Three Game Suspension For Jameis Winston

June 21st, 2018

UPDATED 6:30 p.m. – NFL super insider Adam Schefter of ESPN has the hot news this evening, a three-game suspension will be slapped on America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Schefter says that is the league plan, punishment for Jameis violating the personal conduct policy.

Of course, Bucs fans know too well about the seven-month investigation launched into Jameis’ actions with a female Uber driver in Arizona back in March 2016. She claims he grabbed her crotch without permission. Jameis denied it and Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby said he was there and it didn’t happen.

Whether the NFL believed Jameis is unknown, as is the exact reasoning behind the suspension. The NFL may never reveal that publicly.

Joe will take an educated guess, as of this typing, that Jameis will appeal and this will get knocked down to two games.

In late April, Joe wrote in great detail about how fans should expect Jameis to get suspended because of a reporting failure under the NFL personal conduct policy. Hopefully, that’s the only reason given by the NFL. To hear that they found evidence of Jameis actually acting inappropriately would be devastating.

Schefter elaborated that nothing is official yet but it’s coming.

The league still has not notified Winston of its official decision, and the circumstances surrounding it still could lead to an increase or decrease of the three games, per sources. But as it stands now, the league is preparing to suspend Winston for three games.

One source said Winston could be notified as early as Friday, but others think it is will be handed down sometime in the next week, per sources. An appeal could be discussed, but they have proven to be largely fruitless in the past, most recently with Cowboys running back Ezekeil Elliott, who was suspended six games last August.

NFL investigator Lisa Friel helped spearhead the investigation that would see the suspension of another NFL star.

Time to order a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey.

UPDATED 6:31 p.m. – Ian Rapoport of NFL Network Tweeted as follows:

101 Responses to “Three Game Suspension For Jameis Winston”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Can he appeal and get it knocked down to 2 games?

  2. Deminion Says:

    Just hope he can get it reduced

  3. buddy Says:

    Where is #KluelessKoetter at today? Check the skyway bridge cause when Adam Schefter says Jameis is getting suspended like he just did on Sportscenter BOOK IT!!! HE GONE FOR 3 GAMES. Schefter is never wrong. START THE EXCUSES NOW #KLUELESSKOETTER!!!

  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    And the Commish wanted to beat up Stroud because he disagreed with Ira. lol
    Misrepresented, not disagreed. –Joe

  5. Jmart2470 Says:

    What a shock. Draft a player with character concerns and he gets suspended. Mariota is now winning the playoff games vs games suspended statistic.

  6. Dooshlarue Says:

    Get Fitz ready.

  7. RonRicoFSU Says:

    13-3 !!!!!

  8. Chris K Says:

    I just threw up in my mouth. Thanks again to all the FSU fans who promised the Messiah (main reason 87 has been in hiding)

  9. BucdUp Says:

    Again.. This league sucks!! THREE GAMES!? After all that time they spent on the investigation, we could’ve knocked some of the suspension out of the way by now had it been a swift investigation… I feel cheated as a fan who had a tough time deciding to renew season tickets.. i did and jameis was a big part of that decision and now he is lost the three most critical games of season… thanks goodell

  10. EA Says:

    I really want to like Winston but he is just poor decision maker on and off the field who doesn’t seem to be mature enough.
    Throw this season out of the window, not like there was much to look forward too anyway. Very very disappointed.

  11. Rob Says:

    More like America’s idiot. Go Bucs

  12. JabooBuc Says:

    This is just crazy to me. Either they have something on him that hasn’t been released or this is some BS. 3 games for failure to report which became policy after the fact and over an Uber suspension is nuts

  13. Za Sage Says:

    Someone call Sefo!

  14. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    This is bad in MANY ways. I want to see what the NFL finds ( or does not find). 2018 looking like an 0-3 start,m which this team can NOT afford. Will team Glazier stand by their man IF anything comes out of this investigation? With all the good things #3 HAS done off the field, it seems he can’t get out of his own way,at FSU and in the NFL. I agree, ALL the character concerns sure looks like they have come home to roost, and as Bucs fans, we are looking at another LOST season.

  15. Greg Says:

    Three is an odd number for a suspension. It depends on if they think something happened with the Uber driver or if its just for not reporting the incident.

