A Two-Headed Monster

September 21st, 2018

Mind-melding with Fitz.

Joe is typing this here post in the wee hours of Friday (nope, no alcohol of any sort last night or this morning) and it is still mind-blowing the Bucs have one of the league’s high-powered offenses.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback no less.

It is something Joe has never seen before with a Bucs team outside of a rare game here or there.

A lot of folks are trying to determine why the offense is different. Is it Fitzpatrick? Has Bucs coach Dirk Koetter ordered his assistants to be damned and open the floodgates?

Well, Texans backup quarterback Brandon Weeden has seen this offense before. In a fascinating piece typed by Robert Mays of The Ringer, Weeden saw this same high-powered offense when he was the quarterback at Oklahoma State.

And the guy calling the plays then is the same guy calling the plays now for the Bucs: Todd Monken.

In a deep dive comparing Monken’s offense now to Oklahoma State’s when Monken was the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator, Weeden believes the success of the Bucs offense is a combination of Ryan Fitzpatrick being a good fit for what Monken likes to do.

“I remember his ability to be extremely aggressive in his play calling,” says current Texans quarterback Brandon Weeden, who played for Monken at OSU in 2011. “He knew he had great players at receiver, and he always felt like he could keep the pedal to the metal. Players always love that, and that’s kind of his personality. …

“I was joking about it with Deshaun [Watson] this morning. [Fitzpatrick and Monken are] a perfect fit. I don’t know Fitz personally, but just by watching him play, he sits back there and takes a hitch, and just rips it. It fits what Monken wants to do personality-wise, scheme-wise.”

Of course, everyone and their brother considers America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, a gunslinger. An aggressive thrower. Wouldn’t his personality also fit Monken’s?

Fun stuff.

51 Responses to “A Two-Headed Monster”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Fitz has never had this many weapons, and the weapons he has have never had a qb who can drop passes like Fitz is doing. And everyone is breathing a sigh of relief knowing the qb is not going to poke/headbutt/grope anyone.

  2. Godeep66 Says:

    No it would not. JW is too dumb

  3. Godeep66 Says:

    Just imagine if JW (short yellow bus patron) was the starting QB; we would have a negative turn over ratio and be 0-2. You have a lot of these snowflakes on this site saying it’s the play calling, which is ridiculous. It does not matter who calls the play if the QB (JW) forgets the check downs once the ball is snapped. You see, ignorant people get rattled when the pressure is on. That is exactly what JW is…IGNORANT!!! Do smart people gran random peoples crotches? Do smart people stand on a college cafeteria lunch table and yell obscenities to every young lady in the lunchroom? Do smart people steal crab legs, as an adult, from a grocery store?….then purposely displays crab legs at his draft party? I’m not even going to bring up the other FSU allegations involving sexual misconduct. Jimbo Fisher enabled him by looking the other way and now we have to deal with it. Cut him now.

  4. Joe Says:

    Fitz has never had this many weapons

    Neither has Jameis.

    Godwin is better than he was last year. O.J. Howard is better than he was last year and Ryan Jensen wasn’t on the team last year.

  5. Casey Morgan Says:

    Jameis has no touch on deep balls, doesn’t see plays developing fast enough, and forces it to Brate or Evans…

  6. SteveK Says:


    Jensen at C has been huge! Love his effort/skill/nasty!

    The best move the Offense made was putting Marpet back at G. He’s a boss.

  7. SteveK Says:

    Jameis will be fine. He can improve his skills while Fitz balls out. Hopefully, Buc Fans are blessed with top notch QB play no matter who is taking the snaps.

  8. Buccernutter Says:

    This offense is entirely different from last year in so many ways. For people to not acknowledge how much better the ol is is getting old. It’s probably the biggest difference maker. Like Joe said the players are improving a lot too. Ok and Godwin are going to be the future and could become elite.

    It blows my mind to think people believe Jameis won’t play lights out when he returns like he didn’t have the second best rating to Brady when returning from injury and the BEST QB in preseason. You cannot overlook that. All of our quartebacks balled with these weapons in preseason and with monkens playcalling.

