Jameis Is Proud Of Bucs

September 12th, 2018

Happy with win, says teammate.

Joe wondered on Twitter on Sunday (and also as you will soon hear on the Ira Kaufman Podcast) if America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, was pumping his fist watching his backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, pump 41 points on the Saints defense in a 48-40 Bucs win.

Apparently, he was.

That comes from Bucs receiver Chris Godwin who noted last night while appearing on “Late Hits,” co-hosted by Alex Marvez and Bill Polian and heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio, that Jameis communicated with teammates after the victory .

“He reached out to players on the team and said, ‘Big win!'” Godwin said. “That shows what kind of guy Jameis is. He’s a team-first guy. he is one of the leaders of our team. He is passionate about this game and our team.”

Godwin didn’t offer any additional details or specifics as to when Jameis got in contact.

Of course, Marvez tried to get Godwin to offer up what plans the team has upon Jameis’ return the day after the Steelers game. Godwin didn’t nibble on the bait.

“I think that is more what we can expect when he gets back,” Godwin said of Jameis’ leadership. “I know he is itching to get back.”

Joe thinks that is cool how Jameis is still engaged even though he’s barred from the team for another 13 days.

37 Responses to “Jameis Is Proud Of Bucs”

  1. Walter Seidel Says:

    Bar him for good please. We’re better without him.

  2. NonyaDamnBucsiness Says:

    Joe, correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Jameis was not to have ANY contact with the team. Did Godwin offer up details on how contact was madem

  3. Kalind Says:

    Can’t wait until he is back. If for no other reason than to keep positive pressure on Fitz. We start 3-0 of course Fitz stays in. And I’m rooting for that. But let’s make no mistake Jaboo is the future…and that may again be this year

  4. THETRUTH Says:

    Gotta love these Buc fans flying high and all is great , if Fitz has terrible game you same people will be saying how. Ad we are and JW needs to be given chance again. Haha

    No inbetween it’s love and than hate

  5. Wausa Says:

    Even in victory the Bucs have crappy fans.
    I can’t wait for Jameis to return.

  6. MadDog Says:

    @Thetruth YOUR ABSOLUTELY CORRECT .Tampa fans are like fantasy football. Week to week

  7. OneBuc55 Says:

    Fitz’ play was amazing last week; he’s riding high…but I’ve seen Fitzpatrick look great 1 week and like a train wreck the next; this is the story of his career…

    Hopefully he can find a way to get a W against Phillys stout defense at home…if he implodes the media and those screaming for him to remain the starter will turn on him real quick…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    All you people who think Fitz is the best thing ever and should start over Jameis and that Jameis should be let go are absolutely crazy! He’s been on eight different teams for a reason people. Wake up! This team is and will be better with Jameis as the starter. Period! Look what Fitz has done his whole career plays a few good games here and there then sucks! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  9. Joe Says:

    Joe, correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Jameis was not to have ANY contact with the team.

    Individual teammates he can — away from One Buc Palace. The NFL monitors players’ phones if they suspect something.

    Though Godwin didn’t specify, Marvez Twittered after the interview it was texts.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    @Kalind … “Can’t wait until he (Jameis) is back. If for no other reason than to keep positive pressure on Fitz.” Positive pressure on Fitz? I’m sure that Fitz is trembling in his boots at that prospect (well, probably not-so-much). The pressure, if anything, will be on Jameis when he gets back IF the Bucs do really well under Fitz. And can you imagine being Koetter IF Jameis comes back, lays an egg in his 1st game back & loses? My gut tells me that’d put a LOT of pressure on Koetter AND Licht to take a hard look at Fitz riding the pine IF Jameis poops on the field. Remember Kalind, THEIR JOBS are on the line this season.

    And Wausa & THETRUTH, fans are fans … every fan inn every city wants the same thing: victory. Funny thing is, that’s the same thing that owners, GMs, coaches & players want (aah yes, it’s a beautiful thing when EVERYONE gets what they want). Jameis created his own drama with that Uber ‘hassle’ … that opened the door for Fitz to lead the TEAM while he’s suspended. True fans want the Bucs to win no matter who’s under center for one reason: EVERYONE wants the same thing … to WIN. From my perspective, whichever player in whatever position gives us the best chance to WIN, I say ‘Plug em in’.

  11. Rick Says:

    No doubt Winston is the franchise qb. But if fitz finds a way to win his next 2 games, why mess with a good thing? Ride fitz till the wheels fall off.

  12. BringBucsBack Says:

    “He reached out to players…”?

