Stay Away From Darby!

June 24th, 2018

No good.

Joe hopes one thing learned from all of this hassle with an Uber driver is that America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, knows who he keeps company with.

Jameis needs to stay away from this scum Ronald Darby. This Darby reminds Joe of the “Pigpen” character on the old “Peanuts” cartoon. Wherever Pigpen walked, a cloud of dust followed.

That’s what Darby is. Wherever he goes, a pair of police handcuffs and/or a defense lawyer follows.

Now Joe isn’t absolving Jameis of anything here — whatever he did. It still isn’t clear and no, Joe is not going to swallow the words whole from a paid spokesman representing a felon doing 15 years in the hole jockeying for a lesser sentence. Joe is wanting to see what the NFL finds first.

But one thing is crystal clear: Jameis needs to cut any and all ties from this fool Darby until his NFL career is over, if Jameis hasn’t already.

For whatever reason, this Darby is a rotten egg. He always seems to be where trouble happens, but by the grace of a guardian angel (Joe assumes), he always skates.

Don’t believe Joe? Feel free to do a Google News search on Darby. Have fun!

145 Responses to “Stay Away From Darby!”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    People are telling Darby to stay away from Winston.

  2. DesertBucsFan Says:

    He should probably cut ties with that bone head for the rest of his life. I doubt much good can come from hanging around Darby.

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Funny is it’s logical for people to warn Darby to stay away from Winston. To borrow Joe’s line about Darby, Winston always seems to be where trouble happens. I assume Winston knows both Darby and now, Banks, better than Joe does. Yet he still hung out with them.

    Kind of embarassing when the current face of your franchise is taboo not only for advertisers wanting to sell their products (uh, where are those coveted Jameis endorsements?) but to convicted gang rap*sts spending 15 years in prison.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Google search Brandon Banks while you are at it……

    “The company you keep”

  5. Roy T. Buford Says:

    People said Aaron Hernandez hung out with bad people.

  6. JabooBuc Says:

    Is this a joke? On neither instance was Darby of accused by a woman of sexual misconduct. Doesn’t even sound like he was in the car for this one. Sounds like JW is the one we should all keep away from, including Joe.

    This type of stance will cause a huge loss of respect from your customers Joe. Be careful.

  7. Fire the glazers Says:

    How about we trade Winston???
    He’s not going to dump his crappy friend…
    Let’s get something outta JW.

  8. Chris Says:

    UH Joe, if DArby is scum, what is Jameis Winston? Seems to me winston is the one always being accused.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    THIS is the problem Joe! It’s too late. I cannot believe that the Bucs didn’t have that conversation with Jameis before signing him.

    They had the leverage. What’s his contract look like. Did they honestly do nothing to protect their investment? Did they not call him in during the so called million dollar due diligence effort and just lay it on the line?

    Were there no conversations that went….Jameis if we’re going to make a multi million dollar gamble on you…you owe us a LOT in return. You simply can’t hang out at midnight drinking alcohol….we need your word on that! You can’t hang with the wrong crowd even if they were your childhood posse. If we get word of you hanging with the wrong crowd we’ll be very very upset! Do you understand this Jameis?

  10. jmarkbuc Says:

    OK I’ll rephrase

    How does Banks telling a story about an uber ride have any implication on the amount of time he is in jail for the crime he committed

  11. DB55 Says:

    Didn’t see anything in news under Darby other than if the eagles should trade him but I did search 20/20 Vanderbilt (r-word) and found a full show on 20/20 discribing the Brandon Banks situation.

  12. AlteredEgo Says:

    Somehow Jameis and Darby are kindred spirits….two pleas in the pod

  13. BucdUp Says:

    A man that bragged about groping women was elected PRESIDENT of the US… Yet we have to fire Jameis and label him a r*p*St from here on out because he was ACCUSED of the same act??

    Cmon man

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Why should Jameis stay away from Ronald Darby…..

    The Eagles have probably dubbed him “Ronald Darby, Americas Cornerback”

  15. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I checked out the Eagles fan boards and guess what!!?? Everyone is questioning why is HE hanging out Jameis..

  16. Maze Says:

    Lmao. Keep the excuses coming Joe

  17. JAB83 Says:

    Speaking of that felon.

    Haven’t heard nobody suggest that he is the true purp yet. He was likely the 3rd guy in the car that we kept waiting to hear about before this whole thing got flipped on JW.

    Most people have never been targeted by the legal system and thus never experience how corrupt the whole thing really is.

    You dont have to do anything seriously wrong. All you have to do is pop up on the radar and you toast.

    I feel bad for JW. His friends ditched him and the uber girl made a mountain out of a mole hill.

    I’m willing to bet she got (A) grabbed by the felon and the covered for him (B) JW was set up by his friends who told him she was down to mess around (C) He was option B but turned her down and she got pissed (D) He was option B but she wasn’t down and thus he stopped. (E) Nothing happened and the uber driver wishes it had.

    Anyway you slice it JW was there and thus is responsible to manage the situation. But that doesn’t mean that someone else cant try to hurt you and your future.

    TRUST ME. He is a good young man in his heart. These things happen to good people just as they do bad people.

  18. Since76 Says:

    Lol. If only OJ Simpson hadn’t let AC Cowlings lead him astray.

