Hot Seats Aplenty

July 16th, 2018

How hot?

The way three of the four NFC South beat writers for ESPN see it, there are plenty of hot seats to go around in Tampa Bay right now. And those seats don’t happen to be on DeSean Jackson’s boat after a sunny July afternoon of fishing.

Recently, all four beat reporters decided to cast their lot on a variety of subjects concerning the division. And in a vote of who has the hottest of hot seats, three of the four NFC South beat writers suggested either Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter or America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, are sitting on blazing seats as the 2018 season approaches.

Of course, that means three of the four may not be under the impression the Bucs will play well this fall.

Bucs beat writer Jenna Laine suggests if the Bucs don’t have a winning season this fall, Koetter could get a mulligan. Rather, Laine hints that Bucs defensive coordinator Mike Smith has less wiggle room than Koetter.

There’s also the possibility that if the Bucs struggle in 2018, defensive coordinator Mike Smith is gone. Koetter could get the benefit of the doubt for not having a starting quarterback for three games, but Smith got an overhauled defensive line and secondary this offseason. Giving up the most passing yards in the league for a third straight year (255.7 yards per game from 2016-2017) and the most yards per game (378.1 in 2017) won’t be acceptable.

Joe tends to agree. Licht beefed up the defensive line big time this offseason and added a talented, no-BS defensive line coach as well.

If the defense is horrid again this fall, it’s difficult to imagine Smith returning. He’s already hanging his hat on what sure seems to be a five-game fluke in 2016 as it is.

58 Responses to “Hot Seats Aplenty”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    I’ll always associate Mike Smith with that beat down of Lovie and the Bucs on National Prime time TV….and the smiling smirk as the score board went ping ball !
    It has not been the coaching…it has been the talent and compromised schemes and compensated game plays for lack of talent !

  2. The Buc Realist Says:


    name anyone else that has had 5 good games in a row!!!!!!! And you are wasting time with this joe!!!!!! Jw3 is going to get the coaches and gm fired after the year, then the new coaches and gm will be told to “fix” jw3 and to sell the fans on a “fresh start”!!!!!!!!

    The “real” fans want the world famous JBF confidence poll for JW3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Each hot seat earned, sad to say.
    And Former Face-of-the-Franchise Jameis Winston just makes it harder on them and himself to be back next year. Nothing like paying $2K per game to have your starting QB suspended, putting the whole season and next x years in jeopardy. Poor Jason, Dire, and Smitty…already rough enough…but now more complications. Poor FANS!

    I do think the Glazers will take all factors into account. Jason may be about two years behind what he should have done. That’s not good for him. But I do not see a scenario where Jason goes and Koetter stays. And if Koetter goes, all the coaches go. And the new HC hired may not want Winston around, no matter what. That too, falls on the Glazers. What a mess!

    So please Football Gods, let’s have a Cinderella season here!

  4. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    You’re sick in the head the way you stump for 2017’s worst defensive coordinator.

    Jameis Winston will own damn near every franchise passing record in the book after this season. He’ll be here much longer than Smith will be i can guarantee you that.

  5. Not there yet Says:

    For continuity purposes if the coach learned from the failures of last year and the offense plays to it’s potential I’d be the first to admit I don’t like how timid Dirk is in his play calling but if want him back. Mike Smith has been in the league too long, if the defense is horrible he should be fired IN SEASON because he’s the problem not the roster. Rookie corners are just not a good enough excuse for having a hard defense, we’ve seen Greg schiano start 2 undrafted rookies

  6. BrianBucs Says:

    As stated earlier, if this coming up season is another bust, then the Glazers need to clean house with Licht, Koetter, Smith, Winston, etc.
    Time to cut loses and move on or stay in the NFC South basement.

  7. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Whew! For a second a thought we were going to go a day without an article of the impending firing of Koetter and/or Smith. Now can we get to the articles on how we can’t develop a secondary, our pass rush is bad and we are about to start 0-3.

    5 day forecast for JBF – doom and gloom.

