Is It A Makeshift Offensive Line?

December 3rd, 2017

J.R. Sweezy details.

Yes, “this Joe” is one of those guys who believes the Bucs would be better off long term if America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, took a leave of absence — to rest that wing of his and to help the Bucs in the draft position come April.

One reason is with Ali Marpet done for the year and Demar Dotson maybe done with the Bucs, can the franchise afford to roll the dice on Jameis staying in one piece behind a makeshift line? The future of the Bucs rests on Jameis’ recently healed shoulder.

Well, Joe was talking to J.R. Sweezy this week. Offensive linemen crave consistency, having the same players line up next to them week after week. Now Sweezy has players on each side of him that are new to the starting lineup, Joe Hawley at center and Kevin Pamphile moving from left guard to right tackle.

Sweezy admitted yes, offensive linemen prefer, for timing and other factors, to have the same guys. However, Sweezy said, Hawley and Pamphile are seasoned veterans and the transition is smoother.

“Fortunately for us we have two guys who have played a lot of football, veteran guys,” Sweezy said. “Joe and Kevin who will be just fine. They have played there before.”

And Sweezy is correct. Hawley was the starting center for the Bucs the past two seasons but Hawley, who plays with a nasty edge, dinged his knee midseason last year and he steadily dropped weight because he couldn’t work out like he wanted. As a result, opposing linemen began to take advantage.

This season, Hawley replaced his lost weight. So he shouldn’t have to be too worried about being pushed around too much.

Joe knows the Bucs run blocking won’t confuse anyone with the 1976 Raiders. But it isn’t horrid and in no way excuses the abysmal results from Bucs running backs.

If the running game suddenly breaks loose today with Hawley and Pamphile playing different positions, is that maybe a signal Marpet should have stayed at right guard and perhaps Sweezy should be moved to left guard?

13 Responses to “Is It A Makeshift Offensive Line?”

  1. grafikdetail Says:

    run blocking isn’t horrible but every run play results in the RB, regardless of who, getting hit in the backfield almost as soon as he touches the ball 🤦‍♂️

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    Sweezy has been playing Rt Guard his whole NFL career. Why would he be any better on the left side?

    JR grades out as one of the worst run blocking guards in the NFL so far this year btw. (playing between our 2 best Olinemen)

    As for playing Winston – If he’s healthy, then he’s playing – Simple as that as the simpleton would say.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It’s not like Joe Hawley and Kevin Pamphile have not been rotating into the lineup.

    Hawley, at present, is a much better center than Marpet, who is new to the position and was steadily improving as the season went on. Kevin Pamphile? Well, we shall see. There are some who felt he should have replaced Dotson already.

    J.R. Sweezy is living on borrowed time with the Bucs. He’s a great pass blocker, but Marpet is better and is good at run blocking from that position. If Hawley proves to be the better option at Center, then nest year we might see Marpet return to guard, leaving J.R. Sweezy in the wind (unless they move him to the other side; which is what I suggested all along).

    The only reason Hawley struggled previously was because he was playing injured every game. Now that he’s had the time to heal up all the way, his strength has returned and he’ll be fine (barring another injury).

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Pickgrin Says
    “Sweezy has been playing Rt Guard his whole NFL career. Why would he be any better on the left side?”

    My thought is that he can learn on the left side. His strength is pass blocking…well the run usually goes to the right, so putting Marpet there would be best. Meanwhile, the left is Jameis’ blind side. Better pass blocking there is a good idea, especially if Sweezy can help Smith do a better job on that side.

    And his run blocking could improve…maybe. Certainly, he’s got to be better at pass blocking than who we’ve already got there.

  5. Ga. Buc fan 41years Says:

    Joe I must take offense to the ideal of not playing starters for draft position. Talking about reenforcing a losing culture ! This is the thought process that has gotten us where we are now.What ever happened to the at all costs mentality we Deserve as fans!

  6. Rob Says:

    Are you Nucking Futs?!! If you want to lose, leave that erratic quarterback in you call America’s quarterback. Maybe he can work on his accuracy. I love everything about him, but if he can’t hit a receiver without the receiver doing a curl and acting like a goalie like Mike Evans has to do every game….
    Draft the Okie….

  7. Bird Says:

    Pass blocking will be same so no worries for Jameis

  8. JMarkBuc Says:

    Interesting take on Baker Mayfield, and a few others by Mac Engel, Ft. Worth Star Telegram

    “Mayfield will likely fall in line with the many other great college quarterbacks who won the Heisman trophy but flamed out in the NFL: Robert Griffin III. Johnny Manziel. I’m calling Jameis Winston a bust right now. Sam Bradford. Tim Tebow. Troy Smith. Matt Leinart. Jason White. Eric Crouch. Chris Weinke. Danny Wuerffel. Gino Torretta. Charlie Ward. Ty Detmer. Andre Ware.”

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    How did Charlie Ward “flame out in the NFL”?

    I would have loved to have seen Charlie play NFL football. Bet he would have been a really good NFL QB.

  10. MadMax Says:

    yeah, Sweezy was signed to originally play LG anyway….who knows what’ll happen though. Im all for moving Ali back to RG and draft a RB after a DE.

  11. MadMax Says:

    @JMark, yeah Im not too hot on him either.

    Im laughed at by the Joes for suggesting we draft Eric Dungey with a 3rd, but that kid is all fight! But whatever….wtfdik

  12. Joe Says:

    As far as Sweezy playing left guard, remember the Bucs had him penciled in as a left guard when they signed him.

  13. Easy Says:

    Hawley inactive slides EDS to Center and Pamphile back to LG full time.