  19. Sambizle Says:

    I am not going to sit here a give you my Higher Than Thou speach about Jameis. I have done horrible things too. However this is a Bucs Football Website, so I will talk Bucs Football. Imagine that crazy idea, what am I thinking?
    Joe and Jameis fans;
    – overthrows throughout the game, especially to D Jackson ( also a player haters love to point out most likely due to JW not being able to throw the ball within 5yards of DJ, Curt Cousins could connect with him, and I’m 100% sure the JW lovers will tell you Cousins) atop 10 fastest guy in the league, over Mike Evans (one f largest catch radius n the league) head 2-3 times in the red xone
    – bad decisions early in the game

  20. AlteredEgo Says:

    “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas”

  21. Chris Says:

    I used to have respect for the joes. This is outrageous you write an article saying Darby is the reason Jameis is in trouble. Not excusing Darby for lying. He’s trash. But they’re both down right scum.

    America’s trash. I hope the nfl gives him 6.

    People need directions moral compass wise. I love football but this is inexcusable. In any normal profession this clown would be fired. The nfl and franchises in the nfl give these idiots too many chances at salaries of 6,7 and 8 figures per year.

  22. jmarkbuc Says:



    How does Banks telling a story about an uber ride have any implication on the amount of time he is in jail for the crime he committed?

  23. Roy T. Buford Says:

    It seems like about 8-9% of NFL players we hear about are dirtbags in one form or another, be it drugs or crimes (violent and non-violent). Some of them do always seem to find trouble, or it finds them–even when they are never covicted.
    The Bucs aren’t the Steelers or the Patriots, or Raiders or Cowboys that have such huge followings that enough of that same type of 8-9% of the local populace that are NFL dirtbags will keep them afloat. Looks to me like our QB and face of the franchise is squarely in that 8-9%, though I hold out hope stories taking shape have a huge shift in facts at the eend. Is Jameis that good on the field that he’s worth all that baggage? I don’t see single advertiser out there that wants to his mug on their product. Why do we? He’s still the #4 QB in the NFC South, is he not? Why not draw from the other 91%? Out of that, there’s probably someone good enough who isn’t what Jameis is accused of who also has an upside. On and off the field, what progression has the #4 QB shown in three seasons? Looks like his play and conduct both took a step backwards in the past 12 months.

  24. EA Says:

    Ahahaha, not sure why Joe’s are still trying to portray JW as a good guy, stop giving him the benefit of the doubt, time to call it as it is. JW is an immature turnover machine who thus far has done little to help bucs win on the field, weather bucs keep him or not I don’t care, I hope they do what’s best for the organization but JW is who a lot of people thought he was coming out of college, period.

  25. AlteredEgo Says:

    It just occurred to me…Jameis ladies game must be really awkward and weak…

  26. Sambizle Says:

    Wit those bad decisions in the First half putting us down in points OF course he be throwing a lot which leads to More Yards passing I would also imagine that is a major reason Jameis is higher on 3rd downs is probably more than not the DBs are not going to play press coverage in the 4th aka prevent D……. The other teams D gves up the 3rd down

    My tablet keyboard sucks sorry don’t have time to correct spelling etc

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I believe in justice….and innocent until proven guilty….but this isn’t a criminal court.

    There comes a point where there is enabling of bad behavior.

    If intoxication is a valid excuse…..then how would you feel if a drunk ran over your child?

    If youth and male hormones are an excuse….then America’s (worlds) Women are in serious trouble.

    If hanging with the wrong crowd is an excuse…..then all the newly recruited members of Isis should get a pass.

    What I am saying is……lets see if Jameis either steps up and takes responsibility or vehemently denies the allegation.

    Somewhere in the middle will be troublesome.

  28. Roy T. Buford Says:

    If the media reports are true the choices:
    – A below .500 QB who has a history of being associated with s*x crimes, hanging out with bad people, always seems to find controversy about his lack of maturity on and off the field (Lattimore, easting Ws, charging refs), fumble machine, regression from his rookie year (on and off the filed), and now a con-job/coverup to his owners and fans (and perhaps those people closest to him in his life).
    – An aging QB who has performed well over the years, be it sporadically, probably never was a perrineal starting QB, clearly had control of his team, including last year for the Bucs when asked to lead them, and who has never been one to be accused being or being around bad people.
    – Someone else.

    Why do you possible go with Option 1?

  29. Sambizle Says:

    Another reason Jameis has thrown for the most Yards for a Buc is many fold DBs can’t play as rough as they could in the past, Offenses throw WAY more than they used to and as I said above, down in first half equal more passing in second half, due to accuracy issues fumble s

  30. jmarkbuc Says:


    Jameis isn’t being targeted by the legal system.

    The rest of your post, I don’t understand either, but the ” she was scorned and got pissed” thing is ridiculous on it’s face, and was already used in the FSU case.

  31. BucdUp Says:

    Again.. a man that bragged about groping women was elected PRESIDENT of the US… Yet we have to fire Jameis and label him a r*p*St from here on out because he was ACCUSED of the same act??

    Cmon man

  32. BucdUp Says:

    He too has sexual assualt allegations against him yet is still president of the United States

  33. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Jameis “Ronald Darby’s fall guy” Winston

  34. BucdUp Says:

    Double standard? Racial injustice? Corrupt legal system? The times? Idk what to call it but something fishy in America these days

  35. jmarkbuc Says:


    FWIW I don’t think POTUS should get a pass either.

