Such A Puzzling Non-Move

March 3rd, 2018

It’s after midnight here in Joe’s downtown Indianapolis hotel and Joe is still trying to piece together the puzzle of just why Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht waved off a potential trade for Rams defensive end Robert Quinn when it would have only cost the Bucs a fourth-round pick and perhaps swapping virtually worthless sixth-round picks.

This is assuming there were any negotiations between Licht and Rams general manager Les Snead.

On face value it is mind-numbing. The Bucs are crying out loud for any sort of rush. Hell, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter looked Joe square in the eye this week at the NFL combine and said directly and forcibly, “We cannot have 22 sacks!”

So Joe is guessing if Koetter was at St. Elmo for dinner when the news broke late Friday that the Dolphins got Quinn for a bargain basement price, someone in the fine dining establishment likely had to use a Heimlich maneuver on Koetter.

Joe is really, really trying to be objective here and keep an open mind, but for ying to argue against the trade, Joe has a logical yang.

The first is, per Gregg Rosenthal of, it seems Quinn has a bum back. Yeah, a real bum back. Dude had 8.5 sacks last year. With a bum back like that, at the very least, Licht should hire Quinn’s unlicensed chiropractor. The whole Bucs defensive line needs bad backs like Quinn’s.

Then there is the retort, “How many games did Quinn play last year?” That would be 15, more games than Robert Ayers, Will Gholston and Noah Spence played in.

Joe’s favorite argument against the trade was that Quinn’s salary is $24 million over the next two years. Well, Joe has a comeback for that.

Last year alone, Team Glazer flushed away $19 million on Swaggy Baker, Ayers and Gholston and got 2.5 sacks in return. The worst season Quinn has ever had was four sacks in 2016. By comparison, Quinn’s salary is a friggin’ steal! So don’t get Joe going on salary cap ramifications here.

Joe swears, without knowing any better, the Bucs sure seem like they don’t want to upgrade their defensive line. It’s not as if there are decent edge rushers on the market in less than two weeks when the free agency dinner bell rings, with the possibly exception of Julius Peppers.

Meanwhile, Rome is burning (One Buc Palace).

If the Bucs were in position to draft Bradley Chubb, then yeah, Joe could sort of understand this non-move for a team beyond desperate for a pass rush. The Bucs are unlikely to get Chubb, short of an expensive trade-up-in-the-draft deal.

If Joe didn’t know better, it’s as if the captains of the Bucs are somehow hoping Noah Spence can stay healthy for six games and record five sacks and that Brenston Buckner can wave a magic wand and squeeze three sacks out of Gholston.

115 Responses to “Such A Puzzling Non-Move”

  1. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I think I’ve lost all faith in licht. I’m ready to write off this upcoming season already 🙁

  2. Duke Says:

    Joe does know that they have waived the non-magical dead stick 3yrs and counting. I think it’s time to visit universal studios and return the broke asz stick.

  3. Kstoges Says:

    listen guys I don’t think Licht would have not done that deal on purpose you know what I’m saying we don’t know what happened behind the scenes we don’t know how those phone calls went lol

  4. adam from ny Says:

    licht is prolly in his room with a sixer and two working girls… the only quinn licht knows is quintuplets because he forgot to buy condoms when he ran out in his tightie whities for the 6 pack of brewskis


    #WaitTillThe CommishHearsAboutThis


  5. cover deuce Says:

    A stupid, indefensibly bad non-move.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote “This is assuming there were any negotiations between Licht and Rams general manager Les Snead.” I think there’s a very good possibility that Jason Licht never even knew that this deal was going down. His organization really does seem to be that bad.

    And besides, the Glazer Boyz probably have their panties all in a wad over upcoming big paydays for Jameis, Ali, Donovan, Kwon. Any big money this year will go to finishing out the offense & (maybe) 2 CBs. When it comes to defense, they’ve surely told Jason “Go cheap or go home”.

  7. tnew Says:

    I hope this means Buckner has a list of candidates that he feels like he can bring around. Until we know the full details, I will hold judgement but on the surface, this looks like a poor gamble for Licht. If this was a fourth and swap sixes, then this should’ve been a definite go, unless Buckner, who saw Quinn twice a season, felt like there are better solutions to the problem.

  8. tnew Says:

    Only thing I can guess is that the Bucs have a different target they are wanting to use those assets to trade for. Up in the draft with Cleveland at 4? I genuinely hope not as Chubb and Barkley could very well be off the board at 4. I solidly believe you draft great prospects and you fill voids via free agency and trade. I shudder to think about the freedom in the draft if the Bucs would’ve acquired Quinn (consider him a plus versus Micheal Bennett mainly due to age and athleticism, although Bennett is still more complete), then sign Norwell and McKinnon.

    This would give the freedom to draft the BPA that falls at 7 between Chubb, Barkley, Nelson or Minkah (still waiting on combine on him, if his measurables and drills are off, he is out) or to be more aggressive in trading back.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    Ever consider that the Rams had no interest in doing a deal with another NFC team?

