Perfect Draft Storm Brewing For Bucs

April 11th, 2018

Jason, I would never tell you who to draft, but I will tell you not to screw up this gift.

Joe has been laser-focused this week on what the Colts might do with the No. 6 overall pick in this year’s draft, one pick before the Bucs at No. 7.

Joe’s gobbled up all kinds of information out of Indianapolis and beyond, especially with Andrew Luck chatting with media as the Colts returned to work.

Simply stated, it’s hard to believe the Colts will do anything but draft an offensive lineman at No. 6. If stud Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson is there, he’s gone, Joe believes. If Nelson is already drafted, then Joe believes Indianapolis likely would go with Notre Dame left tackle Mike McGlinchey.

No, the Colts aren’t trading down. They already did and own three second-round picks this year, plus picks in every other round. If anything, they’ll trade back up into the first round.

It seems everyone in Indy is screaming for offensive line help. Colts left tackle, the mighty Anthony Castonzo, turns 30 in August and nobody will confuse him with a Pro Bowler. He’s got 105 starts on his tires and is entering the last year of his contract.

Protecting fragile Luck is the prime directive in Indianapolis, where a lot of folks want to see the Colts draft two offensive linemen early. There’s also a healthy population there scarred five years ago by trading a first-round pick for notorious running back bust Trent Richardson. So Saquon Barkley is not the most popular name in Indiana.

McGlinchey is heating up among the draft-analysts community. Legendary scouting godfather Gil Brandt recently called him a top-10 pick. And former Giants Pro Bowl left guard David Diehl is all-in.

Diehl explained in great detail on SiriusXM NFL Radio what McGlinchey delivers on film. They shared the same college offensive line coach, Harry Hiestand, who just left Notre Dame for the Bears. So Diehl kept a keen interest in Notre Dame’s line and also is confident McGlinchey is pure top-10 material.

If somehow four quarterbacks are taken in the first five picks, and then the Colts go offensive line, there would be a wild uproar at One Buc Palace. The Bucs in that scenario could be staring at Barkley or defensive end Bradley Chubb. Frankly, Joe thinks it’s most likely to be Barkley available, given the crazy high grades on Chubb and the value of elite ends.

Let the games begin!

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66 Responses to “Perfect Draft Storm Brewing For Bucs”

  1. ChanEpic Says:

    If Barkley is there at 7, I’ll eat my hat… ECSTATICALLY

  2. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    If its Barkley, I say trade down with someone who wants him. Bucs need an extra pic or two in the top 3 rounds. We HAVE to draft OG, RB, CB in the first 3 rounds, could also use a SS, DE/DT, and possibly another CB.

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    And if somehow all these top prospects are gone….. I’ll be rooting for Davenport. At 7. Unless u convince a team trade down with us. I doubt a trade down happens because u probably won’t find that partner. So I’ll be happy choosing another de.

  4. ChanEpic Says:

    @Jolly – You don’t think the Bucs want him? I totally disagree but reasonable minds can do that. My gut is that if you pass on Barkley, it will be the first line on your tombstone. “This idiot, idioted too hard in 2018”.

  5. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Barkley is just too boom or bust for a team with so many needs. Sure he is elite in some many areas, but there are so many warning signs.

    Gets to fancy with his feet before getting to the 2nd level, allowing defenses to close in (ala Sims) – NFL speed is much faster and he is going to get gobbled up if he does this.

    Despite powerful legs, he rarely drives through contact, has low broken tackle numbers.

    Tends to give up early when contact is made

    Doesnt trust his crease, looks to bounce outside.

    Sure he might break a few runs off. But we need someone who can grind out 4-5 tough yards on a 1st/2nd down.

    Barkley might break off a couple big runs to pad his stats, however Im worried he is going to be a 1-2 yard gainer when it comes to those tough yards. Still leaving the Bucs with 3rd & long…

  6. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Now I 100% could be wrong, Barkley could adjust his game to the NFL, maybe he isnt fighting for yards in college because he doesnt have to, and can just wait for the next play to break off a 90 yard run.

    In the NFL he cant do that and maybe he could adjust. So again I could be wrong, but it wouldnt be the first time a “cant-miss” elite RB was a complete bust in the NFL

  7. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    Now Gil Brandt is a solid and wise choice to source for draft player grades and roster personnel evaluation!

