Will Anyone From The Bucs Have Jameis Winston’s Back?

June 21st, 2018

The suspension of America’s Quarterback is here. It’s out there.

Now the question is whether Team Glazer, Jason Licht and/or Dirk Koetter will have Jameis Winston’s back publicly.

Will one of these guys stand up and say Jameis did nothing inappropriate, and he’s getting railroaded by the NFL? Will there be a news release or a verbalized comment that goes there in the coming days?

So far, Joe hasn’t heard anyone say that through many months of digging and talking on and off the record. And Joe talks to a lot of people.

To date, that’s the most troubling element of this whole Jameis Uber hassle. The only guy saying he didn’t do anything wrong is Jameis and Ronald Darby, America’s most questionable witness.

It’s early in the post-suspension process. The NFL still has to make this all official and, hopefully, reveal some details. At that point, a public response from a Buccaneer official would be appropriate. And Joe certainly hopes the Bucs have Jameis’ back at that time.

If not, that’ll either say he’s guilty, or that the team is far too scared of Roger Goodell.

Whatever the public take of the NFL, somebody from the Bucs better say something of substance. If not, Joe’s going to blow a gasket on these pages.

73 Responses to “Will Anyone From The Bucs Have Jameis Winston’s Back?”

  1. Lamarcus Says:

    Nope Joe

    It’s already proven The Bucs don’t have his back. JW kinda said himself. They didn’t have his back playing while injured, eating Ws, etc.

    If they do it will have no substance tho.

  2. Dewey Selmon Says:

    They will say the right things to avoid controversy, but behind the scenes….

  3. Easy Says:

    Winston is a idiot. Should’ve never put himself in that position.

  4. Buc50 Says:

    What a BS suspension. The Bucs get the shaft again.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He did something in that car in order to get 3 games.

  6. EA Says:

    yeah we’re confident Jamies didn’t do anything wrong but we respect the commissioners decision.
    The way that dictator Goodell is handling these suspensions lately is just laughable but on the flip side it’s not like JW is a saint.
    We all saw this coming, being a buc fan the last 15 years you’re used to disappointing news.

  7. Buc50 Says:

    They already said they don’t think he did anything. They are suspending him for not reporting. The only reason he’s not appealing is because if it’s drawn out, it could potentially cost him more money if he loses the appeal. This is a money decision on his part and frankly, I don’t blame him.

  8. martinii Says:

    It would be nice if The Players on the Buc’s would take this as an insult and really put on a can of Whoop ass for the first three teams that are checking off there Game with Tampa as a W. Sometimes adversity can be a real motivator

  9. buddy Says:

    So what excuse is #KLUELESSKOETTER gonna have this year?? no indoor practice facility- nope already used that one, hurricane coming and no bye week?? nope already used that one, didn’t prepare team well enough??nope already used that one. By the way I already have talked to 3 ticket reps at Bucs and they all have had season ticket members wanting to a refund. LOLOLOLOL The entire organization is a dumpster fire.

  10. Gman Says:

    They had his back when his was drafted over Mariota despite his history of being immature and irresponsible on and off the field. The Bucs and many fans gave him the benefit of the doubt and now look foolish.

  11. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    So you don’t move the game due to a Hurricane, and give this team no bi-week 1 year?, and the next year you suspend the starting QB for 3 games over a technicality?

    Buccaneers organization…. hello?

    You’re 1 of 32 entities that pay Rodger Goodell ‘the luckiest idiot in the world’, tens of millions of dollars per year!

    Fight back!

    Or just lay down and confirm to us fans that you don’t care that this team resides in Buccaneer Cove as long as you are making billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  12. Tom Says:

    Why is Darby “America’s most questionable witness?” Because he hangs out a lot with one of his best friends? He could literally lose millions of it was found that we was lying.

  13. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    SO the Bucs have the TOUGHEST first 3 game start in the Super Bowl era, and now they suspend Jameis. Conspiracy or Na?

  14. feelthepewterpower Says:

    The NFL must prove he was in the car alone with the woman in order for him to get suspended legally, imo. The wording of the 2014 nfl policy does not substantiate a suspension. The players union will have Jameis’ back.

