Misguided Buccaneers Marketing

July 23rd, 2018

Joe is sick and tired of the Buccaneers’ organizational failures when it comes to “branding” and connecting with fans.

And the latest public words from the teams’ marketing chief executive have Joe highly agitated.

(First, a memo to Team Glazer and everyone in charge at One Buc Palace. Your new “Wreak Havoc” marketing slogan is awful and there’s still time to kill it. Guys, if your average Tampa Bay 10 or 12 year old doesn’t know what your slogan means, then you’ve completely picked the wrong one. Simple as that, though there are other reasons it was a poor choice. And if your branding gurus don’t get that, you hired the wrong people.)

Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times caught up with Bucs’ marketing chief Atul Khosla  — a year on the job already — at a recent team event in Sarasota and some of his comments got under Joe’s skin.

His task is working with the team’s brand, but he said that is ultimately a personal relationship.

“Our premise is at the end of the day … people love people before they love brands,” Khosla said. “If you want to be loved, behave like a person. We have a personality and that’s something fundamental to what we believe in … how to go about building the next generation of fans.”

Ok, Khosla, so you’re “building the next generation” of fans with a slogan they don’t comprehend? Really? (See rant above)

As for the team personality Khosla speaks of, how exactly does significantly cutting public access to training camp and eliminating covered bleachers outdoors at camp in the brutal Florida sun fit that personality?

Also, Khosla referenced an organizational philosophy to “behave like a person” in order to connect deeply with fans.

That really got in Joe’s craw.

If the Bucs want to “behave like a person,” then why did team leaders — head coach, executives, ownership, etc. — go into complete hiding after fans were hit with the worst possible news a few weeks ago: Jameis Winston earning a three-game suspension and a sex offender label from the NFL?

Is that how a good person responds — and good teams — when his supporters are hurting from a devastating report?

(Joe remembers when Brett Favre announced he had to enter a rehab program in 1995. He was surrounded by Packers coaches and executives as well as his wife. When Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for his run-in with a woman in a bathroom, Mike Tomlin and Steelers’ suits supported him. It sure seems like the Bucs left Jameis to twist in the wind by himself.)

Joe loves the Buccaneers and wants greatness for all aspects of the team. So enough already with the hollow corporate talking points. It’s time to call out the atrocious marketing for what it is and has been.

The Bucs have kicked ass when it comes to customer satisfaction, winning the NFL’s No. 1 ranking in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. The annual honor is doled out by the league based on a comprehensive study of the year-round fan experience for season ticket holders of each team.

The folks at One Buc Palace are doing a dynamic and impressive job servicing their current customers.

Now it’s time to bring those same high standards to pulling in new fans and unifying and rallying the fan base. Whatever they’re doing now in those areas is substandard at best.

95 Responses to “Misguided Buccaneers Marketing”

  1. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Joe….two of the QB’s you mentioned won SB’s…one of them multiple titles…the third doesn’t even yet sport a winning record.

    Two had clean records through college and their pro careers until their “events”.

    One had a horrible record and couldn’t wait even a year with the Bucs before testing just how entitled and bullet proof he is.

    I’ve seen Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger play and Jameis Winston is no Favre or Roethlisberger. Jameis is quickly sinking into Jeff George territory…talent but a head case.

    As for the slogan I’m with you 100% it’s just stupid. As a poster here pointed out…forget who…why not just go with “Fire the Cannons”. Buc fans know what that means.

    Then again Buc fans are tired of firing the cannons for great field position but no TD..missed FG’s and other failures to score.

  2. BucNole Says:

    I agree – the new slogan is almost as dreadful as last years “Siege the Day”
    I think this is just a bit more insight showing how this team is run from the seat of their pants – AND might be – awww EFF that – IS one of the worst run organizations in the league from top to bottom.
    At the end of the day people dont love brands – they are supposed to trust them and have confidence in the perceived quality of the brand.
    Who the FU&K is this marketing guy anyway????
    What an absolute joke.

  3. Me? Says:

    I love Jameis, but he isnt Favre or Big Ben. You cant blame a coach already on the hot seat to blindly defend a QB who hasnt won ten games in the NFL. I wish Dirk wouldve made a strong and supportive statement, but I cant really blame him for not doing it based on the situation.