    It would be UNBELIEVABLE if Barkley were there “at 7”, but everyone NEEDS to keenly remind themselves, that at least Miami @ #11 and Washington @ #13 (especially) both will absolutely NOT just allow the Bucs to sit there and take Barkley at #7. Washington would blow away Indy at #6 immediately with what it would take to steal Barkley @ #6 before the Bucs, since the ENTIRE draft world knows we would snatch him in a heartbeat. Especially valid here, is that if Nelson were already gone by #6, Indy could trade down to #11, or #13, pick ups more picks, not fall to far, then TRADE BACK up for McGlinchey!!

    Remember Buc faithful, the other teams are NOT going to do the Bucs any favors! Licht needs to calculatingly GO TAKE BARKLEY so that we obtain him.

    Go Bucs!

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You have to pick Barkley if he is there….that means we will have another player at a skill position with a low salary for a few years……we got Godwin & Howard last year….
    This is what you have to do with the cap……keep drafting top-notch skill players and fill in with later rounds & FA for other positions.

    I would be perfectly happy with Barkley in the first and Hernandez in the 2nd….yes, that’s offense but what a great offense.

  9. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    @Jolly…sounds like the type of guy who comes in 2nd in your fantasy league. Smh…

    Go Bucs!

  10. ChanEpic Says:

    @Jolly – Your analysis could be 100% correct and we still would take him at 7 as he would BPA if the circumstances played out as we’re hoping it would. Not a bad strategy IMHO

  11. Fire the Glazers Says:

    I like our stable of TWO, running backs.
    But if Barkley is sitting at 7??? I would be shocked beyond belief if the Bucs don’t take him.

  12. Walktheplank Says:

    Trade the pick or Barkley back to get a 1 and a couple 2/3 rd picks. Get defense dt/de. Then draft a Georgia RB cause there both going to be studs. Georgia backs have a history of being very good rbs. Grab a cb and a safety with the extra picks.

  13. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    This is true. I do not believe the Bucs would pass on him. I just hope they would.

    Imagine a trade back where we could end up with this haul.

    1. Will Hernandez
    2. Chubb
    2. CB
    3. Ejiofor

    or Bills?

    1. Guice
    1. Josh Jackson/ Jaire Alexander
    2. Wynn.
    3. Ejiofor

    I would take that all day over Barkely and ONE other player in the first 3 rounds.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    Seems unlikely for McGlinchey to come off the board prior to the Bucs #7 pick – but if the Giants go with Nelson at 2 or if the Browns pick Nelson at 4 to protect their QB investment at #1 – Indy being desperate for the best OL player they can get might just select McGlinchey at 6 if they have him rated high enough. This would pretty much guaranteed that the Bucs would get either Chubb or Barkley.

    I’m pretty sure we can find a good use for either of those players… LOL

  15. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    IMHO, IF Barkley is still there at #7, we have to take him, unless some other team is willing to mortgage their future with a totally one sided trade, in our favor.
    Many Draft Guru’s rate Barkley as the very best athlete in the entire draft class.
    A few have even went as far as suggesting Cleveland will take him at number one.
    I would sure love to see him play for us here in Tampa.

  16. Joeypoppems Says:

    The colts are gonna draft either Chubb or Nelson at #6. Barkley is going to be the one of the “big 3” to fall to #7 and Im going to hate it lol.

  17. rrsrq Says:

    Let Chubb be there – PLEASE, then get the other Chubb in round 2 – Go get Eric Reid at safety – trade back in the 2nd or 3rd for one of the remaining better CB’s – hopefully the CB from Colorado slips

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I simply do not see passing on Barkley if he’s there. I’ve not heard this kind of talk about an RB since Zeke and even then there is more “generational” talk about Barkley. He’s a freak!

    Any player can get hurt…RB’s are particularly exposed…but you can’t pick based on which position might be injured more quickly.

    Can you imagine if we picked up a good guard…I’m with TBBF again today…it would just be WOW on offense. The best group of targets in the entire league especially when you add in TE. If we get the best running back…whewie!!!

