Rough Night For Beau Allen

April 27th, 2018

Bucs defensive tackle Beau Allen

One of the best stories told during this Bucs offseason was uttered by Cameron Brate on the Ira Kaufman Podcast.

Brate described the stunner that belted him on draft night a year ago — and what happened next.

Simply stated, Brate was an emerging beast coming off a season in which he led the NFL in touchdown catches for a tight end. Eager for a new contract, Brate watched the draft unfold and the Bucs select another tight end in Round 1, wildly talented O.J. Howard. Within 30 seconds, despite all the draft elation in the Bucs’ war room, Brate got a soothing phone call from Dirk Koetter. (You can click above for more).

Well, last night had to be one of those nights for new Bucs free agent defensive tackle Beau Allen.

The dude was signed away from the Eagles last month and passed on bigger cash to ink a deal with Tampa Bay, and Allen had done a load of homework on the Bucs and determined he was a great fit to start and play a big role.

And in comes Vita Vea, last night’s manbeast selection by Jason Licht in Round 1 of the draft. Vea, if he is as advertised, is going to take a massive quantity of Allen’s snaps — or at least the snaps Allen hoped to get.

Allen started three games for the Eagles last year but played a lot. The Bucs dropped $5 million in is lap for this season, with no guaranteed money next year.

Yes, Joe knows Allen’s roster spot is secure and the Bucs depth at defensive tackle should be special. But that still doesn’t take away from the tough-business reality facing Allen: first-round picks are there to play early and often.

Night 2 is here. You ready?

67 Responses to “Rough Night For Beau Allen”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Allen is not worried

    …..he’s depth….period

  2. Wesley Says:

    Yeah Allen is a depth guy anyway.

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    A bit like the Brate story. Feel a bit for him. But, as others say, DL depth is important. He’ll still get his pay.

  4. al121976 Says:

    I think they will all be heavily rotated and not to mention the “just in case” of injury aspect. I think they will all be fine

  5. FortMyersDave Says:

    Ought to help Mikey Smith rotate fresh bodies on the DL, those boys in the trenches must like the thought of not being gassed in the 4th quarter late…

  6. DBAG56 Says:

    He got paid, he don’t care. Ya’ll funny.

  7. Jooehelldeloxley Says:

    From what I have read, Vea is a hysical beast but he is still rough in technic.
    So I don’t think there is an issue to have a talented DT (McCoy), a good player (Allen) and a young guy who seems full of enthusiasm.

    I only see very goods points, Vea will be in a very good environment to learn and improve without having to be a stud right away.

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    good quality depth!!!!!!……he’s getting paid more to play the same role he did last year….hopefully with the same ending results!!!!….SB champ!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. Bculaw Says:

    Need to rotate the big guys more than most teams due to the Florida heat. I suspect they’ll all get plenty of snaps.

  10. Lou. Says:

    Writing on the wall:

    Smith likes huge DTs. It is McCoy, not Beau, who is the outlier here. Sure, McCoy is the star for now but watch a transition on short yardage plays.

    Licht likes to back up his FAs with draft picks. Bra fits that bill.

    Allen will have plenty of plays. Up to him to show how productive his snaps are.

  11. Jarhead Says:

    Man our DLine is going to be so tough to run on. And with this rotation allowing them to be fresh I wouldn’t worry about the pass rush, they will be fine.

  12. ruggyup Says:

    If Vea goes down on the field they will Allen to help getting him off the field.

  13. nate_tweetz Says:

    Vita get tired pretty quickly. There will be a heavy rotation of DL. Enough snaps to keep everyone happy.

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’d be happy if I were him. We now have a great DT rotation to keep everyone fresh for a long season. Stay healthy / collect checks / be part of a better line = win win win imo

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    I like the way the DL is shaping up, a far cry from past years…

  16. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    You can say the same thing for every existing veteran player for every single position when a younger player is drafted at their position. Tonight when we draft a RB, how do think Barber, Rodgers, and now newly resigned Sims will feel?

  17. LostinPA Says:

    After last year I hope the let the best guy win. Our team would have been better if McDonald could have won the starting job from Baker. Give no one anything.