    Were there any passengers in the car?

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    Defense Rules- To add to the drama, Koetter has to win, NOW. If he’s to stay, he’s got to go with the QB that’s winning games. I imagine that if Fitz has the hot hand when Jameis returns, the leash will be really, really short.

  14. Buc believer Says:

    You same fans that think Fitz is the next Aaron Rodgers or Joe Montana or Tom Brady need to remember that he hasn’t been on 7 counthem SEVEN teams in 13 years for nothing! Yeah a rose smells great when it’s fresh but when it gets about a week old it starts to stink then you throw it out. That’s what the what have you done for me lately crowd will do to Fitz when he becomes Fitz again.

  15. Walter Seidel Says:

    The Fitz hate is strong here. Wow. Even after perhaps THE BEST GAME EVER for a Buccaneer quarterback.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Buc believer … Interesting that you’d take such a pessimistic view of Fitz based on past records without looking at what he’s surrounded with now. Do you think he’s ever been on a TEAM with this much receiving talent & where the OLine protected him as well as he was protected Sunday? It’s all about T-E-A-M Buc believer. No one’s talking about Fitz being the next Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady … except YOU. But then again, THAT’S what pessimists do isn’t it? Create their own scenarios to justify their own pessimism. No one knows how this whole thing will play out, but for heaven’s sake, enjoy the ride … one game at a time.

  17. Hawk Says:

    You people say Fitz has been on seven different teams, as if that’s a ‘bad’ thing. How many QBs are driving UPS trucks, because a second team didn’t want them? *ALL* QBs have up and down weeks, and even moreso if the players around them are either mediocre, or not the right fit (or both). *I* am hoping this offense is a perfect fit for Fitz. His 3-1 record seems to be pointing in that direction. Hopefully, it’s a perfect fit for Jameis as well. It’s his job when he returns, and his future.

  18. JimBuc2 Says:

    This is a confrence game. We had our statement game last week. If Fitz fizzles, the maybe Koetter gives 5 year backup his first in season snaps. I’m down with that. Kid looked sharp during PS.

  19. sunshine Says:

    Lets hope the bucs trade handy Winston and move on…

  20. Godeep66 Says:

    JW is getting close to extending his suspension. He needs to need t talk to anyone and by all means if he does….the player on the other end of the phone does not need to run his mouth about it. Trade him NOW

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    it’ll be interesting to see what fitz does against philly……


  22. Buc50 Says:

    @Joe I am shocked at how many new football fans are here. They have to be new to want to trade the franchise QB. Fitz had a great game but he’s not the future. People have short memories and don’t remember all the suckage we’ve had with no QB.

  23. German Buc Says:

    Is there any better thing to happen, than we “have to” go with Fitz in week 4? This means at least that we have won against the towel waivers. It would be great to be able to go with the hot hand after a short week.

    And with the new guy on the Bear’s D it might be great to have a really good second option at QB – just ask the other Bay-team.

  24. stpetebucsfan Says:

    D.R. Way to get to the exact desire that unites us all!!! Well stated.

    This is not a FAIR competition for the position of QB. The Glazers literally have their franchise…ok that’s hyperbole…but a SIGNIFICANT portion of their profit going forward is tied to their decision with JW!!!

    They have ZERO invested in Fitz. Yeah we want to win every game but for the very future of this franchise we NEED to see what Jameis really has. I think we’re ok that #3 will play well but it’s not my money and if I’m the Glazers I’d have to consider my financial future far more important than any wins or losses on the field.

    This will work itself out. If…I should say IF Fitz continues to be Fitzmagic we still bring in Jameis by at least game four against Atlanta.

    Jameis will be given a longer than usual leash because of the HUGE investment the Glazers have in him. But if he doesn’t win…of course the fans will be marching down Dale Mabry with pitchforks for Koetter if he doesn’t play Fitz.

    We might as well face it….IF…Fitz wins another game…and Jameis has a slump the fans will revolt and force the Glazer’s hands. IF Fitz wins 2 more then JW and Koetter are in the same boat…win or you’re outta here.

    I’m not saying I want to trade or dump Jameis. I’m simply observing factors at play here…as always first and foremost $$$$. But wins and losses will factor largely as well.

  25. Says:

    Hawk- right on. Fitz has made over $58 million playing NFL football. There is a very good reason he has been in the league as long as he has. He is darn good! He has proven to be in the top 50 internationally in his field for 14 years, and in the top 30 for the last 10 years. There are only a handful of players in the league who can say that, and only a handful who have collected more loot than he has. The fact that he is still here, still productive, still getting paid, speaks volumes about how talented he is.