    It’s so great to see a pass on first down.

    Also the biggest influence to the offense imo is Ryan Jensen. Fitz is balling but Jensen is a huge influence.

  9. BucfanBF Says:

    Jameis did all the same things in the preseason this year just like Fitzy has been doing.
    Jameis could rock this offense too and he will when he comes back.

  10. Godeep66 Says:

    Fitzy has the same exact weapons that Ditzy had last year.

  11. UgandanKnuckles Says:

    I honestly think Jameis will be just as good with Monken’s playcalling, if not better. Even Ryan Griffin was really good in preseason.

  12. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    Big attraction for me about Jameis and why he is so much better than everyone are his Anticipation throws I knew it would take some time for Jameis to Adjust but his time is coming believe that

  13. Topcoach78 Says:

    Even when Jameis has time a lot of times he does something stupid he’d be getting sacked and still trying to toss it under handed to someone 20 yards away or throwing a bad ball to a double covered wr instead of throwing it away in the red zone on first down he gets onto a wr for a bad route then he throws a dumb interception and walks off to the sideline like booboo the fool! All his so called hype speeches are scripted and he is trying to hard making himself look even more foolish…everyone was screaming trade Djax like it was his fault this man been balling with every QB but he and JW so called chemistry way off so trade him huh…the mans job is to get open which he did it’s the QB job to get it to him which JW couldn’t!

  14. tickrdr Says:

    Everyone loves a “gunslinger”, and no one wants their QB to be a “game manager”.

    Did you know that in the three years since Winston was drafted (not even counting this year’s games), that there is a group of games that the lowly Bucs (of Buccaneer Cove fame) went 15-4. That’s right 15 wins vs. only 4 losses.

    No, it wasn’t when Jameis passed for more than 300 yards, because the Bucs were 4-7 in those games.
    No, it wasn’t when Jameis passed for 3 or more TDs, because the Bucs were only 4-4 in those games.
    It wasn’t even when Jameis passed for LESS than 230 yards a game, though they were 9-4 in those games!

    No, it was when they WON THE TURNOVER BATTLE!
    Five game winning streak in 2016? Yep, they won the turnover battle in every game, and the “trainwreck” defense had 14 takeaways during that five game streak.

    Oh, and when Fitzpatrick started those three games last year, the Bucs won the turnover battle every game, and went 2-1 in the process.
    Everyone says that JW3 played his best ball during the last five games last season, but in those last five games the Bucs gave up 13 turnovers, with JW3 losing 5 of 7 fumbles, and he also threw 5 INTs, while the Bucs went 1-4.
    BTW, even though the Bucs won that last game vs. NO, that was the only game that the Bucs were able to win when they had three or more turnovers in a game. That’s right, the Bucs were 1-12 in games with three or more turnovers.


  15. Godeep66 Says:

    Half of the team did not trust JW last year. Every played on the team trusts Fitzpatrick. That is a big difference. Go back and look at the “eat a win” speech from JW last year in NOLA. Look at the other players looking at him in disbelief. That says it all. Can you image me the many other speeches that he gave that were not on camera. Embarrassing

  16. i like gunslingers Says:

    i agree with joe, fitz has played at a remarkable level, it started in preseason and has continued thru the first two games of the regular season, i think it is a combination of things, the offensive line playing lights out, the play calling, and his ota’s training camp and preseason with the number one unit, but as well as he has played and it has been noted and discussed and the numbers support it, in his snaps during preseason jameis was playing better, what was it 247 yrds in a quarter hitting his recievers in stride making his check downs, his audibles, as the players have said jameis is the starter for a reason, enjoy the moment, and ride fitz till it’s over however long that may take, but jameis is coming back

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Of course, everyone and their brother considers America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, a gunslinger. An aggressive thrower. Wouldn’t his personality also fit Monken’s?” Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Godeep66, but not at all for the same reason (calling Jameis “dumb” is insulting & demeaning Godeep).