    RB’s can make a HUGE difference in year one….DE’s not so much…take a bit…and a CB…give me a break.

    With Licht, Koetter and Smitty’s jobs all on the line if they had a chance to get the best RB prospect in a long while…who could contribute THIS YEAR…Barkley will be wearing Pewter if he’s available at 7.

  19. Big Country Says:

    I think the Patriots are making a big move and are going to trade the house to move up. 2 first and 2 seconds to move all the way up to 7 . Imagine if with the 2 first round pics we grabbed Guice and Michele? We would immediately be competing for the top RB tandem in the league. Then if we still have 3 second round picks we can grab a SS , a CB, and who ever the top guard is (not necessarily in that order. Then you still have picks 4 through 7 to add more depth. Am I dreaming? Probably! But aren’t we all right now? Absolutely!

  20. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW….I have a great deal of respect for Lattimore and understand those who wish to draft his former OSU running mate.

    But while Lattimore certainly helped improve N.O.’s defense he didn’t impact the Saints like Zeke did the Cowboys.

  21. Architek Says:

    If he’s there then let’s roll; why not?

  22. louis Says:

    As if my opinion matters, but here goes. ….The bucs already made their third round selection in the trade for JPP, where could they get a talent like that in the third so who cares if we get a replacement for that pick. Jason Licht has an excellent track record in the draft besides his roll of the dice attempt at a potential generational kicker, that didnt work out. Take bpa unless offered an amazing deal to trade back. Our free agent haul rebuilt our trenches, and gives options we otherwise would not have had. My preference is Nelson the guard, because any athletic back could run for positive effect behind that potential oline, and could do so for many years. And with the presumed pressure from our rebuilt dline, our dbacks will have to blanket the receivers for less time to be effective.

  23. Ludicrous Speed Says:

    Though I’m leery of RBs so high due to shelf life, you just can’t pass on what could be the next Marshall Faulk (with more size).

  24. doctor_berto Says:

    Please let him be gone by pick 7

  25. NOSBOS Says:

    Jolly Buc your assessment may very well be right about Barkley. I stated similar things about GoGo gadget mccaffery last season. Y’allseen the results. He’s a glorified WR like I said he was. Nelson should sit atop three folks draft board (I doubt it tho) if they care about immediate results.

  26. University of Seffner Says:

    On, they have Saquon Barkley’s Draft Profile and it’s something special to read. If ya’ll aren’t interested in reason his strengths and weaknesses, then I suggest ya’ll look at his NFL Comparison. I’m not gonna spoil it and say who it is, I’ll just say it was a really good RB who played in the 90s.

  27. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t even think about Chubb. He’s gone. Nobody is going to pass on the drafts premier DE. Chubbs already got BEAST stamped on his head. Barkley could be there. But if one of the top 4 QB’s is still around come 7th, we might get a trade down bite. More than likely though, we pick at 7. I’m not a Penn St Barkley fan. But we have to take him if he is there. Its just the trade down scenerio helps us cover many needs..other than Chubb..I’d grab him quick.

  28. Not there yet Says:

    There’s no reason this team this offense needs a running back with that first pick, they gotta go defense if this draft is as deep at running back as they say

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Quite a few people are saying Barkley is the best player in the draft. Unsure why some fans wouldn’t want him.

    Pass on Barkley and we could be looking at another decade with no running back.

  30. El_Buc941 Says:

    If Barkley falls to us and we take him Tampa Bay will immediately crowned NFC South Champ.mark my words!!!

  31. feelthepewterpower Says:

    To Jolly, you have to realize many of Barkley’s runs were negative because his offensive line was literally being pushed back in his lap. Barkely was by far the best on the field when facing Ohio State, who themselves had several highly future drafted nfl players st the time. It was so good that Lattimore was riding the bench. If Barkley is there you don’t pass him up. I still think the Browns taje him at four, unfortunately.

  32. Jeffrey Yoemans Says:

    Take Nelson if he’s there at 7. Otherwise help out the D!

  33. JonBuc Says:

    The storm brewing may be in Joe’s bowels following an Abe’s “wingy” 🍗 bender. I think Barkley would be the perfect pick to jump start a sluggish offense and give the retooled line a chance to road grade some folks.

