Kwon Alexander No. 22

May 7th, 2018


It is never too early to prepare for the future, especially in the NFL in the month of May.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN chose to monitor expiring contracts of the NFL’s top talent and threw together a list of the top potential free agents of 2019. Among them is Kwon Alexander, the ferocious middle linebacker of the Bucs, ranked No. 22.

This is an interesting intersection. Joe has often written about how the team will need to start counting nickels shortly because not only will America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, need to get paid soon, so too will Donovan Smith, Ali Marpet, and Alexander.

The other element of this story is, let’s say the Bucs stink this year and there is a new regime. Then all bets are off as to players the new regime would retain.

If you think Joe is nuts, then just go back and look at all the top shelf talent the two previous Bucs coaches ran off for reasons unclear. This team is still recovering from those braindead personnel moves.

56 Responses to “Kwon Alexander No. 22”

  1. OneBucPerson Says:

    Kwon better be on the Top 100 this year, I know we stunk but we had some players shine and Kwon was one of them.

  2. BucEmUp Says:

    That guy is so passionate, they better find a way to keep him around

  3. DB55 Says:

    go back and look at all the top shelf talent the two previous Bucs coaches ran off for reasons unclear.
    Penn, Zuttah, Mason Foster and Mark Barron come to mind.

    Strangely enough, for as much as they suck (penn and Barron were ridiculed in Tampa) they ALL have more playoff snaps than tutti frutti McIceCream. Go figure. Keep it up TB Bucs “real” fans, you’re doing a great job and your football knowledge is second to know.

    You scream, we ALL scream for ice cream. That why the best uniforms were creamsicle. #IceCream

  4. webster Says:

    @ db55

    What do you do? Just think of a player who no longer plays for the bucs and throw their names out as a mistake? Mason foster has done jack $#!+ since leaving the bucs. He would not start over any linebacker we have. And remember barron was drafted as a SAFETY. He sucked as a SAFETY and thats why the rams do not play him as SAFETY. Oh and barron is not better than the bucs linebackers either. But you are the same guy crying about steven means and najee goode who have combined for 10 tkls since leaving the bucs. Stop crying just to cry. Not a good look for a grown man.

  5. Db Says:

    I love kwon but did he really earn another contract?

    He had a great rookie year before getting in trouble with a substance. Then was injured last year and struggled making plays like he did in 2016.

    If I’m a betting man he will be “great” but at the same time it’s to early to say he earned another contract.

    Go Bucs!

  6. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    Cap Hell ruins teams chances of keeping their own talent.

  7. SteelStudBuc Says:

    This guy is over hyped.
    He doesn’t even tuck in his shirt… attempts arm tackles… gotta get back to fundamentals Kwon.

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    didn’t we draft an LB this year?…..either way, would be dumb to let him walk….I would like to see beckwith as our MLB tho……


  9. SCBucsFan Says:

    Mason Foster and top shelf talent made me snort water thru my nose.

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    Kwon is a very good player for Tampa but amongst us he is a top 10 linebacker. But when outsiders rank him of any kind .of stat he likely to be average among his peers

  11. DB55 Says:


    Wtf is your problem? If you don’t like my post skip them.

    Crying over Steve means? I pointed out he has a SB ring. That’s just true. Barron safety or not has playoff games under his belt, facts.

  12. DB55 Says:

    Wtf the Bucs got but 9 last place finishes in the last ten years?

  13. pelbuc Says:

    Give me less passion and better execution. Dude missed a lot of tackles last year and let’s face it, worst defense in the NFL.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    kwon is a beast when healthy and when he has his technique right but I doubt he makes top100…..I doubt any buc makes it this year…..IMO


  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Beckwith would step right in and be an improvement over kwon if he is able to get over the car accident and injury

  16. DB55 Says:


    Agree 100%

  17. Chris Says:

    Passing on jimmy garopollo in 2014 for asj makes me hurl every day.

    Better start scouting the 2019 qb crop.

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    When constructing an NFL team, with salary cap restrictions, 31 other teams after the same talent, you have to make some decisions.

    We simply can’t afford to have a Pro Bowler at every position. Given that reality it seems the question to me then is how far beneath Pro Bowl quality are you willing to slip.

    Kwon is one of those Pro Bowl “tweeners”. Not a solid Pro Bowler every year but in contention, especially if the Bucs started winning games. I maintain that players of this caliber are assets not liabilities.

    It’s not the nearly Pro Bowl guys who are hurting us…and we have our share…it’s the toilet bowl guys who kill us. Guys who shouldn’t be on the field in a Buc’s uniform…like Swaggy.

