Repairing The Image

July 6th, 2018

All about wins.

Some national sports typists have pondered how or if America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, could ever repair his image after being sentenced by NFL strongman Roger Goodell to a three-game suspension over a hassle with an Uber driver.

Jameis, as former NFL running back Steve Smith said recently on NFL Network, likely will never be able to fully remove the scarlet letter he now wears. Can he overcome it? Of course.

A lot of folks point to Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers. He was alleged to have an ugly incident where he was accused of trapping a college girl in a bathroom to have his way with her while his paid goons stood lookout. With the vast majority of Steelers fans, Roethlisberger’s past is virtually forgotten.

Ray Lewis? He had to cop a plea to obstruction of justice in front of a judge to avoid felony charges when his posse was allegedly involved in a double-murder. Two rings later, Lewis is the toast of Baltimore. Lewis is now a professional yakker on FS1, previously working for BSPN. It seems the only people who bring up the double-murder his entourage was linked to are reporters and the families of the victims, one of which Lewis reached an out-court-settlement with.

Shoot, we don’t need to look for out-of-town examples of how Jameis could overcome these trying times.

When the Bucs signed wide receiver Vincent Jackson, he had two DUIs to his name. Now Joe’s not going to play ethical hopscotch as to which is worse, allegedly grabbing a woman’s private area or drunk driving that puts lives in danger — both are awful.

However, Jackson is now celebrated as one of the upstanding citizens in the Tampa Bay area for his work with veterans and is feted as a rising business leader.

When was the last time anyone heard of Jackson’s DUIs?

Then there is also the time Joe remembers Derrick Brooks telling him about how he was part of the famous “Free Shoes U” stunt while in college at Florida State. Brooks now has a high school named after him. Joe also knows one guy that is lobbying the Bucs to hire Brooks to work in the front office.

So, yes, Jameis can repair his image. It all boils down to two things.

1. Keep your nose clean. For good.

2. Win games. Starting this season would be a good idea.

69 Responses to “Repairing The Image”

  1. Pete I Says:

    Good luck to him, unlike some America’s Choir Boy, has a virtual book on stupid, wrong things, not just one issue. He frankly needs to grow up. The birth of his son is a golden opportunity to start. But he will never totally cleanse his image its too sullied.

    And winning would help among TB fans but will not likely matter outside the area.

    What a waste.

  2. Roy T. Buford Says:

    First, we shouldn’t compare what happens in Baltimore (or Dallas or Pittsberg for that matter) to what happens in Tampa. Baltimore is a city of thugs and losers at a much number of peopel than here. Of course, even Balitmore was shocked with Ray R1ce. Even by prison standards, there is a hierarchy of crimes. For example, and convict who committed armed roberry may actually be respected by his peers in prison, while a child molester gets the wrath of even the most hardened criminals. Comparing VJax to Winston. While two DUIs is a very serious issue, it is not the same as a big powerful man putting his hands on a woman without her permission–and I doubt VJAX lied about it to his handlers and set up some elaborate deception scheme. What so many fail to grasp, is we’ve heard Winston act remorseful on exactly the same stuff before. He is also the face of the franchise while VJax was not. Jameis indeed can redeem himself over time as VJax did to many who don’t care about character anyway. To some, myself for example, they will forgive him but that doesn’t mean they want him on the roster anymore in Tampa Bay…let him go be problem and distraction somewhere else. Forgive is not forget. It is not get things to how they were. And some will never accept him back at all. What is amusing is people taking the “no more” Winston side are accused of never supporting him at all. But that is its own sector as well. Winston is not just a football player…he is supposed to represent our area to the NFL. And the very first time he was left alone after promising to leave his already checkered past behind, he screwed everyone–owners, coaches, players, fans, family. He should never be front and center again. The Bucs should never count on Winston again. Period. In three seasons, he’s demonstrated he’s only trouble, on and off the field. So the items 1 and 2 at the end of the article may work for small stuff or first time occurance. #1 just doesn’t make sense. He’s already blown that. So he doesn’t deserve the #2.

