“Grateful To The Glazer Family”

December 29th, 2017

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter spoke about the news of his return for the 2018 season, albeit very briefly, during his regularly scheduled weekly sitdown with Casey Phillips heard late this afternoon on the Buccaneers Radio Network and through the official Bucs app.

The Friday afternoon show, which takes e-mails and phone calls from fans, didn’t waste a whole lot of time before a caller congratulated Koetter on the news and also asked if he was going to flip to a 34-front defense and bring in a new defensive coordinator.

Koetter was tight-lipped about future plans and stated more about that will be discussed beginning Monday.

“I know there is a report out there; obviously I am very grateful to the Glazer family for their support,” Koetter said. “But I think that anything further on my status and the status of the staff or on what we are going to do in the future should wait until after the game on Sunday.

“Right now, I can tell you wholeheartedly that all we are worried about right now is what is going to happen Sunday against New Orleans. … That’s the God’s honest truth.

“Everybody is evaluated at the end of the year including me. We will start that process come Monday.”

And that is the key question, was Koetter retained in part, on an agreement with Team Glazer that changes to his staff must be made?

Guess we will find out next week.

94 Responses to ““Grateful To The Glazer Family””

  1. Jackson Says:

    Okay. Who ever asked him that was kinda a dick

  2. Dewey Selmon Says:

    He is officially on the hot seat. He needs to take a long hard basement break and figure out his shortcoming on play calls. He also should not go into next year thinking the failures were a bad defense and a hurt qb. Best of luck Dirk. GO BUCS!!!

  3. Lakeland Says:

    No more Gruden Nonsense, that’s a relief.

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    Dewey Selmon

    Bucs previous coaches have not had much success after reflecting in basement

  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    All Koetter needs is two really stud OL to go with our current group….then he needs 3 DL’s to impact our sorry pass rash. I’d like a couple of DE’s and a great DT.

    If Koetter and Licht can fortify the trenches the rest will be fine. It’s not the play calling…the QB yadda yadda…we can’t block for the run and we can’t rush the passer…it’s as simple as that.

  6. Jim Says:

    Good news, in my opinion, although the majority of Bucs fans reportedly voted otherwise…

  7. Lakeland Says:

    He’s in the basement now

    New Orleans 11-4

    Carolina 11-4

    Atlanta 9-6

    Tampa Bay 4-11

    All alone in the basement

  8. Dave Says:

    Another 4th place finish next year to look forward to.

  9. JameisDungy Says:

    He’s actually coached worse than Lovie during his last year. Think about that.

  10. Bucssuccs Says:

    Of course sheep bucs fans will absolutely gush over the Glazer’s choice. The only argument they could make that I’ll agree with is that we need to quit firing coaches every two seasons. However, Dirk Koetter WILL NOT hand over playcalling duties and continue to make poor personnel choices. TO THE PIT OF MISERY! DILLY DILLY!

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    I imagine this means that Koetter, Smitty and Licht all get 1 more year to turn this team into a winner.

    Let’s hope that the Glazers and thus the fans will be rewarded for their patience with a winning record and playoff run in 2018.

  12. ndog Says:

    Before everyone gets excited this coach and GM combo are the same ones that thought bringing in Chris Baker was the answer to our D-line. Just think about for a second. They looked at tape, talked to their “sources” and still came to the conclusion that CHRIS BAKER would be a good thing for this team. Are you serious?

  13. Drew Says:

    Pablo is stumbling around somewhere consuming tequila, wearing a sombrero and poncho after hearing the news. All I can say to Pablo is enjoy eating the worm.

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    All the non-sense could have been done away with long ago!!!!!! The Coach instead of having the must win every game mentality could have been better preparing for next’s year run!!!!! This is a Glazer problem and it will be next year!!!!!!! The Sheep and Tampa2 mafia will spread lies and propaganda next year as well at every turn to create discord!!!!!!!!!!

    The “real” fans want to fix the roster to have a team that can win the division!!! and the move today only strengthens that goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Thant’s why I threw the basement jab in there. Nothing gets by you guys. lol Do you think they told Dirk today so he doesn’t try and beat the Saints and drop in the draft? “you’re job is safe Dirk, so is our draft slot”

  16. Cover Deuce Says:

    I’m glad they didn’t just jump blindly in to bed with Chucky and Allen again. Although, this probably means Mike Smith and a good chunk of the defensive staff are gone on Monday too. Hopefully it also means Monken will be elevated to an actual play caller, because Koetter shouldn’t escape consequence for his offenses clear shortcomings. His insanely talented offense consistently finds ways to stay out of the end zone, and his play calling has left much to be desired.

