NFL OK With Jameis’ Texts

September 17th, 2018

He’s fine, said NFL.

Jameis has been texting his teammates again. And the NFL is good with it.

While America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston is serving his three-game sentence from NFL strongman Roger Goodell, he has been texting his teammates.

Chris Godwin first let this out on SiriusXM NFL Radio last week.

Now today, Peter King (Joe’s not going to type up all his labels right now) mentioned Jameis was texting again yesterday when he spoke with Mike Evans.

And per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the NFL — so far — isn’t getting irked with Jameis’ texting.

Jameis isn’t allowed to have any contact with his team during the suspension. However, the NFL has deemed non-strategic communication with the Bucs OK for Jameis.

So for those wondering (hoping) if Jameis was violating league policy, he’s been cleared by the league to text his teammates so long as he isn’t talking/texting X’s and O’s.

50 Responses to “NFL OK With Jameis’ Texts”

  1. NPR SageBoy Says:

    Jameis who?

  2. D-Rome Says:

    This is a non-story. I’m not blaming you, Joe. I know you have a pulse on all things Buccaneers, even the things that aren’t very relevant.

  3. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Looks to me like he’s matured some (I hope) and is just being a supportive teammate.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    I have been as hard on JW3 as anyone “sane” person on these boards!!!!! Since the “hassle” and the “plea deal” were revealed along with the report of “issues with Coach Koetter, and the two different statements!!!!!! And I truly hope that the punishment and message has been received loud and clear and has taken it to heart!!!!! But Not that we are a little over a week and hours until the suspension is removed, The “real” fans will welcome JW3 back to the roster!!!!!! We expect Fitz to play game 4 and on, until the wheels fall off!!!! And we will see JW3 on the field this year in many games!!!!!! This is not a QB controversy as much as this situation is a “QB Luxury” to ease the starter back in while Fitz is red hot!!!!!!!!!!

    Please do not mess up this Chance JW3!!!!!! it could very well be the last!!!!!!!!! We have heard all the “talk” but now it is time to do the “walk”!!!!!! He knows that the spotlight will always be brighter on him!!!!! But he should know that he has the surrounding cast and support system that he can really shine!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bucman0620 Says:

    This sounds more like sissy boy rapoport trying to get someone in trouble than actually coming up with some news. Like, did you just contact the NFL and ask if it was okay for him to be sending text messages? GTFOH!

  6. Robert Says:

    he probably got more than one text back

    : who dis?

  7. Loyaltotheend Says:

    Blame the hosts on 620 for even thinking this is an issue

    Uninformed morons

  8. Robert Says:

    where yall goin to eat after the game?

    naw man we full.

    what yall been eatin?


    mic drop.

  9. unbelievable Says:

    Well of course.

    You’re suspended from doing anything team-related, not from being a human being who can communicate with your own friends.

  10. Casual Observer Says:

    Tell JW to take his time “recovering”. Maybe take another week or two – just to be sure.

  11. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Would Jameis have made the hesistation in the Evans td to let him clear the linebacker or would he have forced it immediately when Evans broke

  12. Robert Says:

    @ dirk

    I don’t know of many qb’s that would have the confidence to throw that ball. talk about a lazer! and props to ME for grabbing it.

    but yeah JW would have waited, most would have.

  13. Steven007 Says:

    Joe, aside from the Bucs win yesterday (and I was there enduring that ungodly heat), seeing you write “I’m not going to type up all his labels right now” RE: Peter King, might be the best Buc related thing I’ve seen from you on this website in a while. You don’t need that shtick to have a great website. There’s enough irreverence without that kind of eye rolling kowtowing to the kids in the room. IMO of course. I know you didn’t do it for me but thanks anyway.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    don’t give them any ammo jameis…..


  15. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Definitely a QB luxury more than a QB controversy imo. We are stacked at the position

  16. James Walker Says:

    This whole experience will hopeful create a “calmness” in Winston. Watching the film I hope it show Winston how to play the game smart and not so emotional.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Agreed James Walker. I think Jameis is going to learn a lot from this.

    He already looked much better and more poised and calm in preseason.

  18. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    You’re attempt to parrot African American dialect in your takes on JW’s possible texts is disturbing at the least Jim , and more likely over the line disgusting to 70% of humanity. Jim I suggest you get a grip on yourself and seek some help for your illness.

  19. DI Says:


    I just assumed you had those Peter King labels on copy/paste. You’ve been typing it by hand? No wonder you finally got tired of it haha

  20. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Errrr Robert is the source , not Jim.

  21. Billy_43 Says:

    I think Jameis has learned to have a healthy fear in life that will transfer to the football field.

    Risk vs reward on the fly when deciding to throw.

    I believe we began to see the fruit of it this preseason and I am a firm believer that he should/will get the ball back when his suspension is over.