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    So many young men I’ve seen put away have a pattern. They seem to have always been in some kind of trouble from young ages. It gets to the point they commit crimes, then they deny it, wanting someone else to keep them from getting punished. Then they admit it and say they’re sorry, and blame it on something else (everything from drugs/alcohol to a woman to upbringing)…and agaoin always want someone else to keep them from getting punished. Then they finally get punished and act like the punishment isn’t fair. Most of these clowns get out and find themselves back in trouble again.

    This pattern reminds me of Winston.

  4. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I agree that it comes down to those two things. He already has 2+ years with his nose clean and I honestly think he’s smart enough to have realized what he might lose (job, money, fiance).
    It boils down to how he plays this year. I personally think he is primed for a big year. The running backs are better, TEs and WRs are returning more experienced. Online is still a bit of mystery on the right side.
    I say Jameis goes 9-4 and restores faith in those who ever had it in him.

  5. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Roy that is ridiculous to even try to make that connection. Winston has been accused of two things and that’s basically his rap sheet. The rest of it is basically a typical weekday for me in my youth.
    You keep trying to paint Winston something he is not. Over and over…He is a young man who made some dumb mistakes and since has grown and been clean for a few years. People want to act like he is out of control when he has been in control for OVER 2 YEARS.

  6. Onetrickpony Says:

    Clean for 2 years that we know of.
    We didnt know about this for 2 years and wanted to belive the lie when he told his story about it.
    Too many past accusations now,for me, to totally ignore because like that saying, where there is smoke theres fire. Sooner or later.
    On the field his win colume for ball security sucs along with some of his downfield passes hanging receivers out to dry from time to time.
    When you cant make it happen,throw it away,know your limitations instead of trying to do something you cant do.
    Quit believing your Americas QB and just be jameis winston.,just somewhere else.

  7. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Time for Jameis to put more focus on his life and his game. I am not sure what he or the team or he will do,but recent and past events make me question his
    leadership and face of the franchise role. Its true that a number of players have
    done worse things and rebuilt their reputation. Rebuilding anything requires
    inspection and replacement of bad parts or in this case actions.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Stop hanging out with low lifes. Nothing good can happen by choosing the wrong drinking buddies. It sounds like he has gotten that message.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    For obvious reasons, you all in the media refuse to let this go (slow football news?). Still describing it as a “hassle with an Uber driver” I see. What Jameis (allegedly?) did in getting whopping drunk that night and ‘hassling’ an Uber driver (oh ya, between the legs?) is (in my mind at least) just a part of the story. His (alleged?) history of ‘youthful indiscretions (?)’ made it look even worse than it (probably?) was (He said – She said? No concrete evidence?) BUT … that’s still only part of what’s now going on.

    Jameis … the TEAM LEADER; the SAVIOR; the FACE OF THE FRANCHISE; the FUTURE … threw the owners, the coaches, the players, the fans under the bus when he concocted a lie in trying to cover up this whole sordid affair. He’s lost a ton of TRUST, and regaining that TRUST will be really difficult moving forward. The media especially put Jameis up on a pedestal at age 20 here in Bucsville, and he didn’t fall off that pedestal, he jumped. Climbing back up will be no easy task, but it’s not impossible. Time can heal all wounds as they say … unless he jumps again. And that’s exactly what so many will constantly be waiting for.

  10. JameisNOT Says:

    Cmon Joe. You are comparing a DUI with grabbing a crotch? While the DUI has the “potential” to do much more damage, the damage is done with the sexual assault.
    Should I also remind you:
    The paid off transgressions at Free Shoes U
    The shoplifting while at FSU
    The standing on the table yelling profanities that implied what he would do to a woman’s crouch area, while at FSU
    The “Eat a Win” in NOLA last year
    The ejection from the sidelines at the same NOLA game after a much needed benching…. he must not have been to damn hurt.

    And now the Crouch grab, attempted cover up, AND continual LIES about what really happened.
    He never had the locker room and never will

    I speak the truth, I am the truth, and the truth HURTS.

  11. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Still calling it a hassle? Bet if was a wife/daughter you might call it something else. Come to think of if you probably wouldn’t, anything for clicks.

