Jameis Haters Celebrating

November 6th, 2017

Asshats piling on.

So the Bucs lost their fifth game in a row yesterday. Their season is toast and perhaps suits and coaches may be rolled as the team barrells towards a top five pick in next spring’s NFL Draft.

Was that Bradley Chubb’s name you whispered, or Saquon Barkley?

So because America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is struggling, how much because of his injured shoulder we may never know, the Jameis haters that lurk among us are celebrating with glee.

They were waiting in the shadows for Jameis and now they are out in full throat, bragging how they knew this day would come. It’s sad, actually, but that’s life in America these days. Failure is lauded more than accomplishments, it seems.

But it is not just relegated to a sect of Bucs fans. No, former NFL legend Sage Rosenfels came out of the closet and took to Twitter yesterday, deciding to go full-blown jackass.

@SageRosenfels18: It took 3 years for NFL Jameis Winston to act like Florida State Jameis Winston.

Joe actually got a Twitter yesterday from a Bucs fan who demanded whoever is running the football operations next year (right now there is no job safe at One Buc Palace below that ranks of Buccaneers co-chairman and a certain quarterback who wears No. 3) draft Baker Mayfield and move on from Jameis.

That’s not going to happen. Jameis isn’t going anywhere.

Sure, the Bucs could bring in some defensive meathead to coach next year (again, right now anyone not named “Glazer” at One Buc Palace is unsafe) and he could ruin Jameis and turn him into Checkdown Charlie and Handoff Harry. But until Jameis is ruined, he’s going to be your quarterback.

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  1. bucster Says:

    Many of us were never in the shadows, Joe. We were right here all the time. You were just too busy blowing smoke up his butt to notice.

  2. TDG Says:

    Flub for Chubb!

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jameis is the quarterback of the future. He’s just still growing, developing and maturing.

    And the injury isn’t helping. Case in point…he was moving the team down the field early in games before the injury…now he isn’t.

    They need to sit him so he can heal up, start Fitz for a game or two, and Activate Ryan Griffin for depth.


  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Coming from someone who has not been visible…

  5. Buccaneer scotty Says:


  6. Wewantgruden Says:

    We cannot keep JameisNOT!!!! He will ruin the franchise the next 10 years if we resign him. You cannot teach An idiot how to be smart.

  7. Wewantgruden Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai: you must be JameisNOT agent?!?!?!

  8. Lamarcus Says:

    Jw (who I feel bad for) has to be culture shocked. Jw defined winning before coming here and his team has checked out just put him IR find a qb guru and let him prepare for next year. Jw needs a break from all this madness and losing

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    Winston is the least of our worries….Winston has regressed under dirk…simple as that….the entire team has regressed under dirk from the offense to defense to individual players….dirk has lost the locker room and the players are waiting to see who they’ll be playing for next…..

    clean house….call Jim Harbaugh and give him whatever he wants….GO BUCS!!!!

  10. Lamarcus Says:


    Agree. There is not 1 position on this team that has not regress. Me13 is doing bad also. Everyone seems to be checked out

  11. Armand Says:

    Winston has thrown more TD’s than other QB in his brief career other than Dan Marino.

    More than Brady, more than Aikman, Favre, Montana, Unitas, Slinging Sammy Baugh more than ever QB in the history of the NFL other Marino. All you Jameis haters do is show your bigots. And Gator fans.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Wewantgruden Says
    “Buccaneer Bonzai: you must be JameisNOT agent?!?!?!”

    Sorry, but I find it hard to communicate with stupid people. Talk to someone else.

  13. BrianBucs Says:

    Listen my fellow Bucs fans, Jameis isn’t going anywhere.
    The Bucs handed him the keys to the franchise, spent millions of dollars on PR promotion, had him all over the area in public, and made him the leader and the face of their franchise without ever seeing him take an NFL snap in a Bucs uniform. So no matter how great or terrible he turns out to be, or if the Bucs ever win or they dont with him, he is still going to be your QB come he’ll or high water. So get use to it. So love him or hate him, win lose or draw, Jameis isnt going anywhere.

  14. BigHogHaynes Says:


  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    813bucboi Says
    “…Winston has regressed under dirk…simple as that…”

    Compared to when he first started? No, he has not. Jameis has actually steadily improved until the injury. I realize that doesn’t fit your chaos agenda, but it’s the truth. Not that I expect you to admit it.

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    813bucboi and the rest of the harbaugh faithful

    I would love to hear a rational explanation as to WHY Jim Harbaugh would consider the bucs… Leaving Michigan and his deal there would be a HUGE step backwards for him. Not only financially but from a standpoint of leaving a class program to come to Tampa Bay the only franchise that can make the browns look competent. Make no mistake about it coaching The Bucs would be a HUGE step backwards for Harbaugh so why would Harbaugh lower his standards to glazer level and give up all that big program cash and perks to come to a small market team with an embarrassing history. Does not make much sense when you objectively look at it.

    The bucs organization under the glazer clowns is a laughing stock and the place coordinators and coaches come to kill their careers.

  17. 813bucboi Says:


    what logical reason is their to keep dirk and licht?….

    they have proven to be incompetent….

    -the offense has regressed….
    -defense has regressed and is now worse than lovie(has been for some time now)….
    -Winston has regressed….
    -dirk has quit on this team…
    -team has quit on dirk…
    -dirk has lost control of the locker room…
    -play calling sucks….
    -coaching sucks….
    -no adjustments…
    -poor clock management….