    But again Jameis isn’t being targeted by the legal system, only the Shield and the court of public opinion.

  36. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    If you hang around trash you smell like trash…

  37. tickrdr Says:


    “Jameis Winston out? DeSean Jackson in…the red zone.
    With news of a possible three-game suspension to the Buccaneers starting QB, Todd talks about the sudden spike in early season fantasy value for WR DeSean Jackson.”
    I found this quote interesting.


  38. Bird Says:

    Altered –

    2 pleas in a pod. That’s hilarious.

    Yah -Darby camp is saying stop being Jameis “helpful witness”. Stay away from yah boy.

  39. Roy T. Buford Says:

    BucdUp…I hear you, but give it rest on presidential politics dude. If you are talking about the last election, there were two lousy realistic choices for Prez in the end. Sure, they both stunk maybe, and for different reasons, about things before they were in the position. The bragging was stupid, and intended to be private bravado, not a public coverup. May it shows who is he is, sure. Point: The two candidates were the only two (realistic) possibilities. Winston’s issue is about what he did under the position he’s in, under the rules that drive his conduct in that position. The biggest issue with Winston is lying about underlying facts…very recently, still in the position he holds–and there’s options right now for his replacement. Your comparison is just dumb.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    And OJ is still looking for the killer of Ron & Nicole….

    The point is that you can’t compare situations or excuse them because of what someone else gets away with…..

    This is a public opinion/image case…..not a criminal courtroom.

    The price will be paid based on the opinions of the public….from what I have been reading here…the Bucs and Jameis are paying a price….deserved or not.

  41. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Amen Roy Buford!!!!!

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I might add,,.

    I’m unsure if Jameis used “The President Did It” defense with the NFL.

    Also, I’m sure there are many businessmen fired for sexual harrassment in the workplace who tried to use the “Bill Clinton Did It” defense…..they probably didn’t retain their jobs.

    You simply have to own up to your own responsibility and not point the finger at Darby, Banks or anyone else……that is, if you did it.

  43. Pete I Says:

    The difference is the POTUS is actually doing a good job and JW is a below .500 QB with accuracy, turnover issues.

  44. Pete I Says:

    Joe insulted PigPen… dreadful

  45. firethecannons Says:

    at this point there would be no reason in JW life to ever talk to Darby again

  46. Roy T. Buford Says:

    IF the media reports about two Uber rides are true…here is Jameis best defense:

    “I lied about people in the car because I was embarrased and afraid of losing my job. I was too drunk to even remember the second Uber. Yeah, I know I tried to throw Banks under the bus and say he was up front. I know I said that this lady who agreed to have me in her car and get me safely back to my hotel was confused, basically publicly calling her a liar, not responding to golddigger comments hurting her rep unjustifiably, when in fact, it was me. I know I didn’t report it and I know this blows my trust in the organization that took a risk on me and offered me everything if I only behave like that average law abiding citizen–after all all controversy I created for myself in the past. But after all, I do hang out with bad people and I had a rough upbringing and at FSU, everybody did stuff too. I know my behavior on and off the field has regressed since the day I walked into the NFL. I know I’m still the #4 QB in the NFC South but we are better this year. So I am asking you to give me…another second chance. Just like I told the Bucs and Mr. Goodell over three years ago, just give me a chance and you won’t regret it.”

  47. jmarkbuc Says:

    That would be awesome Roy. Pretty sure he doesn’t have it in him though. Don’t know that I can recall a time when Jameis has admitted to anything.

  48. JAB83 Says:

    Its simple. You get targeted when your recognizable in the legal system. When she reported the incident and they saw it was JW it was an easy case. No facts needed. Just accusation.

    She likely will never step up and say definitively it was JW that touched her. Just imply it was him because it was his account.

    As far as his actions as they appear. He made a pass on her and she refused and he got out the car. Maybe she don’t like drunks cause her dad or x bf was one. So she took it next level. Maybe she dont like black guys. Maybe he called her a bad name. Maybe none of that happened.


    This entire situation is a witch hunt based on past issues… Ala Americas QB JW is in the spot lite.

    You people need to stay doing what you do and stop being social media heros. Chances are slim to none that if any of you tried picking up a girl or guy that seemed interested. You wouldnt at some point put your hands on them.

    She said no, he said f you. She reported it cause she felt offended.


    Go back to driving cabs and let him go back to throwing footballs.

    Gezzzzzz, snow flakes most of you.

  49. LongSeason Says:

    Roy T Buford, I regret The Druginator/Drughamster a second and third chance. Winston blew a chance. So I am done with him. I will watch Panthers this year. Bucs need to cut Jameis and sign Kap. Hell! Bring back Vinny or Steve DeBerg. Old, but who cares at this point?

  50. JAB83 Says:

    Banks grabbed her but they knew he had an impending case and didn’t want to make it worse. They covered for him

    JW takes the fall because he has the history and is the one most likely to overcome the situation without ruining his career.

    Tampa fans need to stop going to the pride parade (where there is more butt and croch grabbing than anywhere ever) and realize regardless of your opinion. NOTHING out of the ordinary happened.

