The Cavalry Has Arrived

July 21st, 2018

Help is here for GMC.

Help has arrived for Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. But is it too late.

It is almost grossly irresponsible how this franchise has hung out GMC to dry, the way they expected GMC to dominate and become a gamewrecker all by himself. It seems those days may be over.

In writing about the top defensive players in the game, popular TV and radio personality Adam Schein, typing for, did not include GMC. Rather, Schein suggested one reason the Bucs have lost so much in recent years is that the team neglected to add a decent player on the defensive line and that GMC is not and should not be expected to be a one-man gang.

Gerald McCoy is great, but I just couldn’t knock any of the other guys off in favor of him. Especially after the Bucs (finally) spruced up the defensive front around him.

It just blows Joe’s mind how this franchise has all but ignored getting help for GMC. This isn’t a Jason Licht thing. It’s been going on since the early days of former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

Finally, it seems Licht was fed up and thus loaded up on the defensive line this offseason.

Finally, it seems, GMC has help. Joe hopes for everyone with the Bucs, this neglect wasn’t dragged out too long to save jobs.

21 Responses to “The Cavalry Has Arrived”

  1. Destinjohnny Says:

    It is totally a Jason thing
    In the deepest defensive line draft ih 25 years he takes
    A small undersized slow corner at the 1 pick
    Takes a 230 defensive end who runs a 4.88 forty
    Trades up for a kicker…..
    If we went d line with all those pics….
    He doesn’t understand roster building
    He reaches and at the end of the day he is an average scout

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Okay I’m here. I’ve read about me here and there. So I’m here so freakin late at night it’s early morning Sat. I’m not in jail or in any ill health I promise you. Just VERY busy. I DO read EVERY night. JBF and it’s comments. Yes TBBF I’ve read your songs In honor of 87!

    Sigh. I’ve picked this to go off topic…because. Jameis. I sit back and read ALL your takes daily on this. Joes too. FFS…REALLY? At this point as a BUC fan, any of you? Do you REALLY care about whether or not JW touched an Uber driver inappropriately and then lied about it? Or do you care about what’s going to make this team win? It’s been like forever so long I don’t even care anymore.

    I used to get into tussles on this site with Capt Tim and HawaiianBuc over Schiano…at the end of the day I used to say NONE of ANY of what we say on THIS site or any others has ANY bearing on what the Glazers think or do. I truly believe that. Some may not. The Glazers WANT to win. If they perceive JW as a major piece to that puzzle AS I STILL do, then he stays on board.

    SPBF asked a question earlier. My answer is above you. This team and it’s owners DO NOT care what YOU want. They have a mission. You don’t make the decisions. JBF fan comments, well thought out or not. I WANT THIS team to WIN. Jameis or NO Jameis. I see it WITH Jameis. If it’s not with JW, then that’s what THEY decided to do. Again…for the 1000th time I am JUST a fan and so are you.

    Go Bucs!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    @DestinJohnny … “He doesn’t understand roster building.” Spot on & therein lies my own biggest criticism of Jason Licht. AND Mark Dominick. AND Bruce Allen. NONE of those 3 understood roster building. And that IMO is the key reason why the Bucs are perennial cellar-dwellers. Carolina, Atlanta & now New Orleans have all figured out what they want for a T-E-A-M identity IMO & have built rosters accordingly. The Bucs? Not so much.

    In Licht’s defense however, I think the light finally came on this year. His FA acquisitions involved a lot of luck (timing & availability) plus overpaying, BUT … he got his men. It’s up to them (and the coaches) now to produce. For the most part I like his 2018 draft, although he does have a tendency to ‘reach’ especially when it comes to OLinemen and players with an injury history.

    Our 2018 roster is more promising than any I’ve seen in the past 10 years at least. We SHOULD have a much-improved defense. DLine & LBs have talent & our Secondary has promise. IF it can lower the average POINTS ALLOWED BY 3 pts/game (down to 330 or so allowed on the season) I’ll be ecstatic. The Bucs’ offense has lots of weapons, but our OLine is still suspect to me. Lots of promise there too, and IF it can increase its POINTS SCORED by 3 pts/game (to 380 or more for the season) I’ll be ecstatic there too. The combined Plus-50 or so differential should spell a 10-6 record AND playoffs this year. The monster word in there though is ‘IF’.

  4. Onetrickpony Says:

    Buc1987, to answer your question on whether we want to win and damn with JW violating/gropeing a female, I’ll take loseing.
    Its a game and nothing but a game and if I have to throw away my morals for winning a game and this is what is expected for winning than I need to find a new team, to,your way of thinking.
    JW is nothing but a bully or acts like a thug when it comes to women so it appears that is when he isnt acting like a retard and eating his fingers or acting like some punk on the field
    We have had bottom basement coaches and our GM havent been much better,throw in a qb with questionable past and we are freakin doomed with that combination.
    And swallow all that kool aid they dish out this time every year,no thanks I’ll pass, Im done drinking that crap.
    Show me instead.
    Or can it be that maybe its the Culverhouse Curse that has come “home” for a visit.