    He might not play against the Bears, but just because it is a short week, doesn’t mean Fitz will have more time to prepare for the Bears than Jameis.

    Jameis might already be preparing for the Bears.

    And this outbreak IS NOT just because FITZ is playing MVP football. It’s because FITZ is playing MVP football and our receiver group is the best in the NFL bar none. Jameis’ #s might be better.

    If Fitz was 25, this would be a QB controversy.

    You just CAN”T risk losing a really good thing with Jameis so close to the finish line.

    Finish Line being a matured Winston who’s talent and leadership show up on the field.

    I believe they go with Winston win or lose against Pitt.

    He is the future and time to see what that looks like now.

  22. BuccoDav Says:

    No Hugs and Kisses?!? Damn, this is a tough league…

  23. Robert Says:

    bucfansince76 now speaks for ALL OF HUMANITY!!

    I’d say you might want to see someone for that…. but thats just me. not like it’s:


  24. '74 Bucs fan Says:

    Billy – I’m pretty sure they will go with Fitz for the Pitt game, as Jameis will still be suspended. That’s just me being a smarta$$.

  25. Marc Says:

    Typical Jameis, always toeing the line on what is allowed and what isn’t.


    Good thing FITZMAGIC is alive and well! First QB in NFL history to throw for 400 yds and 4 TDS over the first two weeks of the regular season.


  26. Marc Says:

    Man the Joes and their message board filter are real sensitive today. How bout don’t post a piece on #3 if you can’t even publicly say you are happy Fitz is playing well right now. Bunch of softies…. No clue what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about Joe, there have been endless Fitz-loving stories here. –Joe

  27. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    I actually said 70% of humanity Robert , because unfortunately the other 30% are like you , but no one is born with your affliction , it is a learned trait , but take heart Robert as it can be unlearned as well.

  28. Billy_43 Says:

    I would really learn to copy/paste with all the titles you use Joe!!

  29. Says:

    Who would we cut when Jameis returns? Do we risk losing Ryan Griffin?

    That keeps me up at night.

  30. Trench War Says:


    C,mon, Jameis had the same players last year besides Jenkins and couldn’t average more than 19 PPG. Fitz’s decision making and accuracy at this point in his career is better than Jameis. James Walker nailed it, now it’s up to Jameis to get there. Get this, Fitz has won 4 out of 5 games he has started for the Bucs. That is a fact that even the Winston jock-sniffers can’t deny. I want to win. When Fitz’s magic wanes then insert Jameis.

  31. Jim Says:

    Just wondering what Realist is thinking about Fritz “when the wheels fall off”? Jameis went three for thirteen last year, did the “wheels fall off” then? Well, one game at a time…

  32. orlbucfan Says:

    Jameis is taking notes and frothing at the mouth to play now that the Offense is blooming. He looked poised in preseason. He’ll be ready when his number is called. Lawdgawdalmighty, it’s FUN being a Bucs Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Again. 🙂

  33. Edgar Says:

    Joe you type out all those nicknames for people? Find yourself a text replacement app like Text Expander. Will save you GOBs fo time if that is really what you are doing.

  34. Bucman0620 Says:

    Trench War, can you tell me (with the numbers please) how well Fitz did last year with the same guys? It would be interesting to see you try to sway the numbers to your way of thinking. Also, if you don’t mind add in the numbers for the preseason. Now, I am a fan of Jameis (not just because I also am a Noles fan) but I am also super excited how great the bearded dragon is doing. I am a true believer you have to play the one that gives you the best chance to win, with one caveat. If “The Bearded Dragon” is still leading the NFL in passer rating and undefeated after four games, I would say leave him there. Other than that, you bring in the better QB which is Jameis “America’s Quarterback” Winston.

  35. Mike Johnson Says:

    Funny how a..culmanation of mistakes can..take one out of the picture they had envisioned for themselves. jameis will get a shot this year. He may have to wait quite a while though. And its probably good for him and his ego. He will come back hungry. Knowing how easy it is to have everything taken away. Fitz got 15 yrs worth of experience. He uses every ounce of it on the playing field. Jameis will continue to learn a thing or 2 fron an ole vet. Yes, we are all rooting for Jameis. But the man for now. Be ready when your next shot comes again Jameis.

  36. gman Says:

    Why would Winston even risk getting the NFL on his bad side again…I know he is undisciplined on and off the field…but this is just downright stupid. The NFL says that they are oK with it for now….yeah, trust the NFL…good move

  37. Trench War Says:


    He won 2 out of 3’s that for numbers?

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    The Winston haters are hilarious to watch with their complete meltdown, instead of celebrating a win all they can think of is how much they hate Winston and how will this affect Winston. LOL! They are truly miserable and pitiful people. Sad.

