For The Donovan Smith Haters

December 24th, 2017


Joe understands for some unwritten reason, it’s good for fans to beat up on Bucs left tackle Donovan Smith… just because.

When all else fails, throw the offensive line under the bus. It’s the football equivalent of when someone asks what a certain meat tastes like, the knee-jerk answer is “chicken.”

Joe suspects Bucs fans hate Smith because some clown with the PFF tribe said so and it mushroomed from there.

Joe has noticed not many if any b!tched about Smith’s play from Monday night. Below is an example of Smith rag-dolling Dixie Chicks defensive end Takkarist McKinley, who has six sacks this season. (And look at the future Hall of Famer who shared the video.)

Given how Smith has only missed one half of football in nearly three years with the Bucs, so long as this current regime is in place, Joe doesn’t see Smith being benched or cut or traded soon.

10 Responses to “For The Donovan Smith Haters”

  1. BoJim Says:

    It’s not easy to protect Jameis when he keeps stepping out of the pocket to try and make something happen. And I don’t believe it’s because he has no confidence in Smith…

  2. Bird Says:

    “Look mom I can fly”

    He just man chucked him

  3. Erc2706 Says:

    Ok one good play. That’s great. I’m worried about the 3 times a game he gets beat clean off the line and if not for 3’s escapability 3 would get darn near decapitated three to four times a game. But as it sits right now. It only happens once a game.

    Joes you guys are awesome at finding stats. I’d love to see of all the sacks the o line has given up, how many are from smith. And how many has lead to a fumble.

    I won’t say Smith is trash. But he has to clean up those 3-4 plays a game. Those play have cause us some It’s.

    I’ll take the advice of a former O lineman who’s played the game and has a good idea what the line calls are given what line does after the ball is snapped.

  4. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    He just seems too slow to play the OT on the left side. It just goes to reason if a mediocre OT is going up against the best DEs in the league week after week it probably isn’t going to go well. I personally am basing my assesment on what I see on the field. I also think that is the same for the vast majority of posters. We aren’t pulling up stat geeks numbers to form our opinions when we see their play on the field week in and week out. I think he could be a decent RT and a good guard, but he is a bit to slow to play LT.

  5. DoNUTS Says:

    The Falcons got Alex Mack and we didnt. If you look at the decision to move Marpet to C, the problems all source from there. He needs to go back to RG and the Bucs need to upgrade from Hawley. Hawley is too small for full time; great backup.

    I wonder what the record of this team would have been if the Glazers had gone all in and got Mack and Campbell instead of Baker – Gholston – and keeping Martin at 7mill?

    Its still a game of inches in the trenches, Mack and Campbell would have brought back the Bucs of old that fans yearn and deserve! This is why the Falcons and Jags are relevant in December and we are not.

  6. DoNUTS Says:

    In RE: Smith at LT- common that in NFL it takes 4-5 years to develop a good LT. He is on target and playing as expected. Its rare to have anyone jump from college and fill this critical line position at a high level. He is soft at times but just like the video shows – he can dominate on the next play. D Smith has promise and is playing well enough to keep the process going- just like Winston. What’s PFF? lol The video doesnt lie- stats can though. This is like when people infer Winston is some kinda prolific passer because he has 4000 yards. Nah-not really; he plays well at times and can have game changing bad moments the next. Keep it real. 2018 is going to determine Winston’s path in this league. I am rooting for him because this team is desperate for a franchise QB = wins.

    Merry Christmas to my fellow Buc fans!

  7. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I don’t think Smith a starting LT, period. And I wonder if the name “Smith” itself s cursed for the Bucs. Donovan, Lovie, Ryan, Mike….

  8. Joe Says:

    He just man chucked him

    LOL Good one.

  9. johnnybuc Says:

    not easy to protect the qb in this offense with long slow developing route combinations. it’s insane how the rest of the nfl is going to this more short quick attack in the passing game yet here we are avg the highest amount of yards per route run of any team in the nfl

  10. SB Says:

    You shouldn’t keep plants so close to your TV Joe. 🙂