    Wreak Havoc kinda sucks, its on par if not a tiny bit better than Siege the Day-but those tentacle graphics on the stadium are awful. Cool to see Brate get some stadium love and itll be interesting to see if Jameis gets on there

  4. Walter Seidel Says:


  5. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s tough to see someone using a brand you don’t agree with or respect. Some people won’t give up no matter how inane something is. Kind of like America’s Quarterback..

  6. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Copy the Falcons and reduce prices for food and drinks. Help fans where it matters the most. Their pocketbooks.

  7. ben Says:

    With all the weapons for Winston ,why support an average qb that has NOt shown to be anything special ?

  8. JameISNOT Says:

    Pretty sad that we are worried about the marketing team and not the team on the field. I bet the Pats media folks are not in the least bit concerned about the teams marketing team.

  9. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Who pays attention to the slogans? Much less kids? Win and the 10 or 12 year olds will follow

  10. Not there yet Says:

    I don’t get you. Your complaining about the slogan but apparently you can’t think of a better one. Don’t be silly. –Joe The average 10-12 year old becomes a buc fan because of an experience with the team or someone else or a player on the team. Wreak havok ok it’s not great but likely any kids could ask their parent what that means. Everyone is in the mood to complain this off-season

    The best course of action was to let the media storm blow over, (you think it’s blown over? Oh, boy. It will be the story of training camp’s opening day. –Joe) don’t know what you thought this organization was going to say to ease things and what’s worse it was in the middle of the dead season of football, players aren’t the only ones who go on vacation come on dude really? Who was able to make a statement? Apparently the media thinks to highly of themselves and your owed something when you want it regardless of how much it jives with reality

  11. Not there yet Says:

    I guess a marketing director who’s been on the job for a year was supposed to say oh this team has sucked for a decade can’t use any positive branding slogan. Psycho fans we really do have the worst fan base in sports

  12. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    I agree big time they change like slogan every other off season

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Reek Havock” would be more appropriate…..

    Seriously, that is truly a bad slogan…..I would suggest something like “Siege the Day”

  14. SB Says:

    ” It sure seems like the Bucs left Jameis to twist in the wind by himself.”

    Chicken or the Egg Joe.

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    Not a good slogan!!!! But at least in a attempt to expand the brand, at least it does not distract the team like NFL’s longest commercial, that players become reality tv stars and think of skit’s that will get them screen time instead of working to become a good football team!!!!!!!!

  16. SB Says:

    Dam that’s Cold

    I just went to the Four letter and they have a poll up about whether the Bucs should have drafted Mariotta or JW with hindsight involved.
    77% went with Mariotta so far.

  17. The Buc Realist Says:

    Word on the street that “Plunder the Booty” was a very close second!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    “Wreak Havoc”

    SMH – Weaksauce!

    And those ugly ass uniforms are the WORST in the league.

    Get with it Glazers.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    What the Bucs should do is take a page from the Lightning’s playbook. Vinik(sp) has created something that begs emulating. It’s what good ownership is about.
    Slapping a slogan on something requires little creativity. Creating a fan experience, caring about the product, and winning are the only sure-fire ways to put butts in the seats.

  20. put up or shut up Says:

    i like it, but that’s me

  21. Fonz Buccarelli Says:

    @BucNole, game, set, match! The BUCS need someone new in the role!

  22. Schlomie BarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Funny how they’ll take a knee for nonexistent issues but support Jameis and his record of treating women. Love the new slogan: “Raise the white flag.”…..

  23. D-Rome Says:

    Looks like it’s Mural Day today. Cameron Brate and Lavonte David murals with new slogans are up at Ray Jay. Two more still have to be put up.

    If Jameis isn’t one of those murals that will be huge news around these parts.

  24. TonyD Says:

    I know! It’s not like today’s youth gets the “stick carriers” meme either, they probably have no clue whatsoever to the Teddy Roosevelt reference.

  25. Greg Says:

    [That’s three in less than 24 hours that chose to ban themselves. — Joe]

  26. TJ Says:

    three words: Fire the Cannons

  27. JJV Says:

    Maybe the marketing team can put a Bucs uniform on “Wreck It” Ralph and put him in commercials on Nickelodeon to target that generation fan base they want to target. One can never underestimated how much support a young can base can do for a team especially if they are season ticket holders. Let no stone remain unturned marketing team. Keep up the fine work.