    I mean damn…I could go on and on…..why do you think this staff deserves another year after regressing and losing control of the locker room?….GO BUCS!!!!

  18. Not there yet Says:

    He is the guy until he’s not the guy. He’s been surpassed by many quarterbacks since he was drafted simply because they can hit open receivers. When a play needs to be made they make the play, every qb gets sacked but with Winston leading the offense fans can see that a false start our holding call would doom his offense. Surely close to leading the league in three and outs

  19. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    This is only my opinion, but I would sure like to see Jim Harbaugh get hold of Jameis.
    Koetter’s offense needs a dominant offensive line, and a running game to work right, and we have neither of them in Tampa right now.

    One thing is for sure, you will never see a Harbaugh coached team quit!

  20. tmaxcon Says:


    FU you racist coward POS…

  21. Tom Edrington Says:

    I think more than anything, the fans hate what has happened to this football team…..I think there was too much off-season and pre-season hype from a certain website that admits the writers are “fans”……my thoughts are that the behavior last Sunday was an embarrassment to the team and the city, I hope the ownership feels the same way…..was reading PFT this morning on how quickly the Eagles repaired themselves after the damage inflicted by Chip Kelly…..this team is in need of a makeover, not a drastic one but a makeover nonetheless…..Jameis joined in the Sunday bad behavior as well….sad but true…..it’s all about Character and we have too many Characters without Character.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jameis needs to mature, and to mature, you have to experience challenging times. He will come out stronger for this…just like Mike Evans did when he supposedly had a bad second year. Most of you wanted Evans cut back then as I recall.

    These are the things you experience when you have a young team. Koetter is a great coach. Licht is a great GM. Fans got a winning season last year, and sure, we expected more this year…but let’s be honest.

    No one with a brain really expected the defense to be better. Not with the lack of Dline taken in the draft. And the thing is, you can’t really hold that against Licht. He hit on 4 picks this year…and all of them were needed.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    -the offense has regressed…. (NOT TRUE; it is still better than last year)
    -defense has regressed and is now worse than lovie…. (NOT TRUE; How can it regress if it wasn’t good to begin with?)
    -Winston has regressed…. (NOT TRUE; He’s injured. Before the injury he was playing very well)
    -dirk has quit on this team… (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE)
    -team has quit on dirk… (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE)
    -dirk has lost control of the locker room… (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE)
    -play calling sucks… (NOT TRUE; The Execution of the plays suck)
    -coaching sucks…. (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE)
    -no adjustments… (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE)
    -poor clock management….(HALFWAY TRUE)

  24. Nutterbuccer Says:

    I was a big fan of koetter and Licht, i will admit this. But at week 8, being 2-6, i am all for the firing of both. Too many teams with new coaches and new Qbs arre doing better with less of a supporting cast. This team needs to go back to drafting in the trenches.

    As for Harbough. Be the perfect man to come in and turn this team around. The question is, why would he leave michigan? An amazing organziation, dedicated young men who are hungry to win. I willnsay this. Whoever gets the job, if it opens up, is going

  25. Greg Says:

    Even before the injury all his yards were coming in garbage time… I want to believe Joe, but I just can’t anymore

  26. wewantgruden Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai: I guess you would never have a conversation with JameIS NOT either. Because he is dumb as a bag of hammers. Not a team player. No where close to a leader. I was at the game and his pregame and in game body language was awful. Check out the link below of our leader: LOL

  27. Mitch Says:

    What a great prediction by Mike Clay:


  28. SCBucsFan Says:

    Before the season started I said the weak link on this offense was JW and was generally lambasted by the fan base; I said we would go as high as JW could lift us but we ca’t carry him. I hate I was correct.

  29. tmaxcon Says:

    i had hoped the passion winston, evans and kwon brought would be a match for the locker room cancer 93 but I was wrong. Until the team purges itself of that POS quitter mccoy. the team will continue to embarrass itself and the city. gmc is not a good character guy another case of perception trumping reality. good character guys don’t lead other players to quit on teammates and coaches… you fools all caught up with this BS he’s good in the community so that translates to good character in your shortsighted minds. BS…. A man with Good Character NEVER quits… GMC is quitter simple as that. The signature move of a gmc captained defense is laying down like a cheap crackwhore… hardly good character.

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    November 6th, 2017 at 9:17 am
    813bucboi and the rest of the harbaugh faithful
    I would love to hear a rational explanation as to WHY Jim Harbaugh would consider the bucs…

    the same reason why he left standford for san fran….their were a dumpster fire until he came into the mix….plus harbaugh has admitted he likes challenges….that’s why he took over a lousy Michigan program that was down in the dumps….

    harbaugh and the front office didn’t get along so they were dumb enough to cann him back turning around the organization and getting them to the SB….obviously, the front office was wrong and harbaugh proved his worth….

    hiring him would be better than gruden….harbaugh would be that rah rah type of coach so Winston wont have to be….Winston could focus a little more on his assignments…..did you not see how harbaugh turned around alex smith….how he developed KAEP….how he turned that defense around….

    make the call glazers…..GO BUCS!!!!

  31. Nutterbuccer Says:

    I was a big fan of koetter and Licht, i will admit this. But at week 8, being 2-6, i am all for the firing of both. Too many teams with new coaches and new Qbs arre doing better with less of a supporting cast. This team needs to go back to drafting in the trenches.

