center… he hasn’t been able to hit him going on a year and a half… and you keep covering for him. Why?

  108. Oneilbucs Says:

    Dusth That’s my hold point in Jamies as well . Jamies is only 24 years old they have never call for a white quarterback at the age of 24 but realy 1 or 2 Tim Tebow and Johnny football. Elie Mannon had 5 years Alex Smith had more than that and others but we talking about a guy who plays for a losing franchise. That have a out dated coach and play book . Look at what happen to Goff when he got a better coach and no one and the national media will say nothing about that but a few guys . And when it comes down to race do you know what it’s like to be black living in America. It’s hard sometimes but I know this country ain’t going to change. That’s the way it is and I’m cool with that. But in sports I wish it was different for both sides. I mean would love to see white running backs or dbs a miss of races playing all different position and being treated the same way give all these young quarterback a chance to grow not just the white quarterback. Cause you will never see a black fizpatrick. Look how Donvann McNabb got treated 5 champshipes and 1 super bowl you can’t name 1 good wr other then T O . But Philip Rivers is being call a hall of fame quarter back he never played in a super bowl and know one never say cut him cause he can’t win the big games or go to a super bowl. That’s the truth and the history of America n the NFL and its going on today. We need to keep Winston let him grow find another coach and stand behind Jamies.

  109. Dapostman Says:


    1st Q 5:00 to go Winston missed DJax on a stop and go.

    2nd Q 10:00 Winston hits DJax in end zone dropped. DJax allows defender to pin his left arm down. Winston bails DJax out by running a 14 yard TD in.

    3rd Q 12:00 Winston is hit as he delivers a pass to DJax. Roughing the passer.

    So there were 3 plays total. One was where Winston was hit as he threw and one was when as you say the defender made a play. So he missed one stop and go. BFD.

    Why would it be an indictment of Winston if the coaching staff is holding his growth back? Boy you guys with your hyperbole.

    Looking forward to watching Winston in Tampa for a long time. Like 15 years!

  110. Rob Says:

    Joe, you can laugh, and question all you want, but Fitz has been the only one to actually produce what this offense is capable of. The only one capable of hitting a deep receiver. I feel terrible for Jackson, dude balling out for a qb incapable of taking advantage of his strengths.

  111. DB55 Says:

    I think everyone has forgotten that Fitz played 4 games.

    2 were great games and the next two got him benched.

    Truth is you guys would completely flip out if Jameis threw 3 picks in a qrt and one for a pick 6 on national tv. True or false?

    Yet you want to conveniently forgot about weeks 3 & 4. Must be nice to receive such forgiveness even after 13 years of doing the exact same thing.

  112. GrafikDetail Says:

    i’m a winston supporter but he definitely doesn’t look as sharp as he did during pre-season & he needs to get it together… people are getting tired of waiting for the light to come on for this kid

  113. JimmyT Says:

    This Site has transformed into a Jameis bash! So u r going to use that 2ndhalf in Chicago as a BAROMETER? Jameis gets thrown into a 38-10 game coming off a 4 week suspension and he gets trashed? Joe says he is “Pro Jameis”, not any more that’s for sure especially when anything negative Jameis brings the haters to respond in DROVES!! Joe knows how his bread is buttered!

  114. JimmyT Says:

    Grafik detail
    Doesn’t look as sharp? Something is definitely wrong here! Against Atlanta Jameis played great but I guess if he throws it gets analyzed by all the experts on this site. Last Sunday he went against a top 5 defense and with a TWO TD LEAD in the 4th quarter was STILL ASKED to drop back and throw or run 62 FREAKING Times w 2 picks! One of those picks WAS IN OT & had we had a kicker that quarter should NEVER HAVE BEEN PLAYED & KOETTER said someone ran the wrong route so either way 2 FREAKING picks on 62 dropbacks and he played bad? This is a freaking JOKE!!

  115. Bucsfanman Says:

    Dapostman- It’s not hyperbole. It’s the same playbook for the last 4 years, it’s the same players. The playbook should be wiiiiiiiiide open at this point.
    You can keep making excuses for the misses if you want to. It doesn’t change the fact that he is NOT in sync. And again, it’s not just DJax. You can pick apart any play you like and come up with any number of scenarios. He couldn’t hit him last year and he hasn’t hit him this year. Those are the facts.