    Either way, Joe will spin it however he wants. Jameius draft card said he was inconsistent on the field with decision making and had major off field concerns. Going into year four he has lead the league in interceptions and a meltdown last year on the field. Now off field issues causing a suspension. I have said for 4 years we should have had drafted the other guy but here we are. No way should he get a 100 million contract. Time to start the quarterback/Coach/GM search all over again, thanks Light.

    Maybe one day Joe will wise up and stop calling this jackass Americas Quarterback or Pro Bowler when it took a couple other quarterbacks to decline the pro bowel to get him there.

  16. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    PFT states he is not planning on appealing

  17. Lamarcus Says:


  18. Buc68 Says:

    Well….. season over. Crazy a simple accusation can derail a NFL franchises season.

  19. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Now ESPN is gonna be asking the NFL why they had to suspend a marquee player just in time for a Monday Night Game. Get ready for a low-ratings snooze fest ESPN! Thanks NFL!

  20. ATLBuc Says:

    If he does appeal, perhaps he can help get us past those first three games

  21. Dooshlarue Says:

    Why do I feel better about having Fitzpatrick starting the season?

  22. Greg Says:

    If appealing didn’t work for Brady the almighty or Zeike Americas Team. Do ya think it will work for Jameius and the Bucs? Really?

  23. Etzel Says:

    Man. I was so looking forward to that MNF game against the Steelers… I say this straight from the depths of my heart… “F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK”

  24. Greg Says:

    Hey Jameius! Time to start warming up that pitching arm… Please

  25. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    For alll of u idiots saying we should have draftedthe other guy please leave cause if he went to Tennessee he would have took them to playoffs in his 2nd year also mariotta was the worst QB last year he’s thrown 13 tb and 15 int with a good runing game so yes Jameis is in a bad situation right now and yes he’s going to sit out 3 games but mariotta is not the better QB he was just on a team that pick his ass up a carried him to the playoffs look at Tennessee las year it took Jax sitting there starters and they still found some way to almost lose that game so if u are a mariotta fan please go root for the damn titans cause and stop running you mouths about how we took the wrong QB

  26. MadMax Says:

    Wheres the evidence? She said it happened but wheres the proof? Her word against his… he had a witness in the car with him? FK YOU GOODELL!!!!!!

  27. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    Goodell has got to be the worst commissioner in the history of sports. Any CEO or head of an organization would have been out in front of the anthem BS within 24 hours. Now, there’s an allegation regarding an assault that is not reported to the police.. a complaint is made to Uber and JW’s Uber account is suspended and he’s going to be suspended for not reporting…. the Uber account being suspended? I work in the law enforcement world and I deal in evidence. This is a colossal joke. I would appeal the dog out of this.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    3 games???

    Smells like the NFL found reason to believe something happened in that Uber car, otherwise this seems harsh

  29. MadMax Says:

    And i know…..its because he didnt report it.

  30. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Any chance he can do like Ezekial Elliot and file grievances which would allow him to play the first three games of the season? I recall Elliot getting his suspension but continued playing as the appeal process played out.
    I hope this is the case so it can minimize the damage of losing our starter for some games.

  31. JabooBuc Says:

    In all seriousness, how can the union not fight this? If it’s her word vs him and he actually has a witness backing up his story, this kind of ruling opens up every NFL player to any person with a grudge.

    There’s got to be more to this story.

  32. BobbyBucs Says:

    Hey Tmax,

    Remember when I said this will happen and you told me how wrong I was


  33. TJ Tillman Says:

    Remember the Latimore Mike Evans incedent ? Who started that ? Our Qb did. Remember him flipping out Panthers game ? He pushed Sheldon Quarles. Sad because I believe he can breakout and live up to the hype but he is consistently inconsistent on and off the field. You can’t throw big time money at him.

  34. BucIt Says:

    So much for that New Orleans take over.

  35. BringBucsBack Says:

    If the rule was different then, the players’ union should win an appeal.

    The harsh penalty (without evidence, presumably) is a carry-over from his college dumbassery. Lesson for the kids; your past actions can and will effect your future and how you are perceived.

  36. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    This is why i was against drafting him originally. I said then, if he does one thing wrong he is screwed because of his past. If he gets in trouble again he will be facing a 1 year suspension. He has brought this all on himself so I do not feel sorry for him, i feel sorry for our fans.

