Chucky Defends Koetter (Sort Of)

December 24th, 2017

“Holy sh!t, you think Dirk Koetter is ordering his running backs to fumble inside the G@# damn red zone? Jiminy Christmas!”

This was refreshing to hear.

Joe always wondered, with rumors flying all over town that Team Glazer is wooing Chucky to coach the Bucs in 2018, why doesn’t Chucky do the right thing by Dirk Koetter, if these rumors are nonsense, and come out and say he’s not coaching the Bucs?

Of course, if there was any merit to these rumors, Chucky likely doesn’t want to make an arse out of himself and pull a Nick Saban.

Why does Joe bring this up? Well, Joe watched his DVR’ed copy of the game against the Dixie Chicks Monday night and after a short discussion of Koetter’s perceived hot seat (interestingly, Chucky was not asked once in any of the BSPN over-the-top coverage of the game if he was going to coach the Bucs), as if on cue Peyton Barber fumbled inside the red zone. That likely cost the Bucs a field goal or perhaps a touchdown.

The Bucs lost by three.

After Barber’s fumble, Chucky had about as close to a defense of Koetter as he has yet offered.

“This self-destruction of this Buccaneers offense has nothing to do with coaching,” Chucky said. “You’ve got to protect the football.”

With the Bucs’ season now down to eight days, we will soon find out if Chucky is coach of the Bucs. Or someone else. Or Team Glazer will give Koetter a chance to fix what he started last year.

39 Responses to “Chucky Defends Koetter (Sort Of)”

  1. BoJim Says:

    One more year.

  2. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Agree with Gruden
    Protect the football and and don’t shoot yourself in the foot with costly penalties.

  3. Bob in Valrico Says:

    ..;…and costly bad free agent signings.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Licht and Koetter will be back next season.

    Smith, Hayes and Maxie will not.

    Offseason focus will be on o-line, d-line, secondary and running back.

    If all those areas are addressed, and a competent defensive staff put in place, Koetter will lead this team to a wildcard playoff spot next year.

    Take it to the bank.

    P.S. Gruden will not be the head coach in Tampa Bay next year. Neither will Josh McDaniels. Matt Patricia has the best chance of being the guy if they fire Koetter (which they won’t, especially if the Bucs play hard and keep it close these final two games).

  5. mdsbuc Says:

    Smitty should get another year with a defense biased draft and some better FA signings. Besides, what quality DC wants to come here with what could be a one year job?

  6. adam from ny Says:

    gruden is just layin’ in the weeds here…waiting on the bucs gig…it will happen…he is the next man up as head coach…now it’s just a matter of when…he can wait a year or two as jameis matures…he probably actually wants a more matured on field jameis anyway…he’s just watching koetter flipity flop around – but he is next in line for the bucs job…the glazers already know they made a mistake firing him, and have made amends…now it’s just time and a matter of a coaching vacancy…let’s see how it goes…the little chuckaneer is on his way back to roam buccaneer sidelines, same crazed sideline expressions, same crazy sideline eyes, just a few more wrinkles on the face and a few more wrinkles in the playbook

  7. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    FLBoyinDallas – There are far too many holes to fill in one year. They need 2 DEs, one interior D linemen, 1 safety, and possibly 2 CBs if Grimes retires and Hargreaves continues to suck. On offense they needs a C, OT, G, and a RB. Those are all starting positions that need to be addressed and says nothing about depth. That is ELEVEN positions out of 22 that need to be upgraded. A team that needs upgrades at half of the positions is in the early stages of rebuilding. They are nowhere near ready to compete for a wildcard spot. Last offseason I said the D was going to be our Achilles heal as they played way over the head in 2016. Sadly this turned out to be true, but the regression on defense was astounding and they have way too many holes to fill in one off season.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    adam…some “NY smarts” there.

    Gruden doesn’t want to sound like he is politicking for the HC job. He is one of the Coaching Fraternity. But that doesn’t mean he is giving Koetter a pass for the record this year. There is no way this organization can sit still, or just cut Smith. No one with his salt will come in with a coach with one foot out the door…same thing happened to Tony when he was looking to upgrade the OC position for the last years of his tenure. Can you imagine if he had gotten his first choice, Caldwell?

    I don’t know if Gruden wants or will take the job. But those comments have nothing to do with whether they will or they won’t.

  9. Hodad Says:

    If Gruden wants to come back he’s in. The dye has already been cast. One way or another we’ll know in a little over a week. You can’t blame Smith for all the Bucs failures, he was hand picked by Koetter, and approved by Licht. They all need to walk the plank!

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    @Mark2001 … “I don’t know if Gruden wants or will take the job. But those comments have nothing to do with whether they will or they won’t.” Agree 100%. Chucky was speaking as an analyst, and simply making an observation. Funny though that Joe would pick THAT observation … apparently offensive coaches aren’t responsible for players’ faux pas on the field (like fumbles), BUT defensive coaches are responsible for their players’ actions on the field, like missed tackles or getting blocked out of their gaps. Strange, very strange.