  5. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Everyone has been begging for the Bucs to beef up fthe D line or years, and it seemed like the Bucs were hoping to find diamonds in the rough that would turn out good or great. Like Jacques Smith. Or they’d bring in guys who supposedly could play but only disappointed, like Baker and Johnson. Sure, they tried to draft DEs too but ended up with damaged goods like Noah Spence. And let guys like Bennett get away. But they also had gaping holes in so many other places like from WR to CB to LB…even L. David was out in the cold for a while. What made it worse was using high picks for guys like Aguayo, Austin S-J, VHIII…and even Glennon and Martin turned out to be wasted. I hope there is finally enough depth, enough moxy on the D line.

  6. NYC Bucs Fan Says:

    It wasn’t that the team didn’t ever try to get him help. It was that the players they acquired to play alongside GMC did not provide any negligible positive upgrade to the help.

  7. Not there yet Says:

    This is the only person in the NFL this is being said about probably ever except quarterbacks which makes it nonsense. My guess is gmc will have the same level stats he’s had the last few years, don’t remember anyone Sapp played with that was elite expect rice and that was only how many years 2 before leaving? Nah just another excuse…. Where are all these Elite defensive ends from Warren Sapp era? Average guys exceeded expectations because Sapp was that dominate

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Buc1987, when every player does their job–as a minimum, wins will come more often than not. They don’t always have to be great players at every position, provided others can step up. At the QB position at this instant, Winston gives the team the best chance to win. When he is in there I hope he scores on every play. But Winston is also not available to play because he can’t follow very simple basic rules that 98% of the league seems to have no issue following. Jameis Winston is hurting his team when they need him to do more than ever what they brought him in for. And this isn’t the first time. Just last year he got Evans suspended. So Winston needs to be phased out over the next year; we CAN get a QB who can lead his team, play football well, and win. Winston isn’t doing his job as he’s not even allowed to take the field. They will just have to win in the meantime like they used to…with good defense and just enough offense. Of course everyone wants to win, but I also can be proud of my local team win or lose when they are good people worthy of being around when they lose. Onetrickpony said it well above.

  9. BoJim Says:

    GMC and LD need to see some playoff time.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Help or no help GMC isn’t a “game wrecker”! Game wreckers show up when the game is on the line and make a play. Game wreckers don’t cry or even whine about who is playing next to them. Game wreckers don’t harbor bad feelings when their PEERS decide HE is not a top 100 player. Game wreckers don’t wait until their 8th year in the league to be a better tougher player. Game wreckers are leaders who continually win their one on one battles without excuses of what defense is being played or how many guys are blocking them.

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    I recall the Bucs have tried to surround McCoy with DT’s, but all failed.

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    While Joe and the sheep are calling for the cavalry, crowning draft picks and anointing saviors for this team,,, They still will not admit how bad the roster was from the talk show dominik era!!!!!!!!!!!!! I warned that there were really only a couple of players on the roster worth keeping when incompetent lovie was hired!!!!!!!! And so we are just starting to see depth added to the roster!!!!! Joe and the sheep and are already claiming that “all the pieces are there”!!!! But did they forget what happened last year????? NFL GM Licht went all in for Weapons, But did we see results right away???????

    The Bucs don’t need players to “help GMC”!!!!! The Bucs need a pass rush!!!!! GMC has declined the last 3 years, and even the DT from Carolina has out preformed GMC in those last 3 years!!!! I do hope that the remade defense with all the pieces come together at some part of the year, Because if is obvious that JW3 cannot carry this team!!!!!!

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    Sup ’87!

    Glad to hear you are not in jail – there WERE rumors… LOL

    RE: – “Do you REALLY care about whether or not JW touched an Uber driver inappropriately and then lied about it? Or do you care about what’s going to make this team win?”

    Exactly. Based on some of these judgementalist’s reactions – you would think Jameis went all Aaron Hernandez or something.

    IF Winston got wasted drunk 2 1/2 years ago and did exactly what the Uber driver said and then tried to keep it from coming out by not reporting the alleged “incident” to the team – is this REALLY a situation that merits getting rid of the most talented QB who has ever worn Buccaneer colors in 42 years?

    Of course not. Its disappointing for sure (if true and no one will ever know that with 100% certainty). But this is not a mistake that merits a professional death sentence and execution like some are suggesting.

    This incident happened 2 1/2 years ago and does NOT outweigh all the good things that Jameis has done in and around the Tampa Bay community. This incident does NOT define Jameis Winston as a person.