    Fitz & Monken are close to a perfect match. As our plays have developed this year, it’s not hard to see all kinds of ‘options’ unfold for the QB. Fitz right now is showing that he can quickly run through those options (progressions?), pick out the BEST ONE, and put the football dead on target. That’s EXPERIENCE IMO.

    Jameis, as a 24-year-old, obviously lacks that same level of experience, and it’s been taking him longer (to this point in his career) to see those options unfold, pick the BEST ONE & then accurately deliver the ball to the most open receiver. That’s NOT a gunslinger mentality. Quite the opposite … it’s a RISK-MITIGATION mentality. Why do you think receiver like Mike Evans and DJax are having such unprecedented reception rates?

    To take this one step further BTW, Fitz is EXACTLY the type of QB that a HC like Jon Gruden absolutely loves. Unless the Bucs throw a boatload of cash at him come year-end, I fully expect to see the Raiders do just that (and they might have competition from several other teams wanting Fitz’ services). There are some VERY INTERESTING PERSONNEL DECISIONS in store here for the Bucs as this year progresses & ends. Same with Todd Monken … no doubt in my mind that LOTS of other teams are drooling as they watch what this offense has done with him calling the plays.

  18. Buccernutter Says:

    Yep Jameis is coming back. Soon.

    I cannot wait for all the haters to disappear. I like Fitz a lot but this isn’t a matter of whether Jameis will or will not play well. It’s when. And the answer to that question is sooner than the haters think.

    Jameis is going to set records.


  19. SteveK Says:


    Great presentation of numbers. The bottom line is we will win ball games, more often than not, if we can take care of the ball.

    Turnovers happen, but how can we minimize the mistakes/mental errors.

  20. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I still feel we are one year away from the big game. If we can get our Defense up to par, we will be Super Bowl contenders next year. Teams – other than the Patriots, usually have one a 1-2 year window to make the Super Bowl. If we are this close and Fitz is doing well, then Jameis might not be the best option. I am thinking Short term and Fitz might be the best option.

  21. SteveK Says:


    Fitzpatrick is completely tuned in and playing at a Kurt Warner level. I am proud of him and how he has stepped up with his chance to play.

    I hope the Bucs win games, don’t care how.

    I hope Fitz keeps playing well and Jameis gets time to back up and work on improving his craft.

  22. Fartman Says:

    It’s true… that the weapons, even tho same guys, are better this year. I just don’t trust Jameis to hit the deep ball, or keep his hands to himself. DJax is still DJax and Jameis couldn’t get him once last year.

  23. Joe Says:

    Everyone loves a “gunslinger”, and no one wants their QB to be a “game manager”.

    Joe is convinced quite a few Bucs fans would prefer a wishbone quarterback whose only talent is to hand the ball off and when it is third-and-too long, just launch the ball in the air and hope a tight end comes down with it.

    Welcome to 1955!

  24. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    @ Buccernutter – “Jameis is going to set records.”

    Fitz is already setting records!

  25. Cannon Says:

    Honestly, with the way the o line is playing, and with how lethal our pass catchers are… I think Joe could put up points as QB in this offense.

  26. Buccernutter Says:

    Steve k

    Trust me bro I would not be upset if Fitz keeps his job and does damage. It would be awesome.

    But let’s be real here, regression is a certainty. He’s had the best 2 games to start a season in history. Nobody was prepared for Fitz. He is executing this offense primarily cuz of his mental ability and he’s doing it flawlessly. With tape, opposing teams will wise up and he will regress. How much is the question and how soon is the other.

    I think he lights it up vs Pitt but Chicago exposes him.

    Jameis will be back week 6 and although I don’t think it’s possible to match what Fitz did, his physical ability will allow him to really do some huge damage and if he’s winning the love will pour like it has with Fitz.

    Jameis’s biggest hurdle was maturing and getting smarter. Once that happens, which it should with all the drama and seeing Fitz play, Jameis’s sky is the limit.

  27. Buccernutter Says:

    Alabama you really think he’ll continue that for 14 games? Id love to be wrong but let’s not ignore his past.

