Lightning Ask NHL To Play Caps 5 On 4 For Remainder Of Series; League Denies Request

May 16th, 2018
Ok. So maybe we don’t have real evidence to suggest the Lightning made that request. However, it would be worth a try considering the results. Besides, when the Lightning have five skaters on the ice and the Capitals do too…the Capitals have outscored the Lightning 8-3 in this series. Hence, the Capitals are still in control through three games.
In this edition of the Lightning Playoff Podcast, Todd discusses the tangible and intangibles of Jon Cooper’s line changes as well as the goaltending matchup of Vasy vs. Holtby.


Todd Wright isn’t just the fantasy football podcast guru and golf chief around here. The longtime national and local sports radio personality has loads of knowledge about the Tampa Bay Lightning. So launching the Todd Wright Lightning Playoff Podcast was a no-brainer. Todd has media credentials for Bolts games and will provide plenty of fresh insight.

(Also, the JoeBoltsFan podcast with Tom Lang has been a big hit every Friday.)

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5 Responses to “Lightning Ask NHL To Play Caps 5 On 4 For Remainder Of Series; League Denies Request”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    You are awesome Todd, I could listen to you talk about Hockey forever, You really know your Chit!
    I agree, game 3 was not a turning point, but it is a start!
    One more win for us, and guess what ? It is a brand new series !
    This series is shaping up to be a battle of Goalies, because both teams have so much firepower.

  2. Ciccone's Zamboni Says:

    There was a TON of puck-luck going our way yesterday. I was at the game and it was interesting to see just how down the crowd got after the 1-0 lead. By 3-0 folks were headed to the Metro. That being said, the Caps didn’t quit. They’re downright scary at times- in fact, the last 3 mins of the game were far more intense than they should’ve been. Overall, we skated much better and even bothered to get our sticks and bodies involved in the checking game and in blocking shots. We won a ton of face-offs too. Though we still gave-up way too much in-zone possession and there were times we got lazy and/or too cute (looking at you Kuch).

    The Caps are prepping for a Game 4 war…we will need a more complete effort than we gave in Game 3 to win. We need to play like we want it more than they do. Taking Game 4 just may break their spirit. It’ll definitely spark the old “collapsitals” defeatism, locally.

  3. Wesley Says:

    We outwork our competition and play with intensity we are VERY tough to beat.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    @Ciccone’s Zamboni
    Yes, a game 4 win will surely fuk with their heads, and their fans and local media will start bailing on them.
    My hat is off to the Joe’s for placing Hockey Stuff on this website. I am a hard core Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan, but there really isn’t much going on with them right now, besides underwear Football.
    Playoff Hockey is what is happening in Tampa right now, and it is sure nice to talk about it!

  5. unbelievable Says:

    Thread title had me cracking up.