Esiason Continues To Smear Josh Freeman

November 6th, 2012

It was one thing when former quarterback Boomer Esiason accused Josh Freeman of “clubbing” too much and spouted seemingly baseless allegations that Freeman was not properly committed to his job a few weeks ago.

Joe thought that was ugly rumormongering by the CBS Sports analyst. But Esiason, even after Freeman has put up huge numbers the past three games, is continuing to smear the Bucs quarterback.

Esiason joined WEEI-FM sports radio in Boston yesterday and said he hoped Freeman has “turned that corner” and isn’t “running the streets at night.”

“Nobody is talking about is what Greg Schiano is doing down in Tampa. You know, Josh Freeman the last four weeks has all of a sudden become the quarterback that he was two years ago,” Esiason said. “Now all of a sudden, under a significant structural change in that organization with Greg Schiano taking over for Raheem Morris, he’s become the player that he was two years ago, even better than he was two years ago. The only thing I say about him is that if you want to be an elite quarterback, and I said this about Joe Flacco [Sunday] on the NFL today, you gotta make the commitment. You gotta make the commitment mentally. You gotta make the commitment physically. You can’t be out running the streets at night. You gotta make sure that you take care of yourself and that your teammates have to believe that you do really care about what you’re doing on the field, and hopefully he’s turned that corner and he’s going to be serious about it.”

As Joe wrote after Esiason spouted off last time, there’s no evidence to support that Freeman isn’t thoroughly committed to his job; and he has been for a while. Joe even recalls an interview with workhorse and former Bucs captain Barrett Ruud, when Ruud talked about how Freeman was the only guy to ever beat him to One Buc Palace to start the workday.

“Physically, I don’t know if there is a more talented quarterback in the NFL. But as you’ll see, to be the very best quarterback, it’s all the mental things, the preparation,” Ruud said. “The good thing with Josh is he has the attitude and work ethic to get to that level.”

“By 6:15 I’m going to be here alone or he’ll be here …either his car or my car is going to be there first. I take a lot of pride in my preparation, and he does the same thing. He’s just not relying on, you know, the rocket he was touches with when he was a baby. He’s got a lot of natural talent, but he also puts a lot of work in.”

Joe believes it’s high time Freeman’s agent steps in to try and muzzle Esiason and stop him from running around the country questioning Freeman’s commitment without any sources to back it up.

Don’t think Esiason has a big platform audience to worry about? Well, he hosts a daily radio show in New York, does weekly interviews on sports radio in Boston and around the country, broadcasts Monday Night Football on radio, and he’s in the CBS-TV national studio every week.

Joe’s had enough of the Freeman smearing. Esiason should be ashamed.

36 Responses to “Esiason Continues To Smear Josh Freeman”

  1. Adam Says:

    Is it possible that he is just jealous and is hating because Freeman has turned out to be a better pick than Sanchez? Certainly sounds like it.

  2. Brad Says:

    The Bucs PR guy needs to tell Esiason to shut the hell up. What’s the point of him trying to ruin a guys rep for no reason. I’d rather not
    be reading about it on a Bucs site. It’s like we can never enjoy a damn win without someone dragging crap behind it. We’ve had to listen to Booger all day yesterday and now this. I know Bucs news is news but unless your going to give us Esiason’s email or phone number to blast him I’d rather read about some positive stuff… At least for a day or two after a nice win.

  3. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Boomer is just talking poop. But, his comments came at the time Josh took off on this 4 game offensive romp. Maybe Boomer lit a fire!

  4. Brad Says:

    Lets blast Boomers Twitter account:

  5. flmike Says:

    In Boomer’s book, if your name isn’t Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts or Ben Roethlisberger you weren’t/aren’t a good QB.

  6. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Esiason does have a source though…. his a—ole.

  7. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Freeman is not the only guy Boomer seems to have beef with. He routinely disrespects Tebow as well. It’s ok, I don’t think anyone really cares to much for that has been of a QB. And even though he has a big audience in NY to cater to, I dont agree Free’s agent should get involved. He needs to worry about performing on the field not what some Jackass spreading rumorer is saying. His on field play will eventually shut him up no doubt if it continues.

  8. RustyRhino Says:

    Boomer’s book has two good chapters, Fouts & Marino him and big Ben are fair chapters. At least Ben can add to his. Maybe boomer was not given a interview by Freeman.. I was at the charger-fins game where Fouts&Marino blew up the game. My friend had tickets on the 45. Don Correll vs Don Shula. Great game. I’ve always been a fan of Air Correll. Got to see a few games before I moved to Tampa in 1975 I then lived in St. Louis. Wonder where Jim Hart is today…

  9. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    What ever happened to the BSPN smear campaign? Did it take a cruise ship and get lost at sea?