  10. FortMyersDave Says:

    Pickgrin, thought of that too, perhaps another question; yeah the rams had to unload salary but if they have a savvy GM (unlike Tampa) then it seems logical that they trade off the deadweight to a bottom feeder like Miami or another sucker like the Bucs, Cleveland, Chicago, a NY team, etc. Damaged goods? Who knows? However, the Fins have missed the target on FA about as much as the Bucs and both teams need a lot of help so lets see if a DE the Rams have no use for gets the Fins up to respectable….

    BTW, was the 4th rounder Miami couphed up the pick they got from Philly of Ajayi or their own 4th rounder; big difference between 10 and 32 in a round?!?!?!?!?

  11. darin Says:

    I slept on it and I’m still just as confused. Havnt had a drink in 6 years…thought ahout getting a 6 pack after reading the news about quinn getting dealt to the phins. I’d love to think licht has a plan but looking at the options out there I’m hard pressed to figure it out. I’ll never understand this one. Quinn is exactly the type of player they need. The type where you give up alot. They couldve gotten him for a little. Wow.

  12. NFLNut Says:

    Pickgrin is spot on … the Rams may have either refused to deal him within the NFC or told the Bucs they would have to top the Dolphins offer by a lot … either way, I’m not sweating it … it would have been nice to have BOTH Marcus Peters and Robert Quinn, but oh well …

  13. Pelbuc Says:

    Licht has always shown he’s not GM material. Bucs could have given up more than the Dolphins and it still would have been a great pick up. If another DE gets traded, then it’s shows Licht is clueless.

  14. Bnomo Says:

    Hey trade our qb, our 1st pick with clev, draft a kicker with it😂.

  15. richbucsfan Says:

    The incompetence of this FO will doom the Bucs to 4th place in the division for years to come. Wonder what the “Stick Carriers” are thinking these days. Have they disbanded yet?

  16. Brian4bucs Says:

    I REALLY think that we are switching to a 3-4 and perhaps are targeting certain player types…at least I’m hoping we find some kind of identity. I’ll remain patient and see how the whole thing plays out.

  17. DoSomething Says:

    Light is gone after this season, this one sucks. Even if he wasn’t in on any negotiations, it’s your job as GM to know that these trades are being discussed and jump in

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can only speculate because you have no earthly idea what the facts are regarding this. We know nothing but the outcome and most assume we either had no interest in Quinn (doubtful) or we mad a run at him and failed (likely doubtful).

    My suspicion is that Licht had no idea there was any negotiating for him going on at all and was caught by surprise just like we were.

    I’ll hold my criticism (if warranted) for Licht when more info is available.

  19. Easy Says:

    Quinn has stayed hurt the past 3 seasons anyways.

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    This team doesnt care about winning.
    Winning was very important to Malcom Glazer, May he rest in Peace.
    For his sons, Football is just a business.
    Spend as little as possible, rake in as much fan money as possible,
    Repeat yearly.

    Add in a GM that struggles scouting pro players- and is on a tight leash.
    Then Add a head coach, who as handed over the defense to an old friend.
    A friend who the Game has passed by.
    Keeps drafting Slow short defenders.
    Has assembled great run stopping Lbers.
    Plays DE who can run stop, but have no pass rushing skills( Gholsten and -Ayers).
    Prefers run stopping Safeties- Ward, over pass defenders( Tandy and Conte)
    Plays VH3, who is good a run support- but cant cover anyone. Anyone. Short and slow.
    Mike Smith has built a great run stopping team, in a passing league!!!
    He thinks its 1975.

    Owners that only care about money
    A hamstrung Gm, who cant properly grade the Midrange Free agents he is forced to sign.
    A head Coach, loyal to an incometent friend.
    A Defensive Coordinator- out of touch with todays game.

    Of course the Bucs didnt make a play for Quinn.
    Buc management either doesn’t care if they win, or doesnt know how to win!

    Why are we watching this team?

  21. BucEmUp Says:

    It’s the soft coverage. It’s Mike Smith. Move the dbs up and the sacks will be there.

  22. Buc4life Says:

    And they want me to renew my 5 season tickets by March 15th? Give me us a reason to hope that they are trying to build a winning team. This seam like the Rays organization. I hate to give up on my team but “Come On Man” this is just sad.

  23. Bobby M. Says:

    1. Rams may have let Quinn pick his next team…assuming all things are equal

    2. Licht is gun shy, he’s had some awful moves of wasted picks and signings. Team Glazier may have him reeled in with approval needed on every deal.

  24. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Capt Tim, while I will not argue they haven’t won, the fact the owners change coaches and GMs so often (which may be one problem), draft Jameis, bring in DJax, Revis, fly with the team, etc demonstrates it’s not just a business. Like half of the other NFL losing teams, they have not been able to see winning happen, for a myriad of reasons. I am not saying it’s okay to have a losing team year after year…but disagree it’s because the Glazer kids don’t care. I’d say it’s the right combo of money, skill, and even luck.

