Fresh National Hot Seat Chatter

December 24th, 2017

If Chucky indeed has Team Glazer’s ear and is angling, along with his agent, to coach the Buccaneers, then who owns the leverage in the negotiations?

That likely depends how you view the performance of Dirk Koetter, and how much you think Team Glazer really yearns to bring back their Super Bowl coach. Keep in mind the last time Team Glazer reached back for a Glory Days-era coach, Lovie Smith, it blew up in their faces.

Koetter still has time in the next two games to alter the perception game.

Win or lose against Carolina and New Orleans, if the Bucs offense thrives with a healthy America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, then Koetter instantly looks like a guy you want to keep around the blossoming franchise QB. That could change any negotiations with Chucky, who likely wants complete control of personnel and a contract that makes him the highest paid coach in the NFL.

NBC and ultimate insider Mike Florio addressed the Tampa Bay head coaching situation in the NBC video below. He believes Koetter still has time to save himself.


21 Responses to “Fresh National Hot Seat Chatter”

  1. BoJim Says:

    I think Koetter should get another year. Gruden would blow up the organization, the bad way.

  2. Bird Says:

    I just don’t see how they can make a coach change when Jameis suspension looms over next season Potential 6 games-what new coach? Wants to be put in that situation.

    However, I don’t see how bucs beat panthers or saints either in last 2 games. They are playing for playoff spot.

    It would be crazy to see 3 NFC south teams in playoffs like it currently is …sucks are division is so good and we are not

  3. Etzel Says:

    I hate this notion that Koetter is the reason Jameis has been successful. I 100% believe Jameis would be a pro bowl QB under almost any HC. If anything Koetter”s offense/playcalling is stunting Jameis’ growth. Find a more a coach with a more QB friendly system. (See LA Rams)

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    There aren’t as many fans who want Gruden back as the media is making it out to be. Most sensible fans want Koetter to have another year, especially if the Bucs play out these last two games just as hard as they’ve played all year.

    Most of us understand the injuries to Winston, the defense, o-line run blocking, and lack of a running back was what kept this team from being what it could be this year. We see Koetter starting to play more to Winston’s strengths (short and intermediate passing game). We also believe Licht has learned from his mistakes and shows lots of promise as a GM.

    Just when the kinks are on the brink of being worked out, you think the Glazers are going to blow it all up again after only two years? They aren’t as smart as their dad Malcolm, but they aren’t stupid either. No way they do that.

  5. Andrew Says:

    How anyone, even the Joe’s can realistically defend Koetter is beyound me. The defense pulled a 9-7 season out of their rear ends last year not the offense. Now we have a soft team with a poor training camp and lazy practices. . minus 2015 and our offense is not productive in scoring points. We need a coach with a ring or two who knows how to prep a team and conducts good camps and practices. Someone who can show up and tell the team “you see this rung? You want one? Then no bit@$%&g work your ass off listen to me ….(pound the rock lol) and you can get one!”

  6. Hodad Says:

    Excuses are like you know what, everyone has one. The Vikes are on their third string Q.Q,. and lost their best young back to injury. I’d take Gruden in a second over Koetter. It’s not even close, look at thheir complete NFL resumes.

  7. DBS Says:

    The people that believe Gruden is coming back are the same that fell for the Bucs were going to the Super Bowl this year.

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I do not think developing Jameis is any longer a factor for keeping Dirk or anyone else. “Blossoming” QB? Winston had a great game last week but his overall body of work for the year shows he has not improved from his rookie season. Throw Jameis away? No. But what owers or GM looks at Winston’s growth under Dirk and would say “I want that guy to develop my QB.”

    Next, not all of Jameis’s problems are due to Dirk. Another reason Jameis is likely not tied to keeping Koetter is the J-Wubergate issue. IF Winston lied to the team about number of people in the car and/or IF the NFL thinks he committed the alleged sexual misconduct (I don’t know if he did), then Jameis will not be the starting QB next year and he will not even on the roster the year after.

    My hope is that Jameis didn’t do what’s alleged, that he Dirk are still here next year, that Dirk delegates play calling to his OC, that Grimes signs for another year, and that Fitz signs for another year. I am not a GMC hater…in fact…quite the opposite, but I think it’s time for them to trade him for a mid-round pick so he can be on a playoff team. I haven’t decided about Mike Smith yet. Don’t forget all of these guys had good years last year. Had Gruden been in the same position (SB, 3rd, Last Place) he’d be on the hot set in today’s world too. He’s not the answer.

    Let’s try to rewind this thing some get off to a better start next year, with hopefully some better luck regarding hurricanes, injuries suspensions, etc.

  9. Eric Says:

    Blowing things up is exactly what is needed.

    By Chucky or somebody.

  10. Bird Says:

    Gruden is definetly coming back whether you like it or not. Tampa is his home. Sons getting out of house /college and he wants to coach again. He made up with owners. He wants tamp gig or he will continue making 5-7 mil doing Monday night football

    It is a lock. Just a matter of win?