    As for Harbough. Be the perfect man to come in and turn this team around. The question is, why would he leave michigan? An amazing organziation, dedicated young men who are hungry to win. I willnsay this. If the job opens up, there will be plenty of candidates that want to play and or coach for tampa. There are good solid players all over this team, they need to be coached harder and better, and need some mean mother f#ckers along side of them to bring out the nasty side.

  32. SB Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    November 6th, 2017 at 9:18 am

    FU you racist coward POS…
    Smartest thing you have ever said Tmax

  33. Greg Says:

    He’s never actually brought us back in a game like he did in college, the stupid turnovers are never going to stop, and he misses at least two deep touchdowns a game now and everyone has just come to expect that. I really hope I’m wrong but he has not passed the eye test as a true franchise QB

  34. SB Says:

    As a life long Gator who Supported the JW draft I can’t turn a blind eye anymore as EVERY young QB out there is Eons better than JW. Wenzt, Goff, Prescott, Watson all shining and getting better while Jameis is regressing

  35. B Coburn Says:

    Jameis is pretty muxh the same guy he’s been since coming into the league. He has always struggled without a run game (most young qbs do). It may seem he has regressed. .. but since when has our running game been this bad? That and the shoulder… on the other hand.. with so many weapons and being in his third year you hoped he woukd take over games by himself.. expectations were high. There are only so many qbs that can actually do that. Also it’s frustrating to see how bone headed some of his mistakes are. Freeman clearly didn’t have it between the ears and people are worried about more of that. He is gonna get to finish his contract so hopefully he’s a superstar, but wouldn’t hurt to take a mid rounder and maybe if he doesn’t work out you aren’t set back too many years.

  36. tmaxcon Says:


    i don’t see harbaugh being will to take the HUGE pay cut to come to a small market team. It makes no sense. The bucs organization is a cancer not a desirable place for coaches. I don’t see it. believe me I’d love him here but I just don’t see harbaugh leaving Michigan. Those top programs are far more prestigious jobs compared the lowly bucs organization.

  37. DB55 Says:

    The only way this franchise wins is if they sell the team and relocate it north. Not enough brain power in the south to build a professional nfl team that wins.

    Sources: see jaguars. It took a Muslim and a New Yorker to come down here and fix that travesty. #LocalYokles

  38. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    Everyone is talking about coaching and players and the front office. The Glazers have to own this as well. At some point, they’ve got to own that they haven’t hired a President of Football Ops. Running a glass ceiling organization doesn’t breed long term respectability.

  39. T in Orlando Says:

    I’m not too sure Jameis is safe, if the ownership is in fact looking to clean house. If ownership thinks he is “safe” then the next head football guy they bring in would have to be OK with Jameis, and some people (especially anyone with a good resume) may not care for the job if that means they have to stay Jameis. Think about, that would be ownership basically trying to sell the position as “You’re in charge of everything regarding football except for the most important position on the field.” There may be some guys who are OK with that or that think they can work with Jameis, but if I were someone like Harbaugh or Gruden, in not to sure I’d be too crazy with that stipulation.

    I’m not on the fire Jameis band wagon (although I do think he should be suspended by the team for his antics yesterday) just difficult to attract and hire the best person for such a position when you put that kind of caveat in place.

  40. DB55 Says:

    Gruden as HC, Rex Ryan as DC and Jimbo Fisher as OC. Derrick Brooks as GM.

    Ay a nigor can dream can’t he?

  41. tmaxcon Says:


    they will NOT get anything in return for big softie… sorry but far better players with legit numbers get traded for mid low round picks when they get to year 8 or 9 especially with such visible decline in her game. Unfortunately the snow job will continue until the cancer retires so it’s at least 3 years away from turning this crap show into a football team. can’t win when the captain and highest paid player is bad character selfish quitter…

  42. tmaxcon Says:


    awful early for the bottle my brother. How about Jimbo for head coach and rex for dline. living in the past never works out so no to gruden and brooks.

  43. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    For those calling for Gruden, save for the super bowl season – his record was below .500 – he’s not the answer. We need a culture and program builder. No more quick fixes.

  44. DB55 Says:

    You country bumpkins are soft as ice cream that’s why you never win a damn thing.

    Suspend Jameis and mike they beat up an division rival it’s not professional gmc would have given Lattimore a hug and a kiss why can’t Jameis be more like gmc? My pinky hurts I should go to the ER. Ohhh it’s so cold it’s 70 degrees outside. Wa wa wa wa wa. – every cracka Bucs fan

  45. denjoe Says:

    If we just get more ping pong tables, we will be fine!

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    Hate to say it, but Jameis’ pregame ‘pep talk’ was beyond bizarre. Coaches need to settle him down before games. He gets on such an ‘adrenaline rush’ or whatever that it’s no wonder he’s can’t start fast. ‘Controlled aggression’ Jameis … a boxer flailing around out-of-control in the ring is easy to beat.

  47. tmaxcon Says:


    maybe they should trade the ping pong tables for treadmills so cancer93 can see his little fella and feet again. he might be able to finish and get to qb if he was not carrying twins.

  48. bucster Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    November 6th, 2017 at 9:06 am

    Coming from someone who has not been visible…


    My apologies for not being here morning, noon, and night, 24/7, 365 spewing drivel like you do.

