The Morning After

November 6th, 2017

Joe has been up damn near all night and it has nothing to do with the barbeque shrimp and jambalaya he had at Mulate’s last night.

1. Where to begin? Well, how about the Bucs themselves. The season is over. It’s onto the draft as the Bucs are barrelling for a top-five pick. The way the team has played, no one working at One Buc Palace who doesn’t go by the name of “Glazer” is safe today, nor should they be. This season is a total collapse of an organization. There have been massive mistakes on every level of football operations. So with the draft upcoming, it isn’t so much about Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley or Harold Landry or Bryce Love, but who will be running the draft, and who will be coaching the draft picks and who will be the teammates of the rookies. Joe will not be shocked if there are sweeping changes to the entire organization. Should there be? Well, one can make an argument pro and con to keeping/unloading various folks. A lot will depend on how/if winning coach Dirk Koetter can somehow find a way out of this funk. It sure smells as if the team has tuned him out. Salvaging this season may result in him saving countless jobs. Right now, Joe doesn’t see how the Bucs can retain defensive coordinator Mike Smith and it pains Joe to type that because Smith is a total class act. Take away six or seven games among the 24 he has been defensive coordinator, and Smith’s defenses have been horrid. And how can anyone believe this will not continue if he is retained? There is enough evidence of players already fed up with Smith or bristling at his gameplans and rotations. That’s what Joe knows from public comments without taking into consideration the boiling below the surface in the locker room with players who have kept their fingers off their phones and away from social media. The fact in recent days the term “communication” has resurfaced as the root of the problem with the defense is damning for Smith. Wasn’t this to have been repaired midseason last year? And if so, why has it cropped up again? Maybe the communication problem, vague though that term may be, begins at the desk of the defensive coordinator?

2. One reason the Bucs brought in former commander Greg Schiano was to clean up the locker room. And he did do that, at a pretty big cost, including to his own career. Last year, winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter mentioned a losing culture and he brought the subject up again Friday. Joe has spoken to several players, mostly on the record, and Joe is hearing stuff that reveals a massive attitude issue with the Bucs. Whether they have tuned out the coaches, Joe isn’t sure, but the trash we see on the field definitely suggests that. Joe has heard too many sour things about attitudes and lack of motivation and preparation; there is either a sect of players or several individuals who just don’t give a damn. They will do their own thing and wins don’t mean s(p)it so long as Team Glazer’s checks clear. Just go read Joe’s articles with fan favorite Chris Conte and running back Doug Martin to get an idea what Joe is talking about here. And those are just two players Joe has spoken to that have mentioned internal issues.

3. Here are some things Joe is hearing from players — mostly team-crafted clichés — and how Joe defines them.

Haven’t found our identity: They want to run the ball and they can’t. They are built to pass but they can’t, consistently. They want to play defense and they can’t (hint: your identity is 2-6).

Some players don’t want to win: “Who we playing this week? Big deal. I’m too busy with my woman trying to decide where we will hang in January, Costa Rica or the Dominican? Hey, if I can stay healthy the next eight weeks, you should see the bonus I will get. No need to bust up a running back if I’m going to get paid.”

Communication: This is an awfully vague term which was thrown around a lot last year. Joe’s pretty sure it was a crafted message for the players to say on the recordt. Joe isn’t saying this is wrong, but the public specifics of the “communication” remain a bit of a mystery. If Joe had to put a specific word on it, this would be players “freelancing.” It is odd that communication issues are now a thing. Again.

Not ready to play: Guys half-arsing it in the week leading to a game because they have better things to worry about. This also suggests players have tuned out coaches.

Remember when America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, was a rookie and he said when the Bucs get players who care as much if not more about winning than the coaches, that’ is when the Bucs will be a good team? Martin all but confirmed on the record to Joe last night that this stench still fouls the locker room.

4. Joe has always been a staunch defender of Jameis and that will continue. But Joe is fair and calls things like he sees it. For the first time in Jameis’ 40 starts as an NFL quarterback, Joe is beginning to have doubts. This began in the awful game against Carolina. The only thing keeping Joe from breaking out into a sweat is Jameis has a bum shoulder. But while overall (sans the past two games) Jameis has played well, it seems he has regressed. It also seems like he doesn’t learn from his mistakes either (such as the dumb shovel pass against Carolina). And that has Joe worried. Remember: The very reason and quite possibly the only reason why the Bucs hired Koetter was to develop Jameis. The stunt yesterday with Marshon Lattimore was unseemly but Joe isn’t going to hold that against him. And frankly, “this Joe” didn’t have a problem with Mike Evans blasting Lattimore. He was protecting his quarterback and who really knows what was being hollered on the sidelines? Was it a bad look by Jameis? Hell, yes. The starting quarterback should not be in the middle of those kind of hassles. That’s bush league.

5. It is time to see what the Bucs have for the future. So the Bucs need to play the young guys more to see what they have, and to see if they could be offseason trade bait or should be tossed. Wins are not the priority any longer this season. It’s all about 2018 and beyond, and if the coaches don’t like that, too damn bad. You guys helped dig this hole. The older veterans are not playing well, so don’t drag the future down with you. Time for Chris Godwin, Caleb Benenoch, Devante Bond and, most of all, Peyton Barber to get on the field more. Yeah, the Bucs coaches are skittish of Barber because he can’t block. Joe understands that but guess what? Since the team can’t run the ball, defenses are teeing off on Jameis anyway. If Barber shows he can move the chains, that will be a much bigger benefit than any running back’s blocking skills.