  11. Bird Says:

    When. ^^^

    No pun attended with win

  12. ben Says:

    If you pay for season tkts do you accept the bucs lousy record ? I’m a sensible fan and say.. Bring back Gruden!!!

  13. Bird Says:

    Rumor is he is reaching out to assistants now

  14. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Boys are boys ….

    its Chuckys old lady wishes that are important. She doesnt have to move a thing

  15. Couch fan Says:

    Let me first say Im a Koeter fan and wasnt a Incompetent Lovie fan. However, through 30 games I see nothing about Koeter that makes him any better. With the exception of that 5 game winning streak, both years this team has looked p!ss poor. Slow starts. Mistake prone. Bad time management. Inability to be consistant at anything. Koeter has not out coached anybody. What has he done that would constitute giving him one more year? I see no reason to keep him around for another season. I dont believe he’s all the sudden just going to become a great coach. Im not for keeping anyone simply for the sake of continuity.

  16. SB Says:

    If they toss him after One losing season then What coach in his right mind would want to come here?

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    Koetter is done…..if the Bucs were going to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone, it would have been Lovie. Even with wins this week and next week, its my opinion if a big name coach is available that the Bucs have interest in….and…may lose out due to hoping for the best with Koetter for one more season…..They’ll go big and send Koetter packing.

    The Glaziers aren’t afraid to be bold…or wrong. Their dad set a huge example by swinging for Gruden in a blockbuster trade that nobody saw coming….and it paid off. I think the boys attempted to find the “up and comer”….and its failed consistently. If Gruden, Arians, Harbaugh are available, i believe they make the switch. There’s also a huge decision on Winston coming in two years….At this time, i dont think they feel 100% confident they are getting max value from Winston and if a change is going to be made, do it now and get 2 yrs of new coaching on Winston before giving him the big bucks. Once you pay Winston, the salary cap gets more complex to manage….Winston is believed to have franchise talent….currently at a cheap rate. I think the owners want to swing for a playoff run or two before giving him the big contract and Koetter just isnt the guy.

  18. Mike Johnson Says:

    I don’t like Koetter, I still do not think he is heaf coaching NFl material. However, he did hae one winning season and one losing. So he deserves one more season.
    Now if he insist on keeping his sidekick DC Smitty? Then Koetter should..pack bags with him!! But Smitty has to go. Most fans simply don’t like his style. I know I don’t. If Koetter messes around and has one blowout with the next 2 games? He’s on a planr back to follows. Theres already national rumors Gruden is putting together his staff now…………

  19. not there yet Says:

    Koetter still has time in the next two games to alter the perception game.

    Sorry Joe’s that’s just the dumbest logic I’ve ever heard. If he loses every game to a division opponent he should be fired but if he beats these two teams we should keep him?

    They are the walking wounded and if they win these next to games it makes him look even worse for beating teams jocking for playoff position with all your starters out then he had no excuse the the embarrassing loses and this 4-10 record

  20. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This season has simply been cursed. From a life threatening, schedule altering storm, to a ton of injuries, to genuine coaching and playing mistakes to bad luck that became absurd by the end…with an official falling and losing enough time placing the ball that it cheated us out of a play that would have almost certainly gotten us into field goal range for real. You can’t make stuff like that up but it perhaps encapsulated the Bucs 2017 season!!!! An official falling and losing our time at the end of a game!!!

    But there are two genuine lessons from this season that have nothing to do with luck and we need to fix them. Our offensive line can’t run block and our DL can’t rush the passer…no run blocking…no pass rush….= bad season!!!!

    I say let’s go nuts at the draft and spend the first five on the trenches!!! Two DE’s…a DT and two OL.

  21. NFLNut Says:


    I don’t buy that Koetter has “developed” Jameis at all … Jameis made Jimbo Fisher a rich man … and then he made Koetter a head coach … it’s all Jameis, always has been.

    He doesn’t need anyone to further “develop” him … he just needs to continue his progression as a player.

    I do think Gruden is better than Koetter, not just as a coach but for QBs as he helped turn old man Gannon into an MVP and won a SB with Brad Johnson …. but even Gruden won’t “develop” Jameis, he’ll just inspire and be tough on Jameis which will help bring out the best in Jameis and which is what Jameis wants (he likes to be screamed at!).

    I mean, go read some of the early NCAA scouting reports on Jameis … I read one just yesterday that said that Jameis has better pre-snap recognition and can anticipate throwing lanes and has the arm strength of “all but a handful of NFL QBs, never mind college QBs”! The kid, as a 19 year old freshman was already more talented and pro-ready than most NFL veteran QBs … he doesn’t need to be “developed”, he needs to be screamed at from time to time and inspired by a true “leader of men” … and I view Chucky and Harbaugh and Arians that way … but not Koetter to be honest.