    Kwon may not be “America’s” Linebacker but I’m thrilled to have him as a Buc’s linebacker.

  19. Trench War Says:


    Passing on jimmy garopollo for mike glennon was a mistake.

  20. cmurda Says:

    The problem with Beckwith 813 is that he gets shook easily. I watched him far too often searching the field grass for his jockstrap. His coverage skills are solid and his tackling when he gets a hold of somebody is also solid. I like Beckwith too but seriously watch how many times he gets juked. It can get comical.

  21. Easy Says:

    Kwon is an average MLB.

  22. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I definitely want Kwon on the bucs as he has a fire that the team needs as opposed to another alleged captain on the defense, but hopefully this is the year that jameis turns the corner and is a playoff winning qb and he shows that on teh field then give jameis the money and then plug in Beckwith or guy from wisconsin, big season for everyone on the team and staff not named mike evans, who i guarantee will play at his high level even after getting paid

  23. pelbuc Says:

    I’ve got no problem moving on from JW if he continues to be a turnover machine and if his stupidity cost Bucs a 4-6 game suspension. Flaco will be available.

  24. SCBucsFan Says:

    If we opt for Flacco over Winston then I’m pretty sure Licht will be applying soon at Chick Fil A, not even as a managerial position. And that isn’t an insult, I love Chick Fil A and respect their workers.

  25. DBAG56 Says:

    Pretty dang good in the pass defense game but the run play is downright awful. Very slow filling gaps, missed tackles, over pursuit, out of position often… I know he wants to pick 6 every play but the run game SHOULD be priority #1 for a MLB and with Kwon, it just isn’t.

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    “players of this caliber are assets not liabilities”

    Thank You Captain Obvious.

    Oh – And DB – thanks for “keepin it real” around here in maxi-pad’s absence. NOT!!

  27. Not there yet Says:

    Yep we’ll when you hire the wrong coaches they make the wrong decisions go figure. If a new regime comes in and stats getting this rusher then we hired the wrong coach and gm, having said that I don’t think Jason Licht is going anywhere because it’s not his fault if letter came win with this roster and if Winston sucks yes it’s on Winston but just like Jeff Fisher for the Rams koetter would have to pay for it with his job

  28. Jjones Says:

    So off subject here but anyone else check out that DB Darius Price from Siena Heights? I know it’s NAIA division which is below Div3 but hes an intriguing prospect.

    I’M NOT SAYING HE’S DERWIN JAMES BUT, Darius’ measurables are almost identical to Derwins at his pro day.

    Darius is 6’2″ 225lbs with 33.5″ arms. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds with a 36-inch vertical leap. He had 21 reps at 225 pounds and added a broad jump of 10 feet, 9 inches.His 21 reps would have been the third-most among defensive backs at the NFL Combine.

    I’m not saying he’s a starter but at least he has a chance now thru tryouts to make the practice squad. Kid has a good head 9n his shoulders too and has grinded it out just to get to this point, very humble, takes nothing for granted.

  29. BushidoEvans Says:

    @DB55 was with you until Mason Foster dude is an average NFL linebacker at best, always screamed average to me.

  30. webster Says:

    @ db55

    My problem is posters who just want to complain to complain. I mean mason freaking foster? Only two fan bases even know who this guy is. And no, you did not simply point out that means had a ring. You put him and players like connor barth as mistakes of the bucs letting them go eventhough those said players have sucked since being let go by the bucs. You know just like you did today with foster and barron. Our starting linebackers are all better. Isnt the goal of a front office to upgrade when possible? I dont get it. You bash mccoy everyday but cry for lesser talent that is no longer here. It defies all logic.

  31. 813bucboi Says:


    yeah I know what you mean….ive seen it a few times too…shaddy made him look sick vs the bills…lol…

    but thats one of the reasons why I would move him inside….I think kwon has better agility and lateral quickness to keep up with rb’s running to the outside and playing the cut back…..and I think beckwith has better eye discipline than kwon….kwon tends to over run plays too often for my liking and has a tough time shedding blocks from C’s & G’s…..

    but if they kept kwon in the middle I wouldn’t be mad….we have a great LB core no matter where they line up….


  32. 813bucboi Says:


    sounds intriguing….at the very least, his character is what this team needs…..we need players that are hungry and motivated…..hungry for a win….hungry for a opportunity…..hungry for success…..

    our locker room lacks hunger and urgency……too many players and coaches comfortable up at 1buc place……imo


  33. Dooshlarue Says:

    Sorry Joe, but I don’t think we have to pay Donovan Smith.
    I think Licht will let him go and draft his replacement.
    What would our compensatory pick status be if we let him walk?