  8. Robert Says:

    my forecast

    Fitz shows the team what they can do as a team. Fits gets 5-6 games and wins 3-4 of them before getting injured. from there j dubya comes in and feels the need to light it up………which he does. with interceptions that is. fitz comes back to get us to round 1 in the playoffs. j dubya gets arrested for some darren sharper sheet and goes away for a long long time.

    oh yeah, SB the following year.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Koetter could get the benefit of the doubt for not having a starting quarterback for three games, but Smith got an overhauled defensive line and secondary this offseason.

    The 2017 season *is* the mulligan.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    No such thing in the NFL as a ‘five game fluke’ winning streak Joe (your bias against Scapegoat Smitty and his defensive coaching staff is showing again). That said however, Smitty should be on the hot seat this year … Bucs made a major investment in our defense (FAs AND draft picks … FINALLY).

    No reason this defense shouldn’t rank in the Top-15 this year (barring multiple major injuries of course). Smitty’s FINALLY got some TALENT to work with that fits his overall defensive philosophy & I’m convinced this defense will KICK ASS. If they don’t, then NO EXCUSES IMO.

  11. Ptwalk Says:

    Unfortunately, you don’t keep getting the benefit of hiding behind the, “not enough talent”, excuse. This is who you decided was the best for this team, through your evaluation. This staff as a whole has had more talent than any of the past 3 coaches. Put up or pack up.

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    So many impatient fans…
    Talent level has steadily improved under Licht. Winston has been penalized, financially by missed paychecks and lost marketing$. All you snowflakes get over it- if he screws up again, we all know he’s done.
    Fans forget how bad this team was after 2014. Bucs are on the cusp of something special… if not this year, then next.
    Glazers aren’t going anywhere so if that’s your issue, pick another team to follow

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    This is the most front 7 talent we have had in 15 years. It will help the teams biggest weakness, the secondary.

  14. Ptwalk Says:

    Show me a fan thats patient with losing and I’ll show you a loser. You pick another team.

  15. Robert Says:


  16. DeliveryDre Says:

    If Dline performs like we all expect Brentson Buckner will be the new
    Defensive coordinator in 2019.

  17. jmarkbuc Says:


    A couple things

    How much marketing$$$ has Jameis made so far? I don’t think I’ve seen him in an endorsement for anything..odd for a number 1 QB draft pick..or is it?

    I bet if the Gboys could get what Jerry Richardson got, they’d take it and move their whole family across the pond. Buc Fans be damned.

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    smitty should’ve been canned right along with hayes…..and the special teams coach should’ve followed them…..

    that 5 game performance 2years ago was the perfect example of a fluke…..why?…because we haven’t seen that defense perform like that to finish out the 2016season or any time during 2017…..

    no one gets the benefit of the doubt at OBP…..


  19. BucEmUp Says:

    I wish the “Real fans” who swear up and down that Mike Smith isn’t the problem would kindly point out another NFL team….ANY TEAM that plays soft zone coverage ALL THE TIME and plays it as far off as our DB’s play and still have success stopping the pass and sacking the QB. Please name the team so I can go watch the highlights and game tape.


    Mike Smith is in charge of the worst coached defense in the league. My only problem with Koetter (which is a big problem) is the fact that he’s kept this bum around for a third year. If the Defense doesn’t show any adjustments from the first two seasons under smitty and Koetter doesn’t step up, grow a pair and do something about is I sincerely hope they fire his ass too.

    I am so sick of seeing the same crap every year. The D-line have changed players, changed the approaches over the years and continue to get the same results. The secondary however continues to play the exact same predictable coverage year after year, game after game. If you don’t see the “real” problem being a “real fan” than even holding a brief conversation debating what the biggest problem within this team is would be a complete waste of time.


  20. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Rankings in Yards per Drive / Points per Drive since we drafted Winston; vs the defense rankings:

    2015 – 5th in yards per drive / 18th in points (defense was 27th / 31st)
    2016 – 17th in yards / 19th in points (defense was 13th & 17th)
    2017 – 7th in yards / 16th in points (defense was 31st & 30th)

    Good illustration of how this is a team game. In 2015 we had a good run game but still struggled in the red zone; but the big reason that team failed was having a bottom 3 defense in the league. And that was against the easiest schedule by far over the 3 year stretch where we played backup QBs in like 3+ games.