    And TampaBayBucFan, GRRREAT summation of what our current needs are … 11 out of 22 starting positions is about right. And that’s BEFORE we start talking adding key rotational players and depth. Mark2001 made a great observation that no DC worth his salt would take this job under a HC on a short leash (if we keep Koetter), in the loaded NFC South and with the dearth of defensive players we now see on the Bucs. That’s akin to committing hari kari.

  11. GhosofSchiano Says:

    I told you all Tuesday OH it’s true it’s damn true.

    Report: Jon Gruden eyeing Buccaneers job if Koetter fired

    Merry Christmas to you all

  12. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I think everyone stays but I think they HAVE to bring in someone who knows how to evaluate Free Agents. Licht’s eval on them SUCKS!

  13. IsrBuc Says:

    Who cares what he thinks about Koetter? does it help us in any way?

  14. Eric Says:

    “This” self destruction, meaning Barber’s fumble.

    So if Chucky isn’t interested he should say so and ruin any leverage he has in contract negotiations with ESPN?

    What does he owe Dirk Koetter or the team that fired him?

    C’mon man…..

  15. IsrBuc Says:

    Joes, I know you are bucs fans and all and don’t need my approval for that but It seems like your ties with Koetter are a bit stronger than the avarage fan. I love Kotter I was very happy we propoted him to be the HC but there are so many things he does that cannot be explained and the way the team plays, the first halves scoring, Martin, etc. that just cannot be ignored. He cannot get the credit for last year’s 9-7 which was all defense and not be blamed for this year’s defense. It seems like you guys like the way Koetter treat you or the media in general, something that fans don’t really care about otherwise i don’t know why you protect him that much.

  16. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Gruden is in a sweet position. Why would want to coach anyone? No one ever is critical of him, but he can fire away. Making $6 mil a year in broadcasting is he is probably second popular only to Peyton Manning in endoresments. Plus, he’s been out of it too long. Yeah, some guys like Dick Vermeil can come back, but that’s rare. The only things on the plus side for Grudent wanting to coach again is that he misses it that much and that he’d not have to move his family again since he lives here in Tampa. The popular thought is that the owners and Chucky made “amends” (assuming there were really any hard feelings at all–Gruden earned his firing and he knows it), they also put Doug Williams up on the ROH at RayJay. The relationship is cordial at best.

  17. IsrBuc Says:

    Oh and after reading this article.. Man… one TO for a player who doesn’t fumble and this is our problem? This is so Lovie Smith. Fumbles happen. Turnovers happen. Will always happen. 6 points in the first half it’s our problem! Tell me this is not on the coach. Why is one fumble “our problem” and not the fact we can’t score half the game, EVERY GAME?

  18. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    The kobe faker basement waroom wants jon gruden to bring in

    George edwards minn vikings def coord or
    James bettcher arizona def coord

    Double their salary

    Its time to be professional

  19. Bird Says:

    Rumor has him reaching out to assistants now.

  20. Bird Says:

    John gruden with jay gruden as assistant head coach and qb coach ( making more than average assistant )

    And son deuce as strength and conditioning coach.

  21. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Move Marpet back to guard
    Keep Evan Smith and Hawley, need arises Smith can be plugged in at guard if team doesn’t keep Pamphile. Draft center to Groom under Hawley or just keep Hawley for one year. In a pinch Evan Smith can play center but he will give you
    a bad snap or two at the worst possible time. The main position we need to address on offense is RB next year. Licht has to stop reaching for late round
    picks like Vitale and McNichols.
    As bad the defense has been left untended almost every pick should go to building the defense.

  22. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I think at the end of the day, the Bucs were realistically a 8-8 team both last year and this year. They won a few last year that could easily gone the other way (KC, SD, SEA) and lost a few this year that could have gone the other way with just one less mistake (ATL, BUF, GB, NE). Getting their doors blown off is what is more worrisome for the coaching perspective (ARI both years, ATL last year, MIN, NO, CAR this year), along with predictable play calling. The team didn’t gel this year though–not at all. Even Koetter said that in week 3. The guys they called in as finishing pieces like DJax, Swaggy, and TJ were detractors in my view. I didn’t get the impression they are hungry for wins and playoffs, and didn’t get behind the coaches. A lackluster attitude can be contagious. The way to fix that is peer pressure, team captains…and our team captains this year refuse to address negative questions, eat some Ws pre-game, get suspended for losing the cool, etc.

  23. Eric Says:

    Gruden is in better position to deal with a Jameis suspension.

    I remember that year we won the Division in New Orleans with Luke McCown at QB. Toss pitch to Graham on 4th down to seal it.

    You know, winning the division. It’s been so long it’s hard to fathom anymore.