    Breaking News. A dude grabbed a girls croch while they where flirting. She rejected him and he left feeling stupid.

    Yall are acting like he tried to stick his hand down her pants or up her dress. I mean seriously. How rough do yall think he got? Not enough for her to call the cops thats for sure!

    She dont like druck black dudes touching her. She reported it to her boss so she didn’t have to give them rides no more.

    Case closed… Oh wait that was JW… Lets make a name for ourselves!!!

  51. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    So…I take it you were in the car.

    Jameis taking the rap for Banks is absurd. It probably would be the other way around….Banks had a pending court case….the groping would not be allowed into evidence as too prejudicial and not a common act.
    The r@pe was of an unconscious woman…..

    You probably think Banks was innocent also. Too bad you could have hung his jury.

  52. AlteredEgo Says:

    JA83…flirting ?….don’t seem so…this girl was simply picking up a Uber passenger….she reported the incident as has stayed as far away from that moment as possible….as i said earlier…..Jameis’s ladies game must be really awkward and weak….for him to have to force himself on strangers….

  53. JAB83 Says:

    Now all of you know it alls and social justice worriers ask yourself.

    What makes your opinions and assertions any more true or likely than mine?

    This is not a life changing event (unless your gaining or losing fame?!?).

    So making comparison to a drunk running over a child is ludicrous! Shame on the person that said that.

    This is a learning experience for all of us.

    DONT TAKE UBER RIDES when your drunk. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and everyone will take the side of the “sane non-drunk driver”.

    In my opinion, there has got to be something wrong with you to drive an uber in the first place. Otherwise why not drive for a legit cab company?!?!!!!

    The truth can hurt. Seeing only what your allowed to see is often the trick of a liar. JW didnt lie. He said what happened. The croch grab happened when it happened.

    This is a classic he said she said.

    He didnt mention being alone with her likely because she gave him a ride home after the incident. He probably even tried to comfort her.

    Speculation you say… What makes me wrong and you right???

  54. Andrew Says:

    Name another instance where Darby has been involved in these situations without Jameis being the fool. I was friends with Darby at FSU. Really good guy. On the Other hand, Jameis was known to be cocky and agogant. Don’t slander someone with no facts because it fits your desired story.

    People are telling Darby stay away from Jameis. Don’t get that twisted. I’m done sticking up for Jameis. Compromises my morals and values too consistently. Hopefully this kid and marriage straightens him up.

  55. Sc Bucs fan Says:

    JAB as the freports haven’t been released I believe what you are spouting is based on hope not facts. And if you think grabbing a crotch is an effective and accepted way of flirting I pray you don’t have a daughter.

  56. AlteredEgo Says:

    Move along folks….nothing to see here…..all this was covered before the draft the year he was taken first overall… it seems Buc Nation has been taken and played as the fool….

  57. BraceUrself Says:

    Bucs never should’ve fired Lovie Smith for an offensive coordinator masquerading as a head coach. Coach Smith was right for the Bucs and Jameis He was a mouthpiece for them and shielded the Bucs from being a joke. Now you have a coach and GM with no one to hide behind and a team that is not trending upward. But Joe and so many fans that Joe gassed up wanted Lovie fired and you got what you wanted now who was really the problem? A rebuilding franchise with a 1st time GM and a wanna be first time head coach is who you all and the Bucs brass wanted to lead a team with a rookie QB, young defense figuring out the scheme, etc. Good grief people now after GM and Coach are fired after this season what will the Bucs look like then? But like the Bears did everyone who wanted Lovie fired will try and justify their decision by giving this regime even more time to right the ship even though there is proof that they can’t, oh well.

  58. Jjones Says:

    JAB83, thank you for posting this. After years of painstaking search we’ve finally found the nucleus of a dumbass.

  59. Jff Says:

    Yea makes sense to blame Darby… oh wait… you probably blame Kate too.

  60. Jff Says:

    Jab83 most drivers drive Uber for supplemental income whereas a cab in these markets are a full time job. Do some research idiot.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Jameis will be hanging with him week 2

  62. Tony LA Says:

    Uh, Joe, Jameis is the ringleader. Darby is the hanger on follower. Come on – you think Jameis is just following Darby around into trouble?

    I’m one who thinks Jameis gets one last chance – but even I can see that Darby is the one who needs to be staying away from Jameis for Darby’s own benefit.

  63. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    America’s Moron should have learned that from his groping days at FSU!

  64. Bird Says:


    You sound like a stand up guy. Hanging out with you must be like 50/50 chance we are going to prison.

  65. jmarkbuc Says:



    Lay off the Pipe, especially on a Sunday.

    Like I’ve said before, all Jameis has to do is get some press time and clear all this up for us. If even one part of your wild ass theory is true, let him say so.

    Even Cam Newton had the wherewithal to post his Mea Culpa on instagram

  66. Jimmy T Says:

    U Jameis haters r despicable. So u all r convinced Jameis is a Liar & and should be cut. I hope Jameis stays this year, has a great season, keeps quiet. I wouldn’t give this Red Neck media the time of day. Then I would get the hell out of this town. Has Jameis but good since he has been here? And u would trust a guy doing 15 years saying Jameis was drunk? Have u ever heard whispers of Jameis being a big drinker? No u haven’t!! If this incident has any validity it occurred 27 FREAKING MONTHS AGO!! These so called NFL Pundits act like this happened yesterday. U guys just hate the guy that’s it. This let’s cut him narrative is just HATE! U all simply don’t think he is a good QB!! If I was Jameis I wouldn’t want to play in a town where they are still fighting the Civil War!!!