    In 2016 our defense was average for once; along with the offense despite a lack of a run game; and what do you know we had a winning record.

    In 2017 we had a bottom 3 run game and a bottom 3 defense. Good luck having a winning record with that; and as most of us know; the defense/special teams quite literally had chances at the end with just a single stop or made FG to win 4+ more games.

    Special teams in general has been bad all 3 years; and who knows where our PPG / W:L ratios would be with just league average FG conversion.

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s the Matt Bryant curse, Lord Cornelius.
    I think the stats are deceiving though. How many more yards did we have to put up to catch up because of first-half struggles? How many more yards because of our inability to score TDs in the redzone.
    When I look at offensive ranks compared to defensive ranks, the more similar they are it seems like the team fared better.

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    To follow on the missed FG thing

    In 2017 if we had just league average %; we score another 12 points (4 more conversions); and rank 16th in points per game (8 total points less than the Falcons). Not bad for no run game and a hurt QB.

    In 2016 we also would have had another 4 made FGs if using league average % on attempts; and would have ranked about 16th.

    In 2015 it’d have been 5 more made FGs at just league average %; but we’d only move from 20th to 18th on rankings in PPG.

    In general this team has been moving the ball too well to not be ranking higher in scoring. Koetter needs to figure out how to make the red zone easier for his team to execute in. No more long developing route risk-a-sack type plays please

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:


    I’m not sure in terms of when the yards come by quarter or half. I definitely think our tendency to struggle early doesn’t help the defense; but in general the defense has been absolutely terrible 2 of the last 3 years; and the only year they were average we had a winning record. And when I think of the times we were blown out in games a lot of it was the defense giving up 2-3 TDs on the first 2-3 possessions of the game; so the defense being terrible early has also effected the offense imo.

    There aren’t many QBs or offenses that go to the playoffs with bottom 10 defenses and it’s super rare if they are bottom 3. Not sure there were any last year. So it’s telling to me that when we just have an average defense we had a winning record. I can only imagine how the team would do with above-average defense; where the offense likely is not playing from behind early as often.

    The team is built to score some points though and we need to be a lot better than average there.

  24. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis did have endorsement deals with Nike and Pepsi and I think a local car dealership- don’t know status of these deals now, but not likely to add anything unless he starts winning.

  25. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Re: Glazers-
    They just got major upgrades to RJ stadium and Tampa had NCAA championship game and Super Bowl coming up- not likely to sell

  26. Duke Says:


    ‘re; Glazers to the UK.

    If you’re joking about that …..ok.
    But the persistent chattering among a group of buc fans who have convinced themselves that the Glazers are looking to move the franchise to London and they would be relocating as well is so much nonsense. The reasons why they would not aren’t rooted in opinion but rather the cold cruel facts of business.

    If you’re a believer in the accidental rich guy, Tampa has many, I understand. If you’re right about that then the diversity of successful enterprises that the Glazers are involved with should be dispelled.

    Anyone can get rich in the USA. Staying rich is a whole lot more difficult. Moving to the UK is a bad business decision and the Glazers May(read as do) suck at building a winning record team they absolutely positively don’t suck at building a profitable business.

    On that point, according to BBC reports that investigated the man u financial holdings, the team has done an amazing job expanding its financial holdings while
    simultaneously moving over a billion and half pounds to individual family accounts offshore Cayman islands banks. Smart people don’t move from the no tax state
    to a ever more socialistic UK.

    But they have a team, is a frequent contributor to the rumours mill. Well guess what Sherlock…… does the jags and Panthers owners. The NFL signed a multi game deal to play in the new spurs stadium. The one owned and built by an NFL owners not named glazers.

    Yes shocking news for the trailer park trash Busch gardens season pass holding crowd. (Side note to Busch gardens………hire as many tattoo artists as possible. Your missing a huge market). Tampa bay is becoming more international by the day.People who have international experience in business are making Tampa bay their new home. These new transplants understand why the glazers wouldn’t be open to moving.Unfortunately the same thing can’t be said for all the indigenous loyal fans.