  39. lambchop Says:

    @Trench War,

    Preach it. People are missing an opportunity to relish in the winning and enjoying the fine art of QB play going on right now. I don’t care who is the better athlete, apart from Mahomes, NOBODY is playing QB at the level of Fitzmagic.

    But I would probably give the edge to Mahomes thus far as the league MVP only because the guy has never played in the NFL as a starter until now. It doesn’t matter how many offensive weapons he has or that they were a playoff team. It’s a new season and your QB can train wreck an otherwise stellar team. Coaching doesn’t matter as well because JW3 still would make throws into a crowd after repeatedly being coached up not to throw opportunities away.

    It’s not even that Mahomes is just managing the game and letting other people around him win games. Kudos to a player I never thought would be playing this well. I thought for sure they would be missing Alex Smith’s veteran leadership at this point. But, Fitz is a 1b with the chance to take sole ownership of 1 if he can win a shootout against the Steelers on MNF and let the nation #witnessthebeard.

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    ButthurtFan since 76’. You sure as hell don’t not speak for me. I thought Robert’s comment was hilarious. No one can say a word or have fun anymore without some beta male getting his whittle feelings hurt. Whiners gonna whine

  41. lambchop Says:

    @Rod Munch,

    Don’t mistake people’s passion for winning as hating on JW3. There’s a big difference. Your unshakeable faith in Winston does not give you the right to judge any other fan. If JW3 could eliminate the mistakes, nobody would “hate”. But, we expect a LOT more from the #1 pick who talks like a HOFer. We want less talk, more walk. No sacks, no fumbles, no forced throws.

    I don’t care about anything else from my QB than his ability to play his best and give our team a chance to win each and every time they step on that field. Till now, we watched games on the edge of our seat wondering when JW3 would make a mistake. I can watch Fitz play carefree without the heart attack. And I appreciate that my hair is not falling out or turning grey because of it. There will always be an electrifying pulse watching JW3 play, but it better be for the right reasons.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Realist Says :

    “We expect Fitz to play game 4 and on, until the wheels fall off!!!! And we will see JW3 on the field this year in many games!!!!!! This is not a QB controversy as much as this situation is a “QB Luxury” to ease the starter back in while Fitz is red hot!!!!!!!!!!”


  43. Rod Munch Says:

    lambchop – When we win a game and the first thing people think of isn’t the joy of winning, but the hatred of Winston and how will this affect Winston, that tells you everything about those miserable slobs.

    As a Winston believer, because you know, we can watch tapes of him single handedly winning games like the last time he played the Saints, or the last time he played the Eagles, I’m A-OK with riding Fitz until he breaks down, in the meantime I’m enjoying the winning – not just wallowing in hatred and depression like the JW bashers. If Fitz can keep it up and has the best season in the history of football, I’ll be praising him all the way and enjoying myself! But rest assured, that’s very unlikely to happen, instead Winston will play and the first time he overthrows someone you’re going to have the Winston haters cutting their wrists and throwing themselves off the Sunshine Skyway (which I’m cool with, so don’t let this deter anyone) saying “SEE I TOLD YOU SO”.

  44. Trench War Says:

    @Rod Munch

    You said, “If Fitz can keep it up and has the best season in the history of football, I’ll be praising him all the way and enjoying myself!”

    Somehow I doubt you’ll be so open minded when Jameis comes back.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Trench war, my case was proven when you went and looked huh? Bahahaha scared to show those numbers. It’s fine, we understand you want to use Jameis’ numbers against him but it doesn’t work to your advantage to compare him does it? LMAO

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    Trench War – huh? If the Bucs are winning and the offense is moving why would anyone take Fitz out. This is what I mean, the deranged Winston haters have built this fake narrative where everything revolves around Winston. Good or bad, night or day, we must stop Jameis at all costs!

    Anywho, no, if Fitz is playing like this all year, which would literally be the best season in NFL history, then Winston can ride the bench without not a complaint from me. Plus Winston is still under contract for next year in any case.

  47. Trench War Says:


    you have been complaining nimwit

  48. Trench War Says:

    @ Rod

    also how many nicknames do you use?

  49. Rod Munch Says:

    Trench – you are truly one dumb cupcake, and a conspiracy nut at that. Figures. This is my one and only account you dope. Now back to your demented nonstop uslesss ranting.

  50. Bucman0620 Says:

    The anonymous post was from me, because I sent it from my phone and was not logged in. I also say if the Bearded Dragon is playing like this then he stays the starter. However, if and when he shows that he is human you have to go with the better quarterback and that is Jameis “America’s Quarterback” Winston. But I found it amusing that when I asked for numbers and you looked them up you seen they weren’t beneficial to you and you claims. So you decided to go with win/losses. LMAO