  17. Brett Says:

    You just gave Mike Smith a huge contract, and Smith and Koetter were successful in this division.

    Some staff changes may need to be made, but I don’t think you push the wholesale reset button.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    All those thinking next year will be bad?

    See you when you jump on the bandwagon again next year.

    This is the right move. For several reasons.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I had a feeling we would hear something today.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Replace the DL coach and the RB coach.

    Keep Licht – DONE
    Keep Koetter – DONE
    Keep Mike Smith – (I’m on the fence on this, but I think it can still work once he gets talent)

    Sign RB in FA
    Sign CB in FA
    Resign Grimes if possible
    Sign a good DE in FA

    Draft a great DE
    Draft a RT
    Draft good depth

    Team fixed.

  21. JonBuc Says:

    Almost as bad as Koetter coming back? Buccaneer BrownEye declaring his after the fact told ya so’s…

  22. Nate Says:

    or see you when the team scores under 20 for 4 years in a row

    ALL you ignore the scoring offense field goal kicking fans…..IF history repeats itself don’t bother crying

    since when does wanting the bucs to address the inefficient offense make you bandwagon???

    Its not like your talking about him giving up playcalling duties which he thought about last year

    but when we lose games by kicking field goals ohh well

    some fans just are in the koetter fan club with no opinion on what he should change

  23. Nate Says:

    ALL FIXED THO….LOL just like that

  24. tmaxcon Says:


    You forgot the most important mive needed and that isriding the roster of the soft weak pos captain blowout cancer93

  25. Lakeland Says:


    You have to treat this franchise like they are performers on Def Comedy Jam. Just enjoy the laughs.

  26. Drew Says:

    I see a strong resemblance to Pablo in Nate’s comments. Nate are really Pablo in disguise?

  27. Jeffbuc Says:

    Dilly dilly

  28. DB55 Says:

    We need new owners fck all the rest. New owners new attitude new rings.

  29. JonBuc Says:

    Sign Tom Brady, schedule only the Browns, Jets and Bears, acquire the entire 1st round (1-32) of the draft.

    I fixed it too! That WAS easy.

  30. Nate Says:

    LOL exactly Lakeland

    If we do improve next year I’m sure most realist fans will give credit to what had improved ….

    if not they will still be blaming the D even when we kick 4 field goals and LOSE……

  31. Nate Says:

    DB55 ,

    unless there is a Richardson carolina type allegation …*and it would have to happen to all 3 I believe

    the fourth has no control unless a clause puts him in control

    so no use talking about the owners…..mr glazer left the team in a Trust…to its trustees ….his sons, maybe if he could see it now he wouldn’t

    and left it to a outside member with majority…

  32. Nate Says:

    majority control…..I studied trust law in college hehe

  33. Oxycondoms Says:

    I don’t get why smith has to go when the Bucs defense have crappy players

  34. Dom is gone Says:

    Licht could have all 32 first picks and would still not draft s lineman. 8 new TE 8 new WR 8 new safety and corners, no help with our pass rush

  35. ndog Says:

    Bonzi first of all I will be rooting for this team no matter what but what are those several reasons to keep this staff? Please don’t say continuity cause the Rams had that for quite awhile with Fischer and the minute he left the building they are in the playoffs. Plus I can give you countless reasons this staff should be gone so please give us the reasons they should stay. Waiting…..

  36. Mike Johnson Says:

    This poor franchise is Snakebit. Jameis can pass for a zillion yards. Bucs ain’t goin nowheres but…Back to the basement with DC Smitty…up in the Pressbox. Mark my words. If Smitty stays….Come next December, Koetters gonna need a police escort out of Buc stadium after the last game of the season. its gonna get ugly.

  37. gambelero Says:

    Interesting that they did it now. I was think early in the “tank” thread. “Do you really want to win this game and drop five spots in the draft.” If you’re going to keep Koetter, why not tell him now and then also point out: “Winning this game may not be in our long term interest.”

    I’m not one who believes that churning coaches is the primary reason for failure. I think the direction of causality is reversed; losing programs, which usually have one thing in common, dysfunctional ownership, make poor decisions about so many things, including coach hires are the reason for the churn of coaches. Nevertheless, one big advantage of having one coach over a long period is that they can take a long term view. When the season goes down, look to developing your young players, take a dive to get some draft picks and work on improving your staff.

  38. ndog Says:

    Plus Bonzai why would they worry about signing a running back cause Dirk would just play Martin over him for no reason what so ever? See what I mean about this coaching staff?

