1-For-45 Is Not The Goal

September 9th, 2018

Sad flashback.

Joe is not going to write about the horrid Bucs defense until tomorrow and beyond. Today was just far too much fun to dive deep into Mike Smith’s mess now.

However, Joe will throw one key stat out there.

Dirk Koetter’s internal goal, as stated last season, is one sack per every 14 pass attempts. Last year, the Bucs never got close, starting with sacking Mike Glennon just once in 45 attempts on opening day.

And it happened again today.

Drew Brees was 37-for-45 for 439 yards and three touchdowns. The Bucs sacked him once, a legit takedown by Vinny Curry off the left edge as Gerald McCoy was collapsing the pocket.

But largely, the Bucs pass rush was impotent as Brees completed 82 percent of his passes.

It’s alarming considering the big investment into the D-line. Still, it’s Game 1 and Brees isn’t easy to sack, though the Bucs certainly have taken him down in past seasons.

Joe sort of thinks it’s good that the Bucs’ defense was so bad. There’s no way any of those guys should be overconfident and have the traditional Week 2 rollover that has afflicted the defense as a whole the past two years.

56 Responses to “1-For-45 Is Not The Goal”

  1. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    I am so worried this D will be rock bottom sad again. It was one game against one of the best ever to play QB.

  2. scbucsfan Says:

    Lets enjoy the W Joe. We’ve suffered enough. Let us smile for a second.

  3. Easy Says:

    Look, this D played on the road in a dome with a very young secondary. It’s the first game and lets see how they adjust against a far less superior offense next weekend.

  4. Alphabucfan Says:

    Will the kicking an getting sacks game ever change

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Sacks against Brees are hard to get, to me it’s about the pressure with Brees. But the defense was a trainwreck, in particular Mike Smith seemingly going to a prevent with 4 mins left. People will say it’s the injuries that made it necessary, and they’re not exactly completely wrong, you can’t have no depth and then lose two starters at corner, but ugh.

    Anyways the Bucs should try to trade for L Bell and just outscore everyone, since as they say, the best defense is an amazing offense that can score 40 points a week.

  6. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Where was Noah Spence??????

  7. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Right, Joe! The positives were that the defense had back-to-back stops in the third quarter, although it’s lucky that Michael Thomas dropped the ball on a key third down conversion attempt. Justin Evans had a strong game, but Carlton Davis and Ryan Smith got worked over badly. Please tell Coach Smith that it’s a ‘bend don’t break’ defense and not a ‘bend and break’ defense.

  8. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    To be fair to the otherwise awful and inept defensive performance today, I can vividly recall 2 missed sacks, one for sure was by Nassib, and the other I don’t know who it was.

    Regardless. The DC needs to wake the F up and realize this team is better suited to run press man than it is to run soft AF quarters off coverage. Until that happens, this D will continue to be a sieve. The fact that the offense scored 41 points, and we had a defensive TD, and STILL almost lost at the last second, is disgraceful.

    Mike Smith needs to thank his lucky stars and take a good long look in the mirror. Or he’s gonna coach his way out of the NFL just like loser Lovie.

  9. Chris in WA Says:

    If you trade for Leveon Bell you have to have a contract lined up for him otherwise he will just be sitting on the franchise tag here minus whatever we gave up.

    So we could give Le’veon a monster contract and then kiss D.Smith and Ali Marpet goodbye next season. Sounds like a great plan, especially considering the biggest holes are in the secondary. That’s what should be addressed.

  10. Nprbuc Says:

    The Dline played well overall today. There were a number of “ near sacks “ that don’t show up in the stats. After all we were playing one of the best QBs in the NFL today, especially in getting rid of the ball quickly. How he escaped two of those sacks is beyond me. A lesser QB would have gone down. Stilll building chemistry on the line. I think they played well today and will get better as the season goes on. It’s the secondary and scheme that scares me.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    37 of 45 with an O-line that basically has only one LG on the roster due to injury, versus a D-line with JPP, McCoy, Curry and whoever else…let that sink in for moment.

  12. BucDan Says:

    Not that it helps the stats too much, but we do know sacks can change the dynamic of a game (see us last year vs Dallas). I will add that JPP and Gholston both missed open opportunities on Brees.

    Happy for the W.

    Have to also realize that the Saint pretty much attacked us with four players: Brees, Kamara, M. Thomas and Ginn. Could say five if you throw in Watson.

    Drew Brees is just that good, in my opinion.

  13. BucDan Says:

    Correction: Nassib was the other missed sack, as pointed out above.