    We can only hope the Glazer boys aren’t dumb enough to listen to the local hack media who still can’t bring themselves to admit running Chucky out of town was bad idea, even after he ensuing unprecedented disaster….

  24. Big Stinky Says:

    Why would Chucky want to coach this merry band of misfits anyway? They don’t play hard in every game and often come out flat. Besides, we are STILL 2-3 good Drafts away from being able to compete in the Playoffs. The good teams have defenses that can carry them. We lack SO much talent on defense it’s ridiculous and defense wins Championships. Would we fire Jon after 2 or 3 mediocre seasons too? Koetter deserves another year. We could easily be 9-5 if JW just played a LITTLE better.

  25. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    The minute grudog is announced HC…

    everything is going to sold out

    Offseason will be nuts

    “I did it before and ill do it again”

    son of Kobe Faker

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    There is a report from Jack Browne that Gruden WILL come if Koetter is fired. Gruden allegedly calling up coaches to join him.

  27. orlbucfan Says:

    Someone stick in sock in Gruden’s big fat egotistical mouth!!Go Bucs!! Anyone. But. Chucky.

  28. johnnybuc Says:

    espn obviously wasn’t going to ask him if he would be coaching the bucs next year why would u expect that ?? i was suprised how much his partner was talking about his time here and how he got fired. never used to happen with the old guy. even though i’m not for firing coaches left and right if you do some research you can see that koetter and his offenses no matter where he has been coaching at always get a nice boost in the first year of his system and it all goes down hill from there. that’s a sign of a coach who can’t adjust, that will never work in today’s nfl.

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    Gruden has no need to do any politicking, for or against, in public.

    The only ones who think it’s a “thing” are those not bugging the offices of team decision makers.

    Such posturing matters not.

  30. Mike Johnson Says:

    Koetter back next year..I think. He;s just gotta make sure he doesn’t get blown out these last 2 games. One blowout could be his walkin papers. Smitty is gone..Thank God! He can sit in a college pressbox and watch his Defense thru binoculars. I do think Gruden is on Standy though with the Glazers. Look, ESPN is reportedly gonna lay more staff off and reduce salaries in 2018. Chucky’s no fool. He’s probably starting to secretly put a staff together now. The jobs his if Koetter finishes less than 8-8 next year. Might be his next year anyways!! Get yer popcorn ready. This is more exciting than the actual losing Bucs are!!

  31. SB Says:

    Our season is over as fans basically. Now today I need Cam Newton and Christian McCaffery to score POINTS!!! I stand to win $700 today dammit!!!

  32. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t know if you guys listen to Ira and Joe….you should…but Joe asked if Gruden needed to win more than he has to be inducted into the HOF. And Ira said he hadn’t done enough. I think Roy….err…Ira (just kidding) is right. And what better to claim your HOF credentials than to return to the Bucs and lead them to a SB? And if Gruden has half the ego you guys think, why wouldn’t he want that? God knows, he has no shortage of money. It is about love for football and the desire to be a part of it…on the field. And least you forget…I have a copy of his book I wish I’d been able to have him sign a few years ago that talks about just that. Gotta love football.

  33. mark2001 Says:

    Mike Mike Mike. No new D coordinator is going to step in and take the D coordinator job. There is no logical reason to do so. Remember when TD couldn’t get a OC worth a darn? It was because he was on thin ice the last year or two, never being able to go all they way because we couldn’t get over Philly.

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Just to clarify…Joe and Ira stopped with the “he hadn’t done enough”…the rest is my logic. Don’t want to put words in the guys mouths.

  35. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    I think gruden creamed his pants watching jameis live on MNF

    jameis performance sealed the deal to his grandiose vision of another superbowl and entering the HOF

    he watched every throw and visioned it with his own routes and playcalling. He watched carefully his footwork and his lateral movement if he can move according to what grudens new schemes will be. Gruden carefully watched winstons mental capacity with his reads and how it will relate to grudens

    Gruden couldnt go to sleep after that performance

    Gruden alrady has ira kaufman forced to write his HOF acceptance speeches

  36. not there yet Says:

    No that was an excuse for Chucky when he takes over lol completely self serving

  37. mark2001 Says:

    I think Gruden believes Jameis has the ability to be great…as I do…with the right coaching. I just don’t dig the “America’s QB” stuff. And Jameis’s play on Monday certainly did nothing to make either of us feel differently. When Jameis plays most of his games the way he did last Monday, rather than once or twice every ten or fifteen games, he will have arrived. And I think Gruden can help him achieve it… after all, he was right there when Holmgren and Andy coached up Favre and he often became a HOF game wrecker for many teams, including the Bucs.

  38. NFLNut Says:

    Chucky LOVES Jameis … and Jameis LOVES being coached hard, getting screamed at, etc … that’s all I need to know to know that Gruden returning is a legit possibility.

  39. Nate Says:

    its called playing it off