  39. Jerry Says:

    Bucs are staying in the NFC South basement. Nothing to look forward to in week 1 other than a 0-0 record. The stadium is always half-filled with opponent fans. Players disrespect the flag. The league is in decline.

    Why pay money for this? Where is the value? It’s not like the team will get any better. They won’t. They demonstrated they dont care about winning. There is no leadership. Jameis is poking players. McCoy is crying like a baby on the sidelines. Baker laughs when he blows the game with a penalty. Koetter’s playcalling and clock management is a joke. The front office can’t draft. Free agents will make sure to stay away now.

    Why spend money on this? Tell me!

  40. gambelero Says:

    Jeez. Did I really write that? Insert “thinking” instead of “think” and a comma after “hires.”

  41. T Syce Says:


  42. kgh4life Says:

    Keeping Koetter is the right movie in my opinion,however, some major changes has to happen, starting with Koetter: he has to adjust his offense, he cant make Winston do 5 to 7 seven step drops every offensive series, that’s how you get your QB hurt, he might also have to give up play-calling, the bucs were 22nd in scoring. Change the QB coach, Jameis is talented he needs someone to get through to him to not turn over the football, next Koetter needs change the entire defensive staff for obvious reasons and finally get a new OL coach.

  43. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Koetter didn’t confirm said report, only a wait and see (after the game).

  44. BucfaninMi Says:

    Basement dwellers again. And Gruden will be gone! Man, I ain’t got time for this. There’s no reason to keep Koetter!

  45. T Syce Says:

    I’m starting to hate this f***** team. One bad thing after another. This dude is not a good coach. These owners are blind

  46. firethecannons Says:

    agree all the way with bucbonzai except get runningback in draft not free agency

  47. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Talks with Gruden must have broken down. So Team Glazer fires Coach Koetter with two years remaining on his contract rather than three years. They can’t help themselves. That’s just how they roll. I agree with others who argue that it will be difficult to bring in a new defensive coordinator when Team Glazer is likely to push the head coach out the door the following year. Changes are still coming for staff and players alike. #PaidFloridaVacation

  48. mark2001 Says:

    At least fan in Mi, you still have a local team that you can cheer on that has a quality football organization. As do I in Green Bay. Lived in Tampa Bay over 30 years…rooted for the Bucs every year, and remember one year that I wasn’t embarrassed…that the team sooner or later every year, wasn’t a disgrace….was a champion. At least if you start rooting for the Lions or me the Packers, they can’t call us band wagoners as neither team made the playoffs this year. And as we both have places up there, who would blame us. Players change teams with no problem, so maybe we should consider the same.

  49. mark2001 Says:

    Of course, for people in Tampa Bay, I guess Jacksonville and Miami aren’t too far away either.

  50. MigosAndChucky Says:

    WTF happened? This report cant be true. The Glazers cant be stupid enough to miss this opportunity.

  51. mark2001 Says:

    Jerry… “Why spend money on this? Tell me!”

    You obviously don’t believe in the Polar Express. When it arrives in North Pole City, the Bucs will win a championship and put a team on the field worth watching…. when it won’t all end the same.

    Or if you would rather, when Trump starts acting “Presidential” and stops tweeting.

  52. mark2001 Says:

    Jerry… “Why spend money on this? Tell me!”

    You obviously don’t believe in the Polar Express. When it arrives in North Pole City, the Bucs will win a championship and put a team on the field worth watching…. when it won’t all end the same.

  53. passthebuc Says:

    The time for thinking what we should do has passed. Now is the time to reflect on becoming lightening fans and forget about football.

  54. Dom is gone Says:

    Break out the brown paper bags with eye holes!! At least the seats are more comfortable than the concrete in the old sombrero! Play on the field has about the same! Beer is a lot more expensive !

  55. JonBuc Says:

    “Coach softly…and get retained to use the same ol’ schtick”! How hopeless and embarrassing…can’t some old Amish gal come out against the Bros. Glazer claiming # me too? The fans certainly can…except those claiming they knew this all along and think we are only 15 or so plane crashes away from making the playoffs ( * hat tip to John McKay ). McKay might say of today’s news….” The Dirk can’t motivate players, call timely plays or manage the game well…but other than that he’s a fine head coach!”

  56. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Have no faith in Licht doinf squat w this team, he has had 4 years and built them into a 4-12 team great job, he needs to go

  57. BuccLuck Says:

    No one is bringing this up but Nate Kaczor must go! The special teams has been awful. It’s not due to talent on special teams it’s just bad execution which comes down to coaching which comes down to Kaczor.

  58. bucnuts Says:

    Jason Licht is getting fired after this week- heard it hear first.