    To those folks, I simply ask…..why is all dem foreigners moving to Tampa? It ain’t Busch gardens, cheapo ink , 5 for 1 happy hours and free public beaches.
    Possible that it is the custom rim shops w in-house financing……..
    There’s no shortage of them so Tampons is still in the day house….


  27. AlteredEgo Says:

    Finally my post appears after 3 1/2 hours….

  28. Duke Says:

    Lord c,

    A legitimate running game and a QB who throw to the open receiver and they catch it is all that Dirk needs to do. Play wise it’s already there. Execution is the answer not more New plays. Not saying that they are not a good idea. Rather it is an execution of plays along with a run threat that is why they didn’t score.
    Dirk can help but it’s not a Dirk needs to improve area.

  29. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Lord c
    Well said, but unfortunately facts about football aren’t understood by the majority of posters on this site. Too many anti FSU and bumfuct yeehaws blaming off season issues of a black qb for the losses. Tampa/fl really is a sh!thole. When people ask me why I moved, the answer is easy; Floridians

  30. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Think on paper this is Lichts best offseason but might be too late, think passing on darius guice and not addressing RT is going to just add to the pit of misery at ray jay

  31. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Play wise it’s already there. Execution is the answer not more New plays.”

    Don’t agree at all. At least if you’re talking 2017. The last re-run I watched was Carolina late in the season (another game the defense choked away the lead).

    Our passing TD in that game was on an extremely low % play where Bobo Wilson had a super long developing route and Winston had to avoid multiple sacks. There were no outlet options. No check downs. Just 4 WRs running long developing routes with a deep drop. That is a super risky type of play to call in the red zone.

    On a big sack we took in another red zone trip it was a similar type of play: no check down option / outlet and the OT completely wiffed and let the DE run free to Winston’s blind side.

    We also threw a ton of fades to ME when it wasn’t working. Pewterreport charted a lot of this in a red zone break down that was interesting.

    In general we ran a lot of lower % high difficulty conversion plays and stuck with it vs other teams using more creativity to get a guy open for an easy TD (slant / rub routes / getting mismatches through motion on their TEs/etc).

    Run game is also extremely critical. I believe 80% of the top red zone teams had an average or better run game

  32. 813bucboi Says:

    2015 – 5th in yards per drive / 18th in points (defense was 27th / 31st)
    2016 – 17th in yards / 19th in points (defense was 13th & 17th)
    2017 – 7th in yards / 16th in points (defense was 31st & 30th)

    and folks said lovies defense was worse….lol….not by the numbers….lol….


  33. 813bucboi Says:


    your wrong….it coaching….

    i’ll always associated smitty with Mr. Blank being disappointed his team was soft which led to him being canned… well as him playing CB’s 12yards off


  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lord C.- Unquestionably, the defense has let this team down. There’s no hiding that.
    IMO, coaching has a great deal to do with both struggles. Offensively we were trying too hard to hit long-developing plays with a lack-luster o-line and non-existent run-game (I wanted to see how many hyphens I could get into one sentence!). I also think that our inability to make in-game adjustments on defense hurt us early on.
    We need more balance though. I’d like to see adjustments that mitigate the other team’s pass-rush like quick slants and outs, maybe even leak a RB out from time to time. Imagine that! Also, we have 2 very capable TEs. We should not be struggling to score.

  35. Gambelero Says:

    We don’t typically fire head coaches during the season, but Koetter is second favorite (behind Hue and just ahead of Joseph) according to a prop I saw.

  36. Gambelero Says:

    Strictly a during the season proposition.

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Yeah agree for sure. No reason we should only be scoring at just an average rate this season – even including Fitz as the starter. Too many years in the same system and too much talent to not do that.

    O-line = average imo
    WR/TE = top 5
    RB = ? – hopefully better than average

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lord C.- I agree with your assessment. If we can even get average production from the run-game though, that would be a boon.
    RT kind of scares me a little. We improved in other areas but I think we missed an opportunity to really shore things up. I hope I’m wrong though!

