An Instant Classic: Ira Talks State Of The Bucs

October 30th, 2018

Wow. Ira Kaufman is fired up as Bucs Nation sits in a place nobody imagined just one week ago. Joe’s calling this podcast an instant classic. The Ira Kaufman Podcast is presented by Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa and Ed Morse Cadillac Brandon.

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16 Responses to “An Instant Classic: Ira Talks State Of The Bucs”

  1. Mike Johnson Says:

    Ia..I’m so sick and tired of MY losing franchise. Will We ever return to our one time superbowl glory…anytime soon? Here’s a thought though…If I were the Glazers I’d say, to hell with it..and name Tony (Father) Dundy as head of Bucs
    Football operations. Thats right Ira. And Not only would it be a great choice, Tony won’t try to break the bank like Parcels wanted to. What do we have to lose?
    There’s nothing wrong with Jameis thats not fixable. You remember Dilfer, Dougie Williams, Steve Young. All went on to win Superbowls. I’m gonna LMAO if we let Jameis leave and win an SB for another team. Its time for Koetter to go. In Dungy I trust!! Lets find another HC. Lets get some new blood in this Bucs organization.

  2. Jerry Jones Says:

    I agree that JW’s faults can be improved but not for at least 3 to 4 more years.

    Winston knows what not to do but just like a 2 year old you tell not to touch fire because it burns and can hurt you, his dumb ass puts both hands in the fire because he just can’t help himself.

  3. Resurrection of Duff Says:

    Ira keep taking the Joes to school.

    Koetter may survive at 8-8 also if RYAN GRIFFIN win 4 out of 5 of those games too WITH A SAVINGS OF 20 MIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Frank Hernandez Says:

    1 main ?- if you invested so Much in Jameis, why did they NEVER get a know qb coach to help #3!?

  5. rrsrq Says:

    So Clinton Dix was available for a fourth round pick, because we are so good on the back end and any fourth rounder would be just as good

  6. Pryda Says:

    Fire Koetter he should have never been a head coach!!!!

  7. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    This was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Dirk and Jason are fighting for their lives, & Jameis is in Bortles territory in terms of turnovers lifetime (in less starts!) Clearly Monken + Fitz is working, just like Gannon and Gruden did. Why would you start a guy who’s turnover-prone, his confidence is shaken, AND his teammates don’t believe in him anymore. He has a losing record career-wise. If Fitz fails two more games you go to Jameis…and hope he plays well enough to somehow save Dirk and Jason’s job. Jameis’ whole game is swagger, and he has none anymore, just aggression.

  8. Zzbuc Says:

    About this season go with Fitzmagic……..about the future……Keep Koetter….fire GM and JW…….bring a defensive cordinator, bring Bridgwater, and load your defense on the draft and a good running back….end of story.

  9. Waterboy Says:

    If Fitz leads them to a 9-7 record that puts him at 8-5 for the year. I think Koetter can survive a 9-7 record by making the argument that if he’d been allowed to stick with Fitz after Winston’s return they had a shot to go 10-6 or 11-5 (with wins over Cincinnati and Atlanta). Winning without Winston shows me it’s probably not the coach so it’s hard to fire a guy just because he couldn’t win with the guy they wanted him to win with. I was pulling hard Winston but think reality is starting to settle in.

  10. Chris Cotten Says:

    Love it fellas, you 3 are my must listen twice a week, Ira, I agree that it is a DAMN SHAME, Lee, I disagree with your 5-7 more years, I think we beat the pussycats Sunday and start a run, I’m saying 9-7 and that will get us a WC

  11. LakeLand Says:

    If the Bucs wins 9 games

    I would jump from the Empire State building.

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    Fitz and the team will be magic if they can come away with an unexpected win at Carolina. That would take a quick turn around, something the Bucs are capable of but seem to lag at accomplishing. Now is the time to play to your best potential team ability. A win there would be uplifting and proof that these ain’t the same old Bucs. Dream on.

  13. BrianBucs Says:


    You are my guys, but Ira is 100% right.

    The name you keep failing to mention is Jason Licht. He convinced the Glazers to draft Winston #1 and will still do whatever he can to make him successful, even forcing Koetter to play him. He based his entire employment with the Bucs on Winston being the face of the franchise and the star of all of Tampa Bay. Licht should be the first person fired

  14. BuccYa Says:

    This podcast is my favourite part of JBF. I listened to the very first Ira podcast.
    This was the most anticipated podcast (IMO) since you guys started recording. It delivered. I’m going to listen to this one twice. Great points on both sides that gives different perspectives. Keep up the good work fellas.

  15. Joe Says:


    Thank you!

  16. Trench War Says:

    This fanbase cannot handle more years of sucking waiting for their QB to graduate from diapers. With JW it’s like we take a step forward just to take two steps back. He’s putting too much pressure on an already young defense, and all this against some pretty bad defenses himself. Atlanta, Browns, Bengals defenses should have been shredded but instead 3, 3, 4, INT’s respectively kept our defense on the field. That’s not winning football. …and that doesn’t include terrible passes and dropped INT’s. How many times we all said, “Daum, that shoulda’ been an interception”. Count all that up and you see why we always seem to lose the ones were supposed to win.