  59. mark2001 Says:

    I want to put out Les Steckel’s name for D coordinator…I know. I know he has been an Offensive Coordinator.. But he doesn’t mind working for an almost interim coach on a losing Bucs team…and that is the most important criteria…so that in itself should make him a prime candidate.

  60. mark2001 Says:

    Mike… this organization isn’t “snakebit”. It is run by a bunch of guys that know as much about football as I do. So what would you expect? It isn’t “snakebit”…it is the fruit of their incompetent labor.

  61. JonBuc Says:

    “ And with the 2nd pick…of the 2019 NFL Draft…the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…”

  62. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    I’ll say it for the 1000th time…

    The Bucs need to inject approximately 8 new players on the offensive and defensive lines to boost the talent, competition, and depth at every position.

    They cannot just grab a single DE and think that fixes anything. When that guy (like all the previous ones) busts… they’re in the same boat. Go for the numbers. Competition, talent, and depth across the board with a premium FA and draft pick in that mix for elite upside.

    Fix the trenches this offseason and a lot of other things will fall into place.

    The Bucs can find RB talent without blowing premium draft picks to do so. The secondary will improve with a better pass rush and will obviously also need to be addressed in the near future.

    Fix the trenches first.

  63. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    All this means is that Chucky said no and either is staying in the booth until his last son has graduated high school or has his eyes on the NY, Dallas, or OAK job.

    If Chucky stays in the booth, Koetter has to go through Chucky watch all over again in 2018.

  64. mark2001 Says:

    JonBuc…honestly, I’d like to know who you think will be worse? Remember, Cleveland has likely two top four picks this year. ” And with the 1st pick… of the 2019 NFL Draft… The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…”

  65. not there yet Says:

    If he gives up play calling they might actually have a chance because he’ll actually be able to look competent in regards to clock management

  66. JonBuc Says:

    mark2001 Says:
    December 29th, 2017 at 7:13 pm
    JonBuc…honestly, I’d like to know who you think will be worse? Remember, Cleveland has likely two top four picks this year. ” And with the 1st pick… of the 2019 NFL Draft… The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…

    @ mark2001:

    I was trying to remain fair & balanced. 🙂 Jets could give the Bucs a run for the top pick…

  67. Joe Says:

    If Chucky stays in the booth, Koetter has to go through Chucky watch all over again in 2018.

    Strongly believe this!

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    I agree with having stability, but I have on confidence in Dirk being the man who should be the HC. I think he’s a valuable OC, but clearly he’s outwitted and outcoached as the HC. Hopefully they either get an OC to run Dirk’s offense, or perhaps they do the deal I’ve been calling for for a long time, move Mike Smith to “assistant” head coach or whatever the title would be and put him on the sidelines running the team and move Dirk back to the booth where he can just run the offense and then hire a real DC. Also I hate to say it but the Bucs defense is built for the personal that Schiano had, that’s where David, McCoy and Alexander would excell and since you need all new DB’s anyways (although I think VH3 bounces back) there isn’t any real downside to the change.

    For Gruden he’s all talk like always – the guy LOVES to have his name in the headlines. He’s not coming back, he’s going to sit at ESPN until they kick him out of the booth. It’s the same thing every year and I’m shocked people bought into the act yet again. LOL!

  69. Oxycondoms Says:

    Hopefully gruden waiting for son’s last year in high school

  70. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    More of the same in 18. Can’t believe it if it’s true. Glazers must be losers like Licht, Irk & Smith. When they lose again next season and they will. The Glazers are going to be saying Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda especially when Chucky takes over somewhere and wins and he will if he chooses to Coach again. Enjoy Sunday’s game against Saints and make a mental note cause that is what your going to see all next season. Might have to bail this ship and find me another Team to follow. Irk has Irked my ass all season and can’t go another one. Fair we’ll all you die hards!!! Hope you all are not disappointed next season and can all bash me when your winning cause I do love my Bucs!!!

  71. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard had an epiphany.
    If it turns out to be right then Howard should get an honorary media job:

    Gruden signs on as Bucs head of Football operations and omnipotent consultant.
    Koetter and Licht stay put.

    Is it too much too ask for Oh Football Gods?

  72. Howard Cosell Says:

    Like a Butch Davis role, with hopefully better results than Davis produced

  73. Howard Cosell Says:

    Such a move would also force Koetter to be more of an OC and less of a big-decision guy

  74. THETRUTH Says:

    Joe !!!

    How difficult will it be to get good coordinators or coaches working for a coach that maybe on his last year ??

    Is Jason L. Retained as well ?