  28. BuccYa Says:

    Not craw! CRAW!

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dewey Selmon Says
    “Copy the Falcons and reduce prices for food and drinks. Help fans where it matters the most. Their pocketbooks.”

    Those same Falcons who now charge fans to go to training camp? Those helpful Falcons?

  30. Roadwarrior Says:

    Sc bucs fan

  31. Robert Says:

    carpe manulea!!!

  32. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    ben Says
    “With all the weapons for Winston ,why support an average qb that has NOt shown to be anything special?”

    Oh stop it. At least be accurate in your assessment. Winston was injured last year, and yet he still threw for more yards than Derek Carr, Eli Manning, Dak Prescott, Cam Netwon, Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, and Carson Palmer, among others.

    And among all of those, only Wentz and Rodgers had a better QB Rating…Winston’s highest rating of his career. While injured.

    So don’t hand me this “average qb that has NOt shown to be anything special?” junk. It isn’t accurate at all. Tell the truth, you just don’t like him because of his off field situation and it has absolutely nothing to do with his play on the field.

    Unless you are going to claim the bad oline and his shoulder injury did not play a role in his fumbles?

  33. JTHV Says:

    I despise my fellow Buc fans. So many of you are complete idiots.

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Relax. It’s just a bunch of guys sharing their OPINIONS about a GAME on a blog.

    Nothing really worth hating. I’m happy to say that although I obviously disagree with some posters and they disagree with me…I hate nobody here…in fact I can’t even work myself up to a strong case of dislike. LOL

    I love the fellow posters they prompt ideas…as in SB

    I hope I’m not misinterpreting what you meant SB but clearly Jameis left the Bucs hung out to dry but not sharing the incident within the hour of learning about it…at least that day after conferring with his reps and attorneys.

    Hard for me to fault them for returning the “trust”.

  35. bucshot Says:

    Who cares, maybe some kids won’t be too dumb to ask what the words mean?

  36. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Bonsai he maybe had more yards than those other QBs but how does he look compared to the only thing anyone really gives a sh!t about, WINS! When and if Mr. Winston actually wins a ton he will be helped up to his perch. If not ” you are what your record says you are. Like it or not. I wish better days ahead for Mr. Winston. Hopping he has matured with all this mess “he” brought on himself.
    Go Bucs!

  37. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    On topic, so long as they wear those horrible uniforms, no slogan is going to be good enough.

    I worked in advertisement for decades, and my clients hated it when I retired in 2010. I still get calls from them begging me to do more work for them. Why? Because I understand what it takes to sell just about any product, or at least I did back then.

    I hated “Seige the Day” with a passion. “Wreak Havoc” is not much better…but it is slightly. Anything to see the old one go away.

    But if they were to hire me for the job, I would approach it from a different direction. I would change the uniforms back the red and pewter instead of red and charcoal, and I would structure a marketing campaign that would revive the team image in the public eye. Something that includes the fans.

    Like bringing back Tony Dungy’s old slogan. Anyone remember that one?

    “No excuses, no explanations”

    813 should like that one!

  38. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    So it’s the Bucs fault that the American education system is failing? I mean seriously if a person doesn’t have the mental capacity to look up what wreak means then why should we really care what they think about it?

    Wreak Havoc is a much, much better slogan than Siege the day, for whatever that’s worth.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    RustyRhinos Says
    “Hey Bonsai he maybe had more yards than those other QBs but how does he look compared to the only thing anyone really gives a sh!t about, WINS!”

    Showing your ignorance on the topic there, fella. The simple truth is this:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    July 23rd, 2018 at 6:00 am
    “Once again, I feel duty bound to point out a few things. Last year:

    Jameis Winston and the offense played well enough for this team to be 11-5. Scoff if you like, but if you add the two games Nick Folk (kicker) and the four games the defense blew the lead late in games, that’s six. Six plus the five games we won is eleven wins.

    Winston’s throwing shoulder was first injured in game two. That means he played injured from then on, yet STILL managed more that 3,500 yards and a 92.2 QB rating, the highest of his career. That rating being so much better means he actually DID improve last year.

    And keep in mind, Winston kept reaggrivating his shoulder because of bad LG, RG and RT blocking (when Dotson was not in). Play after play, he was hit. Hard.