  37. jack Says:

    So he is being suspended for an incident that occurred prior to the current cba that requires the players to report everything. The old cba did not have that requirement of players to report? Am I missing something here?

  38. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Why are people still talking about an appeal??

    Jameis has already come out and said he won’t appeal….

  39. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The question is, will the loss of Winston buy our coaching staff more time, if they don’t win this year ?

  40. The Buc Realist Says:

    Huge pass to the coaching staff issued by the “real” Buc fans!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  41. K_Bassuka Says:

    That’s some BS, I’m not watching the NFL for the time he’s suspended.

  42. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I’m asking for my money back from the NFL. Another season down the drain. Waste of all our time.

  43. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Okay guys it’s sucks but look at it like this if the defense dose what it was supposed to do we might could win these three games so In my eyes yes Winston is gone for the first 3 but the defense need to step up and if that happens we’ll that might be a good thing so guys stay optimistic we still gotta chance have faith

  44. Tom Edrington Says:

    How did the NFL come up with three games?? They took a quick look at Jameis’ jersey for the suggestion…

  45. Joe Blahak Says:

    Maybe the Bucs should have used that Vea pick on a new QB…that 2nd contract business looks like a no go…bad decisions on and off the field? yes, Fact! Sick of this bullspit…Go Titans!

  46. lurker Says:

    i have been all in on winston and crowned him the savior.

    alas, he has shown otherwise. he has not improved his poor decision making, on or off the field.

    do not sign an extension for this guy unless a miracle happens by the end of the year.

  47. Matts17 Says:

    No fan of Jameis but how exactly do you report something that you say didn’t happen?

  48. Eric Says:

    Well it sucks for sure but Big Ben bounced back from way worse.

    Then again I am a big Jameis supporter and feel let down by the guy. I know no proof and all that but then again how many times can you go to the no proof well?

    Love the guy but something isn’t quite right with him. One more thing and I’m through.

  49. Old Sombrero Kid Says:

    That’s Jameis for you

  50. Fire Goodell Says:

    GhostofSchiano Says:
    June 21st, 2018 at 6:38 pm
    Any chance he can do like Ezekial Elliot and file grievances which would allow him to play the first three games of the season? I recall Elliot getting his suspension but continued playing as the appeal process played out.
    I hope this is the case so it can minimize the damage of losing our starter for some games.
    Zeke’s six game suspension got upheld and he gave up and served the full six games. Tom Brady fought his suspension for over a year until Belicheat convinced him to give up and serve his suspension in the beginning of the season rather than risk it being upheld at anytime, and risk being suspended for the playoffs. Ben Roethlisberger didn’t appeal his suspension and the league reduced it from six to four games.

  51. vtech30 Says:

    So….. there were others in the car too right. Do they get suspended or even mentioned in the same vain as not reporting? Darby? He was there right! I know he is Jameis’ boy, but no games out for him? This tells me something happened, what, who knows. If nothing happened the NFL has some splaining to do – which will never happen

  52. Chris in WA Says:

    This whole situation sucks. Wonder if we will ever know the truth about what actually happened that fateful night. If there was a third passenger, who was it? Was Ronald Darby or the driver lying? This is like the JFK conspiracy at this point with unanswered questions being dragged out.

  53. Jeff Says:

    So if I start randomly tweeting @ NFL players, that the touched me inappropriately, they are required to report that to the NFL? I can’t imagine how that could open a can of worms….

  54. Joe Blahak Says:

    He had legal sh*t from college, he had a shoulder issue at the combine and this cursed team drafted him anyway and makes another mistake of a decision for the tales of the Buccaneers encyclopedia…I tried to support the guy but he’s a sh*t show …and turnover machine as well…f’n had it….season f’d before they even get to trading camp…

  55. Sweeptheleg Says:

    Always always always something with this franchise.

    Season more than likely over already.

  56. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Can anyone tell Kobe any other suspension that was handed down from the NFL to any player that had no filed complaint or police report?….

    I know there was NUMEROUS times when the NFL didn’t suspend a player because the accuser receded her filed complaint because they were paid off. Numerous times when the attorney couldn’t pursue the case even though they clearly had evidence but couldn’t win the case without the accuser’s testimony”

    Kobe Faker

  57. JabooBuc Says:

    So Rick Stroud is reporting this suspension is not due to the failure to report. If that’s the case, and he doesn’t appeal, then I assume he is lying in his response to the allegations.