  10. Ian's Gay Lisp Says:

    Anyone who can read body language can see that he is a MISERABLE, UNHAPPY human being…thus, projecting his anger towards other people (if it wasn’t Josh Freeman, he’d be bashing someone else). He CLEARLY has issues with finding happiness in life (watch him closely the CBS NFL pre-game show and you’ll see how uncomfortable this guy looks in HIS OWN SKIN)

  11. Wally Says:

    My friend who owns a limo company said that last year Morris and Freeman were his best customers. He also told me that the Bucs have clamped down on the extra curricular activities this year had he doesn’t get nearly as much business from them. Boomer was right about last year. It looks like this year is different, at least on the field and with the limo.

  12. Canuckbuc Says:

    I said this last time Joe this guy is a sad little man who wants attention good or bad.Somewhere a time ago somebody told him he was a great QB he had a great team around him not such a great QB

  13. NJBucsFan Says:

    I know Freeman is compared to Big Ben a lot….but the only QB to known to be running the streets is the apple of Boomer’s eye, Ben Roethlisberger. And by streets I mean women’s restrooms.

    Boomer had one too many hits to the head and is that crazy uncle that everyone has…he just happens to be CBS’s crazy uncle.

  14. Bobby Says:

    To put a different spin on most of the responses, i believe this is a very well coordinated PR “attack” on Freeman to get him to reach his full potential. I have clients that played with Freeman and he does have a “reputation”. The coaching staff knows the sky is the limit with this guy and are trying to find ways to motivate him even further. Remember, Freeman is only 24, and while he is a phenomenal talent, he’s still maturing as a professional. The fear when a young player obtains success is they are drawn to the “celebrity” side of sports vs the professional side. I believe this staff knows how to push his buttons and they are simply doing so creatively.

  15. lightningbuc Says:

    Boomer and Booger – Booger and Boomer. These two Debbie Downers should get a show together. Brad, I’m with you. Booger’s schtick is already starting to grow old. Not enough though for me to switch the dial back to his old golf playing partner.

  16. Travis Says:

    Funny that he picks the most commited hardest working player on our team and questions his commitment? Goes to show Boomer’s credibility is shot to hell, hes just taking random shots in the dark.

  17. SteveK Says:

    Hey Boomer, you win that Superbowl you went to?

    Marginal Left handed Bungal…. nough said.

  18. ramdog Says:

    Seriously, who gives a rats ass if he is out clubbing if he puts in the time he needs to? Isn’t his free time his own? Has Esiason met Schiano? He doesn’t strike me as someone who would allow excessive clubbing to occur. How come Gannon, a workaholic during his career, and Dilfer both love Freeman? Sounds like Boomer wants an interview or has an ax to grind with Freeman for some reason.

  19. Morgan Says:

    Joe is misunderstanding Boomer’s comments. He didn’t say Freeman was running out on the streets at night.

  20. holymoly Says:

    How about Josh just slaps the sh@@ out of bummer next time he sees the piece of crap . bummer sucked as a QB and now sucks as a reporter and do we really care what they think in ny ?

  21. Christopher Says:

    This is the same guy who said Tebow flat out sucks(while the kid was only in his 1st year of starts), & should be cut this year…yet Tebow’s rating in one year of starting is 6 whole points behind Esiason’s career rating. Classless & arrogant, yikes…

  22. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Boomer is a grumpy bastard. Just like Ian said, this guy is taking out his anger on Freeman, I can almost guarantee he has no source saying Josh isn’t committed enough and he spends too many hours doing things he shouldn’t. Sick of people in the media always bashing our Bucs and the players or under estimating us. I know its not very realistic at all this year, but if we somehow made a playoff run and took home the Lombardi, It would make all those douche bags in the media shut the f**k up.

  23. Lead Says:

    Hey Joe,
    I believe in Josh Freeman an I think he has the potential… But Boomer keeps repeating this stuff like and he sounds confident and sure of what he is saying.. he probably has a source we all don’t know about inside one buc … We have not heard Freeman say anything about it or refute it. Maybe it is true.. And I think he has a point. Freeman now with Schiano is getting better and seems to be more focus and well prepared because he knows Schiano is nothing compared to Morris who was not well respected or made all the player his friends. With Schiano if you are not good enough he will make that change sooner or later regardless of the position. Freeman knows he has to work hard or else the bucs are gonna draft or trade for a QB. Morris could not even try Dotson when Trueblood was garbage because he and Davin were best friends..and I thinks Davin even said he would sign only if Trueblood’s contract was extended…why didn’t Davin say anything this year when true was benched .. he wont because he has a coach who doesn’t give a damn… And we cant keep believing what this players say.. you can be at One Buc at 6.15am not getting work done and just messing around with ur buddies Coz last year it looked like they weren’t prepared at all but with Schiano even if u get there at 8 you know there is no buddy time. I know one thing for sure in this league if your quarter back is good and well prepared even if if your team is nt as good , he will shine the light.. last year u can see freeman was not well prepared last year and thats why we lost 10 straight.. Saints got a bad Defense but you can see because of their QB

  24. SteveK Says:

    The crow I have been eating the past 3 weeks has been delicious.