    Also keep in mind that he had no running game.

    Also keep in mind that they had no bye.

    Also keep in mind that 21 of 22 starters were injured throughout the season.

    Also keep in mind, Jameis eventually missed three games because of that injury.

    So 11-5 was not that far away, even in the toughest division in football. And guess what? All of those weaknesses have been addressed.

    Winston’s shoulder is healed.
    RG and LG and even Center have been upgraded.
    Defense has had a major influx of talent.
    A new, allegedly more reliable kicker has been signed.
    A future RB has been drafted (at least we hope he will turn into a feature back).”

  40. BucNole Says:

    SchlomieBarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:
    nonexistent issues?????

    Dude you are an idiot of epic proportions!!!!

    Sorry Joe – but sometimes people need to be called out.

  41. BucNole Says:

    Its not about kids being able to understand a slogan.
    Its supposed to be a rally call for the season, something for the team and the fans to get behind.
    I like “Fire the cannons!” – whoever suggested that one should contact OneBuc for a job 🙂
    It kinda reminds me of “pound that rock” and that big ass rock they brought into the locker room – now THAT is a slogan a team and fans can get behind. . .. js
    Sadly this team is poorly run from top to bottom

  42. Gino Says:


    You guys are killing me”


  43. miken Says:

    Dumb but its not as bad as Youngry

  44. jmarkbuc Says:

    Change the uniforms back, yes indeed. That, coupled with T Dungy and his staff, is what set this thing off the first time. I don’t believe we even had a “slogan” in those days. Our slogan was ” Our defense is gonna kick your ass”.

    #WALKTHEWALKORWALKTHEPLANK, there ya go, if we need a slogan.

    I can’t believe that someone in charge of marketing/branding can’t see how bad the uni’s are and what they mean to a fan base. At the end of the day, fans are cheering for the uniform. The players come and go.

  45. Jjones Says:

    I think the new slogan should be “WE PLEAD THE 5TH”

  46. jmarkbuc Says:

    Just went to the NE Patriots website. Can’t find a slogan anywhere.

  47. AHBuc Says:


    Addendum: “WE PLEAD THE 5TH, YOU DRINK A 5TH”

  48. AHBuc Says:


    Winners don’t give a damn about stats, awards, or slogans. It’s about the W.

  49. DCBucsfan Says:

    At the end of the day, who really cares what slogan is used! Can the Bucs just field a competitive team? One that doesn’t have fans looking forward to the next year’s draft by Halloween!

  50. Joel Says:

    Is this really an issue?

    Nothing was worse than Its a bucs life.

  51. jmarkbuc Says:


    I certainly understand that, re: NE.

    But just for fun, how about “All u can eat W’s on Sunday!”

    or here’s one… “We’re really sorry for the position we put you (Buc Fans) in”

  52. Pete I Says:

    Eat a W crap an L – Posted elsewhere but app.

  53. Jjones Says:


  54. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Winners don’t give a damn about stats, awards, or slogans. It’s about the W”

    Easily the post of the day! Well done!

  55. Geno Says:

    I think the Slogan should be more current event associated.
    Something like we are Uber-motivated.

  56. BucNole Says:

    it’s a marketing thing. . . which many of you obviously dont understand.

  57. BucNole Says:

    However Geno wins the internet on that one
    good job sir – funny stuff

  58. Joe Says:

    Just went to the NE Patriots website. Can’t find a slogan anywhere.

    Imagine that.

  59. Buccfan37 Says:

    Wreak havoc means to lay waste to something. Lay waste to losing would be a novel pursuit.

  60. Jjones Says:

    Karma will WREAK HAVOC on Winston and the fans will have to pay for it.

  61. jmarkbuc Says:

    AHbuc, Fanman, Joe

    That was the point, the whole point, and nothing but the point. Re: slogans and NE. That makes my post the post of the day Fanman.. 🙂

    Geez Louise. Is there a Captain Obvious button around here anywhere?

  62. Pickgrin Says:

    Gino Says:

    Damn that was funny!

  63. Bucsfanman Says:

    jmark- You may kindly take possession of your prize sir! Sorry AH!

  64. AHBuc Says:

    I’m shocked the Patriots even put up a ‘Stat’ category on the navigation menu. I don’t believe this with most teams as most teams have ‘ME’ players (see Tampa), but I believe Brady when he says he never looks at stats.