  25. Roy T. Buford Says:

    The Bucs thought Bennett was damaged goods and attempts to keep him were lackluster (“Let us know before you sign elsewhere and we’ll see if we can match” and Bennett took that accordingly). We do know Quinn has injury issues and God knows we know how bad backs affect linemen (Sweezey). At TB Bucs Fan says, I will wait until I see the facts. There is an ocean separating stupidity and ignorance. We’ll see which one it was. Maybe neither.

  26. Richard Dickson Says:

    All this talk ignores the fact that there are two teams involved in every trade, and that the other team isn’t necessarily interested in what a website thinks is the best move for the Bucs.

  27. Alan Says:

    This franchise is a joke I wish I made better decisions when I was younger maybe id rootfor a team that was worth watching. 23 seasons of watching 4 hours of football on this team 17 weeks a year wasted I wish I could start over but im stuck with this God awful franchise. My son was born 2 weeks ago I currently working and live in Charlotte and as much as I hate the panthers. When he gets older if he wants to root for this team it would be far better than suffering like I have with these Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Can we please get a head coach worth a dam get someone to get James Winston to his best potential and put some pieces around Gerald mccoy so we can be relevant in the NFL

  28. El_Buc941 Says:

    Well technically Joe this trade isn’t official… Licht could pull of a robbery and jump in and throw the Rams a 3rd rounder along with next year’s 5th round pick for Quinn…haha.sure the rest of the league would be pissed off but screw it…A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!!!

  29. The Buc Realist Says:

    LOL so to out in review Dolphins trade for an injured DE and the sheep and so-called fans melted down faster than the stick carriers!!!!!!!

    If some had their way, The Bucs would already have 3 old, hurt players and 1 draft pick left!!!!!!!!!

    I would say, wait until after free-agency and the draft to see what the roster might look like, But they can’t even make it to free-agency!!!!!!!!

    Maybe some should take it further and already start crying of who the Bucs will miss out on in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  30. dmatt Says:

    I said it in a previous post…they’ll wait till the last minute of FA n take 3rd tier leftover DE. My guest is they r banking on Spence to recover from injury just as they did with Jaq Smith last year n if they have high hopes on DE Will Clarke n Ryan Russel who had a fluke of a game last year then we’re just waiting on our next Head Coach n GM for 2019.

  31. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Calm down everyone
    Quinn is a quality player, but…
    He was used mostly as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme last year and he has had several concussions- I doubt if his career has 3 more years left-
    Makes more sense for Bucs to focus on long term future …

  32. JR Allen Says:

    People do we not realize that it takes a damn partner to pull off a trade. Just maybe the Rams turned down that damn offer. Who knows. Yall need to chill out.

  33. Oxycondoms Says:

    #trusttheprocess . It is also what the waitress told licht as he grew frustrated with the hole in his beer mug

  34. SteveK Says:


    With all due respect, if you’re referring to my melt down and calling me a “sheep”, then you can go phuck yourself.

    Quinn had 8.5 sacks last year and played in 15 games.

    Until Licht/Glazers prove otherwise, and show the true fans what a good team looks like with a competent edge rush, you can go pound sand.

    It’s ridiculous to sit back and see good players traded for pennies on the dolla are our regime passes. What in the hell has our regime done to warrant passing on Quinn?

    It’s low or never time and the fans should be pissed off.

    Can you and everyone here compare our 2018 4th round pick. S the production Robert Quinn, as that is what it would’ve costed us?

    Disgraceful edge rush.

    We need to have better and it needs to be better than this.

    Calais Campbell

    Marcus Peters

    Robert Quinn

    Did Licht even look at signing/acquiring any of them? It’s a damn shame and we still have a toothless defense.

  35. SteveK Says:

    Sorry for telling you to eff yourself, realist.

    I’m legitimately POed with the Buccaneers state of the defense. If ourb2019 results are poor, and our defense is toothless again, then can we look back at these non moves as part of the reason why we are stuck in a never ending cycle of suck?

  36. OrlandoJoe Says:

    Guys it will be okay. Bradley Chubb is going to test poorly at the combine and his stock will drop enough for Tampa to get him at 7. Prayers up

  37. The Buc Realist Says:


    apology not needed!!!!!

    I think it is where you view the roster!!!!! I do not want to build a team for 1 year and put a 1 year band-aid be side gmc to squeeze the last bit of production for 1 year!!!!!!

    Look at the roster from talk show host dominik days, and it has been a FULL roster rebuild!!!!! For the first time in a almost 10 years, we actually had starters and depth at LB and WR (and maybe even tackle)!!!!!! This team needs to keep that going, and giving away resources for a DE with a bad back, that has majorly fallen off the last 3 years!!!!!

    We can get injured DE without trading picks!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!

  38. Bird Says:

    Someone made a good point yesterday. The Rams held the power on this trade and can or cannot reach out to or speak to whatever team they want.