  34. Armybucsfan Says:

    I know what I am about to say will create quit a stir amongst all the fans but here it goes. I agree with feelthe pewter^^^^*** I truly think the browns pick him up at 4. This is why we go all in and give the browns everything and anything they want for the 4th pick. Ok. I know everyone is going to complain saying oh….. we have too many holes to make that leap. Well let’s take a moment to think …… the past couple of drafts we had a good number of draft picks…..HOW MANY HAVE MADE AN IMPACT BESIDES MIKE EVANS?!?! It would be a ballsy move by this organization but if we are tired of loosing then why are we so timid about going balls deep into the draft for a RB that is being compared to the great BARRY SANDERS!!!!!! Having Barkley will give our offense the explosiveness it was lacking and the ability to score at will, either by air (EVANS, DJax, Howard, Brate, Goodwin) or by land (Barkley and barber). Now with an offense with these many lethal weapons our defense doesn’t have to be great because we will be scoring 30+ points a game and not having to play from behind !!!!! THINK PEOPLE!!!!

  35. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree…..

    barkley reminds me of reggie bush…..too much boom or bust for me…..likes to bounce everything to the outside…..

    giuce is the man…..he’s the RB I want the bucs to select…..or sony…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  36. ContePiscateli Says:

    I’m still not sold on Indy not taking a quarterback. Sorry but luck hasn’t thrown a real football and won’t really discuss when that would take place. I don’t think Indy can assume he comes back this year, or that he is ever the Andrew Luck he used to be. I think there is a chance they regret trading back, and if one of their top rated QBs is there at 6, make that pick. I just get the feeling the football gods are dealing payback for the suck for Luck campaign with an injured Payton Manning on the roster.

  37. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Take Nelson at 7… Then plug and play any halfway decent RB for the next ten years….

  38. Hodad Says:

    We passed on Peterson for Gains Adams, how did that work out? Barkley is considered perhaps the best player in the draft, should he fall to us TAKE HIM!! Don’t trade down, Barkley is a game changer. Pass on him Licht, and he tears up the league becomes rookie of the year, you become unemployed G.M..

  39. JimmyJack Says:

    If Barkley is there he is probably the only choice. There probably won’t be any QBs left and no trade offers. So who would you take instead of Barkley if Nelson and Chubb are also gone? Any answer to that question is a player with much less value then Barkley.

  40. SOEbuc Says:

    Indianapolis is really in a sweet spot at six. Cleveland is going to get a QB at one and Barkley at four. Nelson is the most sure player in the projected top ten. I would be jumping with cheer spilling my beer if we got Chubb but I would also be doing the same if we could trade down and get Davenport and picks.

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    ^^Or Vea or Ward^^

  42. NFLNut Says:

    Things seem to be shaking out exactly the way I said they would months ago, back when people said I was crazy …

  43. USFBUC Says:

    @NFLNut – I forget we’re you wanting a trade back? I’d that what you predicted or that we would land one of the big three?

    To whoever was talking about salary we would actually be paying more for Barkley than the average starting RB. I know with Fournette because of where he was drafted he is the fifth highest paid RB.

    If Barkley falls to us I think we should trade out of the pick with a team that feels they are a RB away from being complete. Because of the hype we may be able to fleece another team for this year’s first, next year’s first, and at least a second rounder this year if not also a third rounder.

  44. NFLRealist Says:

    Funny how so many of you think we’re going to get a great RB in the 2nd round or 3rd round. Mark my words, there will be a run on RBs in the bottom of the 1st round and early 2nd round BEFORE the Bucs pick in the 2nd.

    RB value has gone up in the past year with the performances of Kamara & Hunt.

    Every team in the league KNOWS the Bucs are desperate at the RB position. Guice, Michel, and Chubb will all be off the board by the time the Bucs make their 2nd round pick.

    The Bucs will definitely draft a RB in the 2nd round (if they miss out on Barkley in the 1st) but it will still be a huge a gamble as the talent really drops off after the top 3-4 RBs in this class.

  45. USFBUC Says:

    People wanting to trade everything in this draft for one player are losing their minds. If we do that who replaces Sweezy who is still injured and may never be a starter? Who plays CB? Are we okay with the same old players at S?