Trinkets: The Bucs have lost five in a row and look out now, but it’s is the Homecoming Game for Josh McClown and ASJackwagon. The ultimate dagger to the heart is if those two link up for a winning touchdown pass next Sunday at the Den of Depression. If that happens, Joe wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs announced some organizational shakeup before dawn the next morning. … Speaking of losing five in a row, Koetter is encroaching dangerously on Raheem Morris territory. Remember, a year after narrowly missing the playoffs in a 10-win season, Morris was fired for losing 10 straight. A year after narrowly missing the playoffs with nine wins, Koetter’s Bucs have now lost five in a row. Let’s just say Bucs history says this is not a good trend for Koetter. … The delay of game penalties are maddening. This shows how dysfunctional this team is. In the third year with Koetter running the offense delay of games are a thing? Not only should this not be the case, Jameis has to do a better job of monitoring the play clock. … Who has a worse job? Guys that clean sewage lines for a living or folks who are employed to sell 2018 Bucs season tickets?

92 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. BucsSuck Says:

    Mike Smith will be fired no matter what and if they don’t play competitive for the rest of the season Dirk is gone too. Kamara sure would’ve looked good in a Bucs jersey

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    There is no character or leadership on the Bucs football team in any way, shape or form.

    Jameis’ body language was in tune with this as they had a lot of shots of him on the bench, sulking…….

    As for Mike Evans, what you see is what you get…..too many mea culpas after the fact from a guy who has a very strange thought process.

  3. Bucn Enough Says:

    Total house cleaning is needed…including Jason Licht.
    Start ALL over….including the STUPID ASS uni change.

  4. bucster Says:

    A fish rots from the head down…FIRE JASON LICHT!

  5. darin Says:

    Barbeque shrimp and jambalaya, best part of the bucs article. Oh my has this thing gone wrong fast. Ive said it plenty but it just wont go away, when dirk quit in the 1st half in arz I lost all respect. Looks like the team did too, unless it was sooner. The guy has no clue how to be a head coach. Smiths gota go too. I wish it would happen today but then again its too hard to do it in season. Guess we are gona have to watch this mess the rest of the season. Once again i hope the new coaches actually train during training camp. Boooooooooooo

  6. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    It’s obvious the coaching staff and GM will be fired. The question is when and who will replace the HC and GM. For me it’s Gruden, problem is will he take the job?

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I find it interesting that you call Koetter “Winning” twice in this article then claim he is in danger of being fired and then the biggest joke of all “Joe calls it as he sees it”……..I guess we’ll have to continue to swallow that $hit

    As for the subject, there is something extremely distasteful about firing Koetter after two years…..but that’s not my call….if it needs to happen then so be it.

    If I were Koetter, I’d have a team meeting and say “Some of you are trying to get me fired and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and let that happen. You either play solid football now or you will be publicly called out, benched or cut.”

  8. Bculaw Says:

    The dust up with Lattimore was a bad look for Jameis. He should have never done that. BUt, he shouldn’t have had to do it either. When an opposing team’s player comes to your sideline to taunt and trash talk, someone needs to take care of business. It shouldn’t be the QB, though, and the fact that it was (and not one of the pillow soft defenders that were on the bench) tells you what you need to know about this team’s fire and passion.

  9. Mikadeemas Says:

    Hey, did y’all see on that scramble by Brees, how three of our d-linemen were on the ground when he took off? Pancakes!!!

  10. Phil Says:

    This team is a joke. So much promise at the beginning of the season and now this. At least now I don’t have to go down to the Greene Turtle and eat their lousy food to watch the game. Wait till next year again.

  11. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    This is so bad that we need fans to show up at one buccaneer place with picket signs. My sign would read “Quiters”

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    This is a very impressive piece Joe’s !
    Trying to be positive, it sure looks like Peyton Barber should be starting at running back.
    He sure looked good against the Saints, when we ran him.

    My smart azzed friend from Boston predicted this for us this year, complete and total implosion, despite my insistence that we were a playoff team.
    He see’s us, the way most of the country sees us, as Tampa. Nothing special, just another bad or below average team, with retread coaches who were fired by Atlanta, and an unproven GM.
    We have a TRADITION of losing, and so far this season, we have done everything to support that Tradition.
    IOW, we SUCK

    We can’t fire the entire team, but we must start all over, again.
    We must clean house in Tampa, but who will the new coach and GM be ?

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    No Joe……say it ain’t so. Please don’t talk about the draft…….I know that the draft fixes nothing for teams like the 2017 Bucs.

    It’s all about surviving the season while maintaining a caring interest.
    The 2018 Bucs will need her fans and we must remain strong. We are a part of this team and never let anybody tell you different. If we talk about the draft now we are giving up….I still want to see fight in this team so the 2018 Bucs are prepared. Heck if they give me hope for quality football this year I may actually ask Santa for a tik…….Don’t ruin my Christmas Joe….say it ain’t so

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Unmet high expectations……

    9-7 Season
    Off season acquisitions….weapons for Winston….Jackson, Howard, Godwin
    Soundly beating Bears
    Victory over Giants….2-1
    Almost beating SB champs in prime time

    Then in one short months we go down the tubes….now with possibility of a complete overhaul of coaching staff & perhaps players….

    One month!