    They know Quinn can ball (but have cap issues) so they didn’t want him in NFC anymore so they traded to afc team where more likely than not they would only potentially play against him in super bowl.

    Now if licht doesn’t get norwell and /or Jensen and quality db free agent then one buc could see upheaval very soon

  39. SteveK Says:

    Thanks, Realist, touche’!

    I see that side of things. I just don’t see Licht/Koetter getting a look beyond this year if we have a poor record. I hope Licht has something pulled up his sleeve, and more than just signing a tree humper DT. I don’t see a lot of options on the FA market to address our pass rush.

  40. stanglassman Says:

    Pickgrin & Nflnut. Great points per usual.

    It reminds me when people complain the Bucs didn’t try to move up in last years draft to grab D. Cook only to find out later they did but to no avail.

    It takes two to tango.

  41. Ndog Says:

    Listen guys we are all frustrated but this off season has just started. Like it or not Joe he would have been expensive. So would you rather have him or Truman Johnson & Norwell who are both younger and healthier? Plus Quinn was playing next to a beast with the Rams that helped his numbers, we don’t have anyone on our dline to help someones numbers, like it or not those are the facts.

  42. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Licht said thebucs tried to trade up… licht is top 5 worst gms in all major sports, imagine not drafting a K, not letting penn walk, this team is close though, closer to getting a new GM

  43. Tackleblockwin Says:

    What’s so frustrating is the value we could have possibly got him at. 3rd rd pick?, 4th rd pick? It would have been a no brainer. However, there are too many things we don’t know about the trade though. Here are a couple thoughts.

    Licht should have known he was trade bait. If Licht didn’t than he is not doing his job.

    I would think LA would want to trade him to a team out of the conference if possible. But at that low of a value??? Surely they would have listened to counter offers from NFC teams.

    Did Quinn and the Rams discuss teams he’d be willing to go to in a trade? Did they give him that luxury? Or did Quinn have no say at all?

    It is frustrating, but all we can do is hope Licht has a plan to fix this D line. That video he posted on about “knowing what the problems are” is all BS until he fixes the problems that an average fan can see.

  44. Leighroy Says:

    Come on people. Quinn played as a 3-4 edge rusher which only “revived” his career after falling performances as a 4-3 end the 2 years prior. This isnt 2013 anymore, the guy isn’t necessarily the elite talent he used to be 5 years ago. Step back off the ledge!!!

  45. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we give up a fifth rounder for the great George Johnson, yet we deemed a fourth for reliable proven Robert Quinn was too much?

  46. Architek Says:

    Bucs are just a habitual (non-relevant) dated transactions type of team. If you are hoping that a front office like this and team with this many holes (I don’t care what Koetter says) YES i said holes, is expected to leave the basement then I have some ice cubes from Antarctica I want to sale you.

    Problem with us Bucs fans are we so desperate for success that we hang on to any gleam of hope that we can. We are actually a good fan base but just beat down by losing.

    Eagles, Rams, Falcons, Minny and a few other teams are making deals in the recent years that translate to success. The Giants will bounce back and make the playoffs before we do! Front offices win championships too.

    The Peters Trade I didn’t react to because we don’t have the locker room to corral a Maverick like Peters but Quinn make absolutely no sense. Even with a back issue, his production dwarfs any DL we’ve had in over a decade and we have wasted 2nd rounders and big contracts on riskier assets.

    I feel for my Bucs fans brethren and sisters, we really deserve better. Just do yourselves a favor and don’t buy what Licht and Koetter are selling please. Make them earn your hope!

  47. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    And isn’t it about time Licht flat out publicly tells the rest of the league to hit us up before someone else trades a DE so we can match their offer. If he’s serious about fixing this travesty of a d-line shouldn’t he at least kick the tires and see what we’d have to do to outbid for a DE? We are desperate and everybody knows it after all

  48. Architek Says:

    You have a fair point but the problem is the roster that is constructed right now has no depth and the philosophies are just antiquated.

    If Licht could have built some resemblance of a pass rush in 5 years and we were one player away then I could reason with you. But, man, this roster is not good man, good isolated pieces but nothing that will say hey we are CLOSE. No you are not close Bucs because you play in the NFC South and you have been owned by every team in the division.

    Sorry I can’t give Licht too much credit with his FA gaffes!

  49. John meeks Says:

    And again like he did last year with Calais ,our GM just sits on his ass and watches a proven pass rusher walk by.what a drunken idiot we have for a general manager.

  50. Architek Says:

    Drafting D linemen will not fix the pass rush in one year. Rookies don’t make that jump normally. And Spence, Stevie T, Gholston, McCoy are the only ones on paper locked to comeback (Ayers can still be cut).

    Go look at Philly and Minny and even our own Division DLs and freshen your perspective on what playoff caliber DL play looks like. Not Mr Sheesh and crew.

  51. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    How many times over the last couple days has THIS Bucs fan said that Licht might be saving his draft capital….for another target, Bucs fans!!