  49. DB55 Says:


    I feel you brother but on that episode of hard knocks Gruden appeared to want to put on a whistle and get to work. The passion he got matches Jameis’s and Mikes. Same with Rex. Jimbo would be able to focus JW and get an offense that works. Gruden can throw in some wrinkles.

    Plus I’m sure Gruden would love whooping his brothers arse once every couple of years. But again wtf do I know?

  50. Lakeland Says:

    The Haters has dared Jameis Winston and the Yucs to step to the plate and produce. And they have failed them miserably. Tom Brady and the Patriots are the MOST hated team and player in the NFL. Last season, the haters had a blast when Brady was suspended. But what did the Patriots do? Go on and win the Super Bowl in Dramatic fashion. While the haters were celebrating Atlanta 28-3 lead and Brady throwing a pick 6. Brady and the Pats quiet the haters with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Jameis Winston and the Yucs gives the hater reasons to celebrate their demise. Wins some games and quiet the haters, until then, nothing will change.

  51. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    I’m all for continuity but this bunch is terribly flawed…Licht is about cutting the mistakes quickly and that includes Jameis…Draft the new “savior” and trade MR.TURNOVER…He doesn’t have it, seen enough, simple as that…

  52. jared depiro Says:

    James is the answer, he just seems to be the only one that cares that we are losing so much

  53. Bobby M. Says:

    Agree….Jameis isnt going anywhere. He can start in the league and will be a top 20 qb. Coaches like Gruden and Harbaugh will work with that. Gruden took Brad Johnson, Brian Griese and Jeff Garcia to Pro Bowls….he can work with Winston. Harbaugh made it to the NFC championship with Kaepernick. I think Arians is a name that come on the radar as well. That team is old and fading fast.

  54. 813bucboi Says:


    @joe just wrote last night about how this defense has regressed and is now worst than lovie….

    you say Winston hasn’t regressed, are you basing that on the #2passing offense he’s leading that is unable to score points and is currently 2-6….

    how can you not say dirk has lost the locker room when you have players voicing their frustration in public and showing no discipline in the game(penalties) or on the sideline(bad behavior, poor body language)….

    see, I can tell you look at the stats to make your argument….please explain to me what areas Winston has improved at?….nobody will agree with you that Winston has looked good this year….GO BUCS!!!!

  55. denjoe Says:

    How many of these guys would of made it through Bellicheats incline training last year?

  56. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Just for perspective it would be great if those here ready to bail on #3 could provide a bit of a resume.

    So you’re for running Jameis…were you also for running Doug Williams? Steve Young? Trent Dilfer? Vinnie Testeverde?

    Our first round QB’s surely have a short shelf life eh? At least with the Bucs and our superior fans. With the rest of the league…let’s see…I count three of them as SB winners and the 4th Testeverde played 20 years and reached the AFC Championship game.

    Why not add Jameis to the group? Let him win somewhere else.

  57. DB55 Says:

    If you listen to the post game interviews everyone is blaming the coaches for not being able to adjust. Djax interview was very clear and imo put the entire offensive staff on blast. Which I’ve been saying for years but again wtf do I know.

    Right Joe? Monken is a good nfl coach right? Lol. Smh.

  58. crazy Says:

    Poor execution on both sides of the ball is the root cause. Nobody can fix that but the players themselves, but they have to want to. Jameis was making bad decisions and bad throws before his bad shoulder made those problems worse. Coaching’s dependency on big plays and Jameis can save us leads to the current mess. The more they fail the more they need them and the harder it is to stay disciplined. If players and coaches would simply get focused on doing things right the first time the winning style of play will return whether they win the game or not. They all need to stop kidding themselves and focus on doing the job right during every practice and every play. It’s doable, they just have to want to do it.

    John McKay had it right. Asked about execution he said “I’m in favor of it.”

  59. 813bucboi Says:


    urban meyer can get him to the NFL….I don’t think he’s beaten OSU yet and that’s a must if your going to coach up there….

    and you say pay cut?…WTF….glazers could pay JH top dollar….and he could have full control of the program….JH wants to be in the NFL….plus he would have a lot more to work with in tampa than he did in san fran….

    make it happen glazers….GO BUCS!!!

  60. rossi Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    November 6th, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Sorry, but I find it hard to communicate with stupid people. Talk to someone else.

    ……….but you put your faith in jamiss who is dumber than dogshat

    dumb plays in college and dumber plays now

    never could make a long tight pass so what makes you think he will learn anytime soon

    first half stats are abysmal his whole pro career – with garbage time padding to make people like you believe

  61. LargoBuc Says:

    The one thing that will get a coach fired is when they loose the locker room. There is no recovering from that.
    As for Jameis, he can’t take the bait like thst. Any other position is slightly more understandable but quarterbacks are expected to take the high road in that situation as they are the leaders or their respective teams. I cant blame Evans as he was doing what most would do when someone messes with your quarterback. But Jameis can not take the bait and imo, the standard is slightly elevated for quarterbacks.
    This thing is a mess. Not one player is interested in winning a game. That disposition will typically result in someone getting fired.

  62. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jameis is here to stay….and, other than the injury, he is the same Jameis we had in game one…inconsistent, careless….but dynamic.

    We have learned that Jameis can’t carry our team on his back…..he needs a running game and a stout defense.

    Leaving coaching aside, this team need to improve it’s lines….both offense & defense.