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Chris Apple……Martin got benched and Ba beer outplayed him. Looks like a easy decision to me. I only don’t trust this team when it comes to easy decisions

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    Hahaha TBBF……Thanks for the laugh that was needed……Your highlight for our season includes an almost win…….it’s funny cause it’s true.

  17. Solinor Says:

    Imo Dirk will always be an offensive coordinator. He doesn’t have the leadership abilities to he a head coach. Also Jason licht I really thought acted childish on hard knocks when he said “F him” when the 5th round RB(can’t remember his name) decided to go to the 49ers practice squad. This team doesn’t practice hard, they aren’t led right, they don’t want to be great. A head coaches communication to his players on a weekly basis is so crucial. Leadership is influence very simply. Koetter is not influencing anyone, and the reason is because he’s so focused on offensive game planning and play calling, he can’t work on self development and game plan what he says to the team. Him taking on play calling duties is really hindering us because the locker room has no clear, defined leader. If I were the glazers, I would either A clean house and get a proven head coach(Saban would be my pick if he’d be up for it) or B take play calling duties away from Koetter and make him and Licht do leadership classes and training all off-season.

  18. mark2001 Says:

    Great article Joe. And you know I don’t say that lightly. We need to play the young guys, at least so the new HC can get a read on what we really have. And yes, Jameis is slipping back to his old form…and needs a new coach to help him get to the next level….and we can’t wait a couple years to do so when Jameis is a FA. And you have to wonder why Licht and Koetter would bring in guys that only want to pick up a paycheck, when this team was just turning the corner. Seems we just set it back a year or two with these attitudes. Again, I’d say that Gruden would straighten that out, the O system and play calling almost immediately. The question is, who will be the D coordinator (though I’d bet Gruden has thought about that if he is considering returning) and what top notch evaluator of talent that might take Lichts position. I like Licht….but drafting a kicker and then not having a strong competition in Training Camp, and the Baker choice over, Campbell and not really putting the money out there and trying? No excuse. Currently the third worst professional football team in Florida. Shameful.

  19. Buc believer Says:

    Someone in Joes company needs to be fired because of these constant references to Koetter as a winning coach

  20. Ed Kerber Says:

    Tony Dungy President of Football operations…bill polish and son Gm.. Dungy makes final call on plays…Jon Gruden coach…the. Gruden can win with Dungy’s players for another decade

  21. Ed Kerber Says:

    Players not plays

  22. mark2001 Says:

    And let’s not forget the Baker kicker antics in preseason. WTF was that? So the kicker should stand behind him in the defense alignment and say, get in shape F A…why are you breathing so hard? And not setting Mike Evans for the rest of the game after that blind shot, be it somewhat justified or not…. a game you were out of anyway. What do those things say to the team? I like Koetter as a person… but as a HC…. he doesn’t have it.

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Agree with the Joe who didn’t mind that dirty hit delivered from Evans.

    Glad to see somebody on the team as angry as I was. Any Bucs fan that feels sorry for a Saint(barring injury of course) can disagree all they want. I know some fans don’t like it but it’s is part of the game…..That is unless you believe players are hugging each other when there’s a pile up.

  24. mark2001 Says:

    And for Licht not addressing the DE position for the last two years but for counting upon two guys, one habitually injured and the other coming off injury that may be just as habitually injured, in a pass happy league. Man Joe…too early in the morning for this. I hate going through a day P’d off.

  25. EA Says:

    Every time the season gos south people come out and say let’s play some of the young guys and see what we got for the future.
    Guess what? It’s not in the benefit of the GM and coaches to start the young guys when they know they’re going to get fired at the end of the season, they’re trying to save their arses.

  26. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    What is shocking to me is the media. They keep saying if the bucs can turn it around they might save Dirks job. Are you kidding me? This team quit a month ago, they ain’t turning anything around.

  27. mark2001 Says:

    Jimmy. Joe is right though. Jameis should have never gone over and thumped his helmet. He did push Jameis, but to blast him from behind wasn’t right. If he punched Jameis… that is another story…then all bets are off. But it just makes the Bucs look weak, and out of control. And Koetter didn’t know what was going on? Give me a break.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    EA…as we used to say…too late…their Ass is grass.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Wyoming….I don’t get that either. My guess is they are trying to be nice to the guy since the fans are so hostile.

    Anyway Dirk was given 2 games to turn it around IMO and his team laid an egg. Last year we had two chance we make the playoffs and Dirks team did the same……..I’m not on board with this coach turning anything around when it doesn’t mean anything. From the sounds of it neither are the players

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    I hear ya Mark….You can’t have your QB do that stuff. That’s what the big fat guys are for so I don’t blame Winston too much………But it must end from the QB.

    Seems apparent they don’t know how to handle a guy like Winston……He is a unique breed of cat for sure.

  31. denjoe Says:

    If they have any pride as coaches, they start cutting guys today, but they won’t “Our guys are our guys!” SMH

  32. DB55 Says:

    Joe has heard too many sour things about attitudes and lack of motivation and preparation; there is either a sect of players or several individuals who just don’t give a damn. They will do their own thing and wins don’t mean s(p)it so long as Team Glazer’s checks clear.
    A few of us have been yelling this from the top of our lungs for two years now. Cut Gerald McCoy he don’t care about winning henceforth no one cares about winning. And guess what when you do trade him you’ll be lucky to get a 5th round pick but wtf do I know right? Smh

  33. passthebuc Says:

    There is a great old movie called “no way out” with Costner.
    What does that have to do with the Buc’s, the name is everything.