  46. firethecannons Says:

    The Colts are taking Quentin Nelson which gives us an opportunity to pick up Saquon or Chubb, there is no way Colts pass on Nelson after what A.Luck has gone through.

  47. USFBUC Says:

    Also our current Dline is a stop gap and might get us by for two seasons if we are lucky we get three. Knowing what we all know about time to develop Dlinemen that means we have to draft DT and DE in next year’s draft which is deeper at both positions so we need to go into that draft prepared to spend our picks on those positions and maybe LB too. That means we need to fill several gaps this draft.

  48. USFBUC Says:

    Really we should have made a move last year in an incredibly deep draft class across multiple positions given how shallow the draft looks this year.

  49. Armybucsfan Says:

    Honestly I’d be perfectly happy if we traded the house to get Barkley in the 1st and some how got Hernandez to replace Sweezy who has been a colossal disappointment. Honestly I hope the Bucs drop Sweezy. He doesn’t deserve his paycheck. Our seconday shouldn’t have to work as hard now that we BEEFED UP THE D-line. Our secondary looked like sh!t because opposing quarterbacks had enough time to make a PB&J sandwich, take a sip of sweet tea and get a happy ending before one of our defensive linemen would even touch them. If you really paid any attention to our Bucs last year you’ll see that the defense was on the field far more than our offense on nearly every game. Why!?!? Because every team knew that we were one dimensional and blitzed as often as possible and dared JW3 to throw. We all see what happened. We need a game changer at RB…..could that be Barkley well I think so….. but as we know he draft is a gamble but I’m desperate to see us become relevant again. How many more years must we wait?!?!

  50. QBKilla Says:

    If Barkley is sitting there at 7, Licht shouldn’t hesitate.

  51. Joeypoppems Says:

    “RB value has gone up in the past year with the performances of Kamara & Hunt.”

    No. All Hunt and Kamara have done is further prove that a good RB can be found anywhere in the draft.

  52. Joeypoppems Says:

    I also dont understand why people are penciling in Barkley to the Browns at #4. Bradley Chubb would be the smarter pick for them.

    Its a deep RB class again this year and its a fairly shallow Edge class. Plus DE is the 2nd most important position.

    And on top of that they have the #33 AND #35 picks where they can get a top RB as well.

    I dont see the sense in them taking Barkley at #4.

  53. bucs4ya Says:

    Did anyone see Maurice Jones Drew’s mock draft yesterday? He had Barkley going #1 to Cleveland and then at 4 them taking Chubb and later trading back into the 1st with Philly and taking Lamar Jackson. Interesting but the picks at 1 and 4 make sense. Tyrod Taylor is a serviceable QB and you give him Saquan it takes some pressure off of him and then you get the best D lineman in the draft and pair him with last year’s best D lineman in the draft and they are a team to worry about.

  54. Owlykat Says:

    Nelson and Cherry or Barkley and Hernandez, but if none of the big 3 are there trade down and take Hernandez, Cherry, then best CB available in the second round or move Tandy to CB and take Best Strong Safety available, then in the fourth get Miami’s DE! We have just the DL Coach to teach a number of new moves and use of his hands to develop into a good DE in case Noah comes down with a bum shoulder once again.

  55. BucEmUp Says:

    I see he really likes to hurdle tackles. The way he can move is impressive for his size, but why doesn’t he seem to run with much power? I’d rather have a Jerome Bettis kinda guy if there ever will be one again. Get a rb who hurts people, runs them over, moves the pile. A guy who puts his shoulder in or delivers a stiff arm rather than just running out of bounds.

  56. Phillip Says:

    Why is it always either trade back in the first?

    We do have an extremely high 2nd round pick as well and could trade back in the 2nd.

    Plenty of QB’s projected to go high 2nd.. Depending on who is available at 7 is whether I would want to trade back.. But that 2nd round pick I’d be much more happy to trade back and collect a 3rd or another 4th(trade ammo) with it

  57. John meeks Says:

    If you pass on Barkley at number7,your a damn fool!!he won’t be there though!I hope he is but just don’t see it!