  12. John5 Says:

    Jameis has kept his nose clean. And I don’t buy into the Uber thing at all. I think Jameis’ only regret is allowing himself to be in a situation like that, where such accusations could be brought up. Hence the alcohol. And don’t forget some of these guys in addition to those above:

    Warren Sapp
    Aquib Talib
    Pacman Jones
    Michael Vick
    Brandon Marshall
    Adrian Petersen
    Michael Irving
    Even Peyton Manning was accused of sexual harassment and exposing himself, but no one talks about that.

    The list goes on and on. And if you start talking DUIs and so forth, the list will be massive. Including current stars like Antonio Brown.

    Should rename this blog to Judge Joe Bucs (and remove the “fan”). Where you can get biased opinions of Bucs players’ character and even mental condition status from the Judge Joes themselves. They will invite a guy on a podcast and praise him one week, then join the media circus bandwagon to bash him the next, when reporting on news that everyone knew was gonna happen anyway.

  13. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe and the sheep talk about “accountability and no excuses” all offseason, Until it came to winston!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jim Says:

    Just tell us why he’s “America’s Quarterback”. Give us a reason…

  15. JameisNOT Says:

    It’s his way of getting a reaction. AQB reference.

  16. Newtotampa Says:

    We just moved from South Florida and excited to root for a new team. I hope they can turn it around fast.

  17. Joel Says:

    Did you just use Brooks in a comparison? One incident in college with shoes and an agent vs repeated sexual offenses.

    Wow. The Jameis blinders

  18. Joe Says:


    Joe once asked Derrick Brooks about Jameis before he was drafted and it was Brooks, NOT Joe who brought the Free Shoes U up — Joe had forgotten all about it.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One of the sad things about this is that Jameis will likely lose his community work with Children….that helps him repair his image…..but there will be reluctance to permit him to attend these types of events. That is a shame ad the kids & Jameis love it.

  20. BrianBucs Says:

    The Bucs PR department are in full damage control mode, trying to congregate their strategy and what they want everybody to say. Winston has put the entire franchise in a very bad light. They are all being extra quiet right now, but soon we will here mountainloads of spin.
    One big difference between Winston and the other players mentioned in the article is when drafted here he already had a very checkered past with many red flags. Very many Bucs fans didn’t want him drafted here because they knew incidents like this would continue to happen. Now they are going “we told you so”.
    The Bucs took a chance on a very polarizing figure and now their mistake is coming back to haunt them in the worst way.

  21. AlteredEgo Says:

    At this point I am more concerned with his on field image…..accuracy and decision making….if not a dramatic improvement it will be time to draft another 1st round QB in 2109 and let the best man win. Too much talent on both sides of the ball to suffer with a inconsistent QB.

  22. Crack3rK Says:

    It’s written here that Big Ben has repaired his image. Really? He’s mentioned in every other post as a rapist ( or alleged rapist). JW3 can be forgiven over time, but this will always follow him. I hope for the best for him, his victims and the Bucs.

  23. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Alaskan Snowman…you are only fooling yourself. [There is zero evidence of that. Don’t make things up. — Joe] As early as that he was concocting and concealing important issues. As early as a month ago he was still denying it all. A week ago he now only denies doing what the NFL says he did do. He fits the profile. He’s a schmuck. If you want to say he is like you, then that’s your problem. It is not normal to be in the middle of sexual assault allegations, and constantly havng trouble find you. It is not normal to hang with [trying to get around Joe’s spam filter could get you thrown in the cooler — calm down. — Joe]. It is not normal, even by NFL star standards, to have the baggage Winston has after just three years. Give it up.

  24. Kobe Faker Says:

    “JW3 is a immature teenager in a man’s body. As he gets older he will out grow it. While his body grew alot bigger and faster than normal, JW entitiled immaturity level was stunted and not of a college age person”

    Kobe “the man of reason” Faker

  25. ben Says:

    bucs need a better rep for our team. .not a lier ..CUT HIM !

  26. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    So, yes, Jameis can repair his image. It all boils down to two things.

    1. Keep your nose clean. For good.

    2. Win games. Starting this season would be a good idea.

    Totally agree Joe. Jameis best friend right now is the passage of time.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m thinking Vita Vea may become an important “face” of the franchise…..he is very young….anchors the middle of the new defense..has a great ant pleasant personality, good story…..the entire package.

    Bucs should PR pump him up….there is already some of that going on.