  65. Seminole Bill Says:

    How about combining the two slogans. Maybe “Wreak the Day” would be appropriate for a team with a suspended starting QB.

  66. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe Says:
    July 23rd, 2018 at 12:07 pm
    Just went to the NE Patriots website. Can’t find a slogan anywhere.

    Imagine that.

    And no Hard Knocks tv reality show?????? how will they “expand their brand”!!!!!!!!!

  67. Bunch of Bitches Says:

    Have Jameis pick a slogan. Would be interesting. Give him something to do for his 3 weeks off.

  68. Dooshlarue Says:

    How about:

    “Hassle? What hassle?”

  69. Joe Says:

    Sorry Joe – but sometimes people need to be called out.

    No need to apoligize. 🙂

  70. Joe Says:

    “Hassle? What hassle?”

    LOL 🙂

  71. jmarkbuc Says:

    B o’B

    Have Jameis pick a slogan. Would be interesting. Give him something to do for his 3 weeks off

    Seige the Vacay

  72. Joel Says:

    Seige the Hype. Again.

    Its amazing how foolish some fans are here. We clean house on the defensive line and all of a sudden we’re champs?

    We have no QB. Horrible coaching staff. Defensive leaders who make excuses year after year.

  73. Mike Johnson Says:

    Deeyham Joe..Kinda hard to market a..LOSER. I mean the consumer has tried is trying the product, we took in all the free samples..even brought tee shirts and hats. Start Winning and you are automatically marketable. Lose like we have been doing and you are placed in the Dented can box in the front of the store for quick sale. Just that simple.

  74. Gambelero Says:

    I’m with the it’s not that terrible, and definitely better than “siege the day” crowd.

    Still, it would be apropos to do some basic research on what percentage of the population understands it. I suppose that an overwhelming percentage of season ticket holders are literate, but it’s also possible that many minimally literate people don’t understand the concept. It’s also a defensive oriented theme—sacking QBs, blitzing and playing press man coverage schemes are the very definition of wreaking havoc—for a team with no defensive creds, totally appropriate for the Jags, but not for us.

    Still, I’m really disappointed in the commenters (and slightly disappointed in Joe) for not helping. There were some good joke ideas, of which “Uber motivated” wins the thread.

    Here are some ideas.

    You could embrace the outlaw image with us against the world stuff like:
    Join the One Percenters, certainly the Stick-Carriers see themselves as 1%ers and the shortened version could be placed with just about any other media.

    Or you could go with something traditional and uplifting (i.e. a meaningless platitude)

    Hitch a Ride on the B-train, which can be shortened to ride the b-train where necessary
    Catch Hold of Greatness (which seemed better than Grope or Grab for Greatness in the current context)

    Or we could use a Shakespearian reference:

    Let Loose the Dogs of War or a variant like “Let Your Inner Dog Out”
    Once More Into the Breech (which is totally appropriate to the situation, but I suspect that appropriate to the context is the opposite of what the marketers want)
    Don’t Hold Your Manhood’s Cheap (those who jump on the Bucs bandwagon after Jameis leads the Bucs routinely into the playoffs and wins a couple of rings will hold their manhoods cheap whilst any of us true fans speak)

  75. Buccernutter Says:

    Wow this is the worst article I’ve seen written on this site. Wow.
    Joe appreciates your patronage. –Joe

  76. donuts Says:

    The new slogan should be “Win!” thats it.

  77. 813bucboi Says:

    you have all the pieces dirk and smitty…no excuse!!!!- should be the slogan!!!!!!!


  78. Geno Says:

    Bring back old school slogans


    Add Sam Spences “Roundup” for music.

  79. Pete Says:

    Wreak Havoc is very appropriate. That is what the Bucs have been doing to its fan base for the past 10 years

  80. mark2001 Says:

    I like the old Sam Wyche one…The Adventure Begins….

  81. Buccernutter Says:

    Hey Joe not trying to be rude here as I often give u credit but man this article is trash.

    Stoked for some hopefully positive content though. Looks like slow season is almost over.

  82. Geno Says:


    Old school and then google Sam Spences “Roundup” for music to play with it.

  83. gambelero Says:

    Yours are better than mine, Geno, but the Bucs want something action oriented–starting with an imperative verb.