    DB55- I’m not excusing DJax. Just pointing out that it wasn’t a Mike Evans-like drop. You know, hits hands wide open, drops pass.

    The funny part of this whole thing is that I want Jameis to succeed and lead the Bucs, much like a lot of people here. Myself and others point to flaws and it’s “pick up the pitchfork time” for the “haters”. On the contrary, I am simply unwilling to bury my head in the sand and say that this guy is the bees knees just because he’s labeled the “best QB the Bucs have ever had.”
    This team is NOT about one player. It’s about winning. When one aspect impedes another they are fair game.

  116. Oneilbucs Says:

    Bucsfanman My head is not in the sand eather. But I just look at the hold picture. He is still a young quarterback. He has been ask to do more than any other young quarterback and the league with bad coaching . Now every body say look at wentz , Mahomes, Goff , but thing is look at there running game and defense look at there coaching staff. Jamies don’t have what they have . Marito have a good defense and running game if Winston had the players Marito has on defense we would win most of our games . That’s why I will always believe that football is a team game not a quarterback league or game . Philly running game is not that good right now and look how wentz is playing when you don’t a running game then it is easy to game plan .

  117. Bucsfanman Says:

    Oneil- I’m not a “get rid of Jameis” guy. I just feel like there are aspects of his game he needs to improve.
    Everything you say about rushing, kicking, and defense are correct, it’s a team game. It’s the same with the QB. He has a huge impact on the game. I think that he can be really, really good if this team finds balance. However, if we are to rely on Jameis to throw his way out of every game, 35+ attempts, we are not going to be successful. 2 reasons: 1)He takes risks. It’s risk/reward. 2) Time of possession and not in the 3 yards and a cloud of dust way. I’m talking about keeping your defense fresh and on the sideline kind of way.
    Either way, he’s got room for improvement, which is my contention. As a fan, I hope he can make that leap. I’m tired of searching for players!

  118. Oneilbucs Says:

    Bucsfanman I agree with you he does need to improve some of his game. But I just think Dirk K is not the coach for him to grow. Look at Matt Ryan when kotter had him . And look at him now . That’s my hold point . Yes Winston needs to improve his game and I think he can and he will . But you have to give him time at least 5 and half years that’s all . He needs better coaching.

  119. Bucsfanman Says:

    Oneil- I understand your point but didn’t Ryan already have playoff games under his belt by that time. It’s probably not the best example, but I get your point.
    The question is, will the Bucs have enough patience with Koetter and Jameis? If Koetter goes, won’t it likely signal Jameis’ departure as well?
    Things to think about.
    I think we’re good enough to win 9 games, I really do. It’s going to take better defense, better kicking, better coaching, and better QB play to do so though. After watching the D play Sunday, I’m hopeful.

  120. Bucsfan4ever Says:

    Joe I got some stats and I got it here: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WinsJa00.htm
    Joe you said Jameis is your guy and I pray with all my heart he’ll prove my assessment of him wrong just can’t see it happening.
    The headline read, in part ”Jaguars Need a Real QB to Save Once-Promising Season”, anytime you see Bortles’ name in the link article below replace it with Winston.
    ”Bortles fumbled twice Sunday, the 26th time in the past five seasons he committed at least two turnovers. It’s the most giveaways by any player in the NFL during that span.” end of article quote.
    Winston has had 35 career fumbles since starting as QB in 2015, as far as interception 50 in the same span. The truth is Winston holds on to the ball too long, he’s been inept at reading defenses, at finding open receivers whether at short, intermediate or long play levels, oftentimes prefers to show off his arms strength, á la, “look what I can do” thing by trying to zip the ball on twice sometimes triple covered players… yes, he likes to try to throw the impossible passes also forgoing a player who is wide open who can easily pick up a first down. More times than not he throws behind instead of leading a player in strides he just doesn’t have the soft velvety touch to make certain passes he only knows brute-forced throws which oftentimes end incomplete or intercepted. I view all of these quality not as imaturity or inexperience, but something deeply ingrained in a person’s psyche that falls nothing short of selfishness. Is there a cure for such shortcomings? if you know any such doctor please send to one-bucs’ place immediately.
    The article link about Bortles’ follow