    First as Ed says, the need for a head of football operations is paramount.
    Someone that has the final word over the success or failure of the football team.
    Next, if you wait until the end of the season to clean house, you will not have time to evaluate the draft. And that means another year lost.

    If you consider the season lost, what difference does it make if the heads are lopped now, You might find a gem in the underlings that you want to keep.

    Next, There are some players that will not be back, cut them now and look at the practice squads for replacements. That will set the tone going forward that this behavior is not acceptable.

    Let it be known, league-wide that there is no one on the team that is not tradable before the upcoming draft.

    If the players know this also, they will need to play hard to be auditioning for their next team.

    The more radicle the change, the more the impact.

  34. Clodhopper Says:

    I’m just saying. I clean out sewer lines for a living and I’d rather do that than sell tickets even during a good year. Today, with this team, I’d rather see that show of sht than sit on my kiester and watch this version of a sht show!!

    Peace out Koetter. It was nice knowing you. Now I hope I never see you again three days after our last game!!

  35. Clodhopper Says:

    This is how I picture GMC with the guys:

    Coach gets mad a guy. Then big ol softie walks up to them and says, “Gee fella, you don’t have to take that from them. He’s just being a big ol meanie. You’re better than that. Now how about tonight we get some ice cream and watch a super hero movie together. I have an extra kimono you can wear.” Effectively killing the moral of that player.

    Could be wrong, but thats how I picture it.

  36. Wewantgruden Says:

    I was at the game yesterday. The New Orleans fans were very friendly and gracious. Although, a few of them stated that your QB is a disaster and glad that he plays for a team that NOLA has to play twice. They were not happy to see him replaced in the second half, one stating that the Bucs have a chance with Fitz…. referenincing back to the Lions game a few weeks ago when the Lions came back. When exiting the stadium I saw one Buc fan take off his JameisNOT Jersey and throw it in the trash. It was immediately taken out by one of the many homeless folks in NOLA. Fitting that it would be worn by that type of person. Ran into several Bucs fans on Bourbon Street after the game, all of which stated that it was the worse game the Bucs have ever played. The buzz was all about JamesisNOT pregame speech and how unprofessional he was on the sidelines. I personally saw him standing by himself at the end of the sideline. He is a ignorant selfish coward that has no right to be called a leader of a NFL team.

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    Agree with Apple Chris Joe, this was an impressive piece. I was with you right up until “Where to begin?’ Actually like your preface in #1” “This season is a total collapse of an organization.” How a team can go from 9-7 one season to 2-6 (and in a downward spiral) the next season is bewildering. But remember, last season they were 3-5 at this same point, and could easily have been 3-5 now if they hadn’t blown either the Pats game or the Bills game. Difference to me is that last year the Bucs got it together on defense at the halfway mark … seriously doubt that’ll happen this year (tougher schedule, more injuries, etc this year).

    Reality to me is that if Koetter & Smitty have lost the players then the Glazers need to bring in some new coaches. And some new players, because players who quit once will quit twice. Licht’s job is probably circumspect at this point also, so … here we go yet again. For all those calling for Gruden … forget it. He’s got a cushy job right now, has been out of coaching for almost 10 yrs, and if you look at his results after the SB they’re not as impressive as everyone pretends. No matter who coaches this team, Bucs will probably be NFC South cellar-dwellers for at least 2 more years, maybe longer.

  38. deminion Says:

    The team is frustrated, ppl will knock Jameis for the lattimore stuff just showed me this team has turned on Koetter cant blame them when they are getting blown out every wk. Glad mike evans showed some type of fire he made the best hit ive seen on the bucs in the las 5 wks. This team is lost we need to clean house etc. my dream coach would be Harbaugh hope he lives mich. Go bucs.

  39. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – I hate to break it to you, but that “winning touchdown throw” will likely come in the second quarter followed by 2-3 additional touchdown throws to cause them to win by a larger margin. There’s no chance that this game has anything resembling any level of suspense or intrigue. We as fans will be watching with the same level of interest that the players are playing with. Everyone’s just putting in time until the offseason. Another season down the tubes.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    @Wewantgruden … ‘He (Jameis) is a ignorant selfish coward that has no right to be called a leader of a NFL team.” A very frustrated young man? Yes. An “ignorant selfish coward”? Get a grip.

  41. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    It’s blowup time!…Start with the awful jerseys, drives me crazy…Bring back the Creamsicles, it wont make them worse…Jameis looks like a bust, draft one of those top QBs if they’re available and Jameis can walk at the end of contract…TRADE GMC for picks, will never take this team anywhere….That leads to DL overhaul, who cares, can’t be worse…Can’t hit Jackson EVERY FRICKIN WEEK!…so, trade him too and plant Godwin as starter, valuable player in Jackson to bring a good pick…REBUILD TIME, imagine that!!!

  42. Mike Johnson Says:

    I told all of yas when Smitty and Koetter were hired it was one of the biggest mistakes this franchise ever made. But many of you’s said, You are just mad Lovie was fired. i said then and now, there was good reason falcons owner Arthur Blanks let Smitty and Koetter walk. You readers said, But we have the 2nd coming of Christ, Dirk Koetter. And now you have been ..Enlightened. Everything is..Illuminated. Next lost…..I mean next game up.

  43. Wewantgruden Says:

    Defense Rules: it’s ok, the truth does hurt. You can handle it. Gruden is coming!!!!!!!