  39. Buc4life Says:

    I heard Jameis took a dump in a restaurant and forgot to wash his hands…rumor has it he’s being banned for life… it’s going to lead ESPN tonight

  40. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Lord Corn

    Keep on schooling these fools please. You’re doing gods work proving these haters wrong with actual, tangible facts. Meanwhile they respond with opinionated hyperbolic nonsense and still think that they’re right.

  41. JameisNOT Says:

    @Lordconrnyashe**: stats are for losers. Look at wins and losses. Look at turnovers by the QB, both FUMBLES and picks. I just feel sorry for the folks that have to view your posts on this site, as they will get worse as we get closer to the season.

  42. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    London does not want the mickey mouse bucs. hell they would be better off without than with the most embarrassing sports franchise of all time. koetter and smith may not be the answer but they certainly are NOT he main cause. The glazers are the root cause of franchise difficulties and they have NO intentions of fielding a respectable team. They will just keep the norm going with this jerry springer team while pocketing tv money. glazers and soft arse doll playing losers like mccoy are the problem not coaches or other players.

  43. DB55 Says:

    Lord C

    You said the oline is avg iyo. 2 questions.

    1. Who’s the starting oline?

    2. Is there an avg dline in our division?

    The season comes down to the oline. Bottom line.

  44. Duke Says:

    Lord Corn,

    The play to Bobo is a double edged sword. Winston made a hellva play.
    But play was designed with a over and under look. Both routes came open fast
    Winston missed both. The under was open for 3 seconds……

    Winston ate a couple sacks in the red zone because of marpet made a wrong call.
    Not once but a few. Again, not a design flaw.

  45. Sweeptheleg Says:

    If Winston went to UF most of you nut huggers would be completely on the other side of the argument. Bunch of hypocrites. Only supporting him because you’re FSU fans.


  46. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Lord C
    Jameis said after the game that he was going to get Bobo a TD. Throwing the low percentage pass is likely Jameis deciding to throwto Bobo before the play developed.

  47. Duke Says:


    The thing I keep reading again and again (not from you specifically but in general,
    is the d is getting torched by slants.

    The numbers however point to the real problem with the d. Longer routes to the middle of the field is where the other teams attack. They have been so bad in the area as to rank almost last. Slants vs the team are below the median.

    There’s something quite telling that the team loaded up on DB’ s who can play safety. Why not draft a safety vs a corner to fill the spot…….easy answer. Corners are the most athletic of the two and it’s easier for a better athlete to be successful.

    Btw, so I leave no guesswork for the people who are guessing wrong all the time,
    Dirk needs to be honest with Smith and say,” I fulfilled my promise to you but it’s time for a better defensive plan. ” and let’s not look back.

  48. Lord Cornelius Says:


    There was no under route on that play I saw or anyone open for any easy outlet pass. Will have to re-watch I guess but I literally recall rewinding and watching every single route by every receiver on the play – and none were underneath short routes where a guy was open immediately.


    1 -LT-Smith / LG – Marpet / C – Jensen / RG – Benecoch / RT – Dotson
    if I had to guess

    2 -Yeah I think the Saints are still just about average. Cam Jordan is their only really very good DE / pass rusher; and they don’t have an elite DT; and are relying on a raw first round pick to bring more pressure when DEs typically take 2-3 seasons to develop – especially a guy compared to Ansah.

    Falcons should have a pretty solid D-line – above average – but not elite.

    Carolina has typically fielded an elite front 7; but a lot of their core pieces are getting older now and they haven’t really added much to it. They swapped Star Lotulele for Dontari Poe which isn’t an upgrade imo. Julius Peppers has to slow at some point lol he’s going to be 39 next January.

    Our D-line should be as competitive as any other team in the South imo.
    Our O-line is definitely better than Carolina’s; but worse than the Saints & Falcons – although the gap should be a lot closer than last year.

