Running Back Of The Future?

December 7th, 2017

More to come?

Joe had been urging Bucs coach Dirk Koetter — through this here website — to get backup running back Peyton Barber more touches, more work, in hopes he could spark an otherwise stagnant running attack.

No, Barber is not Gayle Sayers, and neither is Doug Martin at this stage of his career.

Last week at Green Bay, Barber got a chance as he started and turned in a wonderful performance giving the Bucs the team’s first 100-yard ground game from a back in over a year. And this came with, technically, three starters down on the offensive line (Ali Marpet, Demar Dotson and Marpet’s penciled-in replacement Joe Hawley).

It impressed the folks at Bleacher Report so much that they put together a video presentation of Barber and his day in Green Bay. It so made an impression on Bleacher Report that the question is presented in the video: Is Barber the running back of the future for the Bucs?

Joe strongly urges you to listen to Tuesday’s “Ira Kaufman Podcast,” in which Tampa Bay’s only Hall of Fame voter had a strong, bold declaration about Koetter and Barber.

30 Responses to “Running Back Of The Future?”

  1. Architek Says:

    No but he looks like a legit contributor that should have more snaps.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    Doud dances too much. Doug moves laterally

    Peyton runs hard, fast, and straight!

    Doug is done. He got his 7 million this year. He hustled Licht.

    Imagine where that 7 million could have gone?

    Calais Campbell? Maybe?

  3. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Peyton is the Bucs RB of the future..mark my words, mark them down on paper somewhere..he will be a star in the NFL!!!!

    I said it before and I will say it again…he will be a star!

  4. Joe Says:

    Doug is done. He got his 7 million this year. He hustled Licht.

    Imagine where that 7 million could have gone?

    This is discussed in detail in Ira’s pod later today.

    Calais Campbell $15,000,000
    -Doug Martin $7,000,000
    -Swaggy Baker $6,000,000

    Difference: $2,000,000

    Bucs current salary cap space: $18,363,444.

    Nope. Couldn’t afford Campbell.

  5. Bucssuccs Says:

    No, because knowing Dirk Koetter and Licht, Peyton Barber will be underused, and when his contracts up, he’ll get ran outta town. And then Licht will sign some over hyped running back way past his prime. Calling it now

  6. NFLNut Says:


    Barber shows promise .. and what I really like is that he has just 380 “touches (carries plus catches)” in his college AND pro career to-date … incoming rookie and projected top 5 pick Saquon Barkley already has 766 touches in just his 3 collegiate years!

    Barber is basically a new toy straight out of the package with no wear and tear at all on his 23 year old body.


  7. Ptwalk Says:

    I think he is and has earned the opportunity.

  8. Mbfists Says:

    Yes he has, feed him again and put more proof on tape.

  9. Joeypoppems Says:

    I wouldnt say he is the RB of the future after 1 good start. Stranger things have happened tho

  10. Bill Byrne Says:

    Give December to Barber as a Christmas present and build for 2018. The others should move on including Martin and Rogers…their time as Bucs is over I hope. Joe you were completely right about the Bucs not signing Calais Campbell! He has not only lifted the Jaguars into the playoffs this year, but he has brought the needed leadership to the Jags locker room that was desperately needed. Licht has made many mistakes but in my mind, this is his biggest. SAD! What coulda’ been!

  11. Sweep the leg Says:

    No no no

    Draft a rb.

    Barber has limited talent and isn’t a game changer.

    A contributor change of pace yes.

    But a star? Gtfoh

  12. FortMyersDave Says:

    So Joe your point about Swaggy and Martin vs. Calais C: is that an indictment against Licht? Considering the guy is on thin ice for free agancy busts, Hargraves, the FSU kicker, no drafted RB until all the top 3 tier rbs were off the board (so Licht take a guy from Boise in the 5th after USF’s Mack stayed on the board until the 4th round) and no pass rushing help, etc. etc.., it appears that perhaps Licht’s fate is already sealed. All this makes sense but I also feel that Koetter has compounded the situation by simply being a poor head coach, he can’t even call a decent offensive game plan as he did when he was an OC. Time to clean house???

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    He’s earned playing time. He’s a hard-nosed runner and I like that about him. However, I think it’s a little early to declare him the “guy” though.
    It would be nice not to have to address this position in the draft next year. We’ve got more holes than Swiss cheese!