    Like @TNEW was saying up above, the likely scenario is leverage for a trade up, although my scenario is for a much more bold trade up to #1 (by necessity).

    You all can draw your own conclusions, and frankly I am a bit tired of all the whiners that think that preserving/building a roster is the key to a draft, blah , blah, blah. Look how well that has worked for the last 5 years, and Licht has VERY little time left.

    Barkley said in his wrap-up interview with NFL Network yesterday, when they asked him who he interviewed with, he said “Giants, Colts, Buccaneers, Cleveland, Jets, Broncos.”

    Now the Bucs can easily trade in front of the Jets at #6, and the Colts are VERY likely taking Chubb as their new defensive coordinator all but telegraphed the move (and it’s not a head fake considering the lack of DE crop). Denver absolutely needs a QB, but even if they get one in FA, we can easily trade in front of them at #5 also. Giants hold the key to a lot at #2, which……is why the Bucs would NEED to go to #1.

    Hence the draft capital.

    Go Bucs! Go Barkley! Go Bold! Go Primetime!

  52. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    BetterBuc, so you think we could trade from 7 all the way up to 1 with our first round and the fourth rounder it would’ve taken to get Quinn? By golly son you’re a genius! Make this trade happen Licht!

  53. John meeks Says:

    The bucs are bad starting with the owners,gm,headcoach,etc.i honestly believe they don’t know how to build a team (hint “trenches”).on top of that I think they just have “badluck”.i also honestly believe their luck is so bad that anyone of the above people I mentioned could go out and find a whore off the streets and get married to her and she would quit fuc*ing before they got her home!

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You are all assuming Jason Licht is doing nothing.

    MAYBE he has better moves in mind????

    I heard a radio host (filling in for Dog (get well soon Steve)) say the other day that he was growing more and more frustrated because of the lack of moves since the season ended.


    You people are becoming the real downers.

  55. Architek Says:

    Trade from #7 to #1 to draft Barkley????

    WTH? And what Defense are you gonna stop people with again? Are you forgetting the secondary is filled with holes too???

  56. Architek Says:

    Go read my posts please, fans deserve more credit for sticking around with this bad franchise!

    Take it easy on Bucs fans Bro.

  57. Joe Says:

    Quinn has stayed hurt the past 3 seasons anyways.

    He played in 15 games, started 14, and had 8.5 sacks. How hurt could he have been?

    Quinn played in more games than Spence, Gholston and Ayers in 2018.

    Quinn’s worst season he would have led Bucs in sacks for a DE.

    Let’s quit pretending the Rams got rid of a cripple.

  58. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    bonzai, what clinic you get that green medicine? licht is a space cadet, aside from getting evans and winston which were no brainers this dunderbox has had ZERO vision in building a team, draft a TE in first round when stevie wonder could see bucs need DE, OL, RB… 5-11 2018…. cleveland is gonna go barkley then fitzpatrick and browns going 8-8, bucs all alone as worsr franchise

  59. tmaxcon Says:

    Being always right about this pathetic franchise led by glazers is getting tiresome…

    4-12 and once again in the bucanner safe space the nfc south basement

  60. John meeks Says:

    Buccaneers bonzai, we are not assuming anything,it’s pretty damn obvious our GM is doing “nothing”.the defense looks exactly like it did after the last game of the free agency hasn’t started,but not one of those free agents are gonna fix this dline, nor is a damn rookie.quinn is a proven pass rusher who could have helped!you keep settling for below average or mediocrity, and us true bucs fans will continue to raise hell until they fix this sorry defensive line!!

  61. tmaxcon Says:


    You are being a complete fool trying to defend licht and this pathetic franchise… There is no defense for 16 years without a single meaningful win and 11 years without a single meaningful game… You look bad enough for defending cancer93 and his failed career of meaningless pro bowls and first half sacks…

  62. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


    You sound…new. And like a total jacka*s. Clearly (if you’re not new), you haven’t been reading all the prior threads this BETTER Buc fan has proposed on here thoughtfully and fully.

    So I’ll stick to talking to the rest of the Buc faithful, rather the competent Buc faithful on here.

    Go Bucs!

  63. Buc4life Says:

    I don’t think we should just write off his back injury. Got to be weary of a guy with a back issue creeping up on 30 who’s employer is so willing to sell cheap. I would have been fine with the move but hopefully this means we will get a better option at DE.

  64. John meeks Says:

    Tmaxcon, yeah it sure is getting tiresome!well said and I know how you feel!same ol bulls%%t every year!

  65. Duke Says:

    John Meeks,

    Lol, I literally spit out my coffee after reading your post. Nicely done.

  66. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


    Like you were saying about your desire for the trade up…..

    What LICHT should do, is research the last 10 drafts that Dorsey was in charge of, including Kansas City, look at prior trades he made up and down and what the costs plus players of each of those was, see which type of players Dorsey favors in drafts, etc….get his DRAFT DNA. Use that against Dorsey on the way up to #1. Then Licht can use the weaknesses of Cleveland’s roster like no one next to Danny Shelton at DT (who hasn’t even materialized yet in his 2 years), to unload GMC’s salary for some leverage there, call it the equivalent of a 2nd rounder added.

    And still Cincy needs LB help, hence unloading LVD to Cincy for Geno Atkins plus 6th rounder if needed, to replace GMC and extend Atkins. Keep in mind, Curry in PHI still hasn’t been resolved.

    Go Bucs!

  67. John meeks Says:

    Buc4life, and what option would that be?hell, our GM is to scared to make a where are we gonna find a better option at?draft vita vea and watch him get oxygen after the 1st quarter in Tampa come september?draft Marcus “raw”Davenport and let him give us 2 sacks next year?let’s be honest here,our GM hasn’t got a clue how to build a football team!

  68. Mike Johnson Says:

    Actually I’m pretty deeyham happy myself. And you should be also. This is a do or die year for these Buc Staff. A complete Mngt cleanse of Buc coaching and GM will occur if these clowns do not produce this year.And I’m just happy as hell bout that. I said all along Koetter should have stayed in his lane as OC. So this is the year guys. Produce or get off the pot.

  69. DB55 Says:

    Luxury suites and Cuban sandwiches with an occasional jersey sale here and there, that’s all that matters around these here parts.

    I mean look if you compare what Jon Robinson has done vs what Licht has done its pretty hard to defend licht.

    Licht wants to build through the draft? Fine but good luck finding a rookie DE that can get 8 sacks. Bosa is the only one in years that has managed 6+ sacks as a rookie in like the last 3 years. (You might want to fact check that)

  70. Architek Says:



  71. tmaxcon Says:


    Glazers have no intention of fielding a respectable product

  72. Ed Kerber Says:

    It may have been the Rams not wanting Quinn in NFC. Only way that I can forgive Licht.

  73. DB55 Says:


    Suites, sandwiches and ice cream! That’s all they need.

  74. tmaxcon Says:


    Don’t forget thier legion of choirboy loving delusional optimists who rather justify and dignify losing instead of accepting reality.

  75. DB55 Says:

    Don’t look at just this move you have to look at the big picture. Djax is really the only tier 1 FA signed by licht and he overpaid by a lot and it’s arguable if Djax really a tier 1 FA. All his other misses and signings have been misses.

    But hey let’s drink some beers in our shorts and slippers all afternoon and worry about being cellar dwellers later, amirite?

  76. DB55 Says:


    Shh don’t tell anyone but I’m downloading the Raiders app as we speak at least with Gruden you know winning is priority numero uno.

    And he don’t like ice cream!!!!

  77. John meeks Says:

    Anyone have charley casserly phone number so I can FedEx it overnight to the bucs before free agency gets here?I want to send it early because it will take the glazer boys a week to understand why I’m sending it,and another two days to figure out how to dial his number on there cellphone!can you get his number joe??please hurry sir,”please”!!!!

  78. DanBucsFan Says:

    We ALL understand as fans the state of this franchise. Although some of us see it a little different, we can all agree De is a major weakness eithe #1 or 1a. Of coarse all can’t be fixed in one offseason, but it is reasonable for most of us to be very upset and unsure about decision making at one Buc whe players who are major upgrades are being traded for middle draft picks. How often do ALL PRO shut down corners become available for the taking on the cheap??? Not often since I’ve been on this planet. Or with the crop of pass rushers available and our most likely weakest area of concern, a well above average De at 27 years old becomes available for a 4th rounderand we miss on him as well. I dont want to hear Licht had no idea it was going down, we all in the fantasy gm world heard he was available so why didnt Licht make a call and do some fishing? I hope he has his reasons and for his sake he better hope his reasons were correct. When we draft a 2nd or3rd string cb in 4th round or a rotation De ant best he may be kicking himself when Quinn posts double digit sacks and major Qb pressure. Either way team Glazier should realize that our Gm is already missing out on real talent period. And idgaf what anyone says there is absolutely NO WAY to justify not trying to improve the roster right motherfing now. Bs on waiting till free agency or draft. Last I checked we are in dire need of some TALENT so why are other teams making moves to improve and our Gm is making ticket selling videos to “pump us up” about the teams future? Anyone who doesn’t have issue with us not attempting to aquire Quinn should stop acting as a know all and kindly zip it up for a while, because with all due respect if u don’t see the need and the value you have NO CLUE.

  79. John meeks Says:

    In joe “we trust”!get on it joe!hurry!!

  80. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Licht was in the dark on this one and asleep at the wheel, I guess. His 4th rounder was more valuable than the Dolphins. My bet is the Tams wanted a higher pick and gave a discount to get Quinn out of the conference.

    I have zero faith in Licht who has never been on the better end of a trade in his Buc career.

    The Bucs could have added a 25 and 27 year old Pro Bowlers to the team, Peters and Wuinn, for bargain shopping prices.

    Licht has one last chance in my eyes… Norwell. If he misses a THIRD chance to acquire a young Pro Bowler – he deserves to go.