  67. Jimmy T Says:

    I meant to say has Jameis done anything but good since he has been here? My last post was a little garbled

  68. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I’m no Jameis hater, and I think he should stay a buc. But to say stay away from Ronald Darby while defending Jameis is silly. Darby May be around, but he is t getting accused like Jameis lol.

  69. BrianBucs Says:

    Long Season

    The very best the Bucs offense has EVER looked was under Steve Deberg. Scored a lot of points and led league in several categories

  70. lightningbuc Says:

    “this Darby is a rotten egg. He always seems to be where trouble happens,”

    LOL! Do the Joes even re-read the nonsense they write before publishing? This is the same Ron Darby who said to Winston while Jaboo was with Erica Kinsman “dude, she’s telling you to stop”, but yeah, Ron is the rotten egg, not America’s Rapi…, err, QB

  71. jmarkbuc Says:

    Jimmy T

    This has never been a Black/White thing, that’s a cop out.

    I’ll say it one more time…all Jameis has to do is get some press time and clear it all up for us, we’ll listen.

    My opinion is he ain’t talking because he knows he is not in the right.

    Jameis is responsible for his own actions…Not Darby, Not Banks. No I don’t trust Banks, or Darby, or Jameis…Birds of a feather and all.

  72. Skipper Says:

    @ Pete
    LOL @ the Prez doing a good job.

  73. Jff Says:

    Jimmy really playing that card? Standing up for a sexual predator is not a good look.

  74. BrianBucs Says:

    Winston gets accused of Sexual Assault in Tally and Darby is his alibi. Winston gets accused of Sexual Assault in Arizona and Darby is his alibi. Are we sensing a pattern here?
    If the Bucs do make the humiliating, embarrassing decision to keep Winston then maybe they should trade for Darby so Winston will have an in-house alibi when needed.
    Plus like somebody previously posted, if Darby is a Scimbag, then what does that make Winston?

  75. JimmyT Says:

    I meant has Jameis been anything but good since he has been here? My previous was a little garbled

  76. SB Says:

    What was the Main buzz on JW coming into the draft?
    Incredible leader of men! Guys just line up to follow this guy!

    Let’s just take the groping out of the picture here and ask yourself.
    “Do I want my Face of the Franchise, who has already been accused of r@pe, hanging out with guys like Banks? Is that a leader?
    That bothers me. However what bothers me the most is the cover up. Evidently he was Fully aware why Uber suspended his account and he tried to cover it up hoping it would go away.
    Bottom Line: He Lied, He let his buddy lie for him, And he tried to cover it up.

    That my friends is Not a Leader!
    Can’t trust him.

  77. JJV Says:

    We are Buccaneers-pirates! It is about time we start acting like it. Let’s s get some nasty on this team like Jason said.

  78. BrianBucs Says:

    Scumbag* ^

  79. SB Says:

    Bad Judgement on and Off field
    Letting his buddy lie for him
    Covering it up.

    That is Not a leader. Can’t trust him. I wonder how his teammates Really feel.

  80. BrianBucs Says:

    Walter Football suggested that Jameis did some shady things this Spring. I wonder how many problems and transgressions that Jameis has had that the Bucs swept under the rug and kept out of the media?

  81. SB Says:

    Brian can you share that link. I can’t find it.

  82. Chris in WA Says:

    You mean Darby needs to stay away from JW. How many times can you stick your career and reputation out on the line for your boneheaded friend? Without Darby and Chris Casher, Winston would be in Jail like Banks currently is. Darby attempted to back up his old friend with his statement even though he had nothing to gain. Was Winston even honest with Darby about the second Uber ride and what went down within before he let Darby make his statement?

    Darby was not there at Publix when when Winston took the crab legs, Darby was not there when Winston shouted FHRITP. Darby was not there this past summer when Winston told a group of kids that a women’s role “is to be quite” if there are any negative stories out of Philly about Darby since he got there please let me know.

    Darby is not the common denominator with Winston and the negative press.

  83. BrianBucs Says:



  84. BrianBucs Says:

    Dewey Selmon says:

    People are telling Darby to stay away from Winston

    I bet his people are telling him that. His buddy Jameis keeps putting him in a situation where he has to lie

  85. jmarkbuc Says:

    You put up a well thought out post, and Joe takes it down…

    You ask Joe a legitimate question…crickets

    I gotta get in to this blog business..move the needle with ridiculous remarks..unabashedly make money

  86. BrianBucs Says:


    Go to and look through NFL News/Rumors

  87. SB Says:

    No thanks Brian. Walter football has one of the most confusing set ups I have ever seen. They Really need an IT guy to help them out. There isn’t even a search box. I will take your word for it.

  88. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Here is the link…..Walter Football suggests something “shady” this spring but doesn’t elaborate…..could be some fake news.

  89. DalvinCookRules Says:

    This is one of the most poorly thought out posts I’ve seen here. I was the biggest Jameis supporter from Day 1 at FSU thru all of his BS, but I’ve turned on him because the LIGHT has finally turned on in my head. The problem is NOT who Jameis hangs out with, the problem IS JAMEIS.