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    The “Calais campbell” argument is so lazy!!!! The question is why a guy in his 10th year having a career year??????? Well if you look back a couple of year of what the Jags have invested in their D-line with the drafting and free-agency ( and guess what, they did have free agent bust as well!!!!!) then you will get a better picture of how the Jags have the D-line that they currently have!!!!!!! And that is why a free agent, that never has had a 10 sack year is having a career year!!!!!!!

    Fix the trenches!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bird Says:

    Yah. He gives hope

    Now bucs don’t need to draft rb in round 1

    Defenseive end defensive end 100%

  16. The Buc Realist Says:

    Coming off the Bench fresh for the first game is one thing!!!!! And it was nice to see him just put his head down and get a couple of yards with a 4.43 yard avg and all those yards after contact!!!!! But it is a another thing to do it for several games!!!!! When you are getting hit hard at and before the LOS!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t forget that a fresh drug martin came in with 4.70 yard avg his first game this year!!!!!!!!!

    We all know how bad Joe wants to bury DM22 on the roster and career, But I guess it will take another 4 games until Joe can use his “eye test” that the line needs upgrading as well!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Barber is not a feature back. Not the one we need. I like him and he can be okay depth, but the Bucs RB of the future is not on the roster yet.

    Really, even suggesting it because he has one 100 yard game is silly of Bleacher Report. Even if he finishes the year as the starter and gets 100 yard games the rest of the way, it proves nothing.

    Now if he got 200 yard games the rest of the way, that would be a different story…

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Calais Campbell took ten years to have a great year. Sorry, that screams one year wonder…and seeing as he’ll be 32 at the start of next season, he isn’t anywhere worth that money.

    You can talk about the 15m all you want…and yes, he seems to be worth it…THIS YEAR. But then he’ll go back to being average and the Jags will be over paying him.

    I would think Tampa has had more than its share of one year wonders.

  19. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Buc Bonzai

    And it is not just one man dominating!!!! That whole line flying around!!!!!! Then look at the Jags draft and free-agency, They were drafting at least 1 De, And 1 DT every year and bringing in Free-agents!!!!!!!!

  20. DBS Says:

    He is about as much the RB of the future as Glennon was QB of the future.

  21. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Jags also drafted dante fowler, myles jack, jalen ramsey and signed malik jackson and traded for marcel dareus….because they as a franchise have decided wisely unlike dunderbox licht that defense wins championships….then they go and get an RB slow the clock down and play defense and may play for a trip to the super bowl….but licht drafts and plucks players in FA like a schizophrenic with no rhyme or reason and
    NO BARBER is not the answer go and get sony michel in round 2 and get yuour feature rb…get rid of GMC and maybe get a low round 1 pick for him and get michel there

  22. Hodad Says:

    Barber is a keeper, but we need to do what our division leading Saints did. Draft another top R.B. to pair with him. Wait till Sunday, You’ll see Koetter trot out Druggie Martin to start the game. He, and Meathead have to justify his 7 million dollar salary.

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    Come on Joe

    Barber is at least a servicable back up. Barber can’t even sit dm. Which is head scratcher

  24. martinii Says:

    I am not so sure everything is so set in stone. Personally I would start Barber and gradually over the next 4 games phase out Martin (although over the years he has been one of my favorites) If you start Martin and by some chance he rips off a long run, goes for 140 yds, and pulls in some passes, now you have a problem especially if the Buc’s Win Sunday in front of the home crowd. Start Barber and continue to see if he is the real deal.

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Realist- I one million% agree. Last weeks game was a bit flukey IMO. Doing consistently will be the true litmus test.
    Of course, now that he got a 100 yards, he’s the greatest thing since buttered bread. Forgetting, of course, his YPC prior to that game. Now, Martin is “complete garbage”!!! LMAO!

  26. BigHogHaynes Says:


  27. not there yet Says:

    The running back of the future is not on the roster but neither is the coach of the future

  28. DoNUTS Says:

    This is a no-brainer at this point of 4 wins in 12 games. Barber should have been starting 4 weeks ago but this coaching regime is stubborn or stupid (jury is out).

    Glazer’s will bring the broom soon enough and hopefully they will get the right coach to turn this around in 18.

  29. Tom Says:

    Barber should be the starter the rest of the year. Knowing the Bucs they will probably screw this up. I don’t know which organization is worse, the Bucs or the Rays.

  30. rrsrq Says:

    Rashaad Penny in the 3rd, nice size and speed, he runs upright like Sims, but not a dancer. 6 kickoff and punt returns in CFB career. That would give us a solid duo threat backfield for years with this young offense.
    Every other pick defense and one offensive lineman, really want to see the o-line developed, not regress.