Kellen Winslow Arrested

June 8th, 2018

Kellen Winslow Jr. never missed a game in this three Bucs seasons and caught a whopping 218 balls at tight end.

Since then, he’s caught his share of trouble.

There was the famous incident in a Target parking lot, where Winslow was apparently involved in an solitary, intimate moment. It had all the necessary elements of intrigue and drama: Vaseline, fast-food chicken, a woman allegedly seeing his erect penis, drugs, law enforcement and NFL policy, all at 5:30 p.m.

Now there’s a new one.

Winslow was arrested for burglary in a southern California senior mobile home park, per NBC San Diego.

The reporting party indicated a black male adult had walked into a neighbor’s residence.

The reporting party confronted the male because he did not recognize him as being the resident who lived there. After being confronted, the male left the residence and got into a black SUV and drove away.

Deputies checked the area and located the matching vehicle on El Camino Real. Deputies stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver of the vehicle. The driver was positively identified as the male subject who had been in the residence.

He was later identified as Kellen Winslow, II, age 35. Winslow was placed under arrest for residential burglary and booked into custody at the Vista Detention Facility.

Winslow is free on bail now and there’s not much more information. No word on whether police had trouble with handcuffs because of slippery substances.

Bizarre dude, Winslow is. But at least he didn’t steal from Team Glazer during his three seasons.

18 Responses to “Kellen Winslow Arrested”

  1. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Just imagine that not too long ago, Josh Freeman and K2 were the heart of the Bucs offense!

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    If you want a player that never hardly practice and was one legged and pushed off every time to get open and gave horrible example to a rebuilding team!!!!!! Then yea, Team Glazers go their moneys worth!!!!!!!!

    Hard to believe that joe ever thought this was a good trade for a team in full rebuild mode!!!!! And it was one of the big reasons that Coach Schiano had to come and clean house after the talk show dominik/rah disaster!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tom S. Says:

    Joe’s favorite rock star traded a 2nd, a 5th and gave Winslow the highest TE contract in the league for those 3 seasons. Winslow was solid, never the same after his injuries from his broken leg his rookie year and later attempt to pop wheelies in his motorcycle which left him with a torn ACL and staph infection.

    It’s ok about that 2nd round pick though Bucs fans, Lesean McCoy was only taken 3 spots after the Bucs would have come up to pick, so not like there was any reason to hold onto the pick or anything.

  4. Nick2 Says:

    Toes on the line! Toes on the line! —– He may have heard that again during his perp walk. LOL

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    What no additional charges for contents of the infamous briefcase??

  6. Chris in WA Says:

    I’ll always remember this interview that Kellen Winslow JR. did with local meida up in Seattle. After the disastirous 2011 season when the players clearly quit on Raheem Morris and the Glazers had to do a complete 180 by hiring Schiano: Kellen Winslow was released by the team.

    He was whining up in Seattle how they “Ran his boy Raheem, a coach he would die for” out of Tampa and Schiano was all “TOES ON THE LINE!”. I was simply astounded that someone could be so dumb and tone def as to not understand that it was the players in 2011 who ran out Raheem by not showing up for 10 straight games after going 4-2. Nor could he understand why someone like Schiano was ever brought in in the first place. Safe to say that WinSLOW wouldn’t get along with Brenston Buckner around here actually holding people accountable.

    He never even made it to the regular season for the Seachickens by the way.

  7. ben Says:

    Winslow was great to watch on the field and worth the $ to most fans. He just seemed to find a way to get open .

  8. gbobucsfan Says:

    Maybe he ran out of Vaseline and Fried Chicken???

    Also, how about the set on the person who confronted a 6’4″ 2XX pound male about going into a buddies trailer? “Hey man, that’s Calvin’s trailer, you ain’t Calvin. What you doing in his trailer?” Say that in the voice of Kid Rock’s character in Joe Dirt.

  9. Joe Says:

    Joe’s favorite rock star traded a 2nd, a 5th and gave Winslow the highest TE contract in the league for those 3 seasons.

    Joe b!tched about that trade the moment it was announced. Wrote that Tony Gonzalez could have been had for a second round pick. Few weeks later, Atlanta traded a second round pick for a Hall of Fame tight end. 🙁

    It is all in the free archives.

  10. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Often, burglaries of this type are attributed to opportune scores for cash when the offender needs a way to sustain a drug habit. Too bad if Winslow has sunk to thievery for any reason.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Roy T. Buford

    When drug martin was suspended, we all knew that win-slow culture was still alive and well!!!!!! Its hard to believe that joe still thinks that was a good trade!!!!!!! What was in those mysterious duffel bag that win-slow would bring to the team hotel????? And what happened in England, Bucs players should have been in jail and the rah and talk show dominik should have been fired and left across the pond!!!!!!!!! that is some culture!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. William Walls Says:

    Hey, look! White gloves! Maybe it’s a TE thing…

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we have better now. What a player does after leaving Tampa does not matter to me one wit…good or bad.

    Doesn’t matter what Bennett did after leaving.
    Doesn’t matter what Winslow did after leaving.

    Why? Because I know how to move on.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    “When drug martin was suspended, we all knew that win-slow culture was still alive and well”

    You know full well that Winslow had nothing to do with Martin. Martin got hooked on painkillers while rehabbing.

  15. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Buc Realist…I’ve heard so many rumors about that England trip…none of them good. Glad they’re not going back anytime soon. Funny thing is I envied not having the opposing coach for that game. Bears Lovie Smith.

    My how things change.

  16. kh Says:

    Wait, what happened in England?

  17. James Walker Says:

    Something is missing here, as in what he took or evidence that he broke into a home. Some old guy calling the police on a black man walking down the street is not burglary. What did he steal and from who?

  18. TombsEN Says:

    You need to update the story that Winslow was “reportedly” house hunting when an “overactive” neighbor called the police because they saw a black
    an and because that’s the fad of the day. You should do more research when posting stories like this because it could just be a white person calling the police because the other person is black.