  58. Chris Schiefen Says:

    That…that kinda makes no sense. Richardson was already a semi-failure when the Colts traded for him, and draft position aside, no one was confusing Richardson’s physical talent with Barkley’s. Your analogy is sorta akin to saying “boy, Curtis Dickey was kinda a failure, I betcha they won’t draft Marshall Faulk”.

  59. USFBUC Says:

    @ Joeypoppems – the reason why people are mocking the Browns to take to players other than a QB is because Dorsey is doing exactly what Dorsey did with the Chiefs when he took over there.

    @bucs4ya – you hit the nail on the head, Taylor is a perfectly serviceable QB with one of the lowest turn over rates in the NFL. He isn’t the best QB ever and won’t make the HoF but he can pass, but he is also a runner so defenses have to account for that. If the Browns can play defense and run the ball they will have a good team. I think depending on how the draft goes for them the Browns could be a playoff team in 2018

  60. bucs4ya Says:

    @USFBUC- it’s like people forget we won a superbowl with a serviceable QB, as did The Ravens with Trent Dilfer. Heck lets be honest Philly won with a serviceable QB (who just so happens to always pick The Bucs apart) but if you have a decent running game to keep your opponent honest and a stellar defense you’ve got a great formula for winning. That’s why it wouldn’t surprise me to see Saquan and Chubb both end up in Cleveland.

  61. Moore Says:

    Please get Chubb the more line power the better!! Everything else will fall in place..snatch Eric Reid from free agency .. “a corner here, a corner there in the second round free agency” *Tony Montana voice* then let the games begin

  62. adam from ny Says:

    i like big country’s wet dream of a draft…that would be too ill…guice and michele…an o-lineman, and a stack of defensive players top to bottom…yowzers!

  63. adam from ny Says:

    time for the pats to give back to the bucs…all they’ve done is take take take for years years years…as if they own our front office

  64. Radman Says:

    The Bucs need a RB, if Barkley is there you have to take him. The GM would be considered a fool otherwise. If you can get a top 3 pick at #7, you do it.

  65. blindjim Says:

    Tampa enters its fourth draft since acquiring Jamus in 2015 with little to shout about and a lot to worry about.

    I would like nothing better than to see Tampa Bay return to its prominence as a viable contender for divisional, conference, and league titles and championships. Well, very little. Although for the past 11 years what I’ve seen has been only smoke and mirrors, GMs and Coaches which are pretenders, not contenders rolling in and out of One Bucs Place with similar results.

    It is delusional thinking to feel Tampa has chosen wisely thru the Jason L regime. Utter nonsense. Given his track record, why should this draft be different? It’s the same guy doing the same thing all over again. Insanity.

    It is sad commentary to acknowledge Tampa is virtually no better off now than they were prior to the Jason Lict, Lubby Smith, Dirk Koetter, Mike Smith experiment was borne. What Tampa Bay needs is clearly visible to anyone who objectively appraises the team and there is plenty of room for improving the roster in more than a few areas.

    Defense is the quickest and cheapest path to redemption for an NFL ball club. Period. A great defense, or offense, if it is to have any lasting value, must predominately be built with youth, not adorned with aged veterans.

    I was hugely into the Bucs taking Winston number one overall. Big time! My bad.

    Of the 12 playoff teams last season, 9 of them were in the top ten of the league’s best rushing clubs. 6 of these same playoff teams were in the top ten of all NFL defenses.

    Each time Jason has stepped up to the NFL draft plate and the jury has come back with the verdict, his selections were average at best. Agonizingly poor at times ala Doug Martin, OT D. Smith, Roberto A., and quite likely, Vernon Hargreaves, and more acutely, Jamus Winston who has shown very little in terms of maturity or technical development.

    What message is Tampa’s GM telling us buying an older, expensive defensive or offensive line thru Free agency rather than using the draft to try building one with greater speed, less cost, and more durability? Nothing good, I assure you. 3rd contract free agents can not be considered the future of or for, any team’s core players.

    It sounds pretty screwy to think a Head Coach keeps his job if he only loses 11 not 12 games. Really? Or the entire Administration is kept in tact posting a record of 20 wins of 48 games, over the past three years and 22 of 64 thru four. Lovely.

