Why The Explosion Of Offense?

September 21st, 2018

Last weekend, more quarterbacks completed 70 percent or more of their passes than the QBs that did not.

Passing is up in the NFL and the Bucs are taking advantage. But why the passing explosion? Could be a variety of factors including new rules. Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said yesterday he is inclined to think is new rules.

Since the 1970s, rules have gradually given the passing game more freedom beginning with the Mel Blount Rule. Now, receivers can barely be touched by defensive backs and quarterbacks are protected to the point that if a defender breathes on the guy it’s a penalty.

“The rules… I hadn’t really thought of that,” Koetter said. “It could be. It’s tough to be a quarterback-sacker right now. When we get the videos every week, the rules on what you can do hitting the quarterback are definitely slanted towards protecting the quarterback – there’s no question. Does that account for the difference between 60 percent and 72 percent [completion percentage]? I don’t know. I think it’s unusual.

“I think one thing is when the weather gets colder, I think the offenses will slow down. I think that’s one thing that hurts the offense a little bit is when it gets colder. I don’t think that happens in Tampa, but it happens in some parts I’m told. I don’t really know. I don’t really know why.”

Defensive coordinator Mike Smith didn’t want to talk about rules. With a twinkle in his eye, it seemed as though it was a subject too sore for him not to spout a few four-letter adjectives.

Smith is of the mind the passing uptick has happened for a variety of reasons.

“It makes some defensive guys want to pull their hair out, I can assure you,” Smith said. “The game is changing. The rules are changing. It is definitely going in that direction. I think that’s what fans like to see. They love to see the ball in the air. It almost looks like college games and we’ve been in a couple of them.”

Smith cited better passing schemes, better pass protection, spacing of receivers and the use of hybrid running backs as all factors in the increase in passing.

How or why passing has blown up the first two weeks of the 2018 season may be a mystery. But the Bucs sure have delivered through the air, leading the NFL in passing yards. They are keeping up with the Joneses.

17 Responses to “Why The Explosion Of Offense?”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    A QB with accuracy ….throwing on time and to the spot…taking what he sees and not waiting for something better…knows when to shut the play down…being patient knowing with all the talented eligible receivers …there is always the next play

  2. Buc believer Says:

    Smith himself wants to make defensive guys pull their hair out while dreaming “WHAT THE F….CK ARE YOU THINKING!

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    “It cannot be sustained”!!! ” These numbers will come back down to Earth eventually”!!! Says every talking head everywhere! LOL!

    Meanwhile, did anybody see those defenses last night?! Wow! They were getting at it!

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    “They are keeping up with the Joneses.”

    Jones isn’t keeping up with his draft status nor expectations – so maybe in this case, that phrase should be changed to “keeping up with the Smith’s”??

    as in – Donovan, Evan and the recently resurgent Ryan…

  5. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Notice how Smith didn’t mention the quarterback protection rules, that’s because he is a pioneer in the new NFL defense where you aren’t allowed to touch a quarterback. This explains why we didn’t get any sacks last year, he was adapting his defense to the new rules. That must be it.

  6. Destinjohnny Says:

    Fitz throws to more than just brate and Evans.
    This really exposes the defense.
    Also playing 15 years gives u wisdom.
    Jameis isn’t consistent and he struggles to make decisions and at this stage doesn’t see the field
    Jameis has a stronger arm but that’s about it

  7. KyBucsFan Says:

    Winston was showing the same signs of a breakout offense in preseason… Godwin and Howard being in their second year helps free up DJ and Evans bc they understand their assignment and no double teams. Not to mention the revamped line and Monken calling plays, too many variables to only compliment Fitzpatrick. But we are 2-0 so I’ll take it however we can get it.

  8. XpfcWintergreen2 Says:

    So, why did arena football go under?

    Go Bucs!!!!!

  9. The Buc Realist Says:

    The o-line and pass protection can not be underestimated!!!!! The O-line, RB and TE are just stellar so far in pass pro!!!!! Having those clean pockets and time to develop routes, make it too easy!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Buc Non Believer … Don’t know why anyone should bother defending Smitty to you (obvious waste of time), BUT … for all those who have MUCH PREFERRED Jim Schwartz over Smitty over these past couple years, relook at last Sunday’s game. Jim Schwartz had pretty much his full complement of Super Bowl champion defense to work with, while Scapegoat Smitty had a beaten-up DLine and an almost total rookie Secondary to work with. Hmmm, remind me please Non Believer, which TEAM won that ballgame? Oh that’s right, the Bucs won 27-21.

    Take a look at the boxscore (just for kicks). Eagles: 91 yards rushing on 24 attempts (3.8 YPC average) to the Bucs 43 yards rushing on 23 attempts (1.9 YPC) in comparison (yuck). Eagles: 24 first downs to our 18 (yuck). Eagles: time of possession 35.39 versus only 24:21 for our Bucs (yuck yet again). Eagles: 2 turnovers to 2 turnovers for the Bucs (aah yes, we tied them there). Total yards were close to the same: Eagles 412 yds to Bucs 436 yds. How about 3rd & 4th down conversions: Eagles 8-for-20 (40%) versus Bucs 4-for-10 (40%).

    Wow, looks like it was a REALLY close game (and in the end, it was). BUT … Smitty’s ‘trainwreck’ defense was on the field for 60% of the game, whereas Schwartz’s world-class defense was only on-stage for 40% of the game. Philly’s world-class defense stopped our running game in its tracks, but they couldn’t stop our explosive-play passing game (Fitz completed 82% of his passes versus 73% for Foles … going against a bunch of rookies & 1st-year guys in our Secondary). Yup, Non Believer, Scapegoat Smitty sure did come in 2nd place in that one (OK, sarcasm font is off now).

  11. Dapostman Says:

    It’s never been easier to complete a pass in the NFL. To receivers you can’t touch past 5 yards, receivers who are now protected by being defenseless, QB’s who are treated like a protected species. The WR position is full of divas because the NFL has made it sooooo easy for them to be successful. Now you can’t breathe on the QB or a flag is thrown. This part of the NFL rules is a total joke. What’s next a red skirt?

  12. Zwak Says:

    Todd Monken..

  13. Buc believer Says:

    @ porous defense…. whew dude do you really think people like to read your novels? Keep it short and simple (kinda like yourself) and people might actually read it.

  14. D1 Says:


    WR are divas long before they ever get to the NFL. Good ones have the diva routine mastered by high school. So it’s not the NFL rules.

    Defense rules,

    I have to believe that using actual numbers to support your opinion is a poor use of your time. Just make something up, repeat it daily on the jbf site and just as many if not more posters will simply agree with you. Research is for clowns who like to know stuff. Creation is better than boring everyone with facts and stats.

  15. Dapostman Says:


    Totally disagree. I guess you’ve watched all these pros as high school players. That’s impressive. Antonio Brown didn’t even start his first 2 years in Pittsburgh. He wasn’t a diva until he got to play under the NFL rules. Just like the other clowns.

  16. D1 Says:


    I know many current high school receivers, work with college players and pro receivers in the off season.

    So yeah …..it’s safe to assume I do know.

    Antonio Brown is a single player , you label the entire group then change the goal posts and bring up a single player…wow…It’s hard to see how you can think a single player is going to refute the group descriptions. Especially, when you created the group….

  17. Dapostman Says:


    Antonio Brown was an example. An example of a player who in his first two seasons was not a diva and now is a diva. Nothing more nothing less.