  63. deminion Says:

    I watched chubb on Saturday I didn’t notice him making any plays against Clemson. Derwin James I like but we need a DE is so bad its not even funny. I love Bryce Love a lot tho but not top 5

  64. MTM Says:

    The Bucs are a mess and the coaching staff, management and ownership doesn’t know how to fix it. It starts from the top down. The Bucs should be playing better with the players on the roster. Do you ever wonder why players that leave the Bucs go on to have success on other teams?

  65. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I thought we should have taken Mariota or tried to nab Cousins while RG3 was still the starter in Washington. Looks like both are maturing into solid players while Winston is regressing in his 3rd season. This team has no heart and I don’t think Winston is the great leader of men that he was billed as.

  66. denjoe Says:

    I can’t believe were back to the days where we get the ball on the 20yd line have multiple penalties and punt from our own end zone! It feels like the Perkins days or Richard Williamson. The blocked punt brought back bad memories too!

  67. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Time for Josh McDaniel or even Schwartz up in Philly and change this culture around, because it is garbage right now, definitely need a competetnt GM because LICHT, is pathetic and has destroyed this franchise

  68. denjoe Says:

    The sad truth is, this team would have screwed up Dan Marino!

    Licht is terrible!

  69. Lamarcus Says:

    This whole team sucks right now. Jw is the only one that cares tho. Jw cant get thru them

  70. Bucnjim Says:

    There needs to be a complete culture change for the Buccaneer organization. This is the fourth set of coaches to come through here with the same results. This team has actually quit on each and every one of them. Not the same players of course but the exact same outcome none the less. Somehow with the draft process we (the Bucs) have missed drafting players who not only have the skills, but are physically and mentally tough. Started all the way back when we drafted Dexter Jackson (WR) in the second round. It has been the same mistakes made time after time. These guys want NFL money but don’t have the backbone to play angry or hurt. Is it that hard to spot an angry player who love’s the game and has skills? This team turned straight Finesse after the loss of Kiffin and his Defensive staff left.

  71. Eric Says:

    Its’ about freaking time we start to talk about the real cancer of this team #3 JW. There is only one person to blame and it’s Winston. Face it FSU faithful, another Seminole qb bust. This guy was given every chance to take his game to the next level and failed miserably. How is it so hard for some of you to see what everyone else does? Blaming the defense for this losing streak is a joke, we have spent the last 3 drafts and free agency to give him more ammo than any other QB all while ignoring the defense. The Joe’s will have you believe this is on Koetter and Doug Martin but I’m sorry my eyes work. Koetter didn’t even want Winston in the first place as many of us know. Doug Martin gets hit before even crossing the LOS yet it’s his fault. I’m sick of the excuse that Jameis needs a running game to set up play action….. name me a quarterback that doesn’t. Gotta be the most ridiculous excuse I can think of. HELLO every team does better with a good running game!! DUH!
    It’s been almost 3 years and I can say this much for certain, Josh Freeman was a much better NFL quarterback than this clown. During the 2015 draft all people kept saying was his leadership was way better than Mariota (this has nothing to do with him)
    I just don’t see it and I firmly believe that the players believe that as well. The pregame speech or whatever that stupid garbage was where he starts licking his fingers shows their response. They looked at him like he has lost his mind. He even had to try and get Kwon to rescue him because nobody responded except for Godwin who just started scratching his head in disbelief. All time dumbest speech I have ever heard. Then he decides to push Lattimore like a punk and needed Evans to save his butt. Now Evans looks bad to some (not me) for basically being forced to act. Can we all say BUSH league! I totally blame the finger licking crab leg bandit for that crap.
    Those in Winston’s corner will bring up his stats but those were mostly in garbage time. The only stat that matters is W’s…not the kind you stick in your mouth and lick. Man he looked like an absolute moron! Has it ever crossed your minds that it’s Winston they have tuned out? They see that Winston is a guy they can’t come out and bash in public because they would be cut so instead they just collect a check knowing this guy is pure garbage. I heard an interesting stat that made me almost puke yesterday.Winston has had 12 passes thrown to DJAX of 20 yards or more and has only connected on 2! Yes 2 out of 12. I’m sorry but I know that even I can throw 2 completions to an NFL receiver which tells me Winston is garbage. The one thing people said that I do believe is that he is the next Andrew Luck!

  72. Wausa Says:

    You are spot on.
    Jamies is the least of this teams problems.

    Horrible running game, terrible kicking(earlier in the season), horrible pass defense, awful run defense, terrible play calling, time management and adjustments are the problems this team has.

    It is time to move on from this coaching staff that was partially brought in by Lovie Smith.

  73. Bucnjim Says:

    Maybe the Bucs are just a little too concerned about character and not concerned enough about what it takes to be a good NFL player.

  74. Lamarcus Says:

    Doesn’t matter who is coach or who is gm. These players need to go:

    Grimes, ward, conte, tandy, bond, ayers, gmc, russell,clarke, dsmith,esmith, Hawley, sweezy,Dotson, dm,jrogers, djx, Fitz, baker
    The cap space will be nice and get serious with the talent here.

  75. doolnutts Says:

    Day in and day out I have said Winston’s accuracy is an issue. BUT that does not mean he doesn’t have my full support. I know people want to change coaches or get a new QB and I get it. But for me I want to be patient. At the very least Winston will and SHOULD play through his rookie deal and at worst we franchise him. The guy is 23 years old… Still a kid for this league. Let him develop some chemistry with his new weapons. We don’t want to be the Browns drafting qb’s and getting new coaches every other year it never works!