  15. buddy Says:

    So this is now the Bucs Organization and TEAM GLAZER failing with 2 first round draft choices at QB. Might as well be calling this team The Browns with their ineptness.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “America’s QB”….didn’t have the back of his Owners, GM, Coach, Team or Fans…..because he failed to report the incident…..that was absolutely unacceptable.
    Still, his Owners, Gm, Coach, Team & Fans should have his back because he is our QB….and as long as he’s ours….we should stand up for him.

  17. MadMax Says:

    FK YOU goodell, pos lil btch

  18. Dooshlarue Says:

    Dear Jameis,

    Please come over to my house to watch the first 3 games of the season.
    It’ll be sooo fun. I’ll rub your feet too.


  19. This suspension was decided months ago Says:

    But that would not have sold any tickets.

  20. Thatbucgirl Says:

    Forget all that! He needs to appeal through the first 3 game ( keep the NFL in court) make sure he plays those first 3 games. After that he can seat out the chi, atl and bro
    wns games, and come back for bengles game. Worst case we go 1-2 in those 3 games he sits out and we’ll be ok. NOW THAT’S A PLAN FOR YOUR ASS! Somebody relay that to Jamies and the team.

  21. SlappinTheKitty Says:

    Im a huge FSU & Bucs fan …let me start with that. I used to be in Winston’s corner and have supported him all the way thru. I no longer feel that way today. There are three reasons to move on from him 1. his off field issues will arise again IMO leaving us fans with a wasted year bcuz the next time it will a 16 game suspension NOT three like this one is.I’m not willing to bet my fandom on the line for a kid that can’t keep his hands to himself or isn’t smart enough to stay away from those situations. 2. He hasn’t/doesn’t/refuses to learn from his mistakes. He’s the same QB today that he was 5 years ago. 3. He’s uncoachable …all are my opinions.. So don’t @ me! lol

  22. Buchead5588 Says:

    Everything thing happens for a reason all part of the man upstairs plan maybe this will work in our favor An force Dirk to run the ball with barber an RoJo an Stick with the run it might do some good to get our run game involved an imho I’d rather it be in the beginning of the season everyone is saying we should start 0-3 with JW without him any games we pull off a W in is a bonus I feel like Firzmagic got some magic left in him he’s more Mobile An might surprise us like he did last year Fitz goes 2-1 to open season keeping Bucs alive while JW is suspended let’s GoBUCS

  23. buddy Says:

    First road trip of the year at the SAINTS is the suite holder trip also. HAHAHAHAHA the high dollar suite holders gotta be pleased they will see a big fat LOSS with the face of franchise Fitzpatrick at the helm of their favorite team. How many will be thinking that’s money well spent!!!!! haha or wasted.

  24. old time buc Says:

    Anonymous: You have absolutely not a clue and your spouting off with no facts.
    I wouldn’t have wanted you on any teams I played for, no guts , no backup.
    You are just the guy that would have gotten several people killed when I was in Nam. We might have to accept this penalty but I think it;s too harsh, for what’s bee put out there.

  25. Bucsfan4life Says:

    It’s so sad to see so many of our fans hate our qb so much when we have had to deal with the qb’s this franchise has had over the years. I’m not sure if it’s the technology age where more people can type on keyboards and people do it to troll or if they really want to move on from winston. Honestly after seeing how our fan base really is it has made me question being a Bucs fan over the past 2 or 3 years. The football iq of many of our fans is very low and it seems that most of our fans just want some other team’s recycled superstars. Hopefully Winston gets the suspension over and plays lights out for us fans that do want him and the Bucs to succeed. Most fans don’t realize while we are not there yet we could potentially have the best qb we have had in franchise history

  26. Anonymous Says:

    This is BS any way you cut it, he has an eye witness who back his account that nothing happened and he still gets shafted just because the NFL wanted a heads up. F Goodell.

  27. Thatbucgirl Says:

    Forget all that! He needs to appeal through the first 3 games (keep the NFL in court) make sure he plays in those games. Sit out the chi, atl and browns games. Worst case scenario we go 1-2. Come back for the Bengals game, we’ll be ok. THAT’S A PLAN FOR YOUR A**! Someone please relay that to Jamies and the bucs.