    If that is the case, then I want him gone.

  58. Joe Blahak Says:

    *training camp lol….although trading camp sounds like an idea

  59. TampaDave Says:

    I understand that failure to report is a current violation, but it was not the rule when Jameis was initially accused. At that time players were required to report any issues that, if found guilty, would result in a suspension. This looks like a clear violation of Ex Post Facto (apparently the NFL has a lower legal standard than the U.S. Constitution). As Joe stated, Jameis is only defendable if their is zero truth to the allegations.

  60. Frank Pillow Says:

    First of all- Jaboo is NOT the victim here. We are. Look, I’m not discounting the apparent lack of due process- but blame that on the NFLPA, a organization that is seemingly more complicit with the league than they are advocating for securing better players’ rights, safety, healthcare for current and former players and guarantee salaries. The collective bargaining agreement is so league loaded that it’s a wonder anyone with the NFLPA sleeps at night.

    Yeah, the owners suck too. They are tone deaf and greedy- and only started to “care” about domestic violence/assault AFTER the Rice video leaked and they were caught in their cover-up. The Commissioner is a product and reflection of the people he is paid to serve.

    Even so, Jameis screwed all of us the moment he placed himself in a compromising position- it seems like something apparently happened that night or as a result of that night that he couldn’t shake. Now we all get to pay the price.

  61. Blue-footed booby Says:

    I know the mood around here is understandably foul, but here’s the good news: Nick Foles can be had in free agency next offseason, a Super Bowl winner and Super Bowl MVP! Either that or a drafted QB in the first round of 2019 draft works fine as well!

  62. Defense Rules Says:

    This could well be the best way to start the season (in comparison to some of the alternatives). Saints, Eagles, Steelers … Away, Home, Home. Gut feel is that what we’ll see is a lot of ball control offense from all 3 teams AND the Bucs. Lots of rushing, lots of short passes. Those are the types of games that Fitz can excel in as a QB, especially with the offensive weapons the Bucs have (assuming that our OLine holds up). That’s also the type of game the Bucs’ restructured defense ‘should’ be good at. Gonna go out on a limb & predict that we’ll be 2-1 after 3 games. Not a clue what Koetter will do in Game 4 if Bucs are playing well at that point (may wait until after the BYE to put Jameis back at the controls).

  63. Jman Says:

    Punk ass embarrassment. Thanks chucklehead Licht

  64. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Hey blue foot, I’m not on the Foles wagon because of last year, but he is an above avg QB. I feel with this offense any above ave QB can successful with the targets we have. JabooBuc, if Strod is right and he is not being suspended for failure to report and something else, then that is the reason I’m already looking for a future Qb.

  65. DB55 Says:


    So maybe running the story every other week didn’t help the cause?

    Now he’s looking at a year next occurrence, but next time what happens exactly? Next time his Uber is suspended? He fails to report a fender bender? Or is randomly accused of something bc the girl didn’t even know who was who?


    Seriously my brother take your garunteed money and get tf out of dodge. You could only be treated worse in Al, MS or AR.

  66. Jman Says:

    Offer for Foles/Bridgewater

  67. DB55 Says:

    Can’t help but to compare this to the fcknut in the WH, 27 allegation, what 7 guilty pleas but it’s a witch hunt. And the same people who believe that think Jameis should rot under a cell somewhere. #MURICA

  68. James Walker Says:

    There goes the season, our coach, and the next 3 years of the team. I am within an inch of abandoning the NFL.

  69. SteveK Says:

    Sad… not an ideal way to start the season. I hope we can be competitive this year.

    I wish our QB was eligible to play. Hard to win in this league without your QB1.

  70. mark2011 Says:

    DB55…running the story had nothing to do with the suspension. Please…that is pretty wacky.

    We have no way of knowing exactly what happened…and the commissioner knows much more about what happened than we do. Your defense of him might end up being silly. I don’t know and you don’t either. But if it is three games, it is three games.

    And taking the money and getting out of dodge? Sounds like you are thinking more about Jameis than the Bucs. I know you are upset…we all are to various degrees. But this isn’t the fault of the fans.

  71. mark2011 Says:

    Or the fault of Joe.