  18. Bird Says:

    The point of article was to say he took less to come here cause he kept word to licht as they had verbal in place.

    He was given more money and most likely a starting job with more playing time to play for another team.

    So yah. I feel for him.

  19. Chris K Says:

    He’ll play plenty. Rotation is the way to play! Defensive line finally has real depth and quality. Tmaxipad and DB55 will be crying and looking for more BS outside of McCoy’s production this season. McCoy will have 8-10 sacks and be fresher late in games and in the season now. Put it in the books!

  20. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Heavy rotation…no gifted jobs….those that stick, one unit coming at you all game long…….now get to work and learn your limitations!! Go Bucs

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Vea played some RB in high school….maybe it’s Barber who should be concerned….

  22. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    The entire philosophy behind selecting Vea is to cultivate a potent ROTATION of D-lineman. Allen will get his snaps.

  23. Bird Says:


    I saw that. He was a 260 lb wildcat qb/ running back. His growth spurts must have been those of legend.

    Pretty sure his sheet is bigger than me.

  24. Joe Says:

    The entire philosophy behind selecting Vea is to cultivate a potent ROTATION of D-lineman. Allen will get his snaps.

    Don’t think you draft a guy No. 12 overall just to be part of a rotation. Just like Joe is confident Licht didn’t draft Hargreaves at No. 11 just to be a slot corner.

  25. Guzzie Says:

    Just saw a 2nd round mock with our 56th pick Matt Miller mocks TE Mike Gesicki and writes “Tampa gets their young TE to develop” how do these guys even have jobs SMDH

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Trade our 4th, 2 6s, 7th and something next year to pick up:


    We will have 4 starters at need positions out of this draft….who could ask for more than that.

  27. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    The D-line is a different entity. What has Ira been talking about all off-season? What has Jason Licht been talking about after the pick?

    One of the major contributing factors to Philly’s Super Bowl run was their incredibly talented, and incredibly deep rotation of Defensive lineman. That way you keep the entire group fresh and there is very little drop off when the starters come off the field.

    I get the idea behind your sentiment, I just think it’s a little off base, similar to last years draft when you had a feeling that Cam Brate was possible trade bait due to selecting O.J. in the 1st.

    I do think that Vea end up winning the starting job, but Allen and Unrein will see the field a fair bit as well.

  28. The Buc Realist Says:

    Hard to believe that some thought the Bucs were “set” at defensive line!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The Graham Tram Says:

    Tampa is hot. It’s not a rotation, it’s a water break

  30. K_Bassuka Says:

    Who cares, he’s not good enough anyway.

  31. BucTrooper Says:

    Compare Brate’s numbers in 2017 to 2016. With OJ Howard on the roster, he barely had a drop off. The Bucs didn’t need OJ Howard.

    Dalvin Cook was the pick.

  32. SteveK Says:

    Bring on the trench players.

    Stand pat and one of these dude should be a Buc:

    1. Harold Landry
    2. Will Hernandez
    3. Joshua Jackson
    4. Sam Hubbard
    5. Derrius Guice
    6. James Daniels

    BPA all the way!

  33. Getaclue Says:

    Expected some 3-4 with both of them on the field with McCoy also

  34. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Avoid Harold Landry like the plague. He is Gaines Adams. Has no power or pass rush moves.

  35. John B Says:

    It’s about time we had some true rotational depth, not 1st year street FA’s and 7th rounders…he is rock solid depth

    The DLine needs to have 8-9 fresh guys all the time just punishing the opposition EVERY play – NO PLAYS OFF!!!