  28. Not there yet Says:

    Somebody better say something. I would be extremely disappointed if he didn’t fight this as hard as possible there by proving money means more than his reputation. The NFL media has railroaded this guy since before he was drafted with that “hunting ground” nonsense where they interview his accuser but didn’t allow Winston to say anything

    He should fight regardless of the cost because he plays quarterback and would end up being the richest guy on the roster anyway. If he doesn’t fight like the rest of the world I should just assume it’s true. There’s no reason to believe him if he isn’t going to prove he’s innocent…. I’ll be more pissed if he doesn’t fight and I don’t care if it’s a waste of time or money because in the end your rep will be all you have

  29. Thatbucgirl Says:


  30. SB Says:

    Bullsh!t Suspension.
    The rule wasn’t in place at the time of the alleged incident, six months later they put it in place without permission from the NFLPA. PLUS there was nothing to report under the NEW GUIDELINES THAT WEREN”T EVEN IN PLACE!
    Bucs get Screwed again.

  31. BillyBucsFan Says:

    Any player that hurts the franchise needs to go, regardless of position. Bucs need facelift in a hurry. Looks like next offseason will be more exciting than this season when we research next QB1

  32. Frank Pillow Says:

    Does no one believe that the league may’ve found evidence that corroborates the driver’s allegations??? I mean, that possibility exists, right? It has to- otherwise this whole thing is a farce. One would also expect that the Bucs and Park Ave have been in touch and that this likely comes a no surprise. It all stinks- either Jaboo breached everyone’s trust and totally railroaded himself, his team and his fans…or the league’s application of the conduct policy is governed by a kangaroo court.

  33. Anonymous Says:


  34. lightningbuc Says:

    LMAO! Jaboo and his wandering icky licky fingers. An embarrassment to the organization and community. Yeah, and this dude wanted to speak uninvited at a high school commencement. MORON!

  35. JabooBuc Says:

    Point is that if this suspension is due to what actually happened in that car then he better appeal. If he does not, then he’s admitting to guilt in my eyes. And that means he not only groped her like an ass but also then lied about it.

    Don’t like it but if true, he needs to get out of here on the next thing smoking.

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Even if the rule wasn’t in effect at the time of the incident that doesn’t excuse Winston for not informing the team….yes, he may have an appeal on that basis….but a franchise QB who was a #1 overall pick owes it to the organization that selected him.

    I back Jameis and support him all the way….but I am also very disappointed in him.

  37. JWBUCS Says:

    If the NFL has chosen to suspend Winston for 3 games for his failing to report the accusation of an alleged incident, is this Goodell’s measure of inflicting more pain on the Tampa Bay Bucs, particularly because the NFL has been unsuccessful in collecting any evidence that the Uber incident even occurred? Is it possible this mostly appeared to be a false accusation to collect a payoff for a greedy girl who learned her passenger was a Pro Athlete?

  38. Kyle Says:

    Awesome, go 2018. Got to love our horny qb! Fqn a.h.ol.e. should be traded.

  39. Greg Says:

    Have his back? Who in today’s me to society is going to have the back of a repeat sexual offender that the Buccaneers were stupid enough to draft in the first place. have his back? Who in today’s me to society is going to have the back of a repeat sexual offender that the Buccaneers were stupid enough to draft in the first place. There is little doubt that Winston did it He probably had a six game suspension waiting for him and I agreed to three games to keep his mouth shut and not appeal the ugly facts that Goodelle found out. it’s embarrassing that the owners and the GM were stupid enough to fall for his overhyped speeches instead of his actions on and off the field

  40. buddy Says:

    #KLUELESSKOETTER must be loving to hear that on his vacation in Idaho.

  41. BrianBucs Says:

    Is anybody on this site concerned at all about if Jameis is really guilty of groping this woman at all? Is anybody on this site concerned that the face of this franchise may actually really be America’s Crotchgrabber? Is anybody on this site concerned that Jameis may have groped this woman then failed to report it because he was trying to hide what he did? Is anybody on this site concerned that Jameis possibly lied to the Bucs coaches and management to hide what he did?
    Being a devoted Bucs fan I absolutely hate this suspension. However, nobody is responsible for it but Jameis himself. The Bucs PR machine is in full damage control now so we may never know the truth about what happened in the Uber car. But one thing we all know for sure is that Something did happen and whatever it was Jameis should not have had himself in that situation

  42. Thatbucgirl Says:

    Forget all that! He needs to appeal through the first 3 games( keep the nfl in court) make sure he plays the first 3 games. Sit out the chi, atl and browns game.

