Ira Talks Stunted Jameis Growth, The Talent Vs. Coaching Debate, Glazer Feelers, Faulty Contain, Gruden & The Giants, And More

December 5th, 2017

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13 Responses to “Ira Talks Stunted Jameis Growth, The Talent Vs. Coaching Debate, Glazer Feelers, Faulty Contain, Gruden & The Giants, And More”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If I were a betting Man, I would not bet on any of the head coaching staff being back, or Jason Licht either.
    There are way too many empty seats in Tampa for that to happen.
    I see the Glazers as very reactionary owners, who will pull the plug in a minute.

    The Giants just made sweeping changes, and I think we will too. In my mind, the only question is see is who will it be ?

  2. Joe Says:

    The Giants just made sweeping changes, and I think we will too.

    Two ***fully*** different situations. Night/day.

  3. pete Says:

    Gruden left the Bucs bone-dry of talent. He likes near retirement old guys. He doesn’t develop talent and he’s fickle with the QB position (see Johnson, Gradkowski, R. Johnson, Griese, Rattay, Garcia). For the love of all Bucdom, keep Gruden away from this team or, when he leaves, we’ll need ANOTHER decade to refill the cupboards he left barren.

  4. Waterboy Says:

    I hope they don’t just run out and hire Gruden. I’d rather they bring in a well respected football guy to take over all football operations and make the decision on the next GM and coach if it comes to that. I think Gruden is the easy answer for a lot of Bucs fans but I’m not high on Gruden he was 57-55 as the Bucs coach that’s barely over .500.

  5. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Ony chance Licht beer comes back is if Jon Gruden becomes Head coach

    Grudog is a lock to be our 2018 HC

    Grudog is alpha male….he wont be able to coexist with another alpha experienced GM. Licht beer has the manboobs and the qualities to be subservient to Chuckys needs

    Licht beers is absolutely terrible in his his FA players but his draft other than the putrid 2016 draft, has not been bad

    Grudog will pickup the best young successful experienced def coord (vikings def coord)

    Grudog isnt playin games. only reason he is coming back is because he wants another ring to make him a lock in the HOF

    Son of Kobe Faker

  6. Kenny Says:

    Lets get one thing straight, Joe. Are you really saying offenses should be judged on yards gained over points scored? Seriously? “13th ranked offense”. Cmon Joe. I know youre better than that. Lets not treat the audience like were morons.
    Not doing that at all. There are many ways to judge offenses. And everyone values different aspects differently. Joe here was talking about the perception of Team Glazer, not Joe. Note, none of Jon Gruden’s offenses with the Bucs were in the upper half in the league in scoring. None. –Joe

  7. jerseybuc Says:

    We traded TWO number one picks for Gruden. Hardly his fault that the well ran dry, that was on the GM who made the deal, and Malcolm who okayed it. His mistake was insisting on older players like Charlie Garner be brought in.

  8. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    “Note, none of Jon Gruden’s offenses with the Bucs were in the upper half in the league in scoring. None. –Joe”

    Here’s the thing Joe, neither have Koetter’s. Even in 2015 when we had an over achieving O-line and a dominant running game, we have struggles to score the Ball consistently since Koetter got here.

    And another very credible argument to counter your proposed point, is that Jon Gruden never had the amount of talent on Offense that Koetter has right now. I’m not lobbying for Gruden, but I don’t doubt that he would be an improvement over Koetter.
    In 2007, you could easily argue the Bucs had more talent on offense, a punishing, successful running game, a 1000-yard receiver and probably the best slot receiver in team history, and a Pro Bowl quarterback and three monster talents on their offensive line. –Joe

  9. Bob Higginbotham Says:

    The dynamic duo rocks again! Great work guys!

  10. unbelievable Says:

    Gruden ain’t coming back. Simple as that.

  11. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Dude. Come on. You know that I know that you were very much a supporter, You’re really comparing Jeff Garcia, Ernest Graham, and Michael Clayton… To Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Cameron Brate, O.J. Howard, and Chris Godwin? That’s a reach by any stretch of the imagination. (Actually, Joe was talking about (Garcia, Galloway (the 1,000-yard receiver), Ike Hilliard and Graham).

    As for the offensive line, Outside of Donald Penn, it would be hard to argue that Davin Joseph and Jeremy Zuttah were ever anything more than ok, and at their worst were very bad. And you know that I know that both of you’s Joe’s were adamant supporters of the current offensive line during the offseason. With Sweezy’s health being your only real concern. (Um, Joe is talking about Joseph, Penn and monster Arron Sears on that ’07 line. Zuttah wasn’t on the team yet. Sears was an animal before his mental issues kicked in. Joseph made two Pro Bowls and was a beast early in his career)–Joe

    Don’t back track on that now just because Koetter hasn’t gotten the most out of a pretty solid line (aside from injuries, and regression from Smith/Pamphile) that he chose to meddle with, due to poor game planning and overall predictability of play calling based on personnel groupings.
    I said it, both you Joes said it, numerous members of Tampa Bay sports media said, Koetter said it himself. This is the most talented team we’ve had in a long time. And he is absolutely 100% failing to get the most out of it.

  12. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    And I even forgot to mention Jameis Winston, who is also a probowler just like Garcia, who by the way threw for an astonishing 2,440 yards and 13 Touchdowns in 2007. And was very much on the downswing of his career.
    “Astonishing?” LOL. Garcia’s yards per attempt were 9th among starting QBs that season. He was sat down for a game or two when they clinched the playoffs with two games to go, and I believe was hurt for 1. Those numbers got him in the Pro Bowl that season specifically. Sounds like you didn’t watch the games that year. As for QBs, NFL was a different game with different rules 10 years ago–Joe

    Having averaged a whopping 2,005 yards and 12.4 Touchdowns per season.

    So I guess when you look at it from that perspective, Gruden got the most out of a fading QB, seeing that he had him do better than his average for the previous 5 years of his career. And got to the playoffs with a young squad who’s starting QB and Starting RB were both lost for the season.

  13. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    “… 2,005 yards and 12.4 Touchdown passes *for the previous 5 seasons*…”