  34. DB55 Says:

    So I searched for my what I called “mistakes” lmao.

    webster Says:
    March 15th, 2018 at 6:18 pm
    @ mike 10

    Please let us know of all the talent that have left the bucs under licht only to shine else where

    DB55 Says:
    March 15th, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    DE means and Lb Goode won a Sb ring with eagles.
    The punt returner went to the SB with the Patriots.
    Guard Omegah went to the playoffs with the jags.
    Mark Barron is a total beast in LA
    Swearinger had 4 Ints for the redskins last year

    And that’s just off the top of my head. Show us a list and I bet there’s a 90% success rate amongst buc cast-offs.

    That’s bc you guys are idiots and run everyone out of town cuz they suck when it facts it just Tampa that sucks.


    These are just facts. Where did I say that cutting means was a mistake?

    Imply said that virtually everyone that leaves here goes on the succeed elsewhere. If thats as a team or as an individual.

    Oh btw just learned that Tampa is ranked 11th poorest major metro in the country out of 79. Poverty and lack of education what a shocker!!!!

    Webster I think you just don’t like me but my facts are on point whether you like them or not. Youll be alright just listen to what I say and don’t ever question me. Lol.

  35. Jjones Says:

    813, agreed!

    Very excited to see how these drafted and undrafted players look in mini camp and beyond. Not giving anyone a grade until the season starts but hoping to hear that guys like Price and others are excelling.

  36. Rodney Says:

    We’re great at chasing out great good or even decent talent to have worse take over n yet everyone screams to dump GMC even Conte. Granted conte isn’t great we can and have had a lot worse lynch was our greatest n even he would of had struggled if qbs had all day to throw all we’ve had on the dline is GMC n yet so many want to blame it all on him. Is he too nice sure but so what if he bust his ads to pit the pressure on. If he sacks the qb or tackles the rb for a loss of yards I could careless that he helps the player up. It’s not like he’s pulling back on his tackle so he doesn’t upset someone SMFH

  37. teacherman777 Says:


    I love those kind of players.

    Hardworkers and dreamers like Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks.

    Like Karl “The truth” Williams.

    Like Ronde Barber and Jeff Gooch.

    Like Chidi Ahanatu and Brad Culpepper.

    Like Joe Hamilton and Jacquezz Green.

    Like Ernest Grahm and Caddy Williams.

    Like Davin Joseph and Donald Penn.

    I’m an old-school, spiritual Bucs fan.

    This franchise was on fire, when we had a team full of hard workers, dreamers, and good men.

    Go Bucs!

  38. Jjones Says:

    @Teacherman, we weren’t the only ones that acknowledged he has all the tools and some if the intangibles you want in a player as well. 5 other teams contacted his agent but his agent said Tampa would be the best fit to make a roster spot. We were also the 1st to reach out to the young man.

  39. Chris K Says:

    DB55 further proving his actual football knowledge is zero to none. With him it will always be the search of negativity. Let it go Webster. Trolls like him and tmaxipad feed off the attention we give to their negativity. If a 2nd tier player leaves us and is somehow on a roster of a winning team after leaving that somehow translates to the Bucs made a bad decision. Makes no damn sense. If McCoy did leave here and joined a winner like the Patriots or the Eagles, DB55 and tmaxipad may get so freaking confused about what to post on here that their heads may explode!

  40. GhostofSchiano Says:

    With the new and improved defensive line the Bucs linebackers will have an easy year. Run it up the middle, sure thing, just get it past the 325 pound Allen and the 349 pound Vea . And if that aint enough you have the six time pro bow, superstar McCoy ( a DB55 fan favorite). Run it to the outside, JPP and Curry, good luck, add to all of this the six time pro bowl Gerald McCoy and see the Bucs defense allowing the fewest rushing yards this year………….

    Provided Smitty doesn’t F#*K it up

  41. Walter Seidel Says:

    Joe, don’t you like Kwon as much as Jameis? Isn’t he ranked high enough to be called America’s Linebacker?

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The other element of this story is, let’s say the Bucs stink this year and there is a new regime. Then all bets are off as to players the new regime would retain. – Joe

    Okay, Joe, I get what you are saying…but if that is the case, I would think the Glazers would keep Koetter and Licht for exactly that reason. They have voiced how pleased they are with the way this roster is being built. No way do they let all this talent slip through their fingers, so that means…

    …Koetter and Licht are not really on the hot seat.

    That’s all media and fan driven nonsense.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As to Ghengis Kwon…I think he’ll have his best year yet. I think all of the linebackers and cornerbacks will. He’ll actually be free to play his position like it is supposed to be played now that he doesn’t have to make up for a crappy Dline.