  72. DB55 Says:


    Joe knows what I’m talking about. Private convo. Ty

  73. Pickgrin Says:

    Total BS!

    If a Winston suspension actually comes to pass – and there was NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing aside from this “failure to report” business that wasn’t even a rule when the alleged incident happened – then every Buccaneers fan needs to flood Goodell’s vm, email and twitter with F__K YOU messages!

  74. James Walker Says:

    Go play Baseball Jamies. The NFL does not deserve you.

  75. joestang Says:

    wheres josh freeman? blame him.

  76. SteveK Says:

    I hope it’s less than 3 games. I wonder if the deal is take 3, or appeal/lose and take 6 next year when his contract is much greater.

  77. JAB83 Says:

    😁 Was banned the NFL from my house hold for the political BS and Kneeling!

    Not sure if Roger should get suspended for that or not?

  78. dbagskarma Says:

    This sucks that means Kooter will get a pass on the season and we’ll be stuck with this horrible administration for another 2 years. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!

  79. SteveK Says:

    ^that should be directed at Jameis. He let us down.

    Not Koetter’s fault. Hope we win this year. Not the administration. Just the QB and off field occurrences.

  80. BuccoDav Says:

    I can’t help but wonder why he would take a settlement for a 3 game suspension if he was innocent…

  81. Reach87 Says:

    Reactionary gloom. Understandable to a degree. If Schefter is right I hope for an appeal so its fewer games. I also have faith that we CAN win games with Fitz. I choose NOT to call for cutting JW (childish reaction IMO), not to blame the head coach(ridiculous), not to automatically assume or provide ANYONE a “pass” (team game and plenty of time to school up the players/coaches on the scheme and prepare week to week for game execution and in game adjustments), not blaming Jameis without knowing the facts. BL: not letting what I consider (based on what has actually been reported) a subjective investgation spoil my love for Bucs football, high expectations for success, and loyalty to what I consider my team. Keep the faith. Go Bucs!

  82. Buccano19 Says:

    what BuccoDav says

  83. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Can’t help but to look at his past troubles in College. It makes you think if he is telling the truth. The Tampa Times article by sports columnist Tom Jones is pretty scathing! Makes you wonder if we should have drafted Mariote instead.

    I am sure this will lower his resigning numbers. Perhaps this helps our cap numbers.

    With all these negatives, wonder why Joe insist on calling him America’s quarterback? Oh wait, Joe forgot to do this time in this posting.

  84. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Three games? #3? Is the NFL trolling us? JW won’t exercise his appeal rights. 8-5=3. Is JW trolling us?

  85. Wausa Says:

    Bucs are looking at a 2-14 type season
    Start printing the 2019 NFL draft articles.
    This team’s delicate psyche can not handle this.
    The Bucs first three games were going to be very difficult with Jameis.
    I am confident the Bucs will get beat by double digits in all three games.

  86. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    yeah ok ..the league (Goodell) has it out for Jameis …smfh

  87. mark2011 Says:

    Now we hear Darby wasn’t even in the car? This is starting to stink.

  88. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Wait. He knows before Jameis and the team does??? Something doesn’t smell right here.

  89. mark2011 Says:

    Bonzai…how do we know Jameis doesn’t know? Or the team? But then again, the business of these guys is to use their carefully cultivated sources to get the news first.

  90. unbelievable Says:

    I go to take 1 day off from reading about the Bucs, but then I see this….

    Welp, there goes all those lofty expectations for the season.

    This will have massive implications on this roster, coaching staff and the entire organization going into 2019 and beyond…


  91. TampaTown Says:

    I feel like the whole season is over. Again.

  92. Black Panther Says:

    The guy has a history of being an idiot a mile long, but it’s the leagues fault ? SMH He better not appeal and drag it out the whole season.

  93. ElioT Says:

    Don’t be a bumba**, and you don’t get suspended.

    Simple as that.

    Hope this kid learns, bark is different than bite.

  94. Billybuc Says:

    Time to give Johnny Football a call is now!! Unite home with Evans and let him ball!!!

  95. MoeBuc Says:

    Lions coach gets no action against him did we forget already

  96. Walter Seidel Says:

    I sound like a broken record. Get rid of this guy. He is not going to get us to the Super Bowl. Ever.