  28. Season Is Over Says:

    Keep reaching. No one is buying. Fitz is doing this with one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL. There are no starting quality RBs on this team. Now the offense is better in 2018 for Fitz? Haha. No one saw this coming. The Winston excuses are piling up but fortunately everyone has eyeballs.

  29. Fartman Says:

    @Buccernutter – They got 14 years of tape on Fitz and he’s still doing it.

  30. NJBucsFan Says:

    These articles are similar to the girl from Mean Girls trying to make fetch a popular word.

    Stop trying to make fetch happen Joe. Enjoy Ryan Fitzpatrick while it lasts. Stop shoving Winston into every article.

  31. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    If we win this Game you can almost guarantee we get a few games flexed this season……Mark My Words. I also think tickets sales will go up, not only from playing better but with a few night games if at home in the cooler months would definitely be more appealing. =)

    Go BUCS!!!!

  32. tickrdr Says:

    Joe Says:
    September 21st, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Everyone loves a “gunslinger”, and no one wants their QB to be a “game manager”.

    Joe is convinced quite a few Bucs fans would prefer a wishbone quarterback whose only talent is to hand the ball off and when it is third-and-too long, just launch the ball in the air and hope a tight end comes down with it.

    Welcome to 1955!
    What does this even mean?
    Most Bucs fans simply hope that when the ball is launched into the air, that there is a red/pewter jersey in the vicinity, and he isn’t outnumbered two or three to one. It also helps immensely if that receiver can be RUNNING while catching the ball, and not having to stop or dive just to catch it.


  33. Slugglife Says:

    Yeah Joe. That’s what we want. How’d you know?

  34. Buccernutter Says:

    Listen guys this isn’t a matter of Fitz or Jameis. I am a fan of the bucs QB. We have a very good situation right now. It’s not like I’m hoping for Fitz to fail. That is not the case. I know some of you hate the man cuz you have daughters and all that but he will be back. And to hope or expect him to fail is pathetic and u need to get a life like godeep and tmax.

    They do have 14 years of tape on Fitz. On other teams. Let’s not act like his tape from New York is the same. Lol.

    No one is buying? Lmao you must be in the dark with this one. You guys are simply lazy and don’t do your due diligence but Fitz has done this many times. He has 9 player of the week awards. I believe he’s tied with Brady. I’m not hoping for this but the dude balls out and then he lays an egg. I don’t know if it’s going to happen but history suggests it will. We haven’t needed a run game when the dude is playing like this but if you expect it to last forever then you are wrong. Period.

    We will ride Fitz til he gets cold. It may not be fair to replace him after one strike but it’s likely and we need to check out our investment in Jameis. It’s business and common sense at that.

    Not sure why you guys have to be either one or the other. Like I said I may even be happier with Fitz going all the way and Jameis learning a lesson but do you truly think Fitz will play all year? Imean do u guys actually believe that?

    My only point is when it ends, Jameis will be there and he will shine no matter what you think u saw in 2017 or how u feel about his drama.

    Jameis is the future. Fitz is the now. Let’s enjoy it instead of crucifying each other. I want every buc player to succeed.

  35. Slugglife Says:

    I’m pretty sure we just want to see our team win games, regardless of who the QB is or what color skin he has.

  36. Buccernutter Says:

    This isn’t a matter of Fitz of Jameis. Its about cheering for the bucs QB. Right now we have a very good one. History says it won’t last. The most recent sample size says Jameis will ball.

    Stop cheering for one guy or the other and start cheering for who is on the field on Sunday. Don’t get mad with others for thnking it will be one or the other in a week or so. Get happy for wins and success.

    I’m loving the Fitz train. Dude is funny, smart, and cool as s***.

    But I believe in our FRANCHISE QB and I’m sorry guys Fitz isn’t it. He’s the guy now and I’m perfectly happy about that. Just optimistic for the future.

  37. Fartman Says:

    Like Dominic said, This is Fitz team now.

  38. pelbuc Says:

    JW would ignore the play call and try to force it to Evans.