    He thinks he can do anything he wants without consequence. He thinks he is above not only our civil laws off the field but our laws of physics on the field. Rules do not apply to him–he knows very well that he SHOULDN’T be doing something, but he does it anyway. This is a psychological problem, and it NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. He needs to be put into a program that helps an individual deal with compulsive behavior!

  90. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I wonder what drive-in restaurant they went to on the Uber ride…..would be getting a ton of free publicity now…

  91. jmarkbuc Says:

    What Dalvin said!

  92. AlteredEgo Says:

    you….there are no rules posted….no way to communicate with the Joes by email….just Goodell arbitjmarkbuc Says:
    June 24th, 2018 at 3:44 pm
    You put up a well thought out post, and Joe takes it down…

    You ask Joe a legitimate question…crickets

    Joe’s must have some agreement with OBP….I post/read on a Sailing www and it is anything goes….don’t understand his “I am responsible for every word”….posted on this site….a reflection on him not you….modeled after the NFL Commissioner it seems….

  93. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    All of the news reports are referring to Brandon Banks as Jameis’ friend…..does anyone know why Banks was in Scottsdale or anything more about this “friendship”?

  94. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Now people are just making stuff up. The NFL is not doing this situation any justice by not coming forward with there evidence.

  95. jmarkbuc Says:


    IDK , but I’m thinking he was just rollin with his homies, out up to no good, drinking a little too much. Turned out well for everyone.

  96. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A song dedicated to 87……..hey buddy….I feel your pain.

    ‘Cause I’ve got friends in low places
    Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases
    My blues away
    And I’ll be okay
    I’m not big on social graces
    Think I’ll slip on down to the Oasis
    Oh, I’ve got friends
    In low places

  97. Capt.Tim Says:

    None of my comments today have posted

  98. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Americas QB”
    No, sadly
    “The Buccaneers sexual predator”

    Anyone here believe this is the last time he will do something like this?
    How do you build a franchise around that

    Josh Freeman. Jameis Winston
    Both like this Franchise.Dumb

    Think the Bucs will learn anything, and draft a smart QB next time.
    Smart QBs are what win superbowls

  99. Capt.Tim Says:

    We should trade for Darby.
    If the accusations are true, then our face of the franchise is in to sexually assaulting women.
    Hes gonna need a buddy willing to lie for him.
    Looks like hes done it twice so far!

  100. Bobby M. Says:

    Makes you wonder, how bad was the intel on Dalvin Cook if teams deemed him to character issues greater then these two characters?

  101. Not there yet Says:

    I guess I shouldn’t have called your article stupid and you would have posted my comments so since my comments aren’t going through this article is stupid because Ronald Darby doesn’t have legal issues with the law or the NFL. If anything he’s guilty of trying to protect this idiotic quarterback you let labeling as America’s quarterback. Guess you’ll even be saying that if he gets cut.

    If he was white the president of the United States would come out and say he did nothing wrong and this would be a non story. Grab em by the p he said.

  102. jmarkbuc Says:

    At least JW hasn’t gone all Darren Sharper. Yet.

  103. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Isn’t it interesting that you always hear of people hanging with the wrong crowd but you never meet the wrong crowd?

  104. ATrain Says:

    Joe correct me if I’m wrong but Darby wasn’t there when this occurred he lied to protect Winston

    So who is the problem? Winston had a problem in college and now in The NFL

    Winston is his own enemy

  105. AlteredEgo Says:

    [You are coming close to being put in the cooler for this comment. What is your malfunction? The past three days you must be taking your phone to the head you’ve commented so much, and pushing the envelope. Calm down — Joe]

  106. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Controversy sells newspapers & gets ratings.

    This is an age-old axiom. Take yourself back to last year at this time. What was the topic du jour? Was it getting rid of Bennett for no good reason? Was it how bad/good was Ryan Smith? Was it the “weapons for Winston”…..was it GMC softness? Was it how absolutely terrible a GM Mark Dominick was? (raised only by posters)
    The point is… I can practically guarantee that there are more clicks now than then…..why?…..Controversy.
    I am seeing posts from a multitude of posters that I have never ever seen before….scores of them…
    Stick around folks….it’s really nice to meet you!!!

  107. jmarkbuc Says:

    Just don’t post too much..apparently 😉

    #Free AlteredEgo 🙂

  108. Sc Bucs fan Says:

    The longer he stays silent the more I think he is 100% guilty of this and God knows what else.