    Dungy would carry 10 D’Lineman back in the day, can never have enough people disrupting the other side of the ball…

  36. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Yeah Vea does allow us to switch to 3-4 defense and we can run multiple defensive scheme’s as well. Man I think we get Hernandez in the second and I think they may get more dline help as well by drafting Hill from Sam Houston St. as well. They got an opportunity to fill all the needs with 3 second round picks. I hope they take a stab at J. Bates too late in the second. One thing I said that happen though is the fact we would get more than two picks in one round. I thought it would be the first honestly but we got them in the second round instead

  37. Destinjohnny Says:

    Davenport made more sense due to our free agent signings
    Saints are top level drafters…..they went hard at him

  38. Bucs fan from Philly Says:

    Allen has ever right to be pissed. He was depth on a championship team, then leaves to be a starter for a bargain price just to lose his playing time to a rookie. He won a ring a few months ago. He has to be pissed. He just cashed out on that ring and hope for more playing time a month or two ago.

    I hate it had to be him, but maybe he should go to that island and lift that big ass rock Vita Vea lifted.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t feel for Allen at all.

    He wanted a fair shot at starting. All this does is tell him the starting role will not just be handed to him.

    That’s the problem with free agents. If they get good money, they think it is owed to them to start.

    It is up to Allen to keep the starting role. Vea was a first round pick, yes, but if Allen plays so well that Smith would not want to replace him this year, then Allen will start. Period.

    And it is up to Vea to show he is the best option.

    As to the GMC haters here, McCoy is under no threat at all. Vea is not the type of DT to play McCoy’s spot. McCoy’s replacement is not on the roster yet…and probably won’t be before next year…but even then, barring injury, the replacement will be groomed.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Destinjohnny Says
    “Davenport made more sense…”

    Question: Who would you rather have…Davenport or a rookie Vince Wilfork?

  41. Bucsfanman Says:

    Destin- Was Davenport worth TWO 1st round picks? IMO, no, I don’t think so.

    Jarhead- What’s up ‘artist formerly known as’?! I agree about the run defense. Pretty stout!
    As to Allen, man this is a business. In business you do what’s best for the whole company. It’s not like he’s not getting paid. Trust me, it’s a good “problem” to have. There will be injuries, that’s part of the game.

  42. Frankin813 Says:

    It’s better than being Mike Glennon…..again!

  43. Myron Lewis Says:

    Who is Clinton McDonald???

  44. feelthepewterpower Says:

    When you have the opp. to take the bpa am a Howard last season you do so…even if there is depth.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    I like Allen but he is not the future and never was. Now we got Vae, Allen, McCoy and Unrein. These guys should be able to stay fresh now for the 4th quater and empty their tanks for us.

    This line has been well adressed and has high expectation. A very far cry from what we suffered through last year.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    We got four DT that we can feel very comfortable playing. We also got Curry who can switch inside too. Maybe they even get Gholston trained to go inside.

    Our D-Line is so much better with the Vae pick. He just needs to work hard for us and live up to the hype!

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    Beau Allen will be thanking Jason Licht for drafting Vita Vea once training camp starts. Only DT with ‘Florida time’ is GMC. The others (Allen, Unrein, Vea) will be thanking their lucky stars once hot & humid hits. Bucs learned a valuable lesson apparently: you can NEVER have enough monster DTs to rotate in (especially come the 4th qtr of Sep-Oct home games).

    The 2 DTs I feel for are Unrein & Stevie T. Unrein I think will get some DT rotation time, but I suspect he’ll be used more on the edges in 3-4 alignments. Stevie (7th Rnd pick last year) won’t make the roster IMO.

    I’m still wondering what the future holds (beyond this year) for GMC. His dead cap ends this year, and he’ll still be making an average of almost $13 mil in 2019-2021. Tack on Allen’s & Vea’s contracts, then JPP, Curry, Gholston & Spence and that makes a boatload of $$$ invested in our DLine. With contracts coming up for Jameis, D. Smith, Marpet, Hump & Kwon kinda seems like ‘something will have to give’ after this season.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    Bonzai I gotta think the direction of this team will be focused on our young talent. We are moving away from building around McCoy. They can’t afford his contract and might be looking to get out from under it at some point.

    Maybe he stays if he wants to take a hometown discount. I just don’t see another mega deal with the Bucs.