  44. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DB55 Says:
    “Penn, Zuttah, Mason Foster and Mark Barron come to mind.”

    I think that is a bit different. First, Penn was aging and had a big contract. Mason Foster and Mark Barron were not much good for us.

    Kwon and Beckwith are pretty darn good. I could see letting David go…he’s starting to get up there and he really has not produced for the amount of money he is paid. But again, that could change this year.

  45. DB55 Says:

    Chris K

    You know you’re right! If it were 1 or 2 players then by all means I’m just looking for the negatives but it’s not just 1 or 2 it’s been almost every single player. Feels that way, at least.

    I don’t have enough time to name them all. It might actually be easier to list players we’ve cut that haven’t done anything afterwards

    Louis Murphy comes to mind but that’s it. Lolololol

    But if you want to measure 🍆 feel free. I’ll list players going back ten years with rings that will far exceed anything you got.

    Look if you guys wanna shut me up it’s easy, state facts not opinions. Post videos to support your statements like I do. Better yet find 1 post/comment that I made where I was wrong!

    But I bet you can’t even do that, so just stfu and learn or prove me wrong. Either way I’m good!

  46. DB55 Says:


    Ty for the response. No offense but I completely disagree with like 98% of your posts but you’ve earned your respect so let me be respectful.

    Letting David go is unimaginable! He’s the best defensive player on the team bar none. I mean I’m having a hard time even entertaining the idea.

    As for Penn aging I think he made the pro bowl and top 100 list. For someone who is fat and over the hill AND most importantly NOT one of the highest paid at his position that’s pretty good. It’s better than D Smith as much as I may like D Smith.

    Don’t forget that he literally got run out of town. Simply search the jbf archives and read the comments from all the resident experts and “real fans”

    As for Barron, can anyone name a better safety since he was traded? Wilcox, ward, Tandy, conte, Evans? Barron sucked so bad that it’s taken 5 years, 5 different guys to try to replace him and we’re still drafting safeties every year for the past 3 years. Come on people wake up!

  47. Chris K Says:

    DB55, fact has been to 6 pro bowls. Hey! I like this game DB55! Now tell us your “opinion” on him again…. That was too easy for me, but I need to check out for now. Not gonna get trapped into your trolling tonight. I have to get back to the “facts” of real life.

  48. Chris K Says:

    *McCoy fact on those pro bowls..

  49. DB55 Says:

    YeA pro bowls we know. But how many playoff snaps? Zero.

  50. Sunny Says:

    Kwon will get a second contract, if this team wants to build for the future , it would get draft capital while it can for guy like Lvd , gmc , Djax , all are replaceable and will fix the cap , let’s just say we can get (3) 2nd rd , and 3rd,4th,5th between the 3 of them , we can build with young talent fix cap and easily replace these guys either on roster already or draft. We are deep at WR,LB , and DT we are getting there

  51. '74 Bucs Fan Says:

    SB – that’s some funny sh!t!

  52. webster Says:

    @ db55

    You are losing it bro. You post a line from 6:25 pm when earlier in that day i explained THIS regime has not got rid of nobody of note yet you brought up connor barth, stevens means. I further explained to your cluessless self that talib, blount, bennett are players we should be mad at which was under a different REGIME. They all went on to DO BIG things. Patrick omameh? He is a role player which we have plenty of. He is worse than kevin pamphile. Dj swanger had 4 ints last year? So what? We had a rookie safety get 3 ints that missed the last 3 games and was not a starter at the beginning. Swanger had 4 ints? What did he do the other 1000 plays when 800 he was probably out of position? He is DJ freaking swanger. A role player. No team is clamoring for his services. You are posting dj swanger like we gave up on ed reed. Lol. What did he do the year before? How close was he to all pro? You crying over role players when we have players on this team just as good as omameh. Role players. Gholston is better than steven means!!!! Lvd, beckwith and kwon are better than barron!!!! Gtfooh

  53. webster Says:

    @ db55

    One last thing. No fan in the eagles’ fan base will remember steven means and najee goode played on the superbowl team and d@mn sure no other fan base will remember that. They combined for like 10 tackles lol. What are you really trying to say? Thats one of the weakest arguments ever. Next post why dont you cry over the water boy. Smdh

  54. Bucsfanman Says:

    Kwon, unfortunately Buc fans, while decent is expendable. Beckwith pretty much made that a certainty.
    I like Kwon but he is not a dominant MLB and his tackling has gotten worse. Maybe it’s subject to change with a real-deal D-line! We’ll see.

  55. John meeks Says:

    Kwon is the least of my worries on this team!!

  56. DPewter Says:

    I have a feeling we will be drafting a left tackle soon.