  26. Dapostman Says:

    Who is the most popular player on most NFL teams?

    The backup QB!!!

    #Get After It!

  27. PSLBob Says:

    NonyaDamnBucsiness Says:

    “Joe, correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Jameis was not to have ANY contact with the team. Did Godwin offer up details on how contact was madem”

    That was my first thought. Thanks for clarifying Joe!

  28. SW500CAL Says:

    First, enjoyed the game and the win! Best BUC offense I have seen in some time! Season ticket holder since 76. GO FITZ!
    Now it’s real simple the best man plays that gives us a chance to win. If and when the wheels come off of FitzMagic then JW gets his chance to perform and prove his worth to the team. If JW does not play well then Koetter will decide who goes in and gives us the best chance for a victory. If JW does NOT put W’s on the board our GM and the Glazers will decide if JW is offered a 1 year prove it contract or a contract loaded with incentives for 2 years. Either way the best player gets on the field, leads the BUCS to a winning season, and hopefully the playoffs. If not changes will be coming to the front office. Did not like the 3 dirty hits that Fitz took from the Aint’s D. Jensen and o line need to look out for our Ole Guy Fitz or this conversation goes away.
    Concerned about our defense and the injuries as well as Mike Smith’s game plans. Need to sign Breeland if the cash is available. Looking forward to our home opener and we need to be loud! Any word on Vita?
    GO BUCS!!

  29. zzbucs Says:

    JOe says…

    ¨Individual teammates he can — away from One Buc Palace. The NFL monitors players’ phones if they suspect something¨.

    Wow daddy Joe…what´s this the Gestapo???? Men this is getting ridiculous

  30. Billy_43 Says:

    Yeah right. I can hear it now 10 years down the road when Koetter is sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch whittling a wood Winston figurine. “But, Fitz was playing soooo good”, insert crying break down.

    You don’t risk your job on a journeyman backup.

    Nobody will blame him (who matters) for starting our STARTER.

  31. John Sinclear Says:

    Does this violate the “No Contact” rule in his suspension?

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    @Billy_43 … “Nobody will blame him (who matters) for starting our STARTER.” Don’t know how long you’ve been a Bucs’ fan Billy, but this fan-base will turn on anyone quickly if they don’t win. IF Fitz goes 3-0 or 4-0 to start the season, then Jameis comes in & loses just his first 1 or 2, this fanbase will throw him under the bus so quickly they’ll hear the THUMP THUMP all the way out in Los Angeles. If one guy has proven that he can lead the TEAM to victory, and the other one has demonstrated … for whatever reason … that he can’t, you go with the one who can.

    People fill more of the seats at RayJay when we win. More seats filled equals more $$$. The Glazer Boyz are businessmen, first and foremost. Winning gives them a better bottom line. It’s really NOT rocket science: you play to WIN. Everything else is rubbish (to paraphrase Baron von Richthofen).

  33. Trench War Says:

    Why wouldn’t he be happy? He gets to see his team win while he sits at home. Especially when he knows he’ll be gifted his position back after the team plays it’s hardest 3 game stretch to begin the season. He should be excited he won’t have to start at 0-3.

  34. Dooshlarue Says:

    Where are the JW defenders?


    Waiting for Fitz to slip so you can show yourselves again?

  35. DPewter Says:

    Fitzpatrick started a few games last year and didn’t look this good. I think the main difference is the play caller. All hail Monken.

    Keep in mind Jamies looked better than Fitzmagic in the preseason with Monken calling the shots. The tone should be “if Fitz is playing so well with this offensive play caller than the sky is the limit for Jamies.” By sky I mean superbowl.

  36. gilhealy Says:

    Doosh, I’ve posted numerous times. I’ve liked Fitz since the day we signed him. Unlike many of you. Fitz is the perfect mentor for JW. What’s your point? Why would I not want to post? Has my opinion of either QB changed? No. If Fitz is winning, JW will be the first to say stick with the hot hand. He’s a team guy first. No need for you to look for trouble. Grow up.

  37. Buc1987 Says:

    Doosh…webster’s been around.

    He was questioning if I was the real 87 or not last night…..lol

    I’m Winston’s biggest fan!!!!!!! <—-Realist style

    I told him webster same thing gilhealy typed.

    Winston would endorse a 3-0 Fitz to keep going….

    If anyone doubts that….think he's all about the $$$$? You're wrong.