  97. 813bucboi Says:

    why in the hell would this staff get a “pass” this year?…..he’ll only have to sit 3games….maybe 2……that’s at least 13games left to save the season……

    if your willing to give this staff a pass because Winston has to sit 3games, then that illuminates your confidence and the incompetence of this staff!!!!!!……

    this staff has known since nov2017 that Winston could face suspension…..they’ve had more than enough time to create a game plan around fitz…..the coaches need to step up….rally the troops… us that your capable coaches!!!!!!!


  98. SOEbuc Says:



    How much is f#cked up between those two questions? So many other players would’ve had this thing dropped the first day the talk started.

  99. jmarkbuc Says:


    “Lions coach gets no action against him did we forget already”

    Patricia’s circumstance completely different. 25 years ago, before he was remotely close to employed by the NFL.

    And he did defend himself in court..girl did not testify, for whatever reason…


    OK, like Jameis or not and I’m not defending him if he actually did this, BUT giving the benefit of doubt here, he denied it immediately and even apologized if there was something perceived by this driver as being inappropriate. The alleged event took place on March 2016, and it has now been at least 7 months since the ‘official’ start of the investigation (now almost 2 years since the allegation).

    The newest NFL Conduct Policy didn’t even come out and get implemented until late in 2016, 8 months or so later. I guess when you change policy you can go back retroactively, but how far back is unknown, 1 year, 5 years, 10?? More?

    The language of the then current policy was very vague, and left open to broad (subjective) interpretation and was basically there to cover anything that could be considered inappropriate. Whatever THAT means? If after almost 2 years, 2 YEARS, you still have nothing but a failure to report a potential incident, then maybe a FINE is in order.

    Why would Jameis report anything if he didn’t think anything appropriate happened? That’s like saying I’m not guilty of anything and didn’t do anything inappropriate, BUT someone could think I did and therefore I will subject myself to major scrutiny and investigation and put myself through stress, strain and anxiety, for something or anything that could be interpreted subjectively, that I did was inappropriate, although someone else might not think it was.


    If the NFL actually DOES have valid, concrete, substantiated evidence, then fine. Suspend him 3 games or whatever. But if all you have is failure to report something someone may or may not realize or think is inappropriate, and thank God THAT isn’t about as vague or subjective as it gets, then maybe suspension is a little too harsh! Maybe extremely harsh??

    This decision could mean much more than the Bucs just starting potentially 0-3 this year. this could affect any player who could be accused without evidence, punished for a perception of guilt, and so on. Slippery slope if you ask me.

    I don’t want to rush to judgement before we know how and why they came to their decision, but this type of policy can really put these athletes in constant compromising positions anytime they are out in public. IDK, something to think about.


    The alleged event took place on March 2016, and it has now been at least 7 months since the ‘official’ start of the investigation. The timing of this seems a little suspect, whether this is protocol or not.

    If he did it, and they have concrete substantiated evidence, then yes, suspend him, fine him whatever is appropriate according to the rules and policies and the law. Too many people are crucifying or defending him without knowing the evidence, BUT so far all I see that they have is a failure to report he may or may not have done something inappropriate. Well THAT’S not subjective at all is it? OK, so maybe he was drunk or something and didn’t know what he did, but that’s not what is being reported at this time, just he didn’t report anything. So nothing is real clear yet.

    The newest NFL Conduct Policy didn’t even come out and get implemented until late in 2016, 8 months or so later. Not sure what is going on, is JW subject to the then current policy, or the new policy implemented in late 2016, after the alleged incident?

    The language of the then current policy was very vague, and left open to broad (subjective) interpretation and was basically there to cover anything that could be considered inappropriate. Whatever THAT means? Sure they can suspend him, they are a private company, but there will be a perception of guilt that he did do something to that driver – even if he didn’t – if they suspend him, even if for just failing to report. If they fine him for not following policy, then ok.

    I don’t think this makes the NFL and it’s inconsistent policies look good, at all. I mean Brady got suspended 4 games for allegedly deflating balls, which he may or may not have done, BUT his suspension had/has the perception to fans and the public, that he did it or that the NFL thinks he did it.

    This decision could mean much more than the Bucs just starting potentially 0-3 this year.

    I don’t want to rush to judgement before we know how all the facts and why they came to their decision, but this type of policy can really put these athletes in constant compromising positions anytime they are out in public. IDK, something I think about.