  109. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Part of the problem is there is always someone else to blame other than Jameis, some excuse to gaff it off. Local media guys like JP Peterson don’t want to get on the bad side of Jameis because if it blows over, now he may not have as good of access. Tom Jones…he doesn’t care because no one listens to him anyway. LOL. So…what is the blame and excuses we’ve heard? At FSU, oh, everybody on the team steals crablegs. Meme on the table…c’mon, in today’s world a celebrity can’t get by with anything; what did we all do in college? On Kinsman, oh it was just a weekend night partying and it’s a college thing; she’s a gold digger, and besides, Darby is a witness and there are no charges. On general immaturity in college, oh, Coach Fisher rides him hard when he screws up; he even got benched for a game. On Lattimore, hey, he just needs to mature. On poor play, hey, he just needs to not try so hard. On charging the ref, he just needs to mature. On bad decisions, he just needs to make better decisions. He’s just a 24 year old kid. He’s was 22 when this happend and two years has gone by; he’s matured now. Oh, “Kate” is just another gold digger, consfused about who was in the car and who sat where. Oh, Jameis is just 24; he’s still a kid and needs to mature. Oh, this isn’t the Jameis we know–look at the community outreach stuff he does. On Banks, he’s a convicted gang r*api*t so who will believe him? Kate didn’t file charges so it proves she is the one causeing all this. Oh, I have “no fear” of suspension. Jameis needs to stay away from these bad people, like Darby. Easily 9 of 10 NFL players never have to deal with this, and it’s certainly rare to have to deal with it twice in the first few years. Yah, I’ll bet guys like Joe Mixon are told to stay away from Jameis. He doesn’t need any of the Jameis stink on him.

  110. JJV Says:

    Good thing Jameis did not try to eat some Ws while in the car at the drive thru window. Then she really would have filed the police report for sure.

  111. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    There is a remote possibility that the suspension is for not reporting and deception during the investigation… is possible the NFL didn’t find sufficient evidence to sanction Jameis for the accused offense……like I said, remote.
    That would explain the 3 game suspension.

    If that is the case….silence would be absolutely appropriate until the NFL speaks.

    I have stated that it is rare for a completely innocent person and his organization to lay silent in the face of a multitude of damaging press.

  112. jmarkbuc Says:


    Just another coddled athlete

  113. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Sc Bucs fan. Consider a couple things. Jameis likely told by his counsel and his handler and team to not say anything. Consider this too. Jameis already spoke. He said a third person was in the front seat. He said “Kate” was confused. He said he has no fear. He completely denies the allegations. Jameis HAS spoken. If the media reports are true, what else is he going to say? “I’m sorry” or “It won’t happen again.” He’s already pre-loaded his promise of being a good guy three years ago. He can’t say anything, especially after publicly saying his accuser is basically lying because he wasn’t in the front seat. He can’t walk that back. His position out there. It’s either true…or he’s a liar willing to throw people doesn’t know under the bus, much less his team and fans. If he admits the media stuff it’s true, it’s clear he’s only sorry he got caught. Remember: “No fear” are his words.

  114. Sc Bucs fan Says:

    Tbbf, I understand what you are saying then have your pr guy put out a statement saying we will have a response once the NFL report is issued. And if I wasn’t guilty I’d be shouting from the rooftops right away, report or not.

  115. Duke Says:


    No there’s not.

    6 game is sexual assault, 3 games with rehabilitation classic.

  116. Sc Bucs fan Says:

    Roy, no fear because he will have a job. If we don’t sign him someone else will.

  117. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Jmarkbuc…agreed. Eventually the media supporters and his friends will put distance between he and them too…

    And hopefully his team’s owners deal with it before they look stupid for waiting too long on that too. Jameis has more than likely already bamboozled them.

  118. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    This simply mirrors our society…’s never anyone’s fault….

    We not only have the “me too” movement…..we have the “not me” movement.

    The dog ate my homework…..if the dog could speak…he would say…no, “the cat ate it”.

  119. jmarkbuc Says:


    You lost me. If it’s not for not reporting/deception, and the Shield doesn’t have evidence for accused offense, what is the suspension for?

  120. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan, that Walter football article was a shocker! I wonder how Walter found out about Winston doing “shady” things this spring but the Joes, Pewter Report and us haven’t heard anything? I’d love to know Walters inside source.

  121. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Sc…yup…Jameis be may be somewhere between Greg Hardy and Warren Sapp. Just hope whatever may be revealed is done so when he’s not a Buc. All of the sudden, Manziel doesn’t seem so bad comparatively.

  122. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Sc…yup…Jameis be may be somewhere between Greg H*rdy and Warren Sa*p. Just hope whatever may be revealed is done so when he’s not a Buc. All of the sudden, Manz*el doesn’t seem so bad comparatively.

  123. Roy T. Buford Says:


  124. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @ScBucs…agreed, just hope if he ends up somewhere between Hardy and Sapp, he’s not a Bucs when it’s revealed.

  125. Dave Pear Says:

    @BuccaneEric75 Says,

    What “shady” things are saying he did?

  126. Dave Pear Says:

    What shady things are THEY saying he did.

  127. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Dave Pear, the article only said “shady things”, it didn’t specify. Sounds like Licht/ local media might be staying hush hush on inside info that wouldn’t look good for the Bucs/ Winston if it came out.

  128. Dave Pear Says:

    OR could just be BS.
    Anybody can say anything.
    Does not make it true.

  129. lightningbuc Says:

    BuccaneEric75 Says:
    June 24th, 2018 at 6:02 pm
    Tampabaybucfan, that Walter football article was a shocker! I wonder how Walter found out about Winston doing “shady” things this spring but the Joes, Pewter Report and us haven’t heard anything? I’d love to know Walters inside source.


    LOL! Seriously? 6 years ago Boomer Esiason CORRECTLY reported on the off-field habits of JFro, yet the Joes chose to stick their heads in the sand and instead, write silly articles like this.