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JonBuc Says
    “Almost as bad as Koetter coming back? Buccaneer BrownEye declaring his after the fact told ya so’s…”

    Not after the fact. Been saying it for a week.

    But you know what? You opinion…the opinion of someone who showed up on this website only a short while ago…or of someone who changed names because he doesn’t have the balls to be held accountable…that opinion really matters a lot to me.


    Maybe not.

  76. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Howard Cosell Says:
    “Gruden signs on as Bucs head of Football operations and omnipotent consultant.”

    I suggested the other day that he take on a John Elway type of role…so maybe that Epiphany came from yours truly.

  77. Howard Cosell Says:

    Great minds and all that…

  78. JonBuc Says:

    The Emperor of Elf Erotica has spoken…Buccaneer BrownEye. Just keep away from the kiddos…that’s all I ask. As for your football knowledge…you recently called Lavonte David a 2nd round bust…but not Aguayo…you wanted to keep him just as you do Koetter.

  79. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    I am only good with this decision if Gruden told them no. If he coaches another team I expect him to come here and mop us up. Hopefully Gruden is available next year if Koetter slips again…

  80. ben Says:

    Long time season tkt holder .. paying for another year with Light and Koetter SUCKS!!!!

  81. mark2001 Says:

    ben…then why do you?

  82. Dan Says:

    2018 3-13. That about says it all folks.

  83. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai go back and check out my post on 2016 compared to 2017!!! Looks like your wish has come true and your going to get some more in 2018!!!!

  84. DoNUTS Says:

    Good to see coach K is coming back. He and Winston should finish this thing. I think they need to purge some others >> Smith – DEF coaches. Coach K needs to give up side line play calling; better from the booth.

    Bajankian-Monken dont impress me. Winston needs new voices; he did not grow or develop the way you expect a 3rd year QB and thats 100% on coaching. He has the skill/desire-no question. His Achilles is the mental aspects and fundamental decision making<-coaching.

    Im on fence with Licht but if a better GM is out there then I would consider it. Sorry but Aguayo-Hargreaves picked too high and missed some others like not picking up La 'El Collins in last round and picking up the FB from Hawaii instead – dumbest decision ever! Collins starts in Dallas since day 1. I am hoping the JBF team may reveal who's idea it was to move Marpet to center once the purge occurs. My gut says Licht but not 100%. Licht was former OL at Nebraska…. and it goes on Sweezy? Overpaid and not NFL starter talent anymore. He is backup at best.

  85. Guzzie Says:

    Marvin Lewis as DC

  86. FireJasonLicht Says:

    fuk the glazers fuk the Bucs. they will eternally be trash. I’m done they will not get anymore of my money or support

  87. Buc believer Says:

    Let’s have another great move and bring Swaggy back… yay!!!

  88. DBS Says:

    Watch all the name changes now… But then again some do it weekly anyway.

  89. Nate Says:

    I will always be here ….and @ Drew…. Pablo who????

    check the bucs roster see if there ever was one then come talk …..LOL

    maybe …maybe not

  90. Nate Says:

    previous roster that is lol

  91. 813bucboi Says:

    We all saw how he performed with so called distractions….. Let’s see how he performs under pressure!!!…. One more year on the hot seat… This should be fun!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  92. nwbucsfan Says:

    I think Mike Smith stays another year. Not sure if its for the best

  93. mark2001 Says:

    813… you have a point. One can choose to laugh or cry about a year like this one. Anyone rooting for this team for decades has had that choice. And one has a choice as to whether to laugh or cry about another similar year next year. This year and most previous years have all ended the same…and likely next year. That is the fate of a franchise with continuously poor ownership.

    The difference is that next year I will choose to laugh. It is a personal choice. After all, many great things about Tampa Bay…. and one can afford to have a couple of laughing stocks in ones life…we have the Bucs and the Rays. So be it…..your choice to laugh at them or cry about them. If you decide the former, you have millions of football fans nationally as company. You choose the later, and you and a declining handful of neighbors can have a crying party.

  94. Marques Says:

    It took courage? No it took stupidity. We replaced Grueden with Raheem? That took stupidity. Then Schiano…further stupidity…then Lovie….you guessed it “stupidity” and now Dirk Koetter. Let me say this ,all these men are of high character and I’m sure very good people but don’t compare them to what you had in Grueden. There is no comparison. You had the chance to right a wrong and get back the generations of fans you have lost and you now have lost them possibly for good. Disappointing to say the least. Embarrassing and simply from a fan perspective unacceptable. Malcom Glazer would have rehired Grueden regardless of the price. His boys didn’t have the courage to do it.