    Don’t let people get you down guys. A marketing thread is totally appropriate. I was really big on improving the infra-structure during the off season. I focused on better scouting, better medical evaluations, better analytics, better nutrition, etc., but improving the marketing is definitely apropos.

    I assume you have some personal evidence that 10-12 year olds have no idea what wreak havoc means. Don’t hang out with 10-12 year old kids much myself.

  84. jmarkbuc Says:

    “Head Coach Wanted..apply within.”

  85. AmericasEnabler Says:

    This whole organization is tone deaf. The GM that can’t sign or draft for positions of need with the right people. The HC that thinks it’s hard to make adjustments mid season likening it to launching a rocket WTF?! The marketing department that puts out confusing or self abasing slogans. The signing of Mike Smith THEN paying a crap load of money to keep him. The guy had 1 good year coaching defense… 1!!!! Where’s the due diligence? Where’s the accountability? Jville turned in around when they brought Coughlin in. Bucs should do the same. If they pick up JW option I will implode LOL.

  86. Trench War Says:

    OK, So what would Joe’s slogan be? …just wondering.

  87. Scott Evans Says:

    I think Bucs brass should have borrowed Charles Barkley’s slogan to describe the Jameis suspension and used “ONE, TWO, THREE, CANCUN” !! 😂😂😂

  88. BucdUp Says:


    didn’t even get through your comment before I had to respond. Quit calling yourself a fan of the team if all you do is hate on our players…

    Two of those QBs never got caught before their incidents… I’m sure those weren’t the first incidents, just the first they got attention for… Don’t forget, social media has only been big for a couple years, humans are all still new to it and learning how to interpret I fo from there.. hence the reason. Jameis is taking so much heat while shady McCoy and Zeke and big bend all get passes… Man up and support your team.

  89. Tony LA Says:

    Joe, you are off base…

    The organization didn’t do this to Jameis.
    Jameis did this to himself and the organization.
    He alone made the choice to hang out with the group he did that night.
    He alone made the choice to drink himself into oblivion.
    He alone made the choice to do whatever he did in the Uber.
    He alone made the choice to not completely divulge all the information necessary right away. (Darby knew there were two Uber rides, regardless if Jameis was too drunk to remember).

    Why in the hell does the organization need to stand at a podium with him and pat him on the back and say “we got you”.

    Come on – it is a totally different world today than it was in the two examples you gave above. Totally different – especially when it comes to sexual assault.

    They didn’t cut him.
    They haven’t signed or traded for another QB. (which I disagree with)
    That says EVERYTHING. It says that Jameis will have this season to prove himself.

    Which means once again it is up to Jameis and Jameis alone to set the course of his own future. Period.

  90. BrianBucs Says:

    Having Jameis Winston still on the roster makes things quite difficult on the marketing, sales, and PR departments of the Bucs.

  91. Brian Says:

    Do you really want your marking slogan to be one letter away from “wreck”?

  92. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Teams support players when they own a problem. Jameis only admitted to a drinking problem and unnamed behavior. Too much support for Jameis could alienate
    a segment of fan base.
    Personally see nothing wrong with turning attention to the revamped D line
    “Wreaking Havoc” on opposing QB’s.

  93. BucThatNoise Says:

    “…if your average Tampa Bay 10 or 12 year old doesn’t know what your slogan means, then you’ve completely picked the wrong one.”

    Your average 10 year old would eat Tide Pods unless told otherwise and throws a temper tantrum when told to stop playing video games at 11 pm on a school night. So we should listen to them? Got it.

    To wreak havoc is to cause damage and/or devastation. If you didn’t know, it’s a quick search away. Used to be a common phrase.

    I get it. They want to change culture and instill a nasty edge and this slogan reflects that. It’s not quantum physics.

  94. Mo_Downs Says:

    ATC, “Yo-ho-ho’s” seems quite appropriate.

    My question is: Who starts game 4 if Fitz goes 3-0.??

  95. MichaelM Says:

    Sorry, Winston is destined to be a journeyman at best. Cannot throw the long ball whatsoever and inaccurate on shorter passes. Only redeeming skill is running which will not improve as he gets older. Add his absence of leadership
    skills and immaturity off the field, you have a perennial 8-8 quarterback