  130. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I do have to ask, how can one be “America’s quaterback” when he’s in last place in his own division, not among the NFL’s elite, has regressed, and trouble follows him around like a bad fart? Kudos to Joe if he wrote that to get response. Clearly he doesn’t believe Jameis is America’s QB either. Never has been.

  131. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Dave Pear, it could be. Walter said he “knows” . Sounded pretty convinced. I hope his sources are wrong.

  132. Dave Pear Says:

    Yeah… I’m personally on a Wait and See about the whole thing.
    Way to much speculation going on.

  133. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Trade Winston to Cincinatti

  134. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The third passenger.

    This article is about Darby but much more disturbing than Darby is Jamei’s’ relationship with Brandon Banks.
    At the time of the Buzfeed outing of Jameis’ Uber “hassle” as Joe calls it…..Banks had already been sentenced to 15 years for r@pe. At the time of the occurrence, he was pending trial for the 2013 r@pe of an unconscious woman,

    No wonder Winston didn’t want to reveal the “third passenger”…..

    I look forward to the JBF article “Stay away from Banks”

    Of course, Jameis won’t be hanging with him for the next 15 years.

  135. AlteredEgo Says:

    AlteredEgo Says:
    June 24th, 2018 at 5:19 pm
    [You are coming close to being put in the cooler for this comment. What is your malfunction? The past three days you must be taking your phone to the head you’ve commented so much, and pushing the envelope. Calm down — Joe]
    close ???…every post of mine is in the cooler before appearing a hour or 2 later… a matter of fact …I have no idea which post you are referring to with your bold comment in my deleted post you are referring to….and either does anyone else…there are no guide lines….no rules…no back channel warning or why…just Joe being arbitrary Joe….I have never posted anything inappropriate to www etiquette….you simply do not like me…which is a reflection on you not me…

  136. gambelero Says:

    Totally unfair guys. Darby was the one who, according to EK, told Winston, “Stop. Dude, she said no.” And it was Darby who got Jameis out of a place where he was drunk and unruly and into a cab/uber home (or at least back to the hotel) in Arizona. What do you think drunk and unruly means? Maybe he engaged in some inappropriate behavior with women at the club. Maybe he was trying to start a fight. Maybe he was just loud and unruly.

    Jameis doesn’t need to be drunk, hang around people who are drinking, going out to clubs where people drink, etc. Anytime he’s on his own and loses his inhibitions due to alcohol or whatever, he’s going to regress to “primitive Jameis,” someone who’s inappropriately aggressive with women.

    Maybe, having a kid, getting married and facing the music for what he’s done will humble Jameis, and he’ll be first to the office, hard-working, America’s quarterback Jameis from here on out.

    Let’s not blame Darby for what Jameis did, though.

  137. JohnLynchBrokeMyBody47 Says:

    Instead of getting all pissy about this (crap) can we get behind Fitz and hope the rest of the team does, as well?! Jameis or no Jameis…I want this TEAM to know I am with them and support the (heck) out of them! I am fully aware that the QB is THE most important player on a football team; but he has a backup and 52 other guys.

  138. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Now there’s a real fan…..

    I always root for my Bucs….always will…..go Fitz….

  139. BucLife55 Says:

    Winston needs to stay away from Darby???? Joe that might be one of the most hypocrital thing I’ve ever heard said.. if I’m in Darby’s camp I’m putting together incentives for him NOT to hang with Winston.. Quit making excuses, Joe.

  140. Jeffbuc Says:

    There is a great story on ESPN website right now on rookie wide receiver Justin Watson. About his brother with cp. I think you should do a story about that with a link to it. Everyone should read this story it is inspirational. And it will probably make some people have a new bucs Jersey to buy for there kids. A true inspiration when others bucs are at there lowest moment.

  141. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The third passenger.

    This article is about Darby but much more disturbing than Darby is Jamei’s’ relationship with Brandon Banks.
    At the time of the Buzfeed story of Jameis’ Uber “hassle” as Joe calls it…..Banks had already been sentenced to 15 years for r@pe. At the time of the occurrence, he was pending trial for the 2013 r@pe of an unconscious woman,

    No wonder Winston didn’t want to reveal the “third passenger”…..

    I look forward to the JBF article “Stay away from Banks”

    Of course, Jameis won’t be hanging with him for the next 15 years.

  142. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The third passenger.

    This article is about Darby but much more disturbing than Darby is Jamei’s’ relationship with Brandon Banks.

    No wonder Winston didn’t want to reveal the “third passenger”…..

    I look forward to the JBF article “Stay away from Banks”

    Of course, Jameis won’t be hanging with him for the next 15 years.

  143. Eric Says:

    Wow just when you think Joe has blocked for Winston enough, he plays past the whistle and pancakes Darby! Joe, have you list your mind and soul? Blaming Darby is a really bad look for your business. Smh

  144. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Jameis and I’m giving him the benefit of doubt until I can’t. He’s not the best QB yet but I love where he comes from and how he got here. I like that there is no retreat in him. He’s a true gutter rat, my people. And, I’m glad I didn’t throw away any more money on season tickets this year. 🤣

  145. Fsuking Says:

    F you Joe. Ronald Darby has never been in trouble or accused of anything!?!? For all we know, you are a POS. Who would attack an innocent NFL player for nothing? (besides the NFL)