  76. Wausa Says:

    I must have said 100 times on this board prior to the draft that the Bucs had the worst running backs in the NFL. However, the Bucs decided to not draft anyone at the position until late.

    Many others including Joe and Ira were pushing the franchise to get help at pass rush yet for some reason the GM felt the Bucs were in good shape there too.

    Well he we are half way through the season and the Bucs clearly have the worst running backs and pass rushers in the NFL.

  77. Greg Schiano Says:

    LMFAO….Harbaugh to TB is almost as funny as Harbaugh to Florida….or even the other Harbaugh (Ravens) who is half the coach to TB!!

    Aside from the fact Porky’s TD’s don’t win games…when you want to compare famous Porky (America’s Baby, Pro Bowl alternate to the alternates) like Brady, Rogers, etc…how many wins? How many years? How many rings…We need Brett Farve!! At 60 Farve is immensely tougher…maybe not more mature…but tougher! QB’s play hurt. either he is hurt (bench him) or he is not hurt (stop the freaking excuses), but make up our minds!

    Please post on JBF all the times you saw Brady come off the bench and poke a DB in the back of the helmet (not the front like a man) and then stand back. Should have let him get his butt whupped then he might “mature” like Joe keeps saying!

    Before I get banned again….what about all those boys/girls at 18 who fight real battles…does the enemy give them a time out until they are 23 or 80 in JW’s case? You want to kneel to protest something…kneel to protest the incredibly childish and unprofessional behavior? They make 18k a year, not 18 million.

    As for Houston….(Tampa Bay) you have a problem….the problems are much deeper than coaching, playing, heart, scheme, etc…..you have juvenile thugs playing like they are still at FSU where no crime goes punished!

    Go Bolts!!

    Greg Schiano

  78. Lamarcus Says:

    Marpet needs to go back to RG. His center role has taken its toll sans poor blocking calls. This has to be the biggest issue of the offense Marpet is too damn overwhelmed and got jw hurt. Im not by far blaming Marpet. He is one of my favorites. I’m blaming the guy who put him there. Marpet was well on his way to become a top guard in yhe league

  79. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Someone said here and I totally agree now Ill paraphrase him, Koetter wants a statue back there in the mold of Matt Ryan that’s laser accurate. Examples of this are when you see 3 wide empty sets in the red zone or in the opp 50. Those work well with accurate QBs with fast releases but not JW man. He’s a strip sack waiting to happen with that formation. I thought Koetter turned the corner with JW during that Buffalo game calling 2 play actions IN the red zone, the result? TD OJ howard. JW looked so comfy with that play calling and was extremely effective.

    There are so many problems with this team, I don’t see how you can keep any piece of it, from Defense to Offense to GM they all need to go. But if Glazers puss out then they can at least get a new GM that knows the pulse of the team . Then force Koetter to give up play calling duties DO NOT go to Mookin for that please or get an adviser. Do not pick up JW’s option and draft some competition al la Jacksonville and Blake Bortles, they handled that perfectly and it’s paying off. That defense helps too. Or else we can keep our fingers crossed with this current administration and look forward to next year, where they might win 4 or 5 games which look at it now seems like it will be an improvement.

  80. DB55 Says:

    does the enemy give them a time out until they are 23 or 80 in JW’s case? You want to kneel to protest something…kneel to protest the incredibly childish and unprofessional behavior? They make 18k a year, not 18 million.
    You just described your prez which I’m positive you support. Hi kettle!

  81. Greg Schiano Says:

    Actually…..then next time Joe or any other apologist wants to compare anyone on this team to Brady, Rogers, Farve….when was the last time you watched Brady, Rogers, and/or Farve on the bench?

    Brady in the Chief’s game….yep and he came back to win a Super Bowl?

    Rogers….yep only when injured or waiting on a Hall of Famer?

    Farve….I actually believe he might still be playing if GB had on traded him!

    Heck…Eli Manning is tougher than America’s Baby! Did anyone see Kirk Cousins get pounded into the turf last night by the Seahawk’s and come back to win…..Trade JW for Kirk…(gagging that I am actually liking a Moo U (Mich State) player! Russell Wilson! 3rd round pick that does not think the world owes him everything…..by the way…how many wins (fingers) did that Pro Bowl Alternate to the Alternates eat last night?

    Greg Schiano

  82. passthebuc Says:

    Why is this so difficult regarding JW. The rap on him in college was that he was slow and inaccurate. He had a tendency to make bad decisions.
    Lest you forget, Jameis had many great players surrounding him at Florida State. He had great college coaching and played in a winning atmosphere. Historically, players that come from that type of college setting get evaluated on the success of the team and consequently do not always make the grade in the NFL.
    The mistake that was made in the draft JW was selected first was not to take him or MM, it was not trading the rights and picking up good draft picks. I see comments to give the house away to Belichick, instead of watching how that organization does things. It does not take 10 years to turn around a franchise, but to change the culture is a different story.

  83. Greg Schiano Says:

    @DB55 NO..did not vote for him or the human Pant Suit!

    I do have a son in the military who I would slap silly if he pulled a stunt like that in pee wee football…..let alone on national television.

    At least with Joe’s pal Bellicheat we don’t get excuses. If the HC did not see the event, then he deliberately ignored it.

    NO more excuses!