  44. JameisWin55 Says:

    The coaching is the issue no player looks focused or ready to play on Sunday and we are getting outschemed each week along with bad GM decisions we need a pass rushing defensive end and we keep Golston who has no history as pass rusher we sign Robert Ayers who had a few ok seasons, Spence talented but injured and drafting kicker in second round all are moves that have us in position we are in now. Even drafting Howard with Cook and other ballers on the board is starting to look bad. Kamara, Hunt, Cook, and even Foreman in spurts look like franchise backs and we don’t get any of them pathetic.

  45. Bradinator Says:

    No toughness, heart, or accountability. There is just nothing. Just a bunch of guys cruising for a paycheck. If Lavonte David doesn’t play, we have no one on the D who cares or plays hard. I’m finally willing to admit Donovan Smith is a trainwreck at Left Tackle. Move him inside to Guard, put Pamphile on the left side and see what we have there. Peyton Barber looked good doing what he does best, running North/South, no more sweeps though, please, that’s a losing proposition. Look at what Marrone did in Jax, Fournette sitting on his butt for a game for getting too big for his britches. If he’ll do that to his star RB, he’ll do it to anyone who doesn’t want to give their all. Unfortunately, if we did that, we’d have to bring up the Practice Squad since their wouldn’t be enough guys left to play. I’m just so sickened by the effort of this team. All my wasted money on t-shirts, jerseys, week in-week out going to down to my local pub and dropping $35 to watch on satellite, it’s infuriating!! Thanks for listening to my rant.

  46. DoNUTS Says:

    The solution is #3 for some draft picks and rebuild. I am okay with #93 being let go too. He has declines as well. There is only one thing I can guarantee at this point of watching our QB for a few years now.
    He will NEVER win a NFL playoff game. NEVER.
    He simply does not have it and between the lack of accuracy (an issue pre-injury) and his mental state of mind…he is missing two key components of any NFL QB. He is weak and the look of the players in the pregame hype spoke volumes to those of us who love this game. Glazers should recognize this and tell the next staff to clear house.

  47. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    All i keep hearing in my head is * the band Europe plays in the background*

    ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS!!!!! these guys need to be reminded as Captains and Role Models for young kids, you lead by example!!!!!

    Bench all Starters except for Rudy, Godwin, OJ, Reedy and the very few who still have Heart!!!!!!

  48. Dylan Krempel Says:

    lol just like you were like to the show realizing Jason licht is garbage. You should start respecting Derwin James. If he’s there he’s a buc. He’s the next Sean Taylor and as the draft approaches you will see. And once the combine is over I doubt we even have a chance to get him unless we truly do have a top 5 pick. Derwin can sack. Cover, lead, hit, passion, vocal. Everything the bucs need and is the best safety prospect since Sean Taylor. Jets took adams @6 and look st the big bad jets already better then the bucs with josh McClown.

  49. Patrick in VA Says:

    Much like Joe has given Raymond James the name Den of Depression until the team earns the name being lifted, I proposed that we do away with the America’s Quarterback line and dub Jameis “America’s Platitude” until he shows us that he deserves to be called differently. Thus far, all he has delivered to Tampa is a bunch of pretty speeches. Yeah, it’s fun to get charged up by some inspiring words. What he needs to learn is that what is way more inspiring than those speeches is solid play by their quarterback. If you want to lead, let’s start with leading with performance and by example before you go on a campaign evangelizing your leadership philosophies. The speeches have lost their meaning. Clearly, they’re not getting any response from the players. Immediately after him trying to get the team worked up in to a frenzy they go out and do nothing time and time and time again. Perhaps it’s time to stop saying that this kid has the mountains of leadership abilities that we keep heaping on him when there’s no evidence to support it other than soundbites.

  50. Dylan Krempel Says:

    Late* guess my comment are to accurate he doesn’t post them lmfao. I’ve never said anything bad on these forums just randomly chime in with facts. I mean these are the same clowns who all argued Vh3 wasn’t a bust this offseason.

  51. Mike Johnson Says:

    Complementing you here joe. This is definitely one of your better articles man. I know readers here are happy to hear this. But I’m taking a Hiatus for a while. Got some big work projexts ahead. I do hope we make changes next year. And I do hope Smitty comes down from his perch in the press box and starts coaching on the sidelines. His defense needs to see him during games. They need fire. And it would be nice to see Koetter show some sideline fire also. its gonna be interesting to see Gruden take his upcoming halftime induction at Ray Jay. I betcha the crowd goes into a..We want Gruden Chant. I also hope they let Jameis have his surgery now so he can be ready for camp next year.Good Luck Bucs..God Bless you. Maybe next year. Maybe…Next…Year!!

  52. DoNUTS Says:

    BTW Patricia-Gruden nor Dungy will ever touch this heaping pile of trash. No way!

    I am hopeful the Glazers will sell the team as they are not interested but with the SB coming to town; I dont see their greedy ways passing up on the big pay day (they get stadium revenue-not city) so look for it right after the SB in 2021.

  53. JameisWin55 Says:

    I agree at Bradninator why are we in the NFC Browns we haven’t made the playoffs in ten or more years been close only a handful of times. Until we attract a coach and GM who know what they are doing we are going to lost each season. The Glazers have to get this one right no more Morris, Kotter, Lovie Smith, Schiano coaches who were stabs in the dark throw everything at Saban, Gruden, Jim Harbarugh, etc to ensure we have the best coach to lead us out of this losing mentality year in year out.