  49. Defense Rules Says:

    @Bonzai … “McCoy is under no threat at all. Vea is not the type of DT to play McCoy’s spot. McCoy’s replacement is not on the roster yet.” Agree totally about this year Bonzai, but not about 2019. in a 4-3 defense, you’re correct. Would you say the same thing about a 3-4 defense? GMC could well become the odd-man-out IMO at his current salary.

  50. pick6 Says:

    over the course of a long season these big bodies have a way getting banged up.

    besides, the “he took less money to play here” spiel is a cute narrative to make a free agent look less mercenary but the reality is the bucs offer was probably the best financial deal on some level: either more guaranteed money, more frontloaded salary, or better net of taxes.

  51. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The rough night is for Stevie T…….although, I’d love to see at least one game with the two of them lining up together…..hell, they’d probably be lined up out of bounds!!!

  52. Atlanta Buc Says:

    Never feel sorry for a multi-millionaire!!

  53. 813bucboi Says:

    will hernandez
    arden key
    conner Williams
    kevin toliver
    bo scarbrough
    tony brown
    Holton hill
    Antonio callaway

    welcome to tampa!!!!!!….

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  54. Buc believer Says:

    Hard for me to feel sorry for a multi millionaire……especially one that is from the f…ing Eagles! They can all kiss my arse.

  55. Rodney Says:

    I think with FA n our 1st end pick our dline went from joke to dominant. If it turns out to be true our cb’s n safeties will look a lot better even if we don’t draft any (of course we will though) I’m hoping we can get Guice or Chubb n I really hope the still give Barber a real shot. I’ve always thought he could be great if 1 we have a decent oline and 2 he is given a real opportunity. Can’t wait to see our bounty (or in buccaneer terms booty) of picks tonight. GO BUCS

  56. adam from ny Says:

    the call from dirk to beau went a lil something like this:

    “hey beau it’s dirkenfuss…how are you?…not so good…that’s what i figured…that’s why i’m calling you bee…well, let me tell ya beauski…you got fuggin’ played…played hard son…so toughen up buttercup…catch ya on the rebound punk”……click!

    once an eagle always an eagle…lol 🙂

  57. Not there yet Says:

    The Joe’s are tmz of football and look at the drama of everything trying to create it wherever they can. I don’t think Allen is the one who has worries. I agree he will get his touches

  58. johnnybuc Says:

    i think the plan going into the off season was to get a solid rotation going so i don’t think this changes much

  59. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Eagles 22.5 sacks of 38 from the a four of their DE’s. Rotation will be equally important at this position. Spence has to return in shape and somewhat beefed up to approach these numbers IMO. Hope Buckner works with Gholston this season,
    to improve his sack production.

  60. MadMax Says:

    Allen isnt worried. We now have proper depth on D line and he’s STILL very important there. Im sure he’ll show us too with some very hard playing. Dont dismiss him.

  61. MadMax Says:

    Vea/Allen vs Baker/McDonald (who were ranked last in D line pressures)

    We have instantly improved! Licht attacked our biggest weakness which is what you do! Screw a popular pick that most “casual” football fans want. Dig deep and spend your time studying and researching! If you cant, then leave your casualness aside and leave it to those of us who know how.

  62. MadMax Says:

    Just watch the Joes and us veterans here….we know how.

  63. Destinjohnny Says:

    I think he will be a bull but now we have 47 d tackles

  64. hoover923 Says:

    Allen will get rotational snaps. The Bucs have said repeatedly they wanted to develop a rotation… Plus, there are injuries on the DL, always… You can’t have enough good D-Linemen.

  65. Cover Deuce Says:

    This is probably worse for Unrein than it is for Allen. I would still expect Allen’s snaps to be about the same as he had last year. Unrein was slated to be Gholstons primary backup as the inside/outside guy, but Vea effectively fills that role (hopefully).

  66. K2 Says:

    He’s going to be sad because he’s part of a better team?

  67. K2 Says:

    We might win games! That’s bad news? I don’t think he was hoping to be one good player on a bad team. He came here to make the DL stronger he will…his role may change or it may not. I’m really starting to worry that our DL might be too healthy. Also, I’m really worried that are big DL might knock a QB down..he could get hurt. This sound bad…I can’t watch!