  49. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:


    winston has never committed a crime nor has he been charged with a crime. most of the crimes by division 1 players in florida are committed by gaytors… sad part is gaytors are not even man enough to do the time they earn. they hang themselves when their prison boyfriends cut them off the first time. gaytor fan should live by the saying losers in glass houses shall not toss stones!

  50. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Robert Says:
    July 16th, 2018 at 11:34 am
    my forecast

    Fitz shows the team what they can do as a team. Fits gets 5-6 games and wins 3-4 of them before getting injured. from there j dubya comes in and feels the need to light it up………which he does. with interceptions that is. fitz comes back to get us to round 1 in the playoffs. j dubya gets arrested for some darren sharper sheet and goes away for a long long time.

    oh yeah, SB the following year.
    Post of the year!

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    Duke-i was talking offense and the long developing plays vs quick strike stuff.
    I’m defenseI think playing off with no pass rush leaves the corners out to dry. The defense must adjust or we’ll continue to give up big plays. How many 33rd and longs for we give up? Too freaking many!

  52. Bucsfanman Says:

    I Hate auto correct!

  53. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Old Smitty should already been gone!!!! Nice poll for Ole Joe would be to see what percent of JBF thinks Smith will make the season. Then at seasons end give all that voted correctly become Gold Members of JBF. I will go first……Old Smitty doesn’t make it. Buckner takes over and the Bucs make the Playoffs!!!!

  54. 13fraln Says:

    What’s funny is this time last year we were moaning and groaning that we were going to have to find a new defensive coordinator because Mike Smith would surely be gone to another team to be the head coach. He didn’t just get struck down with dementia and lose his ability to be a great defensive coach. He had a crap defensive line and a undersized defensive backfield that couldn’t play press if they had to. Opposing quarterbacks could send out for pizza and desert before any pressure would arrive in his backield. It will be the defense that keeps us in games this season.

  55. Duke Says:


    Gotcha…….and totally agree.

    Ok, one additional point…….I would like the option for the offense to strike quickly and I am leaning towards the opinion that there is not much trust in JW
    to either be accurate or on time with those throws.

    Why they don’t call those plays is answered easiest with the previous explanation. Dirk isn’t stupid and with a limited run game that quick release is the most used go to by all oc’s. If JW isn’t accurate in practice that may be an answer. But Why JW isn’t comfortable or capable is a harder question to answer. I have no idea what bakanian is good at but it’s not mechanical efficiency as JW has problems now that He either didn’t have or older ones that should have been eliminated by now.

    But thanks for your clarification.

  56. Duke Says:

    Lord Corn,

    If you go by the game clock on the bobo play. I will help you out ……Stop at the
    10:33 game time….. hump is behind the safety at the 6yd line, wide the phuc open. . Post game highlights it’s at 6:59 total video playing time. I went by memory before, now I actually rewatched the play to offer specifics.

    Now look to the flats at the top of your screen, I think that’s Brate, wide open.
    Brate is open within the first 1.5 seconds of the snap because He’s not covered by a man or zone. He’s open from the snap stays open 3 seconds min on the play clock.

    Over route , arrow route…….conceptually it’s a high to low progression. Easy for the QB. No reads, just look high to low……Both were open. If you don’t see the buc at the six yd line then you’re not looking at the same play, time, place…something is wrong.

    Both Hump and Brate extended their arms when the ball didn’t hit them out of frustration. Why………. because they know the play and hump had to say wtf is JW doing.

  57. jmarkbuc Says:


    Just saying the Glazers paid 193 million for the Bucs, If they could get 2billion plus, why wouldn’t they… As you say they are pretty astute at business. Not saying they take the Bucs to London.

    I’m sure the family has multiple homes on multiple continents. Don’t really care where they end up

  58. D1 Says:


    I understand where you’re coming from . My reply was more to the issue than anything. That said,

    The business decision to sell the team at the number you reference is not unattractive. My point is that the team is an appreciating asset that is completely self funded. The other side is the leverage. The Glazers need a billion dollars they can get it and retain the team. I say a billion because a sale of the team at 2billion will be reduced by half so net a billion.