  54. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs players acted like a “Classless” bunch of Punks. It bad to get a beat down, but to stoop to the level of ignorance, while taking that beating is even worse. ME is one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. The Bucs should have drafted Aaron Donald instead. ME get frustrated because of the tight coverage, so he delivers a cheap shot to a rookie from behind. That’s the LOWEST type of human, one that steals you from behind.

  55. 813bucboi Says:

    clean house….hire JIM HARBAUGH…trade GMC on draft night….HARBAUGH would turn this thing around in 1 offseason and have us in the playoffs…GO BUCS!!!

  56. BUC MAN Says:

    THEIR A JOKE ……………..

  57. 813bucboi Says:


    don’t go homie….who’s going to help me spread the word?….GO BUCS!!!!

  58. Pistol Pete Says:

    Wishful thinking…but at this point The Glazers should be like every other business and raid the best cupboards in the league.
    If I’m doing the targeting, I would bring in the Pats Nick Casserio as GM, bring in DC Matt Patricia in as the HC.
    I’m totally down with a defensive minded HC again.
    Defense wins championships and the Pats play chess on defense.
    I’d turn north for offense and target Edgar Bennett as OC from Green Bay.
    We have arguably the biggest draft in years coming up, can let Jason remain in position for it.

  59. Dano74 Says:

    Trade GMC now that he still has value. I feel bad that they never surrounded him with the edge rushers he deserved.

  60. Bird Says:

    All cheer at once. Yyaaahhhh

    Thanks joe for the artIcle.

    Everyone needs to be held accountable , including Jameis

    It’s almost like he has become tiger woods The worst thing that can happen to a very confident guy is when he loses his confidence. He has lost his swag Again. The losing culture in that building can do that. Hope he can turn around but not looking good . Just to much talent on offense to score 3 points a game

  61. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    This is my team. I’m not giving up on them. I will support them no matter what.

  62. ArthurKoblenzBuc Says:

    Impressive how quickly the fanbase can change their minds. There is no one arguing for retaining GM and coaches

  63. tmaxcon Says:

    GMC has NO trade value. Unproductive, out of shape career losers fetch at 5th or 6th at best. Remember only buc fan rewards smiles and ice cream over actual on field production.

  64. TampaTown Says:

    Everyone who doesn’t agree with the NFL kneeling policy is already not
    renewing their season tickets for 2018. Now add the way they are playing into the mix. Good luck filling the Stadium next year.

  65. Spacebuc Says:

    That was an epic ,spot on article.

    I was one who drank the pre season KoolAid, called 11-5 playoff bound.

    What a Dumpster Fire!
    If Licht and Koetter have any inkling of saving their Jobs, firing staff/ benching-trading-cutting players needs to start today!
    Nick Saban was right about *Rat Poison*mentally poisoning players attitudes, and brings in therapists regularly to keep his staff and players focused.
    I completely agree with the Radical Change approach.

  66. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    ArthurKoblenzBuc Says
    “There is no one arguing for retaining GM and coaches…”

    Not true. I am. You just haven’t read it yet.

  67. Lakeland Says:

    EVERY player on the Bucs roster is Expendable. It’s time to rebuild, starting with the GM.

  68. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tmaxcon Says
    “GMC has NO trade value.”

    No one has trade value right now…trade deadline is passed.

    But in the off season I believe they could get a first and third for him at the very least. Anything less would not be worth trading him.

    But I know you won’t agree. Nanner-Nanner.

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    You would rather the NFL violate players right to protest? A constitutional right?

  70. Bobby M. Says:

    Just want to point out….Koetter and Smith had success in Jacksonville….in Atlanta….as well as here just last year. I highly doubt they have forgot how to coach or game plan.

    All this comes down to how the team has been put together…..Licht missed a lot on picks in rds 1-3. He has an approach that focuses too much on value and not on the big picture. The kicker in the 2nd round says it all. He tries to hard to show you how smart he is vs just doing what makes sense. Another example….Godwin. Probably a great find….but he’s buried on a depth chart that has plenty of weapons….Meanwhile we have no young talent (or old) on the d-line. Same with Evans at safety…..Why? Safety is no longer a high impact position in the league. We needed an every down back….or competition at LT…..or d-line. Are they talented….probably but had higher priorties then kicker, safety, and wr.

  71. nate_tweetz Says:

    According to the broadcast yesterday, there are only 7 players left on this team from the last GM. However, the losing culture continues. Who are those 7 players? I know one is GMC, the self-proclaimed “clown” when asked about his leadership style! I haven’t been a big GMC hater, even though I haven’t necessarily loved him either, but at this point, we need to cut ties (trade). We should have done it before the trade deadline. Look at what Belicheat does… He trades players a year or two before they lose any type of trade value. If we traded GMC before the draft, we could probably get a first and a third. I’m not saying GMC is the end-all be-all to our problems, because he’s not. What I am saying is that we’eve had him for 7 years and his “leadership” and ability to make others around him better have been pathetic. It’s time to start fresh. Get value for him while you can!

  72. Joeypoppems Says:

    With every week that goes by I agree more and more with Tmax and the rest of the GMC…. truthers? Something in that locker room is not right and through all of the coaching changes the past few years he has been really the 1 constant as a leader.

  73. Lakeland Says:

    No one will give up a 1st and 4th for GMC. That’s just plain crazy, I wouldn’t give up nothing more than a 5th round pick for him. I would give up a 1st and 2nd for Aaron Donald.