  28. BringBucsBack Says:

    What other incidences are coming down the pike? Does anyone here believe that J-miss’ only “hassles” are the ones that are being reported?

    Yes, he can resurrect his image but, unfortunately for the fans and team, it’s highly unlikely! He would have to completely transform; essentially become someone he has not been his entire life…it’s sad but true!

    Again, what don’t we know? How many more women are mustering up the courage to come forward, as we speak? From here on out he is one and done! This is the risk that everyone must weigh.

  29. AmericasEnabler Says:


  30. Chris Says:

    CHris ponders where this franchise would be if they took Jimmy Garoppolo instead of asj or Mariota instead of winston. Koetter would have done wonders with either of those Bc they’re smart football players.

  31. JMan5 Says:

    [Accusing a Bucs player of multiple felonies when he has never stood before a judge can and will get you permanently run. Joe is in a forgiving mood this morning. There will not be a forgiving pass granted if you try this again. — Joe]

  32. JMan5 Says:

    Mkay Guy

  33. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    @JBF well said. On the topic of JW AMERICA’s QB this was the best way to lay all out there like it is without shredding the kid I’ve heard on air or read online.

  34. tval Says:

    Don’t speak for folks outside of Tampa,when you live in your Tampa bubble. NOBODY is talking about this…and as far as forgiveness goes just had a “happy bday mike Vick” day…nuff said. I don’t see people boycotting outside your stadium like they did at the LINC with mike…NO COMPARISON. he’s got a youth field in philly…hush now

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    lol….all Winston has to do is win….he takes us to the playoffs and wins a playoff game and this city will go crazy…..

    what he was accused of doing (twice) is horrible and im very disappointed but all he has to do is win and stay out of trouble….


  36. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    What he said…ditttto!

  37. tval Says:

    If you call him “j miss” and then pretend to have an unbiased take, you should PROBABLY take your meds w/food…LOOOOL!!! the virtue signaling “choir boys”, that STILL SUPPORT TRUMP, are INSTANTLY discredited…I see a few here, as always…not hard to see through nonsense. You don’t get to accuse someone into a criminal history. BALDERDASH!!! 🙂 his “victims”, ive even seen because people are led around by, hot take, Stephen A types with their “holier than thou” sanctimony to push a dying network in dead season. NOBODY CARES about your lying, jealous, loser daughter when I, OBVIOUSLY, have a child you’d lie and slander into prison…..IF YOU COULD..SORRY!

  38. Bobby M. Says:

    He wins i think a lot goes away….he loses, it wont shock me if there’s more dirt on Winston that makes its way to the press. Folks dont realize that teams do their investigation and “spying” on players to protect their investment….There’s no telling what the team or NFL has on Winston. Just because its not being reported….doesn’t mean its not happening. Teams gather info to ultimately justify letting a player like Winston go…..Its PR101. Josh Freeman was a hot mess before Schiano got here….The Glazers had all sort of intel on him. Anyone remotely plugged into the locker room could tell you stories on Freeman. I think the same goes with Winston, there’s no telling what intel they have on him but he hope is they have him by the junk and that he’ll straighten up. If he starts winning, he’ll get financially rewarded and everyone will be happy. If not….i believe you’ll hear other character issues come out.

  39. Pickgrin Says:

    I bet the majority of posters who have been constantly slamming JW the last 2 weeks (and thus obviously went him off the team) have made worse choices than Winston has in their lives.

    The only things JW has ever been in trouble with the law for are (1) minor BB gun damages to his dorm/living area when he was 18 and (2) a crab legs hook up when he was 19. On that basis – I also bet the majority here that are being so judgmental of Jameis from behind the safety of their anonymous keyboards have worse “rap sheets” than #3 as well.

    Get over yourselves hypocrites!

  40. Not there yet Says:

    Never saw so many haters before. Who knew so many updating football game were devout Christians who’ve never done wrong things. What’s the pattern again being accused of something instead of being found guilty? There have been players with dui who’ve killed people and settled out of court because the family preferred the money they had over “Justice” apparently everyone else except the woman reportedly assaulted is looking for justice. Yeah a lot of haters wear blinders.