    Jason’s record however is worse at 22 of 64 thru four campains with two Head Coaches already under his belt. Picking players is not his full job description, he has to choose quality head coaches as well as fire or upgrade those who are not getting results! It doesn’t seem to me he is good at either thing.

    IMO if no one trades down Browns will take a qB at #1. NY will take B Chubb if they don’t take a QB at #2. Jets will take a qB at #3. Browns MUST take Barkley at #4. Denver will take Nelson at #5. Indy will take a top OL, DB, RB, or DE at #6, if they do not take Vie or B Chubb.

    Then Tampa has to choose an impact, not developmental player at #7, unless they trade down for more picks if someone wants to slide up, and the Bucs choose to live or die with Jamus. The only caveat then, is not to trade down too far.

    One would think after a first overall pick offering a choice between two Heisman Trophy winning QBs, and some insightful albeit minimal free agent management, this team would be far more competitive.

    Mr. Licht has captured just one of these types in Mike Evans thru all of his drafts. John McKay, and Tony Dungee laid out the template for quickly resurrecting a fallen languishing ball club quite vividly. DEFENSE.

    If Tamnppa stays put and the current first six teams do likewise, Jason’s best strategy would be to choose either DT Vita Vie, or if he is still on the board, Baker Mayfield.
    Any secondary automatically improves when its defensive line gets substantially better. Everytime. Tampa’s secondary is short and slow and often exposed due to the lack of penetration.
    Even in the face of blitzing last year, other teams threw medium to deep passes successfully and largely, at will aginst Tampa.

    Likely, at #7 overall, Jason will opt for another DB to remain consistently below average in drafting players with his ‘back to front’ defensive strategy & skill players first tactic. Making 2019 a mirror image of this draft, by and large, leaving Tampa desperately in need of youth on the Defensive line.. yet again

    Without acquiring a solid productive feature back, and little depth on the offensive line, Winston will see more pressure as the defenses he faces this season will be more intense. The opportunities for throwing deep or medium range connections to his TEs or wRs, will depend on his scrambling abilities, not protection.

    O.J. Howard last year at 19 overall, was definitely not a need and arguably not best available, but Koetters man crush on Tight Ends put him in a Bucs jersey needlessly.

    At no point has Jason fingered a defensive lineman, and only once quite late selected an OT. Instead, management continues to trust the use of 3rd contract free agent linemen and complimentary running backs they hope can either become prominent again, or for the first time.

    Tampa is tops in turnovers for the past 3 seasons ala Mr. Winston. Tampa’s D is last in sacks. Their running game on average remains less than average. The Bucs post losing records for every year but one under the current administration, and the follow up year from an 8 – 8 campain showed nothing was built upon and carried forward. As such that year has to be considered a fluke from scheduling more than team performance.

    In a meaningless game vs. New Orleans at the end of last season, Tampa’s victory hurt far more than it helped as a moral milestone. It well may have removed one or all of the top 3 non QB prospects Tampa could have secured picking 3rd or 4th overall instead of ending up at #7 on the flip of a coin.

    More importantly we could be seeing an entirely new GM & Coaching administration. At least a GM who has been there and knows talent that will translate to the NFL when he sees it.

    John Elway did not achieve the penacle of NFL triumph twice, until the Bowlen family provided him a knowledgeable GM, a strong running game and a smothering defense.

    Ill conceived defensive and offensive line building schemes got Jamus hurt last year. Additionally it exposed the secondary’s poor performance. As well, it quickly plummeted the Bucs Defensive line sacks and QB pressures to the bottom of the league.

    We need fresh quick legs on our D line at last count, in spite of the recent signings of Curry, Bo Allen and J.Pierre Paul. As leaders and or teachers,maybe. Should we now look for an overall improvement in performance from the past couple seasons with these signings? Uh, nope. Don’t think so. There should be some improvements, although it won’t be anything like a complete turnaround. As low as were the QB sacks, pressures, drops in the backfield, and general penetration, certainly things should step up. In a perfect scenario, that is. However, linemen get hurt. They need regular rotation to be effective. without depth on either side of the line of scrimmage, an inconsistent QB at the helm, and no proven reliable ground game, the Bucs season appears grim.