    Greg Schiano

  84. JJBucFan Says:

    So foolish that no one can see this is all on Dirk 2002 playbook. Blocking schemes suck, routes suck I mean there is ZERO separation with our wideouts. There is Zero separation on any route except for an occasional go route where D Jax gets 1-2 steps on the DB (and yes Jameis has to hit that). However, when he does there is a D Smith holding or a phantom P Barber holding that brings it back. Or D Jax does not come back for the ball because Jameis didn’t hit him in him stride for a “beautiful” catch. Still too many drops to the point that C Brate has gotten into the act. Oh and we don’t have one RB that can catch out of the backfield and yes that includes C Sims. Our O-line is a nice experiment if you are trying to get your QB killed. D Smith was NEVER projected as a LT by nearly ALL of the experts during the draft. Lets move Ali Marpet to Center because we said we may do that during the draft, however, in the mean time the guy all but becomes a pro bowler at RG. Don’t draft a RT either or get one in FA because our 6’9″ RT is so good that he gets a couple false starts and maybe a devastating holding penalty every game. Back to Smith, he has had more whiff blocks in the last 2 years than I have ever seen from a LT. He IS the reason Jameis should be shut down this year.

    But I know, Jameis is supposed to overcome all of this- He sucks because he can’t block throw and catch the ball on every play.

    BTW, Jameis sucks because he can’t overcome our crappy defense and the crappy starts we have. Didn’t we sign Tapp 2-3 weeks ago? Why hasn’t he been activated? Is it because he can’t learn the schemes from Mike Smith? Just kidding , there are none. Seems simple to me, ball snapped, go kill the QB. Another great pickup. What was that about 600,000 the Glazers spent on a guy that can’t play?

    Let’s draft a TE in the first that we don’t use, A suspect (at best) Safety in the second, A WR that we don’t use in the 3rd, a RB that can’t learn the playbook in the 5th that we then cut and a 7th round DT that is on the PS (barely). All Jameis’ fault

    Stupid Jameis should have blocked that guy that came untouched through the line to block the punt which effectively ended our game (and season).

    Ridiculous! Trolls

  85. Greg Schiano Says:


    The guy is 23 years old… Still a kid for this league. Let him develop some chemistry with his new weapons. We don’t want to be the Browns drafting qb’s and getting new coaches every other year it never works!

    Cousins has been a starter just as many years as JW. Watch the Seahawks v Skins last night. Plug JW into that spot and tell us what you think?

  86. BurgDweller Says:

    Not a true fan if failure by any player or part of this organization is a cause for celebration. There are very sad and pathetic people out there who celebrate failure. It is sick.

  87. Wewantgruden Says:

    JameisNOT could not audible out of run plays yesterday in which the saints were not only stacked in the box but also heavy stacked on the side in which the run was designed. Yet another example of how ignorant he is. My 5 year old asked me “why they were running the ball where all the other teams players were standing”?!?! And then said why don’t they go the other way?!?! AND the Bucs don’t look like their trying.

  88. D-Rome Says:

    Winston has thrown more TD’s than other QB in his brief career other than Dan Marino.

    More than Brady, more than Aikman, Favre, Montana, Unitas, Slinging Sammy Baugh more than ever QB in the history of the NFL other Marino. All you Jameis haters do is show your bigots.

    There is certainly some of that, no question about it. Not from the majority but certainly some. It was the same when Lovie was coach. By just about every measure this team is worse than 2015 yet the vitriol towards Dirk and Mike Smith isn’t anywhere near the level as it was with Lovie Smith.

  89. Wesley Says:

    No different than Joe hoping to see Martin struggle.

  90. Supersam Says:

    Pretty sure he isn’t talking about his on the field play, pretty sure sage is talking about statring a fight on the sidelines and getting your WR suspended. And that pregame speech? Oh boy, don’t even get me started on that.

  91. AceofAerospace Says:

    Until Jameis fails a drug test (I have zero tolerance) or takes a knee during the national anthem (again zero tolerance) or is cut/traded/retires, he’s my quarterback and I’ll be one of his biggest fans. That being said, I’m still waiting to be convinced he’s the franchise. Throw for 4000 yards but make stupid a** decisions that cost points and games. As my MTI once said, “That oh sh*t just eliminated all those atta boys.” I can’t yet get past how stupid he sometime plays.

  92. Architek Says:

    Only in Tampa does these type of discussions happen in the first week of November. SMH

  93. Volbuc1 Says:

    Everyone is acting a little crazy! We are losing right now but doesn’t mean heads need to roll. Every time Tampa has a terrible year and granted their are many lately people need to start firing people. Trust me that isn’t the case! If anyone on here owns a business like myself then you know that there are some tough years and some good years. You don’t going firing people ever time you have a bad year do you? Of course not!!! Changes need to made sure! but firing the head coach isn’t always the answer. This is why Tampa as sucked since getting rid of Gruden in 08 and most of you on here wanted him gone. The fans forced the Glazers hand and thanks to you dumb a#$s we haven’t been good since. So quit acting like a bunch of know it all’s and calling for Dirk and Jameis to be fired.

  94. Duke Says:

    QBR rankings have JW at 24.

    This is not good

  95. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Th same commenters on this same thread saying the same negative things about another teardown and another QB and another high draft pick on a RB.

    How did that work out after the Bucs fired Raheem, or after Schiano, or after Lovie? How does the tear it all down every two years process work?

    That’s ten years and counting without much continuity – but we should just do the exact same thing again and expect a different result?