  43. James Walker Says:

    I foresee many empty seats in RayJay in 2018.

  44. Kyle Says:

    Trade for nick foles..fuq Jameis. He has proven to be one huge ass clown. I dont care about some bs charity appearances…the bucks screwed up drafting this idiot. Cut ties now

  45. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “The NFL still has to make this all official and, hopefully, reveal some details.” Obviously none of us know the details of what really happened in that Uber. If Jameis doesn’t appeal the suspension, it’s probably for a pretty good reason. Chances would be good in that case that the details of what actually did happen could be a bigger embarrassment to Jameis & the Bucs than just sucking it up & taking the hit. If no appeal, I hope the details stay sealed.

  46. Dan Says:

    who cares, Winston sucks anyway, what is his win loss record the last 3 years? lol.. Team should make a commitment to start Fitz or trade for Nick Foles

  47. RRSRQ Says:

    They betta unless they know something. Not reporting gets you 3 for something you have not been found guilty

  48. Buc50 Says:

    Not appealing is not admission of guilt. It’s like pleading no contest when fighting hurts you more than taking the punishment.

    In this case, I really think he could have had it knocked down to 1 or 2 games but with that much cash on the line, it makes sense that he wouldn’t fight it.

  49. JabooBuc Says:

    BrianBuc- I am absolutely concerned about all of that and I have been one of his biggest defenders on this site. As I have said, if he does not appeal, then I assume he did this and I want him gone.

  50. Chris in WA Says:

    I know that the rest of the Tampa Bay media isn’t well liked around these parts but check out Rick Stroud’s Twitter feed. He is heavily implying that the suspension is NOT for “failure to report” and something else instead.

    Jamies’s defense so far is relying on the story that he and Darby were in the backseat and there was a third passenger in the front seat. Darby has backed him up on this but there could be better witnesses than Ronald Darby to say the least. All this begs the question: Who was the third passenger in the front seat? Jamies is taking the fall in the court of public opinion and this can affect his future earnings hugely as far as future contracts are concerned. I understand loyalty and not wanting to be a snitch but Jamies is going to have to make a decision over what is more important. Loyalty or his team and career.

    All this assumes that Jamies and Darby are telling the truth of course.

  51. WillieG Says:

    i used to drive for Uber and Lyft. Here are a couple of points to consider:

    I, as well as most rideshare drivers, used a dash cam. Granted, the camera was facing the road, but the microphone recorded the interior of the vehicle. Many drivers had dash cams with two cameras, one forward and one back.
    I would surmise that something happened in the car that was picked up by the microphone but it wasn’t clear enough to warrant a 6 game suspension.

    I had to report riders on more than one occasion. The only time that Uber told me an account was terminated was when I had audio evidence to back up my allegations.

    It’s widely known in the rideshare biz that Uber almost always sides with the rider. If they closed the account of the rider, it was for a reason and they had some form of proof.

  52. Buc50 Says:

    @Chris I saw Strouds tweets and he even state that he has no clue of the findings.

  53. joestang Says:

    maybe jameis thought she was hiding some crab legs.

  54. Thatbucgirl Says:


  55. Bobby M. Says:

    He’s getting 3 games….and it could be more if he doesnt meet undisclosed obligations. That’s not failure to report…that’s you’re guilty and we’re sending you to a therapist for counseling. One more time and he gets 16 games….Its amazing folks think thats due to not reporting. Winston’s behavior is disappointing but not the worst thing in the world….Letting your team get blindsided it….That to me is the worst part.

  56. Thatbucgirl Says:

    Forget all that! He needs to appeal through the first 3 games( keep the nfl in court) make sure he plays the first 3 games. Sit out the chi, atl and browns game. Come back for the Bengals game. Worst case scenario 1-2 in those 3 games he miss. NOW THAT’S A PLAN FOR YOUR ASS!

