Bucs Got What They Paid Jensen For

September 9th, 2018


It didn’t take long for the Saints defense to know Ryan Jensen is the new Bucs’ center.

The Bucs made Jensen the highest paid center and Bucs hoped Jensen’s ornery play would rub off on the rest of the offensive line.

Well, two plays into the first Bucs series, Jensen and a couple of Saints defensive linemen had to be separated by an official. Later in the game when Bucs backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was the victim of a cheap shot, replays showed guard Ali Marpet and Jensen going after the culprit wearing black.

The offensive line gave Fitzpatrick plenty of time to throw today and when he didn’t have time, he had enough to survey his receivers and tuck the ball and run.

“I think we are, just all five of us or all six of us when Evan [Smith] comes in, we all want to be the most physical line in the NFL,” Jensen said. “I don’t know if that comes from me or comes from us wanting to put our foot down.”

How much did the Bucs offensive line want to put their feet down? Well, with Marcus Davenport and Cam Jordan, the Saints put up a big fat goose egg when it came to sacks. The Bucs even had a sack.

So yeah, at least through one game, the investment in Jensen was Team Glazer loot well spent.

34 Responses to “Bucs Got What They Paid Jensen For”

  1. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Eat that crow DB55. You’re gonna be doing a lot of that this year.

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    He has to watch those PF’s. I’m not one of those bores that think you need to shake everyones hand and say good game, I like people that can rake someone’s eyes in the pile so long as they don’t get caught, but you can’t have dumb PF’s like he did today. Keep it under control ginger.

  3. Big Al Says:

    It was his hustle on every play, especially when Fitz was scrambling that I enjoyed!

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    Other than Fitz’s beard Jensen gets the most credit for today’s offensive performance

  5. Deminion Says:

    OLine protected !!!

  6. Another J Says:

    Jensen was a beast. He’s earning that money!

  7. JimmyJack Says:

    Jensen was an absolute Joy to watch today. The entire Oline was for that matter. But I did focus and on Jensen a few times and he was getting right in the fenders faces and playing physical as hell!!!!

    GOOO BABY!!!!!!

  8. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    Just incase you didnt notice… 2 turnovers a QB sack and a TD…


  9. BucDan Says:


  10. unbelievable Says:

    He’ll get a few more penalties this year, but I’m fine with that if the entire line continues to play nasty like they did today.

  11. Easy Says:

    I was impressed with our O-Line big time today. Cam Jordan was a non factor

  12. MadMax Says:

    Beast pick up by JL!

  13. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Just in case you didn’t notice. Gave up 450+ Yards and 40 points and almost threw the game. 2nd worst D in the league.

  14. ImJustHereForJameisNews Says:

    Next time you go back and watch highlights of the game, only watch Jensen. This man kicked saint ass all game long. Specifically their drive in the third quarter around 12:40 mark…

  15. Chris in WA Says:

    He looks like he should be storming an English Castle in Braveheart.

  16. David Lee Roth Says:

    you must have alot of free time imjusthereforjameis news

  17. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m just here….thanks for the tip. When I rewind the game tonight I’ll check that out.

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    Say what you want but Jason light has done very good at acquiring offensive lineman. Sometimes facts just don’t lie and so far so good with that position group

  19. johnnybuc Says:

    favorite player on the bucs other than jameis by a mile … only player i see with the idgaf adittude & is always sticking up for his teammates regardless . also helps that he’s a damn good linemen and what eating up a good amount of pancakes today

  20. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    And I thought the Oline was going to be the weak line this year. It appears the weakest link is the Defensive call playing.

  21. DanBucsFan Says:

    Best part about this win is it exposes the trolls like realityisabeotch lol those suckers are upset right no LMAO

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Our offensive line did look great…..especially in pass pro but let’s look at the Saints defense and wonder if they are just that awful.

    They weren’t doing anything right today. They couldn’t cover or tackle or get anywhere near Fitzpatrick.

    Already I am looking forward to our matchup against Philly next week. Their defense is as Stout as they come…….. Judging by Thursday night’s game. I can’t wait to see us take the Heat and the crowd and use it against them!!!!!!!!!!! I believe we can make that line look a lot different when they come into our town!!!!!!!!!!

    GOO BUCS!!!

  23. louis Says:

    interesting how tmaxi and his new alias are absent from eating crow. Our offense carved up the Saints, but our pass d sucked! however props to them in overwhelming the Saints run game. Acceptable performance for the first game however. Time to hit the tub, ice up and start reviewing film for next week. Good luck to our wounded players. heal fast!

  24. Jaycee Says:

    Jensen was pissed off after not finding a good BBQ joint in NOLA

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs D line narrowly missed two more sacks, had Brees in their clutches but let him escape. The O line was fantastic and the D line was much improved. Drew Brees isn’t your everyday QB. He’s the best they will face all season and they still have to face him again. Every other QB is pedestrian compared to what Brees can do. He will light you up time and time again. He’s the best in the NFL by far. If I was doing power rankings right now, I’d say we just made the top 10, after that performance. 💥💥💥

  26. BucNole Says:

    Defense did not do anything special. .. . i was hoping for a little more
    OL looked pretty good tho

  27. SOEbuc Says:

    ALI HAS FINALLY MADE HIS WAY TO THE PROMISE LAND AT LG AND MAKE SMITH THAT MUCH BETTER. That O-line was amazing today. Your QB doesn’t throw for 417 yrds and get 4 TDs without great o-line play. Jensen is a firey man beast that is going to get pissed after you rough his QB twice in a row.

  28. Owlykat Says:

    Buckner has done a great job with our DL. Just think what he could do with the whole defense as our DC. Smitty is just as poor as Dumb Lovie and refuses to change or learn from his past mistakes last year. Those who don’t learn from history are DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!! Koetter needs to fire him now. Koetter has to keep his job along with Licht’s and must not let Smitty drag them both down like an anchor! Finally with great playcalling and Fitz’s magic our Offense is better than it has ever been. Koetter needs to get the Defense fixed NOW. It is still at the bottom and will stay there with Smitty’s playcalling unless there is a change now.

  29. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I wondered if the Jensen personal foul was in retaliation for the two roughing the passer plays by New Orleans.

  30. SOEbuc Says:


    I agree. Defense was very close to sacking Breese more than once. I don’t think the line played as awful as people are saying and will get better putting the QB on the ground as we continue.

  31. Gambelero Says:

    Gotta throw Quizz in there too, unbelievable game today in terms of passpro.

  32. Jeffbuc Says:

    Danbucfan go back and look not 1 troll has commented since we won. There negativity can’t be spread until about Wednesday of next week. If your going to be a troll at least man up and come face the music after we win. But they can’t even do that. They will be back when we start talking about Philly. About how Foles is super bowl mvp and we are facing a real qb next week. Blah blah blah

  33. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Danbucsfan has any of them even commented on a postgame post today lmao. #WsQuiteTheHaters😂😂😉

  34. Lucious Selmon Says: