Jameis = Ray Lewis

February 8th, 2018


A teammate of new Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis sees some of the legendary punishing tackler and spirited leader in America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

And it’s not because of the way Jameis pursues defenders after he hands them the football like it’s Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters.

Bart Scott was a Pro Bowl Ravens linebacker alongside Lewis. Now, Scott is a voice on New York’s top sports radio station, WFAN-AM. He also keeps an eye on the Bucs, in part because Mike Smith was one of his most respected mentors.

Scott and his co-hosts were chatting last week and the subject of Jameis’ pregame finger-sucking came up. The digit munching was part of a bizarre Jameis-led rally before the midseason game at New Orleans. FOX cameras caught Jameis demanding his teammates eat Ws, which doubled as fingers he shoved in his mouth while they looked on in disbelief.

Jameis was trashed nationwide for that, but Scott defended Jameis and said Lewis also would bust out an occasional pregame speech or rant that left teammates stunned or confused. Scott said that didn’t matter because the passion and sincerity was always there from Lewis and they wouldn’t think of wanting him to change.

Joe never had a problem with the 15 seconds or so of dramatic, televised finger-sucking by Jameis. Big deal, so he tried to rally his team in a unique way and failed. It happens. Move on. It’s not like he grabbed his teammates crotches without permission to hype them up.

Frankly, Joe hopes Jameis picks just the right time to bust out a new version of the Eat-A-W speech one day.

47 Responses to “Jameis = Ray Lewis”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its funny how sports writers and tv analyst trashed him, but it was the opposite with kids in High School and college football!!!!!! They loved it!!!!!!!!! If I ran the Bucs promotion dept. there would be “W” pretzels that fans can by at the stadium!!!!!!

    At some point the local media needs to stop bowing down to national opinions!!!!!!! When this are starts saying “so what” and gets that attitude of us against them, then a culture will start around this area that will spread!!!!!!!

    But some want to make a living trashing the Bucs!!!!!!!!

    Fix the “real” problems, the “trenches”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DoNUTS Says:

    Ray Lewis is a HOF player who led with his superb play on the field. He was able to take over games. Winston has not reached that level so I think the comparison is not valid. Ray had a lot of success with finding pregame ways to motivate his team to WINS… has Winston? Not exactly.

  3. Dooshlarue Says:

    So the moral of the story is:
    It’s okay to be an idiot as long as you’re passionate about it?

  4. tmaxcon Says:


    Preach my man PREACH!!!! Both lines are garbage and the national opinions are irrelevant. Jameis has done everything right in tampa and that should be the focus not another gold digger without proof that is represented by the same attorney the first gold digger used. The constitution matters and so does Innocent until proven guilty… these gold diggers need to start facing criminal charges they make real victims suffer.

    Let’s just hope Jameis sticks to flirting with the ladies versus stabbing people like Mr. Lewis…

  5. Not there yet Says:

    Personally at his age I’d take that eat a W speech any day over that horrible pregame speech from GMC before the Dallas game in 2016 worse speech I ever heard from the goofiest football player on the planet. Just do that crazy ish when the cameras are not around Winston but GMC should be banned from giving speeches he depresses teammates

  6. Sierra048 Says:

    Ray Lewis is not someone anyone should be idolizing. He was a showboat. He should be in jail. All you Jameis nut gobblins thinking he makes the decisions on who we draft, or who we bring in in free agency, are too funny. He’s got you bamboozled with his great leadership schtick. Wonder what his baby momma thinks about his crotch grabbing.

  7. tmaxcon Says:


    I am sure like most sane people Jameis’s baby’s mama has your refereed to her, realizes that jameis is being blackmailed by ANOTHER gold digging skank that is just trying to get paid.

    jameis is not going to be suspended

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “If I ran the Bucs promotion dept. there would be “W” pretzels that fans can by at the stadium!!!!!!”

    That’s just…


  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DoNUTS Says
    “Ray Lewis is a HOF player who led with his superb play on the field. He was able to take over games. Winston has not reached that level…”

    Are you saying Jameis has not taken over games? Because you would be wrong on that claim.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I personally thought it was stupid, but I could have sworn someone on his college team had done the same thing that week, and Jameis did it in support of his college team.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Oh look! Troll alert!!!

  12. James Walker Says:

    This website is really going downhill.
    James, Joe enjoys the haters that make comments like yours. It’s fun, but it’s also ridiculous and inaccurate. For 9 1/2 years, Joe has been writing about what interests Joe about the Bucs. Bart Scott offering a different take on Jameis, with unique insight, certainly hit the mark as interesting. That’s why it’s here. You can call it “going downhill,” but Joe calls it being authentic to what this site is about.–Joe

  13. tmaxcon Says:

    If he wins a super bowl that Eating w’s speech will go from laughable to iconic instantly. unfortunately, the glazers will not tolerate winning so the superbowl is out of the question.

  14. LakeLand Says:

    Why should Ray Lewis be in jail for defending himself against thugs?


  15. Mike Johnson Says:

    Please Fix the problem..Change Buc Realist Diapers for him and get him a pacifier!!

  16. Mr. Ed Says:

    He ate Ws before a game in 2016 also. “I know you’re hawngry…” was how it went, and he ate his fingers in the shape of a W. No one made a big deal out of it at all then. They won.

  17. webster Says:

    @ lakeland

    Unfortunately because to some in this country whenever a black man is accused of anything a certain segment of society believes he is guilty and should be jail regardless of what the evidence shows. Why do you think that certain segment of society still believes jameis is guilty and want him to fail at every turn.

  18. BobbyDeanSoCal Says:

    I remember a few years back when Joe Flacco was making fun of Ray Lewis because in his pregame speeches he made no sense and sometimes sounded crazy. I like Bart Scott’s take on this because it is documented around the NFL. Jameis’ passion is sincere, and I believe it does more good than harm. I would hate to be under the microscope as much is NFL players are.

  19. Myron Lewis Says:

    They are both criminals!

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    People think Jameis is guilty- because he is guilty.
    Of the things he was accussed of in college- he was guilty of all but one.
    The Rape charge went away.
    The stealing crab legs, screaming obscenties about women while standing on a table, roaming campus at night shooting things with Bb guns, etc- he did all that. Some crimes, some bad judgement.

    All stupid, when you are about to be the number one pick in the draft- and the whole damn world is watching you.

    Did he grope the Uber driver? Who knows? But pretty dumb to be in that position.

    There is a segment of the population, thats trying to convince everyone that the police- even Black officers, are persecuting Black men. They want you to believe its racism- no matter what the evidence shows.

    See the incredibly ludicrous Michael Bennett fabrication.

    FSU and the Bucs do not want Jameis to fail. They dont want him to get involved in anything stupid or illegal. .
    Didnt pan out that way for FSU. We’ll see how the Bucs fare

    I like Jameis- and hope he didnt grope anyone. Time may tell.

  21. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Yeah it was weird and embarrassing, we all have those moments.

    This was one of those for jameis as he tried to find a way to rally men well beyond his age, and like Joe said, it failed. So what?

    Jameis is going to continue leading by example by the way he approaches the game and his team respects that and they respect him. They might have been embarrassed FOR him when this happened but guess what its over.

    Best that can happen is we just laugh about it. I hope jameis plays the good sport and breaks out his contagious smile, and eats a W right after a big win in 2018.

    Go Bucs, Go Jameis.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    You’ve been at this for awhile now. I think you’ve busted butt to not simply rest on your laurels and have done some major additions like bringing IRA on board.

    I do not get the haters. I honestly do not. If someone hates my posts that’s fine…use the freaking scroll wheel…don’t bother to read them.

    Same for JBF…if you don’t like it go to another site!

    Same for the Bucs…if you hate them..the owners…coaches…ice cream eating…finger sucking players…simply root for another team. I’m told the Jags are on the way up. You could even drive over for the weekend and CHEER for a team you like.

    Why the hell do people visit a website they claim they don’t like or talk about a team they loathe? Can someone explain that to me?

  23. webster Says:

    @ Capt tim

    The crab legs was a hook up that unfortunately the young lady that reported him had no idea about the fsu player rule at that publix.  I am sorry if you have no friends or was never important enough to get the hook up.  Jameis falling on the sword for FSU is more of a team player than it is on him being a “thief”.   Screaming on a table does not warrant jail time.  And the rape allegations did not “go away.”  The state of Florida decided not to prosecute because the evidence did not support a rape.  Shooting bb guns as a true freshman while you are redshirting is no big deal as many kids shoot bb guns.  In any case he was punished and he did his pittance for that.  No jail time warranted.  And to say a person should not put himself in position to be lied on is just stupid.  How else do you get around when you do not have a ride?  You call a uber.  It is not on him if the girl is lying.  That says more about her character than it does Jameis putting himself in that position.  That is just crazy.

    As it relates to blacks being a target of racial profiling or gun down by police, I find that only a segment of society refuse to believe it true even when there is video proof.  Lie you say?  Google walter scott and how he was shot in the back running from the cops.  The cop lied on his police report, but if it was not for a young man walking to work who thought to start taping with his phone, Scott’s reason for death would have been a lie.  Google Bob Gualtieri and how he lied on his police report.  The only reason the young lady is not doing jail time is because the video camera at the gas station caught everything.  Lie you say? Google Marcus Jeter and how he was about to do 10-15 years for an arrest in 2012 but the hidden dash board cam footage surfaced 4 years later proven the two arresting officers lied on their police report and his innocence was validated.   That video was hidden for 4 years.   Google how the 20 year old Charnesia Corley was stripped search at a gas station for 20 minutes with no bottom garments on which was sexual assault basically.  First it does not take that long and second, that is not where you perform a cavity search.  Imagine if that was your daughter on the side of the road.   I can go on and on while a certain segment of society want to use bennett as a talking point. 

    Speaking of bennett, I find it hilarious that you bring up Bennett but who said bennett lied?  Oh I know the narrative that certain segment has been preaching.  Fact…Bennett said he felt he was targeted.  Fact…The cops said they detained him because he ran.  When you look at the video, he was not the only one running….Fact  So how did bennett lie?  Did the cops say bennett was the only one running?  No, because he was not the only one running but that was the only one they zeroed in on.  So bennett can feel like he was targeted if everyone else was running and they only took him down.    

    I find it funny that a segment of society is willing to believe one man when he says our justice department ie FBI is corrupt and that segment of society believes him yet when a whole race have had these complaints about the judicial system/racial profiling/killed for sport for decades it all fallacy to them.   That’s the definition of hypocracy. But hey, that segment can keep their eyes closed if they want.

  24. DirtyIrishman81 Says:

    Cheers to that 👆🏻

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    When I read that headline the only thing I thought was, oh no, who did he murder?

  26. NFLNut Says:

    Most people are Orwellian proles that allow the media to think for them and who are little more than “followers” … it’s extremely sad.

  27. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    That was an EXCELLENT post. Well written…thought out and full of FACTS..aka “fake news” to the folks you describe who simply do not wish to hear or believe the truth.

    I was speeding along one of the back roads on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula..about 90 in a 70 zone. Perfect straightaway….not another car in site for miles and miles except for the cop hiding in the weeds. LOL

    He was very nice and only wrote me for 80 so I didn’t lose my license. Then I thought….thank God I’m not black. I can’t imagine the fear that grips many black folks pulled over in a dark secluded spot.

  28. Alanbucs Says:

    If he wasn’t passionate like this people would criticize him like they do a Jay Cutler. You can’t win in the court of public opinion.

  29. LakeLand Says:

    TBH, I was negative towards the Bucs until I came to this site in 2014. The hate for Coach Smith was so strong. I thought i was at an KKK rally.

  30. LakeLand Says:

    ****I wasn’t negative*****

  31. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    K but, Lovie smith was for real one of the worst coaches in bucs history and the hate had nothing to do with race and everything to do with ineptitude and spitty coaching.

  32. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Thats not an excuse. I love jameis, and I am full agreement with Webster’s post above.

    Just pointing out that Lovie was the worst. god just the absolute worst.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:


    He was very nice and only wrote me for 80 so I didn’t lose my license. Then I thought….thank God I’m not black. I can’t imagine the fear that grips many black folks pulled over in a dark secluded spot.


    Why didnt you imagine you were Chinese? Or Hispanic? Russian? Greek?
    Or do you think theres something about the color Black, that just sends cops into a rage- like bulls and the color?

    Do you really believe that Cops are fighting, to be assgned to the inner cities!
    Where they hope to oppress poor young minorities?

    I kinda doubt they are fighting for the inner city patrols.

    But if you are overwhelmed with guilt, and a white Apologist- dont just sit there!
    There are an estimated 30 million slaves in the world today!! Right now!!Most in India and China.
    Go and be a part of changing that culture! Put your whiteness to good work!!

    Lord knows you wont be missing much here, just more Bucs losing

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sorry, 20.9 million people in forced labor, not 30

  35. SOEbuc Says:

    Joe that article title scared the crap out of me. I thought there had been a stabbing.

  36. LakeLand Says:

    Jolly Buc Fan

    But the same people who was voicing their opinions, are now complaining about other people voicing their opinion about this coaching staff.

  37. oar Says:

    Hmmm….I thought Jamies = Bret Farve

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lord, I hope that
    Jameis=Bret Farve.

    So far
    Jameis= Jeff George

    Any of you old enough to Remrmber Jeff, will see the correlation.
    Mind boggling talent, mind numbing decisions.
    On and off the field

  39. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I like the W pretzel thing sounds like a winner if we start winning!
    REAL recognize REAL!

  40. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Capt Tim

    Reread Webster’s post for the answer. White apologist? bwaahaahaaa

  41. webster Says:

    Why am i in moderation for 3 hours? I changed words etc.

  42. webster Says:

    See your mentality is what is so scary. You think white cops only encountet black drivers in inner cities or are you saying that blacks are only found in inner cities? If thats how you feel then that falls directly in line why blacks get pulled over in suburbia because people like you feel as though that black person riding around does not belong in that nice car in suburbia. You are making my point for me and you are not even aware. News flash tim, not all blacks live in the inner city. Google charles kinsey who is a black therapist who tried to assist an autistic patient with his hands straight up in the air but yet the cops shot him just the same. Google david borst, james elkins, george hunnewell who were cops later found out to be in the kkk. Btw…they were not assigned to the inner city. They live here in florida. Goggle raymond mott another kkk cop. There is many more and that is a problem unless like the the one guy you feel there are fine people on that side. Trying to blame st. Petebuc for white guilt is a lazy argument and your inner city comment shows just how out of touch you truley are.

  43. webster Says:

    Why am i in moderation for 5 hours?

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    Im sorry
    I meant”Pathetic white Apologist”
    Ashamed of who you are? The Skyway isnt to busy this time of year . . .

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hopefully, it wasnt because of an angry response.
    Your argument was well presented.
    Lately, it seems this country is so angry, so polarized.

    It seems you can never have a conversation among friends, with different opinions

  46. oar Says:

    Last time I was in moderation for 5 hours, I ended up with a piercing and a crappy tattoo!

  47. NCFlorIdiot Says:

    Capt. Tim… St. Pete isn’t apologizing for being white, he’s empathizing with a nervousness that WE white folk don’t feel when being pulled over in sticks doing 20 over… at the most, WE get our license revoked… and I’m not saying every cop is racist, but I am saying racist cops (and Bucs fans, Capt. Tim) are out there… The Skyway is open to you too “pathetic blind white guy”…

    It seems you can never have a conversation among friends, with different opinions??? Dumb A $$