  57. Mark Mitchell Says:

    First of all, the suspension is for a failure to report it. What kind of idiot is gonna say ” let me fight this reason to prove I didn’t do this thing”? Its a fact, he failed to report it. Why would you fight based on that? Its a fact.

    2nd thing. Jameis has haters because he plays for a Florida team and went to a Florida college. Automatically almost 50% of his fans have to cook their withering gaytor pride just to root for the guy. We will always have half hearted support for the guy just because they are jealous of the team up north. Another fact.

    Luckily, the half that matter are up to the challenge of regal support for him.

    What I hope to see happen is that he gets a fire lit under his a$$ because someone can asscuse him and – right or wrong – his own brother’s/fans will turn their back on him. Doesnt matter if he did it or not. Some people will always think he is a terrible person. Control what you can control. Winning is the only thing he can do to shift the perception. Stupid, but thats sports. He’s already doing all the other things naivety would assume would handle it. Doesnt matter how many life’s you enrich Jboo, as long as a gaytor fan has to root for you, he will sacrifice your young too stifle his jealously.

    As a disclaimer, I mean no offense to the LGBTQ+ community by misspelling the vomit of a word: gaytor. It is merely too convenient of a needle and considering my disposition toward that word, I’m unable to allow my fingers to have laid it down….correctly. My sincere apologies if I offend.

    JBoo you will never rid yourself of the drama. Your faith in Kotter is mislead because he lays his head down at night prays that your his savior. You are the leader of the whole franchise and fan base. Do your thing. Quit making everyone happy. WIN. And everything takes care of itself. My heart tells me all I need to know about you and I’m a believer that your leadership and charity are part of your makeup and not because you lose sleep over the media. The situation was never going to be fair. Use it as fuel to do what you have set out to do…Be the BEST!

  58. mark2011 Says:

    We talk about fighting this three games, but just think about it. We really don’t know what information the commish has on Jameis…hardly a clue. So maybe three games isn’t as outrageous as we think. Best wait until we have more information to analyze.

  59. BrianBucs Says:

    @ Joestang


  60. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Mike Garafolo


    A few notes on Jameis Winston’s situation, following up on reports from ESPN Tallahassee and ESPN. One thing to highlight: Ronald Darby’s backing Winston ultimately didn’t hold water because he wasn’t in the car the whole time, the NFL’s investigation found.

    7:17 PM – Jun 21, 2018
    41 people are talking about this

  61. BuccoDav Says:

    Generally…innocent people don’t make plea deals…

  62. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Right on Dan!

  63. Buc believer Says:

    Why not??? They certainly had Drug Martins back! And no Drug was NOT a typo.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Trade next years 2nd round pick and Chris Conte for Nick Foles

  65. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    What the He|| do you want them to say? ..Yeah, we made a mistake drafting his @ss. SMFH

  66. Eric Says:

    Dump him now please! Was a mistake when we drafted and a mistake again today! Hate to say it but I knew this would happen when we drafted him.

  67. Walter Seidel Says:

    “GASKET BLOWN” lol

  68. Walter Seidel Says:

    By comparison, it turns out that the Aguayo draft choice might not have been the worst ever.

  69. FortMyersDave Says:

    Wow the trolls are out in force today! Hey Walter Seindel: worst draft pick ever for the Bucs: Bo Jackson.

  70. 813bucboi Says:

    Lamarcus Says:
    June 21st, 2018 at 6:31 pm
    Nope Joe
    It’s already proven The Bucs don’t have his back. JW kinda said himself. They didn’t have his back playing while injured, eating Ws, etc.
    If they do it will have no substance tho.

    BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!…and its a shame because he saved their jobs last year…..


  71. jmarkbuc Says:

    In my estimation the Bucs “had his back” when they drafted him, red flags and all.

    He’s the one who let us down

  72. Fire Lichtt Says:

    Chris conte has no takers @anonymous.. and definitely not a draft pick… lol he’s the worst db in the league.

  73. Fire Lichtt Says:

    @jmark the only red flag on Jameis were that he has a messed up finger on his throwing hand..