  14. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    Just incase you didnt notice… 2 turnovers a QB sack and a TD…


  15. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Brees gets the ball out as fast as anyone. Didn’t one of the Joes say that sacks were overrated? The Saints are one of the top offenses in the NFL playing in a fast track in perfect weather indoors. The Buccs had a few near sacks and hit Brees on a couple of plays. I am not going to overreact.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    Chris in WA – The Rams can figure out how to sign and keep everyone, the Bucs can do it too. They could get it done, so they should try. I’d offer up Ronald Jones, and I know people laugh at that, but I think the Steelers would take it to save face, plus I don’t think Jones is a bust, at least not yet. Also Winston isn’t going to get a max deal I don’t think, so you’re saving like 6-7 mil a year at QB, so put that into a RB. Brate’s deal is $7m and has guaranteed money after this year, so he’s gone. D-Jax has $11m and even if he’s good, he’s most likely gone due to his deal. You have Gholston who will be gone. There’s plenty of money to make it happen.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    So the mystery is solved, I was correct, it was a white guy who totally missed that Brees sack. I just assumed it was Conte since that’s what Conte does, but Nassib makes more sense.

  18. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Derwin James being compared to sean taylor vita beinf compared to swaggy baker

  19. Deminion Says:

    Missed a few sacks too

  20. Ugandan Knuckles Says:

    I hope they fire Smith before it’s too late. The offense is going to be good, Jameis or Fitz. We just need the defense to be semi decent and he can’t manage that.

  21. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Just in case you didn’t notice, gave up 450+ Yards and 40 points. 2nd worst D in the league.

  22. unbelievable Says:

    They had Brees in their hands 3 different times and he got away.

  23. Architek Says:

    I agree Joe – it’s good to have the win but man I still see Smith calling bad sets, blown coverages, and too many mistakes on defense.

    It took a once in a lifetime game from the offense to carry this team and it was a great showing but this defense isn’t getting better. Something has to change.

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Mike Smith did not call a bad game today in my opinion. His linebackers were in position all day and Kwon made a timely play. Are secondary was a bit sketchy but had some confidence and showed up and made some huge contributions. the line made a number of plays and left a lot on the field which leaves something to be desired and a good thing.

    Sure a ton of criticism giving up 40 points but give me VHIII make the play of the game and all all of the sudden we have something to work with.

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    Nassib missed that sack….that cost us dearly. But if this defense can get and start to feed off one another we could be looking at something special.

    For sure, they are confident coming home to play Philly and there’s no way they are scared of Foles and Clemens.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod Munch … “the defense was a trainwreck, in particular Mike Smith seemingly going to a prevent with 4 mins left.” That prevent defense almost caused me to come unglued Rod. I REALLY dislike prevent defenses anyways, but using a prevent defense against Drew Brees is kinda like saying “Here Drew, have a TD. Wanna go for two?”

    @SchwiftyBuc … “The DC needs to wake the F up and realize this team is better suited to run press man than it is to run soft AF quarters off coverage.” If you go all one or all the other Schwifty, you become very predictable, and QBs like Drew Brees will pick you apart. And I saw a lot of press man going on during the game. But I think I saw something else too … our LBs were very ineffective in coverage. They did blitz a few times (never successfully that I can recall) but the blitzing left the underneath totally open (Brees picked us apart in that area anyways). For supposedly having what many JBFers (and others) call ‘the best LB corps in the league’ I thought that they were our Achilles Heel. Thank heaven for Fitz is all I can say.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Oh and Rod, worse than the prevent defense in the last few minutes was seeing the Bucs go all-turtle running the ball at the end. Mr Predictable reared his ugly head yet again, and if it hadn’t been for Fitz’ big run at the end, we could very well have lost the game. And losing the game after you just laid 48 points on New Orleans would’ve been a real killer on this season.

  28. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Remember we had a rookie CB in Davis going up against a sure HOF QB and two top tier WR’s. I thought Davis played very well and a couple of times had blanket coverage. Again he’s a rookie he’s going to make mistakes.

    Overall our shaky defensive backfield actually showed great promise and Justin Evans is the real deal. He has that magical nose for the ball and that TD return was very timely.

    I’m not panicked about our D at all. Again they pay the other guys and the other guys were lead by an HOF QB who has enjoyed a more than decade long relationship with his HC…they KNOW what they’re doing…then toss in the NFL offensive rookie of the year. Kamara made me a believer today and when the Saints get Ingram back…watch out. Glad we have a win over them in the bank.

  29. BigScott55 Says:

    You ppl are idiots enjoy the win for the real Bucs fans on this site… to everyone else get the Fu$% off this site!!!!!