  39. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    Guys just know when JW comes back to the helm I don’t want to hear oh he’s so good I always had faith in him you guys are a bunch of jokes who hate on Winston. Yes I am happy the Bucs are 2-0 but reality is Winston probably would’ve done the same thing Fitz is doing. We have a revamped oline putting Marpet back in the position he was born to play Jensen had been a animal smith has been a beast, O.J. Howard has transformed this season Godwin is heathy Evans is just Evans he’s exactly what we knew we drafted djax is in his second year I mean cmon the list goes on. I’m happy for Fitz doing his thing and holding us down in this tough division but it’s only a matter of time before Winston tears it up!!!

  40. Fartman Says:

    well, if he’s inserted right away the bar is pretty clear. He just has to 1. win. 2. Throw for 400 yards a game. 3. Throw 4TDs a game. 3. Have a rating of over 150. If he doesn’t do that, then he should have stayed on the bench.

  41. Dooshlarue Says:

    I’m not gonna be surprised if JW struggles when he finally gets into a game.
    Fitz has set the bar high and I don’t think Jamies will be able to handle the mental pressure of having to live up to Fitz.
    And what happens if he really struggles?
    Massive turnovers from trying to do too much.

    However, I’m a Bucs fan and if JW gets us wins he’ll have my support…….until he Fs up.

  42. Buccernutter Says:

    U guys do realize that no QB in history has ever reached the bar that Fitz just set, right?
    I think you’re banking on him keeping this up for a while and it’s not gonna happen.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    The difference? THE O LINE is finally meshing. Fitz has the time Jameis never had

  44. Big Stinky Says:

    @ tickrdr

    Nice research Brother! That makes me feel a little better about Jameis. Now if he can just STOP turning the ball over we”ll be in business.

  45. Big Stinky Says:

    @ Buccernutter

    Got to ride him while he’s hot though, Jameis will get his chance again.

  46. donuts Says:

    reality is Winston probably would’ve done the same thing Fitz is doing.

    Fantasy land!!!

    Fitz is super hot right now. You all do realize the rarity of throwing 4 TDs and 400 yards in NFL? Nope.

  47. jmarkbuc Says:

    You have to be ACCURATE for any passing offense to work…

    Fitz drops it in a bucket, right in stride. No WR’s climbing a ladder, or reaching behind them to make a circus catch.

    We had great pass catchers last year too…. one’s that saved Winston’s bacon (and Stats), a lot of the time.

  48. Joe Says:

    I’m not gonna be surprised if JW struggles when he finally gets into a game.
    Fitz has set the bar high and I don’t think Jamies will be able to handle the mental pressure of having to live up to Fitz.
    And what happens if he really struggles?

    This is pretty accurate.

    Those that haven’t yet turned on him will. And it will be all over. The best quarterback in franchise history — poof. Gone.

    And he will go on to Dallas or New England and have success while the Bucs just keep on keeping on trying to find a quarterback with half of the league’s rejects or hoping a third-round pick overcomes all the odds. Just like always.

    No franchise runs off more good players quite like the Bucs. It’s a proud Tampa Bay tradition.

  49. jmarkbuc Says:


    If he’s not it, he’s not it….. Why keep a QB if he proves not to be anything more than avg, and with issues. Because he is “supposed” to be a franchise QB.

    Personally I think he stays, but if he doesn’t? The team will go on. And it’ll give your readers something to kvetch about. So a win for JBF whether he stays or goes.

  50. GP Says:

    Buccernutter Says:
    September 21st, 2018 at 10:11 am
    This isn’t a matter of Fitz of Jameis. Its about cheering for the bucs QB. Right now we have a very good one. History says it won’t last. The most recent sample size says Jameis will ball.

    Right on!

    Oh, and godeep…
    Careful, your hammers are showing

  51. Iamabuc Says:

    Oh boy, I don’t recall any of these Bucs fan showering Fitz with so much love, and praise, and even some calling him GOAT (?????) and that shrit before. I also remember some people asking the Bucs to use him as trade bait after seeing Ryan Griffin play. Now, because he won just 2 games they also want to get rid of our franchise QB…I love to see their faces when Jameis start doing the same or better (and I believe will be the later)….this is just hillarious…smh