  74. martinii Says:

    I can’t get too enthused about the metaphors we use to describe our players coaches and facility. I agree with the poster that says we are at least 2 years from any display of continuity. It feels like we have given the team to a 24 year old QB who has a lot to learn. We have built an offense around him and it turns out he looks good at times but fails to secure Wins. We should build a team then insert a QB (Brad Johnson) who isn’t the second coming of Joe Montana. We need to stop looking at rotational Types and invest in 3 down talent. We don’t need big time high octane draft choices or wealthy free agents playing for their third team. We need players lilke Cameron Brate, Lavonte David, Keith Tandy, Homegrown low profile hard workers. We need to be able to give our draft picks a year to learn and mature. We need coaches that trust their OC to call plays and realize that Defense wins championships and “Me Only” players aren’t team players. And Preseason is for hitting and hard work and long hours of pain, Not for keeping everyone heathy for the season, because when the season comes, all those out of shape players get hurt and lose games.I won’t live to see it but I hope my grandsons will.

  75. tmaxcon Says:


    You would rather the NFL violate players right to protest? A constitutional right?

    i’d like to see one of the veterans holding the flag walk off the field and knock one of those pansy arse protestors into tomorrow… the nfl is killing itself… average age of viewers has sky rocketed and these dummies better get on the same page before the next cba or NFL will suffer greatly. With the traditional network model blown up by cord cutters and the fact YOUNG people DO NOT watch sports do you think those sweet tv deals are going keep skyrocketing. All the big networks are having issues and feeling the squeeze from netflix, amazon studios etc.. Some one with half a brain needs to explain basic economics to these fools. NO SPORT is too BIG to FAIL. With the wussification of america coupled with all the concussion drama it won’t be long before Soccer surpasses NFL… If I was a nfl player and owner I’d be kissing fan arse daily. Fans are Customers and the NFL Customer Base is shrinking and YOUNG people are not avid watchers of sports. NOT a good outlook.

  76. Lakeland Says:

    People should be protesting the Third Amendment. I swear, every NUTJOB in America is packing a pistol.

  77. jjuice 32 Says:

    Very easy fix, the Lightning have the blueprint. Take a look at how they do it!

  78. Lakeland Says:

    ******2nd Amendment********

  79. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    He doesn’t have the leadership abilities to he a head coach.

    Dirk Koetter is 77-57 as a HEAD COACH including this years losses!!!!

    Somehow…Dirk Koetter has managed to be a head coach for 134 games!!! Not bad for a guy without leadership qualities!!! He must be one smart dude to fool Football professionals for 134 games.

    Again it’s always fire the coaches because you can’t fire the players. Which Buc can claim he’s 20 games over .500. Which Buc player does not have a losing record in the NFL….DJAX? Which core player.

    BLOW IT UP and keep the coaches and Licht. GMC goes…I like him…he’s played well…but he’s either cursed…just has bad luck..whatever it’s time to move on and see what draft picks we can get.

    Any player over 25 gets doublechecked…we may keep a few if they fit in the locker room…I’m thinking McDonald…Grimes….the rest all go including Ayers, Baker and most of our pathetic DL.

    After watching LVD simply whiff…by a freaking mile while he was standing in the hole and assigned with stopping Kamara…he never even got a hand on him.

    I’m not saying dump LVD…I am saying…if his film merits it he’s not exempt.
    #3 is the franchise QB…that’s not changing this off season. But every other player should be judged fresh. We need to make a MAJOR statement in FIRING plenty of players.

    Koetter and Smitty have solid resumes. They did not grow stupid over 12 months. Fire the freaking team and keep the coaches!!!!

    What Bucs player can match our coaches records?

  80. JonBuc Says:

    What’s worse than a 5 game losing streak and a decade of defecating the bed by the Bucs? A salty Buccaneer Browneye chiming in with his quotables followed by tough talk. 👎🏻

  81. crazy Says:

    Good summary, Joe. At the next practice when the sloppy undisciplined play begins Koetter needs to stop practice and tell the team he and the coaches will be back in 30 minutes to begin again. 30 minutes for the team leaders and players to decide who wants to do what it takes to win. Do it as many times as necessary and as late into the night as it takes. Even if it doesn’t work it identifies who and what the problems are for all to see…

  82. Defense Rules Says:

    @Wewantgruden … ‘He (Jameis) is a ignorant selfish coward that has no right to be called a leader of a NFL team.” Calling anyone an “ignorant selfish coward” says a lot more about you than it does about them. Jameis is undoubtedly very frustrated right now, and he should be. But as far as Jameis being an “ignorant selfish coward” goes? That’s the type of demeaning statement I’d love to see you say to his face instead of hiding behind a computer as you make ludicrous statements like that. I say again … Get a grip.

  83. Casual Observer Says:

    Joe –

    That was a very fair summary. One of your best. Sad, but true commentary.

  84. Pickgrin Says:

    If the losses keep piling up and the team as a whole continues to look as bad as what’s been seen the last 2 weeks – then the Glazers may have no choice but to fire Koetter and his coaching staff.

    I don’t like it after only 2 years (especially since this will be the 5th Buccaneers HC fired in the last 9 years) – but that’s how it is in the NFL. Win or be fired. Lose badly and consistently and you will be run out on a rail.

    The fanbase after so much preseason “hope” is currently on suicide watch and coach K may well have (unwittingly at the time) sealed his own fate in Training Camp by proclaiming this 2017 team to have “BY FAR” the most talent assembled since he has been with this organization.