    Unless the Glazers go out and hire a savvy mind (think Polian or one of the Green Bay greats) to run football operations and do the GM and head coach hiring – you’re just going to get the exact same type of hires: uninspired, inexperienced, or safely mediocre.

    The one common denominator in all of this mess is the ones who did all the hiring. If that doesn’t change – how can you expect the results to change?

  96. Chiefbucsfan Says:

    He’s no better than Vinny Testaverde at this point.

  97. NFLNut Says:


    Everyone knows I believe in JW and believe JW will be a HOF’er … HOWEVER, if the Bucs shelve him for the year or even if he continues to play hurt and they do happen to earn the #4 pick behind the Browns, 49’ers and Giants, at worst one of the top four QBs (Darnold, Allen, Rosen and Jackson) will be available and the Bucs will have an interesting decision to make *if* they fire Koetter as expected and have a new regime in place.

    Let’s say they sign Jim Harbaugh and give him complete control … he may want to either draft a rookie QB or sign a free agent without losing any players or picks and trade Jameis to an AFC team like the Jets or Broncos for a boatload of picks to re-stack this sorry roster … or he can trade that #4 pick to a team like the Jets for a boatload of picks and ride with Jameis.

    Personally I think if Gruden or Arians is the coach they will absolutely want Jameis … and if Patricia gets hired, Licht will be the guy who hires him and he will be staying as GM and Jameis will also be staying … however, what if the team cleans house and gives a guy like Harbaugh the keys to the kingdom?

    If I was a GM, I’d take Jameis’ future over any other QB in the NFL … but even I couldn’t blame Harbaugh if he convinced the Glazers to sign Kirk Cousins and then traded Jameis to the Jets for the, say, #6 pick, a 2nd, a 3rd and a 2019 #1 … and then draft Saqon Barkley at #4 and Bradley Chubb at #6 and added a RT with the extra 2nd rounder and another DE with the extra 3rd rounder.

    Interesting times ahead for Bucs fans … and Jameis fans like me!


  98. unbelievable Says:

    This whole notion of Jameis’ stats coming in garbage time is such BS.

    That’s been like 3 or 4 games his whole career…

    I’ve got plenty of criticism for Jameis, but the “garbage time stats” line is just complete BS.

  99. jim burns Says:

    Watching Jameis going out of his way to touch the Saints player and trigger Evans’ reaction just confirms my thoughts on Jameis . Once a punk , always a punk .

  100. NFLNut Says:


    ^ Jameis was trying to help his team anyway he could as he was injured and unable to help on the field … he told Lattimore to get off the Bucs sideline and Lattimore refused …. Jameis started pointing at him and looking around for refs, hoping to draw a penalty on Lattimore … he poked the back of his head and Lattimore shoved him … and had Evans not come over and leveled Lattimore, it’s possible the refs would have flagged Lattimore, which was Jameis’ intention all along … I loved everything about that … he’s not just sitting there looking disengaged like hurt Andrew Luck, or pouting on the sideline like tons of QBs do … he hasn’t checked out … he’s still actively trying to help his team any way he can even when hurt and on the sideline, that is what I love about Jameis … he will fight to the death at all times and there is no quit in him … but there are a ton of quitters on this team and they need to go!


  101. buccadawg Says:

    I know I will be a minority vote, but I hope I he Bucs don’t make wholesale coaching changes. I would like to see if consistency helps. The Bucs seem to change coaching staffs every 3 years, it ain’t working, let’s try something else. We need to improve as a team but I don’t think there is a coach that will turn this around in one or two years. Lets try patience and see if maybe this is just a bad stretch made worse by injuries and poor execution and maybe we get lucky and this ship starts to turn, it really can’t get worse.

  102. mark2001 Says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what this guy is capable of. I thought Koetter could get the most out of his skills. but obviously I was mistaken. Time to get a real QB development guy in here to develop him before it is too late.

  103. Duke Says:

    Nfl Nut,

    I’m curious as to why you say Jon Gruden (not happening) would want JW.
    Arains, I get that one. But Gruden has.such an low tolerance at best to an outright hatred of mental errors from a QB. How do factor that in

  104. Greg Schiano Says:

    Oh yea….Chucky would like him some Jaboo no wins!! Bruce Ariens would have hurt Mr. Eating my fingers pregame when my team is 2-4!!

    JW is bigger, stronger, not faster, than Brady, Rogers, Brees, Manning I & II. He sure is he** ain’t smarter.

    Has nothing to do with loyalty. Has nothing to do with hating on Jose’s Pro Bowl Alternate to the Alternates…..although the Lovie Smith (anything Jaboo is rosey) makes me want to hurl my hot wings. I have heard nothing but excuses for 3 years. The idea of a site such as this is opposing views. If Jose would reprint the chat lines from 3 years ago would see:

    He is young…he is only 3 years old…(23)…he will mature…he will get better. Well….annnnnt…survey says: He ain’t no better. Deshaun Watson will get better. Jared Goff is getting better. Carson Wentz is getting better. Jaboo just making a fool of himself eatin some fingers (wins/losses) on national tv.

    Greg Schiano

  105. satchseven Says:

    than JW. Wenzt, Goff, Prescott, Watson all shining and getting better while Jameis is regressing

    they are on far better teams from top to bottom

  106. Shane Says:

    Insert any young QB onto this team and watch them lose confidence & games.