  30. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    You can’t say the defense was that bad when 40 points were scored! Mike Smith sucks. He does not let his CBs play more physical at the line. His philosophy with playing underneath does not work. The opponent’s offense has figured out to sue a lot of short quick passes to their WRs and RBs. This is how Brees and Brady operate and Smith does nothing to adjust the Defense.

  31. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    Can we just say cool it Brees is a HoF he gonna torch us we were missing grimes

  32. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    The D is going to have to play a heck of a lot better if we are truly going to compete for a playoff spot. Does Brees score 40 every week? HELL NO!

  33. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I thought the hitting defenseless receiver on Ryan Smith was not a good call
    and it gave New Orleans a chance to get back in the game.

  34. Jameis Says:

    Relax a little bit here guys. Drink a beer. Enjoy the victory. Drew Brees is one of the best in the NFL and getting rid of the ball quickly. Difficult to sack this guy. Nick Foles is going to be a heck of a lot easier

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sorry, Joe, but the Bucs defense was not horrid. They played well enough for their first game together.

    Only in the 4th quarter did it get ugly, and that was because of the hated Prevent Defense Smith ran then.

    I hate prevent more than anything. To me, it;s giving up. Remember the Colts game years ago? We were leading by a bunch of points, Defense went prevent and the Colts beat us in the final few minutes.

    In this case, the defense reduced the oponent score by a touchdown, resulting in a win. That’s what we needed last year.

  36. Common Sense Says:

    What time tomorrow do you want to talk about how Mike Smith should be fired?

  37. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Alphabucfan Says
    “Will the kicking an getting sacks game ever change?”

    Let’s get a couple things straight here:

    1) that field goal was tipped. Not the kicker’s fault.
    2) Drew Brees is the hardest quarterback to sack in the NFL. That we sacked him at all is a miracle. It does not mean we cannot get sacks against other QBs.

    This game was a great test for the defense. Rusty (no tackling in off season) and rookies all over the place. It will only get better from game to game, so long as the injuries do not take a toll.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Echo @Jameis Last I checked we won on the road a game we were not supposed to win! Enjoy the win people!

  39. cmurda Says:

    Look, don’t get me wrong I’m very pumped over this win… But… Mike Smith’s defense is not good at all. Not even good enough to ensure a victory after being up by 24 with a quarter and a half of football left. Fitzmagic had to do that on a 3rd and 11 scramble otherwise Brees would have had a chance to tie the game. Keep playing those corners 15 yards back Mikey and you’ll be searching for another job. It’s a great victory by our offense but it’s the same song and dance. The offense is legit and the defense is smelly trash. Kwon and David were not very good. We see Carlton Davis’s limitations. Actually, one of the only guys that I thought balled out on this defense was VHIII. We have a ways to go to improve that defense.

  40. BringBucsBack Says:

    Bob in Valrico thanks for the reminder on that ridiculous defenseless player call. Another dumb rule left up to referees for intermediate interpretation. I guess “when a defensive player hits a receiver in the body with his own body while the receiver attempts a catch” is the very definition of the rule, right? Absurd!

    Especially in the first week, the defensive lineman, who are not yet in “football shape”, will be gassed and our guys were gassed all throughout the fourth quarter. It has to get better though.

  41. SKBucsFan Says:

    How long do we get into the season before Licht says enough is enough and turfs Mike Smith? If he does do you think the league can help us out and call it a sack? Based on what I saw today they are going to be hard to come by again this season.

  42. cmurda Says:

    @JimmyJack. Are you kidding me? Mike Smith called the same sorry crap game that he always does. By the way, I might add that Mike Smith has no business being a D Coord. His defensive resume is garbage. Predictably, Brees picked apart our soft zone defense and threw up a 40 spot. Nobody can objectively look at our defensive performance and be impressed. Enough with the amazing Brees nonsense. We all know he is a HOF QB, but he doesn’t drop 40 on good defenses.

  43. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The defense is still s h I t

  44. donuts Says:

    Maybe we should change the DEF play caller too. I mean it couldn’t hurt any worse. Is there a Bucs coverage where the DB does not play 10 yards off?

  45. Owlykat Says:

    Smart DCs scheme to their players’ strengths. Grimes didn’t play so today was the perfect time to let Davis and VHIII play jam the receivers to throw off Breeze’s timing and give our sackers more time to sack him. Smitty is just a one trick pony who is over his prime and needs to be put out to pasture now! Promote Buckner who has played in aggressive defenses that work, including the Arizona Cardinals, and who could get this defense up to maximize their talents now to complement our great offense, and get us deep into the playoffs this year.