    He will repair his image and it will be here so cry about it but preferably move on from our better yet move on and root for another team, don’t think I could handle the moralist society all season long crying about something they have no control over

    Just to make you feel worse you have no control he controls his own destiny and how much money he makes, be mad haters be mad he’ll make a lot of money in the NFL. Send just video of your outrage and tears, I need a laugh right now… Hoping he doesn’t play well for this transaction because you want him gone is where I’ll draw the line, you pathetic knee knockers to go

  41. Pete I Says:

    That also assumes that his image was all that great to begin with. Thus allowing America’s Choir Boy to repair something that was actually working to begin with. It’s not a big lift to go up from where he currently is. So the only thing’s Joe thinks will turn the trick are winning and keeping his nose clean – two things he has not excelled at so far. Time will tell.

  42. RickinFtMyers Says:

    He can’t fix the image. Let’s face the facts. Jameis Winston’s image as, at least a troublemaker, if not a full fledged albeit unproven in a court of law felon is going to follow him for the rest of his NFL career be it one more year or 11 more years.

    All he can really do is keep his nose clean, quit talking, keep his nose clean, keep his head down and work hard, keep his nose clean, cut down on the turnovers, keep his nose clean, start winning games, and oh did I mention, keep his nose clean. If he can do those things, he has the talent to lead a team to the Super Bowl, and maybe even win a couple, and maybe even earn a spot in the HOF, but no matter what he accomplishes as an NFL QB it will always include an asterisk.

  43. Newtotampa Says:

    Why so much venom on what is supposed to be a FANS chat site? On the other hand, I do find it a little odd that there is so much support for a player that has been suspended by the league. One who has quite the track record. My assumption is that there is a large fan base from his college that would support no matter what happens. We dealt with this same type of thing with UM players that were on the Dolphins. Although, 90% of the UM fans have never stepped a foot on campus.

  44. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Are key words being used to make sure my messages aren’t loaded? I think if you review my statement Joe you won’t have a problem with it.

  45. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Joe, when you refer to it as a “hassle” you minimize it. I will try this without using certain words. JW had a checkered past when he got here. Many casual fans around the country know what he was accused of while at FSU and considered him guilty. Whether or not he was even charged of anything was irrelevant in their minds. The latest incident with the Uber driver only reinforces this. We are now living in the #me2 era and powerful men around the country are losing thier jobs for less. On top of all this, he lied to investigators and the team about what transpired that night. That is a big deal for me personally as he can no longer be trusted. The Glazers now have to decide if they want to own the team that everyone loves to hate. That is probably what they are trying to decide and why they are being so quiet about all of this.

  46. Buc'n Enough Says:


    Jameis does not fumble his new son….

  47. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Go Joe!! Way to put your foot down on people trying to post non facts! I’m so sick of people just spewing horse poop. It’s the problem we have with social media today. Folks just want to say anything to spark controversy. Thanks for looking out Joe for all of us loyal readers who just want to talk facts. Go Bucs!

  48. Maze Says:

    Vincent Jackson was mentally soft and very thin-skinned.

  49. Jimmy Says:

    Not one word of congratulations to Winston (for the baby) on the Bucs Twitter or their website. In fact, no mention of him at all since the ruling came down. No pics, articles, etc…

  50. AHBuc Says:


    Keen eye.

  51. BringBucsBack Says:

    TDTB, ty for your post. It was well thought-out & lucid.

  52. jimmy Says:

    AHBuc, the lack of Twitter posts were pointed out to me by a friend. I then checked their website and more of the same. Laying low for a while or preparing to cut him? I’d say laying low. But if Winston went to the Glazers and said something like, “Guys, I was in the car with two other guys. Nothing happened and they can back me up. The woman is lying!,” al bets could be off. They could be angry about being lied to and could be weighing their options. I wish we had heard from that other woman who sought counseling at FSU after a sexual encounter with Winston. We never got to hear her story of what caused her to do that. Bucs waited until the last minute to announce Winston’s name because they were afraid she would go public. She had lawyers and was deciding what to do up until the last minute.

  53. DirtyIrishman81 Says:

    Free America’s Quaterback!!!!

  54. D1 Says:


    I have wondered why the fans seemed to have conveniently forgotten about that incident. Maybe the idea of 3 strikes, I have no idea.