    A 3 game suspension with zero PROOF of wrongdoing and the embarrassment the NFL’s handling of this has caused Jameis is more than enough “punishment” in this situation. All the rest is just piling on!

    Peyton Manning did far worse in similar circumstances at about the same age and never had to deal with all this hate and public slandering. Brett Favre messed up pretty bad in similar fashion when he was in his mid 30s and no one was calling for him to be ousted from his team. Everyone knows about Roethlisberger’s incidents (plural) that went WAY beyond anything Jameis has ever done. Why didn’t the Steelers get rid of Big Ben for what appeared to be truly reprehensible acts (again – plural)?? Should I even mention the Ray Lewis “situation”??

    I said from day 1 on this that some perspective is badly needed.

    Unfortunately – too many Jameis dislikers seem to have not found any yet….

  14. Andrew Says:

    3 dlineman drafted in 5 drafts. Enough said.

  15. stpetebucsfan Says:


    With all due respect this is revisionist history. The Buc’s did not intentionally hang GMC out to dry. If we wish to blame management fine but it’s not for a lack of effort it was for horrible college scouting that produced some truly forgettable drafts. And again we had Buc luck in some cases…mostly though we had the typical Buc’s bad player selections.

    GMC was drafted in 2010 with the 3rd overall pick. Picking that high meant that the second rounder that year was like a very late first rounder. And so with the 35th pick the Bucs selected the guy was supposed to be GMC’s running mate for a decade…UCLA’s Brian Price. He was a very highly thought of pick and flashed briefly but his hip condition made him a totally wasted pick at 35…point is they DID try to help GMC from the get go.

    The very next season they selected Adrian Clayborn with the 20th overall pick at DE and took Daquan Bowers in the 2nd round…two DE’s in the first two rounds.

    I think perhaps they felt burnt after that. They didn’t quit but they stopped using top picks. And indeed they skipped 2012 then drafted Spence, Gholston and Means in 13.

    I certainly agree that’s it’s been very unfortunate for GMC that the Buc’s didn’t succeed in finding another great DL…I also understand blaming management…but not for lack of effort but for HORRIBLE execution mixed with bad luck.

    If Brian Price hadn’t been born with weird pelvic attachments for his hammy’s who knows what conversation we’d be having now.

    Just sayin’ picking the 35th pick at DT the year GMC was drafted and then picking two DE’s with the top two picks of the next year means at least the Buc’s brass weren’t stupid…except when it came to WHO they selected.

    This also shows what happens when you miss with top two or three picks for consecutive years.

  16. stpetebucsfan Says:


    It’s good to see you again. You were always one of my favorite sparring partners.

    Of course I’m just a fan. I have an opinion and you know what they say about opinions. lmao

    However I would add that if the fan’s opinions reaches critical mass the Glazer’s will be forced to act. Not saying it’s there yet but the rumblings are clear.

    One more “adventure” and that will probably break the dam.

    I do not wish to misinterpret your answer since it’s great to have you back again. But it sounds like you’re saying as long as Jameis wins you’re not concerned about off field hijinks. I think there are quite a few here who do feel that way.

    I understand that. I too would simply like to win…whether it’s the D or the O but for me it’s actually a simple decision…do you wish to spend 21 million and the direction of the franchise on a guy that has questions swirling around him that have never stopped. But of course there is a chance he goes Randy Moss and turns his life around…I gladly concede that…and again for many it’s irrelevant anyway as long as Jameis wins.

    Like you I simply ID as a fan and can easily let that supercede any fear that Jameis has aroused in me. Go Bucs and OPTIMISM RULES!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    What St. Pete said

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    One would think that as long as Licht has been drafting that a better product would have already shown itself on the field. He needs to shop around for harder cheeses and stay away from the cream cheeses. Buc1987… I thought you veered off to the big shroom farm in the sky.

  19. Gab XI Says:

    Ok let’s play this out

    Mitch unrein…..really
    Beau allen…
    Vinny curry…..en
    JPP… upgrade

    Vita vea…..who the hell knows what’s gonna happen in the big league he’s a rookie…

    Spence… me something already jesus
    Ghilston…..sometimes serviceable

    We got GMC and JPP that can be dominant that’s really it, I hope and I am very optimistic that outside of those 2 the others can provide an upgrade even if it’s just giving relief to guys to stay fresh….but let’s be real we dont have the top guys at every position on our DLine.

  20. Piratic Says:

    “Joe hopes for everyone with the Bucs, this neglect wasn’t dragged out too long to save jobs.”—Joe.

    @Joe: Not saying that I disagree with you, but I’d like to know why you feel that way. Thanks in advance.

  21. Joe Says:

    Hi Piratic:

    @Joe: Not saying that I disagree with you, but I’d like to know why you feel that way. Thanks in advance.

    Defensive line should have been addressed two years before it was (at least).