    I am so proud to see Freeman balling, finally.

    I hope he can continue to grow in this offense.

  25. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    Clearly he is confused as to what a “club” is and is referencing Freeman’s erstwhile obsession with fourthmeal at Taco Bell.

  26. Greig Says:

    Anyone stop and think as to why the BUCs PR staff and/or his agent hasn’t put a stop to this whiele he continues to say it?
    Maybe there is some truth to those rumours and if they make it a bigger deal it becomes a BIG deal rather than just one grumpy has been.

    All the talk/comments of how hard working Josh is seem to be coming from 2010 when he (and the team) did well, maybe since then his “habits” have changed and his work ethic dropped thanks to thiniing great stats come easy.

    I’m in no way saying it’s true BUT Boomer didn’t just make a passing comment, he keeps bringing it up, Freemans people have done/said nothing, and I’ve seen quite a few people here and on other boards saying Freeman like to “party” (like Wally above)

  27. OB Says:


    Certain things are self evident, if Josh is playing terrible now, just think of what is great. I for one, can live with terrible and non-commitment and if I knew what establishment Josh was at in the evening, I would gladly buy him a lot so he keeps playing so terrible.

    Lastly how could Josh prove him wrong, he is playing terrible, if your are the opponent, he only threw for two TDs and less than 300 yards, but I think that was because Doug was showing off for his family. I just want them to continue to play terrible and show off for their adopted families, the Buc Fans.

    Happy Voting!!

  28. Phil Says:

    @Morgan – you might want to rethink what you wrote. Boomer’s comment is clear and so is Joe’s

  29. Sneedy16 Says:


    When I was in Tampa in 2011, I would see Freeman a lot in SOHO during the off season. When the season starts he was nowhere to be found. Boomer is basing he beliefs or sources about a 23 year old singing karaoke at bar during the off season. Last year the team as a whole was crappy and unprepared . It isn’t easy to be motivated to go to work when you know your going to get blow out each week. This is the same Freeman that everyone said was committed to improving. Nothing changed, but the coaching.

  30. Brain Says:

    Excuse the language but WHAT THE **** IS THIS MORON TALKING ABOUT?!?!? Freeman has been nothing except an extremely hard worker throughout his whole career. This stinks of blatant and overt racism to me.

  31. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Greig say: “Anyone stop and think as to why the Buc’ss PR staff and/or his agent hasn’t put a stop to this while he continues to say it?”

    !st Amendment??

    I for one would like to thank Boomer for sending a wake up call and for whoever held the bye week intervention that opened up the playbook, took the shackles off Josh and opened up some running lanes for Dougie (22 Cali).

  32. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Here’s the problem with permitting the use of “unnamed sources”. Reporters and others are given a free ticket to slander.

  33. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Incidently, Wally…last I heard limos were vehicles…not clubs.

  34. Mike Says:

    I let Boomer know how I feel about that comment on Twitter. He told me to #growup. Made me laugh.

  35. Nick Says:

    I tweeted Boomer… and he laughed at me for asking him for sources… @NRC1284 – i hashtagged joebucsfan… I quite hoenstly didnt get the joke?

  36. Biggun Says:

    Watching CBS SPORTS Network channel Monday Quarterback show and Boomer as on set and Freeman came up in the discussion and I have to say Boomer closing statement about Free almost made me feel he really admires Free and wants him to stay focused that he could be elite and a have a long succesful career…. That’s what I read out of this statement. On the otherhand I’m not sure if anyone is familar with a group of guys they’re doing a commerical for CBS Sports Network and the lead guy is a Blue Evis and then there’s Blue VooDoo Daddy and THE MUSCLE HAMSTER in MARTIN’S #22 BOISE STATE JERSEY!!!! The commercial is filmed at Boise State Stadium pretty cool except it was for a Denver Bronco’s plug I guess they’re going to have a hard time cheering for OUR MUSCLE HAMSTER or their Bronco’s lol “RIDE THE HAMSTER”