  55. Buddy Says:

    Still with the America’s Quarterback Joe?? This site is turning pathetic.

  56. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Joe, how do you leave out the fact that Golden Boy PEYTON MANNING pinned down a female trainer & stuffed his crotch and anus into her mouth while at UT in 1996?

    Does anyone think about THAT when talking about Peyton? NO, not because he cleansed his image with winning–actually that has NOTHING to do with it–it’s that there was virtually NO MEDIA-PRESS on that incident. Yes, it also does have to do with the fact that he’s white & loved by whites everywhere (especially of the “hick” variety).

    It is a double-standard to be sure, and yes, Winston has made his own bed–but let’s be realistic. If all of the community work that JW has done since his days at FSU haven’t been talked about one lick, then there is NOTHING that will ever “cleanse” his image. He’s done.

  57. RRSRQ Says:

    People still dislike Mike Vick, gonna be a tough one

  58. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Winston was not the first and he may not be the last.

    This fan hopes he can turn it around and repair all the damage done.


  59. BrianBucs Says:

    Nobody in the Bucs organization trusts Winston now.


  60. Skipper Says:

    BrianBucs knows how the Glazers think, you are a member of the organization are you? The only comments coming out so far is that they support him.

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    [You should know better. Do NOT accuse a Bucs player of a felony unless or until he stands in front of a judge. — Joe]

  62. firethecannons Says:

    Meanwhile Jameis is a new father, baby Ant is super cute and looks just like him. Jameis will be an awesome father and he is on the right track now. These are the things that really matter–not some old story bout a poor uber driver who got her crotch grabbed then continued to sit next to the man by her own choice–she could of stepped out of the car at any point. Lol! ridiculous commenters think this is so heinous. I am a woman and have to say all these commenters and their fake outrage are laughable.
    Like Capt Tim here–get over yourself –you are a joke–you could care less about Kate and her supposed sexual assault–you are just using this event to justify your hatred of Jameis–look into getting some therapy.

  63. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @firethecannons…if I’m the dad of the lady who got her privates grapped against her will by some big rich dude abusing her while she worked, and pulled the stunt on blaming her, I’d have a different take. I’d be disgusted that the dirtbag who did that is also responsible for bringing a kid into the world. That seems like a travesty, not a good thing. I wonder what kind of guy having kids made of Warren Sapp. Oh that’s right. We know how that turned out.

  64. Jimmy T Says:

    Roy T, your novel proves you were never supportive of Jameis. In almost 3 years since “the incident” occurred Jameis has been a model citizen. You act like this occurred yesterday. All the Uber incident does is give people who Hated Jameis from day one ample cover to rant & accuse him of being something he is not. So Baltimore is a “city of thugs”. Seriously, yes in any city there are areas that need improvement but to say Ray Lewis wouldn’t be adored in Tampa is simply ignorant!

  65. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Jimmy T…you are pretty much wrong on all points. I was supportive of Jameis despite his issues at FSU. The incident in question was not almost three years…it was two years and 4 months. And 8 months ago he kicked the public campaign off with a big lie. Less than a month ago he was still concealing the facts and blaming the Uber driver. Last year, he was extremely unprofessional in charging a ref, poking a Saint, hurting his team, organization and fans. He bambooziled everyone for the past two years. How is that a model citizen?

  66. Buccfan37 Says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch a horse sniffed another horses butt.

  67. JameisNOT Says:

    [Naw man. Jameis’ family have absolutely nothing to do with the Bucs. — Joe]

  68. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jameisnot you are a coward by talking about his baby like that I bet you wouldn’t say that in his face . And what you said was not funny. That’s why people call y’all hypocrits. You talk about respect for women and you turn around disrespect his baby n his wife . That’s why I know it’s just hate n cause of his race playing quarter back. Joe you have to let my post threw. If you let him ta lk bad about the man family.

  69. CitruscountyBUC Says:

    I really wish everyone on this site would stop with their opinions on how bad of a person Jameis is because the NFL said so. They suspended him because they were afraid of how it would look if they didn’t. Everyone wanting Jameis gone is commenting like it’s indisputable, if it was indisputable then Jameis would have gotten more than 3 games.