    Without teams trading down, It defies imagination and good fortune that Tampa will see B. Chubb, S. Barkely, or Q. Nelson OG from Notre Dame when they first get on the clock, all of which could be integral to the team’s improvement.

    At this juncture however, if Jason has no faith in drafting linemen which he has demohnstrated each draft to date, and still wants to keep his job, he should simply start over and pick Baker Mayfield at number seven overall. If he is there. During the season, Jason should be looking for significant development of talent, and at other qualified NFL experienced applicants for Head Coach, QB coach, Defensive, special teams, and offensive coordinators, as he should have done last year.

    Nother QB? So soon? Yes. Bill Walsh put two top QBs on his roster, Montana & Young Chuck Knoll had Hanratty & Bradshaw, , Jimmy Johnson chose Steve Walsh & then in the next draft, Troy Aikman. Belicheck knew something no one else did adding Bledsoe and drafting Brady. Having twins at the qB spot is not the usual setup, but it shows forward thinking in a way that worked wonders when it was utilized appropriately. I wonder how many Thank you cards Steve Young sent Ray Perkins?

    3 full campains later and Jamus energy is the only true positive remaining in his tool box. His greatest flaw is the inability to throw with anticipation and accuracy. He continues to look for separation and is slow to ignite his throws. In short, he is still playing college ball at the NFL LEVEL ande he allows his emotions to hamper his game frequently.
    NFL QBs make their money on third downs, as such Jamus is getting over paid unless and until he can resolve things.

    Baker Mayfield shows greater poise and has as big an arm, is more accurate and is more mobile and quicker than Winston in getting the ball out.

    Mayfield, a walk on, four year player, three year starter who was one game short of the National Championship game exhibits maturity on the field Winston does not. Mayfield’s inate skill set surpasses Winston’s physicality.

    Mayfield looks like a Drew Breeze that can use his legs when or if in a pinch.

    Prior to or during draft weekend, trade Jamus for other draft picks and or, if possible, another first contract player. Arizona, Buffalo, the Chargers, or the like might be interested. . Or keep both QBs for this season and see if picking a QB in round one is a sufficient enough fire to get Jamus’ attention.

    Carson wince and Nick Foles sure seemed a vital set of QBs to have on one’s roster just a couple of months ago, didn’t it? Was this scenario pure blind luck, or the best use of personnel on a roster?

    Choosing a highly rated QB in this year’s draft is not a bad idea. Tampa is not headed to the post season, and the need for a better talent at our QB slot is sorely needed still.

    Koetter has proven he is flat out of magic where NFL QB development and tutiledge is concerned. In fact, where decision making skills are required to get a team wins with the offensive game plan, Koetter is well out of his depth. Roster more Tight Ends than Running Backs? It has not worked yet.

    Mike Smith has shown his entire bag of defensive tricks too, it is very sad. The only saving grace for Coach Smith is he sure did not and does not have much to work with talent wise, given the average age and skill level of his D line, line backers, and starting DBs.

    42 seasons on and the bucs have one NFL championship. Now,
    We find ourselves 10 years without a playoff game. There’s a statement, and parting line in there somewhere for all of these ‘pretenders’ the Glazers keep hiring and firing implying the blame for inauspicious losing season’s was the Manager and Head Coaches faults., not their own.

    Coaches like Tony Dungee, Monty Kiffin, Jimmy Johnson, C. Knoll, Mike Shula, Bill Parcells, Mike Tomlin, etc., don’t grow on trees.

    the glazers have obviously established a track record which places them at odds with most qualified NFL Head Coaching candidates who have any experience in getting teams into position to vye for divisional and conference titles. These winning coaches will either demand prohibitive contract and salary assurancess, or won’t waste their time with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Hence we’re seeing retreads, and people without any NFL head coaching experience stroll into and quickly out of the GM & Head Coach ‘revolving door’ at One Buc Place.

    The lethargic yet quite inevitable GM & HC rotational theme will not change anytime soon. Its who the Glazers are and what the Glazers do as people that has brought this upon them, and sadly us, as collateral fallout.

  66. blindjim Says:

    B.T.W. isn’t aperfect Storm something to avoid?