Stopping The Run

November 2nd, 2017

Stopping Alvin Kamara and the Saints running game is key

One would think teams facing Drew Brees and the Saints would prioritize slowing down Brees.

But winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter appears to be of a different mind. In previous seasons, the offense of the Saints was mostly about Brees’ arm. Not so much this year.

The Saints have two dangerous backs, veteran Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara. And Koetter has his focus on that pair.

“They’ve got the two real good backs,” Koetter said of the Saints. “If you don’t go in there to stop the run, they’re going to keep running it at you. In the game where they beat us at their place last year, they ran it at us hard and we didn’t do a good enough job stopping it. Every offense in the NFL would love to be able to run it when they wanted to and pass it when they wanted to. If you’re a defensive team, you’ve got to stop something and it’s always easier if you can stop the run first.”

This sounds like a pick-your-poison kind of game. Not often do coaches all but say, hey, we will take our chances with Brees. But of course, the goal of just about every defense is to make a team one-dimensional.

That’s one helluva a poison pill to swallow.

17 Responses to “Stopping The Run”

  1. Q Says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA BAHAHAHAHA stopping the run ? BAHAHAHAHA this defense is straight garbage …kaka…dookie …diarrhea…poop…they stink…and grimes I predict will not be back in 17 he knows were garbage so him and iheart miko can get the you know what out of tampa…get mike Smith out of tampa…get koetter out of tampa…where are your stick carriers at now? LMFAO …GRUDEN! GRUDEN!GRUDEN!GRUDEN! so sick of this losing crap year after year after year after year…..we are trending down…because we have has been players on defense ..ayers sucks grimes does not even want to play …noah Spence has one arm…gholston sucks….geraldini sucks…VH3 sucks…only guy on the line that actually plays is mcdonald and he plays very little….kwon he got my respect …lavonte too…beckwith I’ll give him props…thats it

  2. DallasBuc Says:

    Going into games feeling like you don’t have a chance reminds me how I felt during all the last seasons of Morris, Schiano and Incompetent Lovie Smith. Koetter was supposed to have us at least competing week in and week out. And don’t get me started on idiot Licht and his overrated diamonds in the rough that he outsmarted the rest of the league on. I was right about this rotten team 4 years ago when Incompetent Lovie Smith and his lapdog Licht were hired, was right about this paper tiger team with garbage in the trenches all this past offseason and I am right now.
    Start demanding more than the milk toast mediocrity you have been happy to accept for so long.

  3. Destinjohnny Says:

    Thank god we didn’t draft Komara with the 2 pick.
    Well we don’t have personal to rush the passer
    Or stop the run.
    The good news is i think jason will finally draft d lineman.
    Since we will have a top 5 pick we should be able to find someone.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    My friend from Boston predicted implosion for us this year, and I insisted Tampa was going to the playoffs.
    So far, he has been correct.
    Things have gotten to bad, I almost don’t even want to watch us play anymore.

    For awhile, it was exciting, back when Raheem was our coach.
    The man did so much, with so little.

  5. Q Says:

    Dallasbuc you are so right… the owners class act people…and thank you Brian glazer for the 50 yard line tickets at the bucs patriots game…thats class act…they are doing all they can to bring winning back…but it’s time to hire a top line head coach…we need to bring gruden back to the bucs …hes still here in Tampa…give the guy 11 mill per and some power in the front office …gruden can help jameis technic and I’m the West coast offense would be fun to watch..gruden said it himself he wish he had jameis… I can’t take these mediocre coaches we’ve had here ….and the schiano era was a total nightmare…im sick of freaking losing I’m so tired of it…ive dished out thousands of hard earned dollars the past 10 years for season tickets…i want my monies worth

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    cbs sports has the bucs as the new dark horse for the #1 pick in the draft…..WOW….GO BUCS!!!

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    Joe, love the trolls comments. 2-14 gentleman? Is that what the troll Q predicts? Lakeland covers your opinions quite nicely, so good of you to state the obvious. Quit socking me with your negativity. I expect 4-12 but do not want to hear 2-14 from the likes of you who have NEVER said a positive thing on this website…… Pathetic, trolling on a 2-5 team’s website. Right up there with a certain radio station’s twitter posts….

    Destin Johnny: in 2007 at the #4 pick the Bucs selected Gaines Adams Clemson…. # 3 was OT Joe Thomas, #2 Megatron: its a Bucs life but would be better without the trolls! Yet beating Cleveland in week 14 of that season moved the Bucs from 2 to 4 in the order, ironic ain’t it?!?!? Just picking in the top 3 to 5 is not a guarantee of a good player, especially if Licht is calling the shots…..

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    5 of our next 9 games are against division opponents, so there is still a chance we can turn this season around.

  9. Kobe Faker Says:

    Sean Peytons schemes have great balance

    they will expose every part of our defense

    run defense, terrible outside corners, gullible safeties, and over pursuit/pass coverage of our linebackers

    they will run in the middle gut, short passing to rbs and slants to recievers , reverses and deep down homeruns to ted ginn BUT….

    sean peyton/breese will be UNPREDICTABLE

    WHEN, WHEN, will he call those plays

    Alot of swivel bobble head tampa defenders sunday

    “Dilly Dilly Milli Vanilli”

    Kobe Faker

  10. Q Says:

    Chris not with games like last week…you think 3 points will get us wins?

  11. Q Says:

    Hey fort Myers never said 2-14 u need to learn to read…im a realist not a dreamer

  12. Q Says:

    If I spend $1500 a season as a season ticket member do you honestly think I want to think negative about my bucs? Seriously dude you need to read correct that’s common sense yeah I want the bucs to win but they haven’t shown me back the past 9-10 years so cut the crap

  13. Q Says:

    Jack *

  14. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs will have to stop Alvin Kamara from catching the ball out of the backfield. He’s probably the best receiving RB in the NFL. Well it’s him or CM22, but Kamara is on a better offense than CM22. Mark Ingram is the threat in the running game. But Kamara will break a long run on you, if you’re not careful.

  15. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jason is a scout.
    He doesn’t have the vision to build a roster

  16. Kobe Faker Says:

    Ive been following CM22 and the surprised by his lack of success/explosiveness in NFL vs College.

    CM22 cant break the initial tackle. He doesnt have the strength to break away to get to the next level to paydirt. seems like putting CM22 down to the ground isnt that difficult

    K Hunt and Kamara can break away from intial arm tackles. kamar can break away from 1st contact

  17. darin Says:

    He already knows they cant stop the forward pass. So his goal every week is to stop the run. That way his offense gets more time to catch up.