    Licht has t gotten the memo…

  81. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


    Oh, Dan…Dan…Dan.

    🙂 🙂

    Go Bucs!

  82. Capt.Tim Says:

    We have no defensive ends.
    We are last in the league in sacks.
    The team has sucked, and sucked, and sucked for year years
    We have more money than any other NFC team, and all of our draft picks.
    We have valuable veteran players- who deserve better than this lousy team

    If we hear that a Good Defensive end is on thr market, then Licht gets off his ass, and offers whatever combination of money, Picks and players it taked to aquire a DE. Finding a good one available is so rare- and the bucs suck so bad, that they CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS ANY OPPORTUNITY!!

    Do McCoy or Lavonte a huge favor, and trade them to a real team. This team isnt going anywhere for several years- even if they suddenly start caring- and actually try to win.
    Let our long suffering Vets go to a real team. They deserve to be rescued from the Bucs.

    Then, Do what ever we have to do, to move up and draft Bradley Chubbs. If that cant happen, then trade down, and pick up our next top rated DE.
    It’ll take him a couple years to develop. That gives the Bucs time to address the Secondary, the Rest of the D-line, Running back, And the Offensive- which was developing nicely, until the idiots threw everything outta wack by moving Marpet!!
    Its gonna take Marpet a year or two to adjust to his new position. A positon he has never played. Of course, he would be an all pro guard this year, if these idiots had left him along. Sweezy had a year of rehab. They should ovf just had him adjust to playing Left guard. He had done that before. Then we are set at guards and tackles. Just need a center to train behind Hawley/Evans.

    But this team wont do any of those things. They do only enough, to give the fans false hope. Just enough to sell a few tickets. They get rich off the TV money..
    So many years of watching this team.
    Finally, you can see their real priorities
    Cash. Not wining.

  83. Joel Says:

    Maybe the Rams had no interest in dealing with the Bucs. Love how everyone assumes trades can be had by anyone.

  84. The Buc Realist Says:


    It is time for a poll!!!!!!! What would be the bigger meltdown for the sheep??? Missing out on old, injured players, or during the season when the sheep realize that the acquired players are old, and injured and non-productive?????

    Beware the DE that might have had inflated numbers in Coach Wade Phillips aggressive system!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!

  85. TOM Says:

    I’m sure ahole Licht will come up with some BS excuse for not getting Quinn. The only thing the Glazers care about is the almighty $. One way to offset this is by boycotting the games Fans stay home.

  86. Lord Corn Says:

    All I’m gonna say is this 28 YO pro bowler better not have another 8 sack season or better or we f*cked up because his salary is absolutely worth it for what we need

    Call me a sheep for that opinion I guess lol. Good argument

  87. Enrich Ciccone Says:

    The place is run by the same delusional morons responsible for last year’s gross misjudgment of need, talent, character, locker-room fit, etc. not to mention drafting a bucket via a 2nd round trade-up, and the past 4+ years of free agent misses. But don’t worry- everything is fine here.

  88. Enrich Ciccone Says:

    Oh wait, let’s ask Dirk… it’s about the amount of $ we don’t have sitting around, right? Quinn was an opportunity for an upgrade at a critical position of need for a more than fair price. We suck for a reason folks.

  89. SteveK Says:


    I hope the upcoming poll states:

    What has more production/impact in the 2019 season: our 4th round pick. S Robert Quinn?

    I get we need to plan for the future, but our DEs are atrocious. It’s bad bro.

  90. SteveK Says:

    Vs. Robert Quinn *

  91. Issic Haggins Says:

    Trust me Dom gets this deal done, that’s not saying allot !!
    Lichts job , he doesn’t get it done plain and simple !!
    Lichts not mentally equipped to get it done , his job is to make deals that improve your team happen , you must get them done !!!
    The chances that Bradley Chubb is a better player next year than Quinn are pretty slim ( see W Sapp rookie ) and you have no D ends on your roster that you can win with , none not a one and any talk to the contrary is fools gold !!!

    Licht missed on a golden opportunity that he simply is paid not to miss on . J Licht did Int get it done and also drafted a kicker that can’t kick well strait on !!! Licht needs help and it’s not Koetter !!!

  92. Kevin Says:

    The only reasonable explanation to me is that Licht is preparing a trade in the draft. Jump up in the first or move back to the 1st from the second.

  93. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    @ Kevin,

    Sir I believe you may be right. Nice to have such “reasonable” people around.

    Go Bucs!

  94. BucEmUp Says:

    I thought it was just the rays but I’ve obviously been in denial. The Bucs need new owners as well.

  95. DB55 Says:


    Did you know in the 2 years Quinn was hurt he had more sacks than any one of our DEs? 2015 he had 5 and 2016 he had 4 which would lead all of the Bucs DEs in sacks and that’s not counting the season he had 19 sacks.