  46. RickinFtMyers Says:

    What Joe says is true regarding the goal of one sack per 14 pass attempts and the Bucs only had one sack today versus 45 pass attempts by Drew Brees. However, let’s keep in mind what Dirk Koetter, Brentson Buckner, and Gerald McCoy have all said, the first priority is stopping the run and today the Bucs held New Orleans to 42 yards rushing on 13 attempts. McCoy also mentioned that the D-line has to get a “feel” for what one another is doing, which he added will take four or five games to accomplish. So let’s be happy the Bucs did so well stopping the run today, hope that continues, and keep our fingers crossed McCoy’s prediction of four or five games for the D-linemen to get a feel for one another is accurate.

  47. SOEbuc Says:


    M.J. Stewart came in when VH3 went down and had some nice hits. CD3 did an excellent job for first game rookie against HOF QB.

  48. THETRUTH Says:

    When you play 15 yards offf receiver and you have a QB that releases the ball quickly or within 3 step drop it hard to stop him. Guys are open first 7-12 yards easily. Few times they pressed on WR they had more pressure on him yet they forget to cover kamara.

    Not worried as much cause that style will get those results , worried we keep playing that style that made us 32nd ranked defense.

  49. lambchop Says:

    Defense is horrible but I think it will ebb and flow as people come in/out. Also, the DL won’t have time to sack anything if the CBs are raw and are picked on early and often. We need to make the opposing QB go through his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reads to give anyone a chance of feasting on the QB. It was quick throws from Brees against Carlton Davis mostly.

  50. passthebuc Says:

    Call Herm Edwards

  51. Matthew Says:

    The only way is to blitz Kwon or David . The only guys actually worthy to sack the QB. Nobody else has speed or skills to do it . Those guys have to blitz more often. Them helping in pass coverage t just don’t work. If LBs aren’t helping the secondary in coverage then blitz them . No reason why we can’t blitz more. What happen to Jason Pierre Paul?

  52. Matthew Says:

    I know we look great offensively I agree. Defensively this team has to be worried still Jason should just fire Mike Smith. I wouldn’t even waste any more time thinking about it . If he can’t call plays then what else does he do for the team ? Sub people in and out ? I mean clearly what he does doesn’t work. So let’s find a DC who is younger more aggressive and a more physical coach . If it’s not Mike Smith then it’s the DBs coach. No way our defense is still this bad as last year. It can’t be the players. We changed the players and we still suck on defense. Next step has to be a staff change. Jason make the move

  53. Mtbucsfan Says:

    I am sorry but i wont let this game judge our d. It was one of those shootout games that both ds just kind of fall back. Its brees he would do this to ANY defense in the NFL. Plus the gact they were playing behind the majority of the time and he is the definition of clutch. Give the d credit for the win. Without that fumble return we have a really great chance of losing. Lets wait for the eagles game to judge. After watching them thursday we should be able to beat them. And not allow them to wreck us especially if they dont have Alshon. Good win!! Go bucs!!

  54. Ed Schwartz Says:

    Their was only one improvement I saw in the defense, better tackling and the defensive line did hold their ground in the running game. Other than that the issue still is the ability for opposing receivers to find the holes in the zone and just sit and wait for the ball.

    If there ever was a 2-dimensional offense yesterday, you saw the Saints run it with the same short passes to Kamara and Thomas who were catching the ball in wide open spaces.

    I have to lay some fault with the linebackers. In the heyday of Bucs defenses players like Hardy Nickerson, Shelton Quarles and Derrick Brooks made those deep drops and the middle of the field was a tough place for teams to attack. David and Alexander have to step up their pass coverage skills, they both are out of position. The safeties played pretty well, the corners, not so good, the line was poor on pass rush but strong vs running plays.

    Mike Smith has to get his act together and bring this defense to average from worse.

  55. gman Says:

    All 11 defensive players were brutal…some more than others. That WAS a great neutral zone infraction/offside by Toy Boy McCoy however.

  56. C. Alaka Says:

    Sooo I gave the win 24 hrs to enjoy & celebrated, let’s get right to it…

    Mike Smith HASSSSS TO GO! I can’t understand why this guy wouldn’t press WRs. The few times he did it in this game we got good results. JUST PRESS FOR MOST THE GAME & SEE WHAT HAPPENS. This guy just refuses & w/ that it looks like our D sux. Our d-line can’t get pressure b/c the QB doesn’t even have go thru his reads. Usually the 1st read is open.

    Like Koetter did & DIDN’T need to do. Mike Smith should just give up play calling & see the greatness that takes place w/ the defense.