    The thing is – Koetter was correct. This team is MUCH more talented than any team the Buccaneers have fielded in at least 9 years. Which is exactly what makes the on-field results so damning.

    Jason Licht has made some personnel mistakes to be sure – but he is doing a very good job of finding young talent in the draft. In fact – I don’t think the Buccaneer franchise has EVER had this amount of talent under the age of 25 on the team at once.

    Firing Jason Licht would perfectly exemplify the phrase – “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

    Glazers are in a tough spot right now because quite simply – their product SUCKS! I hope that they make good decisions in their ongoing (10 years now) quest to turn the tides and restore this down trodden franchise into a winner once again.

    I’ll never quit being a Bucs fan – but the last 2 weeks have been VERY hard to watch…

  85. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Much appreciated.

  86. Getaclue Says:

    Part of the reason joe dirt should be on the active roster. We need more players with that attitude depth chart be damned

  87. JMarkBuc Says:

    Top crazy things posters here say:

    1. Winston is a franchise QB. Nope. Even if you throw out his ridiculous pre game speeches, the man can’t accurately throw the football. Quarterbacks throw footballs, to their guys, in stride, where it an be caught. Winston is a cheerleader and not a good one.

    2. Trade Winston. While I’m not against the idea, who in the hell would give you anything in a trade. If some crazy fool wanted to take a chance on him they would just wait for his release. Another overall #1 Bucs draft pick that is an unmitigated bust. IMO, JW has been a coddled athlete with marginal talent his whole life. Charismatic, yes and that’s what got him through high school and 2 yrs of college. But this the NFL. Ironic that he plays the preacher man, considering his less than virtuous character issues, and immaturity.

    3. Get a 1st and 3rd for McCoy. OK just LMAO on that one.

    4. Gruden! Gruden!. While Gruden did coach this team to a SB,but his ego also ran Rich McKay out of town, so he and buddy Bruce Allen could destroy it. We are still paying to this day . The man has a super sized ego already. Do you think walking by a statue of himself everyday at one Buc is going to shrink that ego ? What you will get is Napolean. Now if Rich McKay wants to come back and be GM and keep him straight….but not gonna happen.

    5. Keep this staff. Seriously? Keeping this staff just because we change coaches too often? WTF, they have lost this team because they can’t coach.

    6. Licht has done a good job? Where? We have marginal talent ( and none on online or Dline ) no depth at all. Looks to me like he’s running a summer camp. With someone else’s money.

    Been a Bucs fan from the very beginning , and always will be. Doesn’t mean I can’t see the forest or the trees. This staff is done, and so is a large part of this team.

    Derrick Brooks for GM. Dungy, president of football operations. Start with those two and things begin to change immediately. However, I don’t imagine they want to be within 100 miles of this dumpster fire.

  88. unbelievable Says:

    You need leadership from lineman, on both sides of the ball, and we just don’t have that right now.

    That’s how you get a tough team that plays and fights for each other, and has to much respect to take losing like this.

  89. TampaTown Says:

    @BucBonzai: The argument doesn’t matter anymore so don’t waste your time trying to litigate it. People who don’t agree with it are going to talk with their wallet. Period. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Sorry.

  90. mark2001 Says:

    JMark… regarding Gruden…wrong. McKay left…he wasn’t fired. True that the Glazers chose Gruden as the HC over riding McKays choice.. Marvin Lewis. You want us to be the Cincinnati Bengals rather than the SB winning Bucs, fine. Your choice. But that was the beginning of the end for Rich.

    The Napoleon thing was developed by “media personalities”, who wanted him out of town on a rail, because he wouldn’t schmooze them and be at their beck and call. Guys like Sapp and others loved him for getting them a ring, and because he wouldn’t give Mikey enough carries. He never had a record like the also ran coaches have had since. Did he change his mind regarding what he said…sure…but it is a business, not a fraternity. Honestly, I’m not at all concerned about Grudens coaching…. I am concerned about the D coordinator and GM…and on that score, I wouldn’t want Gruden to have the GM and HC responsibilities…. and I’m not certain who would be a great replacement for Licht.

  91. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs won a Super Bowl with Jon Gruden and Keyshawn Johnson.

    But what did they give up for them

    Four 1st round draft picks

    two 2nd round draft picks

  92. Greg Schiano Says:

    Yep….Kraft gave up a boatload of cash and a 1st round for BB in New England! Can you imagine…you are the Jets…announce your HC and 24 hour later he says…nah….you suck!

    First: Chucky has been offered 10 million plus for 5 years (that is 50+ million guaranteed) by those idiots in Tennessee! Not for hiring Chucky, but for just being from TN. No way the Glazers pony up Lovie’s back pay and the farm they spent to get the current HC & his DC?

    I guess I never understood NFL because when a HC like Lovie gets fired from a 10 game win, when Dirk gets canned at Atlanta, what makes you think they will be any better here?

    Now I have to admit….I am really excited! They benched Jaboo and now we can have the Harvard experiment! You really need to think how he almost brought back the Buc’s in 2 losing efforts after Jaboo ate him a whole lot of fingers.

    Fitzpatrick may have brought them back if OJ Howard does not put the game on the mat! My only bummer is Fitz is going to light up the JETS and win another game and then Jaboo will want the job back!

    Give the millions to charity & roll with the Fitz!

    Greg Schiano