    Find me a rookie DE who had more than 6 sacks other than Bosa. And if you trade up for Chubb you’re still “wasting” that 4th round pick for the potential to get 5-6 sacks from Chubb, at best 10 but doubtful.

  96. Alanbucs Says:

    Man the overreaction on this sight. I like Robert Quinn as a player too but realistically he can help but doesn’t mean that world is over. If we sign the guy and he’s a bust with the Bucs then we are back to saying light sucks in free agency. Can’t win or lose in this town.

  97. BringBucsBack Says:

    Some of you folks here HOPE that Licht has a “big trade” or a “bigger target” up his sleeve?!? The same genius who traded UP to pick a kicker in the 2nd round? I absolutely hope he does NOT have any such plan. If he does I’m sure it would be something like this years’ 1st & 3rd and next years’ 1st & 3rd to acquire this year’s #1 pick for Chubb. Chubb is nice but, not that nice! Given Licht’s history, I would not put that past him.

    Instead of HOPING for the perfect moment and situation to employ a long-shot, low-percentage “trick up his sleeve”, how about you make a sincere effort to obtain EVERY, and I mean EVERY viable D-lineman. This approach will at least eliminate doubt as to weather every option was exhausted and it will increase your odds. If Quinn was traded for so little then forgive those of us who interpret that as indifference on Licht’s part, who has a higher pick to offer.

    Quinn is a 3-4 OLB? What in the heck is N. Spence? At least Quinn has made it to the playing field, let alone his success at it.

    Quinn has a bad back? Evidently, not bad enough!! He outperformed all of the “professional DEs” the Bucs had the last 8-10 Year’s!

    Swing at EVERY pitch!! We (and you, Mr. Licht) are Desperate!!!

    We are so “close to the ledge” because, Licht has led us there!!!

    APB for Eddie DeBartelo!!!

  98. John meeks Says:

    Say what you will but until our GM gets off his ass and attempts to make this defensive line better (he has to make a gamble or two),this line will continue to suck.a player like Quinn could help,he can rush the passer and last I checked we were dead last in the league in sacks.i rest my case!

  99. BigMacAttack Says:

    Perennial losers and I’m sick of it. Licht has signed so many FA busts he’s afraid to do anything. Laughing stock of the NFLand Jameis is probably partying with the boys right now. No dedication on this team. Please trade GMC. Every season he gets hurt by the second game and limps through the season

  100. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    🙂 🙂

    Go Bucs!

  101. bucs_365 Says:

    The sky is falling.

  102. grafikdetail Says:

    great job joes! those were some really solid retorts for the naysayers on the quinn trade…

  103. Alanbucs Says:

    Some forget we couldn’t run the ball either so should we sign Jonathan Stewart and every other running back that may be available? Swing at every pitch right?

  104. BigMacAttack Says:

    No to Stewart and you’d like to think they could draft a good RB in the middle rounds but Licht has sucked at drafting RBs. The sky isn’t falling. It came down as soon as Chucky was fired. It’s been a fog ever since but they’re good at saving money for the future and wasting money on worthless FAs.

  105. John meeks Says:

    Alanbucs, you can find a running back much easier than a pass rusher!keep reading and learning,you won’t always be wet behind the ears!we still believe in you!!It’s just gonna take more time than we had hoped!!

  106. denjoe Says:

    Like last year right!

  107. BigMacAttack Says:

    And as fans, if we don’t hammer them for all their stupid decisions, the Glazers will let it go on indefinitely. I seriously see a lot of fat lazy players that don’t care about the fans or winning.

  108. Nybucsfan Says:

    If I owned the team I would have fired Jason over this.

  109. NFLNut Says:


    There are TONS of teams that need DEs that did not trade for Quinn … and TONS of teams that need a CB that did not trade for Peters … you people crack me up.

  110. SteveK Says:


    What team in the league has a worse DE and CB situation? I’m begging to know?

    As a fan of the Buccaneers, I’m concerned for their DE and CB talent and how that talent will hold us back from making a playoff run.

  111. USFBUC Says:

    I am concerned but will wait to see what happens. Several have made good points about us not knowing what happened behind the scenes. I am going to reserve my criticism until the draft is over.

  112. BringBucsBack Says:

    Jonbuc, “swing at every pitch” was in reference to any viable D-lineman, especially DE. I thought that was obvious as my post, in response to an article about a missed DE, made no mention of RBs which, are much easier to find.

  113. BringBucsBack Says:

    Alanbucs, sorry.

  114. ATrain Says:

    Maybe the writing is in the wall
    Just like the Rays the Bucs are keeping a mediocre team to try and find a bigger market or hoping in a few years the NFL will give a team to England and they can move closer to their soccer team

  115. firethecannons Says:

    Totally asleep at the wheel, this was a trade that had complete upside for the Bucs, Joe–can you please ask Licht point blank wtf/why did this trade not happen for the Bucs. The Bucs are doomed with him as the GM, honestly so disappointing. My guess– the trade took place without Licht ever knowing it was going down. Please Joe ask Licht wtf!